Conversations Show 22 01 04 2009

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This week Lisa and Maria talked about their goals for 2009. Thank you, Dave Cormier for joining us and adding to the conversation.

This week Lisa and Maria talked about their goals for 2009. Thank you, Dave Cormier for joining us and adding to the conversation.


Chat Log

11:25:55 Lisa Parisi: Welcome JoNelle and Scott...just setting up
11:26:51 JoNelle: Thanks Lisa-trying to make sure I'm connected correctly
11:29:20 Scott Shelhart: Streaming?  No audio here...
11:30:36 Lisa Parisi: Not streaming yet...getting error messages...still working on it.
11:30:44 Lisa Parisi: Should be up in about 5 minutes
11:30:47 PeggyG: Good morning all!
11:31:06 Scott Shelhart: ok...take ur time.  Just wanted to makes sure error was not on my end.
11:31:16 Scott Shelhart: Hi Peggy
11:31:33 JoNelle: Hi Peggy..Hi Scott
11:31:55 Scott Shelhart: Hello JoNelle.  I don't think we have met.
11:31:56 Maureen/bcdtech: Good morning all. Sound is not up yet? Or is it me?
11:32:03 Scott Shelhart: no sound yet
11:32:22 JoNelle: nice to meet you
11:32:25 Scott Shelhart: Lisa having difficulties.  make a mental image of a test pattern...
11:32:25 Maureen/bcdtech: Thanks Scott.
11:32:48 Maureen/bcdtech: It's Maria's gremlins
11:33:23 Scott Shelhart: I think she caught the cooties at school and then infected her computer
11:34:30 PeggyG: Is the topic today New Year's Resolutions?
11:34:40 Maureen/bcdtech: Not looking forward to going back in the morning, but then again, I am...Wish I could stay in PJs tho
11:34:47 JoNelle: introductions while she fixes?
11:35:08 PeggyG: PJs are my favorite PD outfit! Love retirement!
11:35:55 sheila: Hi all!
11:35:56 Scott Shelhart: I'm a carreer-changing college student working on my degree and K-6 license.
11:35:57 Maureen/bcdtech: @JoNelle- Sure.. teacher in western Mass, small private school, teach 1-3 science and 6-9 computer, do tech PD for faculty
11:36:08 PeggyG: I'm tuning in from Phoenix AZ where it's cloudy and rainy today--but warm.
11:36:21 JoNelle: I'm JoNelle Gardner- Technology Specialist K5 and Tech South Carolina PJs
11:36:27 PeggyG: I'm a retired elementary principal and university teacher education instructor
11:36:31 bobsd46: Hi first time here. From Gibsons British Columbia where I am the manager of technology. Other lifetime experiences include teacher and principal.
11:36:38 Maureen/bcdtech: It's warm here too- maybe in the 20s- but sun is melting the icicles
11:36:51 PeggyG: Audio now--yeah!
11:37:02 guest478: i hear audio!
11:37:23 guest478: or... rather... heard audio
11:37:38 JoNelle: no audio yet:( i'll keep clicking
11:37:43 sheila: They are calling each other again in skype
11:37:45 Maureen/bcdtech: no sound yet for me
11:37:49 Scott Shelhart: i just heard skype burp
11:37:50 Lisa Parisi: We are streaming and have audio.
11:38:02 PeggyG: it's back now and can hear both Lisa and Maria. Great job Lisa!
11:38:12 Lisa Parisi: It's all Maria this week.
11:38:32 sheila: guest478 to the rescue again!
11:38:39 Maureen/bcdtech: No, it's good now
11:38:40 bobsd46: No audio for me at this point.
11:38:40 JoNelle: have audio- thanks
11:38:45 PeggyG: no it's still streaming--audio is fine
11:38:46 guest478: I hear you
11:38:49 Scott Shelhart: i hear you fine.
11:39:01 guest478: It is me.
11:39:10 PeggyG: anonymous Dave :-)
11:39:40 PeggyG: You're a team! You're both awesome troubleshooters!
11:40:24 sheila: With ustream there's no delay.
