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A "berry" good brainstorm. Thanks to Jeff for hosting the call, and all who joined us in the chatroom. This week we check in with Vance Stevens, Jose Rodriguez, and Dave Cormier about plans for Webheads in Action: Online Convergence, 2009 (WIAOC09).   Chat:  20:59:26  dougsymington : hey JL  20:59:35  JL : Hey Doug  21:00:03  JL : Jose skyped me to say he wanted to join in tonight but will be on his cell for the first 30 minutes.   21:00:16  JL : I have unlimited skype if you'd like me to host  21:00:16  dougsymington : cool, thx  21:00:26  dougsymington : sure, thx again  21:01:28  JL : Brother Vance is with us this morning  21:01:44  vance : how'd that happen?  21:02:52  vance : do I appear on skype as well?  21:03:11  JL : shall we call you Doug, or would you like me to host?  21:03:19  JL : the skype conf  21:03:37  JL : guess I should turn my skype on either way  21:03:38  dougsymington : JL, plse call me thx  21:03:45  dougsymington : lol  21:03:48  dougsymington : true dat  21:03:55  dougsymington : welcome Vance and Sheial  21:04:01  Sheila : Hi!  21:04:50  JL : got your voicemail doug  21:05:37  vance : do I show up on skype?  21:06:06  vance : oh it seems to have kicked in now  21:06:14  minhaaj : Hi all  21:06:18  Sheila : Jeff you sound loud  21:06:27  Sheila : Hi Minhaaj  21:06:41  minhaaj : Wassup Sheila :) the energetic teacher  21:06:50  Sheila : :)  21:07:00  vance : I've got the feed now  21:07:09  Sheila : shoutcast  21:07:25  vance : how do I come on in?  21:07:29  Sheila : better!  :)  21:08:22  minhaaj : echo?  21:08:36  minhaaj : better now :)  21:08:57  Sheila : Switching to ustream, don't want to be 30 sec behind everyone.  21:09:03  dougsymington :  21:09:14  minhaaj : oh i'll retweet.  21:10:02  minhaaj : lol  21:10:02  Sheila : Sound is much better on ustream!  21:10:20  minhaaj : you were in skype call Sheila?  21:10:25  Sheila : no  21:10:29  Sheila : Hi Peggy!  21:10:33  minhaaj : Hey Peggy  21:10:40  PeggyG : Hi Sheila and all!  21:11:32  PeggyG : really strange--I don't have a toolbar to use to float my chat window!  21:11:50  Sheila : refresh?  21:12:01  PeggyG : that will log me out but I may do that  21:12:37  Sheila : Or close window and try again.  21:12:49  minhaaj : have you tried Joomla Vance?  21:12:54  minhaaj : less hassle :)  21:13:15  minhaaj : or a webhost  21:13:29  minhaaj : lol nothing like Ning. agreed.  21:13:55  PeggyG : I think Moodle is much easier than Drupal  21:14:32  PeggyG : you can schedule events on a calendar on Ning  21:14:49  PeggyG : but there are other limitations on Ning too--even though I love it  21:15:03  minhaaj : does it? there are unconferences on web too ?  21:15:19  minhaaj : we had one in K-12, right Sheila?  21:15:21  PeggyG : absolutely Minhaaj  21:15:32  minhaaj : K-12 unconference that is.  21:16:06  PeggyG : often unconferences are blended--some present in person and some online like educon2.1 this year  21:16:09  Sheila : Sorry grading papers as I listen. . .  21:16:25  minhaaj : hehe don't fail em :)  21:17:10  PeggyG : you can add the calendar feature as the moderator of the site  21:17:43  minhaaj : Hi Robert, Durff.  21:17:56  Robert Squires : Hi Minhaaj, Thanks for the tweet.  21:18:01  mrsdurff : hey minhaaj  21:18:14  PeggyG : what's the link for the convergence ning?  21:18:32  JL :  21:18:43  mrsdurff : someone put that on google calendar  for me please  21:19:00  minhaaj : Yaaaaaaaaaaaay webheads!  21:19:39  minhaaj : building is an euphemism for bursting here  21:19:41  minhaaj : hehe.  21:19:45  PeggyG : the webheads are very active!!  21:20:04  mrsdurff : bursting at the seams, is it?  21:20:33  mrsdurff : hi dave  21:20:35  Sheila : Just talking about you  21:20:43  minhaaj : ahh its dave.  21:21:01  mrsdurff : i was born a webhead, wasn't I?  21:21:16  minhaaj :  21:21:18  guest478 : that and lazy keynoters  21:21:23  minhaaj : planning wiki url is on it  21:21:28  PeggyG : I'm a webhead lurker :-)  21:21:41  mrsdurff : that's my job!  21:21:44  minhaaj :  21:22:12  minhaaj : Vance will you be using LearningTimes platform ?  