Teachers Teaching Teachers #197 - Students, Teachers, and Gardeners Mark Earth Day 2010 - Hour 2 of Earthcast 2010 - 04.21.10

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Where were you when Earth Day 2010 started at Zero Hour - Greenwich Mean Time Thursday (also known as 9 p.m Eastern / 6 p.m. Pacific USA) ?

Many of us were listening to the 2010 Keynote Earthcast speaker, Jason Czarneki, which is available at Earthbridges.net.

Jason Czarneki, professor of environmental law at Vermont Law School, was the keynoting Earthcast 2010, a live, 24 hour webcastathon starting at 0 GMT on Thursday, April 22nd, 2010 . Jason keynoted Earthcast 2009 and was back to jumpstart Earthcast 2010, this time speaking to the topic of, “Climate Policy and U.S.-China Relations.” The theme of the talk was particularly relevant as Jason is currently living and teaching in Guangzhou, China, north of Hong Kong, on a Fulbright Scholarship. Jason gave a 20-30 minute talk followed by 30 minutes of discussion and questions from the moderators and virtual participants.

That was a tough act to follow, but we did our best! Teachers Teaching Teachers was the second hour of Earthcast 2010:


  • We talked about school/community gardens! Paul Allison’s students at the East-West School of International Studies, Flushing have been tilling the earth this spring. They’ve been inspired by their play in Evoke to change the world, one garden at at time. A couple of student-gardeners join us on this podcast.

  • Susan Ettenheim also welcomed students from the Green Team at her school, Eleanor Roosevelt High School, Manhattan.

  • We also had a teacher new to TTT, Elizabeth Kee. She teaches at Lower East Side Prep, also in Manhattan. Elizabeth had been teaching Paul Fleischman’s Seedfolks to her mainly Chinese and other ELL students. This spring they planted the seeds from this book, and at the time of the Earthday, they were getting ready to move to a community garden.

  • AND!! We were joined by Evoke gardeners, Michele Baron from Virginia, and Patricio Buenrostro-Gilhuys from Guadalajara, Mexico!

What a way to start an EARTH DAY!

Click Read more to see a copy of the chat that was happening during the webcast.


