K12 Online Conference 2010 Echo: Project Based Learning in Hand with Tony Vincent

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Hava a listen as we have Tony Vincent with his presentation from K12 Online Conference 2010:  http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=645  

On our first Echo in 2011 for the K12 Online Conference Susan van Gelder and Jose Rodriguez welcome Tony Vincent with his presentation Project Based Learning in Hand from K12 Online Conference 2010 in the Kicking up a notch Strand.  Tony has so much to share both regarding PBL and the use of handhelds. He also shared how he made the presentation.  So much to learn from him.


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20:56:01 PeggyG : I'm so excited to have Tony with us tonight to share his presentation and chat with us!

20:56:24 Tony Vincent : I'm excited too!  And I always feel great when PeggyG is in the room!

20:59:50 PeggyG : I love that you combined PBL with hand helds!

20:59:52 Jose Rodriguez : Hi Folks

21:00:07 PeggyG : Hi Jose! Welcome!

21:01:18 PeggyG : If you have any problems viewing the video with us tonight you can watch it here. http://k12online.ning.com/video/project-based-learning-in-hand

21:01:46 Susan van Gelder : can you hear us

21:02:01 PeggyG : hearing now

21:02:23 PeggyG : google video???

21:02:38 PeggyG : love those ads! hearing both Susan and Jose :-)

21:02:56 Jose Rodriguez : Hi Eveeryone..

21:03:02 PeggyG : woo hoo Tony!!!

21:03:09 Jose Rodriguez : everyone

21:03:28 PeggyG : We get to claim Tony in AZ!!!! even though he travels around the world!

21:03:47 Jose Rodriguez : and CA..

21:04:00 PeggyG : the huge Mobile Learning Conference in AZ will be incredible!!!

21:05:16 PeggyG : Would love to hear you talk about some of those interactive apps after the presentation Tony!

21:05:30 PeggyG : Hi Laura and Maureen! So glad you could join us!

21:05:32 Laura Sheehy : Hi Tony!!!

21:05:38 Laura Sheehy : Hi PeggyG!

21:05:48 Tony Vincent : http://mobile2011.org :-)

21:06:00 PeggyG : you can ask Tony questions here in the chat that he can answer after the video

21:06:01 Laura Sheehy : Hope you are doing better Peggy!

21:06:17 PeggyG : thanks Laura--gradually getting better...

21:06:42 PeggyG : that green screen feature makes the presentations so interesting!! love it!

21:06:43 Laura Sheehy : glad to hear it!

21:07:02 Tony Vincent : And I'll be happy to talk about the video production too.

21:07:17 Susan van Gelder : That was definitely going to be one of my questions

21:07:32 PeggyG : this is where the ipod touch is so powerful--you can create with it and it's not just consuming info.

21:07:45 Laura Sheehy : love the popups!

21:07:53 Susan van Gelder : This was so effective

21:08:02 Jose Rodriguez : great effects

21:08:24 Susan van Gelder : welcome

21:08:47 PeggyG : will you talk more about those different tools?

21:09:01 Laura Sheehy : please

21:09:51 Clay Mayer : Don't forget to subscribe to Tony Vincent's "Learning in Hand" podcasts on i-Tunes.  Some of the best ideas for project-based learning I've found...for FREE!

21:09:58 Laura Sheehy : I do!!!

21:10:06 PeggyG : it is so amazing to me that you can do all of this creation right on an ipod touch!

21:10:18 PeggyG : thanks Clay! great tip!!

21:10:19 Laura Sheehy : love downloading podcasts to my iTouch and listening while traveling

21:10:20 Tony Vincent : I learned tons researching and making my example.

21:10:21 Clay Mayer : My 3rd graders LOVE it here in Kansas!