21:22:24  guest478 : dave might try something  21:22:33  mrsdurff : that's elluminate, minhaaj  21:22:40  minhaaj : i know mrsdurff  21:22:57  minhaaj : i was asking as in LearningTimes or Individual link for the room  21:23:08  mrsdurff : 'cuse me, cat-attack  21:23:15  minhaaj : lol  21:23:19  PeggyG : yes easy to get mp3 from elluminate  21:23:47  mrsdurff : the sound of voices getting the cats riled up  21:24:12  mrsdurff : i'm at dani's house and the kids let those cats out in the house  21:24:19  guest478 : yay peggy  21:24:27  guest478 : uz iz master  21:24:31  PeggyG : the moderator gets a link with the mp3 and chat log from elluminate  21:24:36  vance :  21:24:42  PeggyG : but you need to be the administrator/moderator  21:24:44  minhaaj : well in most webconferences you could record it so mp3 can be extracted  21:25:15  guest478 : ROTFL  21:25:43  PeggyG : the quality of the audio is not as good if you record it during a live session as when you get it directly from elluminate  21:26:05  vance : hi peggy, moderator gets a link to the whole schmeer whiteboard text chat recording in the implementation we're using  21:26:08  minhaaj : he did. testifies :)  21:26:12  mrsdurff : you both sound so  enthusiastic  21:26:20  PeggyG : an unkeynote sounds amazing :-)  21:26:22  Robert Squires :  I thought you get a .jar file from elluminate and have to purchase additional software to rip an mp3.  21:27:14  mrsdurff : no comment  21:27:46  mrsdurff : he said it folks, not I  21:27:56  Robert Squires : It's a bit of conversation killer sorry  21:28:29  mrsdurff : a rhizomatic direction?  21:29:12  mrsdurff : eek - cats again..................  21:29:22  minhaaj : get world unlimited Jeff  21:29:23  minhaaj : :)  21:29:37  Robert Squires : Logging out. I have a beautiful hops rhizome in the garden by the way...Gets bigger every year..bye  21:29:43  mrsdurff : jose = free wifi  21:29:48  minhaaj : bye Robert  21:30:18  JL : wow, that's a pretty good deal Minhaaj  21:30:21  mrsdurff : ok these cats must go - brb  21:30:35  Sheila : meow!  21:30:39  minhaaj : i have unlimited WORLD.  21:30:46  minhaaj : paid out for 3 months. really helpful.  21:30:51  JoseRodriguez : Hey there folks...  21:30:56  minhaaj : Hey Jose  21:31:09  JoseRodriguez : greetings..  21:31:20  minhaaj : We change daily.  21:31:30  dougsymington : salut JR  21:31:34  JoseRodriguez : true....  21:31:35  minhaaj : There are amazing people on it. You could exclude me from them though.  21:31:36  minhaaj : lol  21:32:00  JoseRodriguez : ice cream anyone?  21:32:15  JoseRodriguez : :)  21:32:36  JoseRodriguez : 2007 was rocking!  21:33:16  minhaaj : except for the organization part, yes its internet  21:33:32  minhaaj : its like a pick-up game as for unconference  21:33:44  JoseRodriguez : is anyone taking notes?  21:33:56  minhaaj : we'll have chat log, no jose?  21:34:07  JoseRodriguez : yep....  21:34:15  JoseRodriguez : I like the party  21:34:43  PeggyG : a valuable unconference is one that occurs in a common time where people can interact with presenters and participants--little different than k12online conference  21:35:08  dougsymington : brb  21:35:24  JoseRodriguez : ok.. ds.  21:36:22  PeggyG : I think some moderation is definitely called for :-)  21:36:34  JoseRodriguez : me too..  21:36:37  minhaaj : as long as we have trolls Peggy  21:36:39  minhaaj : heh  21:36:43  dougsymington : back  21:37:07  minhaaj : sponsorship - paid conference not = webheads  21:37:48  PeggyG : you want to be able to depend on the people who commit to facilitate sessions and I agree that you want to avoid the commercial presentations  21:38:10  minhaaj : Online conferences/unconferences/unconvergences should be free.  21:38:22  JoseRodriguez : Lee Baber is a good a example...  21:38:27  minhaaj : Education should in general be free. or should break even lets say.  21:39:49  mrsdurff : the wifi merry-go-round  21:40:42  JoseRodriguez : really?  21:40:47  mrsdurff : the who of education?  21:41:03  mrsdurff : is that a name in education?  