Seedlings Show 104 Angela Maiers!!!!

Post-Show description: 

It was a great show with Angela, we just responded to the flow of conversation with the chat room and questions! Anglea shares her recent prompts for her daily work with students and with her workshops. You matter! What you say is important.  Your work has meaning. The world is expecting your contribution.

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The Chat: 19:13:22  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Getting ready! Welcome
 19:28:38  bobsprankle : hi david!
 19:28:41  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Hi David, so glad you are here.
 19:29:03  datruss : greetings to you both!
 19:29:50  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Just getting ready.
 19:30:28  datruss : I'm overdue for a Seedlings visit, it has been too long. My time zone messes me up. (My work day just started)
 19:31:29  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Hello Anne, and Peggy,
 19:31:47  angela maiers : Hello Friends! PLEASE jump in on the all have sooo much to share!
 19:31:53  PeggyG : Hi Angela! Great to see you! Was just writing an email about you to AzTEA WOW committee :-)
 19:32:21  angela maiers : Hi Pat- Happy New Year! Thinking about you today!
 19:32:25  PeggyG : What a great group to gather with tonight! :-)
 19:32:28  loonyhiker (aka Pat) : Hi y'all! Thanks Angela!
 19:32:39  PeggyG : audio is coming through great!
 19:32:47  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Hi Pat,!!!!
 19:33:10  PeggyG : I'm in beautiful, sunny AZ where it was 74 degrees this afternoon. :-)
 19:33:30  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Peggy, we are waiting for a storm!!! snowflakes
 19:33:35  PeggyG : Such a treat to hear from Angela!!!
 19:33:49  loonyhiker (aka Pat) : Our snow finally melted!
 19:34:03  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Pat, I was happy to see that on your FB this AM.
 19:34:16  PeggyG : oh no!!!
 19:34:21  annebeninghof : First time joining an edtechtalk
 19:34:30  PeggyG : no digital footprint for a lost wallet!
 19:34:44  loonyhiker (aka Pat) : @Cheryl I remember growing up in NY with all that snow and I was not happy that the snow stayed down here in SC for a week!
 19:34:52  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Anne, welcome to the first time for Seedlings. This is an educators podcast. We welcome Angela!
 19:34:59  PeggyG : what an amazing story!!!
 19:35:08  loonyhiker (aka Pat) : Wow! What a story!
 19:35:32  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Put digital information in your wallet!
 19:35:38  PeggyG : there certainly was!!! brilliant Iowa farmer! :-)
 19:35:48  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Hello MrT_Ro
 19:36:05  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Hello KathyPerret, welcome to Seedlings!
 19:36:08  angela maiers : Hi Kathy! Sooo great to see you!
 19:36:12  loonyhiker (aka Pat) : and twitter and plurk user names too
 19:36:13  MrT_Ro : Hello!
 19:36:23  @KathyPerret : I finally figured how to get here.
 19:36:32  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Yes, Pat, those are important for connections when we are traveling.
 19:36:32  PeggyG : Cheryl, I'm enjoying all of my snow from your photos. :-) Love the pics without having to shovel the snow or drive in it.
 19:36:46  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Peggy, I am happy to shovel for you :-)
 19:36:53  MrT_Ro : I saw tweet about this and thought I'd check it out.
 19:37:16  PeggyG : I missed Cheri's IM about the dropin. Intended to do that :-)
 19:37:19  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Thanks MrT_Ro, this is a podcast with teachers, live tonight, and online tomorrow
 19:37:33  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Where are you all located?   Cheryl, Maine
 19:37:43  bobsprankle : bob/maine
 19:37:51  loonyhiker (aka Pat) : Pat/South Carolina
 19:37:53  angela maiers : Welcome New Learners!
 19:37:58  PeggyG : Peggy/Phoenix AZ
 19:38:05  MrT_Ro : Thomas from Hamilton, Ontario
 19:38:10  datruss : Are things still just here on the chat or am I missing the show?
 19:38:19  datruss : Dalian, China.
 19:38:22  loonyhiker (aka Pat) : I clicked on ETTA
 19:38:23  PeggyG : audio is on EdTechTalk--A
 19:38:28  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : The show is at the top of the page, click on ETTA
 19:38:35  annebeninghof : I am in Broomfield, CO
 19:38:37  PeggyG : click on any of those icons--the first one opens in itunes
 19:38:45  angela maiers : Hi Dave! Hi Everyone!
