Seedlings Show 101 with Bette Manchester and John Newlin

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Join us as we interview John Newlin and Bette Manchester about the Maine Center for International Learning. Last week we talked about SEED and the impact that program had on Maine, now hear how the project morphed to an International Center.This is our last show of the year, unless, we have a Snow Day Show!!! Stay tuned for Ben and Ben next Thursday. Enjoy your holidays with your families no matter where you celebrate. See you in 2011.

Temporary audio, our 2010 teaser.

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2010-12-09 19:05:40  cheryloakes~seedlings  Getting ready!
2010-12-09 19:22:53  cheryloakes~seedlings  Getting ready to welcome Seedlings
2010-12-09 19:26:16  bobsprankle  hi leeanne!
2010-12-09 19:26:20  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Welcome Leeanne
2010-12-09 19:26:26  LeeanneP-HK  Morning all - teaching and trying to follow your talk at the same time
2010-12-09 19:26:33  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Great!
2010-12-09 19:26:40  bobsprankle  good morning!
2010-12-09 19:26:45  cheryloakes~seedlings  Hello Leeanne, you should hear sound in 10 sec.
2010-12-09 19:27:20  bobsprankle  can you hear us?
2010-12-09 19:28:52  cheryloakes~seedlings  Ok, looks like we are ready to go!
2010-12-09 19:29:42  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Welcome John and Bette
2010-12-09 19:31:42  cheryloakes~seedlings  Peggy, how is the sound check?
2010-12-09 19:31:47  cheryloakes~seedlings  Good to see you!
2010-12-09 19:32:03  PeggyG  Audio is great :-)
2010-12-09 19:32:10  PeggyG  Great to see all of you!
2010-12-09 19:32:14  cheryloakes~seedlings  Thanks so much.
2010-12-09 19:32:50  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Hello Peggy
2010-12-09 19:32:58  cheryloakes~seedlings  Maine International Center for Learning
2010-12-09 19:33:00  PeggyG  almost hate to tell you that it was 75 degrees here in Phoenix AZ today--80 degrees yesterday :-)
2010-12-09 19:33:16  cheryloakes~seedlings  A foundation formed by Seymor Papert and Angus King
2010-12-09 19:33:26  cheryloakes~seedlings  Oh, warm and toasty!
2010-12-09 19:33:38  PeggyG  how exciting!
2010-12-09 19:33:39  cheryloakes~seedlings  Hey  ChrisD
2010-12-09 19:33:53  cheryloakes~seedlings  Evening JimBurkeMaine
2010-12-09 19:33:56  alicebarr (SEEDlings)
2010-12-09 19:33:57  PeggyG  do you have a link for MICDL?
2010-12-09 19:34:02  PeggyG  reading my mind :-)
2010-12-09 19:34:09  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  :)
2010-12-09 19:34:26  PeggyG  really glad to hear this update about Seymour!!
2010-12-09 19:34:27  JimBurkeMaine  Evening, Cheryl  :)
2010-12-09 19:34:34  bobsprankle  wonderful
2010-12-09 19:34:51  chrisd  Hi, thanks
2010-12-09 19:35:08  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Hello chrisd and Jim
2010-12-09 19:35:18  PeggyG  that is such great news! love that he's enjoying his ipad!
2010-12-09 19:36:16  PeggyG  that really is a wonderful name!! :-)
2010-12-09 19:36:22  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  WAAAAAY back in 2000.... :) Wow! Time has really flown!
2010-12-09 19:36:31  cheryloakes~seedlings  Isn't that great PeggyG?
2010-12-09 19:36:36  PeggyG  absolutely!
2010-12-09 19:36:58  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  MLTI= Maine LEARNING Technology Initiative
2010-12-09 19:37:24  PeggyG  I try to participate in the MLTI principal webinars as often as I can. They are great!
2010-12-09 19:38:05  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Peggy! That's wonderful that you participate. You are such a great model!
