Teachers Teaching Teachers #268 Learning from Occupy Wall Street with Jose Luis Vilson, Jose Rodriguez, Mary Beth Hertz 10.19.11

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Learning from Occupy Wall Street

On this episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers these amazing teachers discuss Occupy Education, Occupy the Classroom, Occupy Wall Street, Youth Voices and more thanks to our friends who publish at the Cooperative Catalyst:



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21:00:21 JoseRodriguez: Hey Folks
21:00:28 csansing: Hello!
21:04:07 JoseRodriguez: Starting the hangout with the ETT folk
21:08:18 JoseRodriguez: just call me hoseB
21:10:06 JoseRodriguez: http://ocuppylausd.org
21:16:01 JoseRodriguez: Sounds familiar..
21:16:57 mwhitehouse: Hi all, I'm new to this and I'm not sure you know I'm here. Can you see me?
21:17:26 csansing: Yes, in the chat :)
21:17:29 JoseRodriguez: see? are you in hangout?
21:17:47 JoseRodriguez: ah.. yes
21:17:51 JoseRodriguez: Welcome
21:18:21 mwhitehouse: Thank you for responding. For some reason, I can't get into Google+. I'm "doing" Occupy Wall St. too in my classroom.
21:23:03 mritzius: hey kids, what are we discussing?
21:23:20 mwhitehouse: Occupy Wall Street
21:23:37 JoseRodriguez: to.. occupy education..
21:25:53 PeggyG: why is the chat different in Livestream than ETT? everytime I click to remove an ad it opens the Livestream window.
21:25:58 JoseRodriguez: I haven't checked if youthvoices is open inside the firewall
21:26:18 JoseRodriguez: Not I....
21:29:20 Chris Sloan: Hi Peggy. I'm still trying to navigate the ETT-Hangouts combo
21:29:55 PeggyG: me too Chris
21:31:55 JoseRodriguez: I use Flocabulary...
21:32:13 csansing: Jose mentioned http://www.flocabulary.com - is that right?
21:32:32 JoseRodriguez: It was cool for us to discover that swagger is a word that goes back to the colonies..
21:32:41 JoseRodriguez: yes.. @csansing
21:34:10 mwhitehouse: Can anyone share this for me since I don't know who hears me: I gathered photos of people protesting/demonstrating from around the world (I think I got them fromthe Boston Globe). One of the photos is of me at one of the OWS demos. Students will decide what might get them annoyed/angry/motivated enough to protest. Assignments: Create own sign for protest; create chant for protest; Determine where they should protest (symbolic importance of location). It's still evolving.
21:34:31 JoseRodriguez: My writing prompt today was.. If you were a kid during the the American Revolution, how would you show your patriotism..
21:34:54 mwhitehouse: last year I took my students to the commemoration of the Triangle Factory Fire. While there, one of my students said, "I did not know people could be angry together."
21:35:12 PeggyG: great prompt Jose!
21:36:57 JoseRodriguez: like.. it.
21:39:18 Chris Sloan: @mwhitehouse, can you join us in the Google Hangout?
21:39:54 mwhitehouse: I wish I could Chris. It says something about not having the right version of Java.
21:40:30 PeggyG: excellent point!
21:41:34 Chris Sloan: Can you download the plugin?
21:41:40 PeggyG: that is so true Jose! I love what you're doing with the recordings!
21:42:40 mwhitehouse: I don't have OS X Version 10.5 so it won't let me download the newer Java version. At least I can hear you all.
21:44:01 Chris Sloan: Darn. Love to hear from you mwhitehouse. By the way, where do you teach and what level, etc?
21:44:45 mwhitehouse: www.boston.com/bigpicture/2011/09//global_protests.html has great photos of global protests.
21:45:09 JoseRodriguez: the culture at most schools is around business and not instruction.
21:45:24 PeggyG: that makes so much sense about students hearing their own voice to improve their writing--never thought pf it that way
21:45:30 Chris Sloan: ugh. The link isn't working for me
21:45:52 JoseRodriguez: Being a grade level rep.. is more about sharing complaints and calendar events..
21:46:11 JoseRodriguez: rather than being a lead teacher .. as in science .. etc.
21:46:38 mwhitehouse: I'm work with special education students in the 8th grade. I am in a self-contained classroom and teach ELA, math, social studies and a bit of science. (Jack of all trades, master of none :) )
21:47:00 PeggyG: so sad, Jose, but true in my experience too
21:47:03 Chris Sloan: @jose, it sounds like you're able to make in more about instruction (instead of business).
