SEEDlings 2009-1-1

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We ring in the New Year. Thanks to Sarah Sutter for joining us on the fly, to Dave C. for helping Alice with the audio and to our wonderful chat room! 

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 bobsprankle ->   hi gail
 gail ->   hi bob
 bobsprankle ->   hello m spahr
 bobsprankle ->   can you hear us?
 gail ->   no audio yet
 bobsprankle ->   how bout now?
 M Spahr ->   Nothing coming across yet
 alicebarr ->   can you hear us
 h011y ->   I'm not getting anything yet.
 M Spahr ->   nothing yet
" cheryloakes in the mountains ->   Hey guest 478 , can't connect to theserver."
 guest478 ->   mmm... that seems problematic
" cheryloakes in the mountains ->   hello all, trying toestablish the stream, Happy New Year."
 alicebarr ->   Hi all we're trying to figure out the saudio
" h011y ->   My UStream window still says ""Off Air"""
 bobsprankle ->   can anyone hear?
 Dianne ->   having trouble
 h011y ->   Not yet.
 bobsprankle ->   :(
" cheryloakes in the mountains ->   No stream yet,"
" cheryloakes in the mountains ->   hang in, and Happy New Year."
" cheryloakes in the mountains ->   Hello sroseman, welcome."
 bobsprankle ->   happy new year all :)
 alicebarr ->   Hi Mainers!
" cheryloakes in the mountains ->   GOing to get to all Holly, mspahr, Sarah, Dianne, guest 478"
 Dianne ->   Happy New Year to all
 sroseman ->   Greetings all
 h011y ->   Happy New Year!
 alicebarr ->   We're trying to get the audio to work
 Sarah S ->   Happy 2009 everyone
 M Spahr ->   Howdy!  Happy New Year!
 sroseman ->   and I was trying to get it to work here
" cheryloakes in the mountains ->   can't get the stream yet, hang on"
 guest478 ->   fixed
 guest478 ->   sorry
 guest478 ->   try again Cheryl
" cheryloakes in the mountains ->   thanks guest 478,  you are the hero!!"
 alicebarr ->   Thank you Dave!
" sroseman ->   How is the skiing in the mountains, Cheryl"
 bobsprankle ->   thank you dave!
 alicebarr ->   Ok ccan you hear us?
 alicebarr ->   Can U hear me coughing?
 alicebarr ->   :)
 guest478 ->   connecting...
 guest478 ->   ...
 guest478 ->   ..
 Dianne ->   My Real Player isn't working
 h011y ->   Still silence in CA.
 guest478 ->   server says it's down
 Dianne ->   gives me a nasty message
" jan smith ->   Wow, I am getting some weird stuff with ETT tonight: page load errors etc."
 guest478 ->   it is currently 'running' which it wasn't before
 guest478 ->   @jansmith can you give me dmore detail?
 alicebarr ->   It's still saying it can't connect for me
 Dianne ->   me too
" gail ->   real player is trying to connect, media player was a no-go"
 Dianne ->   unsupported document type
" jan smith ->   I opened as normal, logged in then hit the itunes icon fro the sound"
" cheryloakes in the mountains ->   ok, but not streaming yet"
 jan smith ->   got a page load error
 M Spahr ->   Hope its not another Zune30 bug :P
 jan smith ->   tried IE instead of FF no joy
" cheryloakes in the mountains ->   doing a reboot, hang on"
 cheryloakes in the mountains ->   first of the year difficulties.
 bobsprankle ->   fingers crossed
 cheryloakes in the mountains ->   thanks for hanging out.
 bobsprankle ->   :)
 jan smith ->   I can sing if you like
 bobsprankle ->   please do jan!
" cheryloakes in the mountains ->   We are going to talk about where we were a year ago, and where we are now, and where we are going."
 M Spahr ->   Hey Sarah S- good to hear you on WDL!
 Dianne ->   but we can;t hear you:D
 jan smith ->   Hope you liked that--I was backup for Elvis
" jan smith ->   ""Suspicious Minds"" was my best work."
" Gail ->   real player not connecting, now trying IE"
" h011y ->   Tried Real Player, no go.  iTunes registers, but still can't hear."
 bobsprankle ->   hang on... things are looking up :)
 Sarah S ->   @M Spahr - it was great fun.
