Teachers are Talking Episode 18 03-19-09

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Lisa Parisi and Susan van Gelder were joined by Dean Shareski and Alice Mercer to discuss preservice teachers and online classes. 

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2009-03-19 19:25:46 [Message] lparisi -> -EdTechTalk: Hello All
2009-03-19 19:26:11 [Message] Susan van Gelder -> -EdTechTalk: Welcome
2009-03-19 19:27:03 [Message] lparisi -> -EdTechTalk: Stream is up at ETTA
2009-03-19 19:28:07 [Message] lparisi -> -EdTechTalk: Can anyone hear us?
2009-03-19 19:28:19 [Message] Maureen -> -EdTechTalk: Hi LIsa- just came in
2009-03-19 19:28:32 [Message] lparisi -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Maureen...sound is up at ETTA
2009-03-19 19:28:49 [Message] Maureen -> -EdTechTalk: I can hear
2009-03-19 19:28:54 [Message] capohanka -> -EdTechTalk: i can hear
2009-03-19 19:29:15 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: Howdy, ETTA sounds fine
2009-03-19 19:29:20 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: Yeah I'm hear, lol
2009-03-19 19:29:29 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: lol
2009-03-19 19:29:50 [Message] wmchamberlain -> -EdTechTalk: I can hear you.
2009-03-19 19:30:18 [Message] shareski -> -EdTechTalk: Sorry I can't talk about copyright......:(
2009-03-19 19:30:27 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: Hi everybody! :D
2009-03-19 19:30:36 [Message] capohanka -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Dean!
2009-03-19 19:30:39 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: Dang, I would have loved that too!
2009-03-19 19:30:43 [Message] Susan van Gelder -> -EdTechTalk: copyright is different in Canada anyway
2009-03-19 19:30:46 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: But Dean will definately do
2009-03-19 19:31:08 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: OUCH, that was loud
2009-03-19 19:31:12 [Message] Maureen -> -EdTechTalk: Maybe he can tell us how to celebrate birthdays ;-)
2009-03-19 19:31:17 [Message] Unklar -> -EdTechTalk: is there audio? can't hear anything
2009-03-19 19:31:25 [Message] lparisi -> -EdTechTalk: Check ETTA Unklar
2009-03-19 19:31:26 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: ETT-A
2009-03-19 19:31:50 [Message] lparisi -> -EdTechTalk: http://danibaucheblog.blogspot.com/2009/03/ecmp.html
2009-03-19 19:32:08 [Message] lparisi -> -EdTechTalk: http://ecmp355-jz.blogspot.com/2009/03/just-quick-thought.html
2009-03-19 19:32:17 [Message] lparisi -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Peggy
2009-03-19 19:32:29 [Message] Danita R -> -EdTechTalk: I can't hear audio either
2009-03-19 19:32:32 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Hi everyone
2009-03-19 19:32:58 [Message] Susan van Gelder -> -EdTechTalk: Danita are you following EdTechTalk A?
2009-03-19 19:33:03 [Message] lparisi -> -EdTechTalk: Try clicking one of the three icons under EdTechTalk A
2009-03-19 19:33:13 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: audio is coming through great for me
2009-03-19 19:33:24 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: I like that post from Dani
2009-03-19 19:33:42 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: What is the topic tonight? Who's speaking?
2009-03-19 19:33:52 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Dean?
2009-03-19 19:33:58 [Message] lparisi -> -EdTechTalk: Yes, Dean Shareski
2009-03-19 19:34:00 [Message] nbteacher -> -EdTechTalk: Hello from eastern Canada
2009-03-19 19:34:04 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: thanks
2009-03-19 19:34:10 [Message] capohanka -> -EdTechTalk: Hi @nbteacher!
2009-03-19 19:34:18 [Message] nbteacher -> -EdTechTalk: Bonsoir capohanka
2009-03-19 19:34:21 [Message] Susan van Gelder -> -EdTechTalk: Hi from Montreal
2009-03-19 19:34:27 [Message] Susan van Gelder -> -EdTechTalk: Bonsoir
2009-03-19 19:34:34 [Message] nbteacher -> -EdTechTalk: Salut Susan :)
2009-03-19 19:35:01 [Message] capohanka -> -EdTechTalk: Is it a learning style? 
2009-03-19 19:35:35 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: I love his blended learning model!
2009-03-19 19:35:50 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: I think it's more than just a learning style.
2009-03-19 19:35:53 [Message] capohanka -> -EdTechTalk: I would think it is the best of both worlds...f2f and online
2009-03-19 19:35:59 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: I'm also grateful for the streamed sessions I've been able to participate in!
2009-03-19 19:36:07 [Message] kcaise -> -EdTechTalk: hi everyone
2009-03-19 19:36:44 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: Do you do video for the course?