 19:38:47  datruss : Thanks!
 19:38:57  PeggyG : welcome everyone!! so glad you're here!
 19:38:59  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Great to see where everyone is from.
 19:39:24  loonyhiker (aka Pat) : Y'all are my favorite people!
 19:39:26  bobsprankle : ALICE!!!!
 19:39:29  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Hello alice, how was your trip!!!
 19:39:31  @KathyPerret : Sioux City, Iowa
 19:39:45  datruss : Finally in- Chrome didn't autostart like FFox does. :-)  Helllooooo Angela!
 19:39:46  @KathyPerret : And was one of Angela's learners today.
 19:39:48  alicebarr : Hi good! Getting Skype started
 19:39:53  PeggyG : What grad class are you teaching now Angela?
 19:40:07  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Hello William
 19:40:08  MrT_Ro : Ahh I have sound now.
 19:40:10  loonyhiker (aka Pat) : Angela was  the first person who ever left a comment on my blog!
 19:40:18  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Glad you found the sound.
 19:40:25  PeggyG : perfect description Angela!
 19:40:39  PeggyG : thanks
 19:40:43  MrT_Ro : I heard Angela speak at RCAC 2011 conference in London, Ontario. I was very inspired
 19:40:47  PeggyG : how lucky for your students!
 19:40:53  wmchamberalin : Hello
 19:41:08  angela maiers : I LOVE my time in Canada!
 19:41:29  angela maiers : WHO R U all?
 19:41:31  PeggyG : don't you love this technology!!
 19:41:31  wmchamberalin : Couldn't get the chat to show in Chrome on my MB so had to switch to Firefox.
 19:41:40  PeggyG : I used Chrome tonight
 19:41:46  angela maiers : How would you describe your work, your contributions, your talents?
 19:41:54  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : I couldn't get chat in Chrome
 19:42:01  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : On Flock and it is working.
 19:42:12  wmchamberalin : @Peggy listening on Chrome :)
 19:42:17  PeggyG : isn't that strange?? you just never know
 19:42:23  MrT_Ro : First time I've been a part of something like this.
 19:42:26  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Your success is about how often you reflect on the web.
 19:42:51  loonyhiker (aka Pat) : That is so true
 19:42:58  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Oh, MrT_Ro, this is a weekly happening at there are many shows. We get together and share, chat and listen. Enjoy.
 19:43:06  PeggyG : that's such a great question to reflect on!
 19:43:19  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : This is a great question.
 19:43:25  loonyhiker (aka Pat) : I had to get over the fear of my online presence and take the risk of sharing my real self
 19:43:37  PeggyG : me too Pat! and it took a long time!
 19:43:54  datruss : stream rebuffering- my slow connection here drives me nuts.
 19:43:58  @KathyPerret : Your wiki?
 19:44:06  angela maiers : yes- can you share that link?
 19:44:08  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Pat, you are right it is amazing h ow far we have come.
 19:44:09  @KathyPerret : ok
 19:44:16  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Hello Susan! Long time.
 19:44:30  sroseman : hi there
 19:44:36  @KathyPerret : Here is Angela link:
 19:44:39  sroseman : yes, great to be back
 19:44:41  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Thanks Kathy
 19:44:45  loonyhiker (aka Pat) : I remember using a cartoon avatar only and I was afraid to comment here or on blogs or anywhere else
 19:45:13  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : These are all great comments to share Pat!
 19:45:18  angela maiers : Will be adding new content from today soon, still need to attribute a few more links..this is a work in progress. Give me a day to finish us!
 19:45:32  MrT_Ro : Angela tweeted last night about how disappointed she was to still see people protecting their tweets.
 19:45:43  angela maiers : mit
 19:45:49  angela maiers :
 19:46:05  datruss : I still use my 'masked' image on Flickr.
 19:46:09  PeggyG : Have you discovered this site. It is a visual timeline that captures what you've done online forever connecting with twitter, facebook, flickr, picasa, youtube, etc. It's amazing to see yourself on that timeline!
 19:46:25  @KathyPerret : Both those sites (persona & speczify) were amazing!
 19:46:26  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Thanks Peggy, I hadn't seen this
 19:46:55  PeggyG : I spent some time looking at photos I uploaded back in 2000 on Flickr. Amazing trip down memory lane
 19:47:00  wmchamberalin : Is it really possible to be the same person online as off? Doesn't the medium require us to be "different"?
