Fall 2010 Community Meeting

EdTechTalk Community Meeting
October 3, 2010

Midnight GMT


  • Community Standards and Practices
  • Dave's Cool Logo Idea
  • Return the toolbar to the Newsletter Creation Page [Eddie switched from FCKEditor to Whizzywig - should be there now]
  • Return link to ETT Newsletter editions viewable on website for anyone not logged in
  • New Registrants - last 700+ not subscribed to newsletter, some spammers using profile fields for nefarious purposes (examples: ABCDater sF26Kristin ,  FeerBeadysexy ) [Jeff willing to keep an eye on things if phpmyadmin installed on server]
  • Comments Reconsidered?  (see below)
  • Educationbridges Non-profit status (did anyone pay yearly fees this year?)
  • Frequency of newsletter? Bi-weekly/weekly?
  • Possible poll on website to obtain feedback about newsletter? value, frequency, suggestions
  • Lack of detail for show postings on the newsletter prep page-possibly review or post procedures for show hosts to access steps for post-show posting process?
  • Hashtags for ETT webcasts and twitter posts? #edtechtalk or unique hashtags for each show or both?
  • Is there someone who would be willing to do a crash course Elluminate webinar on streaming a webcast using Shoutcast (condensed Webcast Academy class) that we could record and archive? We need a list of people willing/able to be back-up streamers.



After listening to the newly revamped EdTechWeekly, I found myself inspired by the awesomeness of their new format and wanted to share my thoughts by commenting. Eddie is a sad elf thoug because commenting is not enabled on ETT. With my magical elfin powers of course, I can add this comment here, but no doubt countless ETT listeners find themselves frustrated and saddened each week by their inability to comment on their favorite shows. I know my blob masters decided long ago that too much effort was required to deal with comments, but if the ETW gang is actually preparing topics ahead of time, who knows what other ETT wonders are possible?

No audio? i thought an elf would at least have left us an audio comment. Or maybe a screencast... something. disappointed.