2010-03-28 ben N ben Show #6

Post-Show description: 

This is posted much later than the broadcast, but I finally was able to upload it! Enjoy!



 PeggyG -> Room 1 Hi-sorry I'm late! forgot the time!

 PeggyG -> Room 1 how exciting! Freshmen presenting at the Maine Technology Conference!! Woo hoo!

 PeggyG -> Room 1 great idea Ben and Ben!

 PeggyG -> Room 1 is the conference being streamed?

 PeggyG -> Room 1 lot of static right now since you brought in the guest on skype

 PeggyG -> Room 1 can't hear her -(

 PeggyG -> Room 1 hearing much better now

 PeggyG -> Room 1 I didn't know you could fill out multiple censuses -) does that mean you'll be counted multiple times?

 PeggyG -> Room 1 Hi nanga!

 PeggyG -> Room 1 can you hear the stream?

 alicebarr -> Room 1 Peggy can you hear OK?

 PeggyG -> Room 1 what an honor! Apple Distinguished School for the high school!!

 PeggyG -> Room 1 yes hearing great now!

 PeggyG -> Room 1 the static came when the skype call was put on speakers

 nanga -> Room 1 I found the name of the challenge Moodys math challenge (google it) 

 PeggyG -> Room 1 I'd love to hear more about the iPads -)

 nanga -> Room 1 " and yes, I hear the program loud and clear"

 PeggyG -> Room 1 great nanga!

 PeggyG -> Room 1 I would love to have an iPad but I'll settle for my iPhone

 PeggyG -> Room 1 I love your photos on your home page with the apple logos!

 PeggyG -> Room 1 http://sites.google.com/site/bennbenshow/

 alicebarr -> Room 1 They got those shirs from the Student tech conferece 2 years ago

 alicebarr -> Room 1 shirts

 PeggyG -> Room 1 shift of power?

 PeggyG -> Room 1 I'd love to have a shirt like that!!

 nanga -> Room 1 free and fair elections?

 PeggyG -> Room 1 you will be awesome reps!!

 PeggyG -> Room 1 thanks for clarifying!

 PeggyG -> Room 1 the student liaison position sounds very important!

 PeggyG -> Room 1 I'm so impressed that students know so much about the school!

 alicebarr -> Room 1 " They have done a great job... only been in existince for 2 years. we are small, 500 students"

 PeggyG -> Room 1 brilliant idea to allow the clubs to meet during the school day! they are so busy after school!!

 PeggyG -> Room 1 high stress time for students and teachers! SAT scores -)

 PeggyG -> Room 1 would love to hear about the proposed changes to the laptop rules!

 PeggyG -> Room 1 does it also apply to cell phones?

 alicebarr -> Room 1 proposing that you cannot interfere with the educational process

 PeggyG -> Room 1 " if students can be trusted to use their laptops appropriately all the rest of the day, why not in study hall?"

 PeggyG -> Room 1 you described it really well! it's all about choices and making good decisions about how you spend your time

 PeggyG -> Room 1 can you require them to use headsets?

 PeggyG -> Room 1 there are valuable things on YouTube but if you don't use a headset it would be disruptive to others

 alicebarr -> Room 1 hey do have to use headsets

 nanga -> Room 1 If a student is failing a class maybe a guided study hall should be mandatory until passing?  

 PeggyG -> Room 1 dead giveaway -)

 alicebarr -> Room 1 " @nanga Yes, good idea..."

 alicebarr -> Room 1 yes so obvious

 PeggyG -> Room 1 what a great idea to present a live podcast from UML

 PeggyG -> Room 1 sounds awesome!!

 PeggyG -> Room 1 Matt Montagne will be a fantastic guest!! yeah Gator Radio!

 PeggyG -> Room 1 I love their sense of humor!!

 PeggyG -> Room 1 yes!! Wes Fryer!!!

 PeggyG -> Room 1 Italy and Spain?? Wow!

 PeggyG -> Room 1 record a podcast there and then stream it later

 PeggyG -> Room 1 yes!!

 PeggyG -> Room 1 earthcast from Italy!! sign up right now!

 nanga -> Room 1 " you are from The United States, not from ""America"""

 alicebarr -> Room 1 a bit wound up this afternoon! )

 nanga -> Room 1 The United States

 PeggyG -> Room 1 love it!

 PeggyG -> Room 1 I'm in Phoenix AZ -)

 PeggyG -> Room 1 woo hoo! a celebrity in the chat room!

 nanga -> Room 1 thanks for the invite!

 alicebarr -> Room 1 Thank you for joing us!

 PeggyG -> Room 1 I'm a big fan of Ben and Ben!

 alicebarr -> Room 1 joining us

 PeggyG -> Room 1 great webcast! thank you!!

 PeggyG -> Room 1 thank you all!


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