21:06:39 Peggy: Happy Earth Day to Teachers Teaching Teachers!!
21:07:35 SusanEttenheim: hi everyone - can you hear us now?
21:07:45 Peggy: hearing you great
21:08:25 matt montagne: hi annette!!!
21:08:30 SusanEttenheim: hi everyone!
21:08:32 Peggy: 2nd hour of earthcast 2010!! yeah!!
21:08:35 SusanEttenheim: Happy Earth Day!
21:08:44 aschwebel: Hi Matt!
21:08:52 SusanEttenheim: Thanks for inviting us Matt!
21:08:52 matt montagne: indeed, Happy Earth Day indeed!!
21:09:02 matt montagne: welcome Bronst!
21:09:25 matt montagne: just glad you could take hora #2!
21:09:39 shoemap: It's great to have students on!
21:09:41 Peggy: hooray Catherine!! co-president of the green team!
21:09:44 matt montagne: awesome, we have the green team president!!!
21:09:53 matt montagne: welcome, Martha!
21:10:14 Peggy: always love to hear from Martha!
21:11:14 BronSt: Hi peeps Earth Day is here in Aus already :-)
21:12:19 matt montagne: welcome from Aus bronst!
21:12:23 JoseRodriguez -> puentesalmundo: sigues.. william con nosotros verdad?
21:12:33 BronSt: pleased to be here
21:12:38 JoseRodriguez -> puentesalmundo: como esta el audio?
21:13:41 matt montagne: question for Cahterine...what advice do you have for other schools who are starting a green team?? What challenges have your experienced and how can others learn from your work.
21:14:14 matt montagne: http://www.ban.org/
21:14:26 Peggy: very interesting issue!!
21:14:35 matt montagne: basel is a great organization
21:15:30 William Vegazo -> puentesalmundo: no se excucha Jose
21:15:56 Peggy: Catherine sounds like an awesome student leader!
21:15:59 William Vegazo -> puentesalmundo: no tengo audio
21:16:07 BronSt: gr8 for schools to have a green team
21:16:21 JoseRodriguez -> puentesalmundo: quizas lo tengas en silencio
21:16:29 SusanEttenheim: hi carol welcome!
21:16:29 JoseRodriguez -> puentesalmundo: si esta transmitiendo
21:16:34 JoseRodriguez -> puentesalmundo: o recarga el ustream
21:17:08 William Vegazo -> puentesalmundo: ok
21:17:12 BronSt: what age is sophomore?
21:17:14 William Vegazo -> puentesalmundo: vuelvo a entrar dame un minuto
21:17:17 Peggy: I'd like to hear more about how students at Catherine's school are responding and getting involved
21:17:56 SusanEttenheim: 10th grade
21:18:02 SusanEttenheim: 15/16 yrs old
21:18:11 BronSt: thanks @susan
21:18:21 matt montagne: welcome Carolyn!
21:18:37 carolteach4: Hello, all.
21:18:53 Peggy: Ben N Ben talked about creating activity periods at their school during the school day so everyone can be involved in the clubs! Great idea!
21:18:55 matt montagne: that is GREAT on the plastic bottle effort
21:19:50 FundaVAC: Hello everyone, have a sucessful marathon
21:19:59 matt montagne: welcome to FundaVAC
21:20:31 William Vegazo -> puentesalmundo: no tengo audio
21:20:34 FundaVAC: I'm Estefania Salazar, about to participate in the Spanish language cast
21:20:41 Peggy: does UrgentEvoke support things they are doing in their schools with environmental issues?
21:20:48 matt montagne: is the Green movement the defining issue of our youth?
21:20:57 FundaVAC -> puentesalmundo: Hola Jose, hola William
21:21:05 FundaVAC -> puentesalmundo: soy Estefania Salazar
21:21:06 matt montagne: w00t Dominique!!
21:21:07 William Vegazo -> puentesalmundo: hola buenas noches
21:21:19 FundaVAC -> puentesalmundo: voy al aire en unos minutos
21:21:40 William Vegazo -> puentesalmundo: me cambio de equipo y entro
21:21:41 carolteach4: My husband and I stayed at a Courtyard Marriott in Binghamton, NY, this weekend. I was so pleased to see a recycling bin for plastics and glass in the entryway to the hotel. It was pretty full, so people are using it.
21:21:44 matt montagne: do you learn from the other gardeners??
21:21:46 Peggy: who takes care of the garden over the summer when the students are gone?
21:22:19 JoseRodriguez -> puentesalmundo: Hola Estafania..
21:22:24 matt montagne: carolyn...hotels are really trying to "clean up " their acts
21:22:41 SusanEttenheim: ahh peggy - I think that reality is just coming around now!
21:22:41 matt montagne: food deserts in our cities are a huge issue
21:23:02 SusanEttenheim: but it looks like it will be a nice chance for the community to pull together for the summer work
21:23:06 JoseRodriguez -> puentesalmundo: tienes una imagen de tu organizacion que me puedas mandar en skype
21:23:15 SusanEttenheim: hi angela welcome!
