Seedlings September 25, 2008

Post-Show description: 

Our SEEDLINGS show this week is a wonderful interview with Tracy Pariseau, a special educator, from Sanford, ME, talking about her students radio show, blogs and use of technology. Tracy is such an inspiration to the cause, all who were in the chat room wanted to join her class. In fact, next week, or most weeks you can join Tracy and her students as they go live for their radio show. You will find the links for Tracy below.


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“Geek of the Week” Links for 2008-09-25

The Great Chat for SEEDLINGS:

19:20:53 cheryloakes webcaster hello, getting things ready.
19:21:03 cheryloakes webcaster Hi Tracy and Steven
19:21:11 tracy hi
19:21:28 cheryloakes webcaster I amjust getting into skype
19:21:59 Steven Kimmi Tracy = tselock?
19:22:16 SusanEttenheim hi!
19:22:31 cheryloakes webcaster Hi Susan, just setting up
19:22:44 SusanEttenheim ok going to make dinner - will listen in!
19:22:45 Steven Kimmi Susan - YOuth twitter?
19:22:54 SusanEttenheim hi steven
19:23:05 SusanEttenheim paul actually built the site..
19:23:24 SusanEttenheim steven - sorry don't remember where you are and what you teach?
19:23:26 Steven Kimmi DOes everything flow into youthvoices?
19:23:38 Steven Kimmi 5th grade in Kansas
19:23:43 SusanEttenheim ah yes
19:23:48 SusanEttenheim what do you mean?
19:24:24 Steven Kimmi All of your previous projects, personal learning space, youth twitter, and youth voices... all part of the new
19:25:11 SusanEttenheim mostly working with right now but paul is feeding into a twitter feed - youthvoices
19:25:12 cheryloakes webcaster 5 min. to showtime
19:25:18 alicebarr Hi Everyone
19:25:24 SusanEttenheim hi alice
19:25:32 SusanEttenheim two long days in a row!
19:25:38 alicebarr Yes
19:25:52 cheryloakes webcaster sound check from chat room
19:25:53 SusanEttenheim cold and windy here and about to rain- there?
19:26:16 SusanEttenheim should I be hearing anything now?
19:26:27 cheryloakes webcaster yes should be hearing sound
19:26:32 SusanEttenheim humm
19:26:36 alicebarr Do you heaar us???
19:26:41 SusanEttenheim got it!
19:26:46 SusanEttenheim you sound great
19:26:52 cheryloakes webcaster thanks
19:26:57 SusanEttenheim can hear you all
19:27:04 cheryloakes webcaster thanks susan
19:27:19 SusanEttenheim so nice to actually hear the show!
19:27:26 SusanEttenheim although I have to go make dinner
19:27:32 cheryloakes webcaster thanks Susan
19:27:56 SusanEttenheim going to turn on the show in the other room your sound is great and I hear alice and cheryl
19:28:10 SusanEttenheim hi doug
19:28:17 dougsymington hi Susan, and all
19:28:18 cheryloakes webcaster evening Doug!
19:28:30 dougsymington hey Cheryl
19:28:49 SusanEttenheim can hear tracy too fine
19:29:28 alicebarr
19:31:03 dougsymington undocking the chat window sometimes helps with "new window" clicking
19:31:11 dougsymington for me in FF on windows
19:31:23 cheryloakes webcaster that may be what happen
19:31:55 cheryloakes webcaster I have the floating dock open this time.
19:34:12 cheryloakes webcaster WElcome Durff, glad you are here.
19:34:30 mrsdurff gtg get some dinner - sounds great - brb
19:34:37 alicebarr Welcome Durff!
19:35:11 cheryloakes webcaster What a great concept, Tracy
19:35:13 dougsymington love the "maverick media" angle
19:35:20 dougsymington too good
19:35:21 cheryloakes webcaster isn't that good
19:37:04 cheryloakes webcaster Welcome DaveC, glad you are here.
