WOW2 Show #108 with MaryFriend Shepard

Special Guest MaryFriend Shepard, Program Director of the Ph.D. Ed. Tech. program at Walden University, joins Cheri Toledo, Peggy George and Sharon Peters for a conversation about the benefits and added value of elearning.



20:48:18 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Hi there! Kind of lonely in here :-) Welcome!

20:52:24 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Great to meet you Mary! Waiting on Skype call from Sharon P.

20:53:28 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Gretchen-so glad you could join us!

20:54:11 [Message] Gretchen -> -EdTechTalk: Hello

20:54:36 [Message] Gretchen -> -EdTechTalk: I honestly do not know how long I will be in... State of the Union tonight...

20:54:58 [Message] Gretchen -> -EdTechTalk: Is there sounds

20:55:10 [Message] Gretchen -> -EdTechTalk: oops - Sound singular...

20:59:36 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk:

20:59:44 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Gretchen

21:00:20 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: A Teacher’s Guide to Twitter « Once a Teacher….

21:02:01 [Message] Lorna -> -EdTechTalk: mac world sometimes frustrating

21:02:24 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Lorna

21:02:39 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: Hi sroseman

21:03:11 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Hi everyone! so much going on tonight! Glad you could join us!

21:03:21 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: Hi meacherteacher

21:03:31 [Message] sroseman -> -EdTechTalk: hi Cheri

21:03:36 [Message] meacherteacher -> -EdTechTalk: hi

21:03:45 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Maureen

21:03:46 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: i

21:03:57 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Jody!

21:04:07 [Message] Maureen -> -EdTechTalk: Hello everyone

21:04:11 [Message] sroseman -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Cheri

21:04:14 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: who's Jody?

21:04:18 [Message] meacherteacher -> -EdTechTalk: hi sharon

21:04:27 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: meacherteacher's other name

21:04:34 [Message] meacherteacher -> -EdTechTalk: meacherteacher is Jody

21:04:36 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: who's sroseman? do I know you in another life?

21:04:43 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: hi Jody :-)

21:04:49 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: Sue Roseman - another Canadian!

21:05:03 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: oh great - Sue, keep us normal!!

21:05:04 [Message] sroseman -> -EdTechTalk: I am from Ottawa

21:05:19 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: glad you're here

21:05:24 [Message] sroseman -> -EdTechTalk: One day I will get to one of these conferences

21:05:33 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Jackie

21:05:41 [Message] jackiegerstein -> -EdTechTalk: Yeah

21:05:42 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: Peggy is talking about you today

21:05:52 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: Wow, Jackie - great timing!

21:05:53 [Message] jackiegerstein -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks!

21:05:56 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: actually she's talking about you right now :-)

21:06:02 [Message] jackiegerstein -> -EdTechTalk: : )

21:06:25 [Message] meacherteacher -> -EdTechTalk: My students LOVE World Maths Day

21:06:56 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk:

21:07:20 [Message] jackiegerstein -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks = loved having you

21:07:29 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk:

21:07:39 [Message] Gretchen -> -EdTechTalk: How can I hear??

21:07:56 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: click on the icon under EdTechTalk-A

21:08:06 [Message] jackiegerstein -> -EdTechTalk:

21:09:12 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: Hi everyone - welcome

21:09:51 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: Tonight we have MaryFriend Shepard as our guest

21:09:57 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: We have been using sharetabs every week on Classroom 2.0 LIVE and it is a fantastic tool for sharing specific websites with students or fro presentations.

21:10:27 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk:

21:10:36 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: @Peggy I love this sharetabs idea!

21:11:13 [Message] Maureen -> -EdTechTalk: Schmoop is a fabulous resource! I found it a little while back and passed it along to faculty.

21:11:14 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk:

21:11:16 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Excellent WOW Cheri!!

21:11:30 [Message] Gretchen AKA RippTide Tech -> -EdTechTalk: Please resend sharetab for tonight... again.

