2009-10-22 Ben N Ben Show 2

Ben and Ben interviewed a former student from our high school, Zach, who is now at MIT. Zach did an internship at the FERMI lab this past summer. Zach's class was the first year of the Maine Learning Technology Initiative in 2002. Ben and Ben wanted to know if having a laptop through high school helped prepare Zach for college.

Geek of the Week links:

Alice: Free and Useful Tools for AP students and ACTEM 2009 sessions

Ben N: Jinni, Find a great Movie

Ben M: Ballotopedia


penguindo ->  Hello
 penguindo ->  it is my first time joining this chat room
 penguindo ->  I am going to give a class about "building community with technology" next week
 deb ->  tesytdfjndksbgds
 pwm ->  whyd you leave alicebarr?
 pwm ->  hi ben!!!
 pwm ->  (N)
 BenN ->  Hi PWM
 BenN ->  Glad to see someone in the chat already!
 pwm ->  wat r u doing...
 pwm ->  wats this about?
 pwm ->  how does this work...
 BenN ->  A tech show led by two high school students
 pwm ->  how do you download audio books...
 BenN ->  Hmm, very interesting question.
 BenN ->  Our Yarmouth High School site has very helpful directions
 pwm ->  it does... where?
 BenM ->  hi all...so great to have our second show!
 BenN ->  bookleads.wikispaces.com - PWM
 pwm ->  thanks, I'll check that out later
 pwm ->  should I hear anything yet?  not sure how this works
 bobsprankle ->  hi all
 zhynes ->  hi
 BenM ->  can everyone hear us ok?
 bobsprankle ->  yes
 Scott Shelhart ->  Audio ok
 bobsprankle ->  sounds great
 alicebarr ->  to listen go to teh speaker on the upper right and click on it sound should open in iTunes
 alicebarr ->  bob do you want to come in
 bobsprankle ->  I'll pass... talked out... lol
 bobsprankle ->  not sure how long I can stay... daughter coming home soon
 Scott Shelhart ->  Have you folkes ever considered using UStream?  I like it because the delay is much less than the shoutcast feed.
 alicebarr ->  @Scott Yes except I haven't learned how to broadcast yet in Ustream through edtechtalk
 BenN ->  Deborah- Glad you could come!
 atn ->  how come I can't hear you guys?
 alicebarr ->  Hello Deborah, Hello atn Thanks for joining us
 alicebarr ->  Hello Anne
 AnneFraser ->  Hi
 alicebarr ->  Can yo all hear OK?
 AnneFraser ->  yes
 bobsprankle ->  sounds fantastic
 Scott Shelhart ->  Fermi lab is cool.  I went there on a HS field trip many years ago.
 atn ->  how do I turn on the sound?
 BenN ->  Top Right part of Screen it says EdTechTalk A, press the microphone
 alicebarr ->  @atn click on the speaker in the upper right
 alicebarr ->  Welcome beesha
 atn ->  thatnk you
 bobsprankle ->  wow
 alicebarr ->  Welcome CWoot
 CWoot ->  Thanks!
 BenN ->  Welcome!
 alicebarr ->  Hello carolteach4 and cheryloakes
 alicebarr ->  This stuff is amazing
 cheryloakes~ ->  Hello BenN, wow!
 carolteach4 ->  Hi, Alice, Cheryl and Ben
 bobsprankle ->  phew!
 carolteach4 ->  hi, Bob. I left a comment on your Tech&Learning blog today
 Scott Shelhart ->  Here is a satellite view of the facility http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=fermi+labs&s...
 cheryloakes~ ->  Hello Carol4, annef, atn beesha, ben and ben, bob, deborahcwoot, getchscott, toby, zhynes
 AnneFraser ->  yo cheryl!
 Scott Shelhart ->  is a BIG place
 cheryloakes~ ->  This is amazing.
 carolteach4 ->  Wow! Amazing!
 Deborah Johansen ->  okay I'm in finally
 Deborah Johansen ->  it took a while
 Deborah Johansen ->  I can listen now
 Deborah Johansen ->  hi Ben
 Deborah Johansen ->  can you read this?
 alicebarr ->  @Deborah Great you can hear!
 cheryloakes~ ->  we can see what you are writing
 alicebarr ->  @Deborah yes we can read
 BenN ->  Yes Deborah, isn't Zach amazing?
 Deborah Johansen ->  of course
 getch ->  we're listenibng to MIT Physics students - where'e the image?
