Seedlings Show #54 with Michael Horn

Post-Show description: 

The show is a great show with a beginning conversation about Disrupting Class, by Clayton M. Christensen, Michael B. Horn and Curtis W. Johnson, published by McGraw Hill. We say beginning conversation since we will continue the conversation at our SEEDLINGS ning, so come on over and join in the post show conversation.

We talked about how we will change the business of schools. Michael had a great story about milkshakes, that intrigued all of us. It made me think about looking at schools from the student perspective and answering the question, "what is the job of the student?"

We shared our Geek of the Week and you can find it all at the Delicious account.


The chat will be posted March 6, 2009.

19:22:43 alicebarr (SEEDlings) : Michael Our audience is in here and there is some lively chat. We archive it for later
19:24:08 Terry Kaminski : Hello everyone.  In the middle of making supper for the family
19:24:25 cheryloakes~seedlings : hello Terry,
19:24:33 Terry Kaminski : Hello Cheryl
19:24:41 PeggyG : Hi everyone!
19:24:47 cheryloakes~seedlings : Hi Peggy
19:24:59 alicebarr (SEEDlings) : Hi everyone and welcome
19:25:04 Terry Kaminski : Welcome Peggy
19:25:16 PeggyG : Always great to be with you!!
19:25:31 alicebarr (SEEDlings) :  Thanks
19:25:38 cheryloakes~seedlings : be back to the chat in a minute, getting ready
19:25:39 alicebarr (SEEDlings) : We'll be starting shortly
19:25:50 bob (seedlings) : Hello all!
19:25:51 PeggyG : I'm hearing a stream--is it you?
19:25:57 bob (seedlings) : exciting show tonight!
19:26:10 alicebarr (SEEDlings) : Hey Jen welcome
19:26:11 bob (seedlings) : ji jen!
19:26:19 PeggyG : I'm very excited for this conversation!
19:26:21 cheryloakes~seedlings : welcome jen
19:26:22 jen van deusen : Hey, all! just dropping by for a few
19:26:29 alicebarr (SEEDlings) : As are we! :)
19:26:44 PeggyG : I always learn something by listening to your start up conversations. :-)
19:26:53 bob (seedlings) : ((((hugs)))) jen
19:27:11 PeggyG : the audio is very good
19:27:12 jen van deusen : (((hugs all)))
19:27:22 alicebarr (SEEDlings) : @Jen and to you
19:27:40 cheryloakes~seedlings : how is the sound in the webstream?
19:27:47 PeggyG : such dedication! wireless in a hotel room! Thank you!
19:27:48 jen van deusen : awesome
19:27:59 Terry Kaminski : Sound is great!!
19:28:07 PeggyG : excellent audio
19:28:13 cheryloakes~seedlings : thanks Peggy!
19:28:20 jen van deusen : yo yo
19:28:59 sheila : Hi all!
19:29:17 Terry Kaminski : Hello sheila
19:29:34 PeggyG : I'm always conflicted with your show because it overlaps with the futureofeducation shows. Tonight they are discussing Born Digital. But I'm staying with you for the whole show!
19:29:34 jen van deusen : yup
19:29:39 PeggyG : Hi Sheila!
19:29:51 sheila : Hey Peggy!
19:29:59 cheryloakes~seedlings : Hello Shelia, Rick,
19:30:07 alicebarr (SEEDlings) : Yea Peggy! Touch choices
19:30:19 PeggyG : Funny--NY is south :-)
19:30:30 PeggyG : I'm in Phoenix AZ
19:30:36 cheryloakes~seedlings : Isn't that funny Peggy,we are so egocentric in Maine!
19:30:40 alicebarr (SEEDlings) : Hi Durff
19:30:42 PeggyG : yes!
19:30:46 PeggyG : Hi Durff!
19:30:47 mrsdurff : hi!
19:30:50 jen van deusen : Maine - o - centric
19:30:53 mrichme : Greetings everyone
19:31:16 cheryloakes~seedlings : evening nancy
19:31:24 nancycaramanico : Hello
19:31:24 jen van deusen : Wells & Kennebunk are south from here!
19:31:30 mrsdurff : good sound
19:31:32 cheryloakes~seedlings : yes, jen
19:31:37 jen van deusen : hehehehe
19:31:48 jen van deusen : fifty fourth!!!
19:31:54 mrsdurff : hi michael horn
19:32:08 PeggyG : I think we're all "star struck" :-)
19:32:16 mrsdurff : heard you in the Sevenstar webinar in January
19:32:19 cheryloakes~seedlings : we all will have good questions I am sure!
19:32:22 bob (seedlings) : :)
19:32:38 cheryloakes~seedlings : If you have questions please let us know.
19:32:45 mrsdurff : everyone tweet this now!
19:32:54 cheryloakes~seedlings : evening durff!
19:33:04 nancycaramanico : can't stay long.  apologizing in advance : )
19:33:17 cheryloakes~seedlings : we turn this into a podcast so not to worry.
19:33:23 alicebarr (SEEDlings) : Lisa Parisi and Christine Southard just won an award at the conference
19:33:35 nancycaramanico : Thanks.  I will get the podcast.
19:33:36 cheryloakes~seedlings : Yeah Lisa P, and Christine Southard!!!
19:33:52 PeggyG : I'm so excited for Lisa and Christine! We're sharing it in the ETT newsletter this week!
19:34:18 alicebarr (SEEDlings) : How many of you have read Disrupting Class?
19:34:21 mrsdurff : they did?
