Conversations Show 25 02 01 2009

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Lisa and Maria reflect on EduCon2.1 this week. Sheila talks about the UNH Belize program and the plans for her upcoming trip to Belize.


Chat Log

11:27:23 JRowing: Hello all
11:27:27 lparisi: Hello
11:27:40 Sheila: Hi!
11:30:04 JRowing: sorry - multi tasking - saw the tweet & thought I'd drop in
11:30:18 lparisi: Glad to have you.
11:30:21 lparisi: Hello Maureen
11:30:33 Maureen: Hello Lisa, Maria
11:30:41 JRowing: Can I plug an idea quickly?
11:30:46 lparisi: Sure
11:30:47 MariaK: go for it
11:30:49 JRowing: plugging as a place to brainstorm and condense ideas for   Teacher stand at BETT 2010
11:32:31 lparisi: Hello Russel
11:32:52 russeltarr: Hi, just thought I'd drop in to see what this is about...
11:33:37 Sheila: Hi Durff
11:33:38 lparisi: Hey Durff!
11:33:44 mrsdurff: everyone twitter this please
11:33:44 JRowing: hello all
11:33:54 russeltarr: Is there some topic up for discussion?
11:33:57 mrsdurff: hey parisi - thank you
11:34:12 mrsdurff: i need to turn my volume on
11:34:23 mrsdurff: better
11:34:46 guest478: :) just making sure... have good show
11:34:59 mrsdurff: hi dave
11:35:48 mrsdurff: who?
11:36:09 mrsdurff: hi colleen
11:36:13 lparisi: Hello Colleen
11:36:18 Scott Shelhart: have to reboot.....back in 7-10 minutes...
11:36:22 colleenk: Hi Lisa and Lisa
11:36:25 mrsdurff: no.
11:37:16 annelisewojo: I heard from someone else how great that fairuse session was.
11:37:42 lparisi: Hi Lorna
11:38:14 Lorna: Hi Lisa
11:38:18 mrsdurff: hi jackie
11:38:23 mrsdurff: hi lorna
11:38:25 annelisewojo: what is this world cafe format?
11:38:28 mrsdurff: hi sarah
11:38:32 jackiegerstein: Hi  Durff
11:38:34 sarahsutter: Hi there!
11:38:41 Lorna: Hello everyone
11:38:48 bobcaro: ustream is fine - not delayed like the media stream
11:38:53 sarahsutter: @mariaK I love your notes with pictures!
11:38:59 mrsdurff: i heard there was dancing
11:39:14 sarahsutter: Dancing? And I missed it??
11:39:27 mrsdurff: hi ryan
11:39:29 Lorna: stream?
11:39:35 mrsdurff: ETT A
11:39:39 ryanbretag: Hi Durff
11:39:52 MariaK:
11:39:55 colleenk: @ryan How are you feeling?
11:40:19 jackiegerstein: LOVE this idea!!
11:41:06 ryanbretag: @colleenk feeling better -- energy still not back but gatherings like these are helping :-)
11:41:11 ryanbretag: Hi Lisa
11:41:35 jackiegerstein:
11:42:19 jackiegerstein: I missed where you did the World Cafe - where was it?
11:42:35 annelisewojo: i was hit too with the bug...wonder how many were affected
11:42:36 mrsdurff: Educon
11:42:43 mrsdurff: it is
11:42:58 ryanbretag: Be sure to look at the Hosting Guidelines -- good stuff there that worked well in classroom and shifting department meetings to something more exploratory that one-way:
11:44:07 mrsdurff: hi Cathy
11:45:12 mrsdurff: who?
11:46:22 ryanbretag: I agree -- it was about turning the stage over to the crowd. It was beautiful to see
11:47:00 sarahsutter: I'm with you Maria - I wanted David to talk more and spend less time getting feedback from the audience.
11:47:30 jackiegerstein: David Warlick's backchannel in the virtual participation was one of the most exciting ones in Educon - it was loads of fun!
11:49:25 mrsdurff: on long island?
11:49:31 mrsdurff: it's not that big
11:49:37 lparisi: frederick Burtley
11:50:07 Maureen: Living in the Berkshires- no diversity...esp at private school, but that is one of the things we are supposedly looking at in new strategic plan. Seems conrived to me.
