Conversations #62

This week we discussed iPod Touch/iPhone apps in the classroom. Lisa was unable to join us but we were joined by Amanda Marrinan from Australia. Many of the apps can be found on Maria's wiki at


Chat log: 

 11:27:46  Maureen: Good morning Maria and Sheila
 11:28:04  sheila: Morning Maureen!  :)
 11:29:28  PeggyG: Hi everyone
 11:29:44  Scott Shelhart: Hello
 11:29:46  Maureen: Hi Peggy- Are you still at a conference?
 11:29:51  PeggyG: are you streaming on ustream today?
 11:30:00  sheila: Hello all!
 11:30:00  PeggyG: Just got home from conference last night
 11:30:05  sheila: Ustream in a minute. . .
 11:30:18  PeggyG: thanks Sheila
 11:30:22  Maureen: @peggyg I watched some of your ustream yesterday
 11:30:46  PeggyG: it was a great conference! I saw you there Maureen!! Thank you so much for joining us!!
 11:31:10  PeggyG: I lost my connection once during the stream but otherwise it went pretty well
 11:31:14  Scott Shelhart: What is the proposed topic for today?
 11:31:18  Maureen: Thank Lisa Durff for her tweets
 11:31:46  MariaK: ipod touch in the classroom
 11:32:32  PeggyG: Tony Vincent talked a lot about ipod touch in our conference yesterday! He has a fantastic page on his site about the touch
 11:32:48  PeggyG: hearing the stream now :-)
 11:33:31  PeggyG: Amanda you are awesome!!
 11:33:39  jackiegerstein: Hi - all
 11:33:58  PeggyG: Hi Jackie! Getting ready to head for Educon?
 11:34:05  jackiegerstein: I am Peggy!
 11:34:22  PeggyG: can't wait to participate virtually in Educon!! :-)
 11:34:28  jackiegerstein: Having more fun identifying the tools for participation than the content
 11:35:31  PeggyG: what exciting, interesting activities for prof days for teachers!
 11:36:00  jackiegerstein: One step at a time!
 11:36:12  PeggyG: I've never heard of a bridge climb! This is fascinating!!
 11:37:24  PeggyG: my hands are sweating just thinking about it!!
 11:37:48  MariaK: that would be me - terrified!
 11:38:00  PeggyG: thanks for sharing that photo Sheila!
 11:38:30  jackiegerstein: I would love this!
 11:39:10  PeggyG: that 86 year old must be in incredible shape!
 11:41:28  PeggyG: I'd love to see that group picture!! Amazing!
 11:42:29  PeggyG: When do you go to Belize Sheila?
 11:42:37  MariaK: end of Feb
 11:43:21  PeggyG: we even had snow this past weekend in Northern AZ!! quite a week!
 11:43:46  sheila: Wow! Snow in AZ! :)
 11:44:14  PeggyG: that is too funny MariaK!!
 11:44:26  jackiegerstein: Very cute
 11:45:21  PeggyG: we also had a lot of flooding across the state and was declared an emergency status!
 11:46:29  PeggyG: I'll be posting the video of Tony Vincent's keynote from our conference very soon--he shared lots of tips about the iPod Touch.
 11:47:00  PeggyG: The Belkin Rock Star sounds like a fantastic idea!
 11:47:35  jackiegerstein:
 11:47:44  jblake: Personal favorite app for me is Bento 3.0, to managing data in our 1:1 Laptop program.
 11:48:39  PeggyG:  This is Tony Vincent's iPod Touch website
 11:48:52  jblake: thanks for the link for Belkin device. excellant!
 11:49:09  Maureen: How to you decide to go with itouch vs using a netbook? is it just the portability, size?
 11:49:12  jackiegerstein: Tony's resources are fantastic
 11:49:19  MariaK:
 11:49:22  PeggyG: There are some great suggestions for Touch apps for younger kids here.
 11:50:22  jblake: Touch works well with Google Docs too
 11:51:12  Maureen: I had read that on an apple blog too. They seemed surprised to see schools adopting itouch 1:1
 11:51:30  PeggyG: it's amazing how powerful they are for such a small portable device!