19:37:12 DaveC Glad to be here, sorry I'm late.
19:38:30 DaveC It doesn't make it easy, and NCLB says not to let the gap widen...
19:38:34 alicebarr Hi steve!
19:38:35 cheryloakes webcaster Hello Steve! Welcome
19:38:57 stevesoko Hello folks!
19:39:36 dougsymington Hi Steve, DaveC and mrsdurff
19:39:50 cheryloakes webcaster Tracy, a special education from Sanford Maine. She has a radio show with her students.
19:40:03 dougsymington how long has the show been running?
19:40:52 dougsymington too true re youth and expectations by nearly every adult they encounter
19:41:12 alicebarr
19:42:19 cheryloakes webcaster hello unklar, welcome to Seedlings.
19:42:28 alicebarr Welcome Unklar
19:42:35 stevesoko Louder, slower, louder slower, all the time!
19:42:37 Unklar just popped in for a bit; about to start cooking supper
19:42:46 alicebarr
19:42:53 cheryloakes webcaster Lobstertalk radio with her students.
19:43:07 cheryloakes webcaster Right Steve, always louder and slower!
19:45:01 stevesoko Had a staff member today who wanted to make a CD out of a 44 page legal document. One take, over lunch.
19:45:07 dougsymington frightening for adults too :) going on 'net radio that is....
19:45:24 cheryloakes webcaster Yes, it is frightening each week:-)
19:45:27 alicebarr @doug for sure!
19:45:49 dougsymington lol
19:45:50 cheryloakes webcaster Steve, did they make it or did you?
19:46:05 stevesoko Noble idea, it was for a visually impaired adult, but she had no clue as to what it would mean.
19:46:10 mrsdurff now they know!
19:46:26 mrsdurff hope you're clear
19:46:54 stevesoko She backed off, and heard the suggestion that we had to break it up, practice, etc.
19:47:01 mrsdurff Gilligan's Island Radio?
19:47:08 DaveC My teaching partner and I started a "secret reader" this year where we have different staff members read an anthology chapter. The students (ALL of them) come and and use it as a read-along and try to figure out who the secret reader is. Kind of a reverse on the radio show, but just happened to make the connection.
19:47:49 cheryloakes webcaster DaveC, that is a great idea!
19:47:54 dougsymington @DaveC great concept
19:48:46 alicebarr Yea Hi Bob
19:48:52 cheryloakes webcaster Hello and welcome Bob, how was the open house
19:49:16 stevesoko @Tracy - yes that is my rule, your kid will do the inschool assignment but if you object , the will not go on the podcast.
19:49:19 cheryloakes webcaster Hi CathyE, welcome to you, why were you happy for an early Christmas present?
19:49:20 bobsprankle hello all
19:49:42 DaveC Aahhh, Tales of Despero opera :-D
19:49:47 tracy excellent steveoko
19:50:31 dougsymington hi Bob and Cathy
19:50:34 cheryloakes webcaster Yes, Dave, we were talking Despero today.
19:50:40 bobsprankle hi doug!
19:50:55 alicebarr
19:51:10 bobsprankle the open house was great
19:52:23 stevesoko
19:52:40 cheryloakes webcaster Steve, is this your school radio?
19:53:15 Cathy E @cherlyoakes My hubby had a water purfication system installed - now I have good water :)
19:53:32 cheryloakes webcaster OH, good H2O very important. :-)
19:53:36 stevesoko @cheryl - this is one school's podcast page
19:53:49 stevesoko and another -
19:53:49 cheryloakes webcaster Oh, that is great STeve, thanks for sharing.
19:53:55 dougsymington @CathyE has the wind slowed down?
19:54:07 cheryloakes webcaster We are bracing for the wind this weekend.
19:54:16 Cathy E @ doug yes, finally
19:54:25 mrsdurff gtg take care all!
19:54:34 cheryloakes webcaster Thanks Durff.
