Conversations Episode 78 - A Balancing Act

 This week we continued a conversation that began on Twitter when Alec Couros went to his daughter's Back to School Night.  Along with Will Richardson, Lee Kolbert, and Angela Maiers, we discussed the issues we face as parents when walking into our own children's classrooms.  Alec could not join us but was with us in spirit....we hope.

Chat Archive:

  11:29:14 MariaK: Good morning all!

 11:29:18 MariaK: thanks for coming!

 11:29:23 sheryl nb: Hi everyone

11:30:14 Jennifer: should I be using the ustream or one of the other options??

 11:30:15 sheryl nb: WE can hear you.

11:30:23 yose: emeli

 11:30:26 sheryl nb: hahaha

11:30:31 stampegr: Hello, all.

 11:30:36 Maureen: Did you ask Gary to join you?

 11:30:37 LucyGray: Hi everyone! Just happened to have a moment to myself and thought i'd drop in!

11:30:56 CraigDuplessie: Hello.

 11:30:59 marragem: Morning everyone!

 11:31:00 Sheila: ustream is working or you can use ETTA

  11:31:04 Maureen: Hi Lucy- nice to hear that the new school is good for your kids

 11:31:12 Sheila: Hey Amanda!

 11:31:15 McTeach (Karen): Good morning everyone!

 11:31:22 Lisa Parisi: Good morning everyone.

 11:31:26 sheryl nb: oh my

 11:31:33 sheryl nb: Our Alec?

11:31:46 LucyGray: Hi Maureen! It totally rocks... I'm so impressed.

 11:31:48 Lisa Parisi: Alec is in Shanghai and can't amke it.

11:32:11 Sheila: If you listen in ustream there is less of a delay.

  11:32:12 Maureen: @Lucy- so nice for your family congrats

11:32:49 LucyGray: Darn... no heckling, I guess.

11:32:58 LucyGray: *)

11:33:03 McTeach (Karen): Yay! Happy Anniversary!

11:33:21 MariaK: So glad to see everyone today.

 11:33:24 Sheila: Welcome Karen! (I'm down the street.)

 11:33:31 Lisa Parisi: Hi Karen

 11:33:36 Karenjan: Stop by @sheila

 11:33:44 Maureen: Are you in Boston Sheila?

 11:33:46 Karenjan: great to be here!

 11:33:55 Sheila: yes at my parents

 11:33:55 yose: ola

 11:34:05 Karenjan: congratulations, Lee!

 11:34:10 sheryl nb: I learn from Lee all the time as she shares in Powerful Learning Practice

11:35:21 McTeach (Karen): This year one of my parents is a principal!

11:35:37 PeggyG: good morning. Had problems logging in today.

 11:35:57 Maureen: I often have parents who are educators- some at my school

11:37:07 Sheila: Welcome everyone!

11:37:49 Lisa Parisi:

 11:38:26 Jennifer: link to Lee's blog as well when you can

 11:38:32 Maureen: It is a blended role... as a parent you want the best for your child, being an educator, you may or may not know some of the best ways to reach a child.

11:40:13 connect2jamie: We've all had those thoughts, I imagine.

 need to move to that chat room to talk with others.  This chat room is Conversations.

11:41:21 LucyGray: We specifically just moved to a district where I had heard they had their act together. And I've been blown away this past month.

 11:41:28 McTeach (Karen): Jennifer - here's the link to Lee's post:

 11:41:35 Lisa Parisi: In a good way or bad, Lucy?

 11:41:46 LucyGray: It's not perfect... Henry's teacher is pretty traditional, but it's such an improvement. And they are talking the right talk at least.

 11:41:54 LucyGray: In a good way, Lisa.

  11:42:13 Lisa Parisi:

 11:42:14 LucyGray: And we had been at one of the "best" schools in the country, reputation wise. And this new district blows them out of the water.

 11:42:36 LucyGray: The parents here are really savvy about education, too. It's very interesting.

 11:42:38 PeggyG: that's really exciting news Lucy! You're very lucky!

 11:42:52 LucyGray: I feel blessed, Peggy. Definitely.

 11:43:03 LucyGray: If you know Judi Epcke, it's her district.

 11:43:06 snbeach: It is good to hear the perspective of edc parents as teachers-- to rethink the way you present yourself as a teacher. I mean we normally think in terms of parents who do not know edc. It is a great balance and for me, if I was still in the classroom, it would have been an eye opener.

 11:43:45 LucyGray: I do agree that schools are slow to go in the direction that we think they should...

 11:43:50 Jennifer: what do the rows represent???  

 11:43:55 CraigDuplessie: My daughter's teacher is sending home cursive writting homework.

 11:44:25 [email protected]:  n.n

 11:44:41 LucyGray: I would be careful about what I said... I'm not completely compfortable being really vocal about stuff.

