Conversations #63

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This week our conversation was about the EduCon experience. The Conversations crew were joined by two first time Educon attendees: Meredith Stewart from North Carolina and John Fladd from New Hampshire.

Chat Log

11:28:51 Maureen: Good morning everyone
11:29:26 Lisa Parisi: Good morning Maureen.
11:31:14 PeggyG: Good morning everyone!
11:31:22 Maureen: Hi Peggy
11:31:31 McTeach: Good morning! Yay...I made it!!
11:31:37 sheila 2: Hi all!
11:31:58 Maureen: Hi Sheila- ustream or ??
11:32:14 Lisa Parisi: Ustream and ETTA are both up and running
11:32:21 sheila 2: Yes ustream!
11:32:41 PeggyG: It's a beautiful day in Phoenix today! Sunny and should be about 68 degrees. No snow for us :-)
11:33:47 Maureen: @sheila thought of you yesterday- My son ( in Alaska) told me yesterday that he is looking at property to buy- tropical forestry- in Belize!
11:33:55 PeggyG: It's exciting to continue the conversations about Educon!! Such a great learning/connecting experience!
11:34:02 Maureen: We got nothing at all
11:34:13 sheila 2: @Maureen - Ohhh! Let me know where!
11:35:49 PeggyG: I wish I could go to Belize with your team!!! I'll be looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing your photos!!
11:36:25 McTeach: Last week was Catholic Schools Week. It was crazy busy!!
11:36:56 jackiegerstein: How fun - wish I was there
11:36:57 PeggyG: Heritage week sounds like a wonderful idea!! I'll bet the parents and kids loved it!!!
11:37:04 sheila 2: Would love to share during our trip but some villages have no electricity and internet access is minimal.
11:37:11 MariaK: Peggy - you should plan to go next year!
11:37:55 PeggyG: a broadcast club--that's a great idea too!! :-) are you sharing any of those videos online?
11:38:38 PeggyG: I'll bet there was a lot of storytelling going on throughout the week! What great memories!
11:38:59 McTeach:'re making me dizzy! :D
11:39:01 PeggyG: what editing tools are you using?
11:39:13 sarah H: Wow--I still have to rely on just a couple of kids when it comes time to edit.
11:39:18 kyteacher: @McTeach having computer issues.
11:39:39 sarah H: Lisa just answered the question I was going to ask :)
11:39:42 McTeach: @kyteacher...I hate when that happens!
11:39:43 mcarls: @PeggyG  Quite a bit here.  It was great to see SLA and how well the teachers there collaborate.  Then, to meet up with PLN F2F.
11:39:47 PeggyG: have you published anything about your broadcast club and what they do?
11:40:49 Scott Shelhart: Are the broadcasts saved on the computer for async. viewing?
11:40:58 PeggyG: I wish I had all of this wonderful technology when we were doing our morning announcements in my school--I was the principal and I did the morning announcements every day. :-) No video, just audio.
11:41:14 Lisa Parisi: Here is the broadcasting club link.  Not quite up to date but most is there.
11:41:41 kyteacher: Couldn't figure out why I didn't have sound. Hubby muted the computer. :o
11:41:45 PeggyG: Thanks Lisa!! Can't wait to explore it!
11:42:03 PeggyG: too funny @kyteacher!! that has happened to me many times!
11:42:05 Lisa Parisi: Heritage Week :
11:42:33 Lisa Parisi:
11:42:47 PeggyG: that is so thrilling to think about Kindergartners using that technology so comfortably!! Fantastic Maria!!
11:42:56 Lisa Parisi:
11:43:04 kyteacher: Many of my students made Vokis for their famous people Facebook pages. Chat with George Washington.
11:43:40 sheila 2: Nice idea @kyteacher!
11:43:46 PeggyG: @kyteachr--what a fun way to use Vokis! and they have a Facebook page?? tell us more!!
11:44:12 kyteacher: They presented to my principal.  She loved it.
11:44:16 PeggyG: I'm getting new found energy hearing about all of your stories!! Love it!
11:44:33 McTeach: Peggy...@kyteacher's facebook project is AWESOME!!!!
11:45:02 PeggyG: I followed twitter on tweetdeck with both #educon and #noneducon--fascinating, interesting conversations!
11:45:06 kyteacher:
11:45:08 jackiegerstein: That happend to me too.
11:45:21 kyteacher: Pages are still in progress.
11:45:25 sheila 2: I forgot about #noneducon
11:45:38 dancallahan: I am so looking forward to having February vacation back next year when I move back to Massachusetts
11:45:59 PeggyG: I'll bet some of us participating virtually got to connect with more people than the f2f people did :-) fantastic experience!!
11:46:09 kyteacher: @McTeach Thanks.  They are having fun.