2010-12-09 19:38:08  cheryloakes~seedlings  It is amazing that we can now share all this information so quickly now. The webinars are really examples of what is happening in Maine.
2010-12-09 19:38:34  PeggyG  Maine is really leading the way on so much of this!
2010-12-09 19:39:54  PeggyG  I learned about Angus King from the Ben N Ben interview. :-)
2010-12-09 19:40:01  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  :)
2010-12-09 19:40:20  cheryloakes~seedlings  Oh, right Peggy, He skyped in to their presentation.
2010-12-09 19:40:34  PeggyG  what a great story!!! I'm so glad to hear this!
2010-12-09 19:40:40  bobsprankle  me too!
2010-12-09 19:41:31  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  This project was so visionary, so much great prep work in it.
2010-12-09 19:41:51  cheryloakes~seedlings  Equitity was such a huge part of this project!!
2010-12-09 19:42:16  PeggyG  awesome! and what an honor for her to be invited to leave her principalship to take the lead on this
2010-12-09 19:42:56  cheryloakes~seedlings  Peggy, you are right, all these great people came together for this project.
2010-12-09 19:43:08  PeggyG  her explanation about the choice of MS makes so much sense
2010-12-09 19:43:41  bobsprankle  cathy!
2010-12-09 19:43:42  cheryloakes~seedlings  Evening Cathy,
2010-12-09 19:43:46  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Hi Cathy
2010-12-09 19:43:47  PeggyG  maybe that was an unintended outcome Bob :-)
2010-12-09 19:43:51  cathy wolinsky  Hi all!
2010-12-09 19:43:58  PeggyG  but a great one!
2010-12-09 19:44:27  cheryloakes~seedlings  Nice one John!
2010-12-09 19:44:53  PeggyG  how funny!!!
2010-12-09 19:46:17  PeggyG  I haven't thought of pilot programs in that way. But the term exploration schools makes a lot of sense.
2010-12-09 19:46:26  cheryloakes~seedlings  This project was so well thought out. It was such a learning opportunity to be part of it.
2010-12-09 19:46:45  LeeanneP-HK  like the term "exploration" - much more in keeping with our true aims
2010-12-09 19:47:23  LeeanneP-HK  Is there a site where we can read further about this?
2010-12-09 19:47:36  alicebarr (SEEDlings)
2010-12-09 19:47:38  PeggyG  were all interested schools able to participate?
2010-12-09 19:47:47  LeeanneP-HK  thanks
2010-12-09 19:48:27  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Very important that RFP was written with professional development embedded
2010-12-09 19:48:54  PeggyG  it's so funny--you're posting comments before the audio comes through :-)
2010-12-09 19:49:17  PeggyG  that's hilarious!!! Gates gives a million dollars to support Apple :-)
2010-12-09 19:52:02  cheryloakes~seedlings
2010-12-09 19:52:04  alicebarr (SEEDlings)
2010-12-09 19:53:01  PeggyG  yes! the mainelearns site goes directly to the micdl site :-)
2010-12-09 19:53:08  PeggyG  nice!
2010-12-09 19:53:22  cheryloakes~seedlings  hello connect2jamie, welcome
2010-12-09 19:53:33  connect2jamie  hi all! I almost forgot seedlings was tonight!
2010-12-09 19:53:51  cheryloakes~seedlings  glad you made it
2010-12-09 19:54:16  connect2jamie  Thanks--me too!
2010-12-09 19:55:18  LeeanneP-HK  I've learnt heaps from listening to you guys.
2010-12-09 19:55:50  LeeanneP-HK  There's been 1:1 in Australia for over 10 years - but nothing as large as Maine - just independent schools
2010-12-09 19:56:12  cheryloakes~seedlings  yes leeannep, you are right.
2010-12-09 19:56:14  PeggyG  why do you think that more states aren't following the lead of Maine? This is such an exceptional model!
2010-12-09 19:56:34  LeeanneP-HK  @PeggyG -- Money?
2010-12-09 19:56:38  connect2jamie  I agree @PeggyG.