 11:44:42 snbeach: When my kids were in K-12 I was an edc parent and you were thought of as pushy and controlling to have an opinion about what another teacher was doing with your kids

 11:44:43 PeggyG: I always feel sad when I hear that classrooms are set up and organized for the convenience of the custodians.

 11:45:02 Karenjan: some of it is classroom management that needs to get established early in the school year

 11:45:04 LucyGray: I will face to face be pretty opinionated. But I'm a little leery on line.

11:45:06 McTeach (Karen): And what about the group dynamic of the class itself? My 7th graders can handle a table situation, but the 8th graders cannot!

 11:45:08 MariaK: @peggyG but it does happen

 11:45:22 LucyGray: I think in desks in rows may be one sign

 11:45:32 PeggyG: I know Maria...I was a school principal who had to deal with that

  11:45:40 LucyGray: You have to give the classroom some time and see what else is going on, like Maria is saying.

11:45:43 snbeach: I think "rows and columns" is symbolic not actually rows and columns as in the physical sense right?

 11:45:44 Maureen: Altho the "learning space" can make a big difference- it is not the most important thing in the room, nor are "the rules" We all work with the indvidual classes in the best way we can. What about the learning that takes place?

11:45:52 McTeach (Karen): I have the same rule about pencils!

11:46:35 Neil Stephenson: I think in education we too quickly judge the externals (sitting in rows, pencils, what websites kids use) rather than the actual work kids are being asked to produce.

 11:46:41 @patmjohnson: I always felt wierd putting my kids back in rows leading up to EQAO (standardized tests)

 11:47:08 McTeach (Karen): @pat I'm going to have to do that this week for testing

 11:47:23 MariaK: @neil - we need to listen before we judge - wish we did

 11:47:29 @patmjohnson: I think agreements are better than rules

 11:47:43 Jennifer: alec's picture was about rows -- but was his comment not about what the teacher had said to the teachers??

 11:47:50 @patmjohnson: I have finally escaped the standardized testing grades this year!

 11:47:52 Lisa Parisi: Yes, it was Jennifer.

 11:47:53 Jennifer: sorry-- to the parents??

 11:47:55 snbeach: Rows and columns aren't the point... nor are having rules or using paper-- I think those descriptors were used to symbolize tranditionalism.

 11:48:10 @patmjohnson: I liked the TRIBES agreements but it suits my teaching style

 11:48:10 chaugen: Rows were symbolic of the overall tone of the room?

 11:48:12 Karenjan: @Lee - thanks to your ebay and books tweet, i'm spearheading a drive in our community for gently used books, especially from families whose children have graduated

 11:48:18 Maureen: We have a rule- can't say "suck" in the classroom

 11:48:23 LucyGray: TRIBES rocks

 11:49:00 [email protected]: ...

  11:49:03 McTeach (Karen): boss doesn't want me to use Tribes because she thinks it's too much like therapy.

  11:49:38 marragem: we don't focus on rules - we focus on virutes/values

11:49:49 Jennifer: i would love to hear how will chats with his kids parents   ;)

  11:49:54 Jennifer: lol - teachers

11:50:25 @patmjohnson: Tribes is too much like thereapy? That is interesting. I look at it as a way of employing cooperative learning in the classroom.

 11:50:40 snbeach: I do not think the posts were suggesting that we do not have any ground rules or expectations in the classroom--were they?

 11:50:45 LucyGray: Wow, Karen.

 11:50:54 McTeach (Karen): too! She makes snap judgments before truly understanding everything.

 11:50:59 LucyGray: Kids where I worked and used Tribes probably needed therapy. :)

 11:51:00 Jennifer: @snbeach  I don't believe they were

11:51:15 McTeach (Karen): Lucy...yup. I saw "wow" a lot at my school...and not in a good way.

11:51:35 Maureen: When I taught K we did "hopes and dreams" of the parents on back to school night- posted them right up with the kids

 11:51:36 Jennifer: I think there are expectations for both teachers and parents -- both ways -- but that is a given.   But how they share those expectations are what I wonder about

11:51:51 McTeach (Karen): Ooops...that should say "SAY 'wow'"

 11:51:59 connect2jamie: I love that hopes and dreams idea, @maureen!

11:52:18 marragem: I stepped in when I saw a chart on the wall when my duaghter was in grade 1 - said 'slow Sally snail's progress chart

 11:52:22 McTeach (Karen): Maureen...I love that idea!

11:52:31 [email protected]: ....

 11:52:31 Lisa Parisi: Hopes and Dreams comes out of Responsive Classroom.  We're doing it now.

11:53:23 plind: I think the bigger question is ... if you want to help, offer your talents to your childs school, try to support change .. how do you approach that?

 11:53:30 Maureen: It worked well with K parents. I would love to get my middle school parents to do it. I did hopes and dreams with gr 5-8 and got grades, grades, grades from them. Altho I think both parents and the school encourage that way of thinking

11:53:56 Jennifer: Will, do you see a difference in the independent school versus the pubic school -- with options, opportunities, teaching attitudes??

