2010-03-11 Seedlings with Podcasting Principal Melinda Miller

All three Seedlings are here with Principal Miller. Principal Miller just returned from Google Teachers Academy for Administrators. Listen in and find out what the difference is for administrators! We have some awesome Geeks of the Week to share with you and the chat room rocks as usual.

“Geek of the Week” Links for 2010-03-11

Principal Miller's Links:


The Chat:

 19:18:21  cheryloakes~seedlings  Welcome to Seedlings, getting ready
 19:28:28  cheryloakes~seedlings  Welcome to all
 19:33:13  cheryloakes~seedlings  welcome Matt
 19:33:22  melindamiller  MATT Hello!!!
 19:33:35  matt montagne  howdy cheryl, melinda, et al
 19:33:47  bobsprankle  hi matt
 19:35:28  alicebarr  Hi Matt!
 19:35:35  bobsprankle  hi carol!
 19:35:37  alicebarr  Hi Carol teach!
 19:36:05  carolteach4  Hey! Was lurking but decided to come in. Been using Google apps a lot in the past few weeks.
 19:36:06  matt montagne  hey carol
 19:36:09  alicebarr  Melinda just finished Google for Admin
 19:36:13  matt montagne  *carolyn
 19:36:31  cheryloakes~seedlings  Hi Carol4teach, how was NYC
 19:36:48  carolteach4  Hey, Matt. Yes! I sent you a tweet today about the filkm for EarthDay - talk with you later.
 19:36:55  carolteach4  NYC was awesome!
 19:37:04  carolteach4  film
 19:37:05  matt montagne  definitely carolyn
 19:37:36  matt montagne  I heard the news regarding all of the school closures in Kansas City Public Schools...
 19:38:38  carolteach4  I was listening to the story about Kansas public schools on PBS while driving home -too bad state of the art buildings are to be closed. What a shame the economy is taking such a tole on education -
 19:39:00  cheryloakes~seedlings  hello mslaneeus, welcome
 19:39:04  alicebarr  Welcome mslaneeus
 19:39:09  mslaneeus  Thank you.
 19:39:24  alicebarr  Kansas City... sad
 19:40:12  matt montagne  I guess KC also had a dramtatic demographic shift over the last 10 years as well...apparently they lost quite a few students.
 19:40:30  carolteach4  I'm not great typing on the iPhone. Cheryl asked me to blog from Celebration of Teaching and Learning. I did, but it was only two lines long. However, my next post from school a few days longer was the longest I've written.
 19:40:45  carolteach4  http://evolvingclassroombethany.blogspot.com
 19:41:06  matt montagne  I LOVE the video essay requirement
 19:41:12  cheryloakes~seedlings  I read your short posts!!
 19:41:27  matt montagne  I would like to see video essays required for teaching positions
 19:41:34  carolteach4  Try to read my longer one, please.
 19:41:39  cheryloakes~seedlings  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AQoj2vZ_S0
 19:41:46  cheryloakes~seedlings  I will carol!!!
 19:41:53  alicebarr  Interesting Matt, Juniors are now getting solicited by colleges saying they can apply with video
 19:41:56  carolteach4  If you give a mouse a cookie
 19:42:08  cheryloakes~seedlings  yes Carol, check out her  video
 19:42:26  alicebarr  Ben N got one today from Carnegie mellon
 19:42:45  cheryloakes~seedlings  very cool Alice
 19:43:56  carolteach4  I just looked at your video, Melinda. It's really cool. I love it.
 19:45:32  bobsprankle  hi mslaneeus
 19:45:41  mslaneeus  Hello.
 19:46:23  carolteach4  I taught English for 10 years before my boys were born, but I took a leave when they were born. I was not able to multitask the way Melinda obviously can. I knew I was so obsessive about my job that I had to leave the English teaching and make the boys my job. I also had no support system in CT. Everyone was in Maine.
 19:46:41  matt montagne  being able to convey a message in mixed media is an increasingly valuable skill
 19:47:08  cheryloakes~seedlings  Carol, I did the same thing, home for 7 years and now I am back!