21:23:19 kjacobs: Try having parents become "garden captains" for a week during the summer to weed and water
21:23:21 SusanEttenheim: please introduce yourself
21:23:39 angela: Hi I'm from Palo Alto, CA, and I go to Castilleja
21:23:46 SusanEttenheim: welcome!
21:23:47 angela: we will be broadcasting next on Earthcast
21:23:49 angela: :)
21:23:55 SusanEttenheim: great!
21:24:00 angela: thanks - please tune in!
21:24:07 SusanEttenheim: you are gator radio, right?
21:24:11 Peggy: fantastic angela!!
21:24:12 angela: right
21:24:14 matt montagne: Hi Angela...Mr. M here!
21:24:16 angela: hey
21:24:34 matt montagne: you'll have a good audience next hour angela!
21:24:39 SusanEttenheim: catherine - these are students in Cal who run a radio station at their school - I wonder what they have planned for Earth Day there!
21:24:39 angela: great!Mr. M did you reci
21:24:47 Peggy: I"ll definitely be there Angela!
21:24:48 angela: Mr. M did you receive the presentation I sent you?
21:25:06 carolteach4: That is really neat to have school gardens. Our kids read "Seed Folks" in 7th grade - a wonderful story of how connections are made in a community garden; hopefully, someday the story will inspire a school garden. Getting someone to take care of it over the summer would be a challenge.
21:25:08 matt montagne: tip for gardens...use "raised beds on top of flattened cardboard
21:25:26 JL: Wisdom from city farmers - love it :)
21:25:35 matt montagne: forget weeding...just use flattened boxes, raised beds,
21:25:54 Peggy: I was just going to ask you to share that tip Matt! cardboard!
21:26:06 matt montagne: cardboard acts as a weed barriers...then put wood chips on the cardboards...and then bring in your compost
21:26:33 matt montagne: but there are some NASTY weeds that might come back
21:26:47 carolteach4: I think that thick layers of newsprint will also work; I'm not sure about chemicals in the ink, however.
21:26:52 matt montagne: so digging out the weeks is a good plan
21:27:04 JoseRodriguez -> puentesalmundo: https://lacausainc.sslpowered.com/LaCausaSite/Index.html
21:27:42 carolteach4: Start saving coffee grounds, and tea bags, and egg shells, and mix them into the dirt.
21:28:15 matt montagne: *weeds
21:28:16 JoseRodriguez -> puentesalmundo: hola carlos
21:28:23 Peggy: great tips Carolyn!! your video was awesome about compost and gardening! you should share the link here :-)
21:28:37 matt montagne: more on high intensity urban ag: http://www.growingpower.org/
21:28:50 william vegazo -> puentesalmundo: hola amigos ya estoy de nuevo
21:29:21 Peggy: I love getting all of the links and resources people share in these sessions!!
21:29:26 matt montagne: hey mfuller!
21:29:45 carolteach4: Here is a link to the video I made to answer Matt's video challenge for Earthday 2010:
21:29:49 carolteach4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZWPysH3CLk
21:30:13 kcaise: how do the egg shells help the soil?
21:30:22 carolteach4: It's a little lame, but I had fun doing it. I can't believer how those peas are growing.
21:30:37 SusanEttenheim: hi tecnorrante welcome!
21:30:42 carolteach4: Egg shells have lots of nutrients in them that enrich the soil.
21:30:44 Peggy: thanks Carolyn!!
21:31:05 carolteach4: Thank, you, Peggy.
21:31:19 kcaise: wow, didn't know that. i knew they were good for the soil but didn't know exactly how
21:31:37 matt montagne: it is a great digital story carolyn...others will learn from that...guaranteed
21:31:40 cbravo -> puentesalmundo: hola.. no escucho nada
21:31:48 mfuller: Egg shells mixed with coffee grounds also make awesome tomatoes
21:31:48 Peggy: it really isn't lame at all! I left you a comment on Posterous :-)
21:31:53 elproximojuego -> puentesalmundo: salundando al pana tecnorrante
21:32:01 cbravo -> puentesalmundo: buenas noches
21:32:09 carolteach4: I think that calcium is one of the nutrients in egg shells.
21:32:56 Tecnorrante -> puentesalmundo: Quih√∫bole Jes√∫s!
21:33:05 Tecnorrante -> puentesalmundo: güenas noches a todos...
21:33:05 Peggy: this reminds me of the little red hen story! :-) everyone likes to eat the food but not work to grow it
21:33:10 carolteach4: I also understand that putting banana peels inside down around rose bushes is great.
21:33:38 carolteach4: Yeah! someone else mentioning "Seed Folks" I just dropped that in the chat a while ago.
21:33:50 Peggy: yes!