 PeggyG ->   I'm not hearing anything either-iTunes
 kcaise ->   same here holly
 M Spahr ->   @ Sarah S- I was sorry to miss it but I was stuck in the airport in Charlotte
 jan smith ->   Get this clip cannot be played in Real Player
 guest478 ->   hold on folks... we'll get there
 cheryloakes in the mountains ->   hang in we are working on switching our settings.
 guest478 ->   new server... and a couple of issues...
 Sarah S ->   I saw your tweets Mark - lots of travelling over break.
 PeggyG ->   no problem
 kcaise ->   i got itunes to play by clicking on the unknown album
 guest478 ->   blame the manager I hear he's a jerk
" cheryloakes in the mountains ->   Hey shelia, how are you."
 kcaise ->   and then play
 sheila ->   Hi all!
 PeggyG ->   what unknown album?
" cheryloakes in the mountains ->   No stream yet, we are changing things "
 kcaise ->   that is what mine says in the library
 PeggyG ->   are you hearing the streamed show with the unknown album?
 bobsprankle ->   crossing our other fingers
 kcaise ->   yes i was
 h011y ->   I have a blank space in my album column
 bobsprankle ->   ok... what's everyone's NYs resolutions?
 PeggyG ->   willing to patiently wait for the experts to fix it :-)
 guest478 ->   Mine is to stop just talking about things and do them...
 guest478 ->   which i keep failing at
 bobsprankle ->   applause
" cheryloakes in the mountains ->   Dave I saw that on twitter, good luck with that one."
 PeggyG ->   no NY resolutions for me--never work-- :-(
 bobsprankle ->   I'm going to clone myself... been putting that off way too long
 PeggyG ->   but I do believe in setting goals--just don't call the NY resolutions :-)
 h011y ->   Mine is to blog somewhere besides my school's limited web site
" cheryloakes in the mountains ->   getting closer to the audio, hang in."
 jan smith ->   I am going to be on time.
 PeggyG ->   @Holly--that's a great plan!
" cheryloakes in the mountains ->   My new years resolution, hm, I'll be like Dave, just do it."
 Dianne ->   going to make tea- anyone wants some?
" jan smith ->   Earl grey, hot"
 PeggyG ->   sure-would love some tea :-) thanks
 Dianne ->   brb
 bobsprankle ->   jan: like capt. paccard
" h011y ->   Herbal mint, please."
" M Spahr ->   Dirty Chai Latte, please"
 jan smith ->   @bob nice catch. I love him.
 PeggyG ->   I need something to get rid of a sore throat and bring my voice back before the Classroom 2.0 show tomorrow
" jan smith ->   ok, what is a dirty chai--is that when I dip the floor mop in it?"
 bobsprankle ->   LOL
 M Spahr ->   Chai w/ a shot of espresso- try it!
 Sarah S ->   @peggy - what time is the Classroom 2.0 show? Where is it going to be streamed? here?
 kcaise ->   uh oh peggy - have you tried gargling with warm salt water?
" cheryloakes in the mountains ->   soon, folks soon!!"
 PeggyG ->   not yet but I'm open to any and all suggestions!
 PeggyG ->   it will be on elluminate
" cheryloakes in the mountains ->   it is going to be at ETTA, try again."
 h011y ->   @Peggy I was surprised that my mom's saltwater solution really worked!
 kcaise ->   that and that chloroseptic spray stuff
 jan smith ->   @m sphar: sounds yummy
 kcaise ->   the salt water really works
 PeggyG ->  details here for tomorrow
 sroseman ->   chicken soup will do the trick
 bobsprankle ->   can you hear us now?
 h011y ->   Airborne is also good.
 cheryloakes in the mountains ->   thanks for staying
 PeggyG ->   yeah! hearing audio now
 kcaise ->   airborne didn't work for me
 alicebarr ->   CAn you hear us now?
 jan smith ->   Got sound! yippee!
 Sarah S ->   @mspahr I wonder if they'll make on eof those at starbucks for me in the morning. 3 hrs of presentations on blogging right off the bat.
 bobsprankle ->   whoo hoo!
 cheryloakes in the mountains ->   excellent
 guest478 ->   yays!
 guest478 ->   ttyl
 jan smith ->   oops where did you go?
 PeggyG ->   I've used airborne but that keeps you from getting sick--too late!
 jan smith ->   major echo!
 kcaise ->   salt water and vitamin c
" PeggyG ->   hi Cheryl, Alice and Bob!"
