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This week, we were joined by Karen Janowski for our Conversation about Inclusion.  We tackled such issues as how to run a great inclusion program and who belongs and who doesn't belong in an inclusion classroom.

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2008-08-31 11:24:04 [Message] Lisa Parisi -> -EdTechTalk: Good morning all
2008-08-31 11:27:59 [Message] Lisa Parisi -> -EdTechTalk: Good morning...starting the stream
2008-08-31 11:28:55 [Message] Lisa Parisi -> -EdTechTalk: Stream should be running.  Can someone check the sound?
2008-08-31 11:29:12 [Message] Lisa Parisi -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Paul
2008-08-31 11:29:25 [Message] elizabethholmes -> -EdTechTalk: Sound is good here.
2008-08-31 11:29:46 [Message] wcgaskins -> -EdTechTalk: I have no sound
2008-08-31 11:29:57 [Message] Lisa Parisi -> -EdTechTalk: You usually have to reboot
2008-08-31 11:29:57 [Message] loonyhiker -> -EdTechTalk: i refreshed my page and now have sound
2008-08-31 11:30:06 [Message] Lisa Parisi -> -EdTechTalk: refresh..not reboot..sorry
2008-08-31 11:30:22 [Message] loonyhiker -> -EdTechTalk: shhh, skipped church to be here :)
2008-08-31 11:30:30 [Message] glovely -> -EdTechTalk: how do I get sound?
2008-08-31 11:31:34 [Message] loonyhiker -> -EdTechTalk: hi Bill!
2008-08-31 11:31:34 [Message] Lisa Parisi -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Peggy
2008-08-31 11:31:46 [Message] loonyhiker -> -EdTechTalk: hi christine and peggy!
2008-08-31 11:31:47 [Message] wcgaskins -> -EdTechTalk: hi pat do you have sound
2008-08-31 11:31:53 [Message] loonyhiker -> -EdTechTalk: yes, i have sound
2008-08-31 11:31:57 [Message] elizabethholmes -> -EdTechTalk: For sound click the speaker icon on upper right corner - Channel Ed TechTalk A
2008-08-31 11:32:15 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Hi all
2008-08-31 11:32:41 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: sound is great for me
2008-08-31 11:32:56 [Message] wcgaskins -> -EdTechTalk: i have sound
2008-08-31 11:33:20 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Love it! Intro Take2
2008-08-31 11:33:24 [Message] loonyhiker -> -EdTechTalk: voice sounds great
2008-08-31 11:33:47 [Message] CSouthard -> -EdTechTalk: Are we listening to you on the Ed-Tech Channel or via Ustream?
2008-08-31 11:33:55 [Message] Lisa Parisi -> -EdTechTalk:'s all about learning
2008-08-31 11:33:56 [Message] loonyhiker -> -EdTechTalk: i listen to ed tech channel
2008-08-31 11:33:57 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: ETT-A
2008-08-31 11:34:05 [Message] Lisa Parisi -> -EdTechTalk: not ustream
2008-08-31 11:35:04 [Message] sheila -> -EdTechTalk: Morning all!
2008-08-31 11:35:13 [Message] KarenJan -> -EdTechTalk: HI, everyone!
2008-08-31 11:35:21 [Message] MariaK -> -EdTechTalk: Welcome everyone - thanks for joining us today on this US holiday weekend.
2008-08-31 11:35:29 [Message] KarenJan -> -EdTechTalk: Hi, Sheila - saw your parents about an hour ago!
2008-08-31 11:35:38 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: I'm so excited to hear from KarenJan-she is one of my heroes with assistive tech!
2008-08-31 11:35:44 [Message] sheila -> -EdTechTalk: Riding their bikes?
2008-08-31 11:35:49 [Message] KarenJan -> -EdTechTalk: of course!
2008-08-31 11:35:53 [Message] sheila -> -EdTechTalk: :)
2008-08-31 11:36:07 [Message] loonyhiker -> -EdTechTalk: i got to meet karen in boston at the CEC convention :)
2008-08-31 11:36:34 [Message] CSouthard -> -EdTechTalk: I can't hear it. :(
2008-08-31 11:37:13 [Message] Lisa Parisi -> -EdTechTalk: Welcome Sue
2008-08-31 11:37:13 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: grat point, Lisa.Thanks for the update. important to address concerns of both bullies and victims!
