K12Online09 LAN Party With Mark Wagner

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3:30 4:15 Wiki While You Work (Basic)
A former high school English teacher, Mark Wagner has since served as an educational technology coordinator at Estancia High School, the Newport-Mesa Unified School District, and the Orange County Department of Education.  His session briefly introduces participants to the Read/Write Web, and to wikis in particular. A live demonstration of wikispaces.org and wikipedia.org will illustrate that…, “If you can use a word processor, you can use a wiki.”

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 15:34:36 ds ->  wikispaces is back, it seems
 15:34:47 Peggy George ->  I"m hearing the audio for Mark's video
 15:35:19 Peggy George ->  we are so glad to have Mark joining us today!!
 15:35:32 Paula Naugle ->  Hi Mark.
 15:35:34 kathycassidy ->  I can see the video, but not hear it.
 15:35:48 JoseRodriguez ->  bye all.. Thanks mark
 15:35:55 roxanne ->  i hear guitar
 15:35:56 Andy McKiel ->  Impossible, durff...
 15:36:02 ds ->  only when you want to be @Durff :)
 15:36:05 roxanne ->  lagging
 15:36:12 Peggy George ->  can hear you great Mark
 15:36:20 Dorie Glynn (doriedance) ->  i hear the video too
 15:36:48 Peggy George ->  hooray for wikispaces!! back up and running!
 15:37:30 Peggy George ->  This is Mark's presentation from 2006 :-)
 15:37:32 Paula Naugle ->  Guess I can uncross my fingers now. Glad wikispaces is back up.
 15:38:02 Peggy George ->  things have changed with wikis but the presentation is still relevant today for seeing the power of wikis in classrooms!
 15:38:04 Cathyjo in SC ->  I <3 Wikispaces
 15:38:05 susanvg ->  Welcome Wes
 15:38:07 wfryer ->  greetings all :-)
 15:38:08 Paula Naugle ->  Love that 2006 is considered ooutdated.
 15:38:13 mrsdurff ->  dave is back
 15:38:20 Paula Naugle ->  Hi Wes.
 15:38:21 Peggy George ->  those sessions the first year were an hour long!
 15:38:33 Peggy George ->  Hi Wes! so great to have you joining us!!
 15:38:46 Cathyjo in SC ->  The length of sessions now is perfect for evangelizing K12Online to teachers
 15:38:50 jackiegerstein ->  I consider 2008 outdated when I look at blogs and tools - Yikes have I gotten spoiled with real time information
 15:38:52 wfryer ->  sorry to be late: 6 year old birthday party I had to attend :-)
 15:39:13 Peggy George ->  we have had up to 70 people viewing the presentations and joining in the conversation today!! very exciting!
 15:39:20 wfryer ->  @Cathyjo glad you're liking the 20 min format at this point...
 15:39:21 matt montagne ->  it is OK, I think we are all embarrased by some of our first work samples that we've posted online
 15:39:24 Paula Naugle ->  @jackie LOL.
 15:39:25 jackiegerstein ->  That's a long birthday party, Wes, 6 years
 15:39:26 wfryer ->  that is a great response!
 15:39:35 Peggy George ->  we're here for you Mark!!!
 15:39:40 wfryer ->  @jackiegerstein :-) It was at our zoo - perfect day for it
 15:39:48 matt montagne ->  that 2006 conference was pioneering...it must be neat to have been a part of that first one
 15:39:49 Cathyjo in SC ->  @Jacki only an English teacher would pick that out LOL
 15:39:50 jackiegerstein ->  Cool ; )
 15:39:53 wfryer ->  So great to have you online Mark! Woo hoo!
 15:40:01 Peggy George ->  I loved all of the different places Mark recorded his video!
 15:40:03 jackiegerstein ->  Cathyjo - you got it!
 15:40:21 wfryer ->  Yeah for EdTechTalk! I'm so pleased to be partnering together for k12online09 live events :-)
 15:40:23 Peggy George ->  and the birds in the background were so much fun!
 15:40:25 Cathyjo in SC ->  Memorable to me too Durff!!!