21:10:30 Susan van Gelder : I learned tons watching it

21:10:42 Laura Sheehy : would love a how to for creating this

21:10:52 Susan van Gelder : (even something about US politics as I'm from Canada)

21:11:06 Tony Vincent : Thanks, Clay!  Wish I had more time to publish more video podcasts. I have a whole list of show topics. :-)

21:11:35 Laura Sheehy : Traveling every week Tony?

21:12:04 Lynn Anderson : Can't see all of the chat due to the tag cloud.  Can I close or minimize it?

21:12:07 Tony Vincent : Just about every week.  Good thing I love what I do!

21:12:16 Laura Sheehy : Me too!

21:12:24 fredkoch : Same here on chat window...

21:12:26 Clay Mayer : I understand the "time" issue!  I'm jealous that you get to do what you do for a living!  It's right down my alley!

21:12:39 Laura Sheehy : Where are you Clay?

21:12:47 fredkoch : Tony - coming back to Illinois soon?

21:13:13 Clay Mayer : I'm a 3rd grade teacher in Kansas...Jefferson West school district, specifically. 

21:13:23 Susan van Gelder : You can log out and enter http://edtechtalk.com - video will be much smaller

21:13:24 PeggyG : http://learninginhand.com/ Tony's website is loaded with fantastic content!

21:13:25 Tony Vincent : I'll be in IL in April.

21:13:42 fredkoch : Where/what in IL?

21:13:47 Susan van Gelder : Hi Lorna

21:14:00 PeggyG : Hi Liz! Great to see you!

21:14:02 Laura Sheehy : I'm a teacher learning consultant with Troxell. We'll be expanding the position in a few months. Interested?

21:14:05 Lorna : HI Susan

21:14:14 Tony Vincent : Jonathan! Nice to see you here!

21:14:21 Liz Kolb : Hi Peggy!  I miss seeing you online. 

21:14:35 jnxyz : Hi Tony - just saw your tweet and thought I'd pop in for a bit!

21:14:43 jnxyz : What's happening?

21:14:44 PeggyG : @Liz-are you doing your radio show again! I've been missing it.

21:15:08 wchand : Hi Tony!  What will you be presenting at TCEA?

21:15:17 Clay Mayer : I'm interested!!!!!  I'll have to find out what Troxell is from you!!!  Too bad we don't have the capability to "private message" on here or I'd give you my school e-mail!

21:15:35 Laura Sheehy : here's my email: [email protected]

21:15:42 Liz Kolb : @Peggy  not yet, we keep meaning to get it up again but we have both been swamped with new work this term.  We have a whole list of new guests

21:15:46 Tony Vincent : I guess this video is design to be watched more than once since content goes by quickly. Of course, viewers can pause and rewind when watching on their own.

21:15:57 Clay Mayer : I use Rubistar!!!!!!  It's been created in part by a guy here in Kansas with Kansas University!!!!!  Go Jayhawks!!!!!

21:15:59 Laura Sheehy : guess I should have given you the troxell one: [email protected] (lol)

21:16:10 Susan van Gelder : I've already watched it a few times - needed to take notes

21:16:15 Lorna : @Clay right click on any name for IM

21:16:17 Laura Sheehy : Have to watch it a few more times for sure!

21:16:19 Clay Mayer : I'll usthe troxell one!  thanks!

21:16:20 Tony Vincent : Go to http://learninginhand.com/pbl/ for a transcript, links, and apps.

21:16:23 PeggyG : absolutely Tony!! I like to watch it and pause it to explore the tools you suggest!

21:16:29 Laura Sheehy : Thanks Tony!!!

21:16:52 PeggyG : I think I've watched this at least 5 times now-several on my iphone through itunesu

21:17:57 Liz Kolb : Any tried that new app from Cooney Center?  Toontastic for Digital Stories?  Looks really good http://www.joanganzcooneycenter.org/Cooney-Center-Blog-122.html

21:18:07 PeggyG : All of the K12 Online Conference video presentations are on iTunesU-hosted by IDEAL in AZ :-)

21:18:44 Laura Sheehy : Thanks Peggy! I didn't realize that (or I forgot it)! ;)

21:18:54 Maureen : @Liz- I downloaded it before I noticed that toontastic is for ipad only- not for ipod... oh well

21:19:32 Tony Vincent : There are so many cool apps that come out each day!