11:40:35 PeggyG: ustream takes too much bandwidth and people keep having computer crashes during the shows (as evidenced by frequent logging in and out)
11:40:55 Lisa Parisi: Just lost the skype call
11:41:45 Maureen/bcdtech: You're way ahead of me Lisa, still working on school work.
11:41:47 JoNelle: poor bob46
11:41:52 guest478: btw I come in as guest478 so that show hosts know that I'm here
11:42:01 bobsd46: Just not working for me ... my loss
11:42:11 guest478: and I don't like signing in as an admin when I"m not hosting
11:42:12 Scott Shelhart: bob is stuck in the revolving doo
11:42:22 PeggyG: Clever-Dave!!
11:43:27 PeggyG: resolutions completed already! Wow, Lisa! What a high bar you set for all of us!
11:43:49 guest478: exercise?
11:43:52 guest478: yes... me too
11:43:55 guest478: on both counts
11:43:58 JoNelle: hi CathyJo
11:44:01 guest478: 'on' my wii
11:44:02 guest478: lol
11:44:13 PeggyG: Tell us about what you're doing on your Wii
11:44:33 Maureen/bcdtech: I don't know about that Lisa.. sounds kind of like my list method, put things on there that I've already done, so I can cross 'em off;)
11:44:59 PeggyG: @maureenbdctech  that's so funny! my mode of operating too!
11:45:54 Maureen/bcdtech: @Peggy G I am very good at making lists
11:45:57 PeggyG: anyone check Twitter/Plurk when you're exercising?
11:46:00 guest478: i have a resolution... how does one get into the skype call?
11:46:41 Lisa Parisi: I will call you in dave
11:47:20 Scott Shelhart: I only had one resolution and I did it.  I started a blog.
11:47:42 sheila: Is that Posey?
11:47:50 Maureen/bcdtech: I do have a real resolution, get involved in collaborative projects. Not sure if this is a local, national or international collaborative project goal. See global as "sexier" easier sell, but really want to focus on having teachers learn how to collaborate with one another
11:48:35 sheila: Roadkill project starts in March!  :)
11:48:36 bobsd46: Thanks to Sheila for walking me through the sound issue :)
11:48:53 PeggyG: awesome goal Maureen!
11:48:56 Lisa Parisi: What Sheila?
11:49:15 Maureen/bcdtech: @Sheila- I gave that to my friend who teaches 8th grade science- she loved it and I hope with a little prodding she will actually do it.
11:49:20 sheila: @LisaP - I walked him thru it on the side.
11:49:38 sheila: @Maureen - great!
11:49:40 Lisa Parisi: No, Sheila, what is the roadkill project?
11:49:54 PeggyG: We can't wait for your gradcast Maria! You're ready!
11:50:16 sheila: Oh, data collection of what you see dead on roadkill. Indicates animal population.
11:50:35 sheila:
11:50:44 PeggyG: a blooper show Maria? what is that?
11:50:51 Maureen/bcdtech: I started webcast academy once, didn't have time for it. Wish I could learn more about webcasting.
11:51:17 Maureen/bcdtech: Which blooper show...homgeneous??
11:51:23 Lisa Parisi: Yes, Maureen.
11:51:30 PeggyG: Dave that is hilarious! You haven't done your gradcast yet?
11:52:25 MariaK: I did an edit to the blooper so that I could save it for a blooper show!
11:52:46 PeggyG: excellent idea Dave! That's a tough one! more focused commitments so not spread too thin
11:53:04 Lisa Parisi: Bob are you having audio trouble?
11:53:26 bobsd46: No audio problems now, just dropping the text window and having to log in.
11:54:34 PeggyG: it seems that all of the multitasking we do with social networking causes us to be less focused--I'm struggling with that.
11:55:14 Maureen/bcdtech: @Peggy G Remember "Brain Rules" says we can't really multitask
11:56:04 PeggyG: I remember that well and agree with it!
11:56:07 bobsd46: Is there a visual indication of who it is that is talking? I see the typing icon in the who's online area
11:56:08 Maureen/bcdtech: @ Maria- "herding cats" =teaching K, at times
11:56:25 colleenk: Hi! Are you streaming?
11:56:30 MariaK: hi maureen - yes - that's why I recognize it!