 15:40:31 wfryer ->  "silliness pays off well"
 15:40:43 wfryer ->  oh just a sec i need to launch skype...
 15:40:44 Peggy George ->  yes let's hear from Wes!!
 15:40:52 susanvg ->  4th year
 15:40:54 Peggy George ->  4th year
 15:40:56 Cathyjo in SC ->  this is 4
 15:40:56 wfryer ->  this is year 4
 15:41:03 wfryer ->  not yet
 15:41:09 wfryer ->  i am getting online....
 15:41:10 Peggy George ->  he's launching skype
 15:41:15 susanvg ->  lost audio
 15:41:25 ds ->  ha
 15:41:31 markwagner ->  Hey, all. I lost audio in Skype.
 15:41:38 susanvg ->  we all did
 15:41:40 Peggy George ->  we'll be right back-skype call dropped
 15:41:40 mrsdurff ->  we will return
 15:41:41 ds ->  xactly @Durff angered the tech gods w/ that comment
 15:41:42 matt montagne ->  jeff is working to get it back
 15:41:43 wfryer ->  it wasn't me, it wasn't me.... :-)
 15:41:47 Cathyjo in SC ->  @mark relaunch
 15:41:47 mrsdurff ->  hang on pl3easew
 15:41:57 Andy McKiel ->  sing us a song, Jeff ;-)
 15:41:58 mrsdurff ->  DOUG!
 15:42:07 markwagner ->  Invite me again anytime...
 15:42:12 Paula Naugle ->  We are overwhelming the techgods.
 15:42:28 ds ->  back woohoo
 15:42:37 CarolannF ->  @paula, apparently.  (funny)
 15:42:43 matt montagne ->  hey Wes!!!
 15:42:44 Peggy George ->  it's great to get to hear from Wes!!
 15:42:51 markwagner ->  I seem to be back. :)
 15:43:31 Cathyjo in SC ->  still pretty cutting edge to the ones who dont know....
 15:43:51 Peggy George ->  I'm loving the new ideas for the conference this year--this LAN party is so much fun!
 15:43:58 Andy McKiel ->  I'm still amazed that so many great educators don't know about K12Online...
 15:44:01 matt montagne ->  this format is great...this LAN party is really a cool twist
 15:44:13 Cathyjo in SC ->  Am enjoying the Lan party too
 15:44:45 Peggy George ->  we'll just watch the first 20 mins and you can all watch the whole thing later
 15:44:54 Cathyjo in SC ->  my guys are watching fb games, its raining, and im washing clothes and partying here
 15:45:03 mrsdurff ->  hi ryN
 15:45:07 Paula Naugle ->  It is amazing that to us who know things from 2006 seem outdated. To the teachers who haven't entered the waters yet they are cutting edge.
 15:45:11 mrsdurff ->  i can't type
 15:45:17 Peggy George ->  http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=53
 15:45:29 Peggy George ->  that's the link for Mark's video online
 15:45:58 ds ->  here too, and I think Cathyjo point re appropriate length of LAN sessions for intro to new users
 15:46:03 CarolannF ->  yikes volume changes...
 15:46:07 Peggy George ->  so true Paula--for some they are hearing this for the first time! there are still many teachers and admins who haven't heard of wikis, blogs, etc.
 15:46:15 wfryer ->  volume is good now
 15:46:19 susanvg ->  It is still new to many
 15:46:29 markwagner ->  I hope we have a few beginners in the audience... or at least some folks who might get value out of seeing how I pitch it. :)
 15:46:50 ds ->  session has me working on my resume in wikispaces :)
 15:46:51 markwagner ->  BTW, full disclosure... wikispaces has since become a client of mine - I occassionally consult or lead workshops for them now.
 15:46:54 wfryer ->  so I'm thinking multiple screens here would be great - 1 screen for the Ustream, and then laptop screen for text chat
 15:47:04 susanvg ->  Even if the beginners aren't here there are people here who can point beginners to the original presentation
 15:47:05 Peggy George ->  Mark's presentation style makes everyone feel comfortable!!
