Parents as Partners Episode 40 December 6, 2010 Amanda Henson Parentella

Post-Show description: 

Amanda Henson, community manager at Parentella joined Lorna Costantini to talk about their private network and how it can promote positive working relationships between parents and teachers. Easy communications, quick and easy sign ups for volunteers, polls to survey the school community are some of th many features of the parentella network. Amanda took us through a tour of the network. Please watch the recording to see all the features for yourself. Amanda Henson from Parentella Elluminate recorded show. Special thanks to Kim Caise and Peggy George for their support of this webcast.

Chat log

6-Dec-2010 9:02:15 PM - PARENTS AS PARTNERS 


00:35 - Catherine S. 


00:36 - Leshell 1 


06:36 - Lorna Costantini 

Hi Nikki nice to see you tonight!! 

08:19 - Leshell 1 

My apologies, I have to leave the webinar unexpectedly.  I will stay in touch with your efforts online.  Have an awesome presentation. 

08:25 - nikki 

Hello all...familiar names here!   :-) 

09:08 - Lorna Costantini 

no problem with Leshell 

11:16 - Lorna Costantini 

Hi Peggy 

11:29 - Peggy George 

Hi! so sorry I'm late-conference call went overtime! 

12:04 - Catherine S. 

You mentioned PowerSchool. Does this program link with PowerSchool? 

12:46 - Peggy George 

Hi Martina, nikki and zegna-great to see all of you again 

13:18 - Lorna Costantini 

Hi Kim 

13:50 - kim 

hi everyone 

14:54 - Eileen 


15:22 - Peggy George 

the joys of technology!! 

15:28 - Peggy George 

we all know about that! 

16:11 - Peggy George!/parentella 

16:19 - Peggy George 

17:02 - Peggy George 

yes Shelly Terrell is an incredible educator!! 

18:08 - Peggy George 

we can scroll down th page on the blog ourselves but if she changes pages we will follow her there 

18:28 - Peggy George

19:15 - Peggy George

19:44 - Peggy George 

scroll down that page to see the green tagxedo image-PTCHAT 

20:04 - Peggy George 

those shapes come with tagxedo 

20:11 - Peggy George 

can't get them on wordle 

20:17 - Peggy George 

very effective 

20:53 - Eileen 

I can't wait to try tagxedo 

21:01 - Peggy George 

it's a wonderful tool :-) 

22:40 - Peggy George 

23:15 - Peggy George 

this reminds me a lot of some of the features on VolunteerSpot 

24:09 - Peggy George 

can you show us what your page looks like after something has been submitted? 

24:39 - Peggy George 

12:00am is a great time :-) 

25:02 - Peggy George 


25:50 - Peggy George 

do you have an address book or do you have to enter emails individually? 

25:51 - Catherine S. 

does it work like a wiki? 

26:04 - Peggy George 

nice!!! very helpful 

26:21 - Catherine S. 

Everyone can edit? 

26:23 - Peggy George 

having groups for email addresses would be a wonderful feature! 

27:29 - Peggy George 

that's a great feature! 

27:49 - Peggy George 

does it confirm for someone? 

28:09 - Peggy George 

if I sign up will it confirm my volunteer contribution? 

28:27 - Peggy George 


28:53 - Peggy George 

if someone volunteered to contribute something that you didn't need, how do you manage that? 

29:16 - Peggy George 


29:35 - Peggy George 

I'm thinking of potluck suppers when you have too many desserts and no main dishes :-) 

29:44 - Peggy George 

thanks a lot! 

30:31 - Peggy George 

very lonely! 

31:05 - Peggy George 

this has been really helpful to see the tour of the site 

31:19 - Martin - InfoMeister 

This would be a great extension for invitations to the classrooms. - open communications. Does it have a video / audio (link) component? 

32:15 - Peggy George 

you may have covered this before I got here, but can parents use this site to organize volunteers for things like Little League baseball activities? 

32:21 - Peggy George 

Great question Martin! 

33:17 - Peggy George 

can you embed something like a video? 

33:45 - Peggy George 

doesn't look like it--just attachments 

34:11 - Peggy George 

students can't submit homework this way though, right? 

34:45 - Martin - InfoMeister 

thks - that is a great feature (attachment)  - link to a static (or single , central updated document. 

34:46 - Peggy George 

they can download the assignment but not complete it and return it 

35:23 - Martin - InfoMeister 

could they us an alternative cloud? 

35:54 - Catherine S. 

You mentioned PowerSchool before. Can this program link with PowerSchool for merging class lists and such? 