21:19:40 jnxyz : Have to say Tony I too am in awe of the PBL video and accompanying resource page

21:19:44 Tony Vincent : In fact, on average, there are 600 apps added to Apple's App Store each day.

21:19:44 Susan van Gelder : Hard to keep up

21:19:53 PeggyG : http://k12onlineconference.org/  This page provides you a link for subscribing to the conference videos on iTunesU

21:19:58 Liz Kolb : @Maureen too bad!  I thought it was for both!  I don't have an iPad so I guess I'm out of luck

21:20:00 Tony Vincent : About 18% of the apps are designed for iPad.

21:20:13 Tony Vincent : 33% of apps are free and 31% are 99 cents.

21:20:33 Susan van Gelder : I seem to have a lot of .99 adding up

21:20:34 jnxyz : my fave app for today is Heart Rate - when it works it just blows people away that a phone can do what it does

21:20:36 Maureen : @Liz I'm waiting for the next ipad.. hopefully there will still be $ in the budget then.

21:20:37 Laura Sheehy : Wow! Over 66% under $1!

21:21:05 Tony Vincent : Average app price is $2.40.  (There are some pricey apps that skew the average)

21:21:11 PeggyG : follow the hashtag #edapp and you'll get lots of hot tips about apps-often free!

21:21:22 Liz Kolb : @Susan Me Too!  It goes quickly!  ANd some apps are getting pricey (10-15 dollars!)

21:21:33 Laura Sheehy : I have that in my list of follows Peggy :)

21:22:00 PeggyG : Tony is great about sharing tips on #edapp and many are apps that are available for free for a day or 2 only!

21:22:01 Tony Vincent : I tend to stick with free apps since I do workshops where participants may not have access to $$ for apps.

21:22:11 Susan van Gelder : @liz - I try to avoid the pricey ones, but it still adds up

21:22:22 Susan van Gelder : I often download the "lite" version

21:22:24 Laura Sheehy : I love promoting free resources!

21:22:36 Tony Vincent : I do love sharing app deals. They really do last just a day or two, so Twitter is perfect for getting that info shared.

21:22:45 Liz Kolb : @Susan I like the Lite's too

21:22:50 Laura Sheehy : and Plurk :)

21:22:53 Clay Mayer : Free is best in this economy!  Thanks!

21:23:00 PeggyG : Storybook is an incredible app! have it on my iphone. Also have ReedDirector thanks to Tony's tip!

21:23:17 Susan van Gelder : I like Storybook - my colleague didn't at all

21:23:19 PeggyG : ReelDirector--oops!

21:23:23 Tony Vincent : ReelDirector is amazing! I've made several videos on iPad using it.

21:23:59 Maureen : I just got reel director last week, but haven't tried it yet. I have a new 6th grade project and I bet it'll work better than wmm

21:24:12 PeggyG : I think it will @Maureen :-)

21:24:35 Tony Vincent : So, I'm one of the few presenters to actually appear in my K12 Online video. You tell me, does it matter that you see the presenter most of the video?

21:24:36 wchand : What will your focus be at TCEA in Texas?

21:24:43 Laura Sheehy : Applause!!!!

21:24:43 PeggyG : Wow Tony! What a great presentation!! Powerful and motivating!

21:24:59 Liz Kolb : Ok I'm going to have to go buy ReelDirector right now, sounds too exciting to pass up :)   I might need to get off this board before I purchase too much!

21:25:12 Laura Sheehy : Just bought it myself lol

21:25:22 jnxyz : Tony I prefer seeing the presenter definitely - does really help bring the message/info home

21:25:23 PeggyG : it is Liz! I'm using it on my iphone

21:25:48 Laura Sheehy : Tony has my dream room of equipment

21:25:54 PeggyG : that's so funny! I always joke about the free online presentations that end up costing me money! Can't resist buying the great tools!