 19:47:19  PeggyG : good question wmchamberlain
 19:47:20  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Oh, Wmchamberalin, what a good question.
 19:47:38  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Can I have a teacher persona and my own persona?
 19:47:50  loonyhiker (aka Pat) : I think I feel more confident online now and I'm much quieter and shyer in real life
 19:48:04  PeggyG : I decided I wanted just one persona--blending personal and professional
 19:48:12  annebeninghof : just this week I blogged about Brain Prints - what kind of impressions are teachers leaving on their students' brains
 19:48:18  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Yes Peggy, I am getting there.
 19:48:34  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : O anne, Brain prints!
 19:48:42  loonyhiker (aka Pat) : @Peggy I'm trying to blend the two
 19:48:49  PeggyG : love that anne!
 19:49:12  datruss : My original blog location is now dead, but it is in the internet archive (and unchangeable).
 19:49:14  annebeninghof : thanks
 19:49:16  MrT_Ro : Is there ever any hesitation by the kindergarten students' parents?
 19:49:23  PeggyG : do you have a link for that blog post Anne?
 19:50:10  annebeninghof :
 19:50:29  annebeninghof :
 19:50:42  annebeninghof : don't know why that isn't coming up correctly
 19:50:58  PeggyG : David Jakes did an outstanding ISTE webinar yesterday about Twitter and talked about how important it was in creating his online footprint that he never says anything negative about people he works with--ever!
 19:51:14  PeggyG : that link worked great Anne
 19:51:24  angela maiers : Do you have the link to that, Peggy would love to hear!
 19:51:27  PeggyG : it just doesn't all show up in the chat log
 19:52:06  MrT_Ro : @royanlee recently blogged about how he and his class created criteria to determine whether a website was reliable or not
 19:52:08  PeggyG : yes Angela-I'll send it to you later. He covered a lot of great twitter tools in the session--not a beginner's session :-)
 19:52:13  loonyhiker (aka Pat) : We have a policy at home and at work: if you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all
 19:52:27  angela maiers : Yes, Pat...just what my grandma used to say!
 19:52:34  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Pat that is the best rule.
 19:53:15  PeggyG : love your blog post about piclits Anne! That is one of my favorite tools. We had them as guests on our Classroom 2.0 LIVE show and they did an awesome demo/presentation.
 19:54:05  PeggyG :
 19:54:09  annebeninghof : We required our daughter to friend us as well. There were a few times when we had the same conversation!
 19:54:23  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Anne and Angela, all teachable moments.
 19:54:23  PeggyG : the grandparent criteria is very effective :-)
 19:55:23  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Hi Lorna, welcome.
 19:55:27  PeggyG : that was a great approach for handling that Angela.
 19:55:28  loonyhiker (aka Pat) : I am a FB friend to my niece's 3 older children. They know that I see all that they post
 19:55:32  Lorna : Hello everyone
 19:55:37  angela maiers : Hi Lorna!
 19:55:55  PeggyG : Hi Lorna-so glad you could join us :-)
 19:55:56  wmchamberlain : It is difficult to change the online conversations from strictly social to learning social, creating the online learning community.
 19:56:38  Lorna : @peggy :)
 19:56:51  Lorna : Hi Angela
 19:56:51  bobsprankle : contribution
 19:57:06  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Yes, wmchamberlain, there is not roadmap for this journey,
 19:57:13  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : we are building as we go.
 19:57:30  annebeninghof : love that - contribution instead of sharing
 19:57:45  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Will your contribution be valued and accepted by your community~Angela Maiers
 19:57:47  PeggyG : excellent distinction
 19:58:30  loonyhiker (aka Pat) : and there may be some people who look up to you
 19:58:46  bobsprankle : CONTRIBUTION
 19:58:48  PeggyG : that's a very good point--adds a level of accountability to what you share by thinking of it as contribution
 19:58:52  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : whoa, we lost everything hang on
 19:58:56  PeggyG : back now
 19:59:05  loonyhiker (aka Pat) : okay i thought i went deaf for a minute :)
 19:59:10  PeggyG : :-)
 19:59:18  MrT_Ro : I think we need to move away from this mentality of "survival of the fittest"
 19:59:20  angela maiers : oops..trying again!
 19:59:33  PeggyG : good point MrT!