21:33:56 Tecnorrante -> puentesalmundo: Jesús, sólo pa' echonearme, te comento que me regalaron en mi cumple, una botella de Brunello di Montalcino Caparzo 2004
21:33:58 carolteach4: Elizabeth, I think that is a great idea.
21:34:01 Tecnorrante -> puentesalmundo: :D
21:34:02 Tecnorrante -> puentesalmundo: :D
21:34:03 Tecnorrante -> puentesalmundo: :D
21:34:41 carolteach4: Elizabeth, we have kids write their own chapters as a follow-up assignment. They have to show a connection to other characters.
21:34:43 SusanEttenheim: hi devon welcome!hi sarahf
21:34:53 SusanEttenheim: please jump in and introduce yourself!
21:34:55 sarahf: hi
21:35:41 matt montagne: hey devon, sarah...looking forward to your webcast!!!
21:35:56 carolteach4: lima beans, tomatoes, lettuce, eggplant,
21:36:00 elproximojuego -> puentesalmundo: tecnorrante, caballero ud. se faja
21:36:07 elproximojuego -> puentesalmundo: seguro lo disfrutó
21:36:07 Peggy: http://www.amazon.com/Seedfolks-Joanna-Colter-Books-Fleischman/dp/006447...
21:36:16 elproximojuego -> puentesalmundo: saludos a estefanía desde FUNDAVAC
21:36:17 SusanEttenheim: thank you peggy!
21:36:25 Peggy: such a creative approach!!
21:36:28 Tecnorrante -> puentesalmundo: Jejeje, no lo abrí, habían otras botellas en cola :-D
21:36:38 carolteach4: The book also emphasizes how the garden can be a healing place.
21:36:38 Tecnorrante -> puentesalmundo: Saludos a Estefanía!
21:36:53 SusanEttenheim: hi william welcome!
21:37:00 carolteach4: That is exactly what our students did. Great teacher minds think alike.
21:37:07 william vegazo -> puentesalmundo: @Carlos debes reinicar5 el ustream
21:37:26 william vegazo -> puentesalmundo: reiniciar el ustream
21:37:33 carolteach4: Hey, Elizabeth. I'd like to connect our classes. Our 7th graders are reading it now.
21:37:52 carolteach4: How can I call in?
21:38:06 elproximojuego -> puentesalmundo: tremenda iniciativas
21:38:32 Peggy: tell us more about Evoke Patricio!
21:39:26 Peggy: has Patricio posted any photos to the Flickr group for Earthcast10?
21:39:29 elproximojuego -> puentesalmundo: saludos desde caracas
21:39:36 Peggy: would love to see them
21:39:43 Tecnorrante -> puentesalmundo: Saludos desde Caracas
21:40:36 Peggy: community gardens can be wonderful social experiences :-)
21:40:43 william vegazo -> puentesalmundo: José dónde puedo bajar estos podcast para ponerlos en mi blog?
21:40:52 FundaVAC -> puentesalmundo: @Tecnorrante Saludos :D
21:41:14 SusanEttenheim: hi mfuller welcome!
21:41:22 SusanEttenheim: and william - welcome
21:42:05 Peggy: the missions seem really challenging and yet fun!
21:42:32 Peggy: very good explanation Dominique!
21:43:20 Peggy: http://www.urgentevoke.com/page/mission-list
21:43:44 Tecnorrante -> puentesalmundo: FundaVAC Saludos! Tiempo sin verla!
21:44:27 FundaVAC -> puentesalmundo: Aqui estamos :)
21:44:34 FundaVAC -> puentesalmundo: http://www.fundavac.org.ve
21:44:43 Tecnorrante -> puentesalmundo: Anotadísimo
21:44:48 FundaVAC -> puentesalmundo: y http://www.twitter.com/CienciaVE
21:44:54 Peggy: are students put off by the amount of writing they have to do in Evoke? saw a few comments about that in Youth Voices
21:44:55 FundaVAC -> puentesalmundo: creo que ya te seguimos :)
21:45:04 Tecnorrante -> puentesalmundo: Pos sí :)
21:45:10 FundaVAC -> puentesalmundo: ese es mi trabajo (@Tecnorrante me conoce de otras partes)
21:45:52 FundaVAC -> puentesalmundo: gracias por la escucha.. cuando terminen los micros hablo un poquito de FundaVAC y qué es lo que está haciendo
21:48:12 elproximojuego -> puentesalmundo: bueno, ahora me toca a mí... como chataing jeje
21:48:21 Peggy: very interesting Catherine!! Thanks!
21:49:11 Tecnorrante -> puentesalmundo: Epa, Jesús, te gusta la poesía del gran Kavafis! Que bueno...
21:49:25 Tecnorrante -> puentesalmundo: A√∫n esperas a los b√°rbaros? :)
21:49:28 elproximojuego -> puentesalmundo: sí, desde hace como 17 años
21:49:37 elproximojuego -> puentesalmundo: siempre los escucho venir
21:49:40 FundaVAC -> puentesalmundo: Aquí está el autor del próximo micro @elproximojuego
21:49:43 Peggy: do you have to worry about protecting the community garden from vandalism?
21:49:48 elproximojuego -> puentesalmundo: y me siento cómodo en el primer peldaño
21:49:52 FundaVAC -> puentesalmundo: corrijo, del actual micro
21:50:14 carolteach4: @Elizabeth - that is so great. It takes a great commitment.
21:50:37 carolteach4: Audio is breaking up for me.