21:26:03 Laura Sheehy : me too!

21:26:10 fredkoch : Love Tony's post "What I Bought in 2010"

21:26:22 PeggyG : yes Fred! That was a great post!

21:26:29 Tony Vincent : http://www.telestream.net/screen-flow/overview.htm

21:26:40 fredkoch : Has all the links to the products he's mentioned

21:26:49 Lorna : hurrah for screenflow

21:26:51 PeggyG : Screenflow is a powerful tool!! Makes fantastic screencasts!

21:27:15 Laura Sheehy : sounds like something I may need to invest in!

21:27:17 PeggyG : http://learninginhand.com/blog/what-i-bought-in-2010.html

21:27:23 fredkoch : @PeggyG - I agree about Screenflow!

21:27:52 PeggyG : the quality of the video is outstanding with Screenflow and I love the way it allows you to zoom and highlight things on the screen

21:28:24 Lorna : Hi Len

21:28:32 Len H : Hi Lorna

21:28:35 PeggyG : Hi Len-so glad you could join us!

21:29:00 Len H : Hi Peggy :D

21:29:16 PeggyG : I think the shorter the video the more time it takes to create :-)

21:29:27 Len H : I always like to hear Tony.

21:29:27 PeggyG : wow!!

21:29:46 Laura Sheehy : the script is the key

21:30:14 fredkoch : Loved WillowWeb!

21:30:44 PeggyG : Radio Willowweb was one of the very first podcasts I started listening to when I first began to learn about web 2.0

21:31:04 Len H : same

21:31:04 Clay Mayer : For those of you new to podcasting, without a script, students are LOST.  It also kills 2 birds with one stone because they 1.) need to write fluently and 2.) read fluently.  That's half the reason I have them podcast information in my room!

21:31:08 fredkoch : Great templates from Radio WillowWeb, very helpful for our students!

21:31:10 Maureen : @Peggy- is there anything similar to screenflow for PC? I have yet to really find a video editor that I like

21:31:10 PeggyG : it's a fantastic example of an elementary school podcast :-)

21:31:30 PeggyG : @Maureen--probably Camtasia Studio

21:31:48 Clay Mayer : If you are looking for good intro/outro music for your podcasts, go to www.freeplaymusic.com  It's amazing!

21:31:55 Lorna : @maureen agree with Peggy

21:31:57 fredkoch : @Maureen - my choice for FREE is Screencast-o-matic

21:32:28 Len H : @Maureen, I have also heard good things about Camtasia.

21:32:29 Maureen : I have Camtasia Studio- doesn't do anything fancy- no greenscreen, etc

21:32:38 PeggyG : I really like Screencast-o-matic too!

21:32:40 Susan van Gelder : Read the conditions for freeplaymusic - not as open as you think

21:32:48 PeggyG : great point Susan!!

21:33:09 fredkoch : Yes, to conditions at freeplay!

21:33:28 fredkoch : Great point about conditions at freeplay...

21:33:43 fredkoch : We've gone to Soundzabound.com

21:33:53 Tony Vincent : Careful! Freeplay music is not "podsafe" (it's not licensed for podcasts) :-(

21:34:00 Maureen : My kids like incompetech

21:34:05 Stephanie : We use soundzabound.

21:34:11 PeggyG : Rushton Hurley provides some fantstic free tool lists on his site-always reminds us about the royalty free music http://sites.google.com/site/freetoolsoutthewazoo/

21:35:03 PeggyG : I personally use Soundzabound but it isn't free-about $100. for a year. but you can download everything to save on CD or your hard drive to use forever

21:35:03 Clay Mayer : OK!  I got my information to use it from an Apple trainer out of Florida!!!!!  He mentioned that we should use it for our podcasts!!!