21:12:03 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: I've been using Awesome Stories since I was a principal years ago and the primary source documents are fantastic! They are easily readable by elementary students and they love them.

21:12:04 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk:

21:12:06 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk:

21:13:50 [Message] Gretchen AKA RippTide Tech -> -EdTechTalk: lol

21:14:43 [Message] Gretchen AKA RippTide Tech -> -EdTechTalk: I love it

21:15:00 [Message] meacherteacher -> -EdTechTalk: Hope of Spring!...We just got 2-3 feet of fresh snow!

21:15:08 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: It is exciting to hear from MaryFriend tonight!!

21:15:23 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: @Jody - I know, how depressing...

21:16:02 [Message] meacherteacher -> -EdTechTalk: @ Sharon Not so bad.  My class has ski days today, Thursday and Friday.

21:16:22 [Message] Gretchen AKA RippTide Tech -> -EdTechTalk: Ski Days - Do you need a US History teacher???

21:16:30 [Message] kapil -> -EdTechTalk: hi everybody, Good morning from India its 7:45 AM here

21:16:38 [Message] Gretchen AKA RippTide Tech -> -EdTechTalk: Hey India

21:16:56 [Message] sroseman -> -EdTechTalk: I am off to Mont Tremblant, Quebec tomorrow!

21:16:59 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: HI Kapil, are you listening to the show as well?

21:17:00 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: In Sahuarita AZ they have Rodeo Days for the next 2 days! :-)

21:17:15 [Message] meacherteacher -> -EdTechTalk: @Gretchen Sorry, we can√®t take any teachers from the school.  Only parent volunteers

21:17:17 [Message] kapil -> -EdTechTalk: @sharonp , yes, i am listening to the show

21:17:17 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: @Sue nice! Should be a great day for skiing!

21:17:45 [Message] meacherteacher -> -EdTechTalk: @sroseman I bet the skiing will be awesome in Tremblant

21:18:41 [Message] Gretchen AKA RippTide Tech -> -EdTechTalk: ME too Mary!!1 Social Studies to Tech

21:19:01 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Here's the rhyme from Cheri--may be tricky keeping it all together! There once was a teacher from Normal, Who didn't like things too formal. When she talked with her class, They were quick to contrast, Their learning was quite paranormal." Have fun creating your own!!

21:19:50 [Message] Gretchen AKA RippTide Tech -> -EdTechTalk: Amen sister!!! Social Studies needs to be fun and tech is perfect!

21:20:01 [Message] kapil -> -EdTechTalk: can anybody please drop the link of that rhyming scheme generator ?

21:20:23 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Don't you just get excited listening to her describe this??!! What an amazing teacher!

21:20:24 [Message] Gretchen AKA RippTide Tech -> -EdTechTalk:

21:21:10 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks Gretchen!!

21:21:31 [Message] Gretchen AKA RippTide Tech -> -EdTechTalk: You bet - I was playing with it - Listen to Mary and Prez!!

21:21:36 [Message] kapil -> -EdTechTalk: thanks gretchen

21:22:34 [Message] meacherteacher -> -EdTechTalk: I loved teaching online.  People kept asking me if I missed being with the kids,  I kept telling them that I had an even deeper relationship with my students online.

21:22:42 [Message] kapil -> -EdTechTalk: very good question

21:23:18 [Message] meacherteacher -> -EdTechTalk: People seem to have a hard time with the idea that you are not teaching machines, but real students via the computer

21:23:18 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Such a great point! You can't hide in an online class!

21:23:45 [Message] Gretchen AKA RippTide Tech -> -EdTechTalk: So true Jody!

21:23:55 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: I definitely agree that students produce better writing for an authentic audience!

21:24:43 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: I wonder if those who pooh-pooh online education have ever had to take a course?

21:24:59 [Message] Gretchen AKA RippTide Tech -> -EdTechTalk: It is not for some...