 19:47:15  cheryloakes~seedlings  hello Rocky
 19:49:41  carolteach4  We have connected our two middle school using Google docs and Google Sites. The kids in our Mandarin Chinese teacher's classes are building web site on the Chinese New Year traditions and celebrations in small groups of 4 to 6 kids. These kids have never met face to face even though they are only separated by about 10 miles. It's the first time we've gotten outside the school walls. It's a start.
 19:50:19  matt montagne  definitely a start, Carol
 19:50:19  alicebarr  Very cool carol
 19:50:36  cheryloakes~seedlings  Carol, mandarin way cool.
 19:50:53  matt montagne  I find that it is sometimes useful to connect with others in our own building/nearby before anything else
 19:50:55  carolteach4  We also have done a Voice Thread with kids from Bethany and kids from Orange. Again, it's a first for us.
 19:51:32  matt montagne  I'm pretty happy to get some more admiistrators in the GCT Online Community
 19:51:52  cheryloakes~seedlings  Yes, Matt, it will help all with our perspective.
 19:51:59  matt montagne  I'm looking forward to the admin voice in our discussions
 19:52:21  alicebarr  @matt Me too!
 19:52:21  carolteach4  The only other time we used Voice Thread before was when a few of our students participated in Matt's Voice Thread for EarthCast09
 19:54:01  carolteach4  @Melinda - have you been able to get other administrators involved in connecting with others online through webinars, Nings, Google? I am trying to get other teachers involved at my school, but it's tough.
 19:54:53  carolteach4  I got my media specialist involved in last night's PBS webinar on Fair Use and Copyright, and she just didn't like it.
 19:55:05  cheryloakes~seedlings  great for you!!
 19:55:30  cheryloakes~seedlings  we need to take people in and out of their comfort zone
 19:55:50  cheryloakes~seedlings  some media people don't want things to change
 19:56:41  carolteach4  Oh, it's not that. She is very forward thinking, but she finds trying to listen and chat very hard. I did too, at first. She'd rather get her info in print.
 19:57:04  carolteach4  I haven't played much with Google Calendar, at all.
 19:57:07  cheryloakes~seedlings  oh, now i understand, i heard that today too. people don't like webinars
 19:57:32  alicebarr  Calendar is how many teachers have bought into Google
 19:57:49  cheryloakes~seedlings  good point Alice
 19:57:56  carolteach4  I, on the other hand, get soooooo energized by participating in these webinars. I learn so much and it keeps my energy high.
 19:58:07  carolteach4  Now I want to learn more about calendar.
 19:58:10  cheryloakes~seedlings  I agree Carol4teach
 19:58:19  alicebarr  So easy to add items and embed
 19:59:33  carolteach4  I am trying to help my teachers see how powerful Google Docs is - I tell them they should encourage their students to use Google Docs and share the assignments with their teacher. It puts the onus for leaning on the kids.
 20:00:38  carolteach4  @Melinda - do you have Google Apps for schools - or do your teachers have to have their own individual accounts.
 20:00:39  matt montagne  google apps is an empowering platform in so many ways
 20:01:04  matt montagne  our school engineer made a really nice site for his department
 20:01:08  matt montagne  and nobody new about it
 20:01:10  cheryloakes~seedlings  carol4teach, Melinda's HS had google domain, she wants to add the domain to her elementary school
 20:02:11  carolteach4  If I had it to do over again, I'd have two domains for my middle school -the one we have has all students and teachers lumped together. I'd like a separate educational domain for the teachers with more priviledges.
 20:02:13  matt montagne  we have that problem bob
 20:02:19  matt montagne  we have hundreds of calendars
 20:02:55  matt montagne  but, it is a good problem to have
 20:02:55  cheryloakes~seedlings  Hm, I see carol4teach, we always are making changes and improving right
 20:03:03  carolteach4  I could NEVER keep track of all those calendars. I have enough trouble rememebering to check three email accounts.
 20:03:43  matt montagne  carol...it can be difficult to choose an implementation strategy
 20:03:51  matt montagne  Just know that there are NO BAD choices...