 Deborah Johansen ->  how do I say hello to Zach?
 zhynes ->  hi!
 cheryloakes~ ->  http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=fermi+labs&s...
 alicebarr ->  @deborah I can relay to him
 carolteach4 ->  Isn't it wonderful that the State of Maine supported forward-looking education
 alicebarr ->  Or you can type in the chat room
 alicebarr ->  He is here in teh chat room too
 alicebarr ->  @cbeard and @crawme Welcome!
 carolteach4 ->  The approach used in you school, too - making you responsible for your own learning - more self-directed learning -
 Deborah Johansen ->  Do kids use their laptops in every class at MIT?
 Deborah Johansen ->  Do they carry them class to class?
 cheryloakes~ ->  Oh, good question Deborah J
 bobsprankle ->  good questions
 Deborah Johansen ->  Our kids are really tied to them 24-7
 Deborah Johansen ->  So are they the norm in college?
 cheryloakes~ ->  Wow, Linux appears.
 Deborah Johansen ->  What is Linux?
 Deborah Johansen ->  sorry
 alicebarr ->  Linux is an operating system like OSX on the MAc
 cheryloakes~ ->  Deborah it is an operating system, like Windows or Macintosh
 Deborah Johansen ->  thank you
 alicebarr ->  It is called open source becasue people can up date it on uyour own if you want
 cheryloakes~ ->  Alice the sound is great!
 carolteach4 ->  A few of my seventh and eight graders are teaching themselves Python during computer club after school; I have to admit, in that aspect I'm left in the dust.
 cheryloakes~ ->  Carol, good you are having a place for them to do that.
 alicebarr ->  Mrs Johansen taught Zach!
 Deborah Johansen ->  please
 Deborah Johansen ->  thank you
 carolteach4 ->  I am NOT a programmer!
 alicebarr ->  @cheryl Excellent!
 Deborah Johansen ->  finally
 getch ->  newbie here - thank-you for recognizing the chat room Zack - all ears
 Deborah Johansen ->  yeah, I understand that
 Deborah Johansen ->  but that seems a little rudimentary
 alicebarr ->  @Deb :) Scary huh!
 Deborah Johansen ->  especially for MIT
 carolteach4 ->  @Deborah - what seems a little rudimentary?
 Deborah Johansen ->  Do kids take notes in lecture halls with pencils and paper or laptops?
 Deborah Johansen ->  on a daily basis/
 Deborah Johansen ->  ?
 BenN ->  Great question
 Deborah Johansen ->  that's done in 5th grade
 Deborah Johansen ->  of course I get htat
 Deborah Johansen ->  that
 BenM ->  GREAT questions tonight!
 Deborah Johansen ->  omigod
 alicebarr ->  Hi Sarah
 Deborah Johansen ->  oh of course
 Deborah Johansen ->  I get that
 CWoot ->  I'm wondering what you have seen as the impct of having MIT courses as open to anyone online, Zach.  Do students go to the lectures when they have the courses all online
 bobsprankle ->  interesting... paper wins
 Sarah Sutter ->  Hello!
 Deborah Johansen ->  paper
 Deborah Johansen ->  I knew it
 getch ->  tablet pcs - great idea!
 cheryloakes~ ->  would sketchup pro work?
 PeggyG ->  thre were some amazing presentations in the FETC Virtual Conference today and an excellent panel discussion of teachers in 1:1 laptop schools in Vail AZ!
 alicebarr ->  Learning how to learn
 cheryloakes~ ->  hey peggy
 PeggyG ->  Hi :-)
 alicebarr ->  important skill
 Deborah Johansen ->  Thank you, Zach....please give Zach my best and my heartfelt condolences on the Red Sox dismal end....Ben, tell him that
 cheryloakes~ ->  oh, what a great statement.
 Deborah Johansen ->  I read his blog
 Deborah Johansen ->  but of course couldn't figure out how to answer him
 Deborah Johansen ->  :(
 PeggyG ->  their online curriculum is all developed by teachers and everything is done online for students, teachers, parents! very exciting stuff!!
 Deborah Johansen ->  This is great fun and I am very impressed, Alice....
 Deborah Johansen ->  and Ben and Been
 Deborah Johansen ->  Ben
 cheryloakes~ ->  Deborah, isn't it great they can get together here and share
 Deborah Johansen ->  yes
 carolteach4 ->  I use a google doc to take notes and keep track of websites during these webinars because it's convenient. Besides, I would lose the scraps of paper I used to take notes on. However, this summer at a two-day lecture training on differentiated learning, the old notebook came out.
