2010-10-07 Seedlings Show # 94

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Join Alice, Bob and Cheryl as we have a conversation with Adora Svitak all about Listening to your Children or Students. We mean really listen to your students. Adora is the organizer, presenter at TedXRedmond-Live where she organized a conference by students, for students! You won't want to miss this show. The clips of the videos are being released, make sure you find them and follow up with this remarkable conference. 

Show # 94, Seedlings is proud to present Adora Svitak. Join Alice, Bob and Cheryl as we have a conversation with Adora Svitak all about Listening to your Children or Students. We mean really listen to your students. Adora is the organizer, presenter at TedXRedmond-Live where she organized a conference by students, for students! You won't want to miss this show. The clips of the videos are being released, make sure you find them and follow up with this remarkable conference.

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The Chat:

As always, we thank all who participated in the chat room, it really makes our show richer.

 19:18:27  bobsprankle  hi all
 19:19:00  jgdesilos  hi
 19:19:40  jgdesilos  where're you from?
 19:22:55  Seedlings~cheryloakes  Hello and welcome to our Thursday Show.
 19:24:54  jgdesilos  :D
 19:26:13  Seedlings~cheryloakes  coming live in 30 seconds
 19:26:34  jgdesilos  ok
 19:29:54  Seedlings~cheryloakes  Hello loonyhiker
 19:30:03  loonyhiker  hi there!
 19:30:34  alice (SEEDlings)  Hi there
 19:30:41  bobsprankle  hi looney
 19:30:52  jgdesilos  hi there, i'm from mexico!
 19:30:56  loonyhiker  i'm so proud of myself that i'm not late!
 19:31:03  loonyhiker  hi from south carolina
 19:31:18  Seedlings~cheryloakes  You get bonus points Loonyhiker for being on time.
 19:31:57  Seedlings~cheryloakes  Oh, Jgdesilos, welcome, we love to have international guests. Do you have/hear the audio?
 19:32:02  loonyhiker  lol cheryl
 19:32:43  jgdesilos  i'm hearing an audio to 19 sept... i'm not speak in english!!!!
 19:33:01  loonyhiker  she sounds so much older and very mature! :)
 19:33:25  Seedlings~cheryloakes  That is OK jgdesilos, on the edtechtalk.com/live page, there is an audio live ETT A, you can click on the sound speaker
 19:33:39  jgdesilos  ok, thanks!
 19:33:41  Seedlings~cheryloakes  Or, you can click on Real Player or Windows media to hear sound
 19:37:51  bobsprankle  hi peggy!
 19:37:55  Seedlings~cheryloakes  Hi Peggy, welcome
 19:38:08  PeggyG  Hi-so sorry I'm late!! Great to be here!
 19:38:36  Seedlings~cheryloakes  Loonyhiker got the early award, Peggy, you get we are happy you made it!
 19:38:46  PeggyG  thanks :-)
 19:38:56  Seedlings~cheryloakes  Hi cmantin, welcome
 19:39:14  PeggyG  how many 12-13 yr olds can put on their resume that they ran a conference?? :-) pretty incredible!
 19:39:28  Seedlings~cheryloakes  it is amazing !
 19:40:07  PeggyG  I especially enjoyed the mix of the presentations/talks and performances! Delightful!
 19:40:34  Seedlings~cheryloakes  right Peggy, it was a nice blend
 19:41:45  Seedlings~cheryloakes  That is amazing that the students were the only people in the presentation room, student run.
 19:42:04  Seedlings~cheryloakes  hello Cathy E, welcome!
 19:42:19  PeggyG  I was scanning the audience for gray hair :-)
 19:43:01  Seedlings~cheryloakes  Chat room, does your school have a way to recognize student voice?
 19:44:33  PeggyG  sorry I don't have a school right now :-(
 19:45:05  cmantin  Interesting question. I would think student govt would be one avenue but am not so sure how strong of a voice that commands
 19:45:30  Seedlings~cheryloakes  good point about student govt. but it is still
 19:45:37  Seedlings~cheryloakes  managed by adults
 19:45:48  Cathy E  Our 5th graders publish a school newspaper - they have voice there
 19:46:08  Seedlings~cheryloakes  excellent Cathy E, do you have an example of something they promoted?