 20:04:01  matt montagne  and there are NO PERFECT choices
 20:04:06  alicebarr  That's great advice Matt
 20:04:37  cheryloakes~seedlings  BUZZ
 20:04:56  cheryloakes~seedlings  Matt, that is right, there isn't a one size fits all
 20:05:09  matt montagne  Carol...there will be more user policies in Google apps networks in the future...
 20:05:19  matt montagne  so you'll be able to give certain permissions to teachers, etc
 20:05:25  cheryloakes~seedlings  that is good to know Matt
 20:05:42  matt montagne  I'm just so excited about the apps marketplace right now
 20:06:04  alicebarr  Yeah the market place is cool. What apps do you recommend?
 20:06:23  matt montagne  Imagine moodle, wordpress mu, ed.Voicethread, etc, all fully integrated into our g apps networks providing users one point of authentication
 20:06:26  carolteach4  Our year book coordinator did his superlatives this year using a form from Google Apps in our school domain. He was really excited about how much easier it was than collecting hand-written ballots from each of the kids by homeroom. Yeah!
 20:06:50  matt montagne  @carol...we've only installed aviary, the image editing suite
 20:06:59  matt montagne  *alice
 20:07:24  matt montagne  I like Zappos' corporate policy on social networking
 20:07:29  cheryloakes~seedlings  Our yearbook person did that too Carol. she loved it
 20:08:15  cheryloakes~seedlings  matt that is my dream, moodle, integrated to goggle domain!
 20:08:16  carolteach4  @ Matt. I will be waiting for those, Matt. I am frustrated by not being able to limit some of the priviledges in Google Sites for collaborators. I'm working with middle schoolers, and I'd like to have more control as an owner. For example, I don't like the idea that they can turn comments off and on. I wish that were an owner (teacher) features.
 20:08:17  alicebarr  Matt is that something worth sharing with admin?
 20:08:29  matt montagne  Zappos simple corporate social networking policy: "Be real & use your best judgement."
 20:08:40  alicebarr  We are meeting tomorrow about social networking with admins
 20:08:45  carolteach4  I have heard that Google is supposed to work with Moodle, but none of the details.
 20:08:53  alicebarr  Oh I LOVE it!!
 20:08:59  matt montagne  yes, that is a weakness of sites, Carol...
 20:09:15  cheryloakes~seedlings  Yes, someone is using it and likes it. Carol, I find out who.
 20:09:36  matt montagne  carol...there is a google moodle tie in, but you go to moodle first...I'd like it to be the other way around as google's up time can't be beat
 20:09:56  matt montagne  Is buzz going to be integrated into Google Apps education edition?? If so, any idea of when??
 20:10:50  carolteach4  What is BUZZ again? Quick explanation?
 20:10:53  cheryloakes~seedlings  carol, email the google sites support and let them know, they are responsive
 20:11:07  cheryloakes~seedlings  BUZZ is like a twitter built into gmail
 20:11:12  carolteach4  @Cheryl. I did today - hope they got it.
 20:11:26  matt montagne  buzz inside of google apps EE will be pretty nice...brings social networking to our schools (although I would contend that in many ways google apps EE networks are social networks right now)
 20:12:21  alicebarr  @Matt no idea. Kern would know
 20:12:34  carolteach4  I don't think our teachers would buy into Buzz at our middle school. We even turned off chat. Many of our kids really aren't mature enough to handle it.
 20:13:26  matt montagne  we enabled chat...we've had a few problems, but I find that it really isn't that different than email. People can horse around in email just as easy as chat.
 20:13:34  matt montagne  But, I understand your position Carol
 20:13:52  carolteach4  I try to keep everything very professional in webinar chat and in twitter and my blog.
 20:13:56  alicebarr  Same here Matt. Kids use it all the time after school. noyt many problems either
 20:14:32  carolteach4  @Matt - I though you were working with older kids.
 20:14:42  carolteach4  Mine are 12 and 13.
 20:14:58  matt montagne  we did have an issue earlier this year where adults were essentially blaming chat for the problem...as it turns out, the problems had nothing to do with chat and everything to do with healthy relationships
 20:15:15  matt montagne  Carol...we have grades 6-12...