21:47:38 mwhitehouse: if the link doesn't work, google "global protests Boston Globe" it should be the first link
21:47:49 Chris Sloan: @mwhitehouse, thanks. I'll do that
21:47:59 JoseRodriguez: well.. trying. We have a rookie principal.. 99%business 1%instruction
21:48:12 PeggyG: link worked for me-thanks
21:48:40 JoseRodriguez: I am in LAUSD..
21:49:41 Chris Sloan: Got the link mwhitehouse. Great stuff
21:50:13 mwhitehouse: I thought it had some powerful images. Hope you can use it.
21:50:57 PeggyG: second that :-)
21:52:12 PeggyG: those really are powerful photos!
21:52:44 mwhitehouse: To add to what Paul is saying: it has been my experience that there is a huge disparity between schools when it comes to consensus building. My suburban experience has been that administrators try to reach out to parents. But where I work in the Bronx, everything is by fiat
21:52:49 PeggyG: every photo can generate tons of conversation and writing
21:53:17 mwhitehouse: I'm so glad you like them Peggy! Wouldn't they be great in a galery walk?
21:53:29 PeggyG: absolutely!!
21:53:33 Chris Sloan: @mwhitehouse. Do you have a Google Plus name?
21:53:52 PeggyG: or an infographic
21:54:32 PeggyG: multimedia infographic to bring multiple ideas together
21:54:40 mwhitehouse: Should I be terribly embarrassed to say I don't know what you are talking about?
21:55:18 Chris Sloan: not a problem. A lot of us on Teachers Teaching Teachers have been collaborating using Google+
21:55:30 mwhitehouse: I have a google account: maribethw
21:56:34 PeggyG: consensus always takes more time but generates much better outcomes
21:57:05 JoseRodriguez: Well.. a lot of the new teacher run schools in L.A. run this model.
21:57:28 JoseRodriguez: We are a feeder school to a new high school..
21:58:36 mwhitehouse: Public mic, not as effective when the group is large (eg. Foley Sq. march)
21:58:55 mwhitehouse: I've been to 3 marches. It worked with smaller demo eg. One Police Plaza march
21:58:58 PeggyG: because no one listens???
21:59:16 JoseRodriguez: On my Mind...
21:59:21 JoseRodriguez: prompt
21:59:30 mwhitehouse: No. Because the flow stops before the people at the back have heard.
21:59:47 PeggyG: chants seem to be heard :-)
22:00:10 mwhitehouse: So the speaker says something and then people about 20 feet away repeat the words exactly. Then another group antoher 20 feet away say the same thing.
22:00:49 PeggyG: does the message remain the same as it's passed on?
22:01:05 mwhitehouse: Absolutely it is word for word
22:01:15 mwhitehouse: which makes for some awkward pauses in speeches
22:01:15 PeggyG: amazing!
22:01:49 JoseRodriguez: well.. we had walkouts.
22:02:03 Chris Sloan: @mwhitehouse, I just sent you an invite to Google+
22:02:22 PeggyG: teachers can lose their jobs--very different than a suspension
22:02:23 mwhitehouse: google "people's mic occupy wall street" - Rachel Maddow show has a good example of how it works
22:02:28 mwhitehouse: thanks Chris!
22:03:28 mwhitehouse: If I let my class set the agenda, their new teacher would have a job and I would be on the unemployment line
22:04:16 JoseRodriguez: btw: our blogs are at http://kidblog.org/fifthgradeconnections
22:05:11 PeggyG: many similar experiences in AZ wiyh students walking out to protest illegal immigration legislation
22:07:58 PeggyG: really thought-provoking conversations tonight. thanks to all of you for sharing your stories
22:08:23 mwhitehouse: Chris, I added you to one of my cirlces. Thanks very much!
22:09:02 mwhitehouse: Taking my kids to the 9/11 memorial next month. We wil visit Zuccotti. I'll let you know how it goes.
22:09:38 PeggyG: good for you mwhitehouse! would love to hear about it
22:09:52 JoseRodriguez: @mwhitehouse that's cool..
22:10:58 mwhitehouse: You know what's even better? In NYC we have these things called "Pencil Partners". Our partner this year is an architectural firm and they are getting us into a building near the WTC so we can watch the construction site from above
22:11:04 PeggyG: great idea Paul
22:11:14 mwhitehouse: I'm excited about that view
22:11:52 mwhitehouse: This was my first meeting. Thanks for including me.
22:12:13 PeggyG: wow! @mwhitehouse you need to do an entire show!
22:12:16 JoseRodriguez: thanks for the invite.
22:12:34 mwhitehouse: bye
22:12:45 PeggyG: bye all!