 19:59:38  angela maiers : I am just going on and on
 19:59:41  Lorna : good time for reflection
 19:59:49  @KathyPerret : me too - in and out
 19:59:51  PeggyG : you're burning up the airwaves Angela :-)
 19:59:57  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : we are back
 19:59:58  angela maiers : Linchpin Seth Godin....must read BLOG!
 20:00:01  PeggyG : I'm hearing again now
 20:00:03  @KathyPerret : :)
 20:00:05  annebeninghof : I am still a DLL - digital language learner, so I thought the problem was on my end. Relieved to know it's not!
 20:00:09  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : I am back and we are recording.
 20:00:14  angela maiers : Both!
 20:00:17  loonyhiker (aka Pat) : both!
 20:00:49  PeggyG :
 20:00:57  sroseman : snowstorms in your neck of the woods!!
 20:01:13  PeggyG : relationships are the key to everything!
 20:01:21  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Yes, we will have snow tomorrow.
 20:01:45  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Relationships are so cruical. I am on a dropout prevention committee and that makes a difference.
 20:01:51  PeggyG : you can't think of hall duty as duty but opportunity :-)
 20:01:51  @KathyPerret : We better not have snow here. I need to drive to see Angela! :)
 20:02:08  bobsprankle : def. peggy
 20:02:12  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Peggy, so true, I love my hall, cafeteria opportunities!
 20:02:18  angela maiers : #passiondriven
 20:02:24  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : No snow for you KathyPerret, enjoy Angela.
 20:02:51  PeggyG : if you use Tweetdeck you should create a column just for #passiondriven Wonderful things happening there
 20:02:58  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : The world expects your contribution.
 20:03:08  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Thanks PeggyG!
 20:03:39  MrT_Ro : "The purpose of life is finding your gift. The meaning of life contributing your gift to others" Anonymous quote
 20:03:47  PeggyG : love that quote!
 20:03:57  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Oh, that is good MrT_Ro.
 20:04:09  MrT_Ro : It's at the end of every e-mail that I send.
 20:04:30  MrT_Ro : My wife heard it at a chiropractic course she attended
 20:04:31  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : I like that! Right now I have our school mission statement and Universal Design.
 20:05:03  @KathyPerret : That is so true! It is something I've recently learned through twitter & blogging.
 20:05:18  datruss : Yes, they need a community... that [i]is[/i] their audience
 20:05:36  datruss : Great point Alice!
 20:05:48  angela maiers : Yes, Dave! Our greatest gift to students is to give them a network when they graduate!
 20:05:50  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Yes, David, we force our school rules in place of a community.
 20:05:53  MrT_Ro : I actually blogged about it after Angela spoke at the RCAC conference in Londong. It's called "what's your gift?"
 20:05:54  annebeninghof : Daniel Pink's thoughts in "Drive" support this idea
 20:06:44  datruss : It's a gifting culture - ala Alec Couros- I'll look for the link
 20:06:59  loonyhiker (aka Pat) : I love adding these new blogs to my Google Reader!
 20:07:04  alicebarr : @datruss... Oh yes please!
 20:07:28  MrT_Ro : I just started blogging last year and it's one of the best things I could have done personally and professionally.
 20:07:39  @KathyPerret : :)
 20:07:46  @KathyPerret : :)
 20:08:01  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Isn't it true MrT_Ro, it is such a game changer for us all. It is the best PD for me, blogging, reading , commenting.
 20:08:16  alicebarr : @MrT_Ro That is so great!
 20:08:39  datruss : How do I paste a url in here? :-)
 20:08:48  alicebarr : @datruss drag in
 20:08:50  @KathyPerret : I agree, MrT_Ro. Blogging has really changed me.
 20:08:53  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : David, just drag from the URL window
 20:09:18  loonyhiker (aka Pat) : It was scary though when I first started to blog - it was like revealing myself - walking out into the world naked!
 20:09:19  MrT_Ro : It all started with Twitter. @zbpipe convinced me to join Twitter when I was skeptical of it. As soon as I joined I was exposed to so many great blogs and I was instantly hooked
 20:09:30  PeggyG : I'm so glad Angela insisted on keeping passion in the title!
 20:09:39  @KathyPerret : Me too, Peggy
 20:09:40  angela maiers : The link is the most excellent example of humanity!
 20:09:56  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Pat, that is such a good way to explain it.
