Women of Web 3.0 - Show #118 - Media Literacy

This week, show co-hosts Cheri Toledo and Peggy George carried on while Sharon Peters was in California at the Big Idea Fest conference. We had a fantastic conversation with Dr. Cheryl Ball, an Assistant Professor of New Media in the Department of English at Illinois State University where she teaches classes in multimodal composition, digital media, composition theory, and digital publishing. Cheryl is also the Lead Editor of Kairos: An Online Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy. The journal publishes things that can only exist in an online journal (you can't print a video). Cheryl was joined by one of her students, Matthew Wendling, a senior undergrad and aspiring secondary teacher, who added some valuable student perspective on the use of multimodal composition and writing with multimedia. Cheryl took all of the students in one of her classes to a national conference about multimodal composition in Louisville , and it was exciting to hear Matthew's stories about the experience, and the aha moment they experienced when they realized that they were already doing all of this! They had the opportunity to learn more about how to use the social media tools in academic ways, but they also spent time interviewing conference attendees with video cameras and audio recorders. They captured over 200 hours of raw footage and returned to school and created a chapter for a book collection that was accepted for publication called "Talking Back to Teachers: Undergrad Research in Multimodal Composition". (Debra Journet, Cheryl E. Ball, and Ryan Trauman (Eds.) The New Work of Composing. Computers and Composition Digital Press/Utah State University Press http://ccdigitalpress.org/). It was inspiring to hear both of them share their stories describing exciting ways that learning is changing through the use of multimedia tools.



 20-30-20  Peggy George - Hi everyone! Great to have you join us for WOW3!
 20-31-29  cheri toledo - Hi everyone
 20-32-49  Peggy George - we're really excited to have Cheryl Ball and her student Matthew with us tonight!
 20-33-05  Peggy George - We're talking about media literacies! They have some exciting things to share!
 20-33-53  Peggy George - welcome Karen, csitterle and sroseman!!
 20-34-19  Peggy George - I can relate to that!! bad poet!! love it --)
 20-34-46  cheri toledo - I'm a bad poet and I know it!
 20-34-59  Peggy George - http-//www.ceball.com/  This is Cheryl's website--awesome!
 20-35-07  Peggy George - welcome mrsdurff!!
 20-35-26  mrsdurff - hey
 20-35-42  Peggy George - Matthew if you have a website or eportfolio please share the link with us --)
 20-35-53  mrsdurff - he does
 20-36-21  Peggy George - I'm really interested in learning about multimodal composition! I like it already!
 20-36-57  mrsdurff - http-//matthewdwendling.wordpress.com/
 20-36-57  mrsdurff - it is http-//matthewdwendling.wordpress.com/
 20-37-04  Peggy George - thank you Durff!
 20-37-06  Matthew Wendlng - http-//multimodalrevisions.wordpress.com/
 20-37-26  Matthew Wendlng - This is the one I've been using for my project
 20-37-36  mrsdurff - oh that revolving door
 20-37-45  mrsdurff - did you all get http-//matthewdwendling.wordpress.com/
 20-37-45  Peggy George - http-//kairos.technorhetoric.net/
 20-38-06  Peggy George - that is the link to the Kairos Journal she's talking about
 20-38-25  emapey - @durff still badwith issues, in/out/in
 20-38-38  Peggy George - this is really cutting edge scholarly work for universities!!
 20-40-06  Peggy George - http-//kairos.technorhetoric.net/14.1/disputatio/burns/index.html  This is one of the videos in the Kairos Journal that I loved!!
 20-40-37  Durff - had to kick myself out
 20-40-50  Peggy George - how the audio for you now @emapey??
 20-41-14  Peggy George - have to get used to clicking differently now that we're back to the old chat room
 20-41-20  emapey - no audio yet
 20-41-25  Durff - mmmm - she should do a k12online preso
 20-41-40  Peggy George - the audio is coming from the ustream--did you click on play?
 20-42-15  Peggy George - that's such a great point Cheri!! finding the language to describe digital literacies --)
 20-42-43  Peggy George - I agree Durff!! This would make a fantastic K12 Online preso!