11:50:23 Maureen: sorry contrived
11:50:42 Sheila: thanks Durff
11:50:50 bobcaro: ustream - media player stream is about 30 sec behind - so it doesn'tmatch the chat at all
11:50:54 ryanbretag: want to stick around and engaged but audio is causing a bit of a headache -- sorry
11:51:05 jackiegerstein: 85% teachers are white - need to change teacher demongraphics, too.  8.4% Proportion of teachers who are non-Hispanic black. Another 5.5 percent are Hispanic, 2.9 percent are non-Hispanic Asian and 0.5 percent are non-Hispanic American Indian and Alaska native
11:52:25 mrsdurff: hi jeff
11:53:21 jackiegerstein: I like this soap box - it is a very important topic
11:53:51 Sheila: Clever bobcaro!
11:54:09 bobcaro: @sheila - don't tell me, tell my boss
11:54:19 Sheila: :)
11:54:27 minhaaj: Hello everyone
11:54:37 Sheila: Hi Minhaaj
11:54:44 JL: still echo-ey, might need to restart things - seem to recall that being necessary with Nicecast
11:54:47 minhaaj: shows offair on my side
11:55:32 sarahsutter: I found that there are many teachers in my building open to the progressive ideas - I hope we can build on the momentum and make substantial changes in the next semester.
11:55:44 bobcaro: I have the TCEA in Austin this week, so I'm really looing forward to getting "recharged"
11:56:01 minhaaj: why is vlc asking for username and password for stream?
11:56:19 minhaaj: k figured
11:56:20 mrsdurff: start over
11:56:23 Maureen: you're fine
11:56:23 bobcaro: not talking to yourself, lisa
11:56:28 mrsdurff: hang on folks
11:56:31 lparisi: Sound is back
11:56:39 mrsdurff: chat among yourselves
11:56:40 minhaaj: i can hear :)
11:56:43 Maureen: @minhaaj- vlc always does that for me
11:56:47 mrsdurff: use this time to twitter
11:56:51 minhaaj: Maureen figured out :)
11:56:59 Maureen: @minhaaj I use itunes or real
11:57:03 mrsdurff: you are
11:57:16 minhaaj: i got PC no mac
11:57:28 minhaaj: yep you are back :)
11:57:32 mrsdurff: i thought you had a linux?
11:57:37 minhaaj: i use that too.
11:57:45 mrsdurff: you must be rih
11:57:49 mrsdurff: rich
11:57:49 minhaaj: and btw you can use linux on PC too :)
11:57:52 minhaaj: rich ?
11:57:56 minhaaj: Hey :)
11:57:58 mrsdurff: rich
11:58:18 minhaaj: Yeaaaaaaaaa Sheila on air :)
11:58:20 mrsdurff: you do parisi
11:58:40 bobcaro: meeting you and bud and others at NECC was a highlight for me
11:58:53 mrsdurff: echo but no bumps right now - knock on wood
11:58:55 minhaaj: anyone is going to TESOL 2009?
11:59:06 mrsdurff: where?
11:59:11 minhaaj: Denver, Colorado
11:59:19 jackiegerstein: Anyone going to the CUE conference?
11:59:24 mrsdurff: not I - too far i think
11:59:30 sarahsutter: The debrief time is key. Last year with an 8 hour drive with two other attendees (Colleen & Alice) it was great to be able to review together.
11:59:30 minhaaj: hehe.
11:59:36 mrsdurff: where jackie?
11:59:46 Lorna: Skype is really a gr8 support system
11:59:53 mrsdurff: indeed
11:59:57 minhaaj: but very poor Customer Service
12:00:08 mrsdurff: in the words of someone we know
12:00:08 minhaaj: my Skype account is blocked for 13 days now. Credit card verification issues
12:00:18 mrsdurff: pooh
12:00:19 colleenk: @Sarah Had that debriefing time with Karen and Beth this year. It's really important.
12:00:27 sarahsutter: ?Exclusive? learning community??? that seems a little rediculous
12:00:32 jackiegerstein:  Vicki Davis and Robert Manzano are keynotes
12:00:43 sarahsutter: @colleen Yep - I think I"ll drive next year.
12:00:46 minhaaj: Vicki Davis is fabulous.
12:00:48 mrsdurff: tell them to take a cab, Maria
12:00:50 MariaK: Citical friends group
12:00:53 annelisewojo: I went last year with family to NECC.  Found that took away from value in networking and sharing ideas with colleagues
12:00:55 minhaaj: I just did Flat Classroom project 2008 with her
12:01:00 MariaK: Critical friends
12:01:09 minhaaj: Starting Horizon 2009 now
12:01:53 jackiegerstein: It is great "stuff" minhaaj - wish my students were older in order to participate.
12:01:54 mrsdurff: anyone attending
12:02:00 mrsdurff: in SL
12:02:13 minhaaj: yea a great idea.