 20:10:04  Lorna : I am so happy to see so many courageous teachers
 20:10:06  @KathyPerret : Twitter is where I started as well, MrT_Ro
 20:10:16  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Isn't that the truth! Lorna.
 20:10:18  MrT_Ro : THomas ro
 20:10:19  Lorna : yeh Canada
 20:10:31  MrT_Ro : I see you
 20:10:37  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Yes, MrT
 20:10:38  loonyhiker (aka Pat) : I wasn't sure if people were going to laugh at me or think I was stupid or ignore me or bash me
 20:10:42  datruss :
 20:10:48  PeggyG : Dave-try floating the chat log (click on the blue icon) and then it's easy to drag a url into the chat
 20:10:56  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : I am glad you continued blogging you have important work to share.
 20:10:58  alicebarr : @datruss Thank you
 20:11:18  bobsprankle : "i see you"/"i am here"
 20:11:42  MrT_Ro : Bruce Lipton says that we are all cells in a larger organism called humanity and the internet has allowed humanity to become more connected
 20:11:46  loonyhiker (aka Pat) : {hugs} Angela!! I see you
 20:11:55  angela maiers : Pat, I am sooo here!
 20:11:58  PeggyG : how funny!
 20:12:23  Lorna : wishful thinking
 20:12:28  Lorna : snow day
 20:12:31  sroseman : elbow rubs
 20:12:32  annebeninghof : It reminds me of Namaste - the divine in me greets the divine in you
 20:12:36  @KathyPerret : Here is my blog:
 20:12:45  loonyhiker (aka Pat) : Thanks @Kathy
 20:12:54  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Lorna, all our students have talked about snow all week, we had an early release, a late start and now they are saying no school tomorrow.
 20:12:58  sroseman : How many snow days have you had??
 20:13:04  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Anne, yes, Namaste!
 20:13:18  PeggyG : thank you Kathy!
 20:13:24  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : We only have had 2 half days, which do not count
 20:13:24  loonyhiker (aka Pat) : My blog is:
 20:13:46  MrT_Ro : Now following @kathyperret
 20:14:19  Lorna : great to hear them
 20:14:19  @KathyPerret : Thanks, MrT
 20:14:35  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Thanks for links tonight!
 20:14:40  PeggyG : loving all of the blog links!
 20:14:52  PeggyG : :-)
 20:15:15  datruss : Share your passiondriven posts Angela
 20:15:18  Lorna : just audio is fun
 20:15:21  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Create a new habit tomorrow.
 20:15:46  PeggyG : what makes it a habit??? how often do you have to do something before it becomes a habit?
 20:16:07  Lorna : when you don't know you do it
 20:16:16  MrT_Ro : How great would our world be if people discovered their gift at an early age.
 20:16:25  datruss : well said!
 20:17:06  Lorna : are you finding a way to include parents in supporting their geniuses
 20:17:25  sroseman : Were you at ECOO?
 20:17:41  PeggyG : what an interesting comment!
 20:17:42  datruss : LOL- I remember a kid saying, "Not another movie project"
 20:18:06  @KathyPerret : Are these projects the dioramas of the past?
 20:18:20  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Yes, Kathy
 20:18:33  MrT_Ro : let students be active participators not passive observers
 20:18:46  datruss : & it isn't a glogster or a movie project anyway. What are the learning outcomes and how else can they share their learning?
 20:18:46  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : yes, active particpants
 20:18:56  PeggyG : possibly Kathy--but more likely a resistance to everyone having to do the same thing at the same time--no choice
 20:19:06  alicebarr : problem is kids are still expected to do x number of minutes and x number of transitions... instead of creativity
 20:19:09  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : yes, learning outcomes and rubrics to celebrate the learning
 20:19:12  @KathyPerret : Yes - clear learning targets are needed!
 20:19:26  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : yes alice, creativity
 20:19:27  PeggyG : nothing wrong with Glogster if you choose it as a tool that communicates what you want to communicate
 20:19:31  @KathyPerret : Good point, Pat.
 20:19:53  angela maiers : Just to clarify...I.m not anti -gloster! :-)
 20:19:59  PeggyG : :-)
 20:20:04  Lorna : whose homework is it ?
 20:20:05  datruss : agreed
 20:20:26  datruss : choice & voice
 20:20:29  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : It was like when teachers learned wordle, everything was a wordle, book reports, characterization, notes in science.....