11:56:41 MariaK: streaming on ETTA
11:56:43 Kimberley: sorry who is speaking
11:56:45 bobsd46: Streaming via iTunes
11:57:03 sheila: Visual indication if you use ustream only.
11:57:11 Lisa Parisi: Dave Cormier is speaking
11:57:22 sheila: They are not using ustsream . . . yet!  :)
11:57:25 colleenk: Thanks....I can't believe I missed half the show.
11:57:25 bobsd46: Also, not sure where you might ask for the mic. Sorry to be tech support nightmare *)
11:57:31 Kimberley: Thanks
11:57:37 Lisa Parisi: Hi Colleen
11:57:37 Kimberley: audio or visual
11:57:43 colleenk: Hi Lisa
11:57:49 Lisa Parisi: We got a bit of a late start due to tech issues
11:58:04 PeggyG: audio only
11:58:11 Maureen/bcdtech: @colleen Youwer still celebrating getting to go to ICE
11:58:11 Kimberley: ok
11:58:22 bobsd46: Understand now... the speakers are via Skype, and we are participants in the chat area...
11:58:27 Scott Shelhart: don't worry Bob.  Asking is the only way to learn.
11:58:35 Scott Shelhart: We've all been ther
11:58:38 Scott Shelhart: there
11:58:43 PeggyG: Question: are they goals if you don't write them down?
11:59:02 Maureen/bcdtech: @Scott- ...and still are, always will be
11:59:57 Lisa Parisi: Does anyone else want to join the skype chat?
12:00:15 MariaK: hello Amanda - you are up late!
12:00:29 bobsd46: Just a comment for Dave, then... I experienced the same things he desribes now (before online networks) in the 70s and 80s when I had a young family and was involved with coaching, teacher politics, writing math programs, and so many other things. Had to step back and focus on family then gradually get reinvolved in things that really mattered.
12:01:04 Maureen/bcdtech: I told new head of school that my workload is killing me. Prety much fell on deaf ears. I think it's just $, but it's crazy what I am expected to do. Then I try to keep up, catch up online.
12:01:31 PeggyG: oops-the stream just stopped
12:01:31 guest478: @maureen most people will let you work as hard as you're willing
12:01:33 sheila: But you have to try things to determine where to commit your energy and time.
12:01:45 guest478: stream still up for others?
12:01:49 Lisa Parisi: STill streaming here
12:01:50 sheila: yes
12:02:08 Kimberley: knitting =relaxation
12:02:29 Maureen/bcdtech: @guest 478- You're right. I am on a bunch of committees because I want my input heard, but I need to start saying no.
12:03:25 Pam McLeod: I've had 6-month stints with my town's Planning Board and the school's Building Committee, had to bow out - it wasn't FUN and I have such young children (5 and 3)
12:03:39 Maureen/bcdtech: Balance is a hard thng to find
12:04:01 guest478: @pam mine are 2 1/2 and 4 months
12:04:08 Pam McLeod: But I love being involved with NHSTE (NH's arm of ISTE) because the other Board members are so supportive ... I need that!
12:04:31 guest478: @pam that's one of the great things about ETT for me... the support
12:04:47 bobsd46: My children will be 34 and 32 in two months.
12:04:48 JoNelle: having g g keyboard issues
12:04:53 Pam McLeod: @guest478 you are still in the thick of it!  When my youngest turned 2.5, it was like ... whew!  We also have a farm, ponies, livestock, etc.
12:05:19 Nedra: I often wonder how people with young kids keep up with it all.
12:05:30 PeggyG: @JoNelle--funny! I was having an "s" keyboard issue this morning. Restarting solved the problem but very frustrating!
12:05:50 Pam McLeod: @Nedra work is my sanity.  I love to work MORE than I ever did before kids.  It's the only thing I *sort of* can control in my life!
12:06:03 Nedra: My kids are 16 and 20 and so it's much easier now to be involved with the online activities.
12:06:25 marragem: Hi Maria - yep it's 3am. I'm listening while i'm buying tickets to the tennis
12:06:37 bobsd46: @nedra ... they must have their own computers
12:06:56 Pam McLeod: @bobsd46 even my little ones have their own computers, LOL!
12:07:27 PeggyG: oh secrets :-) love it!
