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Sheila Adams tells us about her trip to Belize and Matt Montagne talks about earthcast09

Sheila Adams visits and tells us about her recent trip to Belize. We're also joined by Matt Montagne who gives us an update on preparations for earthcast09, and tells us about an upcoming professional development day he is co-facilitating.




 20:58:56  ds : hey Sheila
 20:59:08  ds : welcome back
 20:59:11  sheila : Hi ds!
 20:59:23  sheila : Thanks! Uploading photos now . . .
 20:59:44  cheryloakes~ listener : hi ho!
 21:00:16  sheila : Hi Cheryl! Looking forward to finishing Seedlings later! Good show!
 21:00:29  cheryloakes~ listener : Hi Shelia, I am going to try and get the show posted tonight!
 21:00:43  cheryloakes~ listener : thanks for stopping by!
 21:01:09  ds : hi Cheryl
 21:01:10  sheila : Had a call with my brother . . .
 21:01:14  ds : sorry I missed the show, again
 21:01:26  cheryloakes~ listener : Hi Doug! glad you are on the air, posting the show right now.
 21:01:27  ds : hopping these days
 21:01:46  ds : better than hoping, I guess :)
 21:01:46  cheryloakes~ listener : that is fine, I barely get to your shows but home alone tonight.
 21:03:09  ds : hi Peggy and Lorna
 21:03:16  cheryloakes~ listener : is there a new webcast academy happening soon?
 21:03:17  PeggyG : Hi everyone! Busy but excellent tech learning night!
 21:03:29  Lorna : new music?
 21:03:35  Lorna : hi all
 21:03:42  ds : hey Lorna
 21:03:43  cheryloakes~ listener : hello Lorna,
 21:03:43  PeggyG : Hi Lorna
 21:03:47  ds : same small playlists
 21:03:59  ds : boring, but license-free :)
 21:04:02  ds : need to get more
 21:04:14  Lorna : I have come to get caught up
 21:04:21  ds : actually, it's a CC license
 21:04:26  ds : hey Matt
 21:04:28  Lorna : lots of exciting things and I have missed them all
 21:04:30  cheryloakes~ listener : hi Matt
 21:05:04  matt montagne : hey DS, Cheryl and Co
 21:05:13  PeggyG : @Lorna-The wonderful thing is that all of it gets recorded so you can catch up later (when you're not sick)!
 21:05:19  matt montagne : hey there lorna
 21:05:25  Lorna : HI MAttie
 21:05:32  PeggyG : Yes Sheila!!
 21:05:46  cheryloakes~ listener : Shelia, can't wait to hear Belize.
 21:05:52  PeggyG : Seedlings had a great show tonight with Michael Horne!
 21:05:56  matt montagne : hey sheila
 21:06:07  matt montagne : looking forward to hearing about your trip
 21:06:11  cheryloakes~ listener : Thanks Doug you are so kind, right 7:30 to 8:30, great folks in the chat!!
 21:06:42  ds :
 21:06:44  matt montagne : that wired CD was awesome
 21:08:44  PeggyG : Firefox isn't letting me open any more tabs. Wonder if it's because I have at least 70 open??
 21:09:07  cheryloakes~ listener : Oh, Peggy, you need to close some down at least once a week! :-)
 21:09:28  cheryloakes~ listener : How many went to Belize, Shelia?
 21:09:31  PeggyG : but no problem!--just cutting and pasting into Safari :-) These tabs are all from yesterday and today!
 21:09:39  cheryloakes~ listener : wow, 2 groups!
 21:10:01  PeggyG : fantastic photos Sheila!
 21:10:42  PeggyG : royal rat :-) very funny! not sure I would want to eat one!
 21:11:00  cheryloakes~ listener : I like that royal rat, Shelia does it taste like chicken?
 21:11:23  matt montagne : the photos are beautiful
 21:11:37  PeggyG : looks like lots of water/wet conditions
 21:11:50  cheryloakes~ listener : awesome photos! it looks like washouts
 21:12:16  PeggyG : were you in one of the pictures Sheila?
 21:12:35  matt montagne : hey there peggy
 21:12:41  PeggyG : Hi Matt
 21:13:03  PeggyG : I remember all of those snow days when I was a principal in MA! we went to school until the end of June!
 21:13:29  cheryloakes~ listener : Shelia, many of us will be making up days.
 21:13:32  cheryloakes~ listener : Hey JL
 21:13:54  cheryloakes~ listener : when is eartheast happening?
 21:13:57  JL : Howdy all
 21:14:02  PeggyG : Sheila you have so many fantastic projects going on with your kids!
 21:14:53  sheila : @Peggy Yes I'm in some of the photos.