 20:21:00  PeggyG : rubrics can also often restrict learning and creative thinking because of the structured standards for all
 20:21:01  datruss : "It needs to be as long as it needs to be!" ~ my favourite saying as a teacher.
 20:21:20  MrT_Ro : I think for a lot of teachers it's overwhelming when they see all the websites, technology, and tools that are available and they just don't know where to start.
 20:21:36  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : oh, that would hurt some kids as long as it needs to be, my autistic kids would just spin
 20:22:05  PeggyG : I agree Mr T! and it's great that they're wanting to get started with something :-)
 20:22:20  @KathyPerret : Teachers are learning these tools quickly. They need time to explore them for themselves.
 20:22:53  annebeninghof : Many of the teachers in my workshops/audiences still don't even know about Wordle
 20:23:28  @KathyPerret : So true, anne!
 20:23:29  loonyhiker (aka Pat) : Angela is just so inspiring to listen to, to read her blog, to talk to! I think I'm in the Angela Maier's fan club! :)
 20:23:30  MrT_Ro : I think the first step before even introducing technology is getting teachers to move away from rows and into groups.
 20:23:41  PeggyG :
 20:23:51  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : thanks Peggy
 20:24:03  @KathyPerret : And the next layer is does the principal know the tools and what is needed in the teachers learning.
 20:24:04  PeggyG : that's the link for creativity and Teenagers
 20:24:19  loonyhiker (aka Pat) : In my univ. class, many of my preservice teachers tell me that I am the only one that integrates technology into their assignments! That scares me
 20:24:41  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : That is scary Pat.
 20:24:42  @KathyPerret : :)
 20:24:55  annebeninghof : comfort with "raw" is unusual - good for you
 20:25:04  Lorna : expect the unexpected - learn to problem solve
 20:25:08  loonyhiker (aka Pat) : Many profs think that because they "use" the tools, they are teaching technology
 20:25:08  MrT_Ro : The principal is key! Nothing is going to happen in a school until the principal is on board with passion-based learning
 20:25:21  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Kids are so comfortable with the problems to be expected.
 20:25:25  alicebarr : So agree MrT_Ro
 20:25:30  sroseman : Interesting project here in Ottawa ...grade 10 students working with grade 3 students creating game apps for the ipad ..related to their grade 3 math and language standards .. project began in October and finishes in Feb..the 8 pps will be for sale on itunes in Feb...lots of collaboration and team work
 20:25:36  PeggyG : very unusual to be comfortable with "raw"--losing control is a huge fear of teachers (and admins)
 20:25:40  angela maiers : Learning Outloud- live, open, and real in all its elements!
 20:25:56  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Sue, that is amazing, have you blogged it anywhere?
 20:25:57  annebeninghof : just saw that website on accidents that become inventions - great for teaching kids about making mistakes or being raw
 20:25:58  @KathyPerret : My thoughts, exactly MrT ... and that is why I'm on that path!
 20:26:01  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : hello beachcat11
 20:26:17  beachcat11 : hello everyone - this is my first time in here!
 20:26:18  MrT_Ro : Awesome @KathyPerret!
 20:26:27  PeggyG : yes David does that at the beginning of every presentation
 20:26:34  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : beachcat11, we are almost done, but it will be a podcast tomorrow,
 20:26:37  Lorna : welcome beachcat11
 20:26:45  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : are you listening? ETTA click on the speaker
 20:26:49  beachcat11 : That's OK, every little bit along this journey is great1
 20:26:55  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Angela Maiers here with us.
 20:27:04  @KathyPerret : Just need to find the job, MrT. :)
 20:27:14  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Beachcat11, great you made it, stick around we will explain at the end.
 20:27:31  PeggyG : you have to be watching and listening to observer those aha moments!!
 20:27:44  MrT_Ro : As a math facilitator, I go through the same struggle to get teachers to buy into teaching math through problem solving.
 20:27:49  @KathyPerret : I know where you are.
 20:27:51  datruss : Dalian... a small city of 6 million
 20:28:01  annebeninghof : Here's the url for the info on inventions by accident
 20:28:02  @KathyPerret : Amazing
 20:28:09  loonyhiker (aka Pat) : Waking up every morning gives me a fresh new start to learn something new!
 20:28:10  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : You are all amazing!!
 20:28:17  MrT_Ro : I see a lot of parallels between 21st century fluencies and teaching mathematics through problem solving
 20:28:23  PeggyG : keep talking!!!