2010-12-09 19:56:59  cheryloakes~seedlings  Money and the committment to Professional development
2010-12-09 19:58:03  PeggyG  but does Maine have more money than other states? I think it's a matter of priorities
2010-12-09 19:58:32  cheryloakes~seedlings  We don't have more money, but we do have very high taxes for schools through property taxes
2010-12-09 19:59:50  PeggyG  the sustainability suggests leadership to me!
2010-12-09 20:00:33  PeggyG  excellent point! universities are still not preparing all teachers to teach in digital classrooms
2010-12-09 20:01:06  cheryloakes~seedlings  We need to address, the university prep on a large scale
2010-12-09 20:01:12  PeggyG  I agree about the principals
2010-12-09 20:01:56  PeggyG  as a university instructor I had a hard time finding "digital classrooms" using technology effectively to place preservice teachers in where they could use what they were learning
2010-12-09 20:01:56  LeeanneP-HK  It would be good if they would get school tech integrators into Uni courses as guest lecturers to let trainee teachers know what they're in for
2010-12-09 20:02:35  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  @LeeanneP That is such a great idea.
2010-12-09 20:02:40  cheryloakes~seedlings  leeanne great idea!
2010-12-09 20:03:15  cheryloakes~seedlings  Hi Shelia, I was just mentioning CMTC!!!
2010-12-09 20:03:20  Sheila  Just out from my meeting! Hi all!
2010-12-09 20:03:27  PeggyG  Hi Sheila
2010-12-09 20:03:27  Sheila  :)
2010-12-09 20:03:44  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Hi Sheila!
2010-12-09 20:04:12  PeggyG  Bob's daughter is an excellent example :-)
2010-12-09 20:04:20  Sheila  Interesting perspective of the parent!
2010-12-09 20:04:25  LeeanneP-HK  have essay on innovation due in today - going to reference the Maine MICDL as eg of best practice
2010-12-09 20:04:36  PeggyG  great idea LeeannP
2010-12-09 20:04:37  cheryloakes~seedlings  yeah leeanne!
2010-12-09 20:05:05  PeggyG  you must have felt like you were having a baby all over again, Bob :-)
2010-12-09 20:05:16  bobsprankle  :) def. peggy!
2010-12-09 20:05:29  LeeanneP-HK  being a parent gives you a whole new perspective on education!
2010-12-09 20:06:26  cheryloakes~seedlings  yes Leeanne how is your little kindergartener?
2010-12-09 20:06:39  cheryloakes~seedlings  What kind of technology is used in your house
2010-12-09 20:07:02  PeggyG  is Maine using STEM or STEAM as they talked about at ISTE10?
2010-12-09 20:07:04  LeeanneP-HK  I'm not liking special needs education at her school. Moving back to Australia because of poor education here in HK
2010-12-09 20:07:26  bobsprankle  I'm hearing us move to STEAM, peggy
2010-12-09 20:07:27  cheryloakes~seedlings  Oh, that is too bad, but at least you have anoption
2010-12-09 20:07:41  PeggyG  that's good Bob! I think the arts are so important!
2010-12-09 20:07:55  PeggyG  I love Don Leu's work!
2010-12-09 20:07:59  johnbnewlin  The current task force is only about STEM, but there are many folks in the state who are pushing for the Arts to be incorporated.
2010-12-09 20:10:26  PeggyG  are the superintendent's receptive?
2010-12-09 20:10:57  PeggyG  would love to see the results of that survey!!! :-) I'm sure it will be amazing for Maine
2010-12-09 20:11:05  cheryloakes~seedlings 
2010-12-09 20:11:50  PeggyG  is there any pushback from parents or teachers on this initiative?
2010-12-09 20:12:26  cheryloakes~seedlings  Tour the site with us.   Peggy, in some towns they haven't been able to move forward to high school 1-1, and that has  been a conversation. 
2010-12-09 20:12:39  PeggyG  I'm with you!! :-)
2010-12-09 20:12:46  cheryloakes~seedlings  In our high school, we have laptop carts, not as robust.