2009-03-19 19:37:02 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: I think she may rely ALOT on facial cues?
2009-03-19 19:37:15 [Message] Lesley E. -> -EdTechTalk: Is it harder or easier to build trust when you are not face to face?  Does it matter?
2009-03-19 19:37:18 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: My students had access to me and the other students in my hybrid classes 24/7--they get much more personal attention there than a class once a week!
2009-03-19 19:37:22 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: I've had online courses I didn't like it was usually because it was too teacher-centric
2009-03-19 19:37:44 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: I think she needs facial, touch, smell, etc
2009-03-19 19:37:48 [Message] capohanka -> -EdTechTalk: I think some people need to be walked thru steps in a project and then some are better at exploring all on their own with little direction
2009-03-19 19:37:54 [Message] shareski -> -EdTechTalk: She wouldn't want smell
2009-03-19 19:38:05 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: It's more than just walk through.
2009-03-19 19:38:11 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: hybrid provides both online and f2f
2009-03-19 19:38:12 [Message] nbteacher -> -EdTechTalk: It all depends on the student - and the enthusiasm of the Distance Facilitator
2009-03-19 19:38:14 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: I think she REALLY wants to see the person and hear them
2009-03-19 19:38:27 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: Dean, I'm NOT kidding, smell is a critical thing
2009-03-19 19:38:37 [Message] capohanka -> -EdTechTalk: I disagree that it is attitude. 
2009-03-19 19:38:45 [Message] capohanka -> -EdTechTalk: Some people are used to hand holding
2009-03-19 19:38:51 [Message] shareski -> -EdTechTalk: Carey....tell us more
2009-03-19 19:39:09 [Message] csgodfrey -> -EdTechTalk: Got my specialist degree totally online. missed f2f. wish it could have been a hybrid course of study
2009-03-19 19:39:12 [Message] capohanka -> -EdTechTalk: I think that it is more about comfort level.  She needs to gain that confidence.
2009-03-19 19:39:15 [Message] Susan van Gelder -> -EdTechTalk: When I said attitude I was talking about being negative to all online learning - the other aspect is learning style
2009-03-19 19:39:48 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: Caphanka, she needs hand holding, BUT she also seems to have a real need for face-to-face
2009-03-19 19:39:48 [Message] capohanka -> -EdTechTalk: I also know that for myself I hate it when someone walks me thru steps of a tool, but would rather just wander and figure it out.  Some people are the opposite
2009-03-19 19:40:08 [Message] Dowbiggin -> -EdTechTalk: We've just been talking about blended learning in my grad class.
2009-03-19 19:40:19 [Message] capohanka -> -EdTechTalk: I think the blended model is great.
2009-03-19 19:40:28 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: totally online courses can be very directed with detailed hand-holding, step by step instructions, rubrics, etc. but that doesn't necessarily make for the best learning
2009-03-19 19:40:34 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: I like meeting people like Dean, and Peggy, and Lisa in person. It helps to cement things?
2009-03-19 19:40:40 [Message] Dowbiggin -> -EdTechTalk: The Masters program I am in is entirely online. SDSU COMET.  I'm up in San Jose.
2009-03-19 19:40:55 [Message] capohanka -> -EdTechTalk: In Elluminate it is easy to ask questions, though.
2009-03-19 19:40:58 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: Dowbiggin: they have a hybrid one up at Sac State
2009-03-19 19:41:13 [Message] Dowbiggin -> -EdTechTalk: People do need to be very self-directed and self-motivated.
2009-03-19 19:41:18 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: I really like how Dani has reflected on this though
2009-03-19 19:41:21 [Message] Dowbiggin -> -EdTechTalk: Sac is too far for me to go in person.
2009-03-19 19:41:37 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: Yeah Dowbiggin. I get that. It's once every 6months
2009-03-19 19:41:42 [Message] Dowbiggin -> -EdTechTalk: SJSU no longer has an Instructional Tech program.  This one I'm in is EdTech
2009-03-19 19:41:42 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: 6 weeks, sorry
2009-03-19 19:42:07 [Message] capohanka -> -EdTechTalk: hand holding has a negative connotation, I agree
2009-03-19 19:42:37 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: I don't know if there is ANY tech that would make her more comfortable?
2009-03-19 19:42:46 [Message] Dowbiggin -> -EdTechTalk: Just now figured out how to hear the stream.
2009-03-19 19:42:55 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: I agree with Lisa on this.
2009-03-19 19:42:55 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: there are also students who show up every week for class and are not really there to learn but to meet the requirements to get a grade to pass the course--can be f2f or online--doesn't matter--I think that's the attitude you're referring to
2009-03-19 19:43:16 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: Dani is a CLASSIC example of Vygotsky theory
2009-03-19 19:43:22 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: Hey, I'll do that
2009-03-19 19:43:30 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: Lisa ready to learn about RSS?
