Conversations #43 July 19, 2009

During today's Conversations, Lisa, Sheila and Maria shared their classroom horror stories - the things that you wished never happened. They were joined by Jan Smith from Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The folks in the chat room had plenty of stories to share as well.

Chat Log

11:30:32 Lisa Parisi: can ustream be heard now?
11:31:49 Scott Shelhart: still no ustream here
11:32:07 jan_smith: I've got sound
11:32:32 jan_smith: Hey Lisa, Hi all
11:32:55 jan_smith: I can hear you via ETT A
11:33:13 MariaK: yes I am streaming to ETTA
11:33:25 Scott Shelhart: Yes, ETT A working here, but never heard anything on ustream :-(
11:34:11 ktibbs: Ett audio is working on EdTechTalk A with Realplayer
11:34:40 MariaK: sheila will be trying to ustream today
11:36:11 MariaK: Chat folks - introduce yourselves
11:36:23 MariaK:  thanks for joining us - great day today in NH
11:36:57 Scott Shelhart: Hi all - I'm a college student in Indiana
11:37:06 MariaK: hey Scott
11:37:15 jan_smith: Hi all, I am Jan Smith from the Comox Valley, Vancouver Island, British Columbia--north of Washington state
11:37:29 ktibbs: Good morning from Kansas.  I'm an instructional technology coordinator
11:38:00 Scott Shelhart: kd9sr on twitter/plurk
11:38:16 Scott Shelhart: ustream up?
11:38:17 jan_smith: Teach grade 5/6 as a generalist
11:38:18 MariaK: Hi everyone - should be broadcasting
11:38:22 MariaK: ustream
11:38:26 Lisa Parisi: ustream is back thanks to Sheila
11:38:27 jan_smith: I hear a Ustream voice
11:38:32 jan_smith: quietly
11:38:44 Scott Shelhart: YAY! stream up!
11:38:57 Scott Shelhart: no echo here
11:39:42 Lisa Parisi: Welcome Hope
11:39:57 hopeastor: hi
11:40:08 Lisa Parisi: Sound is on ETTA or on ustream
11:40:13 Lisa Parisi: See right side bar
11:40:21 Scott Shelhart: ustream still good
11:40:40 jan_smith: Really echoey
11:40:54 MariaK: hmmmm - y echo is gone
11:41:01 MariaK: my
11:41:07 Scott Shelhart: @jan echo on etta  or ustream?
11:41:15 jan_smith: I hear lisa reading a script
11:41:40 Scott Shelhart: @hope What is your twiiter ID?
11:42:09 connect2jamie: Hi from Texas!
11:42:15 hopeastor: Hi everyone my twitter id is hopeastor and im from austin texas
11:42:29 connect2jamie: I'm in Houston!
11:42:43 McTeach: Hello Hope!
11:43:03 MariaK:
11:43:27 hopeastor: Hi mcteach! hi jamie
11:44:24 Lisa Parisi: Welcome everyone.
11:44:27 Scott Shelhart: I'm here
11:44:29 Lisa Parisi: Glad to see you all here.
11:44:30 connect2jamie: Hi Hope
11:44:42 Scott Shelhart: Nice to meet you Hope.
11:44:47 sheila: @sautechsig is our Rye group.
11:45:58 McTeach: Yes please!!
11:47:17 connect2jamie: yes you do! I just pruned my twitter followers this morning...some interesting people had popped up!
11:47:35 connect2jamie: @lisa You also said something about a passion for math!
11:47:45 connect2jamie: love and passion did it!
11:47:59 jan_smith: I think people just have to have enough experience on line to understand "privacy"
11:48:18 Lisa Parisi: I think you are right, Jamie.
11:48:29 Scott Shelhart: auto follows and auto DMs are getting more frequent.
11:48:38 jan_smith: I hear a very quiet voice
11:49:07 sheila: @Jan - That was me. Audio is low when I stream.
11:49:20 sheila: Thanks for the reminder.
11:49:46 McTeach: "Borrowing"!
11:50:19 jan_smith: Most of my disasters involve animals
11:50:26 jan_smith: and death
11:51:30 jan_smith: Or kids and vomit
11:52:02 Scott Shelhart: Mine involve Kindergarten kids and bathroom mishaps
11:52:26 jan_smith: yeah bodily fluids!
11:53:14 jan_smith: @scott, now you know you're ready for the classroom
11:53:19 MariaK: yes, scott - Sh-- happens
11:53:23 Scott Shelhart: Testing makes many people puke
11:53:36 Lisa Parisi: Yes, Scott, it does.
11:53:46 jan_smith: @scott lol
11:54:04 Lisa Parisi: Anyone want to join skype and tell us your stories?
11:54:06 connect2jamie: my best one involves middle school boys in the bathroom--with their (basket)ballsOh my...
11:54:33 jan_smith: @jamie--what were they dunking?
11:54:48 Lisa Parisi: Hello Cathy!
11:54:57 Cathyjo: hey there
11:55:44 connect2jamie: They were bouncing them and making a racket. It's what I loudly told them to do with their (basket)balls that had all of us cracking up. Both the kids and the teachers.  *redface*
11:58:04 Lisa Parisi: Who wants to come on skype and join the call?
11:58:17 jan_smith: I'll try
11:58:30 Lisa Parisi: Turn on skype, Jan, and I will add you in.