2010-12-09 20:13:23  PeggyG  how do you select the news/events to feature in that little box?
2010-12-09 20:13:57  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  @PeggyG Tiny link at the bottom of that window View latest news
2010-12-09 20:14:13  PeggyG  I subscribe to the MLTI calendar just so I know the online events that are taking place
2010-12-09 20:14:39  PeggyG  I see that Alice but I was curious how they choose the single item that is displayed to entice people in :-)
2010-12-09 20:14:42  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  I haven't had a lot of time to play with yolink yet
2010-12-09 20:14:57  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  @peggyG Oh i see sorry!
2010-12-09 20:14:59  PeggyG  yolink provides an incredible search enhancement to the site!!! fabulous!
2010-12-09 20:15:07  Sheila  I keep forgetting about yo-link.
2010-12-09 20:15:34  PeggyG  we have yolink on our classroom 2.0 site and I found it really valuable on the Global Education Conference site!!
2010-12-09 20:16:02  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  I am hoping to use it with students in an upcoming research project
2010-12-09 20:16:09  PeggyG  we just did a series of 3 webinars for AzTEA featuring yolink and they were great!
2010-12-09 20:16:29  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Are they archived Peggy??
2010-12-09 20:16:39  PeggyG  provided demos of all of the features of yolink and sharing by teachers about their experiences
2010-12-09 20:17:03  PeggyG  yes I'll send you the links Alice--long Elluminate links that probably won't work well in this chat
2010-12-09 20:17:23  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Thank you so much. That would be great!
2010-12-09 20:17:42  PeggyG  presenters were Anne Kimbrel, Lucy Gray, Mark Moran (SweetSearch), Karen Blumberg and Julene Reed. Fantastic presenters!
2010-12-09 20:17:47  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  I have the Classroom 2.0 session bookmarked as well to watch later
2010-12-09 20:18:12  PeggyG  they were great sessions too Alice. We featured yolink in 2 shows and SweetSearch in one session.
2010-12-09 20:19:31  PeggyG  that was really valuable! thanks!
2010-12-09 20:19:52  PeggyG  I love to participate in the principal webinars!
2010-12-09 20:21:09  PeggyG  Alice can you DM me your email address? Don't seem to have it
2010-12-09 20:21:22  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Yup will Dm you  here
2010-12-09 20:21:30  PeggyG  that would be a great project Bob!!
2010-12-09 20:21:37  PeggyG  thanks
2010-12-09 20:23:44  PeggyG  it's amazing how far we've come in 10 years--even 5 years!
2010-12-09 20:24:02  cheryloakes~seedlings  It is incredible to be on this journey as we are building it.
2010-12-09 20:24:11  PeggyG  we need a documentary about the Maine project!! Exemplary in every way!
2010-12-09 20:24:34  LeeanneP-HK  exactly Peggy - I got started on this around Nov 2006.... after reading about flatners
2010-12-09 20:24:36  Sheila  I agree Peggy! Documentary.
2010-12-09 20:25:15  PeggyG  when David Jakes started his ISTE presentation yesterday he had photos of the old opaque projects and ditto machines :-) technology of the day
2010-12-09 20:25:22  PeggyG  projectors
2010-12-09 20:25:59  PeggyG  what a powerful statement! that stuff is still innovative now!!
2010-12-09 20:25:59  bobsprankle
2010-12-09 20:28:25  PeggyG  wow! incredible stories tonight!!!
2010-12-09 20:28:59  johnbnewlin  My geek of the week idea is:  A social networking site specifically for education - both teachers and students.
2010-12-09 20:29:33  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Hello bdodge
2010-12-09 20:29:34  cheryloakes~seedlings  hello bdodge, welcome
2010-12-09 20:29:37  cheryloakes~seedlings  finishing up
2010-12-09 20:29:47  PeggyG  hooray for Edmodo!!
2010-12-09 20:29:58  PeggyG  no problem! love hearing about good sites over and over!