2009-03-19 19:43:33 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: I'll sit down with you at NECC Lisa. I love it!
2009-03-19 19:43:37 [Message] Dowbiggin -> -EdTechTalk: Who is that talking? (came in late)
2009-03-19 19:43:51 [Message] Susan van Gelder -> -EdTechTalk: Dean Shareski
2009-03-19 19:43:52 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: LIsa with Dean Shareski
2009-03-19 19:43:54 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Lisa Parisi and Dean Shareski
2009-03-19 19:43:56 [Message] lparisi -> -EdTechTalk: http://www.learning-theories.com/vygotskys-social-learning-theory.html
2009-03-19 19:44:05 [Message] lparisi -> -EdTechTalk: Susan van Gelder is with me
2009-03-19 19:44:17 [Message] Dowbiggin -> -EdTechTalk: k, I knew it was Dean . . . and now I know it was Lisa too
2009-03-19 19:44:19 [Message] Dowbiggin -> -EdTechTalk: thx
2009-03-19 19:44:21 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: V: Learning is a social transaction
2009-03-19 19:44:30 [Message] capohanka -> -EdTechTalk: So, Dean, what do you do to help a student like her, who is having trouble?
2009-03-19 19:44:35 [Message] nbteacher -> -EdTechTalk: Blended learning isn't for everybody, but neither is the traditional classroom
2009-03-19 19:44:39 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: vs. Dewey: you have to construct
2009-03-19 19:44:48 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: social construct
2009-03-19 19:44:51 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: @nbteacher excellent point!
2009-03-19 19:44:56 [Message] Dowbiggin -> -EdTechTalk: our online cohort has become VERY social, just online as opposed to f2f
2009-03-19 19:45:22 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: BUT, I have a question...
2009-03-19 19:45:31 [Message] nbteacher -> -EdTechTalk: I think as time/technology progresses, blended learning will be commonplace... and trad. classroom considered old school by students, esp. the unmotivated ones
2009-03-19 19:45:58 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: YOu know what she will need is a STRONG teaching team, where there is lots of collaboration
2009-03-19 19:46:04 [Message] LindaN -> -EdTechTalk: @nbteacher i think exactly the same.
2009-03-19 19:46:17 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: She would DIE in some schools where you're expected to close your door and teach.
2009-03-19 19:46:22 [Message] LindaN -> -EdTechTalk: I think it will be the next step public education takes to survive.
2009-03-19 19:46:27 [Message] capohanka -> -EdTechTalk: Do you try to put it on her to get help from her classmates?
2009-03-19 19:46:39 [Message] Susan van Gelder -> -EdTechTalk: But she will grow - just as her students will
2009-03-19 19:46:50 [Message] Maureen -> -EdTechTalk: When I did a moodle class last spring, 4 f2f, the rest online, my teachers decided that they needed more and made up their own little study group
2009-03-19 19:47:04 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: one of my univ colleagues used to hold her office hours as peer review conversations--anyone could come and they helped each other in the presence of the instructor
2009-03-19 19:47:13 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: Does she live near other students? I would suggest that she set up in person study times with peers
2009-03-19 19:47:18 [Message] shareski -> -EdTechTalk: @capohanka Yes, they are asked to learn with and from each other
2009-03-19 19:47:29 [Message] shareski -> -EdTechTalk: @alice She
2009-03-19 19:47:37 [Message] shareski -> -EdTechTalk: She's on campus
2009-03-19 19:47:49 [Message] nbteacher -> -EdTechTalk: There is resistance among staff unless you can lighten their workload
2009-03-19 19:48:04 [Message] capohanka -> -EdTechTalk: Because that is key I think. I'm trying to get my 6th graders to help each other...and not just becuase they would ask me 100 questions a day :)
2009-03-19 19:48:08 [Message] MaryKayG -> -EdTechTalk: learning independently is not the same as independent learning
2009-03-19 19:48:14 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: I would suggest she get in person buddies too, to help her tease through stuff?
2009-03-19 19:48:18 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: Cognitive: Piaget Social: Vygotsky Constructionism: Papert
2009-03-19 19:48:21 [Message] Dowbiggin -> -EdTechTalk: Ask three before me?
2009-03-19 19:48:32 [Message] Maureen -> -EdTechTalk: @Lisa- I agree with you re constructivism- depends on what you are learning and what your background is. You cannot build upon nothing!
2009-03-19 19:48:33 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: from Thronburgh on Constructionism at CUE
2009-03-19 19:48:47 [Message] LindaN -> -EdTechTalk: Teaching children to help themselves begins very early in their lives- think of a 2 yyear old.
