2011-09-12 Seedlings Season 4

Post-Show description: 

The season opener features the gremlins! Dave Cormier foiled them though! Seedlings is back!Alice , Bob and Cheryl hope you join us on Monday evenings 7:30 pm. Live one time a month, then a podcast the second time.

Join Alice, Bob and Cheryl as we jump back in to Season 4 Seedlings at Edtechtalk.com!! Thanks to Dave Cormier who defeated this round of gremlins.

The show rocked,  and our chat room made the show as always. Join us as a podcast.

We will be back Sept. 26, 2011 as a podcast.

Chat part 17:27 PM  Welcome to the 'ett' room.

7:27 PM  bobsprankle: hello

7:27 PM  alicebarr: hello

7:28 PM  wfryer: hello!

7:28 PM  bobsprankle: hi wes!!!!

7:28 PM  wfryer: are you all using Livestream this year?

7:28 PM  alicebarr: HI! How was Shanghai?

7:28 PM  bobsprankle: no...

7:29 PM  wfryer: It was great! My flight just landed here in Atlanta an hour ago

7:29 PM  bobsprankle: this is a surprise

7:29 PM  alicebarr: Wow!

7:29 PM  pgeorge: Hi all! Welcome back to an exciting new season for Seedlings!

7:29 PM  alicebarr: HI Peggy!

7:29 PM  bobsprankle: hi peggy!!!

7:29 PM  pgeorge: Hi all!! Great to see all of you again!

7:29 PM  wfryer: I'm looking for the audio stream link...

7:29 PM  connect2jamie: Hi all!

7:30 PM  bobsprankle: we're not streaming yet, but is it below this window?

7:30 PM  alicebarr: Cheryl hasn'yt started audio yet

7:30 PM  cheryloakes50: HI

7:30 PM  wfryer: ah, ok... :-)

7:30 PM  cheryloakes50: going for the audio

7:30 PM  pgeorge: Hi Wes! Are you on a layover in Atlanta or presenting somewhere?

7:31 PM  wfryer: yes, on layover in Atlanta

7:31 PM  wfryer: just landed an hour ago. so good to be back in the good ole USA :-)

7:31 PM  cheryloakes50: audio check anyone?

7:31 PM  bobsprankle: can you hear us?

7:31 PM  pgeorge: you must have had an incredible week!!

7:31 PM  cheryloakes50: welcome home Wes

7:31 PM  bobsprankle: yes, welcome home Wes!

7:31 PM  pgeorge: can't hear on Livestream yet

7:31 PM  wfryer: thanks :-)

7:31 PM  wfryer: I'm not hearing yet...

7:31 PM  cheryloakes50: how about minicaster?

7:31 PM  wfryer: I pushed play on the icecast window below the chat on edtechtalk.com/live

7:32 PM  cheryloakes50: we were good last night

7:32 PM  connect2jamie: I can't hear anything. Just supposed to click the play on the widget below?

7:32 PM  bobsprankle: yes we did too... now can't turn off

7:32 PM  wfryer: I'll try reloading my page

7:33 PM  bobsprankle: working on it folks

7:33 PM  pgeorge: not hearing anything on minicaster either

7:33 PM  pgeorge: not hearing anything on minicaster either

7:33 PM  bobsprankle: lots of numbers, jargon, monkey wrenches

7:33 PM  bobsprankle: the dogs are working on it too

7:33 PM  pgeorge: :-)

7:33 PM  alicebarr: woof woof

7:34 PM  wfryer: still not hearing any audio, I was trying this link in iTunes but so far no luck: p://

7:34 PM  alicebarr: That's what we're trying too

7:35 PM  wfryer: it's always a little dusty getting the gears going with the webcasting equipment after the summer break :-)

7:35 PM  cheryloakes50: It worked a week ago, and looks like everything has changed here.

7:35 PM  pgeorge: especially when they keep changing :-)

7:35 PM  alicebarr: Worked last week :(

7:35 PM  wfryer: nice

7:35 PM  wfryer: maybe it's a digital flexibility test?

7:35 PM  bobsprankle: we're putting a lifeline out to Dave C

7:35 PM  alicebarr: No we're bringing in the big guns

7:36 PM  alicebarr: guys

7:36 PM  alicebarr: not guns

7:36 PM  wfryer: what was the iTunes link in the past? has changed?