 21:15:03  JL : teaching now - only listening with one ear - students just settling in now and watching the Day#2 video
 21:15:19  PeggyG : Great Sheila! I thought I recognized you even though we've never met in person :-)
 21:15:24  ds : great to hear JL
 21:15:40  PeggyG : what dedication JL!!
 21:16:23  cheryloakes~ listener : JL, you are too much.
 21:16:39  JL : A distracted 21st century educator
 21:16:42  sheila : @Peggy - Maybe sometime soon
 21:16:59  PeggyG : never thought about phone companies blocking Skype!
 21:17:38  PeggyG : @JL--think we may all fit that description!
 21:20:29  PeggyG : so you've been there many times Sheila?
 21:22:04  sheila : 19 years
 21:22:15  PeggyG : yes Sharon provided some great food for thought based on her TWB experiences
 21:22:16  sheila : 19 times
 21:22:57  PeggyG : Wow! amazing Sheila! I have never left the US (except to cross the border at Mexico or Canada--barely)
 21:23:39  PeggyG : If you take a computer (like an XO) to someplace like Ecuador do you have to pay extra fees?
 21:23:59  PeggyG : My daughter is going there next week and wants to take a couple of laptops to donate.
 21:24:40  sheila : Not if you claim it is yours.
 21:25:31  PeggyG : Would they question it if you had a couple laptops??
 21:26:14  matt montagne : Linux LTSP demonstration project at my school:
 21:26:26  matt montagne : all free software and 6 year old compjters
 21:26:45  matt montagne : hey there durff
 21:26:48  ds : hey @mrsdurff
 21:26:50  ds : welcome
 21:26:50  mrsdurff : hey
 21:27:01  PeggyG : that is really helpful! I've been trying to find out that information. She's packing all of her suitcases with clothes, books, etc. to donate.
 21:27:05  matt montagne : talking to sheila about her trip to Belize...her 19th trip that is
 21:27:56  PeggyG : pay phone? did it use coins?
 21:28:12  cheryloakes~ listener : gotta go and post our sow, great evening!!!
 21:28:21  cheryloakes~ listener : show
 21:28:24  mrsdurff : nite
 21:28:25  PeggyG : bye Cheryl!
 21:28:32  cheryloakes~ listener : bye
 21:28:45  PeggyG : Why did you first start going to Belize Sheila?
 21:29:13  mrsdurff : we still have a payphone hanging on the wall in our school - no one knows why
 21:30:51  PeggyG : What a great learning experience for teachers! That's authentic!!
 21:31:45  mrsdurff : I have a friend going to Guayaquil Ecuador this summer for Spanish immersion for 4 weeks
 21:31:58  PeggyG : Have any of you done/created digital stories about your experiences there?
 21:32:08  mrsdurff : I know not a word, probably worse off than Sheila
 21:32:57  PeggyG : immersion is a great way to learn it! That's how my daughter learned Spanish--living with a family in Ecuador for 6 weeks.
 21:33:28  mrsdurff : did Maria take a cab?
 21:34:10  sheila : @Durff - Probably!  :)
 21:34:12  mrsdurff : cool Peggy! I think she knows enough now, but the college doesn't
 21:34:35  PeggyG : I think there are a lot of "cold" people who are happy to be at CUE this week :-)
 21:34:39  sheila : @no digital stories yet!
 21:35:10  PeggyG : That would be so wonderful to see Sheila. But I know it takes time!!
 21:35:19  sheila : Would like to get the participants to share stories too. May be able to get some Belizeans to do it too.
 21:35:20  mrsdurff : snow days all around us last storm - but we where not even dusted - big disappointment
 21:36:06  sheila : @Mrsdurff - I'm really surprised about that! Usually I watch your weather and we get it.
 21:36:20  sheila : after you.
 21:37:25  Lorna : We saw the sun today
 21:37:33  PeggyG : I hope you are able to get the participants to do that (as well as Belizeans!)
 21:37:41  mrsdurff : I listened to Twitter as I drove to work
 21:37:57  PeggyG : how do you "listen" to twitter?
 21:38:07  Lorna : so dureff pls tell how do u listent to twitter
 21:38:09  mrsdurff : everyone - PA, NY, MD below us, VA - they all got it
 21:38:18  mrsdurff : it was totally unfair
 21:38:23  Lorna : ah peggy thinking the same thing
 21:38:35  mrsdurff : Peggy - Dial2Do
 21:39:13  mrsdurff : I dial it and set on seat on loudspeaker while I drive
 21:39:35  PeggyG : really? That's great! I never thought of doing that.
 21:39:52  Lorna : Dial2Do?