19:34:30 Terry Kaminski : I am read Disrupting Class right now
19:34:31 PeggyG : I have read it--on my Kindle :-)
19:34:42 cheryloakes~seedlings : I have read it 2 times. need to have a booktalk.
19:34:47 alicebarr (SEEDlings) : @Peggy G Nice!!!
19:34:50 Terry Kaminski : @Peggy How do you like reading on a Kindle
19:34:59 mrsdurff : i have you beat - 3 times for me
19:35:14 PeggyG : I really love my Kindle--put a book light on it to read in bed :-)
19:35:21 cheryloakes~seedlings : oh durff, you are so competitive!
19:35:42 mrichme : Welcome Sarah S
19:35:45 cheryloakes~seedlings : evening SarahS
19:35:46 bob (seedlings) : hi sarah
19:35:49 mrsdurff : hi sarah
19:35:50 mrichme : Welcome jeannine
19:35:51 cheryloakes~seedlings :  Hi jeannine, welcome
19:35:55 mrsdurff : hi jeannine
19:35:57 Sarah S : Hey there all!
19:36:04 cheryloakes~seedlings : mrichme, thanks for helping in the chat room!!!
19:36:04 jeannine : Hi everyone
19:36:06 alicebarr (SEEDlings) : Hey Sarah!
19:36:36 mrsdurff : hi Annemarie
19:36:40 cheryloakes~seedlings : hello annemarie!, wellcome
19:36:41 alicebarr (SEEDlings) : Hi Anne Marie
19:36:45 Annemarie : Hi all
19:37:05 mrsdurff : hey kevin!
19:37:06 mrichme : Welcome Kevin
19:37:07 Terry Kaminski : Hello Kevin
19:37:08 alicebarr (SEEDlings) : Is everyone all set with audio?
19:37:08 cheryloakes~seedlings : hello KevinJ
19:37:15 Kevin Jarrett : Hi guys sorry I'm late!!!
19:37:18 alicebarr (SEEDlings) : Hi Kevin?
19:37:19 Terry Kaminski : Audio is good
19:37:29 alicebarr (SEEDlings) : Great Thanks
19:37:42 PeggyG : that's such an important point--schools use technology to sustain what they already do, not transform them!
19:38:05 nancycaramanico : I have no audio. I am working on it.
19:38:17 cheryloakes~seedlings : yes Peggy, it is an amazing
19:38:21 PeggyG : Welcome Kevin--we're traveling the same paths this afternoon
19:38:23 Terry Kaminski : The robust learning platform cannot be cost prohibited
19:38:24 mrsdurff : hi marie
19:38:26 cheryloakes~seedlings : hello MarieC
19:38:40 alicebarr (SEEDlings) : Hi Marie Wlcome
19:38:54 mrsdurff : good way to put it!
19:39:09 Kevin Jarrett : Yes PeggyG!
19:39:16 Kevin Jarrett : BILL BILL BILL BILL!!!!
19:39:16 mrsdurff : hi sharon
19:39:19 cheryloakes~seedlings : evening Sharon!
19:39:23 alicebarr (SEEDlings) : Hi Sharon Welcome
19:39:25 PeggyG : budget cuts for force creativity in schools!
19:39:33 bob (seedlings) : hey kevin :)
19:39:42 Kevin Jarrett : Hi Bob!
19:39:47 sharonbetts : Hi everyone - just have a few minutes, but was very interested in hearing at least a bit of tonight's show
19:39:49 mrichme : Hi Sharon glad to hear that your MRI went well, all things considered
19:39:52 PeggyG : we may just have to start using the student cell phones for learning :-)
19:40:07 alicebarr (SEEDlings) : @Peggy G LOL
19:40:08 cheryloakes~seedlings : we will podcast this by tomorrow! not to worry.
19:40:08 mrsdurff : horrors
19:40:19 sharonbetts : thanks Michael couldn't believe the kneecap was broken - ugh
19:40:19 mrsdurff : i meant peggy
19:40:23 Terry Kaminski : @Peggy budget cuts often force the new, creative, enthusiatic teachers to be laid off
19:40:41 PeggyG : @Terry-I know--that is soooo true!
19:40:42 jen van deusen : all in all that's just another brick in the Wall
19:41:01 bob (seedlings) : ah yes... those new teachers ... lowest on the totem pole
19:41:05 alicebarr (SEEDlings) : @Jen Go Go!
19:41:13 mrsdurff : hi annie
19:41:18 cheryloakes~seedlings : hello anniekez, welcome
19:41:23 alicebarr (SEEDlings) : Welcome anniekez
19:41:33 anniekez : thanks
19:41:38 mrsdurff : i said mmm, why does Burkett want me to read this?
19:41:52 sharonbetts : I think that in some areas education and business must look alike.  I also think there are many many reasons why they need to be completely different
19:43:29 sharonbetts : I have recommended 3 books to my administrators - this was the first
19:43:46 mrsdurff : did they read them?
19:43:47 jen van deusen : there are common elements on both enterprises of course - the keys to success bbeing creativity, innovation, commitment, etc
19:43:52 cheryloakes~seedlings : I am happy  my superintendent read it!
19:43:57 Terry Kaminski : I think every educational leader needs to read Disrupting Class
19:44:10 sharonbetts : Yes, this one first - then Born Digital - next is The Game of School - just trying to get conversations started.
19:44:16 cheryloakes~seedlings : Terry, I think we need to get this to parents as well!
19:44:36 Terry Kaminski : People also need to read Grown Up Digital by Tapscott
19:45:22 Terry Kaminski : @Cheryl I agree .  If parents read it and demand change then the change often happens more quickly
19:45:30 sharonbetts : It is an easy but read that just doesn't go away!
