Conversations #92 - Homework (Feb. 13, 2011)

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In this show, Maria, Lisa and Sheila discussed homework. What is it? An extension of school, work done at home? And what is its purpose? Is it required by the school and/or expected by parents? Should every grade level have homework?

Your homework for March 13th's show - Write down 5 events in your life that lead you into the field of education.

Note - We will take a winter break for Feb. 27 and March 6, 2011.

Chat log below.

 11:31:20 PeggyG : Good morning everyone!
 11:31:27 Lisa Parisi : Hello Peggy and Durff
 11:31:41 mrsdurff : sound yet?
 11:32:03 Sheila : Morning
 11:32:04 mrsdurff : I'm packing for PETE-C !!
 11:32:20 Lisa Parisi : We're in Ustream
 11:32:30 mrsdurff : yes she is
 11:32:31 PeggyG : no sound for me yet-are you using ustream?
 11:32:36 Lisa Parisi : YEs Peggy
 11:32:41 Lisa Parisi : And ETTA
 11:32:46 mrsdurff : and please tell people how to move chat rooms
 11:32:49 PeggyG : just got it!
 11:32:56 mrsdurff : auddio good
 11:33:21 mrsdurff : they are in the other chat room
 11:33:25 PeggyG : did anyone go to the Webheads for EVO this morning? too early for me but Jeff Lebow was hosting it
 11:33:35 PeggyG : that's why the other room was the default
 11:33:46 Lisa Parisi : HEllo Maureen
 11:33:49 mrsdurff : she's old hat
 11:33:54 Maureen@bcdtech : Good morning all
 11:34:04 mrsdurff : isn't EVO over?
 11:34:23 PeggyG : yes it's over but those people may not have logged out
 11:34:26 mrsdurff : EVO was the default for me
 11:34:36 PeggyG : me too mrsdurff
  11:34:54 mrsdurff : my default is Starbucks
 11:35:15 mrsdurff : the cabgirl strikes again
 11:35:26 Sheila : How true Mrsdurff
 11:35:48 Maureen@bcdtech : I'm having the 4th graders graph conversation hearts tomorrow- in excel.
 11:35:50 PeggyG : making myself a sticky note right now for Valentines cards!!
 11:35:54 mrsdurff : celebrate a saint? not likely
 11:36:22 PeggyG : homework is always a stimulating conversation!
 11:36:32 PeggyG : Hi Maureen and McTeach!
 11:36:37 mrsdurff : I actually read this tweet on my phone....I'm learning
 11:36:41 Maureen@bcdtech : @mrsdurff Celebrate chocolate... works for me
 11:36:42 PeggyG : how are those roof rakes holding up????
 11:36:55 McTeach (Karen) : Hey Peggy!
 11:36:58 mrsdurff : dark chocolate -> yummy
 11:37:01 Maureen@bcdtech : We had our first full week since Dec I think
 11:37:04 McTeach (Karen) : Good Morning ladies!
 11:37:05 PeggyG : super idea Maureen!!
 11:37:30 Maureen@bcdtech : I have the link open, but haven't had time to check the videos yet
 11:37:33 Lisa Parisi :
 11:37:57 PeggyG : I was just watching those videos Lisa (via Facebook post) :-) awesome!
 11:38:13 Maureen@bcdtech : Understanding variables- dependent, independent is a very hard concept for the kids to get.
 11:39:05 PeggyG : what a fun project Lisa!!!
 11:39:11 mrsdurff : principals never get it
 11:39:26 PeggyG : be careful mrsdurff!!! This principal gets it!
 11:39:34 mrsdurff : ok, my principals don't get it
 11:39:40 Maureen@bcdtech : They need to learn what to look for and what they are looking at
 11:39:41 Lisa Parisi : LOL
 11:40:30 PeggyG : What fun Sheila!! and getting the kids to brainstorm how to use Vokis is brilliant!
 11:40:41 MariaK : Dalton's blog with his voki
 11:40:43 Maureen@bcdtech : I want my language teachers to use Voki.... it would be so much more fun for them than doing the regular old practice
 11:41:54 mrsdurff : Love voki
 11:42:03 mrsdurff : kids love them too
 11:42:37 Sheila (again) : Yes Maureen. I showed them even offered to have the kids do them in my classes. Got a maybe . .  .