2008-08-31 11:37:19 [Message] Sue Waters -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Lisa
2008-08-31 11:37:22 [Message] sheila -> -EdTechTalk: @csouthard - Have sound now?
2008-08-31 11:37:26 [Message] Amy C -> -EdTechTalk: I love those points Lisa.
2008-08-31 11:37:41 [Message] Lisa Parisi -> -EdTechTalk:
2008-08-31 11:37:48 [Message] nancykeane -> -EdTechTalk: I'm glad you were heard.  It is important for your daughter. congrats
2008-08-31 11:37:54 [Message] loonyhiker -> -EdTechTalk: bill and christine: do u have sound now?
2008-08-31 11:37:57 [Message] colleenk -> -EdTechTalk: Hi everyone!
2008-08-31 11:37:57 [Message] csouthard -> -EdTechTalk: no. Channel A keeps linking to Switch rather than Real Player or Windows
2008-08-31 11:38:16 [Message] MariaK -> -EdTechTalk: goodmorning colleen
2008-08-31 11:38:25 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: I love the "Don't Laugh at Me" curriculum and resources for inclusion--especially good for inclusion classes.
2008-08-31 11:38:28 [Message] Amy C -> -EdTechTalk: @csouthard sometimes I have problems and run the stream through iTunes
2008-08-31 11:38:37 [Message] sheila -> -EdTechTalk: How about iTunes?
2008-08-31 11:38:53 [Message] nancykeane -> -EdTechTalk: I had to restart iTunes but the sound is fine now.
2008-08-31 11:38:58 [Message] wcgaskins -> -EdTechTalk: i have sound through itunes
2008-08-31 11:39:31 [Message] sheila -> -EdTechTalk: How can that be?
2008-08-31 11:39:32 [Message] wcgaskins -> -EdTechTalk: do i need tto register and create an account with ed tech talk
2008-08-31 11:39:39 [Message] Amy C -> -EdTechTalk: no
2008-08-31 11:39:46 [Message] MariaK -> -EdTechTalk:
2008-08-31 11:40:04 [Message] Lisa Parisi -> -EdTechTalk: I find IE works best with the sound
2008-08-31 11:40:09 [Message] sheila -> -EdTechTalk: wcgaskins - no account needed
2008-08-31 11:40:11 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks Maria :-)
2008-08-31 11:40:15 [Message] MariaK -> -EdTechTalk: link for don't laugh at me.
2008-08-31 11:40:33 [Message] MariaK -> -EdTechTalk: hello kathy cassidy
2008-08-31 11:40:48 [Message] kathycassidy -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Maria
2008-08-31 11:40:59 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: wonderful example of the power of Plurk
2008-08-31 11:42:08 [Message] ChristineSouthard -> -EdTechTalk: Yeah!  I have sound.
2008-08-31 11:42:22 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: I think it's wise to choose our words on online conversations that can be viewed by everyone. Great point.
2008-08-31 11:43:01 [Message] paulbogush -> -EdTechTalk: real life-you don't have the same amount of time to choose your words
2008-08-31 11:43:03 [Message] loonyhiker -> -EdTechTalk: i think it is good for students to see that we can disagree, discuss, and still respect each other's opinions
2008-08-31 11:43:15 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: It's not about being dishonest in your conversations, whether f2f or online, but being considerate and respectful.
2008-08-31 11:44:04 [Message] McTeach -> -EdTechTalk: Lisa, I don't think I could have NOT said that!
2008-08-31 11:44:14 [Message] paulbogush -> -EdTechTalk: maybe there are times Lisa when you should say "Are you out of your mind!"
2008-08-31 11:44:16 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: you can make your point and accept that you can agree to disagree.