 Deborah Johansen ->  I wish we could video chat
 Deborah Johansen ->  can't you figure that out, you two Bens?
 Deborah Johansen ->  tell him the Red Sox stuff, Ben
 cheryloakes~ ->  Zach, thanks so much for sharing your information.
 BenN ->  I will, and we'll look into it
 Deborah Johansen ->  yay
 Deborah Johansen ->  Ben Mc
 Deborah Johansen ->  exciting
 Deborah Johansen ->  omigod
 Deborah Johansen ->  thank you
 Deborah Johansen ->  of course
 getch ->  excellent-will be listening
 Deborah Johansen ->  super
 Deborah Johansen ->  I would love to see that
 Deborah Johansen ->  Ben M
 Deborah Johansen ->  we share the grief
 atn ->  can he send us the link for the webcast?
 getch ->  always next year!
 zhynes ->  http://amps-web.mit.edu/public/amps/webcast/2009/obama-2009oct23/
 carolteach4 ->  I hope the webcast is audible - had lots of trouble hearing the one where he addressed the nation's students
 Deborah Johansen ->  yes we know
 Deborah Johansen ->  you brat
 cheryloakes~ ->  thanks Zach!!
 Deborah Johansen ->  rock on Arod
 CWoot ->  Thanks Zach!
 Deborah Johansen ->  good night
 Deborah Johansen ->  thank you very much
 Deborah Johansen ->  fun
 Deborah Johansen ->  see you tomorrow
 BenM ->  we're not done yet
 BenM ->  hahaha
 Deborah Johansen ->  Ben Mc
 Deborah Johansen ->  Obama?
 Deborah Johansen ->  omigod
 BenM ->  we go until 830
 Deborah Johansen ->  okay
 Deborah Johansen ->  I know that
 Deborah Johansen ->  but I want to watch the Yankees game
 alicebarr ->  Stay tuned ben N Ben have more
 Deborah Johansen ->  see you tomorrow
 Deborah Johansen ->  okay
 Deborah Johansen ->  you twisted my arm
 Deborah Johansen ->  plus I'll never hear the end of it
 Deborah Johansen ->  win a Nobel?
 carolteach4 ->  Can he answer Cheryl's earlier question. Does open courseware influence face to face instruction?
 cheryloakes~ ->  That is a good endorsement about the open courseware, they have a whole block of HS courses available, from professors at MIT.
 Deborah Johansen ->  how come you guys can talk?
 Deborah Johansen ->  and we can't
 atn ->  is there a link to the HS courses avaialble?
 Deborah Johansen ->  of course, he's a genius!
 alicebarr ->  @Deborah we are on Skype recording through edtechtalk
 Deborah Johansen ->  of course
 Deborah Johansen ->  someday
 Deborah Johansen ->  I have skype
 cheryloakes~ ->  http://ocw.mit.edu/OcwWeb/hs/home/home/index.htm
 Deborah Johansen ->  Ben?
 alicebarr ->  Welcome MalinT
 getch ->  2nd that - a link for open coursework at MIT to run by my H.S. kid?
 PeggyG ->  the last keynote at FETC today gave an incredible presentation on the "cloud" and open source that was very exciting!
 cheryloakes~ ->  great peggy, that is where things are going.
 carolteach4 ->  Zach is amazingly articulate.
 Deborah Johansen ->  Angus King was right
 Deborah Johansen ->  it was his vision you know
 carolteach4 ->  Angus King is a visionary
 atn ->  but laptops without teacher training will not and does not work
 cheryloakes~ ->  Do you get to collaborate in your classes Ben?
 PeggyG ->  that's exactly what he said!! he did his entire presentation on a netbook with everything in the cloud :-)
 cheryloakes~ ->  I mean, do you get to collaborate with students outside of your school?
 Deborah Johansen ->  i'm leaving this chart
 Deborah Johansen ->  Ben m and Ben N
 cheryloakes~ ->  Hi Matt
 Deborah Johansen ->  good night
 Deborah Johansen ->  Yankees await
 alicebarr ->  Bye Deborah thanks for comig
 Deborah Johansen ->  bye, alice
 matt montagne ->  hey Cheryl et al!
 cheryloakes~ ->  This is the Ben and Ben show.
 matt montagne ->  nice!