11:46:25 sheila 2: I think you are right PeggyG!
11:46:25 PeggyG: @dancallahan--where in MA?
11:46:30 connect2jamie: @peggyG you're probably right! I had a great weekend following online!
11:46:31 McTeach: @kyteacher I'd love to do something similar with my middle schoolers
11:46:51 dancallahan: we're looking to move close to Boston. thinking Arlington right now, but nothing definite yet
11:47:12 kyteacher: @McTeach My students could teach yours how to make them.
11:47:33 jackiegerstein: Smiles - it was for me too!
11:47:38 Maureen: I found that it was harder to connect with people than I thought it would be. I also wished that I could attend more conversations. I don't like going out to bars at night and found the  couple of things after sessions that I attended- too loud.
11:47:43 PeggyG: I have so many great memories from my time in MA--lived in Amherst and Leverett and earned my Ed.D. at Umass-Amherst
11:47:48 McTeach: That's because Jackie is the coolest thing on the planet!! :D
11:47:59 McTeach: @kyteacher that would be amazing!!!
11:47:59 jackiegerstein: Too much snow
11:48:24 PeggyG: Jackie is such an awesome educator!! I got to help facilitate her Educon session on Elluminate and it was so neat to be an active participant!
11:48:26 jackiegerstein: blushing McTeach
11:48:35 PeggyG: Hi Jackie!! :-)
11:48:49 McTeach: No need, Jackie! We love ya!
11:48:54 jackiegerstein: Thanks Peggy - It was SO great having you as the Elluminate facilitator
11:49:09 kyteacher: @Maureen Found a smaller group to connect with after sessions.  Quieter...more me.
11:49:23 kyteacher: @McTeach We'll talk.
11:49:40 McTeach: @kyteacher I look forward to it!!
11:49:44 PeggyG: it's not easy to facilitate a f2f session with a virtual session and Jackie kept us all engaged with fabulous resources to access before, during and after the session
11:49:45 Guest1: did you gravitate towards name you knew -- or did you make an effort to meet new people too??
11:50:25 jackiegerstein: Peggy - I know what it is to be a virtual participant
11:50:34 dancallahan: Speaking for myself, naturally did gravitate towards people I knew, but if I was sitting next to somebody knew, I'd start talking to them too.
11:51:15 jackiegerstein: It is really difficult for shy people like me to approach others.
11:51:16 PeggyG: those "connecting" times are so valuable!!
11:51:16 Guest1: i have noticed from blog posts that people are mostly talking about the NAMES and I know that there were new speakers there as well...yet, their sessions did not seem to be as talked about as much
11:52:00 McTeach: Jackie...that's my concern for me if I go to ISTE.
11:52:00 PeggyG: I think once the recordings get posted we'll be able to talk about more of them--had to choose 1 conversation in each session and there were 12 others!!!
11:52:04 Guest1: for instance, in Shareski's session -- everyone (if you wanted to name drop) was there and I wondered why they did not spread themselves out
11:52:05 dancallahan: @jackie totally with you there. I'm a huge introvert, which is why it's so huge that I already know people from the internet
11:52:15 Guest1: so I left -- and went to another room
11:52:59 dancallahan: lunch!
11:53:00 PeggyG: the conversation on Teachers Teaching Teachers this week about Educon was so interesting and I got to hear about sessions I missed. One of the SLA students was on the webcast along with her teacher, dlaufenberg and Chris Lehmann :-)
11:53:11 Lisa Parisi: I wish Guest 1 would come back and actually be part of the conversation.
11:53:12 Maureen: I enjoyed meeting some of your NH folks that I hadn't met before
11:53:16 jackiegerstein: @McTeach - ISTE has lots going on - a different "venure". I always find something to do.
11:54:02 kyteacher: Have a hard time walking up and introducing myself to people. Even so, I never felt disconnected.
11:54:32 PeggyG: I actually love seeing sessions where there are many of the respected ed tech leaders in one room--lots of questions and push-back and really makes me think!
11:55:08 Maureen: I got to say hello to jackiegerstein and to acoursa but I really don't feel comfortable introducing myself to people. It's hard.
11:55:22 kyteacher: Wish I could get others from my region to attend.
11:55:41 jackiegerstein: Interesting - I am writing a "policy" paper in that the chasm between teachers using tech and those not is too big
11:55:50 PeggyG: don't you love it when you discover you recognize someone you've never met because of their avatar on Twitter? :-) I do!
11:55:53 brooker1015: It is hard, a little uncomfortable at first (like saying hi to a famous person) since you respect them for their talents and know how talented they are
11:55:54 jackiegerstein: It is about conversations - not agreement
11:56:03 jackiegerstein: user generated education
11:56:09 PeggyG: User-generated education :-)
11:56:12 sarah H: @jackie--that will be huge. The gap is getting enormous, I fear.