11:54:04 snbeach: @plind I agree. This is the question.., and what do we do if we feel the environment is toxic.

 11:54:09 LucyGray: I think independent schools get this a bit better

  11:54:10 Jennifer: Will, a HUGE difference??

 11:54:23 LucyGray: but some independent schools are much better than others.

 11:54:37 snbeach: There are pros and cons between public and independent. Each does some things better.

 11:54:47 @patmjohnson: Standardized testing takes the creativity out of the classroom. Last year we literally spend the whole year on formula answers and hence did well on the testing.

 11:54:48 LucyGray: Independent school teachers have the freedom to really delve into their teaching.

11:55:01 Jennifer: Yes, I know -- but I wonder -- since will has a child in each -- what he is seeing.   We often don't have people with both view points.

11:55:16 Jennifer: but that might be an entire different conversation 

 11:55:17 snbeach: @LucyGray yeah, but then they have traditionalism and AP tests working against them.

 11:55:18 plind: @snbeach .. why does it have to be if it is toxic .. my school is not toxic . but there are things I'd like to see and I want to know how to help make it happen

 11:55:19 Maureen: @Lucy I teach in an independent school- the kids and their parents are incredibly concerned about grades and getting into a good secondary school

 11:55:21 cheryl: I understand what Will is saying and unfortunately the County is issuing too many directives and not allowing to teach in their own manner!

 11:55:23 WillRichardson: difference in independent schools really.

11:55:39 stampegr: I think regardless of the arrangement of furniture, the larger question: is learning going on? My son went to K at two different schools, both had collaborative arrange small table, but didn't seem collaborate a whole lot. Way too much time was spent correct posture, etc.

 11:55:42 McTeach (Karen): They also want their kids to be involved in a thousand extracurricular activities that don't allow time for studying after school!

11:55:48 Jennifer: @Will -- I will back off of that -- but would enjoy hearing your thoughts more later

  11:55:57 Neil Stephenson: I think one of the reasons that parents are concerned about the tests is because that's the model they grew up with. As teacher we need to show how alternate forms of teaching and assessing can be more powerful.

11:56:00 snbeach: @plind it doesnt have to be toxic.. I was just wondering if it was how to handle-- my question.

11:56:51 snbeach: @Jennifer.. sorry.. I had kids in both too so was just weighing in-- but you were asking him. I should have waited. Sorry.

11:57:09 LucyGray: Yes, Maureen, but I bet if the culture changed to be still on achievement but more on rote learning, those parents would go ballistic.

  11:57:15 Kamizet: I love teaching at an indepedent school, but moved my child to public for more support in the classroom. Both have stregths imo.

 11:57:25 angelamaiers: Hello Friends!

 11:57:31 LucyGray: Agree @Kamizet

 11:57:34 Karenjan: hi @angela

11:57:37 LucyGray: Hey Angela

 11:57:40 McTeach (Karen): Good morning Angela!

11:57:57 McTeach (Karen): Lee....that science teacher is at our school!

 11:58:00 angelamaiers: It has been too long, how do I get sound! I'm rusty!

 11:58:14 McTeach (Karen): on ustream

 11:58:16 MariaK: we are streaming in ustream

 11:58:31 PeggyG: I'm very eager to hear how you as "parents & educators" talk to your child's teacher when you have concerns about their teaching and learning environment.

 11:58:52 Neil Stephenson: Peggy.. thats the question I'm interested in

 11:59:04 angelamaiers: Got it! So good to hear you all and to be hear!

 11:59:32 yose: k

 11:59:42 angelamaiers: Hi Yose!

 11:59:43 PeggyG: Hi Angela. Weigh in :-)

 11:59:51 chaugen: I approach my kids' teachers honestly.  Because my children attend where I teach, it is a comfortable relationship and yet, my concerns/celebrations for my children are real, just like any other parent.

 11:59:56 Sheila: I have 91 students this year. It's hard to connect with them all, so I welcome information from parents but concerned when I get demands from them.

 12:00:14 doyle: Sad that we even need to discuss this--alas, as a parent, I did my share of tip-toeing. As a teacher, I appreciate the parents who are blunt.

 12:00:15 Maureen: When I was a parent- not a teacher, I volunteered, brought in stuff, and did the jr great books program. Got to know who the teachers were and how they taught. Most of it made me happy

 12:00:28 Karenjan: @sheila - what is a "demand" example?

 12:00:40 angelamaiers: Hi Peggy- will do! Just had a great conversation with 150 High School parents Wednesday night! They were very open!

12:00:56 chaugen: As a sixth grade teacher in elementary, I keep in touch with parents via email a lot.  I like it.  I feel connected to them despite lack of face to face.

12:01:06 PeggyG: would love to hear about that Angela. You should get in the Skype call.

