Teachers Teaching Teachers #259 Getting Ready with Youth Voices 8.10.11

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On this episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers we are joined by Kevin Hodgson, Charles Freij, Margaret Simon, Judy Jester, Ronnie Burt, Gail Desler, Chris Sloan, Adam Cohen, Dan Polleys. We talk about our plans for the fall and how using Youth Voices might fit with our work with our students.

(Sorry about the over-modulation on some of these voices. We'll improve sound quality in the future.)
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dogtrot: testing this out -- hi
Christina: hi kevin!
paulallison mod: hi
paulallison mod: Kevin in Google+ you should see an invitation to join a Hangout.
christina: Hi guys. I can see you. How do I do this?
christina: Hi guys. I'm here! How do I do this?
Susan E: hi all
christina: Paul -- I don't know how to join the hang out ... can someone let me know what to look for?
Susan E: Are we using this chat tonight?
jefflebow: headsets never hurt :)
paulallison mod: Susan, yes.
Chris Sloan: hello
margaretsmn: i'm here.
SusanEttenheim: hi all
SusanEttenheim: sounds good Paul
SusanEttenheim: yup commercial here too
Adam Cohen: good evening all.
dogtrax: the new google ad embed? ha
SusanEttenheim: gone
pgeorge: Hi all--be with you in 30 secs after the ad :-)
pgeorge: what a huge group of people in the webcast! :-)
Chris Sloan: the more, the merrier
pgeorge: absolutely Chris!
Adam Cohen: Howdy Chris... how are you tonight?
Chris Sloan: hi Adam
dogtrax: Oh --Ronnie from Edublogs ... good to put face to email
Chris Sloan: doing well, as summer winds down
SusanEttenheim: hi chris
SusanEttenheim: I keep getting bumped out but maybe I'm set now. :)
Chris Sloan: hi Susan. When do you start back to school?
SusanEttenheim: The Thurs after Labor Day - and you?
Chris Sloan: Actually, that's to everybody.  When does everybody else start back to school?
SusanEttenheim: yes absolutely!
SusanEttenheim: but when do you start back Chris?
pgeorge: August 15 in my old district in Phoenix AZ
pgeorge: I organize a big breakfast for all of my retired teachers and staff members on the first day of school. :-) It's always so much fun!
SusanEttenheim: That's so funny Peggy!
pgeorge: We meet at a local restaurant and talk non-stop!
Chris Sloan: We start back August 22.  I've actually had some student editors working in my room these past couple of days
ccantrill: Hi guys ... I joined Livestream .. does that help me at all?
SusanEttenheim: Hi Christina
ccantrill: Hi Susan
margaretsmn: We start Friday!
SusanEttenheim: Wow Margaret!
SusanEttenheim: Hi Kevin
pgeorge: I love seeing all of the faces of people we have been hearing from for a long time!!
Adam Cohen: I get to start inservice on Monday... class start on the 23rd
Sheri42: My students will be using edublogs, first as a class and later as own blogs.
margaretsmn: I'll have to get it unblocked.  Tried last year with no success.
SusanEttenheim: Hi Chris
JL: apologies for audio nagging from the chat room, but with so many folks in the hangout it's easy to get lots of background noise (especially typing).  If you're going to be typing w/o speaking ...
JL: ... you might want to 'mute mic' in the hangout
pgeorge: are there two different chats--hangout and ETT?
JL: the hangout itself has a chat as well
Chris Sloan: good point JL
JL: panelist backchannel - downside is that it creates lots of 'bing' sounds in the audio
SusanEttenheim: that's all I hear - are all the bings
SusanEttenheim: brb
pgeorge: me too on the bings but no problem
SusanEttenheim: great collection of people from around the country!
paulallison mod: I don't hear anything.?
SusanEttenheim: Paul- are your doing any private messaging in the background? maybe we hear your bings
Sheri42: What a wonderful idea
SusanEttenheim: chris are you also teaching photography again this year? You just said media and english?
ccantrill: NWP Make pilot project
pgeorge: interesting question! how can we pull gardeners together :-)
SusanEttenheim: well they can all post on Youth Voices!
ccantrill: Fred Mindlin from Central Cal and Marshall Woody from Southern Colorado are gardening in a larger "making" and "writing" project
pgeorge: absolutely Susan!