11:56:17 PeggyG: Jackie types faster than me!
11:56:20 jackiegerstein: smiles
11:56:21 sarah H: How can I read it??
11:56:35 jackiegerstein: as it should
11:56:40 jackiegerstein: given social media
11:56:42 kyteacher: Same issues here.
11:56:59 yoyosciteach: I agree... the students THINK that they know what they are interested in learning... but we have the experience
11:57:07 brooker1015: I'm headed to PETE&C in a couple weeks....interested to evaluate feelings post-conference and compare to educon
11:57:19 Maureen: I wonder about content/student choices. What do kids need to know in order to build on interests?
11:57:30 jackiegerstein: Can you broaden their horizons within their own interest areas?  A balance not a free for all.
11:57:36 Lisa Parisi: Good question Maureen.
11:57:44 yoyosciteach: @brooker1015... PETE & C and Educaon are different animals
11:57:48 PeggyG: @brooker1015--that will be a wonderful thing to be able to compare those experiences! are there as many students involved in PETE&C?
11:57:52 Lisa Parisi: Somewhat, Jackie, but not enough, I don't think.
11:58:22 Lisa Parisi: Topic came up again in Brian Smith's topic on play in the classroom
11:58:34 PeggyG: Jackie, can you share your wiki link for your presentation? lots of info to think about there!
11:58:34 yoyosciteach: I think that we need a conference just for the reluctant
11:58:44 jackiegerstein: Takes a very saavy-student-centered teacher - not relinquish responsibility but takes it from another angle.
11:58:44 Maureen: Where do we begin letting kids make choices about the what... vs. the how ?
11:59:01 Lisa Parisi: I think most conferences, @yoyosciteach, are for the reluctant.
11:59:11 brooker1015: @peggyG - there is a student display area, but not the type of involvement that we saw at SLA.  Lots of vendors shoving products down your throat.  However, there are sessions where people are showing what they use to engage their students, and that's what I benefit the most from
11:59:14 Meredith- msstewart: 1st timer- loved it!
11:59:25 McTeach: Jackie...I'm going to fill out my ISTE registration and put it on the boss's desk tomorrow. Hoping the school can help me with funds.
11:59:31 Lisa Parisi: Meredith, want to join the skype chat?
11:59:34 Maureen: It was the 1st time for me- not enough time- for sessions, for connections, etc.
11:59:35 yoyosciteach: @Lisa... really?  I think that lately they are mostly for those who are already interested or hooked
11:59:54 Lisa Parisi: I keep thinking about most of the sessions at NECC last year.
11:59:54 PeggyG: I think there are definite planning strategies you can use at large conferences to make it manageable and not feel overwhelmed
11:59:58 jackiegerstein: Agreed Maureen
12:00:01 Lisa Parisi: Very beginner sessions.
12:00:12 jackiegerstein: Some of the conversations were still too much presentation
12:00:26 yoyosciteach: @Lisa... yes.. very beginner... but still geared towards those with some interest...
12:00:31 kyteacher: Definitely got a ton out of it.
12:00:32 Meredith- msstewart: @Lisa Sure. I'm mstewartatcary. How do I join?
12:00:35 Maureen: I think that overall- good. I liked conversations vs learning another tool
12:00:42 Lisa Parisi: I will call you in.
12:00:43 PeggyG: you need to have a plan before you go--not a schedule necessarily but clear priorities about what you want to do/learn at the conference
12:00:45 brooker1015: ha....just found the wonder I was lost!  oh my...
12:00:51 sarah H: I saw Meredith make a comment that sometimes the choir needs to gather. Not sure what prompted that, but I'd like to hear more, because I think I agree.
12:00:52 jackiegerstein: Agree Peggy
12:01:27 Lisa Parisi: Accept me as a friend, Meredith.
12:01:42 connect2jamie: :) Welcome, @Brooker1015 !
12:01:45 yoyosciteach: YES!
12:02:00 jackiegerstein: Agree - Lisa
12:02:08 PeggyG: I agree with Meredith--we spend so much time trying to persuade/influence our colleagues about the importance of web 2.0 tools/learning and it's nice to be able to collaborate with people who are already there and don't need to be persuaded :-)
12:02:18 yoyosciteach: That IS important... it is about educational change
12:02:25 kyteacher: My brain was so full that by the time I got to Lisa's session, I participated in the backchannel exclusively.
12:02:27 McTeach: That's a great idea!
12:02:44 yoyosciteach: It is ok @Lisa... you can call me Patti... I just used the name that folks are used to...