2008-08-31 11:45:24 [Message] Sue Waters -> -EdTechTalk: But text can also be badly misinterpreted
2008-08-31 11:45:34 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: it's especially challenging to choose words carefully in 140 characters! especially with emotionally loaded issues
2008-08-31 11:45:49 [Message] loonyhiker -> -EdTechTalk: i have seen inclusion done poorly and others done well
2008-08-31 11:46:09 [Message] MariaK -> -EdTechTalk: what do you all call inclusion at your schools?
2008-08-31 11:46:22 [Message] wcgaskins -> -EdTechTalk: I have seen it done poorly as well.
2008-08-31 11:46:45 [Message] loonyhiker -> -EdTechTalk: special ed students are in mainstream and sped tchr goes to that classroom for coteaching
2008-08-31 11:47:01 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: I love the co-teaching model :-)
2008-08-31 11:47:18 [Message] loonyhiker -> -EdTechTalk: in my school - tchr egos were the biggest problem
2008-08-31 11:47:26 [Message] csouthard -> -EdTechTalk: I LOVE that full-time model.
2008-08-31 11:47:27 [Message] wcgaskins -> -EdTechTalk: i have seen the coteaching model work well
2008-08-31 11:48:00 [Message] wcgaskins -> -EdTechTalk: pat you must have worked in my school district- teacher egos
2008-08-31 11:48:48 [Message] csouthard -> -EdTechTalk: Self-esteem is a key part of success in the inclusion program.
2008-08-31 11:48:58 [Message] Amy C -> -EdTechTalk: Our school is starting to move to co-teaching model.
2008-08-31 11:49:01 [Message] csouthard -> -EdTechTalk: Everyone is included and every student gets what they need.
2008-08-31 11:49:25 [Message] loonyhiker -> -EdTechTalk: lol reg ed tchr is territorial and is insulted that sped tchr is in classroom. admin should step in and explain roles but doesn't
2008-08-31 11:49:32 [Message] Amy C -> -EdTechTalk: right now we use a pull out program for needed extra help
2008-08-31 11:49:58 [Message] paulbogush -> -EdTechTalk: Isn't it law that every spec ed kid has to spend 80% of time with peers or is that just CT?
2008-08-31 11:50:08 [Message] Lisa Parisi -> -EdTechTalk: Not here in NY Paul
2008-08-31 11:50:14 [Message] Amy C -> -EdTechTalk: not in MO
2008-08-31 11:50:15 [Message] loonyhiker -> -EdTechTalk: not here in SC paul
2008-08-31 11:50:35 [Message] csouthard -> -EdTechTalk: @Paul it depends on the IEP in NY
2008-08-31 11:50:39 [Message] nancykeane -> -EdTechTalk: we've just gone back to pull out
2008-08-31 11:50:46 [Message] loonyhiker -> -EdTechTalk: here too christine
2008-08-31 11:51:01 [Message] wcgaskins -> -EdTechTalk: got to go folks bye
2008-08-31 11:51:05 [Message] loonyhiker -> -EdTechTalk: bye bill
2008-08-31 11:51:23 [Message] sheila -> -EdTechTalk: @loonyhiker - I experience some of the opposite. They have no time to co-teach, stay in my class, plan with me.
2008-08-31 11:51:33 [Message] paulbogush -> -EdTechTalk: So if I said 20% of my kids have IEP's that would not be the norm huh?
2008-08-31 11:51:52 [Message] csouthard -> -EdTechTalk: That's a good point Maria.
2008-08-31 11:52:13 [Message] loonyhiker -> -EdTechTalk: @sheila that would be ideal to me - to plan together, work on strategies together, leave egos out
2008-08-31 11:52:54 [Message] loonyhiker -> -EdTechTalk: i wish we could drop labels and teach the ind. needs
2008-08-31 11:53:28 [Message] Amy C -> -EdTechTalk: I agree with @loonyhiker
2008-08-31 11:54:05 [Message] loonyhiker -> -EdTechTalk: in my univ. class i tell them that i feel labels has to do w/ funding not about ind. student needs
2008-08-31 11:54:24 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: there are lots of different models for co-teaching--doesn't have to be teaching side-by-side.
2008-08-31 11:54:40 [Message] nancykeane -> -EdTechTalk: agree loonyhiker.  Funds are available (mandated) for those with labels.