 M Spahr ->   @ Sarah- if you ask I am sure they will
 PeggyG ->   hearing you all :-)
 jan smith ->   I am in a nightmare!
 h011y ->   I use it for just about anything including insomnia!
 h011y ->   Yea!!! I can hear through iTunes
 PeggyG ->   funny Holly!!
 M Spahr ->   Sound!
 PeggyG ->   always worth the wait!!!!
 jan smith ->   echo gone--my fault running to players
" sheila ->   My Mom's birthday today, so I'm listening from Mass tonight."
" cheryloakes in the mountains ->   Shelia, how is MA this week? Hi to the folks!"
 cheryloakes in the mountains ->   Thanks Peggy!
 PeggyG ->   too funny Sheila--listening from Mass :-)
 alicebarr ->   HI Everyone!
 Maureen ->   @Sheila- where are you?
 h011y ->   @sheila A little prayer to keep the audio on?
" cheryloakes in the mountains ->   Hello all,"
 sroseman ->   brrr cold
 Dianne ->   Wow - what's that voice ;)
 sheila ->   Went to Boston today to see ice sculptures. Brrrrr!
 alicebarr ->   Thanks for sticking around gang!
 PeggyG ->   73 degrees in Phoenix right now
 M Spahr ->   ha ha
 sheila ->   @PeggyG - I want to head over now!
 Sarah S ->   We won't see 73 degrees for quite some time . . . .
 PeggyG ->   come on over!!! :-)
" M Spahr ->   It's Wicked Decent by the pellet stove...oh wait, wrong show!"
" Maureen ->   Cleaning up piles of papers, etc... got a nice fire going in the fireplace, getting rid of tons of stuff I don't need"
 jan smith ->   It's also like live teaching--we are always trouble shooting
 PeggyG ->   I'm so impressed that you always figure things out and make them work!!
 jan smith ->   Thanks Dave
 gail ->   I started following Dave today
 alicebarr ->   Yea Dave!!!
 PeggyG ->   stream it Cheryl! Rock Band 2 :-)
" cheryloakes in the mountains ->   Helloc  csitterley, and Peggy, that would be fun! I don't know if I have the bandwidth here at the Mountain!"
 gail ->   Lots of blogs asking for year highlights
 PeggyG ->   what fun Bob!
" cheryloakes in the mountains ->   But, I will try it when on a fast bandwidth."
 cheryloakes in the mountains ->   Has anyone here read 3 cups of tea? Very good read.
 PeggyG ->   that's exactly what I need to do with my DV tapes! you've encouraged me!
 bobsprankle ->   excellent peggy
 Dianne ->   I have a machine that has a VHS side and a DVD side- converts thru that
 Maureen ->   @Cheryl I don't miss all the long drives to Sugarloaf and the surrounding area when my kids were racing XC. Pretty up there tho
 cheryloakes in the mountains ->   Hello kcaise! Welcome.
 PeggyG ->   Yes I loved 3 cups of Tea. Bought is as an audible and listened to it at fitness center! very inspiring!
 sroseman ->   We lost alot of snow as well
 cheryloakes in the mountains ->   The snow is race ready.
 Maureen ->   I read 3 cups of tea a little while ago- great read
 Dianne ->   ready 3 cups too
 PeggyG ->   aren't vacations wonderful!!!
 Dianne ->   they sure r
 cheryloakes in the mountains ->   loving vacations.
 h011y ->   I wish my vacation was now beginning - lots of house guests just left.
 PeggyG ->   I'm not sure I can remember where I was 1 year ago?? so much has happened!
 jan smith ->   That's a geat question
" Sarah S ->   It's been a whirlwind of a year for me, that's for sure!"
 jan smith ->   Last year for me was BB--before blogging.
 Dianne ->   I had no PLN last year and now am enjoying connecting
 gail ->   I was alone with my little Edublog and just playing with tech. No connections and no sense of the whole wide world
 Maureen ->   I had gone to NECC in Atlanta and was invigorated by that. In March a year ago I actually retried Twitter and Classroom 2.0 and started trying to listen to edtech talk. Now I can't live without my daily PLN resources.
" Sarah S ->   October 07 was when I first heard of ""web 2.0"""
" sheila ->   Last year, I was just learning about webcasting and now I'm thinking about my gradcast. "
" jan smith ->   yes, 2008 is the year of PLN for me, too."
 cheryloakes in the mountains ->   It is amazing to reflect on your year!