21:41:50  mrsdurff : there we go - the westinghouse of education  21:42:00  PeggyG : would the money for Lee Baber special go to award student/teacher contributions or scholarships or???  21:42:21  mrsdurff : $$?  21:42:42  guest478 : the $500 was committed by nancy white for a teacher project  21:42:59  PeggyG : I see-thanks Dave  21:43:02  mrsdurff : really? wow  21:43:19  minhaaj : i agree. i have learned things 'practically' in webheads.  21:43:44  minhaaj : sure  21:43:50  minhaaj : its  21:43:59  minhaaj : i hope there is a firefox addon too  21:44:19  minhaaj : well it sends you email about changes on a webpage WITHOUT RSS  21:44:41  minhaaj : Hi Matt  21:44:41  matt montagne : hey y'all  21:44:56  mrsdurff : i'm totally ignorant and very happy to just have my Starbucks in a corner somewhere  21:45:01  matt montagne : hey is it going!  21:45:14  minhaaj : great. geared up for earthcast09 :)  21:45:22  mrsdurff : hey matt  21:45:41  matt montagne : awesome, minhaaj! Me too! I'm looking foward to it!  21:45:43  PeggyG : what would processing involve?  21:45:46  matt montagne : Hey there Durff!  21:45:51  guest478 : fun chatting... back to my holiday :) just had to drop in  21:46:07  mrsdurff : holiday? now wait  21:46:11  PeggyG : the archive is very important!  21:46:12  dougsymington : thx dave  21:46:22  mrsdurff : if i'm giving up my holiday to be  21:46:28  mrsdurff : then you can too  21:46:46  minhaaj : you could also convert your blogposts, websites and presentations into podcast with Odiogo  21:46:49  dougsymington : welcome Matt  21:47:01  matt montagne : Hey DS  21:47:25  mrsdurff : don't think platform  21:47:32  mrsdurff : think function  21:47:36  matt montagne : I'm fairly ninged out  21:47:58  mrsdurff : there will  never be enough nings  21:48:18  matt montagne : I don't think of platofrom either, but I'm tired on nings  21:49:29  mrsdurff : why not a central portal to hyperlink everything  21:49:32  minhaaj :  21:49:39  mrsdurff : and spread out from there  21:49:44  minhaaj : it works fine or me though Vance :)  21:49:53  minhaaj : for*  21:49:59  mrsdurff : does wiziq do that, minhaaj?  21:50:09  minhaaj : its a online conferencing tool like Elluminate  21:50:20  minhaaj : i have been invited to test it by the creators  21:50:27  minhaaj : indian guys. done wonderful job. its flex based  21:50:36  mrsdurff : so still wanting a central portal  21:50:46  minhaaj : except for the screen sharing :)  21:51:19  PeggyG : can you embed recordings from second life?  21:51:36  minhaaj : if you can upload to someplace like, yes i guess Peggy  21:51:57  PeggyG : so you would have to record, download, upload to get the embed code?  21:52:05  JL : what format are the recordings? avi?  21:52:05  minhaaj : IMO  21:52:21  minhaaj : Jose?  21:52:29  JoseRodriguez : Yes...  21:52:30  PeggyG : on you need to have authority to post the video (copyright)  21:52:48  minhaaj : well if you run the event maybe you can gain consent for that Peggy?  21:52:55  minhaaj : like webheads i presume.  21:53:14  mrsdurff : i thought JL was always the wizard behind the curtain  21:53:23  minhaaj : oh i was asking about the question JL asked about file format  21:53:39  matt montagne : I'm really hoping we can archive all of our audio and get it posted to our site following the Earthcast.  21:54:08  matt montagne : quite a challenge due to audio editing, but I think we can get it done  21:54:14  minhaaj : yep he was on earlier  21:55:20  mrsdurff : it has been done at short notice vance  21:55:59  mrsdurff : you stream jose, alice will talk  21:56:07  minhaaj : would be like digital discussion group? :)  21:56:08  JoseRodriguez : :-)  21:56:29  mrsdurff : i'll advertise  21:56:37  mrsdurff : maria will show up  21:56:49  vance :  21:57:08  minhaaj : hehe CC unless proven  21:57:17  mrsdurff : go for it jose - schedule us  21:57:25  Sheila : Heading out! Night all!  21:57:31  minhaaj : cya Sheila  21:57:34  JoseRodriguez : night sheila..  