 20-43-04  Peggy George - the common language also helps with tagging things
 20-43-06  Durff - so when will she present?
 20-43-21  Durff - and vwbpe2010 too
 20-43-26  emapey - Peggie George audio is OK
 20-43-31  sheila - Good point! I so agree!
 20-43-34  Peggy George - great @emapey!!!
 20-43-46  Durff - that one takes place in SL
 20-44-41  Durff - always expect Starbucks
 20-45-07  Durff - did it challenge you all?
 20-45-44  Peggy George - I'm just browsing Matthew's blog about the Computers and Writing Conference--sounds like an awesome experience and I'm so glad you blogged about it!
 20-46-09  Peggy George - "re" is taking on a whole new meaning for us!
 20-46-23  Peggy George - http-//multimodalrevisions.wordpress.com/  Just in case you missed the link
 20-46-37  Durff - let's do it to begin with before we "re"
 20-47-07  Peggy George - good point Durff!
 20-47-12  Durff - definition?
 20-47-29  Durff - comprehending and creating in a medium?
 20-47-30  Peggy George - but sometimes it might be easier to start with a remix than it is to start from scratch
 20-48-23  Durff - but they are all compositions
 20-48-53  Peggy George - Cheryl-is all of your teaching online or are you also teaching f2f classes?
 20-48-58  Durff - yes
 20-49-52  Durff - what is better? online or offline or blended?
 20-50-00  Peggy George - I'm curious if you find your online students more willing/able to continue independently with the technology outside of class?
 20-50-33  Peggy George - Google apps are really helping to solve the platform issues and software issues
 20-50-43  Durff - I don't, wonder what Dr. Ball would say
 20-51-33  Peggy George - I love that response, Matthew!! makes so much sense!
 20-51-39  Durff - love that revolving door
 20-52-01  cherylball - I haven't used google apps yet because most of the work that my students do isn't word-based (i.e., google docs)
 20-52-04  Peggy George - at least we don't get two lines of text everytime you leave and come back
 20-52-19  Durff - but are the skills software specific or do they transfer?
 20-52-31  Peggy George - @Matthew-do you plan to continue blogging after graduation?
 20-52-55  Matthew Wendlng - Yes I do
 20-53-11  Peggy George - I find Google Presentations great for collaborating with others
 20-53-26  Matthew Wendlng - I've grown up with it - I'll be attempting to go a step further and doing my teaching using blogs
 20-53-32  Matthew Wendlng - Has anyone tried Google Wave?
 20-53-42  Peggy George - It's been fascinating watching Tom Barrett develop his 21 ways to and other presentations by having people add to them on Google presentations
 20-53-54  Peggy George - that's great to hear Matthew!
 20-54-20  Peggy George - @Matthew--it sounds like you're really comfortable with the online environment!
 20-54-42  cheri toledo - @Matthew - yes, I use Google Wave ... I've a Waver
 20-54-49  Durff - Dr. Ball, you wrote, "I introduce students to the idea that none of us communicate only through writing and that written text itself is multimodal in that it carries visual, spatial, and sonic properties every time we type a new letter-character on the screen." What are sonic properties? This is from http-//www.ceball.com/tenure/teaching/teaching-manifesto/
 20-55-04  Matthew Wendlng - @Peggy- Very - A lot of times I actually prefer it @Cheri- I just got an invitation and it looks very exciting
 20-55-26  Peggy George - I'm still trying to figure out how to manage Google Wave!
 20-56-17  Peggy George - I really enjoyed the series of conversations on Teachers Teaching Teachers with the authors of the "Teaching the New Writing" book. They've done some fantastic things!
 20-56-23  Durff - -)
 20-56-35  cheri toledo - any questions?
 20-56-44  Durff - i want to know what sonic properties are
 20-56-48  Peggy George - I didn't think of written text as being multimodal.