" PeggyG ->   you're still expansive with Seedlings even though it's ""local"""
" M Spahr ->   1 year ago- I didn't use Twitter, didn't have a blog, didn't have a PLN.  Now I am connecting all over the world."
" jan smith ->   @sheila, what is a grad cast"
" cheryloakes in the mountains ->   Shelia, I agree, webcasting opened so many doors to me!"
" cheryloakes in the mountains ->   shelia, be sure to tell me that gradcast date!! I will be there."
 Maureen ->   I just got a netbook yesterday- Samsung NC10...lovin it.
 h011y ->   Last year for me was BBS - before Bob Sprankle's workshop at BLC.
 sheila ->   @jan smith - last part of's requirement to be a webcaster.
" cheryloakes in the mountains ->   OH, Maureen, I want to talk to youabout it"
 Dianne ->   learning tons from reading blogs - not so good at contributing.... yet
 sroseman ->   I can ditto Diane
" jan smith ->   @sheila, never knew--wow."
" cheryloakes in the mountains ->   Dianne, just start commenting on other blogs, then your blog will come next."
 PeggyG ->   @Sheila-you've become a very polished webcaster and streamer!
 Maureen ->   @Cheryl-You have my gmail
" h011y ->   Me, too, M Spahr"
" cheryloakes in the mountains ->   I agree PeggyG, Shelia is ready"
" cheryloakes in the mountains ->   Yes, maureen, I'll contact you later."
 sheila ->   @PeggyG - it works when I have power!  :)
 Dianne ->   thanks cheryl
" cheryloakes in the mountains ->   Shelia, that is so true."
" M Spahr ->   @ Dianne & sroseman- if you are reading, leave comments- that is contirbuting"
" csitterley ->   A year ago I was trying to help teachers realize the value of being involved with web 2 and giving students more access to creating content thru blogs, wikis, voicethread and so on-Now, I am still doing that, with a few more people on board-a year from now, after 36 years in education (13 in edtech) I will be retired, but still on the same mission"
 PeggyG ->   You are definitely ready for your gradcast!!
" cheryloakes in the mountains ->   Then Dianne, tell your twitter network when you publish and we w ill comment."
 sroseman ->   getting involved with Plurk and Knowplace
" cheryloakes in the mountains ->   csitterley, good for you! Still learning and loving to learn."
" cheryloakes in the mountains ->   Hi Cristama, welcom"
 PeggyG ->   @csitterley--you will love all of the flexibility you have with retirement so you can continue your mission with web 2.0!!
 jan smith ->   I like what Dean Shareski says: with every comment and every link you are building the web. I tell my kids this all the time
" cheryloakes in the mountains ->   jan, that is so true."
 Cristama ->   Thanks
 h011y ->   @sroseman How do you like Plurk?  Is there a large educator network there?
 alicebarr ->   Great comment @jan_smith
 kcaise ->   huge educator network holly
" cheryloakes in the mountains ->   Sarah, yo u are a great model of open source learning and sharing."
 sroseman ->   just started today with Plurk..easy to follow conversations and contribute
 Sarah S ->   Thanks Cheryl.
" sheila ->   If this was a big transformation for people, what was the tipping point? "
 sheila ->   transformation year . .
 kcaise ->   plurk was the tipping point for me
 Cristama ->   Twitter for me
" Sarah S ->   Webcast Academy was a great way for me to learn how the audio thig works - I don't plan on graduating, but I did get enough information to be dangerous!"
 alicebarr ->   @sheila I think I am bit of hold for right now... but I can't stop learning!
 M Spahr ->   My school has cut off all outside PD for now.  Thank goodness for my PLN that I can live vicariously through!
 Dianne ->   twitter got me started as well
 alicebarr ->   Great point @ M Spahr
 Maureen ->   @sheila I think k12online was the tipping point for me last year...took me til March to get the time to get into twitter and classroom 2.0
 PeggyG ->   twitter and webcast academy and all of the ETT webcasts were my turning point--inspired by my start with WOW2
 alicebarr ->   Yes Dianne Twitter is great too
 Sarah S ->   @mSpahr - I'll be doing PD over the ATM system - maybe UStream - and hope to connect with other budget strapped Maine schools.
 gail ->   @sheila I think it was a broad base of exploration that set the stage. Joining Twitter was the tipping point. That gave me direct contact with a PLN
 kcaise ->   absolutely!