12:07:43 JoNelle: trying to participate - fingersflying ..maybe now its fixed
12:07:57 marragem: I've been tagged 4 times - don't yet have a blog to write it on!
12:08:08 Nedra: @bobsd45-yep! My daughter has desktop, my son has a laptop and my husband brings his laptop home on the weekends and I have a laptop.
12:08:57 PeggyG: I love reading the 7 things memes! really help you to get to know people better
12:09:22 Maureen/bcdtech: Are you sure that's not just the "Maria influence"?
12:09:30 PeggyG: That is such great news Lisa!
12:09:44 colleenk: That's terrific, Lisa.
12:10:01 Nedra: I'm enjoying the 7 things as well.
12:10:08 Nedra: That's wonderful Lisa.
12:10:15 JoNelle: meds are great when you find the right one - I need it for adult ADD eieio
12:10:38 colleenk: Obsessing isn't good, though.
12:11:02 marragem: You don't have to be obsessive to do a good job
12:11:09 PeggyG: me too JoNelle! I never had adult ADD before social networking :-) But I'm convinced I have it now!
12:11:16 sheila: @MariaK - Back to the keyboard and wanted to applaud you that you will hear and internalize the good comments. Hope you will hear what I hear!  (You, award winner!)
12:11:46 Kimberley: alot of teachers are obsessive
12:12:16 MariaK: @sheila - I haven't made total recovery!
12:12:22 PeggyG: that's such an important point about surrounding yourself with positive people!
12:12:23 JoNelle: @Peggy how many window/tabs do you have open at end of any session
12:12:37 MariaK: baby steps are what I'm doing!
12:12:56 PeggyG: depends on the show--this one,not too many. EdTechWeekly--maybe 30!
12:13:05 sheila: You need people to support you but you also need people to challenge you to help you learn.
12:13:09 JoNelle: @Lisa at some time he may fix himself too
12:13:33 Lisa Parisi: I can't be concerned with that any more, JoNelle.
12:14:22 PeggyG: Have you ever read the book Complaint Free World? It's awesome! Really helps to make you aware of your attitude.
12:14:35 Lisa Parisi: Will have to look into it Peggy.
12:14:59 PeggyG: They have a website with great information where you can read about it
12:15:49 sheila:
12:15:58 PeggyG: Thanks Sheila!
12:16:03 sheila: :)
12:16:29 sheila: Only 4 tabs now! Started to use 'Read It Later' add-on!
12:16:33 marragem: Yes you are helping others, Maria
12:17:00 PeggyG: I added the read it later add-on but haven't used it--thanks for reminder!
12:17:05 Lisa Parisi: Sheila, what is that?  An FF addon?
12:17:09 JoNelle: one of my goals is to go back to keeping ONE notebook for lists to help focused
12:17:12 Maureen/bcdtech: @Sheila- is that an add- on in FF
12:17:23 sheila: @LisaP - yes addon for FF
12:17:31 Maureen/bcdtech: I need that... I end up with so many tabs open!
12:17:32 PeggyG: and it works in Flock too
12:18:28 JoNelle: what are you presenting?
12:18:34 bobsd46: Got to log out now, I'll keep the audio in the background. Have a great day, all.
12:18:36 sheila:
12:18:38 PeggyG: What's the difference between setting goals and making "to do" lists?
12:18:56 Lisa Parisi: To me, Peggy, goals are long term
12:19:07 Lisa Parisi: To do lists are very short term.
12:19:10 marragem: Me too
12:19:17 colleenk: @PeggyG I agree w/ Lisa
12:19:39 PeggyG: I have things on my to do list that are long term and I never get to cross them off!
12:19:53 colleenk: To do lists are a daily thing for me.
12:20:13 colleenk: I give myself months to years for goals.
12:20:17 JoNelle: @Lisa I agree - reasons are revealed in time
12:20:17 PeggyG: but then do we ever get to cross off our long term goals or just keep working on them?
12:20:43 sheila: @MariaK - then I'm a loser 3 x's!  lol
12:20:43 Lisa Parisi: I think we just change them, Peggy.
12:21:28 sheila: Do it again!  Apply!
12:21:36 colleenk: If you reach a long term goal, it gets crossed off. Usually they are reshaped over time for me.