2009-03-19 19:48:51 [Message] Susan van Gelder -> -EdTechTalk: Demande a 3 avant moi :)
2009-03-19 19:49:13 [Message] LindaN -> -EdTechTalk: Many teachers take that initiative aways from students
2009-03-19 19:49:20 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: makes me think of the "studycast" concept where the lectures are provided as homework and the f2f time is used to discuss, explore, hands-on and interaction with instructor and peers. Great concept (reverse homework)
2009-03-19 19:49:27 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: Yeah @Dowbiggin
2009-03-19 19:49:30 [Message] wmchamberlain -> -EdTechTalk: I have a 3 year old that needs to learn to ask for help, goes both ways I guess.
2009-03-19 19:49:40 [Message] capohanka -> -EdTechTalk: but the online part is a great thing to model.  as a teacher they will need to use those techniques
2009-03-19 19:49:48 [Message] Maureen -> -EdTechTalk: The fear factor really enters into the equation when you bring tech into it. Makes it different from other types of learning
2009-03-19 19:49:58 [Message] nbteacher -> -EdTechTalk: How many of you learned by listening? And how much did you learn? I learn by doing.. simple concept that schools/classes have to embrace
2009-03-19 19:50:14 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: Does she know how to ask for help from peers offline?
2009-03-19 19:50:28 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: I learn best with multi-modalities, not just one
2009-03-19 19:50:39 [Message] kidthinkers -> -EdTechTalk: Most of us learn by doing but what constitutes doing is different for everyone.
2009-03-19 19:50:41 [Message] nbteacher -> -EdTechTalk: Do any of you use Senteos or responders in the classroom?
2009-03-19 19:50:42 [Message] capohanka -> -EdTechTalk: someone from dean's (or maybe it was alec's) said that it was the first class where they knew everyone's names.  Online can help build community if they are open to it.
2009-03-19 19:51:11 [Message] kyteacher -> -EdTechTalk: What a great question. What are you doing in your classroom that would make students want to be there?
2009-03-19 19:51:12 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: @capohanka that is an excellent point and matches with my experience
2009-03-19 19:51:20 [Message] Maureen -> -EdTechTalk: It is harder tho- I do f2f and intro, then give some simple ways to use whatever I show. Have them try it in class, then go off and try it at home and extend...and talk to each other.
2009-03-19 19:51:21 [Message] wmchamberlain -> -EdTechTalk: More important to give students the tools they need (and knowledge) for them to learn how to learn.
2009-03-19 19:51:36 [Message] nbteacher -> -EdTechTalk: I agree with Wm.
2009-03-19 19:51:44 [Message] kidthinkers -> -EdTechTalk: Doing may be using hands for some people, using eyes for another, etc.  Have to teach to all learning styles:)
2009-03-19 19:51:53 [Message] nbteacher -> -EdTechTalk: agreed kidthinkers
2009-03-19 19:51:58 [Message] capohanka -> -EdTechTalk: @wmchamberlain  Amen!
2009-03-19 19:52:01 [Message] wmchamberlain -> -EdTechTalk: Doesn't matter how they learn, they need to personalize it, not me generalizing it.
2009-03-19 19:52:04 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: Funny I was thinking about this today...
2009-03-19 19:52:13 [Message] Dowbiggin -> -EdTechTalk: I find that I want to socialize if we were to get together online.
2009-03-19 19:52:20 [Message] LindaN -> -EdTechTalk: So what kinds of things do ou do in your together time that you feel have been a good use of their time?
2009-03-19 19:52:22 [Message] Dowbiggin -> -EdTechTalk: not online, in person
2009-03-19 19:52:28 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: I have some online classes I took, that it wasn't like I was "there" even in the middle of the class, and they pass from my head quickly
2009-03-19 19:52:31 [Message] capohanka -> -EdTechTalk: Cold, stormy and snowy in Canada...no!
2009-03-19 19:52:31 [Message] kyteacher -> -EdTechTalk: Give f2f students an experience that cannot be replicated, completely, online.
2009-03-19 19:52:48 [Message] nbteacher -> -EdTechTalk: Come on up @capohanka
2009-03-19 19:53:10 [Message] Maureen -> -EdTechTalk: @wmchamberlain- When I do a class that is blended- the work the teachers do is to use their learning directly in what they are teaching the kids, otherwise- they simply don't have time.
2009-03-19 19:53:12 [Message] capohanka -> -EdTechTalk: @nbteacher...maybe in a few months.  Spring has sprung here.
2009-03-19 19:53:39 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: Ya know, I notice in the comments to Dani, the students are saying, "You can post a question," she needs to be told she can ask people on campus off line too for help
2009-03-19 19:53:42 [Message] Susan van Gelder -> -EdTechTalk: Spring has sprung in Montreal
2009-03-19 19:53:53 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: 70s today, I'm in my skort now
2009-03-19 19:54:00 [Message] nbteacher -> -EdTechTalk: We're close here in New Brunswick @susan
2009-03-19 19:54:03 [Message] kidthinkers -> -EdTechTalk: have to leave chat for a few minutes -- is this a regular occurence?  I am a newbie.