Adam Cohen: I want to learn more about Youth Voices... sounds useful
ccantrill: There are 6 sites involved in this project.
ccantrill: You are doing a great job Judy!
ccantrill: :)
SusanEttenheim: It's great, Adam, to have a place where your students can talk to students at other schools who share the same interests.
Sheri42: What is her link?
SusanEttenheim: Christina - do each of the 6 have a site?
ccantrill: Philadelphia, Southern Colorado, Central California, Indiana WP, PALWP, and Philadelphia (is that 6?)
pgeorge: Urgent Evoke?
SusanEttenheim: Evoke
SusanEttenheim: yes Peggy that's right
SusanEttenheim: share photos!
Sheri42: herbs on the windowsill too...
ccantrill: Oops, Ozarks Writing project is also involved in the NWP Makes project, just fyi.
ccantrill: here's a link to Urgent Evoke, http://blog.urgentevoke.net/2010/01/27/about-the-evoke-game/
Sheri42: Aha!  :)
ccantrill: Window Farms, http://www.windowfarms.org/
SusanEttenheim: great link - saw them at Queens last year! Those gardens are great!
fmindlin: hi everyone
ccantrill: Hi Fred!
fmindlin: the hangout says it's full, won't let me in
ccantrill: Here's a good article about the work that happened in November with the NWP Make project -- Teachers as Makers! http://radar.oreilly.com/2010/12/teachers-as-makers.html
SusanEttenheim: hi Fred!
pgeorge: @ccantrill-those are great pics!
ccantrill: They will love it! :)
fmindlin: aha!
ccantrill: Fred does string fingers too!
fmindlin: a string game guy!!
ccantrill: Fred, why don't you post something you wrote about that.
ccantrill: Can you share that video?
fmindlin: sure
ccantrill: Sounds like a great project Judy!
ccantrill: Maker Faire in NY: http://makerfaire.com/newyork/2011/
pgeorge: I really love the idea of the window gardens!
fmindlin: there's also the problem of "food deserts" in inner city neighborhoods
fmindlin: where no stores sell real food for miles around
Adam Cohen: agreed... and that is another reason that I am rabid about teaching my kids about Urban Agriculture....
JL: Adam, might want to mute your mic while typing
JL: getting lots of pounding
fmindlin: string story: http://ccwritingproject.org/content/ann-soldo-elementary-school-string-s...
Adam Cohen: aquaponics can produce 4-5 times the amount of food compared to trad ag in the same space. Plus it is totally organic.
fmindlin: What we're doing with Maker: macrame plant hangers, woven paper book covers, giant bubbles
fmindlin: can someone with a mic bring up the genre lens?
Judy: What do you mean by genre?
SusanEttenheim: It also worked well when teachers gave each other a "heads up"
fmindlin: we had a great discussion at a TTT a couple of months ago, the olorado gardening folks shared how they had 3rd graders analyze the genres of writing on a seed packet, then write their own
Chris Sloan: Yeah, the "heads up" is a good idea. We need to do that more often ... with an eye toward collaborative projects
fmindlin: eg persuasive, informational/descriptive, etc.
Adam Cohen: @Chris -- I agree totally. I hope to do MANY more collaborative projects this year
Sheri42: Connect classes with similar projects within the communities; Like quadblogging -- one week one class writes post/info and other classes comment feedback; then a different class posts the next week
Adam Cohen: that is a really cool idea....
Chris Sloan: have you used quadblogging in your class Sheri?
pgeorge: I like that idea Sheri42!
Sheri42: I just signed up for it -- but haven't heard back yet;
fmindlin: @Sheri42 great idea--like when we used to do snail mail penpals, create an artificial delay
Sheri42: Hi Peggy -- this is Sheri Edwards :)
Sheri42: grammasheri on Twitter
pgeorge: Hi Sheri! Thanks for mentioning that! I know you!!!
Sheri42: I know :)
SusanEttenheim: that's a really interesting connection between games and comments in the community
pgeorge: :-)
SusanEttenheim: that the commenting pace should provide the same satisfaction as getting to the next level in a game
Sheri42: Yes, like pen pals.