 11:51:46  marragem: Maureen - they see it as a tool to consume, not create
 11:52:08  PeggyG: the cost of a Touch is very appealing compared to laptops
 11:52:33  Maureen: I agree, they are cool and amazingly powerful; they have some cool apps- but I think with limited budgets I am still not convinced that it is the best way to spend our $
 11:52:50  jblake: I agree, Touch not an alternative for 1:1 learning, but enhancement.
 11:53:30  PeggyG: when you hear Tony talk about all of the things you can do with a Touch that are interactive you may change your mind Maureen. I was amazed at some of the things he showed us.
 11:53:33  MariaK: bloons
 11:53:48  Maureen: @peggy- you'll have to post that video!
 11:54:01  jackiegerstein: Bubble town - I am totally addicted
 11:54:15  PeggyG: he created some original comics for us using Comic Life Lite on the Touch and showed some kids had created-great for summarizing learning :-)
 11:54:29  jackiegerstein: Did he demo storybird?
 11:54:34  Maureen: I liked form- a physics game
 11:54:42  PeggyG: I'll share the link as soon as I get the video edited and posted. It will be on Livestream.
 11:55:00  mwyman: My 3 1/2 yr old loves Scoops! :)
 11:55:17  sheila: Hi MWyman!
 11:55:18  PeggyG: I didn't see everything he presented in his workshop sessions because I had 2 presentations yesterday.
 11:55:23  mwyman: hello!
 11:55:30  Maureen: Maybe it is because I am not used to trying to do creative things on such a small surface- but I would much rather use something bigger to create
 11:56:05  Maureen: Most of the apps I see depend on databases- and lend themselves to drill and kill type exercises
 11:56:17  marragem: iKonstrukt
 11:56:29  jackiegerstein: Can't wait for the Apple Tablet - it will allow for a larger surface for all of these cool apps
 11:56:30  PeggyG: he showed an app where students could use original photos to create puzzles on the Touch--another way to share learning experiences and he said they remember it better once they have put the puzzle together
 11:57:55  jblake: iKibstrukt good for early about middle school aged kids?
 11:58:23  Maureen: What I am thinking- not for students, but for communicating- if you put your content on youtube or anything with an RSS, you can make your own app to share this info via apps with quick and easy application makers
 11:59:08  jackiegerstein: Have to go - thanks!
 11:59:15  Maureen: bye Jackie
 11:59:37  PeggyG: This page is not all about iPod Touch but it includes all of the links Tony shared for his Keynote presentation.
 11:59:56  Maureen: I have a bunch of links now in my diigo account, haven't gone thru them all
 12:00:09  Maureen: step by step Maria
 12:00:28  marragem:
 12:00:48  Maureen: @Maria- how do you link to the app?
 12:01:27  PeggyG: did you post the link to that wiki that Maria is talking about?
 12:02:19  member: :(
 12:03:16  sheila:
 12:03:29  sheila: That was for Maria's wiki
 12:04:41  Nedra: Thanks for all these links!
 12:04:50  PeggyG: This is a great tutorial Tony did about how to organize the apps on your Touch or iPhone
 12:05:58  Maureen: I would rather not have kids to have access to my gmail, etc... I've trusted kids- middle school, with my netbook, itouch and I always think twice, since they are going out in the hallway, etc.. to get some quiet or talk in a group. They could access anything
 12:06:07  PeggyG: that's a fantastic tip about hiding apps from kids :-)
 12:06:46  PeggyG: yes we were the only 2 viewing it live but I didn't promote it in advance because I didn't know for sure I would be able to stream it
 12:07:01  PeggyG: good point Maureen!!
 12:07:33  Maureen: @peggyg- but I honestly do trust them... but they are middle school kids...
 12:07:44  PeggyG: very wise!! :-)
 12:07:58  MariaK: tanZen lite
 12:08:24  MariaK: Zentomio
 12:08:41  MariaK: zentomino
 12:08:49  Maureen: I've found that the lite versions are not enough for middle school. I looked at some bird apps for kids in 4th/8th for project work- not good enough.
 12:09:26  MariaK: tonePad
 12:09:41  PeggyG: KidsKalimba is a fun musical app for kids too
 12:09:49  MariaK: Unblockme
 12:10:40  MariaK: DragonDictation
 12:11:05  PeggyG: my granddaughter loves the Band app because she can choose so many different instruments to accompany the music, then record her creation to play back. she's 6 years old
 12:11:07  Maureen: I got the update, which made it avail on the itouch, but haven't played with it yet
 12:11:44  Maureen: My itouch came with earbuds/mic
 12:13:03  MariaK:
 12:13:07  PeggyG: Shaker is another really fun musical app with lots of different instruments and photos of each one
 12:13:10  sheila:
 12:15:12  Maureen: @sheila Did you check the website yet?