21:35:55 fredkoch : Audio is going into echoland.... anyone else?

21:36:05 PeggyG : yes some issues with Skype I think

21:36:08 Maureen : lots of echo and static

21:36:12 Laura Sheehy : same here - staticy

21:36:17 kara.douma : Yes, it is an echo and static.

21:36:17 Len H : same for me

21:36:20 Clay Mayer : Yep.  same here

21:37:05 Stephanie : Same here.

21:37:16 Laura Sheehy : lots of static

21:37:26 Laura Sheehy : echo echo echo

21:37:29 Laura Sheehy : lol

21:37:30 Clay Mayer : ha!

21:37:41 PeggyG : it's hard to create rubrics that really guide students--even my university students often rated themselves much higher than they really were on the rubrics.

21:37:57 Laura Sheehy : not really any better

21:38:42 Clay Mayer : Ditto on the STANDARDS!!!!!!!!

21:39:06 Maureen : Do you have the kids assess collaboration skills?

21:39:06 PeggyG : I think rubrics are great for self-assessment

21:39:19 PeggyG : good question Maureen!

21:39:33 PeggyG : Rubistar actually has some rubrics for collaboration

21:39:58 Susan van Gelder : How's the sound now?

21:40:05 PeggyG : I think if they rate themselves high they think they're "finished" and don't have to refine any more :-)

21:40:06 Clay Mayer : I've had my students assess their collaboration skills when doing literature circle discussions, but not for projects...definitely something I'll add to my rubrics!

21:40:10 PeggyG : sound is better now

21:40:10 fredkoch : wee bit better...

21:40:29 Maureen : I have this new project- one group of 6th graders is really having issues... Had the serious talk with them today, hopefully they can come in ready to work together next class.

21:40:30 Len H : audio is much better now!

21:40:37 Laura Sheehy : better sound :)

21:40:45 fredkoch : sound good...

21:41:20 PeggyG : http://rubistar.4teachers.org/

21:41:55 PeggyG : that really IS amazing!

21:42:28 PeggyG : Another really great resource from Rushton Hurley-Copyright-Friendly Images http://sites.google.com/site/freetoolsoutthewazoo/copyright-friendly-images

21:43:10 Maureen : Does the text on Sonic Pics go on a box on the side? I've only done pics, record sound- haven't played with text

21:43:28 PeggyG : Sketchy by GoKnow is .99 :-) Excellent app!

21:44:22 fredkoch : lots of takes to get voiceovers "right" - I agree

21:44:32 Maureen : I tend to have the kids do stuff in audacity and then upload when I can. It gives them the chance to change, change their voice, etc.

21:44:39 Stephanie : Kids will do it over and over again.

21:44:40 fredkoch : Same with kids - they are great "self assessors"

21:45:00 PeggyG : students work really hard to get things "perfect" when it's viewed by lots of people online! Tim Tyson always talked about that with his MS students creating their videos!

21:45:22 wfryer : I am SO thankful for you teaching and sharing about Sonic Pics and Storyrobe, Tony!

21:45:41 PeggyG : Hi Wes! So glad you could join us!

21:45:49 wfryer : I am sorry I am late :-(

21:45:52 Susan van Gelder : Hi Wes

21:46:01 wfryer : Hi Susan!

21:46:03 Maureen : Oh good, glad to hear that- I thought I totally missed that piece.

21:46:09 Laura Sheehy : that would be great!

21:46:23 wfryer : I made my first movie with iMovie on the iPhone4 Saturday night - WOW!

21:46:34 Laura Sheehy : Yay Wes!

21:46:47 wfryer : great question!

21:47:00 Maureen : @wes- does that work on itouch? And is the camera on the itouch good enuf?

21:47:26 wfryer : I think it does on the latest touch. But ReelDirector is a moviemaking app, less expensive ($2) and works on older iOS devices

21:47:45 wfryer : I haven't made a movie yet myself on an iPod Touch

21:47:51 Laura Sheehy : even in a couple of years!