7:36 PM  wfryer: many guys in Oklahoma also bring guns

7:36 PM  pgeorge: last time it was used they used Hangout and streamed video through Livestream

7:36 PM  alicebarr: :)

7:36 PM  wfryer: I typically don't, however, I bring an iPhone

7:36 PM  pgeorge: That's what Teachers Teaching Teachers has been using the past few weeks

7:37 PM  alicebarr: Make iphones not guns...

7:37 PM  alicebarr: Bad joke :(

7:37 PM  pgeorge: I got it :-)

7:37 PM  wfryer: yes, right... on that note, Kevin Honeycutt spend $100 at the knockoff market in Shanghai and bought a counterfeit iPhone!

7:37 PM  wfryer: spet

7:37 PM  wfryer: spent

7:37 PM  alicebarr: Wow! Does it work?

7:37 PM  pgeorge: that's hilarious Wes!!! hope he doesn't go to jail :-)

7:38 PM  wfryer: It seemed to in the store but was sluggish responding... don't know if it will download actual apps from Apple

7:38 PM  alicebarr: Will be an onteresting experiment at the very least

7:38 PM  wfryer: Hopefully he got it past customs, I think that may actually be risky to try

7:38 PM  pgeorge: apps may be in Chinese :-)

7:38 PM  wfryer: maybe... I think the apps on it were in English tho

7:38 PM  alicebarr: Ha Peggy right!

7:38 PM  pgeorge: just teasing...

7:38 PM  wfryer: you never know

7:39 PM  wfryer: the Chinese are very clever with their engineering and copying abilities

7:39 PM  alicebarr: Hope he's not locked up somewhere :(

7:39 PM  wfryer: I haven't heard from him since the conference ended

7:39 PM  alicebarr: That is for sure WEs! Amazing!

7:39 PM  connect2jamie: me too! :)

7:39 PM  bobsprankle: changing color

7:39 PM  bobsprankle: :)

7:39 PM  alicebarr: me too

7:39 PM  wfryer: Alice I'd love to do that morning workshop on the Wednesday you emailed me about, btw... I'll email you on it tomorrow

7:39 PM  alicebarr: Ha! Same!

7:40 PM  connect2jamie: might as well!

7:40 PM  bobsprankle: me go green

7:40 PM  alicebarr: @WEs GREAT!

7:40 PM  alicebarr: Thank you!

7:40 PM  wfryer: I'm feeling red after being in China...

7:40 PM  bobsprankle: can you hear us now?

7:40 PM  connect2jamie: Do we still have no sound, or am I doing it wrong?

7:40 PM  wfryer: ok, better

7:40 PM  wfryer: I think we're still waiting on audio

7:40 PM  alicebarr: @Connect2Jamie no it's us :(

7:40 PM  bobsprankle: tick... tick... tick... crickets

7:40 PM  wfryer: this is a test of our chat skills....

7:40 PM  pgeorge: last tweet I saw from Kevin was that he was at Kansas State Fair--just a bit ago

7:41 PM  pgeorge: about an hour ago...

7:41 PM  wfryer: oh wow, he didn't waste any time getting back on his schedule... I am taking tomorrow off!

7:41 PM  wfryer: Glad he's back tho, thanks for the update

7:41 PM  connect2jamie: Is everybody up in Maine safe from the hurricane? Any bad damage in your world....as our world burns up here in TX...

7:42 PM  wfryer: Is there an alternate link we can try in iTunes for the stream?

7:42 PM  alicebarr: You deserve tomorrow off

7:42 PM  bobsprankle: safe from hurricane in maine

7:42 PM  pgeorge: there must be tremendous jet lag on that kind of trip!

7:42 PM  connect2jamie: thought so @bob. That's good.

7:42 PM  alicebarr: @connect2jamie WE had tons of rain but not the damage that VT and NY got.

7:42 PM  pgeorge: yeah! Dave C is working on it--hope in sight

7:42 PM  alicebarr: I hope you guys get some rain at some point

7:43 PM  connect2jamie: What we wouldn't do for just a few inches of your rain!

7:43 PM  pgeorge: tee hee-- he's blaming it on Jeff L

7:43 PM  connect2jamie: ;)

7:43 PM  alicebarr: @Wes no alternate link that we know of.

7:43 PM  wfryer: ok

7:44 PM  cheryloakes50: working things out with Dave

7:44 PM  cheryloakes50: changing colors

7:44 PM  cheryloakes50: change colors again

7:44 PM  wfryer: Yes, jet lag is always interesting with an Asia trip... I like my schedule this time tho.. I slept quite a bit on my flight and I'm glad to arrive in the evening...