21:25:01 [Message] jackiegerstein -> -EdTechTalk: Also supporting ideas with reason and ideas follows a socratic model of learning

21:25:07 [Message] jackiegerstein -> -EdTechTalk: yes

21:25:38 [Message] meacherteacher -> -EdTechTalk: @sharon Good question.

21:26:40 [Message] Gretchen AKA RippTide Tech -> -EdTechTalk: It also depends on the program running the online course... some are better than others. I have had GREAT experiences as well as very poor!

21:26:54 [Message] meacherteacher -> -EdTechTalk: @Gretchen  You're right, not for everyone in the same way that not every approach in class is for all.

21:27:19 [Message] Gretchen AKA RippTide Tech -> -EdTechTalk: Exactly... It definately addresses a huge need.

21:27:40 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: I think it takes good facilitation skills in online learning environments--not as easy as it looks.

21:28:08 [Message] meacherteacher -> -EdTechTalk: Yes, I think student reflection is very powerful, especially for those who need to process before commenting

21:28:12 [Message] Gretchen AKA RippTide Tech -> -EdTechTalk: @Peggy - YES!

21:28:52 [Message] kapil -> -EdTechTalk: i have done some research in online edtech programmes across the planet. here is a list of 25 online programmes in edtech.

21:29:06 [Message] meacherteacher -> -EdTechTalk: @Peggy Yes, a whole different set of skills.  We developped some great approaches for working online with young students last year.  VERY different from online with older learners, or from a classroom

21:29:08 [Message] Gretchen AKA RippTide Tech -> -EdTechTalk: WOW- Thanks Kapil

21:29:09 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: I am wondering if you folks out there who offer blended learning (f2f + online) would agree with me that teachers who are going to use an online learning environment should first be a learner/student themselves in order to understand how this works...

21:29:10 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: mentoring seems to be such an important component to her program! relationships and support make a big difference!

21:29:16 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: thanks kapil

21:30:10 [Message] Gretchen AKA RippTide Tech -> -EdTechTalk: Are there any doctorate programmes on your list?

21:30:34 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: @sharonp-I definitely agree that it's important to know what the learner experience is like but I think it's possible to learn that by watching/listening to other online presenters in courses without having to do it yourself.

21:31:00 [Message] kcaise -> -EdTechTalk: hello everyone!

21:31:02 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Kim-welcome!

21:31:03 [Message] meacherteacher -> -EdTechTalk: @ sharon I think it depends.  There are advantages to being the learner first, but with little kids, adult learners will not really experience the same approach at all

21:31:24 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: What are the 9 key tech courses?? I'd love to know :-)

21:31:25 [Message] kcaise -> -EdTechTalk: hi peggy

21:31:31 [Message] Lorna -> -EdTechTalk: i Kim

21:31:33 [Message] Lorna -> -EdTechTalk: hi

21:31:36 [Message] kcaise -> -EdTechTalk: hi lorna

21:31:46 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Kim

21:31:47 [Message] kapil -> -EdTechTalk: @gretchen - there are very few doctorate programmes in online edtech space but i think few state universities are working on online EDd programmes - may be MaryFriend can help if there is any at Walden

21:31:50 [Message] kcaise -> -EdTechTalk: hi cheri

21:31:53 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: @meacherteacher fair enough -

21:32:21 [Message] Gretchen AKA RippTide Tech -> -EdTechTalk: I think she was stating there was... I will have to look into it!

21:32:24 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: @Kapil and @gretchen PhD in Edtech at Walden

21:32:26 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: emerging hologram technology

21:32:39 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Just got to meet Ferdi Serim f2f last week and he's doing some really exciting tech things!!

21:32:45 [Message] Gretchen AKA RippTide Tech -> -EdTechTalk: lol - Thanks SharonP

21:32:52 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: wowsa!