2008-08-31 11:54:43 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: it does require co-planning though and lots of communication
2008-08-31 11:55:03 [Message] loonyhiker -> -EdTechTalk: can we clone lisa and christine? :)
2008-08-31 11:55:28 [Message] jansmith -> -EdTechTalk: how much resistance to inclusion/co-teaching is about teacher fear around being observed by a colleague?
2008-08-31 11:55:31 [Message] csouthard -> -EdTechTalk: integrated groups get pulled out
2008-08-31 11:55:38 [Message] Amy C -> -EdTechTalk: but p/t can be done push in
2008-08-31 11:55:39 [Message] csouthard -> -EdTechTalk: not just the "classified kids"
2008-08-31 11:55:50 [Message] paulbogush -> -EdTechTalk: That is the model in CT
2008-08-31 11:55:55 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: how do you address inclusion with gifted kids?
2008-08-31 11:56:02 [Message] Amy C -> -EdTechTalk: I had a student with spinabifida last year and p/t was done push in
2008-08-31 11:56:16 [Message] KarenJan -> -EdTechTalk: @Amy - what did that look like?
2008-08-31 11:56:21 [Message] csouthard -> -EdTechTalk: We level instruction for math/reading/writing
2008-08-31 11:56:21 [Message] loonyhiker -> -EdTechTalk: @jan and in my school, any suggestions from sped tchr is seen as a criticism of reg. ed
2008-08-31 11:56:24 [Message] Amy C -> -EdTechTalk: @Peggy I would like to know that as wel
2008-08-31 11:56:31 [Message] csouthard -> -EdTechTalk: Depending on pre-assessment results and IEP goals
2008-08-31 11:57:22 [Message] Amy C -> -EdTechTalk: @KarenJan she would come in and work with her.  One day she would work on walking
2008-08-31 11:57:24 [Message] csouthard -> -EdTechTalk: Our speech teachers push in during podcasting/vodcasting
2008-08-31 11:57:32 [Message] Amy C -> -EdTechTalk: One day she would use manipulatives to help
2008-08-31 11:58:29 [Message] Amy C -> -EdTechTalk: @KarenJan, she would talk to me about what we would be doing and work on her skills around what we were doing
2008-08-31 11:58:44 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: I have some excellent resources for co-teaching models that I used when I taught student teachers but they aren't online-handouts and documents.
2008-08-31 11:58:50 [Message] jansmith -> -EdTechTalk: many pull-out spaces are disrespectful: closets, storage rooms
2008-08-31 11:59:03 [Message] csouthard -> -EdTechTalk: A lot 4 some teachers
2008-08-31 11:59:23 [Message] csouthard -> -EdTechTalk: Lisa and I are comfortable b/c we've been together 4 a while
2008-08-31 11:59:44 [Message] nancykeane -> -EdTechTalk: I have several pull-out small groups in the library every period.
2008-08-31 11:59:48 [Message] loonyhiker -> -EdTechTalk: i think communication is the key btween the 2 tchrs
2008-08-31 11:59:49 [Message] Amy C -> -EdTechTalk: @Csouthard I think comfort level is important
2008-08-31 11:59:50 [Message] csouthard -> -EdTechTalk: I also think it is about the relationship you have w/ your co-teacher
2008-08-31 12:00:02 [Message] paulbogush -> -EdTechTalk: With my spec ed co-teachers I wasn't concerned about being watched, but clash of personalities and differences "how" classes should be conducted
2008-08-31 12:00:15 [Message] KarenJan -> -EdTechTalk: Here's a great video to help people understand how children learn different and about inclusion from a different perspective - Animal School
2008-08-31 12:00:16 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: relationship and communications are critical to co-teaching!
2008-08-31 12:00:19 [Message] KarenJan -> -EdTechTalk:
2008-08-31 12:00:28 [Message] loonyhiker -> -EdTechTalk: as dept. head, i had to play mediator so many times between the 2 tchrs
2008-08-31 12:00:36 [Message] jansmith -> -EdTechTalk: Sometimes the resistance to integration comes from the spec.ed techer side--they prefer pull out
2008-08-31 12:00:37 [Message] KarenJan -> -EdTechTalk: have you seen Animal School?