19:45:32 cheryloakes~seedlings : yes, I am hopeful!
19:46:02 mrichme : I liked the stories that people could relate to very quickly.
19:46:25 cheryloakes~seedlings : mrichme, good color! I am going green
19:46:40 Annemarie : @Terry Good point. The admins don't always listen to the teachers, but they will listen if parents bring it to a BOE meeting.
19:47:07 cheryloakes~seedlings : yes annemarie, we need to bring them to this discussion
19:47:34 jen van deusen : Great show, seedlings, gotta fly! I'll download the rest....LOVE YOU! bye~
19:47:37 sharonbetts : how do you bring parents to the discussion table?  virtually?
19:47:41 mrichme : bye  Jen
19:47:45 cheryloakes~seedlings : bye Jen, thanks for stopping by.
19:47:49 alicebarr (SEEDlings) : Bye Jen!!!!
19:47:50 Annemarie : Through PTA/PTO?
19:47:51 PeggyG : Has anyone tried a booktalk with teachers/admins/parents with this book?
19:47:54 Sarah S : See you  Jen!
19:48:09 alicebarr (SEEDlings) : @Sharon I wonder if bookgroups might work
19:48:14 cheryloakes~seedlings :  yes annemarie, PTA,PTO, online podcasts, and newspaper
19:48:41 PeggyG : yes Alice--that's what I was thinking--book group not necessarily book talk
19:48:43 sharonbetts : Wonder - in our moodle or via website forums
19:48:49 alicebarr (SEEDlings) : @Sharon could be virtual or f2f
19:49:04 sharonbetts : it is so hard to get them f2f -
19:49:07 cheryloakes~seedlings : the kind of book group where you can come in when it is convenient, not always a structure time.
19:49:10 alicebarr (SEEDlings) : @Peggy Great for PTO's
19:49:39 sharonbetts : It could go across districts - perhaps grouped by student ages - would parents come
19:49:49 cheryloakes~seedlings : hey marsenault! welcome
19:49:55 Annemarie : Invite parents in for workshops and serve food - then they'll come.
19:50:06 cheryloakes~seedlings : Hi Kim!
19:50:08 sharonbetts : food - the wonder pull
19:50:09 alicebarr (SEEDlings) : Welcome Mike
19:50:17 alicebarr (SEEDlings) : Hi Kim
19:50:19 kcaise : hi everyone
19:50:21 mrsdurff : [b]hi Jeanne
19:50:21 PeggyG : Even if it wasn't an ongoing bookgroup but a conversation/discussion to kick it off and get it going and then people will be more likely to want to continue reading and talking about the ideas
19:50:23 sharonbetts : Hi Kim - Hi Mike
19:50:23 cheryloakes~seedlings : hello 1Jeanne, welcome
19:50:31 alicebarr (SEEDlings) : Hi Jazzy's Mom
19:50:39 alicebarr (SEEDlings) : Hi 1 Jeanne
19:50:40 sharonbetts : we do lots of book groups with our teachers and they are quite successful
19:50:43 cheryloakes~seedlings : Yes Peggy G, it could be a ning, so a discussion could get to groups.
19:50:49 anniekez : But would the parents who need to learn about and understand education come?
19:51:17 sharonbetts : anniekez - that is always the issue - but any conversation would be great
19:51:23 cheryloakes~seedlings :  I think we should get middle and HS students in this conversation too! Then they will engage their parents.
19:51:31 PeggyG : that's what I was thinking about too anniekez.
19:51:35 Annemarie : We're beginning learning communities with our teaches - this would be a good topic to work on
19:51:35 anniekez : good idea!
19:51:37 marsenault : Hi all.
19:51:51 sharonbetts : I wish these books could be part of the curriculum - I have some teachers at HS that may give it a go.
19:52:10 sharonbetts : Perhaps get the Media Specialists involved
19:52:21 cheryloakes~seedlings : sharonbetts, that is exciting to get HS teachers talking, getting kids ready for college or post secondary
19:52:27 alicebarr (SEEDlings) : @sharon me too
19:52:48 cheryloakes~seedlings : yes, annemarie, it would be a good topic to keep coming back to in a learning community.
19:52:49 anniekez : I was a bit late - would someone share what books we are talking about?
19:52:57 sharonbetts : something to put on my list - I will approach it
19:52:58 mrsdurff : [b]hey jim gates!
19:53:02 Sarah S : It's so key to give hs kids at least some kind of experience in online learning before they get to college.
19:53:05 cheryloakes~seedlings : anniekez, Disrupting Class,
19:53:08 Terry Kaminski : Talking about Disrupting Class
19:53:09 alicebarr (SEEDlings) : HI Jgates513
19:53:16 PeggyG : I would love to see a student discussion of the book or at least a chapter or 2 and invite parents to come and listen to/participate in the conversation.
19:53:18 jgates513 : hi all!
19:53:22 anniekez : Thanks - Reading it now
19:53:25 cheryloakes~seedlings : Also, this chat will be available tomorrow at
19:53:31 cheryloakes~seedlings : Hi jgates!!!
19:53:34 sharonbetts : Sarah - we try so hard with moodle, wikis, blogs and now mahara - but it is difficult to get the teachers to mentor
19:53:50 mrsdurff : [b]that's not a modality, it's an intelligence
19:54:07 nancycaramanico : Kinestetic learners seem to like the hands on aspect
19:54:16 cheryloakes~seedlings : Yes, Sarah and Sharon, we need kids online and learning.