7:44 PM  connect2jamie: quite the chameleon tonight @cheryl

7:44 PM  wfryer: Feeling like a KSU Wildcat fan now in purple

7:45 PM  wfryer: Dave should definitely earn time and a half for being on call like this!

7:45 PM  alicebarr: @wes I used to HATE flying east.. Took me forever to catch up half way around the world.

7:45 PM  alicebarr: Going west, no problem!

7:45 PM  wfryer: Right... why is it that flying east is so much harder?!?!

7:45 PM  connect2jamie: It is!

7:46 PM  alicebarr: Skipping time zones and trying to catch them

7:46 PM  wfryer: I've turned green, remembering George Couros' troubled experiences with Shanghai menus....

7:46 PM  connect2jamie: :)

7:46 PM  alicebarr: Tell us more!

7:46 PM  pgeorge: yes tell us more...

7:47 PM  bobsprankle: <crickets>

7:47 PM  wfryer: well he was out of commission for awhile

7:47 PM  connect2jamie: Wes must have dozed off in the airport!

7:48 PM  connect2jamie: Ah!

7:48 PM  wfryer: not sure what he ate... I think some street food

7:48 PM  wfryer: I'm uploading a few SonicPics videos I made on the flight...

7:48 PM  wfryer: I just love fast 3G connectivity :-)

7:48 PM  alicebarr: Hoo boy! Not a good idea to eat street food :(

7:48 PM  wfryer: It was AMAZING to see George and Alex Couros together presenting... they are hilarious and SO knowledgeable as well as engaging

7:49 PM  alicebarr: Oh must have been great!

7:49 PM  wfryer: George must be a fantastic elementary principal...

7:49 PM  connect2jamie: I'm sure they were.

7:49 PM  connect2jamie: Yes. Lucky kids.

7:49 PM  wfryer: I wish they'd videoed all the conference 'mini keynotes' - some really inspiring stuff

7:49 PM  alicebarr: Yes I was looking for some links and didn't find anything

7:50 PM  wfryer: We talked about them having a student journalism group livestream and archive the mini-keynotes next year in Beijing

7:50 PM  alicebarr: Cant wait to talk to you about it. SOunds like a great model

7:50 PM  wfryer: It was the best conference I've ever attended, I think, for many reasons...

7:50 PM  pgeorge: Dave says he's hearing something but I'm not

7:50 PM  alicebarr: WOW!

7:50 PM  wfryer: I'll refresh again here...

7:50 PM  connect2jamie: Wow! That's quite an endorsement!

7:50 PM  alicebarr: I'll say. Definitly want to hear more!

7:50 PM  connect2jamie: I'm not hearing anything either. Will refresh

7:51 PM  pgeorge: just another ad...

7:51 PM  alicebarr: Did you lose the chat when you refreshed?

7:51 PM  pgeorge:

7:52 PM  pgeorge: that will open itunes and I can hear :-)

7:52 PM  pgeorge: per Dave

7:52 PM  pgeorge: I'm hearing in iTunes :-)

7:52 PM  pgeorge: Dave to the rescue!!! Again! Thanks!

7:53 PM  pgeorge: I'm seeing the page not found there too

7:53 PM  bobsprankle: go here: http://edtechtalk.com/livestream

7:54 PM  pgeorge: that link works Bob

7:54 PM  pgeorge: can see the skype chat streaming along with the audio

7:55 PM  pgeorge: actually the stream is from Conversations--go figure! But I'm hearing you in iTunes