 12:15:27  sheila: yes! will mention that.
 12:16:00  PeggyG: those are such great suggestions!! I'll share them with Tony :-)
 12:17:11  PeggyG: that is powerful that you can create your own apps!!
 12:17:24  MariaK:
 12:18:00  Maureen: It's not published on itunes yet, need approval. it is really just a combo of all the rss feeds- website, blogs, twitter, and youtube channel..
 12:18:22  PeggyG: the site says they are inundated with new app requests and have temporarily stopped activating and accepting payments for new apps. :-(
 12:18:37  Maureen: I have to figure out how to get a password protected piece to connect the school directory
 12:18:54  PeggyG: temporary problem
 12:19:05  mwyman: Napping kids are up - gotta go - thanks!
 12:19:13  Maureen: They are a startup and mashable or technorati did an interview with them this week
 12:19:16  MariaK: thanks for joining us
 12:19:21  PeggyG: not able to activate and submit it for review right now--but still worth doing it!
 12:19:33  Maureen: But isites is 25/year and works with android too
 12:21:40  PeggyG: dollar store sounds like a good alternative if you can't afford better ones
 12:22:05  Maureen: Some of my middle school kids bring their own headphones to my class. They like them better.
 12:22:07  PeggyG: I think shared earbuds are more problemmatic than headsets
 12:22:51  Maureen: Good point, hadn't considered that
 12:23:14  PeggyG: brilliant idea Maria to use discovery streaming video to put on the Touch!
 12:23:47  Maureen: The best use I have found for touch is to buy the rca connector and hook it to TV to show content, since we have very few projectors. Cheaper alternative
 12:24:17  PeggyG: great idea Maureen!! definitely a cheaper alternative!
 12:24:19  Maureen: I love Reading A-Z. Did not know that about itunes
 12:25:17  Maureen: When I taught K I had a subscription to A-Z. Made up copies of all the leveled readers for preK-3. Great stuff
 12:25:56  PeggyG: Tony is consulting with a district near Columbus GA where they are adopting the iPod Touch district wide--very interesting process :-)
 12:26:09  Maureen: A-Z readers also come as Spanish or French. They have good science non fiction too
 12:26:39  PeggyG: there are some cheaper sign language apps :-) I have one
 12:28:19  Maureen: I have to go... but quick question, since Lisa is not here- Friday nite reception at educon... do you have to dress up- only bringing carryon with jeans/sweaters>
 12:28:42  PeggyG: iSign Lite is a free app for sign language
 12:29:39  PeggyG: iSign (full version) is 4.99
 12:30:05  sheila: I looked at that Peggy; only 25 signs though. :(
 12:30:09  PeggyG: Comic Life is amazing!
 12:30:48  PeggyG: the full version of iSign has an animated phrase book of 800 ASL gestures
 12:30:51  MariaK: @ maureen - no need to dress up! lisa might disagree!:D
 12:31:14  Maureen: @maria I am quite sure that she would, but it works for me.
 12:31:32  sheila:
 12:31:39  Maureen: Thanks for another good show. Will have to go back and check some of the links shared.
 12:31:39  PeggyG: this has been a fantastic conversation!! learned so many new tips!!
 12:33:02  marragem:
 12:33:20  Nedra: Great show, kept me company while doing report cards. I have one touch that I try to use in the lab. These links will help me get some apps downloaded.
 12:33:24  PeggyG: thanks for that link Amanda!!
 12:34:35  guest: archived where?
 12:34:47  sheila:
 12:34:48  PeggyG: Tony has lots of links on his Delicious account for iPod Touch
 12:35:14  PeggyG: yes first Echo is Jan. 26, 8:00pm EST
 12:35:26  marragem: thanks Peggy...Tony has some great stuff
 12:35:39  PeggyG: thanks for mentioning that!! Jen Wagner will be featured in Echo on Jan. 26
 12:36:03  PeggyG:
 12:36:27  PeggyG: see you all online at Educon 2.2!!
 12:36:33  PeggyG: bye everyone
 12:36:58  MariaK: bye everyone!