12:01:25 McTeach (Karen): Angela...would love to hear about that conversation! Will you be posting about it?

 12:01:31 Maureen: @sheila- I have 133 students this year- but most I have taught before. Had many in K, then I taught gr 1-3 science.... so I've known most for years. Still things change, and I have to also allow that my perceptions of the kids need to change over time

 12:01:38 Lisa Parisi: Would anyone like to join in the skype chat?

 12:01:41 Karenjan: how many of you present to your school boards so your work can be highlighted in the community via local cable TV?

  12:01:44 angelamaiers: Just logging on...don't want to interrupt your flow!

 12:01:48 Sheila: I will call home when test score is below 90! @KarenJan

12:02:03 snbeach: So good to see so many familiar faces in the chat

 12:02:04 Lisa Parisi: Angela, I need your skype name

 12:02:22 angelamaiers: I will be posting this week the presentation and the ustream!  My skype name is angela.maiers

 12:02:32 chaugen: I share with the school board once a year.  It's an important 15 minutes to get out all that's going on at our site via student presenters.

12:03:17 plind: and do you try to get to know your parents interest? what they can contribute?

 12:03:33 Maureen: It's hard when parents come to you and they are angry... hard not to be defensive. SO much easier to have a conversation- usually realize that we both want the best for kids- but need to listenn to one another

 12:03:35 snbeach: @plind  Great question

 12:03:51 Karenjan: would it be helpful to present more to your communities? you are describing the need for parental paradigm shifts away from emphasis on grades, tests and getting into college. how do you change parent expectations that don't support your instructional methods?

 12:03:58 angelamaiers: Key points! Relationships first! Start there...goals are the same for parents and teachers!

 12:04:20 Kamizet: @maureen I agree!

 12:04:49 Maureen: That's just silly LIsa!

12:05:17 snbeach: @Karenjan I love the depth to your questions.

 12:05:47 Karenjan: @snbeach-is this a different conversation?

 12:05:47 Maureen: I get phone calls at home from parents, emails whenever... I put the google voice widget on my blog... If they cannot talk with me, then they should go to the admin and complain

  12:06:17 PeggyG: I think that's the key Angela. Relationships first!

 12:06:19 chaugen: Thank for that systems comment.  I would love to be more available to parents, but my day (100% engaged with students) does not build in time for parent comm.  I have to make my own time for that.  And I do.  I beleive it's vital to the success of my students.

 12:07:39 snbeach: yeah, I thought yours and Alec's comments were more about generalities (big pic) then specifics like rules and post its

 12:07:52 plind: @snbeach -- exactly

 12:08:15 Karenjan: @will - yes, it's about systems change and the most effective to achieve that locally

 12:08:33 Sheila: Agreed!

 12:08:33 Karenjan: effective WAY to

 12:08:42 WillRichardson: Yeah, it wasn't about rules. It was about dispositions toward learning in the classroom for themselves.

 12:08:51 snbeach: So-- how do edc parents approach teachers about their children without seeming controlling?

 12:09:11 WillRichardson: Right

 12:09:14 Lee Kolbert: They approach them in a realistic way. We have to realize where they are and where we are.

 12:09:20 snbeach: What would you all recommend that would work in building that relationship

 12:09:22 Maureen: I have parents who were unhappy to learn that I am not teaching typing per se, and advocating use of other word processing tools- ie google docs, open office instead of the latest MS office. I explained why- but not all like it. They have this idea in their heads of what my class should be- which is not the same as my idea

12:09:36 Lee Kolbert: Offer to do an inservice for the faculty.

 12:09:37 plind: @will exactly ... I think there needs to be more partnership .. more leveraging of parents political will and power so teachers CAN do the innovative things they would like

 12:09:41 marragem: it's about a partnership

12:09:46 snbeach: @Lee any suggestions for what that looks like--I mean if we unpacked it

 12:09:48 cheryl: The system needs to change!

12:09:54 Sheila: What's happening to the children without engaged parents?

12:09:57 Karenjan: @maureen - so add to your job description "sales person"

12:10:23 WillRichardson: That's what I'm talking about.

 12:10:23 Lee Kolbert: As parents we also need to realize sometimes we do need to pick  up the slack for our kids.

 12:10:25 snbeach: @Lee an inservice? Wouldnt that seem arrogant?

 12:10:30 Maureen: @karenjan  The job description of teacher seems to encompass so much

 12:10:31 angelamaiers: Lisa- I soooo relate!

  12:10:39 Lee Kolbert: No, helpful. All how you approach.

 12:10:42 chaugen: @Sheila  That's a huge concern.  How do we connect with these parents and value their input when it's not offered as often as with active/engaged/around-all-the-time parents?

 12:10:45 angelamaiers: That is such a terrible feeling to have as a parent!