19:55:35 stevesoko and just one more from my last school that is done 99% by two teachers who do not need my help (inspired by Bob's podcasts)
19:55:52 cheryloakes webcaster Thanks Steve for sharing these great podcasts!
19:56:12 cheryloakes webcaster These links will be available on our pages, Seedlings, and edtechtalk, look for the chat
19:56:12 bobsprankle Awesome, Steve! Thank you!
19:59:58 alicebarr Welcome nedra
19:59:58 DaveC (recording autobiographies) That's great! We tried using photostory3 last year to have the students create autobiographies of their podcast "DJ" names.
20:00:03 dougsymington great to hear about the human connection between youth
20:00:15 bobsprankle great question, Cheryl
20:00:52 cheryloakes webcaster This is so important for us to help kids identify their own toolkit
20:01:26 cheryloakes webcaster Hello Nedra, glad you are here.
20:01:30 stevesoko For Mother/Fathers Day we had 2nd grade kids select several pieces of writing in their writing folder portfolio, recorded them in Audacity, and then burned CD's. Big hit!
20:01:42 DaveC I love that it isn't "special" software, it is something that they can do on their own or more specifically, parents can do it too.
20:01:44 cheryloakes webcaster Oh, good idea Steve.
20:01:46 alicebarr Very cool project Steve
20:01:47 bobsprankle outstanding steve!
20:01:57 nedra Thanks Cheryl and Alice
20:02:18 stevesoko Sometimes my best skill is getting out of teh way of talented teachers
20:02:19 alicebarr Tracy shared these articles about the faster internet this summer
20:02:21 cheryloakes webcaster Yes, DaveC, that is so true, we need to share all these resources!
20:02:29 alicebarr
20:02:37 alicebarr
20:02:43 nedra Thanks for that idea Steve!
20:02:58 cheryloakes webcaster Steve should get the idea award tonight.
20:03:17 alicebarr I want to be in Tracy's class!
20:03:25 bobsprankle me too!
20:03:26 cheryloakes webcaster Me too , Alice!
20:03:33 dougsymington me too please
20:03:48 alicebarr :D
20:03:49 DaveC @cheryl: I used Storytelling Alice for some things last year and I had parents contacting the school to find out what it was because the students wanted to do it at home too. Talk about engaged students! One of those rare days I went home feeling really good :-)
20:04:06 alicebarr Awesome DaveC!
20:04:22 cheryloakes webcaster way cool DaveC!
20:04:59 DaveC Can we post the link for this?
20:05:18 cheryloakes webcaster Yes, please post it, do you have it DaveC?
20:05:34 DaveC No, the site Tracy was just talking about.
20:05:35 cheryloakes webcaster Or do you mean Tracy's links?
20:05:45 cheryloakes webcaster It is her geek of the week, coming up.
20:05:58 DaveC ooops, jumping ahead :-)
20:07:04 alicebarr Hold on we crASHED I THINK
20:07:13 bobsprankle uh oh
20:07:14 stevesoko One more assistive/special education idea I have done. Take a tough reading asignment and as a teacher, read it aloud into Audacity as a guided reading (before we start lets skim for words we don't recognize, etc), make it MP3, throw it into iTunes and the kid can talk teh hard reading to a quiet corner w/ an iPod. Special ed kid gets to be cool.
20:07:15 cheryloakes webcaster we are still
20:07:21 dougsymington another great idea: amazing race/treasure hunt == animated and engagedyouth
20:08:07 cheryloakes webcaster Oky alice
20:08:08 bobsprankle noooooo!
20:08:38 bobsprankle who's streaming? alice?
20:08:44 alicebarr no
20:08:45 cheryloakes webcaster I ama streaming
20:08:50 bobsprankle phew!
20:08:50 alicebarr Cheryl
20:09:29 alicebarr I'm missing all the good stuff!
20:09:32 cheryloakes webcaster alice did you restart? I still show you in m y skype
20:09:37 stevesoko @Tracy - Great Idea!