2009-03-19 19:54:10 [Message] Maureen -> -EdTechTalk: @Susan- still have 18 inches on the ground here...jealous
2009-03-19 19:54:15 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Sorry I have to go to another webinar but this has been very interesting! Thanks everyone! Thanks Dean!
2009-03-19 19:54:23 [Message] lparisi -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks for coming Peggy
2009-03-19 19:54:48 [Message] LindaN -> -EdTechTalk: Yes, Dean you are right. The students I teach in gifted support are the winners in school and they have a very hard time dealing with alternative approaches to learning.
2009-03-19 19:54:53 [Message] capohanka -> -EdTechTalk: Dean, good point.  The kids who are "winning the game" at our school often just want to take the test instead of thinking for themselves or working with others
2009-03-19 19:54:55 [Message] Dowbiggin -> -EdTechTalk: I think that in the online courses I am in, individuals are more engaged personally than they would be if all 32-35 of us were sitting in a classroom together.
2009-03-19 19:55:10 [Message] Dowbiggin -> -EdTechTalk: But then, they are Masters courses in a program we sought acceptance into.
2009-03-19 19:55:13 [Message] LindaN -> -EdTechTalk: My kids are loving taking the state tests- uuggh.
2009-03-19 19:55:19 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: But, when students have trouble in University...that could be a clue, right?
2009-03-19 19:55:50 [Message] nbteacher -> -EdTechTalk: @dowbiggin especially the introverts
2009-03-19 19:55:56 [Message] capohanka -> -EdTechTalk: I would prefer the honesty than hiding and giving up.  It was her cry for help
2009-03-19 19:56:12 [Message] Dowbiggin -> -EdTechTalk: This semester, we have done a lot of peer review, with different classmates, of the segments of our semester project.
2009-03-19 19:56:18 [Message] capohanka -> -EdTechTalk: what would have happened if she didn't have her blog to voice her frustration?
2009-03-19 19:56:27 [Message] wmchamberlain -> -EdTechTalk: How do you get online students to participate? Look at how many of those listneing here haven't.
2009-03-19 19:56:40 [Message] fceblog -> -EdTechTalk: Winners are supposed to unlearn a bit, right?
2009-03-19 19:56:56 [Message] capohanka -> -EdTechTalk: @wmchamberlain Good point.  Is hanging back and listening okay?
2009-03-19 19:57:18 [Message] capohanka -> -EdTechTalk: By "okay" I mean that they are learning too.
2009-03-19 19:57:22 [Message] Dowbiggin -> -EdTechTalk: WMC, we are asked questions during the session we are supposed to respond to.  Not everyone does, but we have to maintain a pretty decent GPA to stay in the program, so most are fairly motivated.
2009-03-19 19:57:28 [Message] Susan van Gelder -> -EdTechTalk: @capohanka - yes hanging back and listening is OK - we all process differently
2009-03-19 19:57:28 [Message] Maureen -> -EdTechTalk: Yes it is OK to lurk and learn
2009-03-19 19:57:46 [Message] wmchamberlain -> -EdTechTalk: I will only add something in a chat room when I think it adds value. Not like twitter where I can be stupid and not care.
2009-03-19 19:58:11 [Message] fceblog -> -EdTechTalk: It's demystifying the teacher role. The teacher is not a know-all. @Dean I hadn't thought of doing it via email. Interesting.
2009-03-19 19:58:28 [Message] kyteacher -> -EdTechTalk: Those hanging back (myself included) often need to process information in a different way...take it in, make meaning for selves, then interact. Doesn't mean that learning isn't happening.
2009-03-19 19:58:39 [Message] nbteacher -> -EdTechTalk: @kyteacher Ditto
2009-03-19 19:58:40 [Message] capohanka -> -EdTechTalk: Exactly. 
2009-03-19 19:59:17 [Message] wmchamberlain -> -EdTechTalk: @Dowbiggin How do you feel about the "lurkers". Do you feel they aren't adding to the conversation and are therefor taking space someone else could have?
2009-03-19 19:59:22 [Message] capohanka -> -EdTechTalk: Love my mentor student.  He is great.
2009-03-19 19:59:40 [Message] capohanka -> -EdTechTalk: Best part is that he is trying to use all of the things you are teaching him.
2009-03-19 19:59:51 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: @dowbiggin: is it 3.0? Cause I found there was not much expected, and high grade inflation in Dept of Ed at CSU schools
2009-03-19 19:59:57 [Message] wmchamberlain -> -EdTechTalk: No offense obviously, I am a lurker too.