12:11:14 Karenjan: @lisa- high school dynamics are different in my experience

 12:11:19 snbeach: @Lisa so how do you go about pushing gently when that situation exisits?

12:11:52 Karenjan: college isn't the answer for everyone

 12:11:56 Karenjan: is that heresy?

12:12:11 plind: but not every teacher can do the same things ... everyone has their own unique talents and passions to share .. can't expect every one to offer the same thing

 12:12:11 McTeach (Karen): @Karenjan Not at all!

 12:12:31 Kamizet: Life-long learning is the answer for everyone though. So developing that love is key...

 12:12:48 Maureen: @Karenjan My son would agree with you... quit 4 colleges, did finally get a degree, but doesn't believe in the process

 12:13:03 stampegr: After last year I had similar feelings about waiting for school just be over. He was in kindergarten. So many kids how loved learning that weren't learning. Much better situation in new school.

 12:13:13 Lisa Parisi: Karen, Ali cannot wait for college.

 12:13:24 angelamaiers: We are torn. We want to support their teachers, the environment, is our kids future.

 12:13:33 cheryl: but why not - why not take the time to go meet and develop taht relationship

 12:13:38 Karenjan: @angela - that's the challenge

 12:13:40 Cathy E: I hate to tell you Lisa, that even in college there are some 'not so great' teachers.

 12:13:53 Sheila: FYI - Will had to leave the skype call.

12:14:02 snbeach: @cheryl right, I agree.

 12:14:04 Jennifer: back -- had to step away.  

 12:14:09 chaugen: Developing the relationship early, helps the tough conversation that can arise later.

 12:14:14 McTeach (Karen):'s also the future of the 35 other students in the classroom. Those are all very different futures, or can be. How does a teacher address every possible future?

 12:14:17 plind: @Cathy -- and they are even worse sometimes in University ;-)

 12:14:25 cheryl: @chaugen absolutely

 12:14:31 angelamaiers: Great point Karen!

 12:14:45 Karenjan: @mcteach - model a love for learning

 12:14:48 snbeach: @chaugen nod.. agree

12:15:15 Maureen: I agree with Maria- we have to take the first step- reach out to all parents. They come with their own baggage from school, anxiety about their kids, etc..

 12:15:19 McTeach (Karen): @Karen that's exactly what I concentrate on. Lifelong learning...they need to know how THEY learn

  12:15:20 Karenjan: @mcteach - that reaches every student, then incorporate universal design for learning principles to engage every student

 12:15:36 jackiegerstein: On of the kids at TEDxRedmond said to ask "adults" - "Does our future matter to you?"  Maybe, teachers like us need to assist the kids in becoing the change agents.

 12:15:46 Jennifer: who is speaking now??  thank you

 12:15:47 cheryl: They need to be able to advocate for themselves once they make it to higher education!

 12:15:47 chaugen: I invite the polite chit-chat early on--we get to know one another, in the hall, at pick up.  That way there's a foundation.  Even if it's only about our summer activies or a book we've both read.  Connect to parents in a real way.

12:15:56 Cathy E: great conversation - but I have to leave...great to see all of you!

 12:15:57 McTeach (Karen): Jennifer...that's Angela Maiers

12:16:04 Lisa Parisi: Thanks for coming, Cathy.

 12:16:08 jackiegerstein: They need to be able to advocate for themselves prior to college

12:16:18 McTeach (Karen): @Karenjan I really want to learn more about UDL. It's on my incredibly lengthy list!

12:16:20 snbeach: So-- I know this will not be popular-- but I am wondering about what LIsa just said.. "and I did it on my own time" Do you guys feel teaching is an hourly job-- it happens at school and not at home. I mean we want kids to be learning at school and home too right? I mean it doesnt start and stop at the school house door right?

12:16:45 jackiegerstein: teaching and learning is now 24/7/365

 12:16:52 plind: @snbeach .. I sure hope those same teachers aren't sending homework

 12:16:55 Lisa Parisi: For many teachers, Sheryl, it starts and stops at the door.

 12:17:01 McTeach (Karen): I'm going to have to listen to that part again....missed some of Angela

 12:17:03 MariaK: @snbeach - i was going to respond to that!

12:17:07 Karenjan: @snbeach - i'm emailing and responding to parents right now

12:17:13 Maureen: @snbeach  Knowing Lisa- she does much of her work- on her own time... If I got paid hourly, I would be rich

 12:17:13 Lisa Parisi: My daughter's district  has that as a rule.

 12:17:18 snbeach: @LIsa well that needs to change.

 12:17:22 chaugen: @snbeach I view my job as never ending.  I make myself avaiable as much as possible.  I live, work and raise my kids in this community.  Parent understand when I am unavailbe because I AM available so much.

12:17:25 Sheila: HI Meg!

 12:17:26 Lisa Parisi: Maureen, I would love to get paid hourly.

