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Geek of the Week Links, live from ACTEM

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 11:57:04  PeggyG  Hi poochiesan-are you at the conference? I was just on your website :-)
 12:10:15  techyturner  Has Seedlings begun?
 12:12:21  poochiesan  just saw a twitter about this and thought I'd check it out
 12:12:47  PeggyG  yeah!! Hi Cheryl-are you having problems streaming from the conference?
 12:13:53  PeggyG  I'm guessing they must be having some technical problems. The stream isn't up yet on either or iTunes
 12:14:15  PeggyG  it's always a fun challenge trying to stream live from a conference :-)
 12:14:46  PeggyG  Hi Cheryl-having problems? new login :-)
 12:16:03  PeggyG  are Bob and Alice joining you?
 12:16:09  cheryloakes~Seedlings LIVE ACTEM  yet, do you have sound?
 12:16:25  PeggyG  no sound yet-are you using ustream?
 12:16:56  PeggyG  it says the server is down still
 12:18:19  PeggyG  are Bob and Alice in the room with you? You can skype me but I was here to listen to you :-)
 12:20:21  PeggyG  it's always a challenge streaming from a conference--you've done it many times!
 12:20:53  mrichme  HI Peggy
 12:21:10  PeggyG  Hi mrichme--another technology adventure for us :-)
 12:21:24  PeggyG  Hi Bob-great to see you!
 12:21:49  PeggyG  are you having connection issues at the conference?
 12:23:03  PeggyG  Hi Jackie-they're still working on getting the stream to work :-)
 12:23:09  Kern  Hi everyone!
 12:23:19  PeggyG  Hi Kern
 12:23:35  jackiegerstein  Thanks Peggy - I just started clicking on all of the channels:D
 12:24:08  jackiegerstein  Rushed home - happy I didn't miss anything though
 12:24:10  PeggyG  I thought people might be thinking it was their computer but Seedlings is having some connection issues at the conference.
 12:24:49  PeggyG  I'm waiting patiently :-) I know it will be great fun if they can get it working! They've been collecting a bunch of great websites for this!
 12:25:26  jackiegerstein  Have you been in contact with them for an update?
 12:25:37  mrichme  Peggy we're collecting the urls and they're going on the seedlings ning
 12:25:54  PeggyG  Cheryl sent a quick note here--connection is failing
 12:26:14  PeggyG  That's great to know that the URLs will be on the Seedlings Ning :-)
 12:26:26  mrichme  the ones we've done are hootsuite, textthemob, and spellingcity
 12:26:29  PeggyG
 12:26:51  cheryloakes~Seedlings LIVE ACTEM  please add your geek to
 12:26:52  PeggyG  so the links are being shared right now with the live audience?
 12:27:07  PeggyG  I already added mine :-)
 12:27:15  mrichme  Not yet
 12:27:19  PeggyG  do you want/need more?
 12:27:26  mrichme  but thank you for adding them
 12:27:48  mrichme from Kern Kelley
 12:28:15  jackiegerstein  Not looking good eh?
 12:28:27  mrichme
 12:28:36  mrichme  not that one
 12:28:41  PeggyG  I shared this fantastic new scheduling tool--like it even better than Doodle
 12:28:59  mrichme
 12:29:28  PeggyG  that is such an incredible resource @mrichme!! tons of videos!!
 12:29:53  mrichme  Peggy your resource looks great!
 12:30:18  PeggyG  Sharon Peters introduced the scheduling tool to me and it's fantastic!
 12:30:46  mmiller7571  Lunch doodie awaits! Love your NING site! Didn't even know about out of the loop
 12:30:57  PeggyG  for those just joining they are having some connection/streaming issues-no audio yet
 12:31:28  PeggyG  ah--lunch dutie!! have fun!!
 12:31:42  cheryloakes~Seedlings LIVE ACTEM  trying ustream, can't get out to broadcast trying still
 12:31:56  PeggyG  thanks for the updates Cheryl
 12:32:09  mrichme  Wonder wheel in a google search is being shown right now
 12:32:44  PeggyG  oh how I wish we could be there!!
 12:33:34  mrichme  Tim Hart is showing off "get you tube"
 12:33:56  mrichme  download any youtube video as a mp4 file
 12:34:19  cheryloakes~Seedlings LIVE ACTEM  hi ben
 12:34:22  Ben  hi
 12:34:24  PeggyG  while we're waiting for the stream we can watch one of the videos on the site mrichme shared :-)
 12:34:40  cheryloakes~Seedlings LIVE ACTEM  you can go to theustream link
 12:35:09  Ben  just added to geek of week  spreadsheet
 12:35:11  PeggyG  nothing streaming there yet-says session error
 12:35:18  cheryloakes~Seedlings LIVE ACTEM  hey peggy can you try this ustream?
 12:35:20  Ben  where will this be listed later?
 12:36:00  mrichme  Kern Kelly is showing off kickyoutube
 12:36:02  PeggyG  sorry-no stream there yet
 12:36:26  PeggyG  kickyoutube is a fantastic, easy way to download youtube videos!