 11:42:41 mrsdurff : I think we have to do them soon in 5th grade about our visit from @CivilWarSallie
 11:43:02 mrsdurff : I just do, and ask later maybe
 11:43:12 mrsdurff : not fired yet
 11:43:15 Lisa Parisi : Better to ask forgiveness than permission
 11:43:28 Sheila (again) : I remember MrsDurff  that you actually introduced them to me years ago.
 11:43:36 mrsdurff : you can't do that anymore?
 11:44:01 mrsdurff : oh no! they ruined it
 11:44:07 mrsdurff : like VT
 11:44:24 mrsdurff : well, what about Blabberise
 11:44:26 Sheila (again) : One day it was there and the next it was gone for me.
 11:44:47 mrsdurff : oh it's Marias fault
 11:45:00 mrsdurff : :)
 11:45:02 PeggyG : time to start advocating Lisa!
 11:45:17 McTeach (Karen) : Hey, no earthquake jokes!
 11:45:24 Lisa Parisi : LOL
 11:45:58 Sheila (again) : lol
 11:46:10 PeggyG : what is foreign? anyone outside of your classroom?
 11:46:12 mrsdurff : besides me?
 11:46:32 PeggyG :
 11:46:41 PeggyG : aha! thanks
 11:47:04 mrsdurff : big whoop
 11:47:15 mrsdurff : kids do worse in school
 11:47:44 PeggyG : nice transition Sheila :-) using Voki for homework
 11:48:38 mrsdurff : woof!
 11:48:56 Maureen@bcdtech : I like them because you can use phones to do the audio... if assigned for homework, it's important not to assume mics are available
 11:49:08 Lisa Parisi : True Maureen
 11:50:06 mrsdurff : iPadio is nice for posting audio too
 11:50:25 PeggyG : saw Amanda's animal photos on Flickr this morning :-) awesome!
 11:50:41 MariaK :
 11:50:45 mrsdurff : I used my cell phone to post First Grade comments on their blog - there is no internet in there room
 11:50:48 Sheila (again) : Keep coming with the tools MrsDurff. I have forgotten about a lot of these.
 11:50:48 PeggyG : Animals in Oz :-)
 11:51:05 mrsdurff : sometimes my laptop gets it and sometimes it doesn't
 11:51:15 PeggyG :
 11:52:16 mrsdurff : cellphones are computers
 11:52:26 mrsdurff : and most have them
 11:52:46 mrsdurff : and you listen to guidelines? I don't
 11:53:00 mrsdurff : I beat you - I give none
 11:53:03 Maureen@bcdtech : Almost all of my kids have access, but with multiple kids/family- they may not be able to use it when you need them to.
 11:53:30 PeggyG : we always had a similar model in our schooll for homework minutes but I'm troubled by measuring valuable homework in minutes
 11:54:09 Maureen@bcdtech : I don't give homework- they only have work to do for me if they have slacked off in class, or missed class
 11:54:17 McTeach (Karen) : We are told by the local Catholic high schools that we aren't giving enough homework.
 11:54:35 Lisa Parisi : Ihear it from the middle school, Karen.
 11:54:46 PeggyG : @McTeach-those are the people who believe the value of homework is teaching responsibility
 11:54:53 mrsdurff : then parents must hate me - no worksheets
 11:55:03 mrsdurff : there is no value in hw
 11:55:14 mrsdurff : ask Alfie Kohn
 11:55:20 McTeach (Karen) : They feel that they just aren't prepared for the amount of homework that they'l have in high school.
 11:55:38 PeggyG : homework used to be work assigned to be done at home but now many teachers give kids time to do their homework at school because they know they won't have time to do it at home
 11:55:46 Maureen@bcdtech : I a;ways expected my kindergarten parents to read with their kids, talk about the day- never HW
 11:56:09 mrsdurff : Reading is hw in my school
 11:56:13 mrsdurff : so sad
 11:56:53 Maureen@bcdtech : How to make reading painful- those reading logs were silly
 11:57:20 PeggyG : just participated in a webinar about the findings of the National Reading Research project and really liked one of the findings--no literacy improvement for parents reading to kids unless they are also discussing and having a dialogue with them about what they are reading
 11:58:10 Maureen@bcdtech : @peggyg- I guess I always thought that that was part of it.... not just whipping thru a book to say you did it
 11:58:11 McTeach (Karen) : you have a link for that? Either the webinar or the project?