 15:47:13 mrsdurff ->  collaboration
 15:47:20 markwagner ->  The integrated video and chat at edtechtalk is working well for me.
 15:47:23 markwagner ->  THanks, Peggy.
 15:47:30 wfryer ->  Mark: How many things do you think have changed since 2006 since you recorded this, with respect to basic wiki functionality and getting started?
 15:47:35 mrsdurff ->  working with those outside time zone
 15:47:49 markwagner ->  No... don't do that now. ;)
 15:47:51 Peggy George ->  http://wikiwhileyouwork.wikispaces.com/k12online  that's the wiki link he's referring to in the presentation
 15:47:55 mrsdurff ->  :)
 15:48:00 susanvg ->  I like the way you did that - I remember following this
 15:48:01 mrsdurff ->  hi prw
 15:48:02 wfryer ->  yes this format is working good for me here too
 15:48:06 markwagner ->  You can visit, but no need to go through the editing.
 15:48:15 prw ->  DURFF!!
 15:48:18 wfryer ->  great job encouraging pause functionality on video playback, Mark!
 15:48:42 markwagner ->  @wfryer... re: things that have changed... I think nothing "essential" has changed... there are many new features at wikispaces.com (and other similar services).
 15:49:03 markwagner ->  It's easier to embed pretty much anything these days.
 15:49:10 susanvg ->  Many teachers just want to start with the simple features
 15:49:20 wfryer ->  Am I correct that the main free wiki options for educators (big ones) are still wikispaces, pbworks, wetpaint, and google sites?
 15:49:22 susanvg ->  Who uses all the possibilities of a word processor?
 15:49:28 Peggy George ->  love it now that he has moved to his bedroom :-) you can broadcast from anywhere :-)
 15:49:51 wfryer ->  Yes, this is good modeling for visual interest: changing the setting is good. Reminds me of David Warlick in his precons
 15:50:11 markwagner ->  And at wikispaces, other cool new features include: different permissions for different pages, more and better formating tools, and organizational tools like tags... not to mention the user creator so students don't need emails to sign up. :)
 15:50:12 Peggy George ->  yes very much like DAvid's first keynote!
 15:50:39 matt montagne ->  @mark...these piece is great, still very relevant
 15:50:39 markwagner ->  Incidentally, I filmed ALL of this using the built in iSight on my Macbook... and edited it all in iMovie. :)
 15:50:53 susanvg ->  I agree Matt
 15:50:54 Peggy George ->  that's amazing Mark!
 15:51:14 Paula Naugle ->  @markwagner Love that my students won't need emails.
 15:51:17 Peggy George ->  great to know we can do these presentations without lots of expensive equipment!
 15:51:19 markwagner ->  I liked David's first keynote too! Awesome and funny, too.
 15:51:34 susanvg ->  I think it's great that you used the tools available on not hundreds of dollars of extras
 15:51:47 matt montagne ->  like the version of FF there~
 15:52:07 Peggy George ->  this example is very good about Tsunami!
 15:52:38 markwagner ->  I use the podcast article now - and the story of Adam Curry and Dave Winer... actually, that might be here too.
 15:53:23 Lesley E ->  love that wikispaces photos are cc
 15:53:39 Peggy George ->  don't you feel cheated if you can only use textbooks??!!
 15:53:54 matt montagne ->  at peggy...absolutely!!!
 15:54:00 Peggy George ->  do any of you have students contributing to wikipedia??
 15:54:01 markwagner ->  Oh this was recorded with, uh... camtwist I think. Was that around then? No (that's what I use now - but that was too early), I think I downloaded a trial version of something for this... camptasia I think.
 15:54:14 Paula Naugle ->  @Lesley E That is a great feature of Wikipedia.
 15:54:25 Peggy George ->  not sure we had camtwist in 2006
 15:54:30 matt montagne ->  if we spent 10 % of the time we spend on analogue materials with teaching students to be saavy with online resources for learning, we'd really be much further along
 15:54:46 wfryer ->  I love that: "the white hats outnumber the black hats"
 15:54:47 matt montagne ->  good point about white hats beating out the black hats
 15:55:28 markwagner ->  @wfryer @matt It's true by "orders of magnitude" in the real world - and maybe only one order of magnitude in a classroom. ;)
 15:55:31 matt montagne ->  I watch how some teachers spend all this time teaching students to put papers in folders, locker organization and storage, how to use a textbook, etc...