 19:46:13  PeggyG  I think the model used by Ben n Ben with a student rep on the School Governance Board/Council is a great way to give it credibility. They have accomplished a lot of change advocating for students.
 19:46:35  Seedlings~cheryloakes  Yes, Peggy, they, BennBen have moved things forward
 19:47:25  loonyhiker  +
 19:47:27  alice (SEEDlings)  Yes agreed Peggy. Has given them some empowerement
 19:48:05  Cathy E  our admin is very open to meeting with students and listening to ideas
 19:48:21  Cathy E  we are a PK-5 school
 19:48:33  Seedlings~cheryloakes  good point Cathy E, it takes a strong and supportive admin to make this happen
 19:48:35  loonyhiker  our admin was not very receptive to the student voice at all
 19:49:00  alice (SEEDlings)  Interesting for Ben n Ben as it is partialy a maturity thing. But there is also an openess in admin and teachers to "hear" them.
 19:50:29  PeggyG  all of the videos will eventually be posted, right? I'm eager to see the ones I missed--especially Zoe Sprankle! The stream went down during her performance.
 19:50:46  Seedlings~cheryloakes  Zoe's is posted, just a day ago
 19:50:53  Seedlings~cheryloakes  look at seedlings FB
 19:51:01  Adora Svitak  Here's one of them: http://www.flickr.com/photos/svitak/sets/72157624932261237/
 19:51:30  PeggyG  thanks for that link!
 19:51:47  Adora Svitak  http://www.flickr.com/groups/1503656@N20/
 19:51:54  Adora Svitak  That's the group, with more photos
 19:51:55  PeggyG  Was Adora disappointed that more students didn't want to share their reflections out loud in the session?
 19:54:08  PeggyG  you offered them some great incentives :-)
 19:54:31  PeggyG  there seemed to be a lot of sharing to people around them
 19:55:35  PeggyG  everything has to be done in a 50 minute period :-(
 19:56:36  Seedlings~cheryloakes  Peggy, yes, we have compartmentalize the lesson and their thinking
 19:56:49  PeggyG  exactly!
 20:00:16  PeggyG  that trip sounds incredible!!
 20:00:42  PeggyG  Free Rice is a wonderful site!
 20:00:47  Seedlings~cheryloakes  She should have a tour group
 20:00:54  Seedlings~cheryloakes  Yes, free rice is great
 20:01:26  Seedlings~cheryloakes  we were using it as a practice for vocab and math for our PSAT
 20:01:35  Adora Svitak  http://freerice.com/content-group/adora-smart-youth-against-hunger
 20:01:42  PeggyG  what a good idea Cheryl!
 20:01:53  Seedlings~cheryloakes  It was a little more fun, Peggy
 20:02:59  PeggyG  I'll bet it was very motivating to your students!
 20:04:03  PeggyG  oh boy!! breaking news :-) Adora's award!
 20:04:16  Seedlings~cheryloakes  Congrats Adora!
 20:04:45  PeggyG  NEA Foundation Award :-) very impressive! Congratulations Adora!!!
 20:04:53  loonyhiker  That is awesome!
 20:04:58  Seedlings~cheryloakes  hello jwarrick, welcome
 20:05:15  jwarrick  Hi This is my first time in edtech
 20:05:25  Seedlings~cheryloakes  Just a reminder that this live webcast will also be a podcast by the weekend
 20:05:49  PeggyG  I guess an educator's work is never done regardless of your age :-)
 20:05:50  Seedlings~cheryloakes  jwarrick, do you hear the audio? There is the chat and audio, ETTA.
 20:06:10  jwarrick  no
 20:06:27  PeggyG  Adora's birthday is coming up isn't it? Entering her teen years :-)
 20:06:29  jwarrick  I do now
 20:06:32  Seedlings~cheryloakes  Ok, on your page, top right, is LIVE ETTA with 3 speakers
 20:06:47  Seedlings~cheryloakes  itunes, real player and windows media
 20:07:10  loonyhiker  If Adora is this great at her age, imagine when you graduates and enters the workplace!
 20:07:23  loonyhiker  oops change you to she
 20:07:23  PeggyG  exactly!!!!
 20:07:44  Seedlings~cheryloakes  Adora for President!
 20:08:39  Cathy E  A young lady who is wise beyond her years
 20:08:40  PeggyG  What a great point! We all need to listen better to the voices of students!
 20:09:00  Seedlings~cheryloakes  Yes, Peggy, we all need to be better listeners.
 20:09:11  Sheila  Hi all!
 20:09:11  PeggyG  Hi Sheila
 20:09:18  Seedlings~cheryloakes  hello Shelia! welcome
 20:09:59  Sheila  Got home late. Quick update?
