Conversations Episode 75 - What to look for in a new employee?

Post-Show description: 

 This week Sheila Adams and Lisa Parisi discussed what to look for in a new employee.  How do you wind your way through the typical answers to find the perfect candidate for a position?



11:30:09Sheila : We'll start shortly on ustream.

11:30:28tgilley : Okay, I can't stay long.  Wish I could

11:30:33Sheila : starting now.

11:30:36Lisa Parisi : Show is now on ustream

11:31:45Sheila : Welcome McTeach!

11:32:02McTeach : Good morning, Sheila!

11:32:09Lisa Parisi : Hello McTeach!

11:32:27McTeach : Hi Lisa! How are things in NY?

11:32:40Lisa Parisi : Sunny, hot, and beautiful. 

11:33:11McTeach : Sounds like California!

11:33:23McTeach : BRB...

11:34:04Sheila : Welcome doriedance!

11:34:23doriedance : Thanks!  good morning

11:34:36Lisa Parisi : Morning.

11:38:38McTeach : Ok...I'm back

11:39:47McTeach : Am I missing the sound?

11:39:54Lisa Parisi : It's on ustream

11:40:24McTeach : That's what I'm using...I'll try it again

11:40:58Sheila : reload?

11:41:53Lisa Parisi : Can you hear now?

11:42:05McTeach : Yup! Thanks!

11:46:23Lisa Parisi : Hello Pat!

11:46:33loonyhiker : Hi! Thanks for reminding me to come here!

11:47:29loonyhiker : Lisa and Christine are an awesome team!

11:47:37Sheila : Yes!

11:49:31loonyhiker : Your team is such an inspiration when I tell others about it. I use your class as a model in the grad classes that I teach.

11:49:59McTeach : That would be me

11:51:14loonyhiker : You have moved past worrying about each other's personalities and egos after these years and can concentrate on the kids

11:56:59loonyhiker : hard to teach a lesson w/o knowing the needs of the students or what levels they already are on

11:59:01Sheila : So true!

11:59:11McTeach : What about including a video of a lesson in your portfolio?

11:59:32loonyhiker : skyping in a lesson?

12:04:20McTeach : Having connection issues. Grrrrrr

12:11:14McTeach : And what if it's the principal you have trouble working with???

12:11:35Sheila : Good question

12:11:52McTeach : That's why I'd like to leave this school

12:19:21McTeach : How many administrators would know what a digital footprint is???

12:20:29McTeach : Me too!

12:20:52McTeach : Mine wouldn't

12:21:47loonyhiker : only the admins on plurk and twitter :)

12:23:19McTeach : What was your wiki address again? Do you mind if I look at it?

12:23:28McTeach : That's something I need to work on this summer

12:23:49Lisa Parisi :

12:23:58Lisa Parisi : that's wrong

12:23:58McTeach : Thanks!!

12:24:04Lisa Parisi :

12:24:16Lisa Parisi : that's it

12:24:26McTeach : Got it! Thank you!

12:26:24loonyhiker : ooooh ooooh oooh i love it!!

12:26:25McTeach : Awesome!

12:27:06McTeach : We're almost done!

12:27:12loonyhiker : this is our last wk of school here in sc

12:27:27loonyhiker : thanks y'all for a wonderful conversation!

12:27:44Lisa Parisi :

12:28:06McTeach : Looking forward to it

12:28:17Lisa Parisi : Bye