2008-08-31 12:00:40 [Message] csouthard -> -EdTechTalk: I've been with co-teachers who were not comfortable working w/ me. We were just placed together.
2008-08-31 12:00:59 [Message] paulbogush -> -EdTechTalk: Lisa-do you and Christine have essentially the same ed philosophy?
2008-08-31 12:00:59 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: @KarenJan-that's a great video for raising awareness about meeting the needs of every child!
2008-08-31 12:01:07 [Message] loonyhiker -> -EdTechTalk: instead of communicating w/ each other, they could only complain and criticize. i had to interpret and read btween the lines. i was exhausted
2008-08-31 12:01:14 [Message] Lisa Parisi -> -EdTechTalk: Paul, very much so.
2008-08-31 12:01:24 [Message] jansmith -> -EdTechTalk: "you have to be comfortable with not being perfect" YES!
2008-08-31 12:01:29 [Message] csouthard -> -EdTechTalk: and You also have to be flexible to change in the middle of a lesson when you realize something isn't working.
2008-08-31 12:02:31 [Message] paulbogush -> -EdTechTalk: Hard to co-teach when one teacher is PBL-inquiry and the other is Mr. Worksheet
2008-08-31 12:02:33 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: @loonyhiker-your experience is very common-it's really hard work when co-teachers aren't on the same page! Exhausting!
2008-08-31 12:02:46 [Message] csouthard -> -EdTechTalk: You have to learn how to go with the flow during high tide and low.
2008-08-31 12:03:15 [Message] KarenJan -> -EdTechTalk: how many of you  use Universal Design for Learning principles in your classrooms?
2008-08-31 12:03:16 [Message] loonyhiker -> -EdTechTalk: you are so right, when we got down to the nuts and bolts, they didn't trust each other.
2008-08-31 12:03:54 [Message] paulbogush -> -EdTechTalk: So the teachers need the same basic teaching "morals" but it might not matter if they have different methods in getting to the same results
2008-08-31 12:04:23 [Message] jansmith -> -EdTechTalk: UDL has great potential if you have classroom access to tech--running up and down the hall to the lab kills
2008-08-31 12:05:01 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: I think co-teaching is an excellent model for teachers to use with student teachers and it prepares them to be a co-teacher in their own classroom.
2008-08-31 12:05:05 [Message] Lisa Parisi -> -EdTechTalk: UDL works with other tools, too, Jan.  Like fidget toys
2008-08-31 12:05:24 [Message] csouthard -> -EdTechTalk: I love the relaxation station.  I don't think that was in the UDL toolbox.
2008-08-31 12:05:41 [Message] Lisa Parisi -> -EdTechTalk: That was responsive Classroom, Christine.
2008-08-31 12:05:57 [Message] KarenJan -> -EdTechTalk: to learn more about UDL- and check the curriculum self-check link on right side
2008-08-31 12:06:02 [Message] loonyhiker -> -EdTechTalk: I am promoting UDL in my univ. classes.
2008-08-31 12:06:37 [Message] jansmith -> -EdTechTalk: @lisa absolutely, we run the Alert program whole class. I am thinking curric & information access for all
2008-08-31 12:07:35 [Message] Amy C -> -EdTechTalk: That is the key.  Put our adult differences aside and do what is best for the child
2008-08-31 12:07:37 [Message] jansmith -> -EdTechTalk: Alert is a self-regulation, self monitoring program
2008-08-31 12:07:49 [Message] Amy C -> -EdTechTalk: I also think that we often underestimate what students can do
2008-08-31 12:09:00 [Message] KarenJan -> -EdTechTalk: Rick Lavoie - "Fair doesn't mean giving everyone the same, Fair means giving everyone what they need"
2008-08-31 12:09:02 [Message] Amy C -> -EdTechTalk: We work on fair in the classroom.  I discuss from day 1 that all students can do what they are capable of.  No two students are capable of the same thing.  So, we talk about what fair means
2008-08-31 12:09:08 [Message] ChristineSouthard -> -EdTechTalk: We start the year w/ an ability awareness genre study and discussions about fairness.
