It's Elementary #40: Getting Ready for k12onlineconference 2009

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The It's Elementary crew discusses the k12onlineconference with it's very own Jose Rodriguez and Maria Knee, Co-Conveners.  Make sure to join us for the k12online LAN Party On November 18, the K12Online Conference is hosting a LAN party from 6:30PM to 8:30PM EST. We invite everyone to gather at the LAN party site with colleagues in order to view two past conference presentations and then engage in lively discussions in the EdTechTalk chatroom.

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 [18:00] <PeggyG> Hi everyone
[18:01] <PeggyG> Hooray!! one of my favorite topics!! the k12online conference :-)
 [18:02] <derrallg> Hi PeggyG
 [18:02] <PeggyG> Hi derrallg! I always love seeing your name pop up in the chat!
[18:02] <derrallg> That's how I feel about you :)
[18:03] <PeggyG> love it!! ask a busy person and they get the job done!! so glad you said YES :-)
[18:04] <PeggyG>
[18:04] <PeggyG>
[18:04] <PeggyG> I love how easy it is to copy/paste links in this new chat :-)
[18:05] <derrallg> This is my first experience with it
[18:06] <Mariak>
[18:06] <Mariak> animoto link
[18:06] <PeggyG> You can also find the animoto on the conference website:
[18:07] <PeggyG> you did a fantastic job on that Maria!! Thank you!
[18:07] <Mariak> why thank you!
 [18:08] <alicemercer> or sarah
[18:09] <PeggyG> it's exciting to hear about the addition of the Spanish presentations this year!
[18:10] <derrallg> It does make it so much more global in scope
[18:10] <PeggyG> definitely!
[18:11] <PeggyG> and there will be lots of people listening to this recording later :-)
[18:12] <JoseRodriguez> Hey Burt are you from edtechclassroom podcast?
[18:13] <PeggyG> his year's conference begins with a pre-conference keynote by classroom teacher and international educator Kim Cofino the week of November 30, 2009. The following two weeks, December 7-11 and December 14-17, over fifty presentations will be posted online to our conference blog and our conference Ning for participants to view, download, and discuss.
[18:13] <PeggyG> That's information from the website--just for the record in our chat here :-)
[18:16] <PeggyG> I'm really enjoying the LIVE events leading up to the conference. It's really fun to watch the presentations from previous years with the presenters in the chat room to talk with us!
 [18:17] <JoseRodriguez> Hey Jeff..
[18:17] <Mariak> Hey there - Jeff
[18:17] <derrallg> Hi Jeff
[18:17] <jutecht> Howdy....
[18:17] <PeggyG> our next event is Nov. 18th from 6:30-8:30pm Eastern-join us!!
[18:17] <PeggyG> thank you Alice :-)
[18:17] <jutecht> Howdy...thanks!
[18:18] <PeggyG> yeah Jeff!! I want to talk with you--sent you a message on your blog :-)
[18:18] <jutecht> She's not here now....teaching a class.....
[18:18] <jutecht>'s about making connections. :)
 [18:19] <sroseman> testing
[18:20] <alicemercer> Hi Sue!
[18:20] <PeggyG> our presenters at the Nov. 18th LAN party will be: 6:30-7:15 Kevin Jarrett and Sylvia Martinez "Second Life: K-20 Educators Exploring Virtual Worlds-Panel" 7:30-8:15 Chris Harbeck-Release the Hounds
[18:20] <Mariak>
[18:20] <Mariak> silvia's teaser
[18:20] <PeggyG> Silvia Tolisano is so amazing!!
[18:20] <alicemercer> So you're making the planning parties more than just business
[18:20] <jutecht> Kim talked about her keynote on her blog here:
[18:21] <PeggyG> thanks for that link Jeff!
 [18:21] <Mariak>
 [18:21] <Mariak> the english version of silvia's teaser
[18:21] <PeggyG> I can't wait to hear Kim Cofino
 [18:22] <jutecht> @peggyG can't wait to hear it either...she hasn't share it here with us and I sit 10 feet from her. :)
 [18:23] <Mariak> welcome back Sue
 [18:23] <Mariak> and glad you are back too Kathy
[18:23] <PeggyG> I love the idea that we will be able to keep the learning and conversation going after the conference with the monthly LAN parties via EdTechTalk! Susan van Gelder will host them as the K12online Echo :-)
[18:24] <sroseman> hi everyone
[18:24] <PeggyG> so Kim's keeping her keynote a secret!! so clever!!
[18:24] <derrallg> hi Sue
[18:24] <sroseman> strange interface
[18:24] <derrallg> @sroseman I'm not used to it either yet
[18:24] <PeggyG> that LAN party concept all began with Jeff!! that was a brilliant idea!!