 M Spahr ->   @ Sarah- that's great!  I look forward to it.
 PeggyG ->   absolutely!!! hook up with me!!
 h011y ->   CUE conferences and Alan November's BLC put me in touch with Twitter and opening up through blogging and web sharing
 sheila ->   :D  for PeggyG!!!
" Maureen ->   PD funding is severely cut at my school as well- but thank goodness for twitter, edtechtalk, ustream, etc.."
 h011y ->   Love having the PLN on Twitter
" csitterley ->   Thanks Cheryl-I plan on being around and continuing to push, pull, walk beside or whatever it takes"
 Sarah S ->   One of my PD sessions will be on online PD - encouraging the staff to go find what it is they are interested in.
 PeggyG ->   blush!! I just love it all so much!! it is so motivating to learn new things every single day!!!
 Cristama ->   ...every single hour :)
 Dianne ->   the other thing that helped me was the workshop at ACTEm with Alice and Cheryl with Seedlings and k12
" Sarah S ->   There are only so many hours in the day, though."
 jan smith ->   My big job this year will be learning to manage Twitter better. Dean had a great post about Twitter deep vs blog deep
 jan smith ->
" cheryloakes in the mountains ->   Thanks Dianne, that is why we are all doing this to support others."
" M Spahr ->   @ Maureen- that really is what is brilliant about web 2.0 and PLN's- PD doesn't have to stop after the conference, or because you can't go"
 PeggyG ->   @Crustana--so true--every single hour!!
 M Spahr ->   It really promotes learning every day
 jan smith ->   I have ignored rss which feeds deeper content
 jan smith ->   Can you guys say more about images in the classroom-What's that about?
 bobsprankle ->
" h011y ->   In 25+ years in teaching, this is just my 3rd year teaching tech and I aloso love the straight up learning curve!"
 PeggyG ->   I have recently rediscovered friendfeed and it is an amazing way to keep up with my PLN!
 Maureen ->   @jan- I just started using snackr to stream the rss links across my screen. I actually click on them instead of being overwhelmed and then avoiding it
 sroseman ->   still lots of great PD at
 Dianne ->   altho I teach full time I really feel the desire/need to work with teachers more. Time does not always allow for what we want
 gail ->   Just listening to everything here is fostering new ideas and applications in my mind
 cheryloakes in the mountains ->   Here is Alice's Geek of the Week.
 PeggyG ->   glad you're going to tell us more about Electronic Village Online
 Sarah S ->   Do they do any of the EVO stuff in Second Life?
 cheryloakes in the mountains ->   This is such a great opportunity for online learning.
" cheryloakes in the mountains ->   Yes, Sarah."
" cheryloakes in the mountains ->   Yes, Sarah, SL, happens with some of this."
 Maureen ->   Can Alice's volume be bumped up?
 PeggyG ->   I ahve learned a lot through the SL sessions I've joined but so many times I crash during them--wish it wasn't such a bandwidth hog!
 alicebarr ->   @Sarah S There was a Games and Learning session last year
 alicebarr ->   @Maureen... My mike slippe sorry :(
 PeggyG ->   I used to use TappedIn a lot but find I really learn better with both audio and visual rather than just text chat
 sroseman ->   sometimes we use skype along with TI or eluminate and yugma
 Maureen ->   @Alice- I just didn't want to miss out on what you were saying-old ears here
 sroseman ->   TI=Tappedin
" cheryloakes in the mountains ->   Susan, I learned so many things through Tapped in."
 alicebarr ->   I think EVO is a great way to learn how to USE tools
 cheryloakes in the mountains ->   welcome Kern!
 Kern ->   Hi all!
 alicebarr ->   Hey KErn!
 Sarah S ->   Hey there Kern
 M Spahr ->   Hey Kern
 cheryloakes in the mountains ->   EVO online allows you to have a support group while learning the new tools.