 20-57-20  Peggy George - that's really interesting--it's very challenging to get universities to accept this kind of work as "scholarly"
 20-57-23  Durff - every composition is multimodal
 20-57-48  Durff - ouch
 20-57-56  Durff - yes
 20-57-57  Peggy George - great example
 20-58-12  Durff - he's in the right company
 20-58-14  Peggy George - hooray Matthew!! we need teachers like you!!
 20-59-03  cherylball - @peggy, most people don't think that written text is multimodal, but it is. If you consider written text in the space of an essay, it's visual because it's formatted on 8.5x11-inch paper with one-inch margins, etc., and all that is visual and spatial.
 20-59-15  Peggy George - how do you find those pockets, Cheri? that let you run with something like media literacies?
 20-59-41  cheri toledo - word of mouth
 20-59-42  Peggy George - so multimodal can just be anything more than one mode?
 20-59-55  cheri toledo - many teachers/admin go to ICE
 21-00-05  cheri toledo - Illinois Computing Educators conference
 21-00-07  Peggy George - how did you manage the peer editing/revision process?
 21-00-36  Peggy George - smart students figure out what their teachers want and give it to them --)
 21-00-57  cheri toledo - smart teachers let students figure out what they need to do on their own --)
 21-01-13  Durff - it is less work peggy
 21-01-19  Peggy George - @Cheryl and Matthew--what do you think the impact of Twitter is on writing?
 21-01-21  Durff - oh that was cheri
 21-01-24  Durff - sorry
 21-01-35  Peggy George - love that answer Cheri!!
 21-01-42  Matthew Wendlng - @Peggy- I've been helping my friend with a paper on this...The impact is big
 21-01-57  Matthew Wendlng - We were talking about it in a visual rhetoric class I'm taking
 21-01-59  Durff - is it?
 21-02-10  Durff - why?
 21-02-28  Peggy George - unfortunately as a university instructor I found many students who didn't want to figure out what they could do on their own--just wanted to know what was required and do the minimum
 21-02-33  Matthew Wendlng - We came to the conclusion that it further diminishes the importance of the text as the primary media - especially with shortened hyperlinks bringing in the visual and audio
 21-02-40  Peggy George - talk about that Matthew! I'd love to hear
 21-02-54  Matthew Wendlng - The problem is that if no one is teaching to this, we'll become less educated when it comes to consuming these things
 21-03-07  Durff - couldn't other platforms do that?
 21-03-09  Peggy George - so true Matthew!
 21-03-10  cheri toledo - guiding, coaching, directing is much more effective in creating an environment which leads students to become independent and interdependent learners
 21-03-16  Matthew Wendlng - And 140 characters is a very short space to communicate quite a bit of info
 21-03-29  Durff - where is your research on that Matthew?
 21-04-29  Peggy George - how did you manage that Matthew! I have a similar task and don't know how to tackle it--hours and hours of video footage
 21-04-31  Durff - why should I believe your thesis without a research base?
 21-05-12  Durff - it's a composition
 21-05-19  Peggy George - great question Cheri! the assessment of digital projects can be quite a challenge
 21-05-20  Durff - same rules as text
 21-05-42  Durff - @Peggy why is it a challenge?
 21-05-56  Matthew Wendlng - @Durff- Well, as an undergraduate, I've only scratched the surface of it.  We don't get a great deal of time to research and so my comments were merely based on personal experience and discussion facilitated by faculty
 21-05-58  Durff - bingo
 21-06-07  Durff - I like this lady
 21-06-18  Matthew Wendlng - Ergo, I can't speak from a position of authority to begin with...I'm pretty out of my league here!
 21-06-25  cheri toledo - @Durff - she's a great colleague to have
 21-06-34  Durff - @Matthew so they are purely your opinion
 21-06-58  Peggy George - that's so funny!
 21-07-54  Peggy George - I think it's a challenge because teachers may not be clear about the purpose of the multimedia projects and don't know how to assess it
 21-08-03  cheri toledo - any questions?