12:03:00 Meredith- msstewart: I also said that if the choir doesn't go back to school after a rehearsal that's problematic :)
12:03:06 brooker1015: me too :)
12:03:06 yoyosciteach: That is what NECC is for
12:03:09 McTeach:'s about the teaching!
12:03:19 yoyosciteach: But it IS what Conversations at Educon is for
12:04:02 yoyosciteach: it is where the largest change is occuring
12:04:03 kyteacher: Did the same thing...only I didn't realize that I was doing it.
12:04:12 PeggyG: I don't agree about the sessions at NECC--I always learn new things in those sessions and they aren't only presentations--there is interaction and sharing by teachers who are using the tools in their classrooms. Maybe it depends on which sessions you choose??
12:04:32 yoyosciteach: @PeggyG it sure does...
12:04:43 yoyosciteach: @Meredith.. can you share the blog?
12:05:01 brooker1015: @PeggyG.  I agree.  I try to steer clear of the vendor sessions - focus on teachers doing amazing things with their students
12:05:08 Lisa Parisi: I seem to always choose the wrong ones, Peggy.
12:05:16 Meredith- msstewart:
12:05:20 PeggyG: I didn't even go into the vendor area at NECC this past year :-) Shhhh....
12:05:23 sheila 2: I agree PeggyG - If there's not a particular session then I go to the poster sessions.
12:05:40 jackiegerstein: I love NECC Peggy and found both technology sessions AND the pedagogy ones.
12:05:46 PeggyG: I love the Ignite model!! we have that in Phoenix
12:06:24 Maureen: Almost every session I attended was on how to get buy in from the reluctant teachers. I still don't have answers. I still don't know how to make using new media in the classroom not an add-in for most. I don't know how to implement new media without cutting out content- if that is possible. I came away with fewer answers that I would have liked, but more questions.
12:07:11 yoyosciteach: @Maureen... I believe that it has to be grass roots... start by inviting others to come to your classroom to see what you are doing...
12:07:11 jackiegerstein: That was a great idea to post video of the Socratic Seminars - really love this idea
12:07:27 PeggyG: Jackie taught us about Socratic discussions in her session! :-)
12:07:38 jackiegerstein: You bet
12:07:40 Jason Ramsden (raventech): Meredith did a great job with that 5 minute presentation. Lots of good take away.
12:08:08 yoyosciteach: That IS hard
12:08:17 yoyosciteach: Raise your hand!  Only speak once on a topic
12:08:20 jackiegerstein: Well - the rules weren't really followed anyhow - during the session
12:08:28 Maureen: @yoyosciteach- I teach in a computer lab and others seem to think that I know this stuff- rather than I am learning as I go. So, they think that what I do in the lab is not something that can be replicated in the typical classroom.
12:08:28 sarah H: I'm looking forward to seeing Meredith's talk at NCAIS Innovate :)
12:08:29 PeggyG: sometimes it's important to listen to others in a discussion :-) rules facilitate that :-)
12:08:31 jackiegerstein: Had to reference the text
12:08:51 jackiegerstein: I posted ahead of time - because that is the model
12:08:55 PeggyG: we had the text ahead of time in the wiki--at least I did :-)
12:09:06 yoyosciteach: @Maureen... is there a mechanism in place for you to show them what they can do in the classroom setting?
12:09:11 jackiegerstein: That's what makes the world go around
12:09:20 PeggyG: it was good to have divergent readings--both pros/cons to stimulate the thinking!
12:09:31 aforgrave (Andrew): some kids needs lots of practice with rules for the benefit of all...
12:09:32 jackiegerstein: There is not an easy answer
12:09:39 yoyosciteach: Will it make you prepare next time?
12:09:40 brooker1015: it's good that you discussed something people didn't agree with - makes other people think and back up their reasoning
12:09:41 Maureen: @yoyosciteach I teach full time... but am collaborating with 3 others on various projects
12:09:44 Lorraine Orenchuk: There are many meeting Protocol's out there that require following rules.  "I wonder" "I noticed"  etc.
12:09:53 PeggyG: being uncomfortable is a good thing--that's disruptive...
12:10:56 PeggyG: good point Lorraine--just like using different models for cooperative learning strategies. Each one brings out different experiences
12:11:11 yoyosciteach: I like it
12:11:12 Lorraine Orenchuk: Exactly
12:11:26 sheila 2: Uncomfortable can mean learning.
12:11:30 McTeach: Would love to hear more about the session on play!
12:11:39 yoyosciteach: @sheila 2.. yes
12:11:40 PeggyG: all learning is play for me :-)
12:11:56 PeggyG: play is discovery and exploration
12:11:57 yoyosciteach: it does for a lot of educators
12:12:00 McTeach: Can't they be the one and the same?
12:12:22 yoyosciteach: @MCTeach.. they can be...