12:21:50 MariaK: NO WAY @sheila - and yes i am shouting . Moving on...
12:22:13 PeggyG: it's important to look for the positives in "rejections"--everything happens for a reason--as Lisa says!
12:22:14 sheila: Wimp! You have it already written!
12:22:40 sheila: ;)
12:22:49 Lisa Parisi: [email protected]
12:22:55 Lisa Parisi: Ignore that
12:23:02 Lisa Parisi: [email protected]
12:23:30 PeggyG: What a wonderful project Lisa!
12:23:31 JoNelle: do you have 3rd graders at your school?
12:24:31 PeggyG: I decided to start keeping a "gratitude journal" on my iPhone--new app for me! list 5 things every day I'm thankful for!
12:24:42 Lisa Parisi: [email protected]
12:24:50 Lisa Parisi: paypal donations
12:24:51 sheila: @PeggyG - great idea!
12:25:07 PeggyG: so glad Michael and his family are doing better!
12:25:12 Maureen/bcdtech: It was really easy to do on Paypal
12:25:41 PeggyG: Thank you for organizing the donations, Lisa! Great idea!
12:25:59 Maureen/bcdtech: He tweeted today that he and his wife are now in the same facility.
12:26:22 PeggyG: I couldn't find a way to put in a message on PayPal.
12:26:50 Maureen/bcdtech: @peggy there was a little box on the confirmation page Ithink
12:27:10 PeggyG: I must have missed that. Thanks for tip.
12:27:15 colleenk: Yes, at the bottom of the page there was a place for a note.
12:27:50 PeggyG: I just clicked on confirm but maybe I didn't scroll down far enough.
12:28:59 sheila:
12:29:38 PeggyG: thanks for info on lighthouse project--I'll check it out.
12:30:07 JoNelle: mind if I use this idea for bridges unit I'm working on for later?
12:30:56 JoNelle: great wiki and wonderful idea - so touching
12:31:05 colleenk: @MariaK Do you want a new page for each lighthouse? Wasn't sure where to add my picture.
12:31:52 PeggyG: no lighthouses in Phoenix but I'll search for some online :-)
12:31:59 JoNelle: My son's HS TV teacher and her son were badly burned over the holidays
12:32:04 JoNelle: thanks ladies!!!!!
12:32:35 PeggyG: @JoNelle  that's so sad!! how are they doing?
12:32:39 colleenk: Thanks!
12:33:15 PeggyG: interesting--Worldbridges :-) Does that count?
12:33:21 Lisa Parisi:
12:33:35 Maureen/bcdtech: Do a show on being the change- like how to..
12:34:01 JoNelle: bother are recovering, son is severe thanks @peggy
12:34:01 PeggyG: how about tips for keeping your resolutions?? what works??
12:34:03 Kimberley: Thanks
12:34:31 PeggyG: next show will be a delightful surprise :-)
12:34:59 PeggyG: Educon2.1 sounds fantastic! wish I could be there!
12:35:03 Maureen/bcdtech: Closjn in on 60- not so different than 45  :)
12:35:14 JoNelle: This has been great - maybe next time- I'll put on lipstick and skype
12:35:27 Maureen/bcdtech: thaks
12:35:27 sheila: Thanks!
12:35:36 Lisa Parisi: Only audio lipstick needed
12:35:44 PeggyG: don't need your lipstick for skype--only audio :-) Do it JoNelle!
12:36:05 JoNelle: will do :)- than ks y'all are great
12:36:16 PeggyG: an open mic show :-) good idea!
12:36:21 colleenk: Bye!
12:36:27 marragem: yes...and I'll join next week too as it's still hols
12:36:27 Nedra: Thanks!
12:36:30 MariaK: bye everyone
12:36:30 PeggyG: thanks everyone!
12:36:34 marragem: bye all
12:36:48 MariaK: go to bed Amanda!
12:36:59 marragem: I am - right now!
12:37:01 JoNelle: I need someone to practice on - will be dpong a big meeting in Feb
12:37:25 JoNelle: doing- conducting:) bye for now
12:38:26 JoNelle: what are you on skype? i will add you. I am jonelleg
12:39:39 Lisa Parisi: I am LisaParisi
12:39:58 JoNelle: got thanks