21:33:00 [Message] meacherteacher -> -EdTechTalk: @ Sharon Like Peggy said, teachers can learn by observing.  I might say that they should take a short course in online teaching techniques

21:33:22 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: @meacherteacher they need to take it online :-)

21:33:30 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: That sounds so exciting!!!

21:33:36 [Message] kcaise -> -EdTechTalk: how exciting

21:34:06 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: I'm very interested in the ePortfolios for college students because that was a requirement in my program.

21:34:18 [Message] meacherteacher -> -EdTechTalk: @Cheri At least in part.  I gave a workshop of this type f2f, but we split around the building to practice techniques online

21:35:41 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: The ISTE webinar with Dr. Helen Barrett last week was an awesome presentation about the different purposes for various ePortfolios and using web 2.0 tools for them.

21:35:59 [Message] Gretchen AKA RippTide Tech -> -EdTechTalk: Any particular program for ePortfolios? Anyone have a suggestion?

21:36:07 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: @PeggyG what kind of web2 tools was she including?

21:36:20 [Message] kapil -> -EdTechTalk: @moderator : i have a question for MaryFriend : what is the opinion of employers in corporate and academic world for a graduate student who took online course ? In India and in lot of developing countries, even high quality online course is not considered of any value by employers unfortunately

21:36:21 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: @Gretchen that was my question too....

21:36:37 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: any questions for MaryFriend?

21:36:48 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: she was recommending a wide variety--all of the google apps, wikis, blogs, embedded video/photo, etc.  many open source things

21:36:49 [Message] Gretchen AKA RippTide Tech -> -EdTechTalk: See above Cheri

21:37:24 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: thx Gretchen

21:37:25 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: @PeggyG so not just one single portal or platform, but a wide variety o fthemm?

21:38:14 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: We were required to use TaskStream for our teacher ed. ePortfolios and it was really a very good tool for connecting learning products/process with state standards. Disadvantage is you can't continue to use TS after graduation without paying for it. So you can't keep editing it.

21:38:17 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: I know here at Concordia U in Montreal, they have been working on an eportfolio system for TEN YEARS.... still not finished.... now web2 has caught up and surpassed what they were tryin to do

21:38:58 [Message] meacherteacher -> -EdTechTalk: @Sharon  Have you used ePearl at all?

21:39:00 [Message] Gretchen AKA RippTide Tech -> -EdTechTalk: Live Text is one that I have seen a newer teacher using...

21:39:08 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: right Sharon. She really stressed the important of selecting tools that met their needs and that they could take with them after graduation and continue to build.

21:39:15 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: @Jody that is ePearl - was on the committee of it last year

21:40:02 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: @Jody they have the pedagogy, the vision, but missed the boat on semi-permeability

21:40:15 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: sometimes ePortfolios have different purposes in elementary schools from those in universities

21:41:56 [Message] tami -> -EdTechTalk: :-( 

21:42:21 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: I love that, matching standards to the learning.... very challenging

21:42:38 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: we required the reflection piece to and there was a tab/section for each teacher standard (9 in AZ). They would post their product and write their reflection on what they learned--basically to summarize their "qualifications" for meeting that standard.

21:42:44 [Message] jackiegerstein -> -EdTechTalk: Dr. Barrett has been discussing eportfolios for years -

21:42:45 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: foliotech

21:42:57 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: thanks, jackie

21:43:02 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: Helen Barrett is the guru of eportfolios

21:43:08 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: she is

21:43:09 [Message] kapil -> -EdTechTalk: thanks jackie

21:43:23 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: @Jody Are you piloting ePearl?

21:43:31 [Message] jackiegerstein -> -EdTechTalk: you're welcome

21:43:46 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: The disadvantage to using the proprietary programs like TaskStream is that students can't access the software after they leave the university. Our univ. loved having all of the data though :-)

21:44:08 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks for sharing that link Jackie! I mentioned the ISTE webinar but didn't have her link handy.