11:59:12 hopeastor: I had a 6th grader who was pregnant at the back of the class making baby shower invitations -really cute pink paper in the shape of diapers.  I couldnt imagine what the kids parents would say when that invitation came home!
11:59:41 MariaK: lost the skpye call
12:00:31 Lisa Parisi: Oh my, Hope!
12:00:35 jan_smith: I get a lot of echo--do I need to do anything?
12:00:45 Lisa Parisi: Turn off your stream
12:03:39 SR: sorry I am being your stories
12:03:43 Scott Shelhart: I sometimes work as the school nurse sub.  Many bathroom issues.  Not a comforable place far a male in elementary school.
12:03:48 Lisa Parisi: Thanks SR for coming.
12:04:13 Scott Shelhart: Have to have a 'witness' or leave the door open.
12:04:31 sheila: THat can be easy!
12:05:22 hopeastor: I told the girl that just like birthday invitations she would have to give one to everybody if she passed them out at school.  She didnt like alot of the kids so she stopped making them. Whew!
12:05:33 sheila: *can't*
12:07:05 hopeastor: Gosh Jan!
12:07:40 jan_smith: @hopeaster I've had that happen. I now ask parents to not send invites to school
12:08:46 Lisa Parisi: ANyone else want in to the skype call?
12:10:16 hopeastor: We hatched butterflies..and then when we went out to set it free a giant bird swooped down right in front of the 2nd graders and ATE that butterfly!
12:11:54 hopeastor: animals stink!
12:11:58 Lisa Parisi: HOpe, we had the same thing happen
12:12:02 jan_smith: @hope sounds like a nightmare!
12:12:02 sheila: Years ago we used to do bloodtyping in science. I stopped when one student (who had suspicions) was able to confirm he was adopted. Parents hadn't told him.
12:12:48 sheila: @hope - food chain lesson  :(
12:12:54 hopeastor: @sheila OMG!
12:14:05 Joe Btfsplk: @sheila - That is where you suggest random mutations
12:14:24 hopeastor: i turned it into a lesson in denial...'no that didnt just happen children' lol
12:15:23 sheila: Well, he kind of knew . . . but I'm more cautious now.
12:15:37 sheila: denial is good at times :)
12:16:07 hopeastor: yes,,it's totally underrated
12:22:39 sheila: WElcome Elise!
12:24:17 sheila: I'm so glad I'm not a school nurse!!!
12:24:33 Scott Shelhart: Well, a cut from a shap instrument does heal faster......
12:24:36 hopeastor: Im getting a weird delay im going to leave and then come back and see if it goes away.
12:24:46 sheila: ok
12:24:48 Lisa Parisi: Thre is a delay hope
12:24:56 Scott Shelhart: Hope, there is a 20 sec delay on ETT a feed
12:25:06 sheila: A delay on ETT A
12:25:12 hopeastor: Yes i hear two conversations
12:25:15 jan_smith: but the delay is in the chat, right
12:25:20 McTeach: Boy, sure glad I haven't eaten breakfast yet!
12:25:31 hopeastor: Yes but its hard to follow
12:25:33 Scott Shelhart: try the Ustream feed.  It's closer to real-time
12:25:34 sheila: Maybe another ustream window is open?
12:25:47 hopeastor: ok ill try
12:26:14 connect2jamie: eeeeek.  My tongue feels funny after that story!  :)
12:26:22 MariaK: sorry
12:26:34 connect2jamie: :)
12:26:43 Elise: Fainting must be like yawning
12:26:52 Scott Shelhart: Standing with knees locked can cause fainting in many.
12:26:53 MariaK: :p
12:27:52 jan_smith: These are the teaching war stories that people write books about.
12:32:40 connect2jamie: :( NONE of our schools have any windows in them. Very depressing
12:33:17 jan_smith: oh Jamie! how terrible
12:33:55 connect2jamie: I don't like it--I can't see out of my library at all! There's a row of small windows 2 stories up. Yuck.
12:33:56 sheila: That would depress me!
12:34:26 sheila: Need mirrors to reflect the light into the room.
12:34:31 jan_smith: Folks, my mum has phoned, so I need to say goodbye--have a great week!
12:34:35 connect2jamie: It is depressing. They say it's for energy conservation b/c it costs so much to cool our bldgs down here. I think it's just yucky.
12:35:06 Scott Shelhart: G'day all.   Have to get back to homework.  See you next week.
12:35:17 sheila: Bye scott!
12:35:18 MariaK: thanks for joining us today Scott!
12:35:46 connect2jamie: Have a great week everyone!
12:35:57 connect2jamie: Happy Sunday!
12:35:59 hopeastor: I start school on monday! Maybe ill *see* you all next week.  Thanks for the invite was nice meeting everybody.
12:36:02 MariaK: thanks everyone - check plurk and twitter for show announcements
12:36:06 Lisa Parisi:
12:36:27 hopeastor: will do maria
12:36:39 connect2jamie: glad to meet you Hope!
12:36:47 connect2jamie: I'll follow you right now!
12:37:09 Lisa Parisi: Bye everyone.
12:37:40 hopeastor: Thanks!
12:37:55 hopeastor: I had a great time too!