12:12:30 PeggyG: love the push back !!!
12:12:36 yoyosciteach: Yes!
12:13:12 jackiegerstein:
12:13:29 yoyosciteach: Thanks @jackie...
12:13:46 PeggyG: we all have different "learning styles" or preferred learning styles (even though some people think there is no validity in learning styles
12:13:47 Maureen: I need structure in my own learning- if I go to a workshop- I certainly do not like beign told to "play". I can play on my own.
12:13:53 McTeach: There was a push back??? Without Ginger???
12:13:59 PeggyG: :-)
12:14:04 Lorraine Orenchuk: Some video creation, animoto, xtranormal, can have rich content but when the students are creating it looks like play! High school age
12:14:10 jackiegerstein: Play can be "structured" - see work of PlayFair
12:14:25 McTeach: Is wikispaces down this morning???
12:14:38 Lisa Parisi: Not for me McTeach
12:14:40 kyteacher: See, I think we play in my high school classroom.  Our toys have changed, but we definitely have days where I let them explore.  History Lab days.
12:14:42 jackiegerstein: No - I was just there McTeach
12:14:44 yoyosciteach: @McTeach... I am on
12:14:48 McTeach: Grrrr...thanks!
12:14:56 Meredith- msstewart: wikispaces is up for me
12:14:57 yoyosciteach: Hi John
12:15:32 Maureen: @kyteacher I introduce stuff- ie glogster- and then let the kids play with it before I actually expect them to use it for a project
12:15:35 yoyosciteach: I really think that the purpose of Educon IS to get you thinking
12:15:36 Lorraine Orenchuk: @kyteacher  yes. That type of experimentation with tools and ideas is play.
12:15:38 aforgrave (Andrew): Been wondering a lot about this lately -- teacher may need structure, but not all learners do (in fact, as adults, we often DON'T appreciate laid on PD structure) OTOH, some students definitely require the structure ...
12:15:52 kyteacher: I am a VERY structured person, but I recognize that students need to explore new tools and ideas.
12:15:54 Meredith- msstewart: @Maureen Me too. Last day of the semester we had a play day
12:15:55 PeggyG: I thought about Lisa this week with a big smile :-) I attended a "Get Motivated" day long seminar with lots of famous people and they kept calling the audience "guys" :-) Colin Powell, Laura Bush, Steve Forbes, Zig Ziglar, etc.
12:16:08 yoyosciteach: I have been there for several other things and the students there have always been like that..
12:16:20 Meredith- msstewart: Gave them several tools (Twiddla, SpicyNodes etc) and let them play
12:16:21 jackiegerstein: Wish I had gone to see the classses
12:16:27 Meredith- msstewart: Then asked for evaluations
12:16:31 PeggyG:  would have loved to hear the teacher/student sessions!
12:16:32 Lorraine Orenchuk: Engaged!
12:16:54 jackiegerstein: Wow = Peggy - sounds like an amazing session - in Phoenix?
12:16:58 kyteacher: @Maureen We always "play" with a new tool before I tie it to content.
12:16:58 Maureen: I went to some science classes- liked what I saw.
12:17:26 Lorraine Orenchuk: I took several hours on Friday just walking through the halls and listening in on classes.  The engagement, interest, collaboration, was inspiring.
12:17:36 Meredith- msstewart: I sat in on @mrchase 's class. It was awesome, but not unachievable which I think was the point of Dean's post
12:17:40 Maureen: @kyteacher- I have to play around with tools to learn them, so the kids get the same chance to play
12:18:05 PeggyG: responsive classroom has "rules"/structure too :-)
12:18:11 kyteacher: @Maureen Exactly..
12:18:28 yoyosciteach: Pride
12:18:36 yoyosciteach: ownership
12:18:42 Lorraine Orenchuk: In Dean and Alec's session Dean mentioned that nothing we saw was out of the ordinary, they were best practices and that was the point. Best practices, in action, in every room.
12:18:54 PeggyG: yes Jackie--Get Motivated was in Phoenix
12:19:20 Maureen: One question that I came away from educon with- what would/does this sort of inquiry learning look like in elementary? Can you teach the basic skills as inquiry?
12:19:23 PeggyG: it included athletes, gov. people, motivational leaders, musicians, etc.
12:19:30 jackiegerstein: The kids at Jeff Han's session had some great ideas.
12:19:38 yoyosciteach: @Maureen... should start in elementary
12:20:18 PeggyG: I definitely think you can learn basic skills through an inquiry model! it's a different kind of teaching
12:20:21 Lorraine Orenchuk: @Maureen that is a great question and I think the answer is yes. Takes a bit of risk and lots of planning though.
12:20:24 kyteacher: Loved her.  She did that in several sessions I was in.