2009-03-19 20:00:32 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: vygotsky on Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/d33ste
2009-03-19 20:00:48 [Message] capohanka -> -EdTechTalk: In the best case the student mentors are being and are mentors
2009-03-19 20:01:01 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: http://tinyurl.com/cnjr45
2009-03-19 20:01:01 [Message] Maureen -> -EdTechTalk: Do you think you treat the presevice teachers differently than other students? Are you trying to be more transparent?
2009-03-19 20:01:20 [Message] LindaN -> -EdTechTalk: There is nothing wrong with lurking. It is just one place on a continuum of participation.
2009-03-19 20:01:29 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: So repeat, does Alec do advanced or does Dean?
2009-03-19 20:01:35 [Message] Rob Wall -> -EdTechTalk: And I'm teaching a similar course in the summer. I plan on borrowing Dean and Alec's ideas.
2009-03-19 20:01:41 [Message] lparisi -> -EdTechTalk: Alec does advanced
2009-03-19 20:01:46 [Message] LindaN -> -EdTechTalk: Sometimes you have something to say and sometimes you need to process information.
2009-03-19 20:02:07 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: thx
2009-03-19 20:02:25 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: Mr Dodge, missed you at CUE, hope Carolina was nice...
2009-03-19 20:02:56 [Message] berniedodge -> -EdTechTalk: S. Carolina was delicious.
2009-03-19 20:03:01 [Message] wmchamberlain -> -EdTechTalk: Usually, it is because I don't have anything to say.
2009-03-19 20:03:22 [Message] nbteacher -> -EdTechTalk: I consider myself a lurker in most cases... I have much to learn
2009-03-19 20:03:23 [Message] capohanka -> -EdTechTalk: YEAH Eric in Malaysie!!
2009-03-19 20:03:29 [Message] nbteacher -> -EdTechTalk: and I'm an introvert by nature...
2009-03-19 20:03:37 [Message] capohanka -> -EdTechTalk: He is doing great things!
2009-03-19 20:03:39 [Message] kyteacher -> -EdTechTalk: Similar model can be used in HS setting...former students commenting on the work of current ones. Hope to build that kind of network in the next year.
2009-03-19 20:03:55 [Message] sroseman -> -EdTechTalk: I am lurking and learning at the moment
2009-03-19 20:04:02 [Message] capohanka -> -EdTechTalk: He is coming up with ideas and is willing to step out and try anything
2009-03-19 20:04:21 [Message] starbucksluver -> -EdTechTalk: GO LURKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2009-03-19 20:04:26 [Message] fceblog -> -EdTechTalk: @kyteacher my own students suggested becoming mentors for the next course. They had a used a wiki.
2009-03-19 20:04:27 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: Can I share about my LEAST favorite online course experiences...
2009-03-19 20:04:36 [Message] lparisi -> -EdTechTalk: Alice, want me to call you in?
2009-03-19 20:04:40 [Message] starbucksluver -> -EdTechTalk: And nice use of screen names here
2009-03-19 20:04:40 [Message] kyteacher -> -EdTechTalk: Excited about possibilities as I get more students online and comfortable with the environment.
2009-03-19 20:04:44 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: ? sure?
2009-03-19 20:05:10 [Message] Dowbiggin -> -EdTechTalk: Hey Bernie. I was just talking about the COMET program.
2009-03-19 20:05:19 [Message] Dowbiggin -> -EdTechTalk: But now I have been listening while I revise a student's paper.
2009-03-19 20:05:20 [Message] Dowbiggin -> -EdTechTalk: :D
2009-03-19 20:05:20 [Message] berniedodge -> -EdTechTalk: Gushingly I hope
2009-03-19 20:05:27 [Message] Dowbiggin -> -EdTechTalk: But of course.
2009-03-19 20:06:04 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: @dowbiggin, so is teh minimum GPA the standard 3.0 required for Grad School in state?
2009-03-19 20:06:20 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: Cause I'm shopping for an online Master's Program
2009-03-19 20:06:31 [Message] Dowbiggin -> -EdTechTalk: Alice, let me check. I think I have a higher requirement by my employer for my tuition assistance.
2009-03-19 20:06:38 [Message] Dowbiggin -> -EdTechTalk: Alice, go with SDSU!!!!
2009-03-19 20:06:40 [Message] Dowbiggin -> -EdTechTalk: :D
2009-03-19 20:07:02 [Message] kyteacher -> -EdTechTalk: Plan to try Cover It Live, or something like, in my classroom before the year ends.