12:02:27 Lorna: change sometmes still has to be top down
12:02:30 minhaaj: SL won't run on my vista :( miss it.
12:02:36 jackiegerstein: @Durff - plan to "go" - not submitting a paper - are you?
12:03:01 annelisewojo: I wish I had someone here to do that debriefing with
12:03:02 mrsdurff: Horizon has in the past has Sounding Board classrooms - does it this year?
12:03:15 annelisewojo: here = home, school
12:03:38 annelisewojo: no one around me to have these discussions with
12:03:39 mrsdurff: Jackie - writing proposal now with help from my PLE on twitter
12:03:40 bobcaro: maybe being more effective makes you better, and they see it
12:03:50 Maureen: Competition vs collaboration= not good for education
12:03:56 Lorna: it is hard when the technology can b so overwhelming
12:03:59 mrsdurff: jealous they are parisi
12:04:10 bobcaro: competence can be intimidating to the incompetent or the cowardly
12:04:14 mrsdurff: people won't even talk to me
12:04:28 Lorna: yes it is intimidating
12:04:30 jackiegerstein: @bobcaro - touche
12:04:39 Lorna: some people do not know how to use the microphone
12:05:06 sarahsutter: Sometimes the teachers seem surprised that I really do want to help them do projects.
12:05:09 Maureen: I was listening to conversations on something yesterday- most had not heard of the basic every day stuff- bookmarks, twitter, etc.
12:05:24 Lorna: @ Maurenn exaclty
12:05:42 Lorna: sometimes we know the tools so well we can lose touch with the newbie experience
12:05:43 sarahsutter: More and more often, though, I get email that says, I have this idea, is it even possible? It's usually totally do-able.
12:05:48 jackiegerstein: I come from a background in experiential education - - been dealing with teachers feeling skeptical and intimidated for years because the students LOVE it.
12:06:05 Maureen: Was it on classroom 2.0 or slister's presentation- one or the other...
12:06:20 bobcaro: being the best just makes you a target
12:06:29 sarahsutter: I'm just trying to get them to ask those questions - what's possible? Can we do this? instead of me providing the ideas of what they might do.
12:07:09 jackiegerstein: I want to be the best teacher in the world - this is my motivated as I am always coming from the perspective of a learner.
12:07:12 Sheila: Good point Sarah!
12:07:20 colleenk: @sarah That's progress.
12:07:26 lparisi: ANyone want to join in the skype call?
12:07:35 Maureen: Many teachers feel that instead of moving forward you are criticizing them...not really- just trying to show possibilities.
12:07:49 lparisi: Yes, Maureen, or showing them up.
12:07:56 Lorna: how many times does a district offer PD about ewb 2.0
12:08:01 Lorna: web
12:08:03 bobcaro: @sarah - it's always "any reason to stop" instead of "finding a way to succeed"
12:08:19 Sheila: @Maureen - I'm sure that's a big part of it yet I"m still impatient sometimes.
12:08:40 sarahsutter: @bob yep, it's often about doing as much as I can to break down the barriers, percieved or actual.
12:08:40 colleenk: @Maureen I see that all the time with my math teachers. I can't make a suggestion without hurting someone's feelings. Why is that?
12:08:55 Maureen: @Lorna I offer it 24/7 thru moodle and with afterschool classes and 1:1- getting tired of the baby steps, we're not ready, not enuf time, etc.
12:09:22 Lorna: @maureen your role?
12:09:37 bobcaro: too many teachers have been allowed to close their doors and their minds to what's going on in technology
12:09:42 sarahsutter: We offer it 1xmonth on a late start, plus 4xmonth afternoon 2-hr sessions that are optional.
12:09:44 jackiegerstein: Does she have a cell phone?  They are mini-computers.
12:09:51 mrsdurff: my previous principal said,"...[you suffer from] the loneliness that comes from being so far out in front that you don't see anyone running with you..." - i think we all do
12:09:55 Maureen: @Lorna- teach science to gr 1-3, computer to 6-9, and do tech integration/PD
12:10:09 jackiegerstein: @Durff - interesting!
12:10:14 MariaK: she probably doesn't use her cell phone either!
12:10:23 Lorna: teachers are like children they don't want to appear ignorant = don't know how to do something
12:10:28 bobcaro: "giving up too early" - isn't that what we try to cure students of?
12:10:28 mrsdurff: I meant, "you suffer from..."
12:10:56 mrsdurff: yeah Darren K
12:11:40 Maureen: @Lorna- subbing for a graphic design block on Tuesday- looking forward to having the kids teach me how to use Illustrator. It's OK to learn- from anyone who has something to teach me.