 20:15:27  matt montagne  but still, I completely understand your positiion
 20:15:35  carolteach4  OH!  Wow!
 20:16:16  matt montagne  what is great about chat is that students are learning to manage time...and to manage their time online.
 20:16:37  alicebarr  Matt, Ben and ben call it the 24/7 school library
 20:16:48  carolteach4  If you get a chance, watch the show from Frontline - Digital Nation. They address virtual worlds. It's a fascinating 90 minutes. I'll try to find the link and put it in.
 20:17:07  matt montagne  I'll check that out, Carolyn
 20:19:49  carolteach4  Here is the link:
 20:19:52  carolteach4  http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/digitalnation/?utm_campaign=home...
 20:20:05  cheryloakes~seedlings  Thanks carol4teach
 20:20:45  matt montagne  IT people are incredibly scared of it
 20:21:18  matt montagne  there are certain elephants in the room when you add a free platform that isn't installed on their network.
 20:22:25  carolteach4  We did have an inappropriate post on one of the weather sites the kids are building. Luckily, we were aware of it right away and could remove it. Also, it was clear who made put in the inappropriate material. It makes things so difficult when kids do not follow our rules for being ethical.
 20:23:38  mslaneeus  Big changes here too.  Loss of schools.
 20:24:18  carolteach4  There is so much negative press and headlines about teachers - getting rid of bad ones, etc. We do so much preaching to the choir. We need to get our message out to the general population of how much we do and how dedicated we are.
 20:24:30  cheryloakes~seedlings  oh, mslaneeus, sorry to hear that, it is a tough time
 20:24:31  matt montagne  agreed, Carolyn
 20:24:35  bobsprankle  http://sites.google.com/a/saline.k12.mi.us/cloud-living/
 20:25:01  matt montagne  great show, all!
 20:25:08  cheryloakes~seedlings  thanks Matt!
 20:25:42  alicebarr  http://teachingwithted.pbworks.com/TEDxNYED
 20:26:03  carolteach4  This looks so interesting. I'll be anxious to see how it compares with our experience. We are really still rolling it out.
 20:26:46  carolteach4  I got to see a few of the presentations live on Saturday - exciting.
 20:27:07  cheryloakes~seedlings  http://www.wordsift.com/  http://www.teachhub.com/news/article/cat/14/item/393
 20:27:28  carolteach4  So much was going on in NYC on March 4 and March 5 - I haven't seen much from anyone about Celebration of Teaching and Learning
 20:27:53  alicebarr  I saw Lucy who had been at T & L
 20:29:37  carolteach4  I just played with it briefly, Cheryl. Awesome.
 20:30:04  bobsprankle  http://www.guide2digitallearning.com/blog_jim_vanides/what_s_edtech_hori...
 20:31:02  cheryloakes~seedlings  hello jasonmkern!!
 20:31:17  carolteach4  I printed off some of the National Ed Tech Plan today -now to find time to read it.
 20:31:40  cheryloakes~seedlings  Carol, maybe we will talk about that next time!
 20:32:04  carolteach4  Arne Ducan spoke at Celebration of Teaching and Learning and encouraged teachers to comment; it's where we can make our voices heard and hopefully, listened to.
 20:32:36  jasonmkern  hello
 20:32:52  bobsprankle  http://naesp.typepad.com/blog/2010/03/federal-update-draft-common-standa...
 20:33:11  carolteach4  Duncan was quite eloquent about how NCLB has to be changed. How we have to reward school - for growth - on individual basis -not punish. I hope he means it.
 20:33:17  cheryloakes~seedlings  we are just finishing up the show, it is a podcast Friday morning at bobsprankle.com and edtechtalk.com/seedlings
 20:33:24  cheryloakes~seedlings  thanks to our chat room!
 20:33:47  bobsprankle  thanks to all!
 20:34:06  matt montagne  I hope they were honest
 20:34:16  carolteach4  Nice to listen, Melinda
 20:34:17  matt montagne  well, chow all!
 20:34:23  cheryloakes~seedlings  Thanks to you all!!!
 20:34:41  carolteach4  Thanks, Cheryl.
 20:34:46  carolteach4  Night.