21:47:53 PeggyG : I'm starting to explore Quick Vid Pro on my iphone for instantly streaming video and embedding it on sites

21:47:57 Maureen : Thx Wes. I got reel director, but haven't had time to play with it yer

21:48:07 wfryer : Tony: What do you think are the best ways to help students create higher QUALITY video products on mobile devices?

21:48:33 wfryer : I have put up a few posts about ReelDirector in the last 2 months - search speedofcreativity.org for ReelDirector :-)

21:49:16 wfryer : I need to check out stripdesigner!

21:49:44 Laura Sheehy : sounds like a good app!

21:50:15 abrandt10 : This makes me want an IPad

21:50:15 fredkoch : Yes, Tony is right. Dazzle is a developmental stage...

21:50:34 wfryer : just like math manipulatives - kids are going to play, so build in some time for that

21:50:39 PeggyG : StripDesign is a great app!

21:51:05 wfryer : Did Tony discuss how he was able to make his video look so professional, with the green screen effects?

21:51:25 PeggyG : did you all know you can sign up for Appolicious and follow your friends to see what great apps they are using? Follow Tony and Wes :-)

21:51:28 wfryer : I'll catch the replay for sure! :-)

21:51:47 s_bearden : Peggy thanks for that tip!

21:51:49 Laura Sheehy : hadn't heard of that PeggyG! Cool!

21:51:50 PeggyG : http://www.appolicious.com/

21:51:55 wfryer : wow, super

21:52:12 PeggyG : it's very cool! I use mine all the time on my iphone

21:52:33 wfryer : www.appolicious.com/users/wfryer is mine - I love appolicious for app sharing!

21:52:34 fredkoch : appolicious - Also their email updates are great

21:52:58 wfryer : I love your focus on PBL for this preso, Tony

21:53:13 wfryer : well, sometimes "the dazzle" is the carrot :-)

21:53:13 Laura Sheehy : PBL was a great focus! So many want to understand that and need to!

21:53:34 Laura Sheehy : same here

21:53:49 wfryer : do you have a storyboarding app you like on the iPod Touch?

21:54:01 kara.douma : Great question!

21:54:14 wfryer : What's on your "wish list" for digital storytelling and PBL apps, Tony? Maybe Storychasers could build the app :-)

21:54:15 llawrie -> puentesalmundo: Is this recorded so I can watch it again?

21:54:21 Len H : Great question Wes

21:54:27 Laura Sheehy : Storychasers should build one!

21:54:34 wfryer : we are talking about it!

21:54:40 Laura Sheehy : Cool!

21:54:45 wfryer : I like butcher paper for storyboarding :-)

21:54:53 jgates513 : but what makes the ipad so exciting to us is that we can explore apps. Kids won't have that option without admin access. Then they're stuck with what we install. And apps adsd to the high cost of the device.

21:54:56 Stephanie : Paper

21:55:14 Laura Sheehy : Doesn't the script sometimes make the storyboard happen

21:55:21 wfryer : I totally agree Jim - open access to the devices is crucial for creativity and discovery

21:55:35 PeggyG again : my chat log froze up! ugh!

21:55:38 Stephanie : Kids need the steps more than adults.

21:55:43 jgates513 : but I dont see that happening - can't filteranything

21:55:45 PeggyG again : I was typing away and it went nowhere

21:56:47 Laura Sheehy : starting short and give them practice before they launch into a large/long project

21:56:59 wfryer : teachers need to know how much time these projects take too! Sometimes in 1:1 settings everyone assigns an iMovie project....

21:57:07 fredkoch : Where will you be in IL in April?

21:57:13 wfryer : tips for helping kids create high quality projects in short time frames?

21:57:41 Laura Sheehy : grants grants grants

21:57:50 PeggyG again : yes Laura!