21:58:08  mrsdurff : love the way cormier puts it  21:58:23  minhaaj : People generally respect and offer intellectual property rights  21:58:43  minhaaj : unless you are hardcore academic :D  21:59:08  minhaaj : Maybe you could do slot with me Vance  21:59:11  mrsdurff : i'm a hardcore Starbucks fan  21:59:29  Sheila : back again  21:59:30  mrsdurff : sheila, you're back  21:59:36  PeggyG : don't you have 2-3 time slots Matt?  21:59:55  Sheila : @vance - If it's ok, may we have 30 minutes for a new teacher?  22:00:04  matt montagne : @Peggy...yes, we have hours 3, 4, 5 of GRE  22:00:08  Sheila : within your time slot.  22:00:14  Sheila : ?  22:00:23  PeggyG : that's what I thought--awesome!  22:00:29  minhaaj : love of web 2.0  22:00:30  minhaaj : hehe  22:00:42  matt montagne : and my school has an hour later in the day...but happy to give those to anyone takers!  22:00:45  carolteach4 : It's my first time here at EdTech Talk. Interesting.  22:00:52  mrsdurff : his undieing devotion  22:01:23  Sheila : @Vance - Did you see my note?  22:01:24  PeggyG : welcome carolteach4!!!  22:01:25  carolteach4 : I am still not a fan of Twitter, but that's how I found my way here.  22:01:33  mrsdurff : you're welcome to come again carol  22:01:54  carolteach4 : thanks - I'll be back again - starting April vacation, so I'll have some time  22:02:24  mrsdurff : carol, i was saying you're welcome to come again  22:02:27  PeggyG : could you do some pecha kucha sessions--short and to the point :-)  22:02:40  mrsdurff : but i got kicked off the net  22:03:30  PeggyG : that's definitely true Jeff if the person speaking changes frequently  22:03:34  mrsdurff : carol, - i recommend WOW every other Tuesday  22:03:37  PeggyG : many gaps in the audio  22:03:43  carolteach4 : Thank you. This is pretty new to me, but it was a thrill hearing my name in the audio. That's why we need to use more of these tools with our students.  22:03:47  matt montagne : that is a good idea...pre recorded intros / outtros  22:04:23  matt montagne : that is why I've been groovin on using a netbook as a "monitor"  22:04:32  mrsdurff : carol, did you realise Vance is in Abu Dabi somewhere  22:04:44  matt montagne : use my mac book for webcasting and netwbook as a monitor  22:04:47  PeggyG : good point about stopping the session and then starting a new session so you can have separate recordings  22:05:01  mrsdurff : he will correct my spelling i'm sure  22:05:13  carolteach4 : I have been following Cheryl Oakes (sp?) and Cool Cat Teacher, and I know about WOW from them, but I've never joined. I'll give it a try, hopefully, soon.  22:05:35  mrsdurff : it's fun!  22:05:37  matt montagne : hey James  22:05:51  PeggyG : elluminate publisher I think  22:06:05  PeggyG : yes  22:06:16  PeggyG : administrators of elluminate have access to it  22:07:03  JoseRodriguez : Hey James..  22:07:07  JL : Matt, any Earthbridges planning we should be doing while folks are still on the line?  22:07:15  PeggyG : Steve H always generates mp3s of our Classroom 2.0 LIVE elluminate sessions using elluminate publisher  22:07:32  JoseRodriguez : or as matt would say the low hanging fruit.  22:08:19  matt montagne : JL...good question...I'll be out of town this weekend, but next weekend I'm going to be around and we can do final preparations...I know we're going to need to do plenty of practice streaming  22:08:20  JoseRodriguez : :-)  22:08:21  carolteach4 : I heard a reference earlier about the threat of some web 2.0 tools that educators are finally embracing might start charging. In fact, there was a NPR story this morning about Kodac charging for online storage of pics.  22:08:56  carolteach4 : Again, what a thrill to hear you guys addressing me directly. I'll have to think of Twitter that way.  22:08:58  matt montagne : I'm actually feeling pretty good about Earthcast09...DS and Jose, on the other hand, might want to start catching up on their sleep now!  22:09:06  matt montagne : Low hanging it!  22:09:07  JL : how many are part of 'we', Matt?  22:09:11  JoseRodriguez : funny...  