Seedlings @ Edtechtalk, October 17, 2008, GEEK of the WEEK Live @ ACTEM, Augusta, ME

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The SEEDLINGS go live only once a year at ACTEM in Augusta ME. This is the Maine Technology Conference where we had 1,000 participants. There were 70 of them in the audience.These intrepid individuals brought their bag lunch and joined in the fun. There are Geeks, Star Wars laser fights, and even an upcoming baby announcement. PeggyG joined the chat room from Arizona and helped out the newcomers. Thanks to PeggyG. The links are posted at Delicious

The Chat is unbeliveable too!

12:16:14  mrichme -> -EdTechTalk: Hello
12:17:42  mrichme -> -EdTechTalk: Welcome Peggy
12:18:15  PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Hi - was getting worried about the show but the audio is coming through now. :-)
12:18:47  mrichme -> -EdTechTalk: Technical diff.  We were trying to hard wire but we had to go wireless.
12:19:23  mrichme -> -EdTechTalk: We're introducing Edtechtalk to the crowd
12:19:28  PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: thanks for explanation. I knew there were some problems becuase of alerts/error messages I got logging in.
12:20:17  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: Welcome to PeggyG, YEAH!!!
12:20:26  PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: need me to tweet anything?
12:20:37  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: please tweet, we are live,
12:20:40  PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Cheryl
12:21:36  Actem2008 GeekoftheWeek -> -EdTechTalk: Hello everyone
12:21:41  mrichme -> -EdTechTalk: Welcome everyone
12:21:52  Actem2008 GeekoftheWeek -> -EdTechTalk: We have a live audience that will be joing us!
12:22:04  PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Just sent out the tweet
12:22:14  mrichme -> -EdTechTalk: I did as well Peggy.  Thank you.
12:22:18  lizbdavis -> -EdTechTalk: HI everyone. I'm actually here. Yay.
12:22:51  Sarah S -> -EdTechTalk: Love being in the room during the webcast!
12:22:53  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: Please tell us where you are from!
12:23:00  PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Great to see all of you!
12:23:05  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Liz, great to see you
12:23:10  PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: I'm from Phoenix AZ
12:23:13  mrichme -> -EdTechTalk: Alice's geek of the week:
12:23:15  lizbdavis -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Cheryl
12:23:35  lizbdavis -> -EdTechTalk: I have to cut out early to get ready for my presentation.
12:23:44  mrichme -> -EdTechTalk: Good luck Liz
12:23:48  Sarah S -> -EdTechTalk: I do too, Liz.
12:23:50  PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Exciting show-part of a live audience :-)
12:23:53  lizbdavis -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks
12:24:05  MSpahr -> -EdTechTalk: Hello everyone!
12:24:17  mrichme -> -EdTechTalk: Greetings Jeff and Mark
12:24:20  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: Wellcome to y ou JeffB,  do you have a geek of the week?
12:24:20  mrichme -> -EdTechTalk: and Kern
12:24:27  lizbdavis -> -EdTechTalk: I'm moderating a when night falls  session this year.
12:24:34  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: Get ready to share your Geek of the week!
12:24:41  JeffBailey -> -EdTechTalk: Hey all.  I have a geek of the week
12:24:51  Kern -> -EdTechTalk: Hi everyone!
12:24:53  lizbdavis -> -EdTechTalk: This year I will get the date right. Last year I was a day late because I messed up the GMT conversion.
12:25:04  MSpahr -> -EdTechTalk: I have a really Geeky one
12:25:06  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: Are you in the room? If so when bob and I get done,  you can hijack the projector and share.
12:25:08  Sarah S -> -EdTechTalk: What time are you moderating Liz? I want to be there!
12:25:23  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: If you just want to leave a Geek of the Week in the chat we will publish it.
12:25:31  MSpahr -> -EdTechTalk: Michael- what is the delicious tag?
12:25:46  lizbdavis -> -EdTechTalk: Friday night at 9pm EST - I think. I have to double check.
12:26:37  lizbdavis -> -EdTechTalk: My geek of the week is
12:26:54  mrichme -> -EdTechTalk: Mark  please use -SeedlingsACTEM and MaineEd08
12:27:20  mrichme -> -EdTechTalk: Bob's geek of the week:
12:27:43  mrichme -> -EdTechTalk: Cheryl's Geek of the Week:
12:27:47  MSpahr -> -EdTechTalk: @mrrichme thanks
12:28:05  PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: @lizbdavis-those time zones can be challenging! I keep a GMT clock on my iGoogle home page right beside my own time zone. Really helps.