12:20:43 Meredith- msstewart: I LOVE Chris's latest post about kids being subject of inquiry for teachers. Asking students- "What Do You Think?"
12:20:57 yoyosciteach: @maureen... kids at elementary level learn all of the time using inquiry... look at how much they learn before they even start school and that is ALL inquiry
12:21:13 jackiegerstein: agree, yoyo
12:21:19 Lorraine Orenchuk: @msstewart asking everyone "What do you think?"
12:21:20 connect2jamie: good point, yoyosciteach!
12:21:31 Meredith- msstewart: When I taught 3rd grade they were nothing but questions :)
12:21:52 PeggyG: sadly I think student curiosity is killed through traditional education and they learn NOT to question and wonder and explore. We need more inquiry!
12:21:53 yoyosciteach: all over the country actually
12:21:56 McTeach: John...have you seen the film Paper Clips?
12:21:59 connect2jamie: before they enter school, kids don't have curriculum directors to please though...the change that's needed is bigger than just the single classroom.
12:22:09 Maureen: @yoyosciteach- Not sure what it looks like. I taught K for years and taught elementary science for 6 years. I can do inquiry teaching/learning- but the kids need to learn building blocks- undoing the type of learning that they do now- learning the alphabet/phonics/math facts.  How do you get all the basics in?
12:22:10 Meredith- msstewart: @Lorraine Very true! ? in Chris's session was specifically about students but applies to everyone
12:22:51 yoyosciteach: @maureen.. I think what it needs to be is a blend... building blocks AND inquiry
12:23:19 Maureen: @yoyosciteach I agree- haven't seen models in action
12:23:21 PeggyG: I agree yoyosciteach! blended
12:23:23 yoyosciteach: too many elementary classes are much more building blocks and not enough inquiry... in my opinion it is because of the time and planning that is involved
12:23:49 connect2jamie: another good point, yoyo!
12:23:58 yoyosciteach: The other issue at the elementary level is fear of "loosing control"
12:24:14 Scott Shelhart: I was able to watch inquirey math instructin in 3rd grade.  It was an enlightening student teaching experience.  I leaned a TON
12:24:15 Lynn: was interesting to me how, though Educon was supposed to be about conversations, the leaders did not let the conversations wander too far from where they wanted the conversations to go. 
12:24:37 yoyosciteach: @Lynn that IS a shame...
12:24:50 yoyosciteach: Not what it was supposed to be...
12:25:10 connect2jamie: @lynn is that facilitation, or did it feel more heavy-handed than that?
12:25:11 PeggyG: @Lynn--that actually makes sense to me so you have a focus for your conversation and drill down more--not just wander through ideas
12:25:11 Lorraine Orenchuk: @Lynn I was in a few that did wander, they were fascinating.
12:25:12 yoyosciteach: SO needed
12:25:19 Meredith- msstewart: learning specialist
12:25:23 Lorraine Orenchuk: I wanted to understand that
12:25:24 Jason Ramsden (raventech): Love that the students at SLA get to be a part of the interview process for applicants.
12:25:45 Meredith- msstewart: @Jason Yeah, that's awesome
12:25:52 Lorraine Orenchuk: Do they deny any?  How many do they select per year?
12:26:07 Lisa Parisi: They do, Lorraine.  They only choose so many per year.
12:26:25 Lisa Parisi: Each student interviews - with staff and students sitting in the interview.
12:26:28 aforgrave (Andrew): ~ 125 students at each grade level, yes?
12:26:32 Lisa Parisi: They have to fit into the program
12:27:12 Lynn: Lorraine, yes there were a few that were open to new ideas.  Yet, all in all, I felt people are not practicing what they preach and still wander into the traditional classroom atmosphere.  The learning spaces class made me laugh as everyone walked in, sat at desks, and the teacher stood at the front. 
12:27:25 Lorraine Orenchuk: My school only takes 60 per year, interviews but mostly a lottery system. 300 tops
12:27:39 PeggyG: it's not easy to rearrange the furniture in a 50 minute session...
12:27:52 Lorraine Orenchuk: @Lynn I didn't go to that one but it has generated several changes in classrooms and new blog posts. It was intriguing to me
12:28:05 Maureen: @Lynn I really wanted to hear the speaker on learning spaces- it was a disappointment- content and delivery
12:28:10 yoyosciteach: I LOVE THAT
12:28:11 PeggyG: I was in the learning spaces session virtually and thought it was very helpful
12:28:36 aforgrave (Andrew): The numbers of attendees in different sessions also influenced, to some degree, the opportunity for conversation ...
12:28:49 Jason Ramsden (raventech): @Lisa P. I'm wondering how SLA compares to say a Stuyvesant, Brooklyn Tech or Bronx Science in NYC? Thoughts?