12:12:04 sarahsutter: We have the same problem with drawing and other art classes "Oh, I"m not creative", Oh, I can't draw.  And they don't even give it a shot.
12:12:26 bobcaro: @Maureen - I accept the fact that most days my students teach me more about teaching, than I teach them about my subject.
12:12:41 Lorna: it is easier to make excuses than to make change
12:12:41 jackiegerstein: This is a great point - but we cannot expect everyone to be good at everything - Mel Levine says we expect kids to not only be well rounded but to be mentally obese
12:12:41 lparisi: wow...just thinking about all the things I say I am not good at...math, art, science...why have I allowed that to happen?
12:13:16 sarahsutter: It's about a)how you phrase the statement, and b)what you do about it after you say it.
12:13:33 sarahsutter: "not good at" or "don't do" vs "need some support with" or "takes me a little extra time"
12:13:37 bobcaro: @lparisi - I see it all the time in students - if you never try, you can never FAIL - thus you are not a failure.I tell them that not TRYING makes them a failure.
12:13:57 sarahsutter: If you aren't failing now and again, you aren't trying hard enough.
12:14:25 Maureen: Met w/new head of school the other day. The asst head had complained that I was piling too much on- that he was just getting used to moodle and now I added google docs, etc. I explained that this person had logged onto moodle once last year, once this year and that was just not trying. The admin doesn't make it happen- won't use it- just complain. Pretty cranky this week!
12:14:31 mrsdurff: oh so agree parisi
12:14:36 mrsdurff: lame excuse
12:14:53 Lorna: are teachers willing to be seen as failures
12:15:05 mrsdurff: that's why we love you Maria!
12:15:07 lparisi: Never Lorna!
12:15:24 jackiegerstein: People have adapted to technology all along - clocks, phones, TV remotes etc., I am EXTREMELY tired of the digital immigrant excuse.
12:15:40 sarahsutter: They don't see the time and effort we put in to learn something.
12:15:45 mrsdurff: of course Lorna never is, but excel at failure
12:15:50 bobcaro: @Lorna - they don't see themselves as falures if they don't even try -my students are the same way
12:16:03 mrsdurff: I excel
12:16:21 mrsdurff: oh dear, too cold to type well
12:16:40 mrsdurff: excuse my blunders - but case in point
12:16:52 Lorna: I was afraid to use diigo until Peggy held my hand
12:16:57 bobcaro: My hardest task is convincing students that PRACTICING what is difficult makes you better at something.
12:17:07 mrsdurff: hey minhaaj is back
12:17:22 minhaaj: yea connection prbs
12:17:26 Maureen: I end up doing so much 1:1, seems like that takes the danger out of public failure. But with 7 preps, etc... it is killing me.
12:17:26 lparisi:
12:17:33 mrsdurff: we should not be given that choice
12:17:39 sarahsutter: NO kidding  That's another plug for keeping music in the schools - concept of practice and working to get better at something is embedded firmly in the medium.
12:17:43 mrsdurff: it should be required
12:18:01 minhaaj: why should you be given choice NOT to choose technology?
12:18:14 mrsdurff: everything i do and have been doing is being blocked
12:18:34 Maureen: @lparisi I bought the book, gave it the 4th grade teacher, she said she would do it... I don't know if she has signed up yet. I'll check your wiki.
12:18:51 mrsdurff: and my attitude is to ask learners to tell parents who are paying money for me to educate their children
12:18:55 lparisi: Great, Maureen, I have a fifth grade teacher who needs a partner
12:19:26 mrsdurff: partner? for?
12:19:37 lparisi: The poetry collaboration Durff
12:19:47 minhaaj: Sheila is a great promoter :)
12:20:12 mrsdurff: how long is that parisi?
12:20:25 lparisi: Up to the teachers who are partnered, Durff
12:20:37 minhaaj: wheres Sheila headin?
12:20:46 MariaK: Belize
12:20:50 minhaaj: wow
12:21:01 lparisi: Thanks, Maria...I wasn't going to attempt to spell that
12:21:03 mrsdurff: Sheila is a ground breaker
12:21:04 minhaaj: gimme the details :P
12:21:06 MariaK: sheila is definately a wow
12:21:12 mrsdurff: on that cutting edge
12:21:18 minhaaj: second that Maria
12:21:33 MariaK: She's been doing this for 19 years
12:21:57 minhaaj: shes the best at her school though and probably the only one who uses technology
12:22:03 Lorna: good conversation - have to go - thanks everyone  - have a great sunday
12:22:09 minhaaj: i had a great time talking to her kids
12:22:11 mrsdurff: bye Lorna
12:22:32 mrsdurff: i have to go too
12:22:33 jackiegerstein: Would love to see the stream - One of my highlights this past month was viewing the live streams of student presentations from the Flat Classroom COnference -
12:22:48 minhaaj: i judged them Jackie :)
12:23:02 jackiegerstein: It was great wasn't it minhaaj?