 12:17:36 connect2jamie: @lisa you are unfortunately right. Many of my colleagues will not come to PD sessions because that is "their time."

 12:17:45 snbeach: @MariaK I wasnt suggesting otherwise

 12:17:49 Lisa Parisi: How many times have we had conversations with other teachers who want to learn during school hours only. 

12:18:22 snbeach: @LIsa you know how much I respect you as a teacher-- just wondering about the comment-- I did this on my own time.

12:18:26 McTeach (Karen): I tell the specific with your questions! Don't ask "How was school?"

 12:18:27 mwyman: Hi Sheila!

12:18:36 Jennifer: Do you feel the parents feel you are telling them that they are NOT doing a good job by sending emails???

 12:18:41 Jennifer: sorry -- TEACHERS

 12:18:41 Sheila: Because they are spending time with their kids? or don't feel it's important.

 12:18:51 Jennifer: don't know why I am confusing parents with teachers today when typing

 12:18:53 snbeach: I think that is the tough part of teaching... that it isnt a job-- it is part of who we are.

 12:18:56 Maureen: @Lisa I know that the biggest excuse teachers at my school have for not learning anything new is "no time". It's not a punch in/punch out job for most of us

 12:19:02 MariaK: @snbeach - no offense taken - for me being an educator never ends and salary is annual :)

  12:19:06 chaugen: I provide in my weekly email some questions about our classroom that will help parents start a conversation with their student.  They say it helps.

12:19:07 plind: cc the principal is the key point there .. not the helpful emails

 12:19:11 Lisa Parisi: Sheryl, my point was that in Ali's school, they refuse to do anything outside of "school" time so I can't connect with them easily.

  12:19:20 Jennifer: are YOU as parents offering teachers help beyond technology suuggestions??

 12:19:23 snbeach: @Lisa ahh got it

12:19:48 plind: @Jennifer -- YES

12:20:17 snbeach: Who is that talking? Lee?

 12:20:20 angelamaiers: Jennifer- I don't see the links as technology but as support. Meeting other teachers, access to resources, learnings they are not aware is just the vehicle for access

  12:20:23 Lee Kolbert: Maria

 12:20:24 Jennifer: I just wonder -- if you are the "TECH" parent only --- wil you be dismissed or ignored (either as just a disturbance or perhaps a threat) but if you offer beyond

12:20:42 Lee Kolbert: Maria is talking

 12:20:42 Maureen: I sent a 3 page doc to each parent... talking about what was planned this year, they have the program of studies write-ups, we had back to school night...

 12:20:48 snbeach: now?

 12:20:49 Jennifer: @angela -- I see that -- I just wonder how the teacher views it?

 12:20:54 jackiegerstein: maria

 12:21:01 Lee Kolbert: yes now

 12:21:04 snbeach: k

12:21:09 snbeach: whop before her

 12:21:12 snbeach: who

 12:21:12 angelamaiers: Jennifer- that is a great point, though...making sure we put a context on the links, emails, or conversations beyond the tech!

  12:21:18 mwyman: Sheila was talking prior to Maria

 12:21:22 snbeach: ok thanks

 12:21:25 snbeach: helpful

12:21:58 stampegr: I think that are still misconceptions about what learning "looks like" : good poster, folded hands, etc.

 12:22:00 plind: @jennifer .. if it is slow and steady (re Tech) with lots of support it can happen but tried first at a whole school level -- failed -- but supporting individual teachers is helping

12:22:10 angelamaiers: Lee- that is awesome!!! GREAT advice!

  12:22:22 Jennifer: @Angela   I think if we bombard them with tech, they might back off.   but if we offer them our support (in a variety of ways) we might open the door a bit more.  :)

 12:22:28 angelamaiers: Talk LEARNING...yes, yes, yes!

12:22:46 Maureen: @Lisa I did the permission form as check off all the boxes- and there was no opt out- only a box that said I will make an appointment to talk with you. I had a few, but most said- I trust your judgment

 12:22:47 snbeach: @Lisa are you streaming it?

 12:22:49 snbeach: hahah

12:22:56 jackiegerstein: And if the kids get excited - and want to do their online projects at home - parents see the value

 12:23:18 Lee Kolbert: @maureen Great idea!

12:23:23 McTeach (Karen): My parents never remember what I say about tech or curriculum. They always hear me talk about how much I love their kids and how much I love learning! That's what they tell me.

12:23:36 angelamaiers: @Jackie- that's what it's all about...when we lead with the value proposition...alot more buy in!

 12:23:39 Jennifer: @McTeach -- YES!   exactly

12:23:49 Lee Kolbert: I ask parents to sign all graded papers. Then after I see the signature (and check it off) then I send it back home.

12:23:50 Maureen: @jackie- I showed aviary suites- part of our google apps- to the 5thh graders last week- had 3 kids email me over the weekend to ask questions about how to use myna

12:24:17 McTeach (Karen): Jennifer...and yet all I talk about, really, is the curriculum and the tech. It's funny!