12:28:57 Lorraine Orenchuk: What school is that?
12:29:18 Meredith- msstewart: Can we get a link to the school website?
12:29:27 jackiegerstein: Yes - have to tailor education for our students in our classrooms in our communities -
12:29:29 yoyosciteach: It needs to be systemic... not classroom change
12:29:41 connect2jamie: absolutely.
12:29:47 S Adams:
12:29:48 aforgrave (Andrew): "Learning happens at the point of failure" ????
12:29:55 Lisa Parisi: I don't know Jason.  I haven't visited Bronx Science or the others.  I do know that the test scores are important there and you get in based on grades.
12:30:12 yoyosciteach: HOWEVER... I will say that if enough of us change our classrooms and systems see that it is effective... the change will come
12:30:15 McTeach: I'm starting to have a new idea of what I want my classroom to look like, but can't quite figure out how to get it there and how to manage it
12:30:29 jackiegerstein: That was my concern about the discussion about giving teachings more planning time - I think it need to be more big picture thinking.
12:30:34 PeggyG: relationships and communication are essential points for the success of SLA
12:30:34 yoyosciteach: NO
12:30:36 jackiegerstein: teachers
12:30:45 jackiegerstein: Why is that arrogant?
12:30:56 yoyosciteach: The media is FULL of reasons as to why education needs an overhaull
12:30:58 aforgrave (Andrew): big picture is critical -- bits and pieces alone don't do it ..
12:31:03 yoyosciteach: Modeling is the key...
12:31:10 kyteacher: Learning spaces discussion has me thinking more than most others.  Started discussions with co-workers and students.  And really made me do some soul-searching.  I have a hard time letting go...and I know I need to.  Making progress.
12:31:33 Meredith- msstewart: There's change and then there's the way you go about change. Different things.
12:31:38 PeggyG: I found that even when teachers were given common planning time they often used it for day-to-day planning and not big picture thinking
12:31:40 jackiegerstein: Devil's advocate - are the conversations changing practices?
12:31:42 kyteacher: Also agree that real change needs to be bigger than my classroom.
12:31:48 Lisa Parisi: Yes, Peggy.  We do.
12:32:12 sheila 2: First step in change is awareness
12:32:16 Lisa Parisi: Not sure, Jackie.  Many in conversations think they are already doing what we are discussing.
12:32:16 Lorraine Orenchuk: Must go, will continue this conversation, thank you. Still wish I had met @mcteach and @jackiegerstein in person. Thinkers at SLA pushed all of us forward, change within first, impacts our students, influences our colleagues, and builds from there.
12:32:18 yoyosciteach: Educators and administrators need to be reflective... they need to be willing to look at themselves... keep what is working and dump what is not... it is not easy to admit it when you are not being effective... but that is what is needed
12:32:25 PeggyG: so true Sheila!! and change takes time!!
12:32:35 Jim: Jackie, I have  yet to see change after Educon.  Many conversations, many new ideas  But then they come back the next year to have the same conversations
12:32:36 Drew Buddie: Hi
12:32:41 Lisa Parisi: HI Drew
12:32:46 Lorraine Orenchuk: Reflective and Honest @yoyosciteach I agree
12:33:00 Scott Shelhart: fail fast and often works for teachers also?
12:33:01 Lisa Parisi: Jim, there is change in my own world.
12:33:09 yoyosciteach: @Jim... I think that there are tiny changes... little by little... over time
12:33:24 yoyosciteach: Oh Lisa
12:33:32 Drew Buddie: Hi - I've had a busy afternoon with the online Moodle iMoot and stumbled across this having just installed Skype on my new laptop
12:33:46 jackiegerstein: I agree Lisa
12:33:50 yoyosciteach: It is true...
12:33:59 Jim: @yoyo tiny changes are necessary.  however, for 500 people to be at a conference, 250 virtually, we should see more changes
12:34:07 PeggyG: Hi Drew! you missed a fantastic conversation!!
12:34:08 jackiegerstein: Change is only slow in schools (in comparison to other "institutions")
12:34:18 Drew Buddie: Peggy? is it over?
12:34:21 Drew Buddie: :-(
12:34:29 Jim: do you think educon would change more if every teacher was required to bring 1 admin and vice versa
12:34:33 Jim: and 1 student
12:34:33 PeggyG: yes just ending... so sorry! but there will be the recording :-)
12:34:35 Scott Shelhart: @Drew Be sure to listen to the archived show.  It was a good one today
12:34:36 McTeach: Nicely said, Jackie!
12:34:42 jackiegerstein: thx McTeach
12:34:49 Lisa Parisi: I tried so hard to get my admin there, Jim.  She couldn't make it.