2008-08-31 12:09:22 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: @loonyhiker-so glad you're introducing univ students to UDL-I did that too and they struggled because no teaching experience and often their coop teacher didn't use it, but they learned the value of UDL and how to plan!
2008-08-31 12:09:25 [Message] jansmith -> -EdTechTalk: I try to address the "fairness" converation early
2008-08-31 12:09:49 [Message] Amy C -> -EdTechTalk: @ChristineSouthard can you explain a little how that looks
2008-08-31 12:10:57 [Message] elizabethholmes -> -EdTechTalk: Learned a lot from presentation and conversation! Have to take Mom to lunch now.Thanks to all.
2008-08-31 12:11:46 [Message] csouthard -> -EdTechTalk: Every September, we begin our school year with a leveled reading unit on acceptance. Some of the books the students read include: Sahara Special by Esme Raji Codell, The Hank Zipzer Series by Henry Winkler. Al Capone Does My Shirts  by Gennifer Choldenko and The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. These are all books that deal with students with special needs and acceptance.
2008-08-31 12:12:06 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Love the Thomas Jefferson quote re fairness--There is nothing more unequal than the equal treatment of unequal people.
2008-08-31 12:12:07 [Message] KarenJan -> -EdTechTalk: Hi, Paul!
2008-08-31 12:12:15 [Message] paulrwood -> -EdTechTalk: Hello KJ
2008-08-31 12:12:31 [Message] csouthard -> -EdTechTalk: During this unit the students will explore the value of individuality, tolerance, positive interactions, as well as positive goals that motivate and encourage. At the completion of this unit, students will learn what it means to accept themselves and others, and have a better understanding and acceptance of differences.
2008-08-31 12:13:25 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Great unit!
2008-08-31 12:14:06 [Message] csouthard -> -EdTechTalk: We usually start the year w/ classified students who don't want to use the tools they are required to use like a slant board for an OT issue.
2008-08-31 12:14:23 [Message] nancykeane -> -EdTechTalk: Students will come to know their own toolkit.
2008-08-31 12:15:14 [Message] csouthard -> -EdTechTalk: The kids learn how to compromise
2008-08-31 12:15:27 [Message] loonyhiker -> -EdTechTalk: what a great unit!
2008-08-31 12:15:36 [Message] csouthard -> -EdTechTalk: We also made more slant boards w/ old binders and clips
2008-08-31 12:15:57 [Message] MariaK -> -EdTechTalk:
2008-08-31 12:16:07 [Message] KarenJan -> -EdTechTalk: UDL Tech Toolkit for All Classrooms -
2008-08-31 12:16:58 [Message] kathycassidy -> -EdTechTalk: Great topic this morning.  I enjoyed listening in.  Got to run.
2008-08-31 12:18:13 [Message] csouthard -> -EdTechTalk: challening
2008-08-31 12:18:15 [Message] loonyhiker -> -EdTechTalk: i can't tell you how many times i have given ppl that link to the udl tech toolkit!
2008-08-31 12:18:23 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: It helps when teachers teach all students about their own toolkit for learning-everyone has a toolkit then--not just the inclusion kids. :-)
2008-08-31 12:18:42 [Message] KarenJan -> -EdTechTalk: absolutely, peggy
2008-08-31 12:18:54 [Message] loonyhiker -> -EdTechTalk: all students in every class should learn what tools they need to b successful
2008-08-31 12:19:01 [Message] Amy C -> -EdTechTalk: thanks @csouthard
2008-08-31 12:19:10 [Message] csouthard -> -EdTechTalk: and it affects their self-esteem
2008-08-31 12:21:26 [Message] Amy C -> -EdTechTalk: our problem we have with severe disability kiddos is lack of $$ for support in the classroom, especially if they are on a functional curriculum
2008-08-31 12:21:27 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: just placing students in a mainstream classroom doesn't meet their needs--depends on how the teacher adapts the cirruclum to include them
2008-08-31 12:21:34 [Message] nancykeane -> -EdTechTalk: In first grade, my son was pulled out for ESOL, OT, SPED, Reading Recovery, and counselor.  When was he in the classroom?