19:54:27 sharonbetts : shoot - this is a fabulous discussion, but I need to go - will finish the podcast and chat tomorrow. keep it going!
19:54:38 cheryloakes~seedlings : bye sharonb
19:54:42 alicebarr (SEEDlings) : Bye Sharon
19:54:45 mrichme : bye sharon
19:54:46 jgates513 : heard an english tchr say that when given the option, her students preferred to use paper to write their rough drafts. NOT the computer
19:54:53 marsenault : bye Sharon
19:55:02 mrichme : Interesting Jim
19:55:18 cheryloakes~seedlings : jgates, I do not believe that unless the tchr is working with people over 40
19:55:23 mrsdurff : [b]not mine jim
19:55:25 anniekez : Did the students say why they preferred paper?
19:55:43 mrsdurff : [b]all mine prefer the computer
19:55:45 Annemarie : Maybe they were using horribly ancient computers
19:55:52 cheryloakes~seedlings : my students i work with prefer and write more with computers
19:55:53 mrsdurff : [b]hi barb
19:55:59 cheryloakes~seedlings : hello barbaram
19:56:02 alicebarr (SEEDlings) : @jgates But if it's easier for the student to write with paper then teacher will probably getbetter work
19:56:11 alicebarr (SEEDlings) : Ownership of the work
19:56:15 barbaramclaughlin : Hi Durff, glad I caught your tweet
19:56:17 cheryloakes~seedlings : hi maureen, rickb
19:56:19 alicebarr (SEEDlings) : Hi Maureen
19:56:21 RickB : Hello
19:56:30 cheryloakes~seedlings : thanks Durff for tweeting
19:56:31 mrsdurff : hey!
19:56:38 maureen : Hello everyone
19:56:42 RickB : hey back!
19:57:06 jgates513 : @cheryloakes - 9th graders. Weall questioned it, but she was firm. They didn't like the computer for rough drafts. "Lower level" (sorry) class
19:57:38 mrsdurff : [b]i have 3-8 mostly
19:57:50 mrsdurff : hi karen
19:57:58 mrichme : Welcome KarenJan
19:58:07 mrsdurff : [b]hi csitterly
19:58:10 cheryloakes~seedlings : hey karenjan, welcome, glad you are here.
19:58:13 marsenault : Hi Karen
19:58:18 Sarah S : Hi Karen
19:58:18 cheryloakes~seedlings : hi csitterly, evening.
19:58:23 KarenJan : Hi everyone!
19:58:27 KarenJan : can't access the audio - just shows stream status
19:58:28 cheryloakes~seedlings : Hi Jeff!
19:58:30 alicebarr (SEEDlings) : HI KarenJan
19:58:34 alicebarr (SEEDlings) : Hi Jeff
19:58:35 mrsdurff : [b]oh uh wicked is here
19:58:38 Marie Coleman : We have Angel as a support LMS for f2f classes - need to get teachers to understand how to use it better..
19:58:38 Sarah S : Jeff!
19:58:38 mrichme : Welcome Jeff
19:58:39 Wickeddecent : Hey Cheryl,
19:58:40 cheryloakes~seedlings : Streaming on ETTA
19:58:43 KarenJan : hi to all my NE buddies!
19:58:51 barbaramclaughlin : Hybrid
19:58:53 csitterley : Hi everyone-wish I could get here on time just once!
19:59:01 RickB : An online delivery system should not be used to replace current "programs", it should be used to deliver a highly customized, individualized program of instruction.
19:59:04 Kevin Jarrett : Hi Connie!
19:59:11 Wickeddecent : I'm not getting audio either, is it up yet?
19:59:15 mrsdurff : [b]who says there will be any classrooms?
19:59:19 Marie Coleman : We also are using online for credit recovery and some of our technical programs.
19:59:26 cheryloakes~seedlings : audio should be happening on ETTA, itunes real player
19:59:27 KarenJan : thanx - it's working now
19:59:28 jgates513 : good audio here
19:59:31 Wickeddecent : Hey all
19:59:40 csitterley : Hey Kevin-what are you doing for excitement tomorrow? no GTA...
19:59:43 PeggyG : it's always interesting to hear the conversations about schools of the future and they are still visualizing a facility
19:59:55 mrsdurff : [b]sure has!
20:00:10 RickB : durff--my experience shows if a kid is not motivated in regular classroom, it is possible they are not going to be motivated by online delivery, either.
20:00:16 cheryloakes~seedlings : i love to hear kids struggle with thinking of the future.
20:00:33 mrsdurff : [b]but it is delivered all the same way
20:01:00 Annemarie : It all depends on how it is delivered - whether it be f2f or online
20:01:02 RickB : so they key is how will online learning change how we engage and motivate students as much as how it will provide content
20:01:14 mrsdurff : [b]in 19th century classroom or many online programs - same as sage on stage
20:01:14 Marie Coleman : Just like transportation 'drives' a lot of school decisions, we need to re-think what the basic needs are - what is the 'essential question' in looking at future learning models
20:01:14 jgates513 : my nephew insisted on virtual high school - 'cuz he liked computers' - He STILL didn't like the work, so he dropped out pretty quicly.
20:01:38 mrsdurff : [b]in case any one noticed this is the 21st century
20:01:45 RickB : right...most software not quite beyond that yet
20:01:55 Marie Coleman : PD is important, but it is really a different 'mind set'!