 21-08-42  Matthew Wendlng - @Durff- For our purposes, yes.  @Peggy- Students really crave evaluation; it's what we live for, academically...Being able to assess the work is crucial
 21-08-43  Peggy George - don't worry about Durff, Matthew!! she's just pushing you to defend your observations--doesn't have to be research
 21-08-56  Durff - @Matthew I challenge you to design a Twitterpoll to gather data on this research qt - using surveymonkey it won't take but minutes to put out there
 21-09-25  Durff - @Peggy has my number
 21-09-52  Peggy George - he's just doing such an awesome job and I don't want him to feel discouraged!
 21-09-56  sheila - Do parents and students appreciate the multimodal approach?
 21-10-21  Peggy George - an authentic audience is fantastic for assessing learning!
 21-10-26  Matthew Wendlng - @Durff- That would be interesting!  @Peggy- I never mind being pushed - it's the only way to learn -)
 21-11-04  Peggy George - great Matthew!! Cheryl is talking about exactly this thing that Durff is suggesting
 21-11-19  Durff - @Dr. Ball do you teach open courses like @courosa or @gsiemens or @clifmims ? Would you want to ?
 21-11-31  cherylball - open courses?
 21-11-42  sheila - IS it appreciated when it could be so different from their past experiences?
 21-11-47  Durff - where anyone online can join
 21-11-51  cherylball - ugh, dreamweaver. those students were troopers!
 21-12-29  Peggy George - Alec Couros is going to be our guest on Classroom 2.0 LIVE on Sat. Dec. 19 talking about his open university courses
 21-12-31  cherylball - @durff, no, I haven't, mostly because the courses I've taught, where there are online discusion forums, I wanted students to have some privacy to take risks so I haven't opened the classes up.
 21-13-19  Durff - at  the university level, should students be shielded?
 21-13-39  Durff - I teach middle school in a semi shielded way
 21-13-42  cheri toledo - @Durff No ... and they are not
 21-13-46  Peggy George - I have loved having the opportunity to participate in the open courses Alec teaches! Always learn so much
 21-13-58  Durff - they will be ready for openess when they reach you
 21-13-59  cheri toledo - shielded in that we're not limited by what we can access
 21-14-21  Peggy George - it may be different for undergrad courses than grad courses
 21-14-59  Peggy George - http-//eci831.wikispaces.com/Session+List  this is an example of one of Alec's courses
 21-15-04  Durff - it would be if I found your ning
 21-15-07  Durff - -)
 21-15-23  Matthew Wendlng - Would an open course entail non-enrolled individuals learning? 
 21-15-29  Peggy George - yes Matthew
 21-15-34  Durff - yes matthew
 21-15-42  Peggy George - I participate in his classes and I'm not enrolled in them
 21-16-13  Matthew Wendlng - Alright thank you
 21-16-22  Durff - @Dr. Ball do you use any virtual world to teach classes?
 21-17-03  Durff - Lurkers Unite
 21-17-18  Durff - -)
 21-17-23  Durff - she triesw
 21-17-37  Peggy George - we don't have to be lurkers in Alec's classes--we can participate in the live Elluminate sessions in the chat room or on the mic
 21-17-52  Durff - Dr. Ball should present in SL at VWBPE2010
 21-18-19  Durff - you're kidding
 21-18-33  sheila - SL has bandwidth issues for me.
 21-18-43  Durff - everyone of my 7th graders know what SL is
 21-19-10  Peggy George - me too Sheila--rarely do I participate in SL when my computer doesn't freeze up
 21-19-14  Durff - every class is different at any level
 21-19-57  Durff - empowers them to learn
 21-20-39  Peggy George - very true Durff!
 21-20-59  Peggy George - oh boy! I love secrets!
 21-21-09  Durff - preparation of learners means teaching learners to transfer skills btwn software platforms
 21-21-13  Peggy George - Matt speaks with such confidence!
 21-21-34  sheila - Saw that on his blog!
 21-21-38  Durff - Matt, on a live show and shy? Naw
 21-22-14  Durff - The drill team is good - I taught at a veterans' school
 21-22-56  cherylball - I'm a band geek. I can't help it.
 21-23-08  Peggy George - great analogies!