22:09:51  PeggyG : yes carol--I heard that too about Kodak Gallery--you have to buy something every year to keep your album and photos stored there  22:10:00  matt montagne : @JL...I think the streamers are going to be the usual suspects...I think 6-7 of us will handle the streaming for the day  22:10:58  PeggyG : some exciting things coming up!! thanks for letting us join you for the brainstorming  22:11:20  matt montagne : we have roughly 16 different participants for earthcast  22:11:21  mrsdurff : must be time for the land of nod and planning to sleep in here...............  22:11:39  matt montagne : I think next weekend will  be final prep for EC09  22:11:59  Sheila : the 19th, right?  22:12:01  JoseRodriguez : I'll be.. be leaving.. battery dieing.....  22:12:13  mrsdurff : you could put skype on a flash drive, vance  22:12:21  PeggyG : you need a hashtag too  22:12:26  mrsdurff : bye jose  22:12:31  JoseRodriguez : down to 30sec....  22:12:32  matt montagne : @Sheila...I'm planning on Sat the 18 and Sun the 19th, 17 GMT both days  22:12:34  JoseRodriguez : or so  22:12:41  Sheila : Nice!  22:12:54  Sheila : I'll feel better about that.  22:12:55  mrsdurff : could be that port  22:12:58  PeggyG : skype works great on an iphone :-)  22:13:03  matt montagne : EC09 is a bit of a house of cards as people have been wavering a bit, but what can you do  22:13:24  Sheila : @Vance - have a window open for you  22:13:27  JoseRodriguez : take care. all... bye  22:13:28  carolteach4 : Well, this has been an exciting first foray into the land of edtechtalklive. Thanks again.  22:13:43  matt montagne : ttyl all  22:13:45  mrsdurff : come again carol!  22:13:48  JoseRodriguez : edtecthtalk....  22:13:49  matt montagne : have good nite  22:13:52  Sheila : Thanks DS!  22:13:57  mrsdurff : nite all and happy long weekend  22:14:01  PeggyG : so glad you were here carolteach4--join us on WOW2 on Tuesday Apr. 14  22:14:02  vance : cheers all, thanks for the chat  22:14:47  carolteach4 : good night-I will try to join if I can connect. I'll be going up to Maine to visit hubby's mom who is 90 - if not this coming Tuesday, then next.  22:14:53  James Sigler : Sorry I missed the show.  I was working on a blog entry and forgot.  22:15:19  dougsymington : @carolteach4 good hear--cya soon  22:15:30  dougsymington : np James, glad you dropped in  22:15:38  dougsymington : take care all and thanks again  22:15:44  James Sigler : I hope to make it in next week.  22:15:50  James Sigler : cya    
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Holler when there is a name/place to send the teacher project $$. Otherwise it will fall off my radar screen NW

Hi, guys, This is carolteach. You have me so captivated by these conversations. In fact, on Thursday, April 16, I logged on while I was on school vacation. You called me on my cell phone and had me participating live. It was a real rush. I'd like to share this with my colleagues at school - helping them to understand how enriching it can be to be part of the conversation with other educators from all over. I am so disappointed that I cannot access a recording of this stream. Will it and the transcript of the chat be available soon? Thanks, Carolyn

Hi Carolyn,
Please accept my apologies for not having audio up yet. My excuses are my own, but suffice it to say that other tasks have kept me from ETBS editing. I hope to have the April shows up to date before the end of the weekend. Thanks for the comment and please do plan to join us again soon, so I can apologize live.

I'll be looking forward to listening when you get the recorded stream mounted. I do hope to join the conversation live again, but I must admit I am still a bit intimidated by the thought. Perhaps joining in more often will allay my fears. I guess I am going to have to break down and download Skype and learn how to use it. Have a great weekend. I embedded the Voice Thread for Earthcast09 on my blog with directions for my school readers as how to navigate to the contributions we made. To the best of my knowledge only one other teacher in our school has used voice thread. It is such a great collaborative tool. Thanks to EdTechBrainstorm for getting me to try something new. And thanks to Matt for initiating the thread. I thought the responses from all over the world were great.
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