 21:39:54  mrsdurff : also does email, txts, rss, weather
 21:40:04  mrsdurff : yes unfair
 21:40:12  mrsdurff : i think it is too late
 21:40:28  mrsdurff : oh DC got snow
 21:40:31  mrsdurff : we did not
 21:40:47  mrsdurff : ty matt
 21:40:50  PeggyG : I really enjoyed the show last night with Taking IT Global. Their students have some excellent projects going on related to the environment.
 21:41:23  matt montagne : np durff :-)
 21:41:25  PeggyG : funny Sheila! Live Free or Die!
 21:42:22  mrsdurff : hi Sam
 21:43:22  PeggyG : we were encouraging the TIG group to get their students involved in Earth castathon and I gave them the link.
 21:43:29  ds : hey @mrsdurff (from Sam)
 21:44:33  mrsdurff : lol
 21:45:12  PeggyG : How neat!
 21:45:48  PeggyG : Yes it was Paul and Susan on the show last night with the TIG group exchanging ideas about how they might get involved
 21:46:11  ds : [email protected]
 21:46:20  ds :
 21:46:27  ds :
 21:46:32  PeggyG : that's a good alternative to have some backup recordings just in case there are some gaps.
 21:47:32  PeggyG : that is so helpful to have the links to the time zone conversions!
 21:48:26  PeggyG : is it audio only on the webcast for Earth Day?
 21:49:23  sheila : I may do ustream.
 21:49:25  PeggyG : schedule link that could use some slots filled in :-)
 21:50:59  mrsdurff : i never have the wrong time
 21:51:06  mrsdurff : oh wait
 21:51:15  PeggyG : I always get nervous about the correct times when they change because AZ doesn't change
 21:51:19  mrsdurff : i meant i always have the wrong time
 21:52:39  PeggyG : funny! I am rarely an hour early :-)
 21:52:54  mrsdurff : then i will follow you
 21:53:26  PeggyG : yes fun catching up with all of you! Now I need to do some research on Belize!
 21:54:07  PeggyG : I think you just need to step on them Sheila!
 21:54:23  matt montagne : nite y'all
 21:54:40  PeggyG : all of your guests should have been paid--you all deserve it!
 21:54:46  mrsdurff : yes, he said Starbucks
 21:54:50  PeggyG : Night all!
 21:54:57  mrsdurff : nite
 21:55:26  sheila : Oh I did step on them down there and then attracted the ants!  Insect world!
 21:55:28  PeggyG : You do that so smoothly Doug!
 21:56:39  ds : thanks Peggy, yoo kind :)
 21:56:44  ds : too
 21:56:57  PeggyG : Matt was using hidef with his radio show this week for call ins-- :-) Matt was reading my mind!
 21:57:58  PeggyG : I don't know how I lived without Skype before!
 21:58:41  JL : wound up getting it for $40 +tax /month for a 25 seater
 21:58:58  JL : had to please educational cyber-hippyness to get the discount
 21:59:07  JL : gotta do what we gotta do :)
 21:59:18  PeggyG : that would be fun to take a photo at the same time around the world!
 21:59:21  JL : please > plead
 22:00:36  PeggyG : are you seeking donations JL??
 22:00:53  JL : they showed up , but they needed to hang up on me for a while to try and make sense of the chaos
 22:01:04  JL : not yet, thanks Peggy
 22:01:20  PeggyG : What does a PD day look like for you Matt?
 22:02:07  PeggyG : I think everyone in the ETT community would be willing/able to contribute something to the cause!
 22:02:13  matt montagne :
 22:02:19  matt montagne : that is the link to our conference page
 22:02:49  PeggyG : thanks for the link Matt-I'll check it out :-)
 22:03:28  PeggyG : where are the panelists from? local?
 22:05:11  PeggyG : didn't mean to log out--FF crashed
 22:06:22  PeggyG : That sounds like a great PD day!
 22:06:58  PeggyG : are you going to have twitter running on the screen during the panel?
 22:07:32  PeggyG : I hope you will be able to ustream the keynote and some of the sessions. I would love to tune in!
 22:07:53  sheila : Night peggy!
 22:07:58  matt montagne : we will definitely do the keynote and perhaps a couple others as well
 22:08:05  PeggyG : Night all! Great chatting with you!
 22:08:15  sheila : Talk to you on sunday!
 22:08:15  PeggyG : Thanks Matt!
 22:08:16  matt montagne : nite y'all
 22:08:32  ds : thanks all, take care
 22:08:36  sheila : Thanks DS for inquiring about my trip!
 22:08:49  ds : pleasure Sheila, thank you
 22:09:08  sheila : It was nice to talk about it. Realized I haven't done that yet.