New Show Idea - Conversations with Maria Knee and Lisa Parisi

  1. What is your show concept?

             Conversations will be a show inviting people in to converse on various topics relating to education in the 21st century.  Some topics to be discussed are extrinsic vs. intrinsic motivation, what is a tech rich classroom, setting up social networks for kids, the importance or lack of importance of social networking for administrators.


    2.  Who is the producer of the show? Who else will be a host? Tell us about the people involved in producing the show.

                Lisa Parisi and Maria Knee are producers and hosts.  Lisa Parisi is a webcaster who cohosts a monthly show called Teachers are Talking.  Maria Knee is a webcaster who cohosts a bi-monthly show called It's Elementary. She also helps out with WOW 2.0 and Making Connections as needed. 

    3.  How often do you plan to broadcast?

                We plan to broadcast weekly on Sunday mornings 15:30 GMT, 11:30 AM EDT.  

    4. Why do you want your show to be an EdTechTalk show, rather than hosting it on your own or using a different network?

                 We are both part of the ETT community and would like to continue contributing.

     5. How does your show fit in to the EdTechTalk community? What will it contribute? What do you hope to gain from participation in the community?

                This show fits EdTechTalk because it is a place where educators can come together to connect, discuss, and debate issues relating to learning and technology in education.  We feel it will contribute a valuable service by providing a venue for multi-sided discussions handled in a respectful and intelligent manner. We look forward to sharing our ideas and learning with our fellow ETT community members and others who listen to the show. 

    6.  What kind of support would you need to get started?

                We need a time to stream and a place to stream, which ETT and WorldBridges provides. 

Great show ladies, and you will have a following. Cheryl Oakes Collaborative Content Coach Wells Ogunquit Schools Wells, ME 04090 Women of Web 2.0