Women of Web 2.0 Show 83 Live from NECC08

You may not have made it to NECC08, but believe me by the time you read the chat, listen to the podcast and check out the links, you will feel like you were in the audience. The podcast was recorded in full, which will help all of you who missed pieces of the conversation due to the bandwidth dropping!

I want to thank Kevin Honeycutt for his help and audio cables which made the recording possible. I want to thank ISTE for setting up a space for Women of Web 2.0 to stream after hours. Also thanking the audience we had in the chat room and at the Convention Center. You, the listeners make our show!

Our friend Peggy George add video of the webcast to her ning page. Please check it out.

You will see a great photo of our audience. If you have others images please let us know and we will link to them.

The chat from NECC08

[email protected] 20:57:50  jspence  Hello. Is this the wow show? First time here. Not sure where to get the stream.
[email protected] 20:57:57  Jen Wagner (California)  from Texas to CA to ME to Texas
[email protected] 20:57:58  nancypratt  Yes, this is

[email protected] 20:58:10  Jen Wagner (California)  but ALMOST
[email protected] 20:58:19  jspence  Thank you.
[email protected] 20:59:09  Jen Wagner (California)  I can hear Maria -- but don't know if they ca nHEAR me??
[email protected] 20:59:36  LucyGray  Hello everyone!
[email protected] 20:59:56  bonnine (Louisiana)  Good evening!
[email protected] 21:00:11  kcaise  hi everyone
[email protected] 21:00:12  nancypratt  Hi Bonnine!
[email protected] 21:00:28  Jen Wagner (California)  Can you hear us??
[email protected] 21:00:30  Jen Wagner (California)  :)
[email protected] 21:00:39  Vicki Davis  Hello everyone.
[email protected] 21:00:42  alicebarr (Maine)  No not yet
[email protected] 21:00:46  nancypratt  are you talking--we can't here
[email protected] 21:00:47  bonnine (Louisiana)  No sound or video yet.
[email protected] 21:00:48  nancypratt  hear
[email protected] 21:00:53  alicebarr (Maine)  ETT still says not streaming
[email protected] 21:01:00  Jen Wagner (California)  Smiles -- so relaxed being so far away  :)
[email protected] 21:01:07  nancypratt  that's what we see
[email protected] 21:01:21  kevinessdack  Hello
[email protected] 21:01:31  Vicki Davis  @loonyhiker -- Hi!!!
[email protected] 21:01:39  loonyhiker  hi there!
[email protected] 21:01:46  Jen Wagner (California)  Hello everyone!!!
[email protected] 21:01:53  karenjan  Hi, Jen, Hi Pat!
[email protected] 21:01:54  Jen Wagner (California)  and they dropped me again  :)
[email protected] 21:02:02  karenjan  is there audio yet?
[email protected] 21:02:04  Jen Wagner (California)  nope
[email protected] 21:02:10  kevinessdack  Working on it
[email protected] 21:02:16  karenjan  is there a SL link for this?
[email protected] 21:02:17  Vicki Davis  We're working on the audio everyone -- Cheryl will get it fixed.
[email protected] 21:02:19  loonyhiker  i don't hear anything and thought i was going deaf and was afraid to ask lol
[email protected] 21:02:30  Jen Wagner (California)  LOL
[email protected] 21:02:32  Jen Wagner (California)  nope
[email protected] 21:02:32  nancypratt  no worries
[email protected] 21:02:35  Jen Wagner (California)  things are just fine
[email protected] 21:02:36  Vicki Davis  No, we're coming -- just a moment.  OK, everyone drop in your favorite web 2 tool for this week.
[email protected] 21:02:41  Vicki Davis  So we have something to explore.
[email protected] 21:02:41  loonyhiker  r those of u at necc having fun?
[email protected] 21:02:47  bonnine (Louisiana)  is this streamed into sl?
[email protected] 21:02:50  Vicki Davis  Is anyone hearing the stream?
[email protected] 21:02:50  peregrinator  having a great time
[email protected] 21:02:55  Vicki Davis  Maria is testing the stream.
[email protected] 21:02:57  Jen Wagner (California)  hmmm -- bonnine -- not sure
[email protected] 21:03:02  Virtual Teacher (Quebec)  Having a fantastic time at NECC
[email protected] 21:03:05  Jen Wagner (California)  Hey MATT -- peregrinator -- and everyone
[email protected] 21:03:09  Vicki Davis  Just a moment, we think we have it going.
[email protected] 21:03:17  matt montagne  hey y'all
[email protected] 21:03:27  alicebarr (Maine)  I hear It's elementary
[email protected] 21:03:31  alicebarr (Maine)  Hi MAria!
[email protected] 21:03:50  loonyhiker  i don't hear anything yet vicki
[email protected] 21:03:53  Jen Wagner (California)  remember to choose your color -- far left button
[email protected] 21:04:25  nancypratt  thanks for the tip!
[email protected] 21:04:31  loonyhiker  brb, gotta reboot computer, it is acting cracy
[email protected] 21:04:33  loonyhiker  crazy
[email protected] 21:04:34  karenjan  thunderstorm happening here
[email protected] 21:04:35  sdaum  Is this Women of Web 2.0?
[email protected] 21:04:41  kevinessdack  Getting started!
[email protected] 21:04:42  Jen Wagner (California)  Please log off and then log back on with your LOCATION -- like Jennifer (California) if you want too