21:44:19 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: anything that can act as a repository can be used as an eportfolio

21:45:18 [Message] tami -> -EdTechTalk: how are we developing reflective/reflexive practice in teachers to make the portfolio meaningful to their growth as professionals?

21:45:36 [Message] meacherteacher -> -EdTechTalk: @Sharon No.  I never got into it.  Right now, my 4th graders are creating portfolios using Ppt.  They are not online, but they can include scans, photos, digital work, audio recordings,... We have not moved into kids commenting into each others portfolio.  It works for now!

21:45:58 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: looks like many are getting knocked out of the chat and have to log back in

21:46:15 [Message] kcaise -> -EdTechTalk: yes, that just happened to me

21:46:41 [Message] tami -> -EdTechTalk: some of us are easier than others :-)

21:46:53 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: tami is that you?

21:46:58 [Message] tami -> -EdTechTalk: yes

21:47:05 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: I don't think "reflection" comes naturally, especially written reflection, to teachers and pre-service teachers. It needs to be taught. :-)

21:47:06 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: "my" Tami?

21:47:06 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: @Jody I found ePearl a bit contrived and forced.... am using blogs as our portfolio/repository for the reasons you just described.... permits commenting too, but we are not quite there yet

21:47:10 [Message] Gretchen AKA RippTide Tech -> -EdTechTalk: President is now talking about education... Every child will have a complete access to a competitive education.

21:47:15 [Message] tami -> -EdTechTalk: yes, "your" tami

21:47:21 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: hahahaha

21:47:35 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: How can we compete with the President talking about education??? :-)

21:47:42 [Message] Gretchen AKA RippTide Tech -> -EdTechTalk: lol

21:48:02 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: I was just thinking that as I watch his lips move

21:48:05 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: no sound on

21:48:19 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: Reflecting is hard work!!

21:48:21 [Message] Gretchen AKA RippTide Tech -> -EdTechTalk: Commotment to Chater school

21:48:27 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: @sharonp--I think that is one of the reasons Helen Barrett recommended varied tools and especially web 2.0 tools because they are more authentic and less contrived.

21:48:34 [Message] Gretchen AKA RippTide Tech -> -EdTechTalk: Insentives for teachers

21:49:29 [Message] Gretchen AKA RippTide Tech -> -EdTechTalk: WOW - I will have to discet this part of the speech!

21:49:34 [Message] tami -> -EdTechTalk: how do you assess their growth? is there a rubric?

21:49:41 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: @PeggyG and portable, flexible! Isn't it great that we have these kinds of environments now that permits us to be producers/creators ?

21:49:44 [Message] meacherteacher -> -EdTechTalk: Reflection is a skill that needs to be built up.  By grade 4 we talk about taking reflection further than "I like it because it is nice" which they might have used in grade 1.  They need to learn to reflect over a number of years

21:49:52 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: we used a rubric but it was also very contrived!

21:50:20 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: any more questions for MaryFriend

21:50:25 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: you can meet all of the technical requirements of a rubric and not really say anything meaningful or relevant :-)

21:50:34 [Message] kcaise -> -EdTechTalk: reflection is the most valuable thing i learned while achieving national board certification

21:50:38 [Message] tami -> -EdTechTalk: it is about thinking about positioning of ourselves and our students- eengaging students to talk in meangingful ways... beyond asking the questions for which we "know" the answer for

21:50:48 [Message] tami -> -EdTechTalk: ie who is the main character

21:51:01 [Message] meacherteacher -> -EdTechTalk: @ Peggy or say plenty meaningful, but not meet the rubric!

21:51:08 [Message] tami -> -EdTechTalk: instead we should ask:  what do you know and understand about the characters

21:51:09 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Definitely Kim! I have heard that said by everyone who earns nat bd. certification!

21:51:53 [Message] kcaise -> -EdTechTalk: i have that one element is what helps make learning transformational for the teacher and student

21:52:06 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: @meacherteacher! exactly! you understand my point about rubrics! :-)

21:52:08 [Message] kapil -> -EdTechTalk: @cherit How employers and K-12 schools look at graduate students who completed their course online in US and beyond ?