21:58:02 PeggyG again : donorschoose is another great source

21:58:02 wfryer : what is your favorite PBL curriculum to recommend to school leaders, Tony?

21:58:20 llawrie : Is this going to be recorded so we can watch it again? :-) AWESOME...

21:58:21 Laura Sheehy : I love Intel's classes Wes

21:58:36 wfryer : yes @llawrie it's recording :-)

21:58:43 jgates513 : sharing what you create is also an issue, isn't it?

21:59:02 wfryer : I need to take another look at Intel's updated curriculum, Laura

21:59:19 Laura Sheehy : they are updating it regularly

21:59:25 Tony Vincent : Oops, I'll be in IL in June, not April.  Marshall IL.

21:59:35 PeggyG again : this recording will be posted so you can view it later :-)

21:59:45 Susan van Gelder : This will be archived at ettechtalk

22:00:05 wfryer : The Buck Institute has PBL curriculum that some of our Oklahoma schools have used www.bie.org (I haven't used it tho)

22:00:07 Laura Sheehy : there is too much fear in schools when the words internet or kids online are spoken.

22:00:17 llawrie : Will the chat be there?

22:00:19 Laura Sheehy : I've heard good things about Buck Institute

22:00:34 PeggyG again : http://edtechtalk.com/taxonomy/term/2186  All of the K12 Online Conference Echo shows are posted here. There are some GREAT ones!

22:00:40 Laura Sheehy : every classroom is different

22:00:47 llawrie : Thank you!

22:00:49 wfryer : it's a balance tho... starting cooks start with recipies, then modify them later

22:01:03 PeggyG again : this hour has just flown by!! so inspiring!

22:01:03 Laura Sheehy : I like that analogy Wes!

22:01:32 PeggyG again : the CommonCraft video for PBL is very good!!!

22:01:32 wfryer : Thank you SO MUCH for all the time you took to make this video, Tony!

22:01:38 Laura Sheehy : APPLAUSE

22:01:40 wfryer : How much time did it take, btw? :-)

22:01:43 Laura Sheehy : thanks Tony!!!!

22:01:53 PeggyG again : Thank you so much Tony!!! Always informative and exciting!

22:01:54 Stephanie : Thanks, Tony!

22:01:55 llawrie : AWESOME...What was the site?

22:01:57 fredkoch : Many thanks, Tony!!!!!!!!

22:01:58 Tony Vincent : Took about a week to make.  Looong time. :-)

22:02:02 wfryer : Wow!

22:02:06 s_bearden : Thank you, Tony! You rock!

22:02:06 llawrie : VIE?

22:02:07 PeggyG again : Monika Hardy does some incredible things with her students!!!

22:02:12 wfryer : www.bie.org has the PBL video Tony just mentioned

22:02:12 Tony Vincent : http://learninginhand.com/pbl

22:02:24 Tony Vincent : http://mobile2011.org

22:02:31 wfryer : thanks to all our organizer and webstreaming team - Woo hoo!!!!

22:02:35 Tony Vincent : Join me in AZ for 3 days of mobile learning!

22:02:37 jgates513 : the link to tony's video again, please?

22:02:49 wfryer : search k12onlineconference.org for "vincent"

22:02:50 jgates513 : ok

22:02:52 kara.douma : Thank you!

22:02:59 Tony Vincent : The video can be viewed at http://learninginhand.com/pbl

22:03:03 Laura Sheehy : Thank your!!!

22:03:07 wfryer : THANKS everyone!

22:03:12 PeggyG again : thanks everyone for joining us!!

22:03:15 Len H : Thanks Tony

22:03:21 Tony Vincent : It was a fast hour!

22:03:28 PeggyG again : it sure was Tony!

22:03:30 Laura Sheehy : Thanks again Tony and EdTech Talk!!!

22:03:34 Susan van Gelder : Thanks all

22:04:10 PeggyG again : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMCZvGesRz8  CommonCraft video for PBL