 20:10:35  Sheila  Never mind! Adora! Got it!
 20:10:37  Seedlings~cheryloakes  Adora Svitak, age 12, organizer and presentor at Redmond TedX, author, teacher, world traveler.
 20:10:56  Seedlings~cheryloakes  One word, AMAZING
 20:11:19  Sheila  Right! Thanks Cheryl!
 20:11:28  Cathy E  I with this interview had video - it is hard to listen to her and realize she is only 12
 20:11:43  Seedlings~cheryloakes  Watch her TedX
 20:11:51  Seedlings~cheryloakes  We will have the link
 20:12:36  Seedlings~cheryloakes  http://tedxredmond.com/
 20:12:37  PeggyG  What is Adora's role with CILC? Is she one of the course instructors?
 20:14:12  loonyhiker  it helped to see what adoral looks like now - thx cheryl
 20:15:35  Seedlings~cheryloakes  http://www.flickr.com/photos/svitak/sets/72157624932261237/with/5035617256/
 20:16:10  loonyhiker  amazing to hear this student say that we shouldn't "sugarcoat" things!
 20:16:15  PeggyG  these are the kinds of digital footprints that leave a very positive trail :-)
 20:17:10  PeggyG  what a treat to be able to hear Adora read her short story. Thanks :-)
 20:17:29  Seedlings~cheryloakes  Oh my goodness this is a great  bedtime story
 20:17:35  bobsprankle  http://adorasv.blogspot.com/2010/08/gossamer-inch-short-story-i-wrote.html
 20:19:04  PeggyG  clap clap!!
 20:19:23  PeggyG  so descriptive with so many great visual images in her words!
 20:19:29  loonyhiker  wow!
 20:21:08  alice (SEEDlings)  http://www.google.com/familysafety/
 20:21:37  Seedlings~cheryloakes  Yes Peggy, even some great tactile vocab.
 20:22:05  Seedlings~cheryloakes  http://docsteach.org/
 20:22:14  PeggyG  http://freerice.com/content-group/adora-smart-youth-against-hunger
 20:23:14  PeggyG  docsteach looks wonderful!
 20:23:27  Seedlings~cheryloakes  peggy, kids and teachers will like it
 20:25:17  PeggyG  I learned about the History Detectives at a conference last weekend and it is also an amazing history site from PBS http://www.pbs.org/opb/historydetectives/
 20:25:44  Seedlings~cheryloakes  OH, thanks can I use this next week at ACTEM?
 20:25:57  bobsprankle  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6XAPnuFjJc
 20:26:11  bobsprankle  http://www.amazon.com/Drive-Surprising-Truth-About-Motivates/dp/15944888...
 20:26:56  PeggyG  http://www.danpink.com/archives/2010/06/whiteboard-magic I love this Dan Pink video about Drive!
 20:27:02  loonyhiker  oh that will be fun!
 20:27:09  Seedlings~cheryloakes  next week, Geek of the Week, lunch/live at ACTEM, In Augusta, ME
 20:27:12  PeggyG  how fun!!! sure hope I can join you!
 20:27:21  Sheila  Love live shows!
 20:27:23  PeggyG  yeah!!! thank you for ustreaming it!
 20:27:30  Seedlings~cheryloakes  yes, we will ustream it.
 20:27:35  Sheila  :)
 20:27:53  PeggyG  who wouldn't want to be a geek?? :-)
 20:27:58  loonyhiker  it's always fun when we can put your faces to your voices :)
 20:28:01  Seedlings~cheryloakes  Yes, it is a lovely thing.
 20:28:04  PeggyG  Adora has been a fabulous guest!
 20:28:15  Seedlings~cheryloakes  Thanks Loony, we will be in our green SEEDLINGS shirts too.
 20:28:27  Seedlings~cheryloakes  Yes, Adora has been an great addition
 20:28:51  PeggyG  what a great point! not only great speakers but they are walking the talk--out there doing something!
 20:29:36  Sheila  Inspirational!
 20:29:37  PeggyG  thank you Adora!
 20:29:47  Adora Svitak  Thanks everyone!
 20:29:53  Adora Svitak  www.tedxredmond.com/live
 20:29:59  loonyhiker  thank you adora and seedlings! :)
 20:30:17  Sheila  Thank you Adora! Continued success!
 20:30:23  PeggyG  Thanks Seedlings for another wonderful conversation!!
 20:30:30  Adora Svitak  Thanks so much!
 20:30:58  loonyhiker  good nite y'all! see you next week!
 20:31:00  PeggyG  good night all!
 20:31:06  Sheila  Thanks SEEDlings group!
 20:31:24  Seedlings~cheryloakes  Thanks so much!! See you on the flip side.
 20:31:53  Cathy E  [i]I can't wait to share this interview with my staff
 20:33:11  Seedlings~cheryloakes  thanks for the comments too
 20:34:13  bobsprankle  goodnight all :)