12:28:36  Kern -> -EdTechTalk: I think it's :)
12:28:40  lizbdavis -> -EdTechTalk: @PeggyG That is a great idea.
12:28:55  mrichme -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks Kern
12:28:58  PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: good catch Kern!
12:29:04  Kern -> -EdTechTalk: no sweat
12:29:22  JeffBailey -> -EdTechTalk: How do we drop a link in here?  Can't copy paste...
12:29:55  lizbdavis -> -EdTechTalk: My other geek of the week is but it is still in beta.
12:30:33  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: check this out
12:30:44  PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Click and drag the icon by the link into the text window. Needs to be removed so you can do that (chat window)
12:30:53  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: Drag the link from the webpage to the send space Jeff.
12:31:00  JeffBailey -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks
12:31:02  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: the words
12:31:07  MSpahr -> -EdTechTalk: Do the chats get archived and if so where?
12:31:11  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk:
12:31:29  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: the chats are archived, and will appear tomorrow at
12:31:43  JeffBailey -> -EdTechTalk:
12:31:56  MSpahr -> -EdTechTalk: @cheryloakes thanks
12:32:07  mrichme -> -EdTechTalk: Michael's GOW:
12:32:08  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: you got it!Mspahr
12:32:10  JeffBailey -> -EdTechTalk: Lots of free resources at that link for recording, podcasting, audio dropboxes
12:32:16  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk:
12:32:22  mrichme -> -EdTechTalk: Kern's GOW:
12:32:30  MSpahr -> -EdTechTalk: free rice cool and addicting
12:32:48  PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: @Jeff-thanks-great link!
12:32:48  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: mspahr are you here? WAVE
12:33:49  MSpahr -> -EdTechTalk: @cheryloakes in the front row next to dan and jeff
12:34:56  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: JeffB are you up?
12:35:03  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks Kern, great sites
12:35:16  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: Welsome Deb!
12:35:25  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: and welcome
12:35:31  mrichme -> -EdTechTalk: Jeff Bailey of WickedDecentLearning's GOW:
12:35:38  debbarrows -> -EdTechTalk: Hello from the Vendor Hall!! Congratulations
12:35:54  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks Deb. Glad you dropped by.
12:35:55  mrichme -> -EdTechTalk: Mike Arsenault's GOW:
12:36:06  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk:
12:36:07  PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: @MSpahr-yes freerice is very addictive but you feel like you're spending your time well and learning while playing :-)
12:36:50  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: Excellent.
12:37:07  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: If you are in the room, please get ready to share a geek of the week, then we can eat too!
12:37:14  JeffBailey -> -EdTechTalk: @debbarrows Hey Deb!
12:37:33  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: FREE
12:37:35  debbarrows -> -EdTechTalk: Hey Jeff - should I have sound or is this a chat only?
12:37:49  PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Click on ETT-A for sound
12:38:01  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: Deb, go back to the front page, edtechtalk, and click on itunes
12:38:14  debbarrows -> -EdTechTalk: I don't have that option - I'll try another browser.
12:38:21  debbarrows -> -EdTechTalk: OK - thanks CO
12:39:02  jaimie -> -EdTechTalk: i have that on my iphone. my 6 yr old loves it
12:39:18  debbarrows -> -EdTechTalk: Now, I have sound - thanks
12:39:22  jaimie -> -EdTechTalk: it even makes a holster sound
12:39:32  PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Great Debbarrow!
12:39:50  jaimie -> -EdTechTalk: what's that web site address?
12:40:05  debbarrows -> -EdTechTalk:
12:40:28  mrichme -> -EdTechTalk: Mark Spahr's GOW:
12:40:30  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: Great link for making movies    very coo
12:41:00  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: Gwen, has a geek
12:41:21  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk:
12:41:32  PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: can't get that link to work-alienryderflex??
12:42:04  mrichme -> -EdTechTalk: Gwen's GOW:
12:42:20  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk:    did I not get it right?
12:42:22  MSpahr -> -EdTechTalk: I have seen Storyline b4- very cool
12:42:41  lizbdavis -> -EdTechTalk: I have one more
12:43:43  mrichme -> -EdTechTalk: Michael (from Portland Schools) GOW:
12:43:47  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: Hey, Steph, we are geeking out
12:43:53  cheneys -> -EdTechTalk: yea seedlings!!
12:44:26  cheneys -> -EdTechTalk: what else is new?! 
12:44:29  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: Hello Ernie,
12:44:34  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: WIsh you were here.