 PeggyG ->  Have any of you used SlideRocket? That's where John Kuglin stores all of his video, photos, presentations, documents!! Incredible site!
 cheryloakes~ ->  no peggy, haven't yet.
 alicebarr ->  Hi Matt welcome
 matt montagne ->  what does MILT stand for??
 CWoot ->  Those HS students were a really varied group of kids, not just the "techy" kids
 matt montagne ->  hey there alice
 atn ->  atn loves scratch
 alicebarr ->  MLTI=Maine Learning Technology Iniative
 cheryloakes~ ->  Maine Learning Technology Initiative
 BenM ->  Maine Learning Technology Initiative
 PeggyG ->  these guys are always so inspiring!!
 matt montagne ->  ahh, thanks Ben
 cheryloakes~ ->  http://www.micdl.org/
 CWoot ->  I think that having students teaching students is empowering to both groups as learners
 carolteach4 ->  Hey, Matt - hello- roll out of Google Apps going well at my middle school-more and more teachers becoming interested in using it with their kids
 cheryloakes~ ->  http://www.maine.gov/mlti/index.shtml
 alicebarr ->  http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=rd9IAe7YnhzgLHfuP4i8i-Q&output=html
 PeggyG ->  I think he's excited to share his Geek of the week :-)
 matt montagne ->  That is awesome news Carol!!! Once you get going, it kinda just spreads
 CWoot ->  Geek of the week is so great!  We had a Geek of the week at ACTEM, which was amazing!!!
 matt montagne ->  Students really, really like GApps for collaborative writing type of work
 cheryloakes~ ->  Good sharing site with lots of good links
 PeggyG ->  ACTEM sounded so great! I loved being able to watch the stream of Geek of the Week :-)
 bobsprankle ->  i agree
 CWoot ->  Marco was really inspiring
 Sarah Sutter ->  Absolutely - best ACTEM yet! Keeps getting better and bigger!
 cheryloakes~ ->  Peggy, thanks for prompting me to move the webcam so youcould see
 alicebarr ->  http://www.onlinecolleges.net/2009/09/15/100-free-and-useful-tools-for-a...
 CWoot ->  He did some great stuff with Garage Band and using creativity in classrooms
 PeggyG ->  Marco Torres has done some amazing things. I got to participate in a full day workshop with him about ayear ago and learned so much!
 PeggyG ->  @Cheryl-that was such a highlight to be able to see all of you in the room--really made it feel like we were part of the group :-)
 matt montagne ->  bleh, APs :-)
 PeggyG ->  Yeah! Google domain for Yarmouth!!
 PeggyG ->  what a fun project!
 bobsprankle ->  i have to skip out all. have a great evening!
 matt montagne ->  sounds like a really cool poetry project...
 carolteach4 ->  That is very cool, Ben. I hope that we'll be able to link to those someday.
 alicebarr ->  http://ballotpedia.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page
 PeggyG ->  bye Bob
 cheryloakes~ ->  bye bob
 beesha ->  bye bob!
 bobsprankle ->  night all
 CWoot ->  I think having all of our students in the Google Domain at Yarmouth has made it a lot easier to use it in class
 PeggyG ->  that looks like a great site! Ballotpedia--new to me :-)
 alicebarr ->  @CWoot me too, seems that people are sharing alot of stuff!
 beesha ->  bye toby!
 BenM ->  hi beesha
 CWoot ->  My browser just crashed, will these links be archived?
 alicebarr ->  @Cwoot yes we post online
 cheryloakes~ ->  cwoot, the show will be a podcast and the chat will be preserved.
 CWoot ->  Great!
 cheryloakes~ ->  alice where will you post?
 BenM ->  @CWoot yes!
 alicebarr ->  http://www.jinni.com/
 alicebarr ->  Not sure yet will let you know
 PeggyG ->  the top of that page says "Al Ortiz is reporting live from Maine this week on Questions 3 and 5"
 alicebarr ->  Don't have a space yet :(
 cheryloakes~ ->  OK, just wondering.
 alicebarr ->  @Peggy G Yes that is what I see too THANKS
 cheryloakes~ ->  Thanks for the great geeks of the week!!!
 PeggyG ->  if you click on your own state (AZ for me) you get all of the info on your state and whats on the ballot
 PeggyG ->  what a fun site!! Pandora to a new level :-)
 cheryloakes~ ->  Tell us what is coming next!!!