2009-03-19 20:07:08 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: Lisa, you are on old skype, which won't let me send you a txt. I'm muted for now
2009-03-19 20:07:18 [Message] lparisi -> -EdTechTalk: pk
2009-03-19 20:07:20 [Message] lparisi -> -EdTechTalk: ok
2009-03-19 20:07:22 [Message] LindaN -> -EdTechTalk: I also find that teachers in my school who have a tech question will ask me for a quick help answer but will often ask and work with other teachers who they feel are very close to their experience level in trying to learn a new technology.
2009-03-19 20:07:22 [Message] Maureen -> -EdTechTalk: @alicemercer- way back when I was in grad school (in the 70s) the course would not count unless you had a min of 3.0 in it.
2009-03-19 20:07:34 [Message] LindaN -> -EdTechTalk: So, it's a comfort level too.
2009-03-19 20:07:36 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: Yes LINDA!
2009-03-19 20:07:48 [Message] berniedodge -> -EdTechTalk: Did anyone try getting their 10000 minutes of Boingo access via Skype today?
2009-03-19 20:07:59 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: ?
2009-03-19 20:08:02 [Message] CBlohm -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks for quick tweet that led me to this session - well done
2009-03-19 20:08:19 [Message] sroseman -> -EdTechTalk: ditto .. I saw the tweet as well
2009-03-19 20:08:36 [Message] berniedodge -> -EdTechTalk: I'm jonesing for Shareski
2009-03-19 20:08:38 [Message] debbarrows -> -EdTechTalk: @berniedodge - I tried but it was such a short time frame I didn't think it was worth it - do you?
2009-03-19 20:08:48 [Message] capohanka -> -EdTechTalk: Birthday boy!
2009-03-19 20:09:14 [Message] fceblog -> -EdTechTalk: Thank you
2009-03-19 20:09:16 [Message] berniedodge -> -EdTechTalk: @debbarrows... I thought the time frame was for getting the minutes, not using them.
2009-03-19 20:09:23 [Message] Dowbiggin -> -EdTechTalk: edtec.sdsu.edu/comet_faq.htm
2009-03-19 20:09:30 [Message] debbarrows -> -EdTechTalk: I thought it was for a week
2009-03-19 20:09:45 [Message] berniedodge -> -EdTechTalk: Are there 10000 minutes in a week?
2009-03-19 20:09:46 [Message] debbarrows -> -EdTechTalk: Maybe I better go back and check the deadline date.
2009-03-19 20:10:05 [Message] starbucksluver -> -EdTechTalk: indeed she is always willing to talk
2009-03-19 20:10:52 [Message] starbucksluver -> -EdTechTalk: Mary Kay was here? Hey I need some handcreme...............
2009-03-19 20:10:58 [Message] Dowbiggin -> -EdTechTalk: SDSU COMET has a weekly class meeting online (Adobe Connect, Wimba) for each class. (So far; I'm in my second semester.)
2009-03-19 20:11:20 [Message] lparisi -> -EdTechTalk: Do you like this weekly online meeting Dow?
2009-03-19 20:11:30 [Message] starbucksluver -> -EdTechTalk: is Wimba easier or harder than Elluminate?
2009-03-19 20:11:36 [Message] debbarrows -> -EdTechTalk: @berniedodge - Do you have teh Boingo link? I'll look it up if you don't.
2009-03-19 20:11:43 [Message] Dowbiggin -> -EdTechTalk: I do. The professors generally use the time well, and the members of the cohort communicate with one another a lot.
2009-03-19 20:11:46 [Message] berniedodge -> -EdTechTalk: Momentito
2009-03-19 20:11:58 [Message] Dowbiggin -> -EdTechTalk: Been using Adobe Connect most.
2009-03-19 20:12:19 [Message] starbucksluver -> -EdTechTalk: and which do you prefer?
2009-03-19 20:12:29 [Message] Dowbiggin -> -EdTechTalk: Oh, and Bernie Dodge is my advisor!
2009-03-19 20:12:44 [Message] starbucksluver -> -EdTechTalk: but i asked you not bernie
2009-03-19 20:12:46 [Message] Dowbiggin -> -EdTechTalk: So far, Adobe since we have used it more and I am more accustomed to it.
2009-03-19 20:13:02 [Message] kidthinkers -> -EdTechTalk: so i'm back and i didn
2009-03-19 20:13:05 [Message] Dowbiggin -> -EdTechTalk: I know.
2009-03-19 20:13:12 [Message] Dowbiggin -> -EdTechTalk: and I answered you
2009-03-19 20:13:30 [Message] berniedodge -> -EdTechTalk: Can't seem to paste the URL into this thing.