12:44:54  Ernie Easter -> -EdTechTalk: I'm in the back of the room
12:44:59  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: glad all these folks are helping so we can eat lunch
12:45:13  Ernie Easter -> -EdTechTalk: I'm having fun watching them
12:45:14  Sarah S -> -EdTechTalk: It's good to get lunch!
12:45:31  PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: What a great way to spend your lunchtime--eating and sharing great resources! Fun!
12:45:37  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: Yeah, Sarah thanks for taking photos.
12:45:57  Ernie Easter -> -EdTechTalk: PeggyG where are you?
12:46:21  PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Phoenix AZ-wish I were there :-)
12:46:28  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: Ernie, Peggy is our number one fan from AZ, you  just tell her you are broadcasting and she is here.
12:46:48  Ernie Easter -> -EdTechTalk: OK can I be number 2 fan?
12:46:52  PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Don't want to miss out on anything wonderful!
12:47:02  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: Nope, you are all number 1! in our books
12:47:07  Sarah S -> -EdTechTalk: Pics will be posted on flickr by tomorrow, hopefully.
12:47:16  mrichme -> -EdTechTalk: That would be great Sarah
12:47:32  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks it is good to see this live stuff, we are usually all in different places.
12:47:37  debbarrows -> -EdTechTalk: Sarah has an art exhibit opening tonight in Bath - good luck Sarah!
12:47:51  PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Welcome to alumm-also from AZ :-)
12:47:51  mrichme -> -EdTechTalk: Indeed Sarah!
12:48:10  Ernie Easter -> -EdTechTalk: wish I were headed in the Bath direction.  Good luck Sarah!
12:48:13  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: Hello DaveC, from NH, right/
12:48:23  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: Oh, good luck Sarah!
12:48:55  JeffBailey -> -EdTechTalk: Yea for screecastomatic!
12:49:11  Kern -> -EdTechTalk: that's fantastic Sarah, good luck!
12:49:12  PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: which site is he showing-screencastomatic?
12:49:13  JeffBailey -> -EdTechTalk: oops
12:49:13  DaveC -> -EdTechTalk: @Cheryl, yes, from NH
12:49:15  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: I like jingproject too
12:49:28  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: yes, it was
12:49:34  mrichme -> -EdTechTalk: LizBDavis's GOW:
12:49:39  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: Liz is sharing agglom
12:49:49  PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: I really like Jing Project too!--so easy to use!
12:50:29  mrichme -> -EdTechTalk: I like Jing as well.  I had my 5th graders create their own Word tutorials using Jing.
12:50:39  Sarah S -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks - photos will be up in the art show at the Chocolate Church for about a month. Hope the locals will get to see it.
12:50:46  PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: is new to me--reminds me a bit of the lists on Diigo.
12:51:25  PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: @mrichme-what a great use for Jing-Word tutorials :-)
12:51:35  JeffBailey -> -EdTechTalk: I think Jingproject has gone commercial now, the free part is gone I think
12:51:36  mrichme -> -EdTechTalk: I would say there are about 75 people in the room right now!  This community rocks.
12:51:48  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: This is an amazing group.
12:52:07  mrichme -> -EdTechTalk: @Jeff  It is still free in fact you have 2GB of storage space at
12:52:21  Danryder -> -EdTechTalk: anyone ever use
12:52:33  mrichme -> -EdTechTalk: not I said the fly
12:52:41  PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Interesting-Jing still says it's free--maybe just limited features?
12:53:03  mrichme -> -EdTechTalk: New GOW:
12:53:05  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk:
12:53:10  mrichme -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks Cheryl
12:53:15  Danryder -> -EdTechTalk: it's hardcore 80s gaming geekiness..but I used it with kids in my gaming unit of my Pop Culture course and it was pretty sweet
12:53:22  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk:
12:53:31  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: typo sorry
12:53:38  MSpahr -> -EdTechTalk: @PeggyG I haven't found anything that is limited on Jing yet
12:53:49  JeffBailey -> -EdTechTalk: Oops, I guess it was just not in beta anymore.  That's good to know!
12:53:52  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk:
12:54:04  lizbdavis -> -EdTechTalk: I have to run out and set up for my presentation. Awesome job guys.
12:54:10  mrichme -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks Liz
12:54:40  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: goodluck Liz
12:54:44  PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: I love using Flickr Toys on bighugelabs! They are great for teachers!
12:55:01  JeffBailey -> -EdTechTalk: Voicethread is great!
12:55:37  Sarah S -> -EdTechTalk: Voicethread is teriffic - we've done art critiques on it.