" Kern ->   Howdy, howdy, howdy"
 PeggyG ->   @sroseman-I've never been in a session with audio--which room should I go to? I've gone to web 2.0 tools
 PeggyG ->   Hi Kern!
 sroseman ->   @Peggy is up to the presenter whether they use yugma or skype or whatever
 Kern ->   Hi Peggy
 sroseman ->   I have used Skype with a small group in TI
 PeggyG ->   do you remember where you experienced either yugma or skype on TappedIn?
 sroseman ->   JeffC used Yugma
 PeggyG ->   I love the video uses--they don't have to be polished perfect quality--it's great communication
 bobsprankle ->
" cheryloakes in the mountains -> = cheryl's geek, coming up after Sarah"
 gail ->   I've used ustream but folks have trouble accessing it through the links I provided. I find the site to be a little weak on that end.
 PeggyG ->   did JeffC use Yugma on TappedIn?
 csitterley ->   Wow great to hear that something works with dial-up-rural NW PA is still a lot dial-up- painful!
 M Spahr ->   @ Peggy- video gives a lot more context to the conversation
 bobsprankle ->
 cheryloakes in the mountains ->   sarah's geek thanks bob
 cheryloakes in the mountains ->   hello Crista!!
 Kern ->   Is the audio just in skype?
 alicebarr ->   Thanks Bob
" cheryloakes in the mountains ->   audio is at ETTA, click on itunes"
 bobsprankle ->
 alicebarr ->   No Can you get on edtech A?
 Crista ->   I'm back (was cristama) had to get audio...kicked me out momentarily
 cheryloakes in the mountains ->
 gail ->   (I got in through edTech A media player)
 alicebarr ->   @Kern could you get on?
 alicebarr ->   the audio?
 bobsprankle ->   hi kern!
" Kern ->   not yet, still trying"
 Kern ->   Hey Bob
 gail ->   I want to use that type of thing for listening center. Mechanical difficulties w/tapes
 cheryloakes in the mountains ->  is on twitter as well.
 sheila ->   Happy New Year all!  Thanks for the show!
 PeggyG ->   that's a great geek of week Cheryl! I subscribe to their podcasts.
 Kern -> is a great picture book site as well
 csitterley ->   Also like storynory for listening
" cheryloakes in the mountains ->   Yes, csitterley, storynory is great as well."
 sroseman ->   French ???
 cheryloakes in the mountains ->   Thanks for a great show. Our audiences are the best!
" cheryloakes in the mountains ->   Susan, I didn't see French."
 bobsprankle ->   thanks to all!
 cheryloakes in the mountains ->   Happy New Year!!
" jan smith ->   Have a great 2009, all."
 alicebarr ->   Happy New Year
 PeggyG ->   oh don't go!!! this is so great!
 cheryloakes in the mountains ->   Thanks for reflecting on your year with us.
 Dianne ->   Thanks everyone!
 PeggyG ->   forgot--rock band coming up! Have fun Cheryl!
" h011y ->   A dozen new resources, Thanks!"
 M Spahr ->   Is it Spring yet?
 PeggyG ->   really fun show!! Thanks everyone!
 csitterley ->   Thanks for the shows-you help my drive to work-and my continuing work with staff- Happy New year
 Sarah S ->   @mspahr Keep asking that every day for the next three months.
 Maureen ->   Thanks all...Here's to another great year with edtechtalk.
 M Spahr ->   Thanks everyone!  Happy New Year.
 PeggyG ->   Perfect kickoff to the new year!
 Crista ->   Thanks for letting me join...I'll be back for future conversation!
" cheryloakes in the mountains ->   show is done, thanks folks."
" sroseman ->   going to teamboat, Colorado this year, Cheryl"
 bobsprankle ->   night all
 jan smith ->   TTFN!
" sroseman ->   Steamboat,,sorry"
 M Spahr ->   @ Sarah- I have been asking that for the last two months already
 Sarah S ->   Steamboat is lovely - remember to hit those hotsprings.
 kcaise ->   thank you all!
 h011y ->   Good night from California!
 Dianne ->   Nie
 cheryloakes in the mountains ->   susan have fn at colorado
 Kern ->   :D
 PeggyG ->   yes snow day shows are a real bonus!
 cheryloakes in the mountains ->   nite all. thanks again.
 sroseman ->   Thanks
 M Spahr ->   Bye
 PeggyG ->   good night!
 Sarah S ->   'Night all.
 sbrennan ->   Looks like I'm rather late arriving.


I love listening to our show in podcast form.
It is amazing how much I miss when I am participating live.
Anyway, thanks for a great show, a great audience and keep the conversations going.