20:01:56 mrsdurff : [b]games are
20:02:02 cheryloakes~seedlings : I think Vicki DAvis and Julie Lindsay with their projects Flat Classroom, Horizon Projects are good demonstrations, Teengrid in SL and I might say this backward, but Kevnin Jarrett will help Quest Atlantis
20:02:06 mrsdurff : [b]virtual worlds are
20:02:09 PeggyG : I love the way your introduction takes away all of the usual excuses :-) Great way to start!
20:02:24 csitterley : Browser crashed-that wasn't cool
20:02:37 Sarah S : I love online PD  - what I need, when I need it.
20:02:37 Kevin Jarrett : Oh man does THAT hit home...
20:02:41 RickB : yes...but there still has to be reflection, analysis, and evaluation. That takes work, and kids will still need to work...
20:02:43 mrsdurff : [b]just in time PD = surfing learning streams?
20:02:44 Kevin Jarrett : We have an inservice tomorrow...
20:02:46 cheryloakes~seedlings : yes, KevinJ!
20:02:56 sheila : Need to go!  Will catch the rest later! Thanks!
20:03:02 cheryloakes~seedlings : bye shelia!!
20:03:04 KarenJan : anyone going to Celebration of Teach and Learning tomorrow?
20:03:13 maureen : How to get teachers to buy into the paradigm switch? I love PD 24/7 that I choose, but how to get others to try it?
20:03:14 mrsdurff : [b]there is plenty of work in a virtual world/game
20:03:30 KarenJan : Sir Ken, Marco Torres will be there
20:03:41 cheryloakes~seedlings : The is a great place to start.
20:03:49 jgates513 : CFF program in PA focuses VERY heavily on PD. mandatory online courses
20:03:58 RickB : CFF?
20:03:58 jgates513 : - for teachers
20:04:04 Wickeddecent : Sorry I was in and out, couldn't get my audio working
20:04:05 Annemarie : I think all teachers should be given a laptop that they can take home each night and summer and become comfortable with it.
20:04:13 jgates513 : classrooms for the Future - cff
20:04:18 Wickeddecent : It's OK now
20:04:21 RickB : Thought so, thanks jg
20:04:21 marsenault : the question is how do you get teachers to become self directed learners? They tend to want their hand held.
20:04:25 KarenJan : someone twittered today that they showed 9th grade kids a science ning.  Kids ended up hijacking the Ning for their own education purposes.  All that was needed was someone to show the tool. HOw cool is that?
20:04:29 alicebarr (SEEDlings) : @AnneMarie Agreed
20:04:33 Terry Kaminski : @Annemarie teachers need one on one coaching to help them change also
20:04:41 maureen : @Annemarie we gave all our teachers laptops- I rarely see them used.
20:04:43 Marie Coleman : @marsenault - how true!  
20:04:58 RickB : @Marie I second that
20:04:59 KarenJan : @maureen, give them to the kids!
20:05:06 cheryloakes~seedlings : karenjan, same thing happened with my 8th grade, we started a LANGarts ning, and 1 month later a girl started her own, I interviewed her today and will blog.
20:05:11 Kevin Jarrett : @karenjan we are rocking a Ning right now for our middle school newspaper/media club!
20:05:21 csitterley : Too often we get the question, "Am I getting paid" when we suggest ways for them to learn...
20:05:23 Kevin Jarrett :
20:05:28 KarenJan : the kids are running with the tools
20:05:33 Annemarie : @maureen I definitely agree. They need a lot of handholding and don't like to work in large groups.
20:05:37 cheryloakes~seedlings : @karenjan, did you see my post about ning,
20:05:49 Wickeddecent : Will it take teachers being replaced with courseware modules to get them to understand the need to learn about more innovative instruction/tech?
20:05:50 KarenJan : no - what's the link? i way behind in my reader
20:05:59 RickB : Great discussion...if any of you twitter, drop by @rickb1 I'd love to follow you.
20:06:09 cheryloakes~seedlings : @karenjan, just get the kids in this conversation. and I will blog next Tues. working on it.
20:06:15 KarenJan : @rickb - we all twitter!
20:06:19 RickB : WOOHOOO!
20:06:26 nancycaramanico : @ncara
20:06:27 mrsdurff : [b]who doesn't Twitter?
20:06:35 mrichme : I think change will occur with teachers when they allow themselves to take the same kind of risks they ask of their students.
20:06:37 csitterley : Folks still want every click written in a document so that they can follow step by step-
20:06:37 cheryloakes~seedlings : @karenjan, here is my quick shot, karenjan, same thing happened with my 8th grade, we started a LANGarts ning, and 1 month later a girl started her own, I interviewed her today and will blog.
20:06:47 RickB : stop it durff. someone always has to make fun of the new guy lol
20:06:48 Annemarie : even my principal and assistant superintendent twitter.
20:06:51 maureen : I do a lot of 1:1 with teachers, but the fear factor is huge, lack of time, etc... all the usual excuses. But I teach 7 courses and do help desk and try to do the PD for fac. I cannot do the 1:1 all the time
20:07:05 kcaise :  where are you from @annemarie?
20:07:08 cheryloakes~seedlings : Annemarie, my Mom, 80 knows what twitter is!
20:07:14 nancycaramanico : @heard that at a meeting today.  step by step handouts still in high demand, it seems
20:07:20 Annemarie : Central Jersey
20:07:31 KarenJan : does anyone here still use paper handouts?
20:07:41 cheryloakes~seedlings : Nancycaramanico, we make our audience make their own handouts in a wiki when we present.
20:07:52 cheryloakes~seedlings : hello dlowry and srenatee!!