 15:55:45 markwagner ->  @matt Good point about time. :)
 15:56:10 markwagner ->  Ah, good... this story is in here.
 15:56:11 wfryer ->  so what is the stat that we can use now about wikipedia in terms of a comparison to traditional encyclopedias?
 15:56:12 jackiegerstein ->  Listened to an NPR podcast yesterday "Making Science the Coolest Class i School" http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=113208981&ft=1&f=10...
 15:56:24 MaryJJ ->  I wonder how long teachers will continue to train kids "how to read a textbook."
 15:56:36 Peggy George ->  never anonymous on the worldwideweb :-)
 15:56:55 wfryer ->  lesson: students need to be on the lookout for bias - excellent media literacy lesson
 15:56:57 matt montagne ->  @maryjj...so much time is still spent on teaching kids how to read and use a textbook.
 15:57:24 Peggy George ->  we need to be training students how to read online :-) different skills for media literacy
 15:57:31 jackiegerstein ->  NPR Science Podcast - ask the kids how many used a encyclopedia and no hand go up, ask how many used wikipedia - all hands go up.  Need to use the tools that will interest them.
 15:57:31 MaryJJ ->  Isn't that still considered a "reading in the content area" skill?
 15:57:37 jackiegerstein ->  hands
 15:57:38 markwagner ->  Not my best telling of that story... i guess I've learned to really nail it with practice.
 15:57:49 markwagner ->  I can't believe I'm still telling the same stories now!
 15:57:50 Peggy George ->  ugh! trivial!
 15:57:51 matt montagne ->  @peggy..you can't do command - F with a textbook!
 15:57:59 wfryer ->  it would be interesting to get someone to present for k12online who is a wikipedia editing guru
 15:58:07 mrsdurff ->  indeed as ds says
 15:58:12 wfryer ->  (well, Mark is a guru for sure, I'm not implying he's not...)
 15:58:14 Peggy George ->  that is so true Matt!! love that I can search ebooks both on my computer and my Kindle!!
 15:58:29 markwagner ->  Oh, I'm no wikipedian. I'd love to have a session with one. :)
 15:58:37 susanvg ->  no kindles in Canada
 15:58:40 MaryJJ ->  Matt, every workshop I do, someone is thrilled to learn about command-F!
 15:58:43 wfryer ->  @markwagner how many edits and contributions have you done to Wikipedia? Do you have pet articles you really follow closely and update often?
 15:58:49 matt montagne ->  @wfryer...that would be cool...or someone who is a fanatical ubuntu contributor or something like that
 15:58:50 infuselearning ->  Using wikis is a great way to do exam review. No more having to create review sheets. Kids create their own review for their peers.
 15:58:54 Peggy George ->  all of these points about the value of wikis are so helopful!
 15:59:07 ds ->  especially now that wikipedia seems to be changing rules of engagement and vetting of content and such....
 15:59:16 markwagner ->  @wfryer... very few edits... mostly around edtech actually - and they are often reverted or quickly changed.
 15:59:18 wfryer ->  @matt m yes, geek fanatics would be great to get as presenters :-)
 15:59:25 Peggy George ->  Eva did a fantastic job in this segment :-)
 15:59:36 Paula Naugle ->  What ;is the name of the video where the kids are in a class that normally use laptops but one has to use a textbook and he doesn't understand why there are no hyperlinks? Great resource.
 15:59:38 markwagner ->  I suppose I could spend more time on articles related to my other interests. :)
 15:59:42 matt montagne ->  @ds...you are right...wikipedia is starting to employ more practices of proprietary encyclopedia companies, and vice versa
 16:00:00 Peggy George ->  @Paula-I'd love to know the link for that video! don't have it
 16:00:06 susanvg ->  not finding this dated
 16:00:13 ds ->  @matt and I'm afraid they'll kill the golden goose doing so....