 21-23-11  Durff - do you play an instrument?
 21-23-14  Matthew Wendlng - @Cheryl- As am I
 21-23-18  Matthew Wendlng - -P
 21-23-27  cherylball - lol!
 21-23-44  Peggy George - fantastic conversation!!! love the ideas you've shared!
 21-23-58  Peggy George - that's a great wish Cheri!
 21-24-17  Durff - start at the k12 level
 21-24-34  Peggy George - thank you Cheryl and Matthew!!
 21-24-50  Durff - compelling conversation
 21-24-57  Matthew Wendlng - Thank you for having me!  Definitely a new and exciting experience
 21-25-10  Peggy George - you sound like an "old pro" Matthew!
 21-25-10  cherylball - http-//kairos.technorhetoric.net
 21-25-28  Peggy George - his blog is his WOW of the Week
 21-25-30  Durff - he probably is - a new lurker
 21-25-38  cherylball - We publish teaching-related stuff, so everyone should submit!
 21-25-57  Durff - -)
 21-26-02  cherylball - We also publish theory stuff -- anyting about technology.
 21-26-29  Durff - starting tomorrow am
 21-26-43  cheri toledo - http-//wiki.k12onlineconference.org/home/for-participants/2009-schedule
 21-26-58  cheri toledo - http-//www.ictineducation.org/home-page/2009/11/20/awards-for-the-best-use-of-t...
 21-27-40  Durff - link dumper
 21-27-41  cheri toledo - http-//www.kiva.org/about/how/
 21-27-58  Durff - yup, middle schoolers donate to KICA
 21-28-01  Durff - KIVA
 21-28-03  cheri toledo - very cool
 21-28-11  cheri toledo - super
 21-28-36  cherylball - very!
 21-28-44  Durff - microloans = KIVA
 21-28-48  cheri toledo - great idea
 21-29-01  cherylball - @durff, thanks for asking smart questions!
 21-29-16  Durff - when they pay it back, you can regive
 21-29-18  cheri toledo - wonderful
 21-29-29  Durff - Dr. Ball - i ain't smart
 21-29-37  Durff - just annoying
 21-29-43  cheri toledo - http-//drctedd.wordpress.com/2009/11/28/arghh-rig-the-mizzen-mast-matey/
 21-29-43  cherylball - -)
 21-29-44  Peggy George - we always love fun links!!
 21-29-55  Matthew Wendlng - @Durff- Thanks for busting my chops!
 21-29-56  cherylball - that's what my friends say about me, too
 21-30-04  cherylball - aaargggh!
 21-30-11  Durff - your welcome Matthew - anytime
 21-30-14  Peggy George - that's really funny Cheri!
 21-30-16  cheri toledo - http-//pixton.com/
 21-30-37  cherylball - cool
 21-30-47  Durff - on that revolving door
 21-30-55  Durff - and we pay for this cable
 21-31-04  cherylball - this was a fantastic way to spend an hour. Thank you all for having us!
 21-31-08  cheri toledo - Great show - I wish Sharon was here!!
 21-31-18  Durff - but many will here later
 21-31-22  cheri toledo - It will be archived
 21-31-26  cherylball - and Peggy has such a wonderful radio voice!
 21-31-29  Durff - where is sharon?
 21-31-36  cheri toledo - San Francisco
 21-31-40  Durff - ah
 21-31-41  cheri toledo - Thank you Sheila
 21-31-47  cheri toledo - thanks World Bridges
 21-31-52  cheri toledo - yea!
 21-32-08  Durff - Jeff Lebo = beachdude (hilarious)
 21-32-11  cherylball - thanks Ustream and world bridges. and thanks to  and for good colleagues like Cheri!
 21-32-26  sroseman - Thank you!! Great conversations.
 21-32-27  cheri toledo - Yea!!
 21-32-42  cherylball - bye!
 21-32-56  Durff - I'll enjoy relistening
 21-32-59  Peggy George - thank you all for joining us!
 21-33-14  Durff - night all - take care
 21-35-06  Matthew Wendlng - Good night!