20:09:55 alicebarr I am back now
20:10:24 DaveC @steve (re making the mp3s of the reading) We did something like that, but had staff members doing the reading so the students would be trying to figure it out the "secret reader" while they listened.
20:11:04 alicebarr
20:11:05 stevesoko @DaveC i saw that idea. I think that is a great idea to try.
20:11:28 cheryloakes webcaster You can tune into Tracy's class, and can call in to her class by calling the callin number. Next Wed. she will have one local representative. Wed. 1pm EST.
20:11:41 cheryloakes webcaster So, we can paraticipate in Tracy's class!!!
20:11:51 DaveC @steve, I was thinking it was kind of a twist on yours. Lots of great ideas floating around, hard to keep track.
20:12:15 cheryloakes webcaster All this chat will be posted on Saturday the rainy day weekend for us.
20:13:17 dougsymington @Tracy have other teachers at your school expressed interest in radio with their classes
20:14:09 cheryloakes webcaster great question Doug!
20:17:18 cheryloakes webcaster
20:17:19 alicebarr
20:17:41 dougsymington yes, lets have a cameo appearance from the dogs
20:17:46 cheryloakes webcaster Here comes Tracy's geek of the week.
20:18:51 alicebarr
20:18:57 cheryloakes webcaster evening wireface, welcome we are at the geek of the week
20:19:12 wireface hey hey
20:20:12 wireface not quite sure how this room conducts business
20:20:46 wireface whos the geek of the week?
20:20:53 cheryloakes webcaster oh, there is an audio component, before the chat, there was a link for itunes, real player.
20:20:57 wireface besides myse;f
20:21:39 wireface I only use winamp
20:21:52 cheryloakes webcaster
20:22:16 alicebarr Hi sujokat
20:22:18 cheryloakes webcaster
20:22:21 alicebarr Welcome!
20:22:21 sujokat hi cheryl
20:22:25 dougsymington @wireface the speaker icon should launch default player
20:22:31 sujokat hi alice!!!
20:22:34 dougsymington winamp on your machine
20:22:35 cheryloakes webcaster Hello, good morning to sujokat
20:22:37 DaveC @wireface, click on the black speaker icon, it will use winamp (which is what I use too)
20:22:57 wireface got it
20:23:00 wireface thnx
20:23:05 cheryloakes webcaster
20:23:13 dougsymington 10^100 *does* look like a great project
20:23:43 sujokat helloall
20:23:51 dougsymington hi Sue
20:23:55 DaveC Hey Sue!
20:23:57 cheryloakes webcaster teachers and students can enter the contest
20:24:10 cheryloakes webcaster google project looks great
20:24:11 alicebarr
20:24:31 cheryloakes webcaster Sue, nice to have you here. How is your school year, are you nearly at break time?
20:25:04 sujokat we are on spring break now!
20:25:18 sujokat how are you cheryl?
20:25:26 alicebarr How Design Can Save Democracy By Richard Gref?© and Jessica Friedman Hewitt
20:25:30 cheryloakes webcaster Happy Spring Break to Sue and other friends from AU!
20:26:03 cheryloakes webcaster Sue, I am so busy at school, the first month is always the busiest! But looking forward to next month
20:26:23 DaveC Here you fine Bob
20:26:33 dougsymington there's a setting in skype Bob, but sounds great here as well
20:26:55 DaveC Hi Lauren.
20:26:57 alicebarr "Fakely"
20:26:58 dougsymington on windows anyway, you can "deselect" 'let skype adjust my settings'
20:27:15 sujokat hi loz
20:27:23 cheryloakes webcaster
20:28:25 cheryloakes webcaster I love fakely!
20:28:43 cheryloakes webcaster Hello Laruenogrady
20:29:04 DaveC
20:29:34 dougsymington another lovely show folks
20:30:00 cheryloakes webcaster Thanks Doug
20:30:04 DaveC US, CA and AU tonight...
20:30:17 bobsprankle awesome, dave~!