7:55 PM  bobsprankle: go here: http://edtechtalk.com/livestream

Chat part 2

 19:50:38  dave -> EdTechTalk: dave
 19:51:34  wfryer -> EdTechTalk: hello dave!
 19:51:42  wfryer -> EdTechTalk: thanks for troubleshooting seedlings...
 19:54:15  bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk: HI!!!!!!!
 19:55:27  bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk: can you hear us now?
 19:55:40  connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: Wow! What happened? I feel like I've gone through the lookiing glass!
 19:56:21  cheryloakes50 -> EdTechTalk: Ready for some SEEDLINGS? can you hear?
 19:56:48  wfryer -> EdTechTalk: yes!
 19:56:58  connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: Now I can hear! But sadly I need to go to TLVirtual cafe here in a minute!
 19:57:02  connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: Thanks Dave!
 19:57:09  wfryer -> EdTechTalk: I am going to refresh and come back...
 19:57:14  bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk: thanks to Dave!!!!
 19:57:15  cheryloakes50 -> EdTechTalk: big thanks!
 19:57:47  wfryer -> EdTechTalk: should be be hearing on the IceCast embedded link?
 19:57:50  alicebarr (seedlings) -> EdTechTalk: Yea!
 19:58:15  cheryloakes50 -> EdTechTalk: Live shows!!! it happens the bumps in the road
 19:58:21  wfryer -> EdTechTalk: I'm switching over to iTunes...
 19:58:33  wfryer -> EdTechTalk: yeah, I can hear too!!!
 19:59:02  wfryer -> EdTechTalk: Mondays have more gremlins than Thursdays, I've heard
 19:59:07  alicebarr (seedlings) -> EdTechTalk: You guys rock!
 19:59:21  wfryer -> EdTechTalk: great job everyone getting the audio online!!!
 19:59:28  connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: Sorry guys--gotta go to tlvirtual cafe, but I'll catch the podcast. I'm glad you're back though!  It'll work next time!
 19:59:31  alicebarr (seedlings) -> EdTechTalk: Thanks Dave C.
 19:59:34  wfryer -> EdTechTalk: getting the week started off right!
 19:59:43  alicebarr (seedlings) -> EdTechTalk: Bye jamie
 19:59:56  cheryloakes50 -> EdTechTalk: hello ritas
 20:00:05  cheryloakes50 -> EdTechTalk: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/09/04/technology/technology-in-schools-faces...
 20:00:06  bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/09/04/technology/technology-in-schools-faces...
 20:00:21  PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: welL i got bumped out but the audio continued in itune ;_0 the chat is messing with my caps
 20:00:45  ritas -> EdTechTalk: Hello, should I be hearing something?
 20:01:11  cheryloakes50 -> EdTechTalk: yes ritas go to the sound icons on the right top of the page!
 20:01:14  alicebarr (seedlings) -> EdTechTalk: Hi rita You need
 20:01:18  PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: and that was edited ;-0
 20:01:36  wfryer -> EdTechTalk: Peggy has gone "chat native" on us
 20:01:42  cheryloakes50 -> EdTechTalk: I hope you have found the sound.
 20:02:02  ritas -> EdTechTalk: Thanks, got it :)
 20:02:12  cheryloakes50 -> EdTechTalk: If you have any comments or questions about the NY times article let us know.
 20:03:01  wfryer -> EdTechTalk: good weather? Good think you weren't in Oklahoma this summer! Ugh....
 20:03:07  wfryer -> EdTechTalk: "Good thing..."
 20:03:08  PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: everything is really lagging
 20:03:21  wfryer -> EdTechTalk: audio is good for me here in Atlanta
 20:03:23  cheryloakes50 -> EdTechTalk: Yes, you had tornados and dry!
 20:03:29  wfryer -> EdTechTalk: What books did you read this summer, Alice?
 20:03:43  cheryloakes50 -> EdTechTalk: Thanks Wes, glad you are back in the USA. Did you travel on 9/11?
 20:03:45  wfryer -> EdTechTalk: Not too many tornados, but LOTS of days over 100 degrees... even 112 degrees.
 20:03:48  alicebarr (seedlings) -> EdTechTalk: Inevitable
 20:03:50  wfryer -> EdTechTalk: Year 9 laptops, wow....
 20:04:24  alicebarr (seedlings) -> EdTechTalk: Also read Sir Ken
 20:04:49  alicebarr (seedlings) -> EdTechTalk: And you will like my Geek of the week, lots of reading
 20:05:39  cheryloakes50 -> EdTechTalk: What Geek of the Week too???
 20:06:00  alicebarr (seedlings) -> EdTechTalk: Absolutely!
 20:06:03  PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: the school district  in that story is right near me--incredible district with very high test scores routinely and supt outstanding tech -that's the problem basing everything on test scores when you top out
 20:06:28  cheryloakes50 -> EdTechTalk: Oh, Peggy, thanks for the good information!
 20:06:57  PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: there is more to that story than they wrote about
 20:07:16  alicebarr (seedlings) -> EdTechTalk: OH yes I also read Playing with Media! Best bookof the summer!
 20:07:28  cheryloakes50 -> EdTechTalk: That is what we will talk about, but do add more. It was poorly researched and written
 20:07:48  cheryloakes50 -> EdTechTalk: Here , here playing with Media!