 PeggyG ->  Ben N Ben are sounding so professional and polished!! Super job!!
 matt montagne ->  @Peggy...agreed!!!
 AnneFraser ->  Re ballotpedia - you can select your state and find the ballot choices
 PeggyG ->  Matt your Gator Radio students should do a radio show together with them :-)
 carolteach4 ->  Can I drop in a link to a blog I found when out on National Day of Writing site - it's a blog from six children's book writers who also teach writing, and there are wonderful resources available?
 matt montagne ->  @Peggy...agreed...that would be cool. 'Palo Alto Meets Maine' or something like that
 alicebarr ->  Yes matt let's think about that!
 cheryloakes~ ->  sure carol4
 matt montagne ->  absolutely Carol!
 PeggyG ->  I would love that show!!!!
 carolteach4 ->  Here it is:
 CWoot ->  That would be a highlight for me, for sure!
 carolteach4 ->  http://www.teachingauthors.com/
 cheryloakes~ ->  must go have dinner, great job with the show. bye for now.
 alicebarr ->  @Cheryl Thanks for coming!
 carolteach4 ->  The first blog post I connected to on that site was:http://www.teachingauthors.com/2009/08/show-dont-tell-pastrami-aunt-ciss...
 carolteach4 ->  http://www.teachingauthors.com/2009/08/show-dont-tell-pastrami-aunt-ciss...
 carolteach4 ->  It is a must view for anyone who teaches writing to kids-posted by April Halprin Wayland
 matt montagne ->  In Defense of Play...sounds like something I'd be interested in
 matt montagne ->  cool, will check it out Carol
 carolteach4 ->  I think the "play" is the operative word -kids learn best when learning is like play-discovery and creation
 CWoot ->  I'm still here!
 CWoot ->  Yep, on wikis and nings
 matt montagne ->  A good session name always helps attendance! Or just put Google anywhere in the title and people will show up
 CWoot ->  Ben, I have been learning more each year
 carolteach4 ->  That whole play idea is supported by the MIT creators of Scratch -
 matt montagne ->  post 'em at Internet Archive
 alicebarr ->  Can't wait to hear about your presentation CWoot
 matt montagne ->  gotta get crackin'
 carolteach4 ->  Please make sure we can link to where they post on the Seedlings Ning
 matt montagne ->  enjoyed catching up
 PeggyG ->  I was typing away and my browser crashed! Ugh! At least the audio kept going :-)
 alicebarr ->  Thanks matt
 PeggyG ->  I loved the name of that presentation about wikis and Nings :-)
 matt montagne ->  wikispaces allow single uploads of 20 MB
 atn ->  no pref, just let us know so we can find them
 carolteach4 ->  Matt, I've put your blog and that of your tech coordinator in my iGoogle, so I'm always reminded
 matt montagne ->  great to hear Carol!
 PeggyG ->  thanks for sharing your writing site carolteach4--can't wait to explore it more
 matt montagne ->  that would be cool
 matt montagne ->  our students love music...
 PeggyG ->  you should listen to the recorded session from FETC today--lots of great information about what they are doing with 1:1 laptops--almost no textbooks being used
 carolteach4 ->  @Peggy - I have only brushed the surface of it; it will take hours to investigate - such good resources -
 matt montagne ->  perhaps we could do a DJ night and play music back and forth...would b fun
 alicebarr ->  @matt That sounds fun!
 PeggyG ->  that would be fun Matt!! bring back those guitar players :-)
 PeggyG ->  actually they played several instruments and they were fantastic!
 CWoot ->  Facebook, I'm sure, too!
 matt montagne ->  we typically use royalty free tunes...or music from myspace bands after they've given us permission to use it.
 matt montagne ->  @Peggy...live would be fun too :)
 carolteach4 ->  @Peggy - again, thank you for helping me figuring out how to easily set up groups in Google Apps; it has made my life so much easier.
 PeggyG ->  I think it would--we have lots of talented students!!
 alicebarr ->  @Cwoot Yup Facebook too!
 PeggyG ->  good carolteach4!!
 alicebarr ->  Thanks all for coming!
 PeggyG ->  thank you Bens :-) great show!! love hearing from you!!
 matt montagne ->  chau...that was great!!!
 carolteach4 ->  Thanks again for a great show! Makes me miss Maine.
 CWoot ->  Thanks Ben M & Ben N!
 BenM ->  Thanks everyone for coming to listen!!!

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