2009-03-19 20:13:32 [Message] Dowbiggin -> -EdTechTalk: that was just another piece of information about the program
2009-03-19 20:13:41 [Message] Dowbiggin -> -EdTechTalk: yes, Bernie, it did not let me paste a link either
2009-03-19 20:13:50 [Message] debbarrows -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks for trying Bernie
2009-03-19 20:13:54 [Message] Dowbiggin -> -EdTechTalk: these folks are mostly on Twitter I think
2009-03-19 20:13:54 [Message] starbucksluver -> -EdTechTalk: bernie open a word doc and drag it into the chat room
2009-03-19 20:13:55 [Message] kidthinkers -> -EdTechTalk: oops -- I am back and don't know whther this is a regular sessoin because the log is way past the place where someone answered me.  oh, and I got here b/c of the twitte rpost too:)
2009-03-19 20:14:00 [Message] berniedodge -> -EdTechTalk: Just Google macworld skype boingo free
2009-03-19 20:14:14 [Message] starbucksluver -> -EdTechTalk: drag it bernie
2009-03-19 20:14:21 [Message] starbucksluver -> -EdTechTalk: from a word doc
2009-03-19 20:14:45 [Message] berniedodge -> -EdTechTalk: http://www.macworld.com/article/139456/2009/03/surf_the_internet_via_sky...
2009-03-19 20:14:50 [Message] Dowbiggin -> -EdTechTalk: And so far I love it.
2009-03-19 20:15:41 [Message] Dowbiggin -> -EdTechTalk: We do some group projects. Oh, I am VERY social, and that was something I was concerned about with going into a strictly online program.
2009-03-19 20:15:51 [Message] LindaN -> -EdTechTalk: That's important about yourself and your learning.
2009-03-19 20:15:56 [Message] Dowbiggin -> -EdTechTalk: And I am happy with what we're getting, socially, from COMET.
2009-03-19 20:16:31 [Message] Dowbiggin -> -EdTechTalk: I know the one you mean.
2009-03-19 20:16:44 [Message] lparisi -> -EdTechTalk: And the name is....
2009-03-19 20:17:05 [Message] debbarrows -> -EdTechTalk: @ berniedoge - thanks for the link -it looks like it is only good from  March 17 - 23 and I'm not traveling then
2009-03-19 20:17:24 [Message] Dowbiggin -> -EdTechTalk: In my program, we have a lot of interaction behind the scenes.  We help each other a lot.
2009-03-19 20:17:59 [Message] Dowbiggin -> -EdTechTalk: Sandra Bullock film: The Net?
2009-03-19 20:18:17 [Message] starbucksluver -> -EdTechTalk: alice off the deep end? never!
2009-03-19 20:18:19 [Message] lparisi -> -EdTechTalk: http://danibaucheblog.blogspot.com/2009/03/ecmp.html
2009-03-19 20:18:27 [Message] lparisi -> -EdTechTalk: Yes, Dow!
2009-03-19 20:18:58 [Message] starbucksluver -> -EdTechTalk: responsibly trashed the class
2009-03-19 20:19:11 [Message] berniedodge -> -EdTechTalk: Yes... I misread it. They're giving out 10000 minutes in total, not to me. Cheapskates!
2009-03-19 20:19:18 [Message] Dowbiggin -> -EdTechTalk: @lparisi Kudos to Wikipedia.
2009-03-19 20:19:28 [Message] starbucksluver -> -EdTechTalk: they should bernie!
2009-03-19 20:20:21 [Message] starbucksluver -> -EdTechTalk: if you were her prof she would be in hot water!
2009-03-19 20:21:00 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: I wanna hear Kristen TOO!
2009-03-19 20:21:28 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: No she wouldn't!
2009-03-19 20:21:39 [Message] starbucksluver -> -EdTechTalk: oh no!
2009-03-19 20:21:49 [Message] starbucksluver -> -EdTechTalk: poor kristin
2009-03-19 20:21:50 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: I would be in hot water!
2009-03-19 20:21:57 [Message] starbucksluver -> -EdTechTalk: :)
2009-03-19 20:22:23 [Message] lparisi -> -EdTechTalk: http://teachersaretalking.blogspot.com/
2009-03-19 20:22:23 [Message] starbucksluver -> -EdTechTalk: i'm teasing you alice
2009-03-19 20:22:33 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: So Dowbiggin, you're recommending the COMET program?
2009-03-19 20:22:46 [Message] alicemercer -> -EdTechTalk: I assume Dr. Dodge, is too!
2009-03-19 20:23:15 [Message] starbucksluver -> -EdTechTalk: night all!
2009-03-19 20:23:21 [Message] berniedodge -> -EdTechTalk: yup. quite proud of it. About $8000 for the whole degree, too.
2009-03-19 20:23:22 [Message] Dowbiggin -> -EdTechTalk: I am!
2009-03-19 20:23:28 [Message] LindaN -> -EdTechTalk: Thank you everyone. It has been a wonderful chat!
2009-03-19 20:23:37 [Message] lparisi -> -EdTechTalk: Thank you all for coming.