Instructional-Design-Live#15 2010-4-23 Teaching Presence in a Community of Inquiry

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This week is the final part in a series exploring the Community of Inquiry Framework. Jennifer Maddrell leads us in an exploration of the practical dimensions of establishing teaching presence in online courses.


Teaching Presence

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Key questions considered include:

  • What are key design and administration considerations for an online or distance course?
  • How can the teacher facilitate critical discourse among learners?
  • How can group projects be effectively designed and administered to facilitate critical discourse

Chat Transcript:


00:08 - Peggy George
Just waking up but didn't want to miss part 3 :-)

00:39 - Peggy George

00:52 - Peggy George
You have my complete attention

01:45 - Peggy George
are those links somewhere where I can click on them?

01:54 - Joni
Hi Linda

01:56 - Jennifer

02:05 - Joni
Hi Chett

02:12 - Peggy George

02:15 - Joni
Hello Amy

02:22 - Robert
Hi Linda

02:36 - Robert
Welcome Amy, Dblack :-)

02:53 - DBlack
Sorry I'm late.

02:53 - Chett
hi - i made it. :)

02:55 - Peggy George
Sounds so simple :-)

04:21 - Joni
Hey Jenna

05:41 - Peggy George
those don't add up to 100% :-)

06:26 - DBlack
Can you explain these %s?

06:48 - Linda U
Is this teacher % compared to Student %?

07:13 - Jenna 1
Hi :)

07:13 - Peggy George

07:24 - DBlack

07:29 - Peggy George
they overlap

08:23 - Jennifer
@linda ... yes ... this would be messages FROM the teacher out to the students

09:06 - Linda U
It's more work

09:18 - Linda U
when you have to write everything, it's very time consuming

09:56 - Peggy George
so true Linda-but after the first time you can tweak and revise and takes less time

10:12 - Joni
At a more micro level, I plan a course away from the LMS. I create a table where I track the learning objectives, projects, readings, activities, etc. This allows me to look for balance, time on task, movement to objectives,etc. prior to building stuff.

10:28 - Peggy George
great idea Joni!

10:45 - Peggy George
where do you create the table? Google docs?

11:09 - Joni
I just do it in Word. I keep it simple.

11:14 - Peggy George
paper??? try not to use it :-)

11:16 - Amy
yes, we suggest that the last step is to start working in the LMS

13:12 - Peggy George
the table is a great idea! do you start with a template that you have created so you can use it in multiple classes?

15:22 - Robert
I think a lot is about remembering to take care of these things--frameowrks, tables, guides, a systematic process helps a great deal

15:35 - Peggy George
you could color code/highlight parts within the table to identify multiple intelligences, or parts of the process to make sure you haven't left something out in your planning

16:41 - Peggy George
good tip! always do the activity yourself first and then double the time for the students

16:47 - Amy
I'm afraid I can't stay :(

16:54 - Robert
yes! Cristison or Christenson(?) has an excellent workbork for including MI

16:58 - Peggy George
sorry Amy - bye

17:02 - Amy
Is the recording going to be available somewhere after?

17:07 - Robert
in planning

17:17 - Jennifer
@amy ... yes ... recording will be at

17:34 - Robert
Yes, and

17:55 - Amy
thx, Sorry to cut htis short. I look forward to the recording.

18:16 - Peggy George
do you assume that instructors have taught the course f2f before they teach it online?

18:41 - Robert
in my case, mostly yes Peggy

18:48 - Robert
but we check

19:34 - Jennifer

20:00 - Jennifer
This is the link to the document Joni is highlighting

20:14 - Peggy George
great PDF!! thanks

22:02 - Peggy George
very helpful to include the team review collaboration rubric!

22:25 - Jenna 1
That has been my experience, too, Joni- when structured and articulated group work online can be really powerful

24:14 - Jenna 1
I agree... larger groups can work well- but learners need to be clear on their role and responsibility in the group and as you mentioned before- have low-stakes opportunities to build the skills to work together well online, then, the work in the project is powerful

24:38 - Peggy George
how much time do you spend on the preliminary steps of setting expectations, practicing and understanding collaborative work? is it only at the beginning of the course?

25:03 - Peggy George
great point Jenna

26:09 - Peggy George
holding the students accountable :-) great suggestions

26:14 - Peggy George
carry on

28:00 - Jenna 1
Peggy- I spend the first three-four weeks of a 12-15 week course where the primary focus is on learning how to use the tools to collaborate and interact around foundational content- then, once they are good at discussion, dialogueing and interacting around easy to understand content- then we delve into the deeper content

28:01 - Peggy George
I have found that many of them come with more unsuccessful collaborative experiences than successful!

28:30 - Robert
Hi Sheryl

29:03 - Peggy George
and it's practice time with actual content--not just "telling" and "talking" about the process?

29:04 - Sheryl
Hi! I had a bit of trouble getting here. New computer needed help;D

29:15 - Peggy George
welcome Sheryl!

29:22 - Sheryl
Thanks Peggy.

29:47 - Peggy George
so glad you had success getting in!

30:20 - Jennifer
@sheryl ... recording will be up later on :)

30:30 - Joni
Unfortunately I won't be around next Friday. AERA conference here in Denver.

30:34 - Jennifer
about done with live session :)

30:39 - Linda U
what is AERA

31:01 - Joni
Aemerican Educational Research Association

31:02 - Peggy George
those sound like great ways to continue the conversation!!

31:44 - Joni
I will hate to miss the session, so will check out the recording afterwards. :-)

31:51 - Peggy George
that sounds really good Robert!

31:59 - Peggy George

32:17 - Sheryl
thanks Jennifer

32:22 - Joni
Thanks everyone! Have a great weekend!

32:41 - Peggy George
thank you so much for these sessions! Thanks Jennifer!!

32:41 - Sheryl

32:43 - Jennifer
Thank you, Joni!

32:46 - Peggy George
bye everyone

32:47 - Jenna 1
Great conversation.  Thanks for sharing such great ideas :) Have a great weekend!

32:49 - chett

32:50 - Jennifer
She did all my "work" :)

32:53 - Linda U
thank you!

32:54 - DBlack
Thanks... really great seesion.

33:11 - Linda U
suggestion - put link to Eluminate on the EdTEch Talk site

33:15 - Peggy George
don't click on away--log out

33:15 - Jennifer
how RUDE :)

33:26 - Jennifer
kicking out our nice visitors :)