20:07:56 nancycaramanico : @karen for students or for pd?
20:08:00 csitterley : We have lots of support materials posted on the tech blog for out staff-rarely visited-
20:08:01 maureen : I started a tech mentoring program with my 7th-9th graders this year. It is not working well. I just asked the kids to write what they think we need to do to fix it on a forum on our ning. Hoping to get some ideas from them.
20:08:02 KarenJan : @cheryl - do you get much push back or are they finally getting it?
20:08:03 jgates513 : @cheryloakes - I do that, too
20:08:08 Annemarie : @cheryloakes you have a cool mom. My 76 year old mom wants a facebook acct because her 80 friend has one.
20:08:19 nancycaramanico : good idea! create your own
20:08:20 KarenJan : @nancy - either -
20:08:26 cheryloakes~seedlings : the kids get it! the teachers are still trying to manage it.
20:08:29 PeggyG : lots of teachers in my area still expect the paper handouts
20:08:57 Wickeddecent : We still have paper handouts for WAY too many things
20:09:11 KarenJan : my 82 yo dad had a difficult computer question. I twittered it, got an answer in five minutes.  My dad's reaction - "Maybe I need to get on twitter!"
20:09:13 PeggyG : I agree!!
20:09:14 nancycaramanico : my mom uses print shop to create all family cards and emails her brother in India.  Age 85 and still learning : )
20:09:15 Annemarie : We said we were going to mount our smartboards because only a couple of teachers were using them - now all of a sudden, they all want to use them
20:09:19 Terry Kaminski : We need to make technology skills for teachers a requirement to obtain a teaching certificate.  So many teachers can barely even use e-mail or a browser.  If they are not using technology in their everyday life they will not use it in the classroom
20:09:20 cheryloakes~seedlings : yes, they expect paper, but we make them collaborate and use the tools to write up the workshop. most are not happy, but we state our purpose that they learn new tools.
20:09:28 maureen : @PeggyG I do both- put stuff on a wiki, on moodle and attach it as a pdf if I can. Some people will not do digital and I really want them to read it at least.
20:09:31 Marie Coleman : Most teachers I work with expect paper handouts, too and model that in the classroom - then they don't understand when kids have 'bonfires' of their classwork at the end of the semester!  LOL
20:09:46 mrsdurff : [b]need coffee consumption....
20:10:01 cheryloakes~seedlings : Durf, I'll take a decaf!
20:10:03 PeggyG : I do the same thing Maureen
20:10:09 Terry Kaminski : I am not giving my teachers paper handouts but I am posting things on a school wiki
20:10:23 cheryloakes~seedlings : good Terry, that is a way to start.
20:10:26 KarenJan : when I taught grad special edu students last week, one student said, " I can't see using any of this assistive technology, my students are too low."  UUGGGGHHHH wrong thing to say. I have a hard time with a closed mind
20:10:35 maureen : @CherylOakes- Your admin must help make this happen. I haven't had admin support yet.
20:10:38 nancycaramanico : many thanks ...will follow in podcast later
20:10:52 cheryloakes~seedlings : bye nancy, stop again
20:10:53 barbaramclaughlin : the wiki is the way to go for all resources from workshops. Have to make it easy to find as well
20:10:57 Annemarie : I'm teaching our teachers through a wiki - they have to join and participate
20:11:00 nancycaramanico : will do!
20:11:05 cheryloakes~seedlings : @maureen, my admin does support this.
20:11:29 barbaramclaughlin : Our workshops are all done by a wiki as well
20:11:33 csitterley : Had a CFF (Classrooms for the Future teacher (PA) stop in my office today with a smile and a concern because he did one of his first lessoms with the laptops and saw how little the kids know about the academic use of computers-how to locate teacher's to limit searches- he felt good that he could lead them.
20:11:41 maureen : @Cheryl- mine talks the talk... but that's it so far.
20:11:54 KarenJan : what will it look like next year when these students who own the tech now, move on to new teachers?
20:11:55 cheryloakes~seedlings : keep after him maureen.
20:12:13 alicebarr (SEEDlings) : @Csitterly And hope he can model to others! Great stuff
20:12:18 PeggyG : how much of what happens in schools because it isn't happening elsewhere for the kids? teachers have so many roles! (like healthcare)
20:12:24 marsenault : @csitterley Many kids only view computers as social tools. They haven't had any modeling of good teaching with technology.
20:12:44 csitterley : We use Moodle as well as wikis for all tech staff dev-for the last 3 years-they are beginning to adjust to it
20:12:45 Annemarie : @karenJan - they get frustrated and want their former teacher back
20:12:56 maureen : @Cheryl - He's new this year- so I still have hope. He uses his blackberry all the time, but doesn't make anyone else use the tech we have (which is pretty darn limited)
20:13:19 KarenJan : @annemarie - does that serve as an impetus for innovation?
20:13:21 Wickeddecent : @PeggyG  It seems schools get more of those traditional parent responsibilities without the tools to perform at that level
20:13:25 Terry Kaminski : We cannot allow teachers to fall back to the old chaulk and talk
20:13:27 cheryloakes~seedlings : csitterley, I agree, we have beeninvolved with this for 3 years too, our Moodle's are coming around, esp in the building the admin promotes.
20:13:44 KarenJan : he said, in ten years!
20:13:50 Annemarie : In some cases, I think, but some teachers just don't see it.
20:14:00 jgates513 : they believe it, I think. they're fighting the cyber-school flight right now -
20:14:11 mrsdurff : [b]why can't it be tomorrow?