2010-12-09 20:30:16  cathy wolinsky  It's our primary communication tool for the Pilot Elementary Flat Classroom Project.
2010-12-09 20:30:18  PeggyG  I love following the Discovery Education group on Edmodo! Great resources there
2010-12-09 20:30:48  alicebarr (SEEDlings)
2010-12-09 20:31:08  LeeanneP-HK  class over - time for 2nd cup of coffee
2010-12-09 20:31:09  PeggyG  we had Edmodo on our Classroom 2.0 LIVE show back when they were just kicking off the educational version! very exciting stuff!
2010-12-09 20:32:16  alicebarr (SEEDlings)
2010-12-09 20:32:27  PeggyG  can you follow the recommendations of other educators on google ebooks?
2010-12-09 20:33:19  PeggyG  I'm loving the Appolocious app on my iphone for following recommended/reviewed apps by people I choose to follow. It's excellent!
2010-12-09 20:33:26  bobsprankle
2010-12-09 20:33:27  cheryloakes~seedlings  oh, that is good Peggy
2010-12-09 20:33:50  PeggyG  so funny!!!
2010-12-09 20:33:50  Sheila  I remember Davey! and Goliath's voice!
2010-12-09 20:34:00  cheryloakes~seedlings
2010-12-09 20:34:06  cathy wolinsky  @PeggyG- I like that recommendation for Appolocious.
2010-12-09 20:34:06  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  I think so
2010-12-09 20:34:12  PeggyG  TEDxRedmond was definitely a highlight of the year for me! so incredible to hear from all of the students!
2010-12-09 20:34:51  cheryloakes~seedlings
2010-12-09 20:35:15  PeggyG  I'm only following 3 people so far with Appolicious and I am getting the BEST tips!! Tony Vincent, Wes Fryer and Lucy Gray :-) Follow them. Both ipad and iphone apps
2010-12-09 20:35:23  LeeanneP-HK  Bother Google eBooks only available in the US - when will they realise the rest of us want these things too?
2010-12-09 20:35:36  PeggyG  so true LeeanneP!!
2010-12-09 20:35:42  cathy wolinsky  Thanks Peggy -- good suggestions of folks to follow.
2010-12-09 20:36:21  PeggyG  Angela Maiers is incredible!! She is going to be our featured guest on Classroom 2.0 LIVE on Saturday Dec. 18--talking about her new book Passion Driven Classrooms
2010-12-09 20:36:48  PeggyG  oh no!!!!
2010-12-09 20:36:52  Sheila  Oh, Almost Astronauts booth!
2010-12-09 20:36:56  PeggyG  Let's pray for a snow day!
2010-12-09 20:37:14  LeeanneP-HK  oh no!!!!!!!!!! and I don't have a class next week!! Next time I'll be listening to you from Australia!
2010-12-09 20:37:14  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  :)
2010-12-09 20:37:15  PeggyG
2010-12-09 20:37:35  PeggyG  they have some new courses starting up don't they? EVO?
2010-12-09 20:37:41  cheryloakes~seedlings  goodnight
2010-12-09 20:37:54  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Leeanne Good luck with the move
2010-12-09 20:38:11  PeggyG  thank you all for a fantastic show!!! so great to hear the stories shared tonight!
2010-12-09 20:38:12  Sheila  Thank you all! Love the show!
2010-12-09 20:38:15  LeeanneP-HK  @Alice - thanks... only a little to pack now
2010-12-09 20:38:18  cheryloakes~seedlings  Leeanne, see you on the flip sidel
2010-12-09 20:38:19  PeggyG  thank you Bette and John!!!
2010-12-09 20:38:29  LeeanneP-HK  Thanks everyone - I'll need to listen to the podcast to catch up
2010-12-09 20:38:32  connect2jamie  Thank you everyone! Very interesting as always! Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!!
2010-12-09 20:38:38  bobsprankle  thank you all!
2010-12-09 20:38:42  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Happy Holidays all!
2010-12-09 20:38:50  bobsprankle  :)