2008-08-31 12:21:52 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: hate it when I mistype curriculum!
2008-08-31 12:22:00 [Message] MariaK -> -EdTechTalk: good point nancy
2008-08-31 12:22:13 [Message] Amy C -> -EdTechTalk: @nancykeane that was what my year started off like with my spinabifida student last year and I insisted upon push in
2008-08-31 12:22:47 [Message] nancykeane -> -EdTechTalk: I also demanded that services be delivered in class.  He hated being pulled out.
2008-08-31 12:23:55 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: even when they are not pulled out of the classroom, but continually isolated within the classroom (special location in corner of room) and always taught separately, that isn't true inclusion.
2008-08-31 12:25:03 [Message] nancykeane -> -EdTechTalk: BTW, my son just graduated from college with high honors so all that work by his teachers through the year paid off!!
2008-08-31 12:25:18 [Message] loonyhiker -> -EdTechTalk: mine was pulled out for ED services which only hurt her self esteem more cuz kids made fun of her
2008-08-31 12:25:30 [Message] nancykeane -> -EdTechTalk: I meant to say through the years!!  Not just first grade!
2008-08-31 12:25:34 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: @nancykeane Awesome! the power of parent advocacy! You should feel so proud!
2008-08-31 12:26:28 [Message] nancykeane -> -EdTechTalk: @PeggyG.  Thanks. He really worked hard to overcome his problems.
2008-08-31 12:26:33 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: tests often don't measure the real learning of kids-whether special ed. or regular ed!
2008-08-31 12:26:48 [Message] Amy C -> -EdTechTalk: we have so many kids that fall through the cracks and do not receive any support. So, push-in and co-teaching help meet their needs as well
2008-08-31 12:27:51 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: so many teachers don't want to read the IEPs and past history of a student because they don't want to be "biased" and pre-judge them. But I think they need to be informed and plan accordingly to meet their needs.
2008-08-31 12:30:23 [Message] loonyhiker -> -EdTechTalk: i don't read them the first day so i can be unbiased, but after meeting them, i want to know everything about them
2008-08-31 12:30:44 [Message] loonyhiker -> -EdTechTalk: wow, this has been a great conversation! i can't blieve an hour has flown by
2008-08-31 12:31:10 [Message] Lisa Parisi -> -EdTechTalk: WE must read IEPs at first.
2008-08-31 12:31:17 [Message] ReneTorresVisso -> -Puentes al Mundo: Hola
2008-08-31 12:32:07 [Message] nancykeane -> -EdTechTalk: Thank you all.  A great conversaton.
2008-08-31 12:33:31 [Message] Lisa Parisi -> -EdTechTalk:
2008-08-31 12:33:41 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Another great conversation! Lisa and Marie - you do an awesome job of facilitating and asking great questions!
2008-08-31 12:34:10 [Message] Amy C -> -EdTechTalk: thanks for the great conversation
2008-08-31 12:34:12 [Message] Lisa Parisi -> -EdTechTalk: Thank you all for coming
2008-08-31 12:34:15 [Message] ReneTorresVisso -> -Puentes al Mundo: Ya observamos
2008-08-31 12:34:19 [Message] ReneTorresVisso -> -Puentes al Mundo: =)
2008-08-31 12:34:36 [Message] ReneTorresVisso -> -Puentes al Mundo: =)
2008-08-31 12:34:40 [Message] JoseRodriguez -> -Puentes al Mundo: hola
2008-08-31 12:34:49 [Message] loonyhiker -> -EdTechTalk: thank y'all!
2008-08-31 12:34:57 [Message] colleenk -> -EdTechTalk: Enjoy your weekend, all!
2008-08-31 12:35:03 [Message] csouthard -> -EdTechTalk: Bye
2008-08-31 12:35:04 [Message] paulrwood -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks
2008-08-31 12:35:09 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks all-loved the contributions from the chat room! Thanks Karen for your input!
2008-08-31 12:35:18 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: bye all
2008-08-31 12:35:25 [Message] Lisa Parisi -> -EdTechTalk: Bye all

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