20:14:13 jgates513 : even tho' the boook says not to fight it, but to embrace it
20:14:33 cheryloakes~seedlings : @durff, yes tomorrow or now would be awesome.
20:14:43 PeggyG : that often what is said about visionaries!! They're nuts!
20:14:43 csitterley : marsenault-absolutely what we have seen repeatedly-My Space, Facebook and texting-but beyond that, not nearly as "savvy" as advertised
20:14:44 Annemarie : A lot of our veterans are having trouble dealing with digital learners - they think they have more behavior problems these days. They just don't get it.
20:14:49 mrsdurff : [b]it wouldn't be soon enough
20:14:50 KarenJan : my 19 yo son is having the hardest time with his online only college course, he prefers f2f and blended courses
20:15:16 mrsdurff : [b]asynchronous is not like this
20:15:19 cheryloakes~seedlings : @karenjan, are the courses in his area of passion!?
20:15:20 csitterley : Angela Maiers, I think, uses tech "comfy" not "savvy"
20:15:26 mrsdurff : [b]i have taken some
20:15:29 KarenJan : YES! i am so psyched
20:15:48 mrsdurff : [b]and they are sad, sad classes
20:15:48 cheryloakes~seedlings : great KarenJan, I think online puts him in control.
20:16:01 Annemarie : @karenjan - it takes a lot of discipline. My 25 year old son is taking his first online class for his mba and said he couldn't have done it as an undergrad
20:16:28 maureen : @mrsdurff- what's sad sad- online classes?
20:16:30 mrsdurff : [b]i need interaction, i need to create, i need to play - kids do too
20:16:32 KarenJan : @anne - yup, he's not there yet
20:16:32 cheryloakes~seedlings : but our 17, 18, 19 year olds have grown up more online.
20:16:46 PeggyG : Bernajean's ISTE webinar this afternoon about digital storytelling was so valuable. We need to be telling our stories everywhere so parents & others understand the importance of multimedia learning experiences for students
20:17:00 Annemarie : @cheryloakes my son did say he likes his grad class better. he felt his undergrad classes were pointless
20:17:05 mrsdurff : [b]i would rather not point the finger as they are still in business
20:17:10 jgates513 : *got my last degree - masters - online* anyone else?
20:17:27 cheryloakes~seedlings : annemarie, I agree, I liked my grad classes more as well.
20:17:28 Wickeddecent : If teachers loose the role of "guardians of content knowledge" to an online component, will they change to meet a new need or will they become irrelevant and extinct?
20:17:30 mrsdurff : [b]looking at one
20:17:38 cheryloakes~seedlings : jgates, i got my technology certificate online.
20:17:48 Kevin Jarrett : I *teach* for Walden University in the MSEd online program...have for 4+ years!
20:17:53 csitterley : Got my Instructional Tech Specialist certificate online-7 years ago
20:17:53 Wickeddecent : oops, [lose] not [loose]
20:17:54 mrsdurff : [b]@jgates513 and then the economy happened
20:17:56 cheryloakes~seedlings : wickeddecent, great question!
20:18:01 maureen : I've never taken a solely online class- they have been blended- a few f2f- Really helped me to connect
20:18:02 Annemarie : @jgates513 - I did and now I adjunct online for the university
20:18:33 mrsdurff : [b]i want Jarrett as my teacher - don't think I would be bored then
20:18:38 KarenJan : have to run - packing for conference. need to leave the house at 5:00 am
20:18:48 cheryloakes~seedlings : bye karenjan, get the podcast
20:18:56 Kevin Jarrett : @Durff tyvm
20:19:04 Kevin Jarrett : Bye KarenJan!
20:19:08 mrsdurff : bye Karen
20:19:13 KarenJan : i will, great seeing you @cheryl, @bob, @alice @ marsenault,
20:19:20 PeggyG : The "Possibilities" video Bernajean shared this afternoon is an excellent example of how teachers can tell the stories that will influence teachers/parents/legislators.
20:19:23 maureen : Have fun Karen. I have a 7:30 am meeting with a parent re plagiarism- trade ya!
20:19:23 jgates513 : interesting - about 15% of those in the room got a degree or certificate online
20:19:24 KarenJan : thanks for hosting this!
20:19:32 marsenault : goodnight @karenjan
20:19:33 KarenJan : no way @maureen
20:19:43 KarenJan : @maureen, saw your twits about that
20:19:45 mrichme : Good night Karen
20:19:52 Sarah S : Here's another online (90%) degree for your average.
20:19:58 KarenJan : bye @kj, @mrich & @ durff
20:20:05 maureen : I'll let you know tomorrow how it goes, wearing my kevlar
20:20:22 mrsdurff : what is a kevlar?
20:20:30 cheryloakes~seedlings : good luck maureen, we are with you , your network.
20:20:33 maureen : A bullet proof vest
20:20:38 RickB : kev;ar---bulletproof vest
20:20:42 Annemarie : New Jersey City University offers a Masters in Ed Tech entirely online
20:20:45 PeggyG : stories are wonderful!
20:20:45 mrsdurff : ah!
20:23:34 PeggyG : love that point - "what job are you trying to get done?"
20:23:34 cheryloakes~seedlings : This milkshake is a great story.
20:23:34 Wickeddecent : haha "hire a bagel"
20:23:46 bob (seedlings) : incredible
20:23:49 mrsdurff : but it's dairy
20:23:57 cheryloakes~seedlings : yes Peggy, the whole what is the purpose,!
20:24:39 Annemarie : Now I want a milkshake!
20:24:50 cheryloakes~seedlings : yes, coffee milkshake!