Sheri42: It makes it do-able so kids have a schedule for their turn at having relevant and interesting info
Sheri42: And the commentors learn to be more engaged
pgeorge: the responses are so important for continuing engagement! It gets discouraging when no one comments.
pgeorge: that is a great point! the comments are even richer than the original posts
Sheri42: Don't the youth voices profiles show where you have poseted and commented so the kids can follow the conversation
Sheri42: It will be important for them to return to their comments.
pgeorge: very true Sheri! the goal isn't just to get a comment/response to your post but to start a conversation
Sheri42: exactly -- and that requires and develops ciritical thinking skills
Sheri42: Does youth voices allow posts from smartphones or email?
paulallison mod: not yet
Sheri42: Badges may be more important to students than grades.
Sheri42: Badge: Conversationalist
Sheri42: Studnts can pull in their edublogs?
SusanEttenheim: that's cute Sheri!
pgeorge: there were incredible ideas shared in the Edmodocon Conference today about badges and blogging and collaborating among students and teachers. It was a fantsatic converence and recordings coming
Sheri42: We want kids to be online citizens, discussing issues and ideas in positive and helpful ways.
Chris Sloan: That's a focus of my teaching too Sheri
pgeorge: http://blog.edmodo.com/2011/07/25/edmodocon-2011-presentation-schedule/
Sheri42: Yes  [email protected]
pgeorge: so happy that I can now copy/paste links in this chat without having to drag them in!! :-)
ccantrill: random question here -- but does anyone here know where art teachers hang out online?
ccantrill: at certain hashtags, in certain communities, etc.?
pgeorge: there was an art teacher presentation in Edmodocon today :-)
ccantrill: @pgeorge can you point me to that
Sheri42: check cybraryman website
Sheri42: http://www.cybraryman.com/
pgeorge: I shared the link for the schedule for the day-would you like me to re-post it?
ccantrill: I'm also curious aboutart teacher bloggers, tweeters, etc.
Sheri42: yes
pgeorge: Jessica Melkman is an an art teacher at Mosman High School. In this session you’ll learn about how her students used Edmodo for a Year 11 assessment task in which they collaborated across schools...
ccantrill: oh, I'll look.
fmindlin: http://www.cybraryman.com/edhashtags.html
pgeorge: :-) You'll love the recording once it's posted
fmindlin: #arted #artsed #arteacher
SusanEttenheim: fred that's in twitter?
fmindlin: yes
pgeorge: thanks fmindlin! always a good place to start with hashtags
pgeorge: yes hashtags for twitter
pgeorge: food absolutely touches everyone!
Sheri42: Is there a "What I think" area at youthvoices?
pgeorge: I participated in a food photography workshop online that did an incredible job of bringing together photography, cultures, life philosophies!
SusanEttenheim: who is cybraryman?
pgeorge: cybraryman is one of the most prolific sharers in the educational blogging world! his resources are incredible
Adam Cohen: @pgeorge -- that sounds really cool. Do you have a link where I could see?
SusanEttenheim: great conversation!
ccantrill: is there a social action channel? just curious.
ccantrill: (on youth voices that is)
SusanEttenheim: haha I think I see a dog ear in the background!
pgeorge: yes Adam--I'll look quickly. It was free for an entire weekend and they recorded it so now it's available for sale. :-)
pgeorge: http://www.creativelive.com/courses/food-photography-penny-de-los-santos
pgeorge: Penny de los Santos was the photographer and she has done photography for National Geographic for years
pgeorge: now she is photographer for a food magazine called Saveur Magazine
SusanEttenheim: that food photography site is funny!
pgeorge: the photography workshop was very serious and rich with excellent learning!
SusanEttenheim: wow peggy did you do that class?
SusanEttenheim: I love the assignments!
pgeorge: do you have any idea how many eggs you have to make to get them to look perfect for a photo :-)
pgeorge: I watched it all online but they had live workshop participants doing everything so we could watch and then critique (by the experts)
SusanEttenheim: great!
pgeorge: I not only spent the 3-days in the workshop but purchased it so I could view it all again!
ccantrill: Thank you! Night all.
pgeorge: what fabulous sharing tonight!! You are all doing some fantastic things with your students!
Sheri42: Thanks
SusanEttenheim: night all
pgeorge: oh oh-the stream stopped before Paul was finished :-(
pgeorge: good night all!