12:24:27 jackiegerstein: Yep = our junior high is using a wiki for their Africa project, kids wanted to start working on it prior to the start of the project. 

 12:24:27 Jennifer: @McTeach -- but it is the words you use

12:25:15 McTeach (Karen): DENnis!!!!!!

12:25:24 angelamaiers: There is a time and a place where we need to be advocates for our children;this is a case of that

 12:25:25 Jennifer: do your phones work as well??  and pens and paper??   is email your only method of communication.  I as a teacher still LOVE handwritten notes and conversations with parents F2F

12:25:52 Maureen: That's ridiculous Lisa...

12:26:13 angelamaiers: Good point Jennifer, multiple modes of communication. Everyone responds in a unique way...we have to find that avenue

12:26:22 jackiegerstein: and students are our voices -

12:26:50 Jennifer: @angela -- it is essential to have options

 12:26:56 MariaK: Hi DENnis!

 12:27:04 angelamaiers: Hi DENnis!

 12:27:08 DENnis: Is that you talking Maria?

 12:27:14 plind: @angelamaiers but why is the time only when there is a major problem?

 12:27:15 MariaK: that is lisa

 12:27:15 Maureen: Which one did you get Lisa

 12:27:33 DENnis: Oh, now I recognize the voice.

12:27:45 angelamaiers: That is why proactice interactions prior to problem is critical...even if it is just a quick note

 12:27:48 McTeach (Karen): Did you get her "The Brain That Changes Itself"?

  12:28:04 jackiegerstein: that's why home schooling - unschooling is on the rise

12:28:08 Lisa Parisi: Yes, Karen.

 12:28:10 angelamaiers: Another great title for graduating kids- Me2.0 by Dan Swable

 12:28:25 McTeach (Karen): Lisa, I bought it recently. Can't wait to read it!

12:28:52 snbeach: I enjoyed the wisdom you guys have shared. Thanks. Learned a lot.

12:29:27 Jennifer: Can I ask what issues you were having as teachers before you brought tech into the mix.  I am sure you upset parents then as well....correct??   Each of you has always been the UNIQUE teacher on campus.   Nothing really is that new, is it??

12:29:40 angelamaiers: Another must have book - BRAIN RULES  John Medina

  12:29:57 Lisa Parisi: Brain Rules I have already.

12:30:08 McTeach (Karen): Angela....totally agree about Brain Rules!!!

12:30:21 DENnis: @angelamaiers Brain Rules is a must read. They have some great videos on YouTube as well.

 12:30:22 Jennifer: upset parents mean -- you were not the "teacher" they wanted their kid to have    ;)

 12:30:29 Lisa Parisi: Jennifer, nothing is new...with our without tech.  I have been a team teacher.  That was an issue.

12:30:37 Maureen: So it's all about making connections- make parents feel connected to the learning, kids connected... whether they "like" you or not.

  12:30:41 Lisa Parisi: I had centers.  That was an issue.

 12:30:50 angelamaiers: Yes Maureen for sure!!

 12:30:50 Lisa Parisi: We did projects.  That was an issue.

 12:30:57 Lisa Parisi: Change from the norm and you have issues.

 12:31:06 marragem: @Jennifer - yes, some parents thought I was too innovative

12:31:18 Jennifer: yes, Lisa -- yo uhave always been a good teacher -- but not a "by the book" teacher -- nor a by the book parent -- so opposition and kickback will be a given.    and don't worry -- you are doing well

12:31:25 jackiegerstein: John Medina is an amazing speaker

12:31:36 jackiegerstein: :)

12:31:43 jackiegerstein: thanks Angela

12:31:49 McTeach (Karen): Jackie...I so agree. Love listening to him speak!

 12:31:55 jackiegerstein: meet heart to heart cool

12:31:56 McTeach (Karen): that!

 12:32:03 Karenjan: @lisa - Have you read Seventeen Reasons Why Football is Better than High School? Can you share it with Ali's teachers?

12:32:25 jackiegerstein: There's your next book, Angela.

 12:32:28 Lisa Parisi: My conferences include the kids.  Best thing I've done is make the conference center around them

 12:32:43 Maureen: Funny how when I grew up "parenting" was not a verb

12:33:09 Lisa Parisi: Karen, I have to look at the book.

 12:33:22 Lee Kolbert: So glad you all came today!

12:33:33 Jennifer: parents want to know without a shadow of a doubt that you want the best for their child

 12:33:34 McTeach (Karen): Lisa...we do the same thing with conferences. I spend more time talking directly to the student!