 11:58:27 mrsdurff : those books are HEAVY
 11:58:40 mrsdurff : I worry about their backs
 11:58:55 PeggyG : yes-I'll find it-Report of the National Early Literacy Panel--years of research
 11:59:19 MariaK :
 11:59:36 McTeach (Karen) : I'm still trying to figure out how to teach without using the textbooks. Need to find more resources.
 11:59:45 Maureen@bcdtech : I used to do family projects- but the disparity between the parent and the kid produced work was a bit much
 12:00:02 PeggyG : Scroll down to "Developing Early Literacty..." Can download the session slides and full PDF report there
 12:00:52 Maureen@bcdtech : Thank you Peggy I will share this link!
 12:00:57 PeggyG : @McTeach-are you looking for more resources to replace the textbooks or validation for teaching without textbooks?
 12:01:22 mrsdurff : making ccoffee
 12:02:24 McTeach (Karen) : Peggy...first...thanks for the link!! Second...resources to replace the textbooks. It's just time consuming.
 12:02:29 PeggyG : have been reading some really interesting things recently about the value of science fairs and how they are primarily parent projects
 12:02:31 MariaK : @mrsdurff - Make mine black, please
 12:03:02 mrsdurff : k
 12:03:34 Maureen@bcdtech : I've seen some amazing parent projects- they do nice work!
 12:03:44 mrsdurff : updating the mini in prep for PETE-C trip - I sooooo need a vacation and this is it
 12:04:15 MariaK : Hope you have lots of fun and learning, Lisa Durff
 12:04:19 McTeach (Karen) : We weight our grades so that homework has very little impact on their grade.
 12:04:25 mrsdurff : I don't think our parents are that smart
 12:04:37 mrsdurff : ty cabgirl
 12:04:39 Maureen@bcdtech : If a child can ace a test, do they still get marked down for not doing the homework?
 12:04:56 mrsdurff : I get to meet coolcatteacher F2F !!
 12:05:31 mrsdurff : what do you suggest?
 12:05:57 Lisa Parisi : HEllo Jamie
 12:06:07 Maureen@bcdtech : I found that some of my 9th graders really spent a lot of time on their projects- on their own, at home, when I let them choose their projects. Not so much when they are doing something I assigned
 12:06:09 Lisa Parisi : Hello Elderbob
 12:06:19 elderbob : Hi all.
 12:06:23 Sheila (again) : I don't grade homework but do I consider homework completion.
 12:06:25 connect2jamie : Hi all! I'm late! Dang!
 12:06:32 PeggyG : choice is really important Maureen
 12:06:40 mrsdurff : elderbob? you girls are honored
 12:06:41 elderbob : I am using chat only, as I am working on burning a cd to a MP3 player.
 12:06:56 elderbob : Good to see all the fine students.
 12:07:02 McTeach (Karen) : Exactly Sheila!!!
 12:07:04 elderbob : ...and teachers.
 12:07:15 McTeach (Karen) : I hate those emails from parents! "Don't you teachers talk?"
 12:07:20 PeggyG : @elderbob--audio is on ustream only. can you hear?
 12:07:21 Maureen@bcdtech : We have a homework schedule- homework can only be assigned for each subject on specific days
 12:07:28 MariaK : welcome again - elderbob!
 12:08:02 PeggyG : have any of you used the bingo type chart for allowing students to choose their homework tasks-complete a required number
 12:08:04 elderbob : No Peggy, I am working on audio elsewhere.  I am afraid to disrupt it as it is becoming a valentines gift.
 12:08:25 Maureen@bcdtech : If they have the whole week, do they have trouble with time management? I know I would- ultimate procrastinator
 12:08:30 connect2jamie : Our dist middle schools are supposed to have a schedule as to what subjects can have homework on certain days. My experience was that no one really followed it. 6th grade was BRUTAL for my daughter for that reason.