 16:00:18 prw ->  Wasn't that a video done by some kids at SLA?
 16:00:18 Peggy George ->  listen to everything she is doing with Kindergarten students!!
 16:00:18 wfryer ->  Wow, I am so pleased at the quality here of the playback via ustream
 16:00:23 markwagner ->  This segment isn't too long - and at the end is probably the best place to stop the video... and if anyone is interested in the (much longer) high school teacher interview can go watch the rest. :)
 16:00:38 wfryer ->  @markwagner right, I think they are stopping playback after this segment
 16:00:46 Lorraine ->  Is the link still active?
 16:00:56 markwagner ->  @susanvg That's great to hear.
 16:01:05 Peggy George ->  http://hmtext.wikispaces.com
 16:01:12 wfryer ->  yes, still active :-)
 16:01:13 matt montagne ->  @wes...agreed, the video and audio thru ustream is fantastic. Props to Jeff!!
 16:01:14 jackiegerstein ->  Is her site still active?
 16:01:16 markwagner ->  That HMTECH wiki isn't pretty - but boy to elementary teachers in California love it.
 16:01:19 jackiegerstein ->  oops
 16:01:22 susanvg ->  yes - you can go back to the K12 presentation
 16:01:31 mrsdurff ->  games are good for Durff too
 16:01:34 Peggy George ->  I was just on that site last night :-)
 16:01:39 jackiegerstein ->  got wiki not found
 16:01:56 markwagner ->  It's http:hmtech.wikispaces.com
 16:01:59 markwagner ->  tech not text.
 16:02:01 markwagner ->  opps
 16:02:03 markwagner ->  oops
 16:02:08 markwagner ->  http://hmtech.wikispaces.com
 16:02:09 markwagner ->  There.
 16:02:24 Peggy George ->  http://techtips.wikispaces.com/ this is Eva's wiki for K-3
 16:02:45 wfryer ->  What is Eva up to now?
 16:02:58 Peggy George ->  the techtips site is the one I was on last night
 16:03:23 mrsdurff ->  aw
 16:03:26 markwagner ->  BTW, all the examples from this video (and more) are here: http://wikiwhileyouwork.wikispaces.com/workshop
 16:03:32 Peggy George ->  love that part! no kiss on camera :-)
 16:03:34 matt montagne ->  HILARIOUS!!!!
 16:03:59 Chris Walsh ->  I just log in and there's all this kissing?
 16:04:09 markwagner ->  Or even more here: http://wikiwhileyouwork.wikispaces.com/cff
 16:04:22 Peggy George ->  this is working really well!! love being able to chat with the presenters during the videos!!
 16:04:36 markwagner ->  Thanks, CW!... It did keep people's attention in video. ;)
 16:04:54 Peggy George ->  can hear you fine Mark
 16:05:01 Chris Walsh ->  How do I get my audio working?
 16:05:09 mrsdurff ->  Chris
 16:05:14 matt montagne ->  @chris...press the play button in the ustream player
 16:05:19 Andy McKiel ->  Amazing how NOT dated it is a few years later!
 16:05:19 mrsdurff ->  click the arrow to your left
 16:05:26 Chris Walsh ->  I can hear audio
 16:05:29 susanvg ->  It's not about the technology - and that's what is great about your presentation
 16:05:33 Chris Walsh ->  How do I chat with everyone?
 16:05:38 Peggy George ->  if you haven't seen the whole presentation be sure to watch it--another great segment with an instructor (bird in the background) :-) but so valuable!
 16:05:43 matt montagne ->  google sites and google apps for edu makes student authentication easier...
 16:05:49 mrsdurff ->  type your questions/comments here
 16:06:04 wfryer ->  you're here Chris - are you asking to get called into the skype call?
 16:06:09 Chris Walsh ->  yes
 16:06:10 Chris Walsh ->  skype
 16:06:14 matt montagne ->  Google Sites within apps for EDU makes it possible to build a culture of portfolio learning with everyone in the school
 16:06:31 Peggy George ->  the new features on wikis are great for educators!