12:34:49 Drew Buddie: Hey Matt I see you in the Ustream window
12:34:52 yoyosciteach: @jackie... I agree.. but most of those other "institutions" are motivated by money and competitition
12:34:57 Maureen: Reading Heidi Hayes Jacob's book- Curriculum 21... So far so good. I even got my head of school to buy it for me. I was hoping for a group discussion around it, but I think I'm the only one reading it..
12:35:08 McTeach: @yoyo...perhaps education should be
12:35:09 sheila 2: Hi @drew Earthbridges coming up
12:35:11 yoyosciteach: Where is the motivation in education?
12:35:15 Jim: for me, seeing educon for the 3rd time, it appears to be a great melting pot of ideas, but, seems to not go anywhere
12:35:20 sarah H: I'm sort of with Lisa--it's hard for one teacher to model a different way and have others fall in.  I have been disappointed that the kids don't demand better from their teachers when they move from one class to another or one grade to another.
12:35:39 PeggyG: when you get to connect with other like-minded educators it renews your energy and helps you believe it CAN be done
12:35:41 Jim: you dont have time for slow change -- you have 180ish days
12:35:42 Drew Buddie: Hearing a bit of broken sound
12:35:43 yoyosciteach: I think that I am seeing some shifts right now as a PD facilitator... admins are motivated by stimulus money and grants
12:35:51 aforgrave (Andrew): @Jim -- what needs to happen for something to go somewhere?
12:36:16 yoyosciteach: Can you type that out John?
12:36:17 Lisa Parisi: We don't have a PD facilitator, Patti.  That's a change I cannot make.
12:36:21 PeggyG: @Drew-are you listening on ustream? audio is good for me so it may be bandwidth
12:36:27 yoyosciteach: @Lisa... true
12:36:34 Jim: Andrew, the demand for people to NOT talk the same conversations over and over again.  which happens at Educon
12:36:56 sarah H: Lisa is sounding like the Atlantic article on what makes a great teacher!
12:36:57 aforgrave (Andrew): @Jim -- so you're looking for Educon, Level II ?
12:36:58 kyteacher: In some ways, we have made huge strides in my building.  In others, we have barely taken baby steps.  But change is happening.
12:37:10 Maureen: I get discouraged- the baby steps routine is killing me. The admin seems to think that it is OK to ask everyone to do one thing- not that ppl are accountable- but it leads to a checkbox mentality. Tech integration- took a picture, video, etc... done for the year.
12:37:32 PeggyG: such a good point Maureen!!!
12:37:39 yoyosciteach: @Maureen... I agree that can be frustrating..
12:37:52 yoyosciteach: The best part of having a PLN
12:38:11 jackiegerstein: FUN!!
12:38:11 aforgrave (Andrew): always room for improvement, but also important to acknowledge successes, large and small ...
12:38:11 Maureen: I asked admin to gather together all the PD opportunities avail- guess who made a new blog for PD...
12:38:21 PeggyG: what a fabulous conversation!! the chat room has been fantastic and the facilitators really have us thinking!! Thanks!
12:38:28 jackiegerstein: Bye  -thanks
12:38:32 connect2jamie: Thanks all!
12:38:33 yoyosciteach: Thanks everyone!  This was great! 
12:38:35 Drew Buddie: Matt - am wondering if you'd consider 'Teachmeet - Earthcast edition' - can explain what it would be - but could be a cool extension of Earthcast :-)
12:38:42 kyteacher: I know that my admin (2nd year) is pulled in a million different directions.  She sees the need for change, and gives me the space to experiment. 
12:38:47 yoyosciteach: Thanks Maria, Lisa and Shiela!
12:38:55 Drew Buddie: Oh is this all over? Or have I arrived between sessions?
12:38:59 PeggyG: great idea Drew!!Teachmeet for Earthcast :-) let's explore that further
12:39:08 aforgrave (Andrew): bbye.
12:39:13 yoyosciteach: Poor Lisa
12:39:30 Scott Shelhart: @Drew  are you on twitter or plurk?
12:39:34 Drew Buddie: Peggyg - It could cover an hour or so slot and involve a few educationalists
12:39:39 PeggyG: earthcast planning is happening here: NOW
12:39:48 Drew Buddie: scott - am on Twitter - I'm @digitalmaverick
12:40:05 Scott Shelhart: ok....I think I already follow you.
12:40:15 PeggyG: I would love to see TeachMeet for Earthcast!
12:40:39 Lisa Parisi: Thanks for coming everyone. 
12:40:42 PeggyG: bye everyone--have to head for Earthcast now
12:40:57 yoyosciteach: Yes... Mar 1 is a Monday
12:41:00 Lisa Parisi:
12:41:02 McTeach: Thanks everyone! Heading over to Earthcast also!