20:30:19 alicebarr Thanks Doug!
20:30:25 tracy thanks all
20:30:45 cheryloakes webcaster See you next week!
20:30:46 DaveC Not I, it was already there.
20:30:52 nedra Thanks everyone!
20:30:55 dougsymington dates back to 02
20:31:01 dougsymington who knew?
20:31:08 cheryloakes webcaster Thanks all, for coming and joining in.
20:31:16 dougsymington ty Cheryl
20:31:46 stevesoko thanks everyone!
20:31:59 cheryloakes webcaster Steve, thanks for all the good ideas.
20:32:06 sujokat thanks guys
20:32:08 cheryloakes webcaster Sue, come back while you are on break.
20:32:10 dougsymington take care all and thanks again
20:32:12 DaveC Great show, thanks!
20:32:29 DaveC Sue, even on break, still doing Sunday night?
20:33:40 sujokat yes dave we are dedicated
20:33:45 sujokat hehe
20:34:00 DaveC :-=)
20:34:31 DaveC HOpefully I'll be there this week. 5:30 is just sooo early :)
20:34:42 bobsprankle night all!
20:34:47 DaveC nite
20:34:55 sujokat bye
20:36:26 DaveC Ya, I said "nite" but didn't log off :-)
20:37:25 DaveC @JL, are you actually at a school in Bow?
20:37:40 JL teaching a course at SNHU
20:38:02 DaveC Not Technology for Educators!
20:38:17 dougsymington how's the course going JL? is this the 1st week?
20:38:32 DaveC Actually, I was asking because I'm going to the NEA thing on 10/10 at the HS in Bow.
20:38:36 JL Yeah, first class was last night. Not too bad - no one cried :)
20:38:45 DaveC or quit....?
20:39:02 JL or quit... so far
20:39:06 dougsymington good to hear
20:39:13 dougsymington always a good thing
20:39:13 JL hear great things about our high school
20:39:33 JL thought of having kids, just so we can send them to Bow's great schools
20:39:41 DaveC haha
20:39:44 JL hoping that will help when we try to sell our house next year
20:39:56 DaveC We had them because I was tired of taking out the trash....long driveway.
20:40:40 JL planning on being around for ETBS, perhaps Ustreaming if folks want Doug. going to reboot - brb
20:40:50 dougsymington k thx
20:41:35 DaveC Hi Doug, I'm Dave.
20:49:48 dougsymington hey jeh
20:51:13 Jason R Greetings
20:51:20 Jason R Playing with Drupal tonight?
20:53:35 dougsymington sorry Jason
20:53:43 dougsymington multitasking, but yes
20:54:13 sheila Hi all!
20:54:14 dougsymington Drupal on the agenda
20:54:20 dougsymington hey Sheila
20:54:42 JL I playing tunes on Ustream Doug - let me know when you're on
20:54:57 dougsymington thx JL
20:55:30 dougsymington stream up now
20:56:19 dougsymington skype me when ready
20:57:30 Jason R Sounds OK to me.
20:57:59 matt montagne hey y'all
20:58:13 sheila hey right! ????
20:58:42 sheila I read Alec's post.
20:59:05 Jason R
21:03:07 dougsymington
21:05:41 sheila JUst used jong tonight for open house!
21:05:47 sheila *jing
21:10:45 matt montagne screen capturing is built in natively
21:10:50 matt montagne command shift 4
21:12:47 matt montagne Jing on mac works fine, but creates HUGE files
21:13:11 JL strange -they're amazingly small on Windows
21:13:19 matt montagne ishowU by shinywhitebox is a good cheap mac screencasting app that allows some decent compression options...
21:13:42 matt montagne @jl...perhaps something in my settings
21:13:45 Jason R Thanks Matt. iShowU is the other one I could not recall
21:15:07 Jason R
21:15:45 matt montagne JL...what happend to the chat room you were experimenting with a week ago??