 12:08:31 loonyhiker (aka Pat) : Hi! Sorry I'm late - just got home
 12:08:37 mrsdurff : oh like me
 12:08:53 mrsdurff : yup heard that one
 12:09:10 mrsdurff : so I don't assign any hw
 12:09:26 PeggyG : Exploration Lab is a great name!
 12:09:39 Maureen@bcdtech : Or if you flip the classroom... then it would be easier for parents to see and understand the value
 12:09:54 McTeach (Karen) : I also get parents complaining that their kids are spending HOURS on the computer doing their homework. I tell them they need to check to see if the kids are REALLY doing homework!
 12:09:59 PeggyG : yes!! Lab Reports :-) new term for homework
 12:10:00 connect2jamie : I like that!
 12:10:17 PeggyG : you are so wise McTeach!!
 12:10:40 McTeach (Karen) : Peggy...maybe that's why I keep getting migraines! :)
 12:10:46 elderbob : I just dropped by to congratulate all the participants of EVO.  It seemed to be a really smart group and lots of good work  came from it.
 12:10:47 Maureen@bcdtech : @McTeach middle school kids are so easily distracted when working on the computer.
 12:10:55 elderbob : Now, I have to go.
 12:11:09 elderbob : Bye all, see you all on-line.
 12:11:13 Lisa Parisi : Bye
 12:11:20 mrsdurff : bye
 12:11:31 PeggyG : yes McTeach!! may be related! too much thinking :-) deep thinking!
 12:11:43 Maureen@bcdtech : Kids should have "prep" time, like teachers- to prepare to learn/teach
 12:11:46 McTeach (Karen) :'s their teacher! :)
 12:11:49 mrsdurff : nothing
 12:12:05 mrsdurff : which is why we make podcasts
 12:12:12 McTeach (Karen) : Three days in a row for this one, Peggy! It's killing me!
 12:12:42 PeggyG : that is such a problem for you McTeach!!! sure wish they would go away!!
 12:13:16 McTeach (Karen) : Me too, Peggy! Thanks!
 12:13:24 mrsdurff : I have 11 preps - with zero time
 12:13:38 mrsdurff : I would like to eat lunch some days
 12:13:57 Maureen@bcdtech : @mrsdurff- Lunch is overrated
 12:15:01 mrsdurff : I'm hungry
 12:15:04 Maureen@bcdtech : Have one of the kids use a livescribe pen to record the class notes
 12:15:15 PeggyG : This is a great blog post with good tips for principals about homework policies
 12:15:49 PeggyG : that article challenges the idea of required minutes of homework daily
 12:15:55 loonyhiker (aka Pat) : Thanks to the link @Peggy. it looks great
 12:16:17 mrsdurff : we all lived through it
 12:16:43 PeggyG : "no study has ever substantiated the belief that homework builds character or teaches good study habits"  from the above link
 12:16:57 PeggyG : important to know what the research really says!
 12:17:11 Maureen@bcdtech : Or have the kids make up games to show others how they learned ie math facts
 12:17:50 mrsdurff : times tables must be automatic
 12:18:06 mrsdurff : much of math does not
 12:18:52 mrsdurff : Stars?
 12:19:15 mrsdurff : I got in trouble 15 yrs ago for handing out hw passes
 12:19:32 Maureen@bcdtech : Do teachers give homework to help kids, to make parents feel better, to have another set of grades in the gradebook? I've seen all of these.
 12:19:32 mrsdurff : ah so long ago
 12:19:52 Lisa Parisi : For me Maureen, it's partly to make parents feel better.
 12:19:57 Lisa Parisi : And that's my dilemma
 12:20:05 PeggyG : This is a really interesting article and the comments are also very interesting! Shows the wide range of reactions to homework both pro/con
 12:20:13 Maureen@bcdtech : I found that if I paid attention in class, I could do well- homework was a pia
 12:20:22 Lisa Parisi : pia?
 12:20:24 mrsdurff : pia?
 12:20:30 Maureen@bcdtech : pain in the..
 12:20:30 Lisa Parisi : oh got it
 12:20:41 mrsdurff : is that like pie?
 12:20:48 PeggyG : when you grade homework you really don't know who did the work...