21:50:41 Tecnorrante -> puentesalmundo: Que buena idea haber leído "Itaca"!!!! Te la comiste
21:50:54 SusanEttenheim: yes carol
21:51:22 FundaVAC -> puentesalmundo: excelente, de verdad que yo lo vi como una red com√∫n.. vinos, libros.. ninguno existe sin nuestro planeta
21:51:26 carolteach4: Can someone explain the makeup of Elizabeth's class to me?
21:51:32 elproximojuego -> puentesalmundo: :) gracias
21:51:37 SusanEttenheim: ok we lagged a little but the sound seems to be ok again now
21:51:44 SusanEttenheim: thanks for hanging in with us everyone
21:51:55 carolteach4: Very choppy again - hard to understand -now it's cleared up again.
21:51:59 elproximojuego -> puentesalmundo: fue una gran experiencia pensarlo y grabarlo, gracias a fundavac y a estefanía por la invitación
21:52:09 elproximojuego -> puentesalmundo: qué chévere la música del de félix :)
21:52:15 SusanEttenheim: hopefully that's it for choppy sound for tonight!
21:52:38 carolteach4: Sam is one of the main characters in Seedfolks -how interesting!
21:52:57 carolteach4: Sam is the one who moderates and connects characters.
21:53:06 JoseRodriguez -> puentesalmundo: gracias por su aportacion
21:53:32 Peggy: does she talk to her plants? :-) and sing to them?
21:53:47 Peggy: I heard that helps :-)
21:54:03 Paul Allison: http://paulallison.tumblr.com/post/537288280 photos!
21:54:33 Peggy: thanks Paul
21:55:08 matt montagne: be sure to stick around for hour #3 with some students from California!
21:55:20 elizabethkee: The class is comprised of ESL 4 students (low/intermediate level) who mostly immigrated from China in the last 6mos-1 1/2 years.
21:55:49 Peggy: it wasn't a joke! I've heard it really works :-)
21:56:04 carolteach4: @Elizabeth - oh, what a wonderful book for them to read. It is easy but yet complex.
21:56:36 SusanEttenheim: hi elproximojurego welcome!
21:56:40 SusanEttenheim: welcome wiliam
21:57:01 kcaise: or the carbon dioxide when she talks to the plants
21:57:02 william vegazo: hola from Lima Peru
21:57:11 Peggy: paying attention to the plants I guess--watering surely is part of it
21:57:32 carolteach4: Leftover tea is supposed to be great to use to water your plants. Be careful not to overwater.
21:57:42 Peggy: those are great points about the value of gardens! great community builders
21:59:06 elizabethkee: I love all these gardening tips! Keep them coming!
21:59:09 carolteach4: We struck up acquaintances with our neighbors on either side of us when we started trading perrenials. Prior to talking over the fence while gardening, we had had no converse at all.
21:59:39 Peggy: some great advice from everyone!
21:59:50 SusanEttenheim: hi lorimcd welcome! where and what do you teach?
22:00:00 carolteach4: We had no luck the last couple of years with regular tomatoes, but the grape and cherry tomatoes thrived.
22:00:03 SusanEttenheim: welcome back angela!
22:00:08 angela: thanks
22:00:16 Tecnorrante -> puentesalmundo: Ya terminó la participación de los venezolanos?
22:00:22 SusanEttenheim: I want to introduce you and catherine, one of our students at ElRo in NYC
22:00:23 Tecnorrante -> puentesalmundo: :) como que sí :)
22:00:32 angela: Hi
22:01:23 Catherine: Helloo.
22:01:52 angela: hey i heard part of your presentation...it was awesome!
22:01:58 angela: :)
22:02:30 JoseRodriguez -> puentesalmundo: seguimos.. en transmitierra 2010
22:02:34 Peggy: the raised beds might be an option??
22:03:29 matt montagne: raised beds are great
22:03:34 matt montagne: you can do raised beds on concrete
22:03:43 matt montagne: and blacktop
22:04:07 matt montagne: raised beds can even be done on top of soil that has been at risk for contamination...as long as you bring in your compost
22:04:32 carolteach4: Do you have any pictures, Matt, of raised beds on concrete and/or pavement?
22:04:42 Peggy: I love that project!!
22:04:52 matt montagne: I don't...but search '
22:04:56 matt montagne: grown power
22:04:59 carolteach4: @ Matt - Isn't that what had to happen in the White House lawn garden?
22:05:05 matt montagne: growing power is an urban ag non for profit
22:05:07 Peggy: wonderful session!! thanks everyone!
22:05:33 carolteach4: Do we have any links to Catherine's work with the projects she's doing?
22:05:37 Peggy: Gator Radio is an awesome show!! can't wait to hear from all of you!
22:05:42 SusanEttenheim: matt should we call you in for a sec?
22:05:47 matt montagne: no
22:05:50 matt montagne: we're ready