21:16:05 matt montagne I thought it was more snappy, but didn't have colors
21:16:22 matt montagne funny, b/c it seemed to perform better!!!
21:16:31 sheila colors?
21:16:46 matt montagne uh oh, here goes sheila with the colors thing!
21:16:53 Jason R For completeness sake: video screen capture -
21:16:55 sheila :)
21:16:59 matt montagne actually sheila was in that room...
21:17:00 Jason R SnapZ Pro
21:17:29 matt montagne google 10 to the 100th for world bout it??
21:17:37 matt montagne I think we should go for it!!!
21:17:57 Jason R is there a
21:18:10 matt montagne 300 words or less for proposal or something like that
21:20:11 matt montagne
21:21:32 matt montagne 3 g is a WIMAX killer
21:21:47 matt montagne although I'm not sure WIMAX ever lived
21:22:18 JL do you want to join in Matt?
21:22:47 matt montagne sure, hold up
21:25:42 sheila
21:27:22 Jason R World Ocean Day - June 8th
21:27:32 Jason R
21:27:49 Jason R Anyone up for webcasting underwater?
21:30:08 Jason R Look out for leopard seals, hear those guys are nasty
21:31:33 sheila She usually dives in the lakes . . . but she is very aware of those things!
21:32:13 sheila One weddell took her dive hole hostage for a while and she almost ran into problems but it scooted away just in time.
21:36:06 Jason R worldbridger?
21:36:20 JL
21:37:17 JL setting up sciencebridges there now - prefer another domain?
21:41:38 Jason R
21:42:15 sheila @jl - speaking of which, did I screw up the calendar this week at WCA?
21:45:50 dougsymington thx JR downloading now
21:46:12 Jason R worth the money in my opinion
21:46:16 sheila Hey Lorna!
21:46:21 lorna hey all
21:46:45 lorna get me up to speed pls
21:47:15 Jason R edtechtalk brainstorm talking drupal, timezones, antarctica,
21:47:20 lorna ty
21:47:37 Jason R Macintosh vs PC
21:47:47 lorna mac!!!!!
21:47:49 Jason R Wait what?
21:48:23 lorna url?
21:48:26 Jason R ?
21:48:58 sheila Yes, down the street from me . . .
21:49:30 matt montagne
21:49:40 matt montagne that is a public portfolio out of moodle
21:50:18 Jason R goes down on their permanent record...
21:51:48 Jason R Oh yeah, another neat thing about Earthdesk...has realtime cloud data overlayed on the image, so I can watch all the tropical storms march toward us in FL.
21:52:18 sheila Ohhhh! nice! Thanks for sharing that Jason!
21:52:24 lorna yes yes yes
21:52:33 sheila
21:53:21 lorna don't tell me how to do anything
21:53:52 lorna tomorrow night we are going to play drupal around 9:00 pm
21:53:56 Jason R Tried to join my local Drupal user group but the closest meeting is ~130 miles away :(
21:54:19 lorna using yugma
21:54:36 lorna we meaning darrell and peggy and I and ???
21:54:45 dougsymington
21:54:52 lorna jason can now lead the meeting
21:55:09 Jason R Lorna, I am starting a local install of Drupal on my Mac. Long way to go though.
21:55:34 Jason R Might take JL up on the scibridge playground/sandbox offer :D
21:56:00 lorna drupal can be pretty
21:56:24 lorna imagine me saying something nice about drupal
21:57:04 Jason R Time for me to sign off. Thanks and will try to tune in tomorrow for more Drupalage
21:57:20 sheila Thanks Jason!
21:57:35 matt montagne bye jason
21:57:49 lorna thanks for the plug doug
21:57:52 matt montagne nice to catch up!
21:58:28 lorna dream host !!
21:58:36 lorna hurrah
21:59:56 lorna night
22:00:03 sheila night all!
22:00:03 matt montagne nite y'all
22:00:37 matt montagne video is great
22:01:27 matt montagne gnite john boy