 16:06:33 wfryer ->  EdTechTalk can dial you in, what is your skype ID?
 16:06:36 Peggy George ->  just enhance the experience
 16:06:41 matt montagne ->  @chris...skype call 'worldbridges' to get into skype call
 16:07:04 Chris Walsh ->  skype ID is Fitzwalsh
 16:07:07 Chris Walsh ->  thx
 16:07:20 susanvg ->  easiest is the one you know best
 16:07:21 matt montagne ->  google sites within apps for edu makes authentication so easy
 16:07:22 Paula Naugle ->  @Peggy George Sorry I can't find the link for that video.
 16:07:38 Peggy George ->  we'll look later Paula-thanks!
 16:08:15 Andy McKiel ->  I've found support from Wikispaces has also been great
 16:08:47 susanvg ->  and they answer emails quickly
 16:08:51 Peggy George ->  it's so great that wikispaces work with students of all ages!! loved hearing Eva talk about Kindergarte uses
 16:09:02 infuselearning ->  I've known some who have been with TikiWiki as well. How does that compare to Wikispaces and others?
 16:09:11 Peggy George ->  http://wikispaces.com/site4teachers.com
 16:09:27 wfryer ->  I don't think TikiWiki has as good a WYSIWYG editor - at least when I was using it some about 6 months ago it wasn't
 16:09:58 Peggy George ->  We'll be talking with Kathy Cassidy in the next segment and she is using Wetpaint wiki for an awesome Alphabet video site for young kids!
 16:10:10 infuselearning ->  @Wes The FCKEditor that is built into does have problems. I am assuming that the others use a different editor?
 16:10:15 matt montagne ->  I'm hopeful the new standard wiki tool within moodle 2.0 when it comes out next year has some utility
 16:10:18 ds ->  http://www.wikispaces.com/siteforteachers
 16:10:29 Peggy George ->  thanks ds-
 16:10:30 prw ->  Student with a non netbook link on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkhpmEZWuRQ
 16:10:33 markwagner ->  http://www.wikispaces.com/site/for/teachers/
 16:10:36 ds ->  yw
 16:10:40 markwagner ->  For free and add free wikis.
 16:10:53 susanvg ->  http://wikispaces.com/site
 16:11:01 susanvg ->  oops
 16:11:02 matt montagne ->  @wes...google is adding that eventually
 16:11:11 prw ->  I have used pbwiki and wetpaint and now just use wikispaces. To me a lot simpler
 16:11:20 Peggy George ->  fantastic to have free accounts for educators!
 16:11:46 wfryer ->  @matt m I would think they would be - it is an omission I see as an advantage of wikispaces at this point - as we're discussing now tho, with history features it may not be as important in all contexts
 16:12:06 Peggy George ->  I introduced wikispaces to our local neighborhood association for their newsletters and they can't believe how easy it is to use to create the newsletters!
 16:12:07 Paula Naugle ->  Thanks Patrick. I will bookmark it this time. Did you get that @PeggyGeorge.
 16:12:27 wfryer ->  @matt m the main issue I have with wikis in moodle is they tend to be walled gardens
 16:12:35 matt montagne ->  @wes...I just love sites and how it integrates into apps for EDU...the automatic student authenication is killer app
 16:12:55 Peggy George ->  the collaborative features of wikispaces are so important!
 16:13:24 matt montagne ->  @wes...no doubt about your moodle point...and actually, I would say that is my hang up with Moodle in general (eg-the walled garden thing that is)
 16:13:32 Peggy George ->  thanks-got the youtube link!
 16:13:48 susanvg ->  not camtwist - Jeff is on PC
 16:14:04 Peggy George ->  but you can open Moodle outside the walled garden :-)
 16:14:29 Peggy George ->  I love the 20 minute limit on presentations!
 16:14:40 matt montagne ->  mark's point about google sites not allowing anonymous commenting and edits is well taken
 16:14:51 jackiegerstein ->  Agreed - love that the educator has the option to open or "wall" moodle
 16:15:23 jackiegerstein ->  I love 20 minute presentations also - like TED talks!  Have to get to the core of the presentation