12:23:18 minhaaj: yea it was awesome.
12:23:28 minhaaj: real hard to rate them above each other
12:23:35 jackiegerstein: How about twitter updates for teachers of Beleize
12:23:45 minhaaj: Go Sheila!
12:24:16 jackiegerstein: Why not?
12:24:20 minhaaj: She made the teacher in Antarctica a celebrity
12:24:36 jackiegerstein: Through her cell phone?  I twitter from my iphone
12:24:48 minhaaj: not sure if Belize is fully wired jackie
12:25:35 minhaaj: lol
12:25:58 minhaaj: Belize would make up for snow storms Sheila this year
12:26:00 minhaaj: rofl
12:26:03 jackiegerstein: minhaaj - just added you to my twitter PLN
12:26:40 minhaaj: yea saw that. thanks
12:27:15 minhaaj: I wonder wheres Peggy?
12:27:24 minhaaj: She never misses an edtechtalk
12:27:32 Sheila: Sorry hard to read the chat and talk!
12:27:37 minhaaj: she’s probably at that conference.
12:27:45 minhaaj: np Sheila focus on your talk :)
12:27:51 Sheila: :)
12:28:51 bobcaro: I'm going to try to uStream from the TCEA in Austin this week
12:28:57 Sheila:
12:29:00 minhaaj: since this show is pretty famous, you might get paid sponsorship now seriously Maria
12:29:01 minhaaj: lol
12:29:37 bobcaro: just to test uStreaming and blogging a conference - I asked for a grant to go to NECC in DC, and in the APP I promised to uStream and Blog every minute
12:29:40 minhaaj: great idea Bob
12:30:47 jackiegerstein: Promoting the CUE (Computer Using Educators) conference again - Keynotes from Robert Manzano, Vicki Reynolds, and Peter Reynolds (I am presenting).
12:31:09 minhaaj: great.
12:31:17 Cathy E: great show ladies
12:31:27 minhaaj: I wonder if there an option for presenting from distance?
12:31:31 MariaK:
12:31:33 lparisi:
12:31:44 minhaaj: i presented at LAMS2008 in sydney , Australia through skype
12:31:54 annelisewojo: have enjoyed listening while working- thanks everyone
12:31:55 minhaaj: recorded the talk actually.
12:32:00 jackiegerstein: Yes but it is past the 100 days in my school ; )
12:32:09 Sheila: @Minhaaj - You're global now.
12:32:24 minhaaj: lol its been quite sometime i have been global.
12:32:35 minhaaj: really happy for your Belize trip Sheila. Godspeed.
12:32:46 Sheila: Thanks Minhaaj!
12:33:00 jackiegerstein: @minhaaj - how about NECC in Washington, DC?
12:33:04 minhaaj: What would you do there EXACTLY?
12:33:10 minhaaj: well isn't it too late to present?
12:33:18 Maureen: You guys are starting to sound like the car guys on NPR
12:33:18 minhaaj: jackie do you have msn, gtalk, skype?
12:33:33 jackiegerstein: Skype - minhaaj
12:33:40 Maureen: Guess I'll miss the next show :0)
12:33:41 minhaaj: same ID?
12:33:51 sarahsutter: You're kidding! Gary! I'm so there.
12:33:59 sarahsutter: This will be good . . .
12:34:06 jackiegerstein: Twitter: jackiegerstein   Skype Name: jaclynsue
12:34:12 jackiegerstein: Others?
12:34:15 minhaaj: wow constructivism
12:34:38 minhaaj: hope there are other theories in coming weeks
12:34:45 jackiegerstein: twitter and skype names from others
12:34:45 lparisi:
12:34:48 sarahsutter: Yep, and we hs folks are preparing them for higher ed. It never ends.
12:34:57 minhaaj: connectivism and other pedagogical theories
12:35:06 jackiegerstein: I am beginning to explore participatory pedagogies
12:35:14 lparisi: Thank you all for coming.
12:35:24 jackiegerstein: This is fun and engaging
12:35:41 jackiegerstein: Thanks so much!
12:35:44 colleenk: Thanks Lisa and Maria!
12:35:50 jackiegerstein: There goes the stream
12:35:57 minhaaj: Thanks Lisa and Maria. As always wonderful show
12:36:27 sarahsutter: Thanks - great show - see you next week!


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