 12:37:12  mrichme  Cathy Wolinsky is showing off
 12:37:14  PeggyG
 12:37:40  PeggyG
 12:38:21  mrichme  Mike Aresenault is showing
 12:38:34  PeggyG  thanks for the updates @mrichme! they are like teasers :-)
 12:39:59  mrichme  Marco Torres is now showing the iphone app that solves rubix cubes
 12:40:09  PeggyG  very cool site--fastflip! just searched for Twitter and found ones of current articles/posts :-)
 12:40:11  Ben  lol
 12:40:34  cheryloakes~seedlings  lets try this
 12:40:38  PeggyG  I don't need the iphone app for rubix cubes--my 6year old grandson taught me how last weekend!! he was amazing!
 12:40:43  cheryloakes~seedlings  you will see the peeps
 12:40:47  cheryloakes~seedlings  can you hear?
 12:40:54  cheryloakes~seedlings
 12:41:04  jackiegerstein  Can see the ustream
 12:41:15  PeggyG  YES!!!!!!!  that is working
 12:41:16  cheryloakes~seedlings  finally, I am sweating!!!
 12:41:23  PeggyG  Hooray!!!!!!!!!!
 12:41:49  PeggyG  your smile is awesome Cheryl!!! I remember the same smile when we got the stream going at NECC for Women of the Web!
 12:42:15  PeggyG  you are all dressed up :-)
 12:43:19  mrichme  for users of smartboards and everyday math checkout
 12:43:23  PeggyG is up now
 12:43:43  mrichme  thanks Peggy, I'm still catching up
 12:43:56  PeggyG  I'm still catching up too :-)
 12:44:17  PeggyG  can create quizzes, flash cards and lots of things on classtools
 12:44:43  PeggyG  kids can generate their own information/quizzes, etc! awesome!
 12:46:02  mrichme  Firefox add on zotero is being discussed now
 12:46:19  cheryloakes~seedlings  peggy our best cheerleader
 12:46:39  PeggyG  you do such awesome things it's easy to be a cheerleader for you!!
 12:47:09  PeggyG  I wish we could see what's already on the list so we would know if the linnks we're submitting are already there
 12:47:32  Ben  I agree, wish we could see the list
 12:47:52  cheryloakes~seedlings
 12:47:53  Ben  I do know theat I am starting to have information overload
 12:47:55  PeggyG  me too
 12:48:18  PeggyG  I guess we'll have to wait until they get a chance to post it later on the website :-)
 12:48:28  PeggyG  some great resources though!!
 12:49:03  Ben  indeed, the headache is worth it
 12:49:25  mrichme has the raw data
 12:49:43  mrichme is being shown right now
 12:49:52  PeggyG  fantastic!!! that's a big help :-) thanks!!
 12:50:27  Ben  thanks!
 12:50:35  marcos -> -Puentes al Mundo: hola
 12:50:37  jon -> -Puentes al Mundo: holka
 12:50:47  PeggyG  new links are coming in as we watch :-) what fun!!
 12:50:49  mrichme
 12:52:08  PeggyG  now that I see the list I remember I submitted something different than the scheduling tool. I submitted --allows you to upload audio with PPT and sync them together in new presentation
 12:52:28  mrichme  Nice Peggy
 12:52:45  mrichme
 12:52:56  mrichme
 12:52:59  mrichme  sorry about that
 12:53:27  PeggyG  wow-a virtual field trip tool! love it!
 12:54:30  cheryloakes~seedlings
 12:54:38  PeggyG  very exciting!! could generate some great creative writing along with this :-)
 12:54:46  mrichme  great idea Peggy
 12:54:55  cheryloakes~seedlings  please go 2 ustrem for sound and video
 12:55:19  PeggyG  who is taking right now?
 12:55:21  marcos -> -Puentes al Mundo: *)
 12:55:23  PeggyG  talking?
 12:55:26  mrichme  I don't know
 12:55:57  mrichme  Melissa Nowack is showing
 12:55:59  Ben  we need more sites added
 12:56:06  Ben  there are a lot more than 35 people here!
 12:56:10  Ben  :)
 12:56:14  PeggyG  Cheryl, when they're done sharing can you pan the room so we can see what it's like?
 12:56:42  mrichme  ask and you shall receive
 12:56:57  PeggyG  love it!!!! personalized streaming :-)
 12:57:07  Ben  :)
 12:57:08  lamoum  Certainly interesting
 12:57:23  PeggyG  WOWOWOWOW--fantastic!! now I really feel like I'm there!
 12:57:53  lamoum  Ummmm...aren't you here?
 12:58:05  mrichme  upload your screentoast video to youtube!
 12:58:10  PeggyG  nope-I'm in Phoenix AZ
 12:58:18  lamoum  Screentoast is cool
 12:58:46  PeggyG
 12:58:48  lamoum  This is the best presentation every Actem
 12:58:58  Ben  from maine to arizona.. love it
 12:59:08  lamoum  Thanks Seedlings
 12:59:11  PeggyG
 12:59:17  Ben  bye thanks
 12:59:27  mrichme  Thank you Peggy to help us out with your involvement
 12:59:34  PeggyG  thank you Seedlings!!! I loved it!!
 12:59:35  cheryloakes~seedlings  Audios
 12:59:38  cheryloakes~seedlings  by
 12:59:44  cheryloakes~seedlings  thanks for coming.
 12:59:50  PeggyG  Perseverance paid off!!! What fun!!!
 13:00:17  mrichme  Bye Peggy
 13:00:25  cheryloakes~seedlings  yes it did,
 13:00:36  PeggyG  bye everyone

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