 20:28:28  @KathyPerret : I'm so glad Angela introduced me to this community.
 20:28:51  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Yes KathyP, come back, usually Thursdays. Check us out.
 20:28:54  angela maiers : #passiondriven
 20:29:01  @KathyPerret : I will.
 20:29:22  loonyhiker (aka Pat) : Thank you Angela for such a passionate discussion!
 20:29:31  angela maiers : YEAH!!!!!!
 20:29:36  MrT_Ro : I just accepted a position as a Special Assignment TEacher with the 21st century fluencies department starting Feb. 3 and now I'm so excited to get started.
 20:29:37  annebeninghof : Great first experience here. Thanks.
 20:29:41  PeggyG : Angela is also bringing her passion-driven conversation to a keynote presentation at our AzTEA virtual conference at the end of April! She will be co-keynoting with Steve Farber and I can't wait!! Stay tuned for info... :-)
 20:29:42  MrT_Ro : Thank you!
 20:29:45  Lorna : congratulations
 20:29:59  PeggyG : woo hoo!!! congrats!
 20:30:05  alicebarr : Thank you Middle School too!
 20:30:07  MrT_Ro : So glad I found this
 20:30:18  MrT_Ro : This happens every week at this time?
 20:30:20  sroseman : Congratulations
 20:30:25  angela maiers : Steve's NYTimes Best selling books- Greater Than Yourself  and Radical LEAP, Extreme Leadership
 20:30:29  PeggyG : we can use all of the blog links in this show for Geek of the Weeks!
 20:30:39  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : check out for the podcast tomorrow
 20:30:51  @KathyPerret : :)
 20:30:59  annebeninghof : what is geek of the week
 20:30:59  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Thanks to the best backchannel!!! The chat room!
 20:31:29  PeggyG :
 20:31:38  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : This happens every Thursday, SEEDLINGS usually 3 times a month, and Ben and Ben 2 HS students the other Thurs.
 20:31:49  annebeninghof : love that book and his website
 20:31:52  PeggyG : can you imagine a co-keynote with Angela and Steve??!! I'm so excited!!
 20:32:02  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : The calendar is at, we have a SEEDLINGS Facebook page too. Friend us on Twitter.
 20:32:15  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Twitter names if you want to share,  cheryloakes50
 20:32:16  annebeninghof : He did work with Up with People and a young woman I know
 20:32:27  MrT_Ro : @MrT_Ro
 20:32:32  PeggyG : @pgeorge
 20:32:32  sroseman : Do you keynote in Ontario, Canada, Angela?
 20:32:58  PeggyG : April 30
 20:33:21  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Angela will travel anywhere!
 20:33:28  MrT_Ro : remember  your passport!
 20:33:37  sroseman : where and when
 20:33:48  @KathyPerret : Thank you. See you tomorrow!
 20:33:54  PeggyG : thank you so much for sharing your passion and insights Angela!!! Always inspiring!
 20:34:08  ~Seedlings~cheryloakes : Saying goodnight to all.
 20:34:17  MrT_Ro : Thanks!
 20:34:19  Lorna : terrific show
 20:34:22  Lorna : thanks all
 20:34:27  sroseman : well done
 20:34:28  loonyhiker (aka Pat) : Thanks y'all! Great show!
 20:34:31  angela maiers : See you all on Twitter! @angelamaiers
 20:35:26  datruss : come on over!
 20:36:47  @trahall : Seedlings?
 20:37:09  alicebarr : @trahall. Just finished. Sorry
 20:37:29  alicebarr : Will be a podcast tomorrow at
 20:37:49  @trahall : Ah..... is seedlings here?
 20:37:57  alicebarr : We just finished
 20:38:25  alicebarr : Will be podcast tomorrow at
 20:38:48  datruss : Thanks to the Seedlings crew & to Angela!
 20:39:07  alicebarr : Bye David Great to see you!
 20:48:32  ktarnas : Hello Bob and Alice.  I am in Hawaii and listen to seedlings regularly.  I keep wanting to catch  you live but in Hawaii you start at 2:30 and I'm still in school.  But sometimes I try in catch you and you are still on!  I look forward to listening to this show as a podcast though! Aloha, Kristin
 20:49:17  ktarnas : Oh my look at all those errors, it must have been a long day in Fifth Grade! Kristin I fixed your errors!!! Welcome.