[18:24] <jutecht> @peggyg's secret for now....we'll get it out of her in a couple weeks. :)
[18:25] <PeggyG> be sure to tweet it if you do!! :-) tee hee!
[18:25] <jutecht> We're planning some LAN parties for this year...we'll see how they go.
 [18:26] <PeggyG> if you join both the Ning and the wiki/website you'll get all of the latest information!!
 [18:26] <Mariak>
[18:27] <PeggyG>
[18:27] <JoseRodriguez> thank peggy
[18:27] <Mariak>
[18:27] <PeggyG>
[18:27] <PeggyG> much easier when you're not talking!
[18:27] <PeggyG> you're really good Maria!!
[18:28] <PeggyG> the teasers are being posted here as they come in:
 [18:29] <PeggyG> this conference is so amazing and people still are viewing and discussing presentations from the first year and they're still relevant!!
[18:29] <derrallg> I share but just can't get teachers around me to see what it's about, don't know why
[18:29] <jutecht> Thanks....hadn't realized I didn't sign up on the ning until now.
[18:29] <derrallg> Hey Patrick
[18:29] <PeggyG> I'll approve you right away Jeff :-)
[18:30] <jutecht> So many options to get together and just have conversations.
 [18:31] <PeggyG> have a LAN party @derrallg and serve pizza and beverages--show them a presentation from previous years and then talk about the upcoming conference. They'll love it!
[18:31] <PeggyG> I have found the LAN parties work much better if you do them away from school in someone's home :-)
[18:31] <derrallg> @peggyg I think that is probably something along the lines of what I need to do
 [18:32] <JoseRodriguez> @peggy I agree.. in a relaxed social environment
[18:33] <PeggyG> we had a fabulous LAN party last year using the presentation about global projects with Kim Cofino/Jen Wagner and then we skyped them in to talk with us. It was fantastic!
 [18:33] <derrallg> @peggyg that was probably so powerful for them
[18:33] <PeggyG> great summary Alice!
[18:33] <derrallg> hey Matt
[18:33] <matt-montagne> hey derrall!
 [18:34] <alicemercer> Who wants to join us?
[18:34] <alicemercer> Peggy? Jeff? Matt? Sue?
[18:34] <alicemercer> Andyone?
[18:34] <pwoessner> finally in and able to listen
[18:34] <PeggyG> Wes is such an awesome leader!!
[18:34] <alicemercer> Derrall you can talk too
[18:34] <derrallg> glad to see you here Patrick
[18:34] <Mariak> Hi there patrick
[18:35] <pwoessner> @Derrall  Thanks!
[18:35] <derrallg> this echo will make it difficult
[18:35] <derrallg> bring in Patrick
[18:35] <jutecht> I have a meeting in 5 minutes....sorry....:(
[18:35] <PeggyG> Sorry I need to get to another meeting :-( I would love to have joined you!! I'm passionate about this conference!
[18:35] <JoseRodriguez> Thanks for stopping by Jeff..
[18:36] <alicemercer> Matt or Sue?
[18:36] <derrallg> @PeggyG you're so busy
[18:36] <jutecht> See you guys later......back to work for me!
 [18:37] <derrallg> bye Jeff
[18:37] <PeggyG> too busy for being retired (wink) :-)
[18:37] <alicemercer> Thanks!
 [18:38] <pwoessner> Hi Matt
 [18:39] <derrallg> It's amazing that a virtual conference has been sustained such as this
[18:41] <pwoessner> yep...i'm here
[18:41] <pwoessner> i can open skype
 [18:42] <pwoessner> working on it :)
 [18:43] <matt-montagne> pretty good there jose!!!
[18:43] == Anthony has changed nick to Guest71803
[18:43] <matt-montagne> nie job on those time zone conversions!!
[18:43] <derrallg> He's gotten some good practice in I guess :)
[18:45] <pwoessner> my status won't change...sorry
[18:45] <matt-montagne> nice show y'all
[18:45] <matt-montagne> thanks for your work with Its Elementary!!!
[18:46] <matt-montagne> and a shout out to the K12Online Crew!!!
[18:46] <matt-montagne> NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
 [18:46] <Mariak> woo hoo!
[18:46] <matt-montagne> that'd be cool Alice
[18:46] <matt-montagne> I still think this chat room is horrible
[18:46] <derrallg> I think I'll be a father by then
[18:46] <pwoessner> cheers
[18:46] <sroseman> I agree, Matt
[18:47] <Mariak> papa derrallg
 [18:47] <matt-montagne> good work rockin' the stream derrall!!!
[18:47] <sroseman> nice stream ..looking forward to the conference
[18:47] <derrallg> @matt thanks matt, need to talk to Jose about tweaking the setting to minimize echo