12:55:43  JeffBailey -> -EdTechTalk: You can put videos into Voicethread now and users can even rewind and draw over the frames
12:55:51  DaveC -> -EdTechTalk: I love voicethread.
12:55:57  mrichme -> -EdTechTalk: Just a reminder when you want pictures for Voicethread.
12:56:16  PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: One of the best compilations of voicethreads for teachers, students and much more--
12:56:19  MSpahr -> -EdTechTalk: authentic audience= best student work
12:56:24  Sarah S -> -EdTechTalk: I put in a video of the physics students shooting off their rockets and they could leave comments about the experiment.
12:57:00  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: Tim Hart from UMO geeking out, no educational value,
12:57:25  mrichme -> -EdTechTalk: Tim Hart's GOW:
12:57:29  mrichme -> -EdTechTalk: NICE!
12:57:37  PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: @Sarah S - do you have a link you can share of your physics rocket experiment?
12:57:38  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: That is awesome.
12:57:57  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk:
12:58:06  cheneys -> -EdTechTalk: when's the baby due tim?
12:58:22  PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: that is really clever!
12:59:02  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: gets a photo  then goes to textorizer April 9, 2009
12:59:44  cheneys -> -EdTechTalk: how about:
13:00:01  cheneys -> -EdTechTalk: free virtual classroom software-web based
13:00:04  mrichme -> -EdTechTalk: Tim Hart's other GOW:
13:00:06  MSpahr -> -EdTechTalk: @Sarah S are your photos from flickr CC licensed?
13:00:23  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: Tim is getting a photo into textorizer
13:00:42  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: what is a scalable vector graph?
13:01:02  mrichme -> -EdTechTalk: OOOOOOHHHHHHH
13:01:02  Sarah S -> -EdTechTalk: Got to run-  presenting in a few minutes. Been fun!
13:01:06  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: you create a photo from the outline of the photo with the words you use.
13:01:28  Sarah S -> -EdTechTalk: scalable vector graphic means you can make it as big as you want up to billboard size without pixilizing.
13:01:29  MSpahr -> -EdTechTalk: textorizer Uber-cool!
13:01:34  PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: that sounds realling interesting-wish I could see his demo!
13:01:36  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks Sarah
13:01:37  bobsprankle -> -EdTechTalk: hi all :)
13:01:38  Sarah S -> -EdTechTalk: Uber!
13:02:09  bobsprankle -> -EdTechTalk: what a great Geek Lunch!
13:02:22  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: Ernie Easter finalist for Maine Educator of the Year 2008, Leah Welch is our winner of the Maine Educator of the Year 2008. Congrats to both of them and their great work in their schools.
13:02:34  PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: can you do a screen capture to share what he textorized? to post later?
13:02:41  MSpahr -> -EdTechTalk: Jim Moulton in the house
13:02:49  mrichme -> -EdTechTalk: Ernie Easter's GOW:
13:02:50  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: oh, Peggy it is gone,
13:03:24  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: Ernie is talking about the ning as a classroom project place in his classroom!
13:03:44  MSpahr -> -EdTechTalk: This room is a real collection of Maine Ed Luminaries!
13:04:22  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks Ernie for sharing this.
13:05:51  DaveC -> -EdTechTalk: Students are coming back in about 5 minutes. I need to get ready for them.  I'll have to listen to the podcast and visit the show notes later.
13:06:04  mrichme -> -EdTechTalk: Thank you Dave for coming.
13:06:05  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: bye, thanks for stopping by DaveC
13:06:06  MSpahr -> -EdTechTalk: Sorry I took so long w/ my GOW- turning 40 soon, may need to have eyes checked if I can't tell the difference b/t allen and alien
13:06:22  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: MSpahr, thanks for your share, it was worth it!
13:06:27  mrichme -> -EdTechTalk: We'll give you a pass Mark
13:06:32  mrichme -> -EdTechTalk: this time anyway
13:06:33  PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Wow! what an impressive Ning community!
13:06:46  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: amazing, PeggyG,
13:07:00  MSpahr -> -EdTechTalk: @mrrichme- Thanks, I'll try to do better next year
13:07:17  MSpahr -> -EdTechTalk:  :p
13:08:02  MSpahr -> -EdTechTalk: @the Seedlings- Thanks for hosting this again this year!
13:08:09  mrichme -> -EdTechTalk: Thank you everyone for coming and contributing.
13:08:37  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: thanks for the show!
13:09:08  PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk:
13:09:35  PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Awesome show! thanks for all of the great tools!
13:10:06  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: bye Peggy