 12:20:55 Maureen@bcdtech : No pie is good
 12:21:00 mrsdurff : yes you do
 12:21:05 mrsdurff : the parents do it
 12:21:55 Maureen@bcdtech : what about assigned reading in English class? So you can add to the discussion the next day?
 12:22:15 Lisa Parisi : Absolutely Maureen
 12:24:05 PeggyG : but it could also be asking them to find out/learn something about the reading content that would enrich the discussion in addition to or in place of assigned reading.
 12:24:25 Lisa Parisi : Sometimes, my kids assign watching a video homework
 12:26:58 Maureen@bcdtech : Are your kids totally overscheduled afterschool? Ours have mandartory sports, so they essentially don't get home anytime before 5, then they have to eat... etc.  Others have a lessons- ballet, swimming, karate, violin, etc... and don't get home til late. When do they get to play? To just relax?
 12:27:24 Lisa Parisi : We definitely have that issue Maureen
 12:27:35 Lisa Parisi : I see it with my own daughter.
 12:28:25 Maureen@bcdtech : I used to see that in K as well. I taught full day, and the kids were wiped- then needed to go to lessons etc...  It was so silly
 12:28:49 connect2jamie : Our kids are ABSOLUTELY overscheduled. Friends of mine with younger kids are often not at home any night of the week before 7 or 8.
 12:29:07 PeggyG : homework is a way that parents can feel "involved" with school and sadly it's often the only way--asking their child if they have homework and then making sure they get it done. When kids don't tell them about what they're learning in school and teachers don't communicate it in some way (like blogs, wikis, etc.) they don't know how to get involved.
 12:29:09 Maureen@bcdtech : It feels like the kids are developing resumes in middle school
 12:29:49 connect2jamie : I worry that our kids don't have ANY time in their lives to get a little bored...which I believe leads to creativity. Using imagination. Reading. All those things that make a well-rounded person.
 12:30:00 mrsdurff : I was not allowed to have a job until I graduated
 12:30:02 PeggyG : I agree connect2jamie
 12:30:31 PeggyG : no time to think when you're overscheduled!
 12:31:02 connect2jamie : I have an only child, so she HAD to learn to play by herself. Of course, she's an art major now, so maybe that was just her bent.
 12:31:16 connect2jamie : My daughter is never, ever bored.
 12:31:20 Maureen@bcdtech : It's just so different now- I remember going to school, coming home- changing my clothes,doing my chores, then I could go out and play. Homework?? Not an issue
 12:31:25 connect2jamie : She used to write when she was bored.
 12:31:44 mrsdurff : does she make her own paint from scratch?
 12:31:55 PeggyG : "The Children Must Play" from Finland
 12:32:08 connect2jamie : I don't think kids should have so much unscheduled time that they're neglected though. That's the other extreme.
 12:32:29 connect2jamie : @durff LOL! That would keep her busy!
 12:32:30 Lisa Parisi : And I have many kids like that, Jamie.
 12:32:41 PeggyG : "The children can‚Äôt learn if they don‚Äôt play."
 12:33:04 connect2jamie : @Lisa Absolutely. We do too. 2 extremes.
 12:33:13 mrsdurff : be good y'all
 12:33:24 mrsdurff : I;m off to PETE-C  !!
 12:33:27 PeggyG : another great conversation! Thanks everyone for your contributions!!
 12:33:36 PeggyG : Have fun at PETE-C Durff!
 12:33:38 connect2jamie : Thanks everyone! I hate that I missed the first half! I love having Conversations on Sunday morning! Have a great wk everyone@!
 12:33:55 Lisa Parisi :
 12:34:43 PeggyG : if you cancel be sure to post it on ETT calendar so people will know :-)
 12:35:28 PeggyG : great! show next week but not the following week. Thanks.
 12:36:00 connect2jamie : Interesting idea, Sheila.
 12:36:15 PeggyG : Homework: timeline with 5 events that got you to the educational field by March 6?
 12:36:22 connect2jamie : Bye!
 12:36:28 PeggyG : thanks all!
 12:36:41 PeggyG : what's the right date???
 12:37:44 Sheila (again) : I won't be back until March 13th show.
 12:38:00 PeggyG : ok-so have it ready by March 13th?