 20:07:58  alicebarr (seedlings) -> EdTechTalk: LOve it!
 20:08:45  PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: having a hard time typing--have to sit and wait for it to appear
 20:09:27  alicebarr (seedlings) -> EdTechTalk: Oh no Peggy :(
 20:09:53  PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: very high income district too
 20:10:02  wfryer -> EdTechTalk: thanks Alice :-)
 20:10:19  wfryer -> EdTechTalk: Did you read the enhanced/multimedia version, Alice?
 20:10:45  wfryer -> EdTechTalk: I have a guy in India working on figuring out the code changes my ebook needs for approval in the iBookStore (his bid was $35 - pretty reasonable -- on elance.com)
 20:11:23  wfryer -> EdTechTalk: unfortunately a lot of people want to use standard measures that don't involve tech, and use that to justify tech integration
 20:11:23  PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: they are a data driven district so you know they have data to support what's working
 20:11:28  wfryer -> EdTechTalk: just lost audio
 20:11:36  cheryloakes50 -> EdTechTalk: we are back
 20:11:37  wfryer -> EdTechTalk: back!
 20:11:44  wfryer -> EdTechTalk: that was a quick fix
 20:11:50  cheryloakes50 -> EdTechTalk: whew!!
 20:11:52  wfryer -> EdTechTalk: another Monday gremlin
 20:12:02  cheryloakes50 -> EdTechTalk: Monday gremlin's rock
 20:12:39  cheryloakes50 -> EdTechTalk: can you hear bob and alice
 20:13:24  cheryloakes50 -> EdTechTalk: Wes, that bid is amazing. It speaks a lot to competition
 20:13:49  alicebarr (seedlings) -> EdTechTalk: Wow Wes. VEry interesting.
 20:14:47  PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: the budget categories for technology and books is a different budget than that used to hire teachers--not the cause for large class sizes and fewer teachers
 20:15:56  PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: iN az there are bond and override elections voted by community that cover technology, new facilities, etc.
 20:16:15  bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk: http://www.techlearning.com/Default.aspx?tabid=67&EntryId=3072
 20:16:23  wfryer -> EdTechTalk: my flight is boarding so I'm going to have to go... thanks everyone, can't wait for the rest of the season!
 20:16:24  cheryloakes50 -> EdTechTalk: Yes, Peggy, we can't balance the budget on the backs of students without some consequences. That is what I think people try to do while they justify their budgets
 20:16:53  wfryer -> EdTechTalk: adios!
 20:16:53  PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: bye wes
 20:16:53  alicebarr (seedlings) -> EdTechTalk: Bye Wes!
 20:17:00  wfryer -> EdTechTalk: ok I'll be ready for burning ears :-)
 20:17:11  bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk: lol
 20:18:03  PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: I really can't type like i need to--way too slow waiting for letters to appear. i'll just have to listen
 20:18:40  cheryloakes50 -> EdTechTalk: democratize the classroom
 20:22:20  PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: why do tHeY Keep quote larry cuban/
 20:22:35  cheryloakes50 -> EdTechTalk: IDK
 20:22:56  cheryloakes50 -> EdTechTalk: Doesn't make sense.
 20:23:12  PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: not aT all1
 20:23:41  PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: i give UP on typing1
 20:23:42  alicebarr (seedlings) -> EdTechTalk: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AutStinkkiy_dGZCR1pPWlljdEc...
 20:24:33  alicebarr (seedlings) -> EdTechTalk: http://arabspring.wikispaces.com/Home
 20:25:28  cheryloakes50 -> EdTechTalk: http://www.spellingcity.com/
 20:25:40  PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: i added books to thAT doc including wes's new book
 20:26:13  alicebarr (seedlings) -> EdTechTalk: I figured you had probably seen it Peggy! Thanks! I don't know who started it.
 20:26:45  bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk: http://www.amazon.com/Playing-Media-powerful-sharing-ebook/dp/B005EMLR88...
 20:26:57  bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk: http://playingwithmedia.com/pages/about
 20:27:02  PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: i THink jackie gerstein started it
 20:27:03  bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk: http://www.speedofcreativity.org/ebooks/
 20:28:21  PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: i reaD it on my kindle
 20:28:39  cheryloakes50 -> EdTechTalk: Peggy, you are so cool with your typing font!!!:-)
 20:30:09  PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: out OF CONTROL!!1
 20:30:54  PeggyG -> EdTechTalk: streAM from actem111
 20:31:49  cheryloakes50 -> EdTechTalk: Streaming from ACTEM Oct. 14th, and live show Oct. 10 Cyberbully Emily Hunt Esch
 20:32:00  cheryloakes50 -> EdTechTalk: Goodnight all, the chat room makes the show.
 20:32:17  bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk: thanks all!
 20:35:58  alicebarr (seedlings) -> EdTechTalk: Thanks again Dave!