20:24:50 bob (seedlings) : lol, annemarie
20:25:01 mrsdurff : [b]and they would get a headache from the cold
20:25:14 maureen : @Cheryl- no, chocolate milkshake!
20:25:19 mrsdurff : maybe with soymilk
20:25:24 Annemarie : mocha
20:25:30 mrichme : Mint Shamrock Shake
20:25:39 mrsdurff : [b]whole wheat bagels?\
20:26:03 maureen : Hard to think that schools are competing with gangs.
20:26:10 cheryloakes~seedlings : I think this conversation can continue at SEEDLINGS .ning
20:26:15 PeggyG : another key point--trying to understand it from the student's point of view
20:26:37 alicebarr (SEEDlings) :
20:26:48 maureen : So, understanding the job- essential question- what is school for?
20:26:56 cheryloakes~seedlings :
20:27:04 PeggyG : great suggestion Cheryl
20:27:06 bob (seedlings) :
20:27:12 cheryloakes~seedlings : join the ning for the continuing conversation
20:27:29 maureen : This has been a great conversation!
20:27:51 PeggyG : just saw that in a tweet today :-)
20:28:22 cheryloakes~seedlings :
20:28:48 PeggyG : thanks for sharing that Michael!
20:29:02 csitterley : Thanks for guaranteach-I need that for staff dev group tomorrow
20:29:15 Kevin Jarrett : ooops!
20:29:19 Kevin Jarrett : I'm back!
20:29:24 Kevin Jarrett : Glad you liked it!
20:29:24 barbaramclaughlin : twitter is over capacity!too many tweets. thank goodness  I'm over here:)
20:29:24 mrsdurff : hi again
20:29:28 mrichme :
20:29:32 cheryloakes~seedlings : kevin jarrett, i just gave you a shout out for wiggio today!
20:29:40 Kevin Jarrett : I logged out by sorry!
20:29:45 csitterley : Kevin heard he was being talked about and came back...
20:29:45 mrsdurff : YEAH COFINO!!
20:29:50 Kevin Jarrett : Yes I heard it!
20:29:53 cheryloakes~seedlings : barbara wew ill be your lifeline!
20:29:57 alicebarr (SEEDlings) : Cheryl can yourag mine in
20:30:02 kcaise : @kevin, were your ears burning?
20:30:02 maureen : The digital vault is an incredible site
20:30:05 cheryloakes~seedlings : yes
20:30:05 bob (seedlings) :
20:30:11 Kevin Jarrett : @kcaise yes
20:30:21 Kevin Jarrett : I hit twitter by accident
20:30:41 cheryloakes~seedlings :
20:30:46 barbaramclaughlin : thx cheryl. think its back now! close one
20:30:49 mrsdurff : buy me a kindle
20:30:51 Marie Coleman : love my kindle for iphone!
20:30:58 barbaramclaughlin : me too durff
20:31:00 PeggyG : I'm really loving my Kindle and my iPhone!
20:31:16 mrsdurff : you're rich peggy
20:31:18 alicebarr (SEEDlings) : Thank you!
20:31:19 barbaramclaughlin : anyone got a kindle pilot?
20:31:22 Kevin Jarrett : Wait you can make your iPhone into a Kindle?
20:31:32 barbaramclaughlin : ikindle?
20:31:33 PeggyG : rich with fantastic resources :-)
20:31:35 bob (seedlings) : yes, kevin!
20:31:37 Marie Coleman : @kevin - yes new app
20:31:39 kcaise : they just came out with the kindle app this week
20:31:57 Marie Coleman : Thanks everyone - great conversation!
20:32:00 mrsdurff : kevin was busy teaching
20:32:03 barbaramclaughlin : here here
20:32:06 mrsdurff : he missed it
20:32:07 Kevin Jarrett : wow
20:32:16 PeggyG : I agree Cheryl! another book!! not just another chapter!
20:32:17 marsenault : Thanks Michael. I've really enjoyed Disrupting Class.
20:32:21 Kevin Jarrett : yay us!
20:32:21 jgates513 : greaet chat folks!
20:32:27 alicebarr (SEEDlings) :
20:32:31 mrsdurff : yeah you
20:32:32 Wickeddecent : Wished I got on earlier, I'll catch the podcast later
20:32:33 Annemarie : Thanks all, this was great!
20:32:38 marsenault : Fell better Alice!
20:32:39 barbaramclaughlin : high 5's to all
20:32:43 Terry Kaminski : Another great show this week!!!!
20:32:43 Kevin Jarrett : @msdurff *blush*
20:33:03 alicebarr (SEEDlings) : @mike Thanks!
20:33:05 maureen : Good night- thank you
20:33:06 Kevin Jarrett : G'nite!!!!!!
20:33:06 mrsdurff : catch the newsletter - we have all the posted shows on it
20:33:07 anniekez : thanks
20:33:08 barbaramclaughlin : Thx night
20:33:14 jgates513 : 'night all
20:33:18 kcaise : thanks and good night everyone
20:33:28 cheryloakes~seedlings : Good night!
20:33:33 PeggyG : Wonderful conversation! Thanks Michael and all!
20:33:34 mrsdurff : nite you all - bye now - EdTechbrainstorm at 9pm
20:33:55 mrsdurff : hello - it is over
20:39:59 jgates513 : did anone check out that math movie link that was mentioned tonoight:
20:40:55 jgates513 : the only trouble with links in here is that FF thinks they're popup windows and blocks them
20:41:34 bob (seedlings) : good night all!


Over and out!

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