35:54 - Peggy George 

aha! yes! so once all of the 5 cokes are checked no more are needed 

35:56 - Peggy George 


36:15 - Peggy George 

your brain is moving faster than your mouth :-) 

36:26 - zegna 

hi peggy .sorry can not see your imformation before because talking with a friend just now 

36:37 - Peggy George 

Hi zegna! 

36:41 - Martin - InfoMeister 

this can also help with inventory / assignmnts - for "cleaning/commun ity service." 

36:57 - zegna 

happy to see you again 

37:10 - kim 

i love the examples that are prepopulated in the dashboard 

37:36 - zegna 

[email protected] 

37:48 - Peggy George 

love that idea Martin! 

38:01 - Catherine S. 

Will everyone see the results or just the creator of the poll? 

38:09 - Peggy George 

thanks zegna!!! :-) 

38:33 - zegna 

you are welcome 

38:39 - kim 

is there a way for students to log community service hours? 

39:06 - kim 

yes, looks great with transcripts 

39:11 - kim 

for college admissions 

39:27 - kim 

there isn't really a venue for this yet 

39:53 - Peggy George 

can you see the poll results once you vote? 

40:32 - Catherine S. 

About polls, is there a way to do an anonymous poll? 

40:32 - kim 

peggy, click on signups and see the sample content 

40:35 - kim 

it is cute 

40:42 - Peggy George 

is there an RSS feed for the site so you can receive some notifications automatically? 

40:42 - Martin - InfoMeister 

Novel Idea - using 21st centry tools asssting in 21st century needs in the interaction. Is there an app for this? it is quite practical for the road. 

40:43 - kim 

they need 1 pomeranian and more bookies 

41:37 - Peggy George 

love that Martin :-) "is there an app for that" 

42:34 - Peggy George 

how do you teach parents about tagging? 

44:23 - kim 

is that like edchat? 

44:33 - Lorna Costantini 

yes it is Kim 

44:37 - Lorna Costantini 


44:41 - kim 

ok ty 

45:27 - Peggy George 


45:29 - Martin - InfoMeister 

(bayer)-asperin- becane "genertic" as the app has become - Who started it - we'll use it but forget the origin. Likje Happy Birthday - not "puiblic domain" - but treated as such. Tags - similar and paralel to an index/classification - must be relevant / familiar terminology. 

46:04 - Peggy George 

good point Martin 

46:22 - Peggy George 

I'm not telling you how many columns I have :-) 

46:33 - Peggy George 

I use Tweetdeck but similar view 

46:47 - Peggy George 

those columns are supposed to help you keep up with them 

46:59 - kim 

similar to 

47:55 - kim 

that is a great way to follow twitter streams online 

48:01 - kim 

multiple streams that is 

48:54 - Peggy George 

so it follows a hashtag but not a threaded conversation? 

49:36 - Peggy George 

that's a nice feature--count down to 140 characters :-) 

50:57 - Peggy George 

you see a lot more tweets if you just use parentella and not with a hashtag 

51:08 - Peggy George 

don't use #parentella 

51:22 - kim 


52:01 - Martin - InfoMeister 

this really opes up a global pln - to individual levels. Amazing. I envisioned this as the future as an extension and practical component of the walless - 24/7 classroom. 

52:38 - Peggy George 

it looks like a wonderfu service Amanda! 

52:42 - Martin - InfoMeister 

overt a decade ago 

52:46 - Amanda@Parentella 1 

Thank you Peggy 

53:18 - Peggy George 

look! there's Kim! 

53:34 - Eileen 

love it! 

54:09 - Peggy George 

Amanda do you use learncentral to teach parents/teachers how to use Parentella? 

54:10 - Martin - InfoMeister 

thisd is great - 21c tools in real time for its intent. 

55:03 - Peggy George 

bandwidth lag :-) 

55:20 - Peggy George 

great to learn about Parentella Amanda! Thank you so much!! 

55:36 - Amanda@Parentella 1 

Thank you all SO much for having me. I'm sorry for the lag! 

55:37 - Catherine S. 

THank you! 

55:38 - Peggy George 

Next show--Jan. 17th 2011 :-) 

55:40 - Eileen 

Thank you for the great information, Amanda. 

55:56 - Peggy George 

Dr. Debbie Pushor is incredible!!! 

56:23 - Amanda@Parentella 1 

Thank you again! 

56:23 - Peggy George 

Going exploring on Parentella now :-) 

56:25 - doriedance 


56:25 - kim 

bye all 

56:27 - Peggy George 

good night all! 

56:27 - kim