21:52:33 [Message] tami -> -EdTechTalk: reading this and closed captioning on TV of president.. gotta love tech

21:52:52 [Message] Gretchen AKA RippTide Tech -> -EdTechTalk: Prez: 2020 to have the highest percentage of college grads and looking for a way to pay for this education...Parents need to parents... responsiblity for education begins at home. AAAHHH Tami CC is a great idea!

21:52:59 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: kapil - good question - we have an excellent candidate with a doctorate from Walden and the committee is not sure about it

21:53:33 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: why would that be?? Would love to hear MaryFriend comment on that.

21:54:04 [Message] tami -> -EdTechTalk: @cheri t  that dissappoints me

21:54:30 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: not everyone on the committee, but a couple of uninformed

21:54:33 [Message] tami -> -EdTechTalk: @Gretchen AKA RippTide Tech  glad to help

21:55:04 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: I have taught hybrid courses at the university level and loved it! But I liked the combination of face-to-face and online. Not sure I would love teaching entirely online.

21:55:09 [Message] kapil -> -EdTechTalk: @cheri can you please ask MaryFriend. In India, its worse basically due to low quality online programmes. But, I believe in good online programmes and I am going to pursue my masters in education through online programme.

21:56:23 [Message] tami -> -EdTechTalk: however, I think that F2F discussions can be very valuable when discussing theory and "uncomfortable" moments

21:56:34 [Message] kcaise -> -EdTechTalk: any chance an  online master's program will become affordable in the near future?

21:57:19 [Message] kcaise -> -EdTechTalk: i can barely hear sharon

21:57:23 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: @kcaise - there will be more public universities offering full degrees online very soon

21:57:33 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: I'm not sure there are any "affordable" master's programs online or not these days! very sad!!

21:59:31 [Message] kapil -> -EdTechTalk: I agree with MaryFriend, good online courses are as intensive as face to face programmes

21:59:44 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: go to and it will list a lot of the programs

22:02:28 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Yes we definitely need to have a show about that!! Gender and ed tech--we know the women are out there but why aren't they being recognized and heard from?

22:02:46 [Message] kapil -> -EdTechTalk: let me add walden's programme in my list of edtech programmes

22:02:57 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: Great, thanks kapil

22:03:12 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Such great questions Sharon!!! We need to write those down and have a discussion!

22:03:27 [Message] tami -> -EdTechTalk: sounds like some dissertation research there...

22:03:29 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: we need a panel of both men and women!

22:03:46 [Message] meacherteacher -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks for the great show! Must go. G'night!

22:03:58 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks for joining us!

22:03:59 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: good night!! Nice to see you...

22:04:06 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: thanks for coming

22:04:17 [Message] Gretchen AKA RippTide Tech -> -EdTechTalk: Gotta run friends... Bedtime!

22:04:25 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: bye gretchen

22:04:55 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: I saw some awesome young students in Jackie's class today that included some very bright articulate girls! Brilliant tech projects! :-)

22:05:02 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: thanks everyone!!

22:05:29 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Thank you all for tuning in with so much competition tonight!! Wonderful conversation.

22:05:48 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Thank you MaryFriend for sharing your enthusiasm about online learning!

22:05:56 [Message] sroseman -> -EdTechTalk: stimulating as always

22:06:07 [Message] kapil -> -EdTechTalk: thanks MaryFriend

22:06:07 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: thanks for a great chat

22:06:25 [Message] kapil -> -EdTechTalk: thanks everyone , ETT is awesome

22:06:53 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Night all!

22:08:48 [Message] kapil -> -EdTechTalk: @maryfriend : how can i contact you ?

22:18:15 [Message] kapil -> -EdTechTalk: posted some personal reflections of this show on my blog



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