12:33:38 Karenjan: @lisa - it's a quick article to read

 12:33:39 plind: parents don't need to be educators to be providing an "education" outside of the classroom .. I find myself doing the same thing

 12:33:47 jackiegerstein: Kids should sat "I love school." - if they do, parents will be "sold"

 12:33:50 jackiegerstein: say

 12:33:50 Maureen: @lisa I have asked for kids to be allowed to come to conferences this year- hoping it gets approved, so I don't have to just do it and deal with consequences later

 12:33:51 DENnis: We do "student led" conferences.

12:34:07 Lee Kolbert: We do those too, Dennis

 12:34:09 MariaK: The audio and the chat will be archived on EdTechTalk and on our blogspot

 12:34:13 DENnis: Grade 5 and up.

 12:34:14 cheryl: thx to all of you for sharing

 12:34:18 jackiegerstein: kids should be brought into most conversations - they are the consumers

12:34:24 McTeach (Karen): do you get the students to lead? My students are always so nervous!

 12:34:26 Jennifer: do you feel more of a need to connect with each parent and student more than you did 5 years ago??

 12:34:35 marragem: I have 3 way conferences - even with 7 yr olds

12:34:51 Maureen: @jackie- since our parents are paying a lot of $$- they are also the consumers.

 12:34:53 Lisa Parisi: Way to go, Amanda

 12:35:09 jackiegerstein: Our school prepares them for student-led conferences

 12:35:10 DENnis: Karen - It's set up like an assignment for them. "Here is what you need to be prepared to share."

 12:35:20 Jennifer: do you have parent/student/teacher confernces that are NOT just in the principal office??

 12:35:35 Lisa Parisi: I think I've changed, Jennifer, since becoming a parent 15 years ago.

 12:35:40 mwyman: @McTeach also some opportunity for students to do a "run through" is helpful with Student Led Conferences

  12:35:46 jackiegerstein: @Maureen - if the parents are paying money and their kids are learning, excited, then they are getting their $$ worth

 12:35:46 McTeach (Karen): DENnis...what do you expect from the students?

 12:36:08 Jennifer: We have backtoschool night but kids are not encouraged to come -- and I wondered why not

12:36:18 McTeach (Karen): Good idea, @mwyman!

 12:36:19 stampegr: My son is in a mixed-ages class (1st-3rd).  First week of school teachers cited a noise problem in the loft area and asked them to come up with a plan to minimize the disturbance...their suggestions were things like few people in the loft, certain items shouldn't be brought up there, etc.

12:36:25 Maureen: @jackie- yes, I was referring to student conferences- students as consumers. I think it is both

 12:36:26 DENnis: Laptops a great idea. So many parents have never seen what their kids do with their laptops or online.

 12:36:44 jackiegerstein: Showed a teacher at my "new" school this She got ery excited about its potential

 12:37:00 mwyman: @McTeach we enilist facutly and community too to help listen to students share while they are preparing

 12:37:15 Jennifer: You must conform to the Team, Lee???   because why............  ??

 12:37:22 DENnis: Karen - have a sheet with expectations. Would have to ask their teacher for one. Can get it to you later if you want.

 12:37:25 angelamaiers: Jackie what is this link about?

 12:37:28 Jennifer: there is a blog post waiting to be written, Lee   ;)

12:37:43 McTeach (Karen): DENnis...I would love that! Thank you!!

12:37:49 Maureen: @jackie I use VT a lot, but not as a portfolio

 12:37:51 Jennifer: great chat today ---

 12:37:51 angelamaiers: Jennifer- lots of blog posts! Lets keep this conversation going! I am so glad you let me crash the party!

 12:37:53 jackiegerstein: Voicethread as a Digital Portfolio - kids explain their best learning artifacts

 12:37:56 McTeach (Karen): This has been a wonderful conversation!!!

 12:37:56 Jennifer: let Will know we missed him

12:38:03 jackiegerstein: virtual applause!!

 12:38:07 DENnis: Karen - I'll be away at outdoor ed this week, but remind me to send it to you.

12:38:13 Jennifer: good thoughts today

 12:38:14 stampegr: thanks everybody.

 12:38:15 DENnis: Thanks all. Sorry I got here late.

  12:38:16 angelamaiers: Virtual applause to all :-)))

 12:38:18 Lisa Parisi:

 12:38:19 McTeach (Karen): Will do, DENnis!

 12:38:26 jackiegerstein: found this "advertised" on Facebook at the 11th hour - missed the beginning ;(

  12:38:29 Lisa Parisi: Thank you all for coming.

  12:38:34 cheryl: thx

 12:38:35 connect2jamie:  Great conversation as usual. Thanks all!

 12:38:39 jackiegerstein: thanks!

 12:38:44 Maureen: Thank you everyone

 12:38:44 jackiegerstein: LOL

 12:38:51 jackiegerstein: bye

 12:38:51 McTeach (Karen): Will be about 8:30 my time!

 12:38:52 marragem: been a fabulous conversation. Thanks everyone!

 12:38:53 Lee Kolbert: bye!

 12:38:54 McTeach (Karen): Bye!