[email protected] 21:04:48  Virtual Teacher (Quebec)  This is WOW2
[email protected] 21:04:53  Jen Wagner (California)  at SDaum -- yep
[email protected] 21:04:59  karenjan  yes, ma'am!
[email protected] 21:05:13  sdaum  okay, thanks!
[email protected] 21:05:25  Jen Wagner (California)  Yeah Karen!!
[email protected] 21:05:29  Jen Wagner (California)  kinda cool -- huh??
[email protected] 21:05:38  derrallg  Hi Jen
[email protected] 21:05:45  Jen Wagner (California)  Hey Derrall -- how is life???
[email protected] 21:05:50  karenjan (Boston)  yes, Jen - looking forward to hearing about NECC tonight!
[email protected] 21:06:04  derrallg  good but I had no wireless for a long time today
[email protected] 21:06:07  Jen Wagner (California)  KarenJan -- I have been to more NECC this year virtually than I did last year -- really being there!!!
[email protected] 21:06:12  Jen Wagner (California)  Derrall??  Why??
[email protected] 21:06:21  Jen Wagner (California)  Hello Liz and abubnic
[email protected] 21:06:23  Jen Wagner (California)  welcome
[email protected] 21:06:27  lizbdavis  Hi Jen
[email protected] 21:06:32  lizbdavis  Is there audio?
[email protected] 21:06:36  Jen Wagner (California)  Not yet
[email protected] 21:06:37  Jen Wagner (California)  almost
[email protected] 21:06:43  Jen Wagner (California)  small technical difficulties
[email protected] 21:06:46  karenjan (Boston)  @jen - spent a lot of time on Sunday with you but not muchsince then
[email protected] 21:06:55  Jen Wagner (California)  Karen -- Sunday was overload
[email protected] 21:06:57  karenjan (Boston)  Hi, @lizb!
[email protected] 21:07:03  Jen Wagner (California)  Yesterday -- 3 sessions
[email protected] 21:07:05  Jen Wagner (California)  today -- 2
[email protected] 21:07:06  lizbdavis  Hi Karen. Hi everyone.
[email protected] 21:07:12  Bonnine (Lousiana)  will there be video?
[email protected] 21:07:13  Jen Wagner (California)  :)  tmorrow--- ??  1???
[email protected] 21:07:19  Jen Wagner (California)  Bonnine -- sorry, nope
[email protected] 21:07:21  alicebarr (Maine)  Hi Liz Hi Karen
[email protected] 21:07:26  karenjan (Boston)  @jen, next year in DC - we can't miss it!
[email protected] 21:07:29  alicebarr (Maine)  Hi Mike
[email protected] 21:07:30  karenjan (Boston)  HI, Alice!
[email protected] 21:07:36  Jen Wagner (California)  Karen -- we are putting together some family fun in DC
[email protected] 21:07:46  Jen Wagner (California)  going to ask a church to perhaps provide childcare during the day
[email protected] 21:07:52  Jen Wagner (California)  while parents are at NECC
[email protected] 21:07:54  marsenault  Hi Alice and Karen.
[email protected] 21:07:56  karenjan (Boston)  @jen, my daughter lives in DC so it will be great to spend some extra time with her
[email protected] 21:07:58  Jen Wagner (California)  lots of ideas for DC
[email protected] 21:08:03  Virtual Teacher (Quebec)  Everyone seemed to be a shade of green, so I switched
[email protected] 21:08:12  karenjan (Boston)  Hi, Mike!
[email protected] 21:08:16  Jen Wagner (California)  karenjan -- that is great news
[email protected] 21:08:18  derrallg  @Jen myself and several other people had a Ip number stuck in our computers that couldn't be cleared
[email protected] 21:08:43  Maureen/bcdtech/MA  Hello all, watching Cheryl setting up for the show
[email protected] 21:08:47  mrsdurff  oh! i hear B
[email protected] 21:09:05  karenjan (Boston)  let us know when there's audio,ok?
[email protected] 21:09:06  Jen Wagner (California)  is someone in NECC taking pictures please
[email protected] 21:09:18  mrsdurff  ETT B is good
[email protected] 21:09:22  nancypratt-necc  Yes, I'm taking some!!!  so's Peggy!
[email protected] 21:09:35  alicebarr (Maine)  Ok I can hear!
[email protected] 21:09:38  marsenault  I figured I was live at the first f2f WOW. Had to catch it tonight.
[email protected] 21:09:49  Bonnine (Louisiana)  I don't hear anything yet.
[email protected] 21:10:11  lizbdavis  I can't hear - where is the stream?
[email protected] 21:10:17  marsenault  audio is working here.
[email protected] 21:10:19  Elaine (IL)  looks like we're ready to go!
[email protected] 21:10:35  mrsdurff  ETT B is sound tonight
[email protected] 21:10:36  marsenault  can hear Cheryl getting people ready to speak.
[email protected] 21:10:37  Jen Wagner (California)  say YES someone is taking pictures???
[email protected] 21:10:40  alicebarr (Maine)  @lizDavis Click on the iTunes links on the Participate page
[email protected] 21:10:44  Elaine (IL)  yes people are taking pictures
[email protected] 21:10:50  mrsdurff  stream is still good
[email protected] 21:10:52  Elaine (IL)  nancy, lucy, and others are taking pics
[email protected] 21:10:55  mrsdurff  keep going
[email protected] 21:11:03  marsenault  Channel A still working.
[email protected] 21:11:13  Bonnine (Louisiana)  where do I pick up the stream?
[email protected] 21:11:20  sroseman  where is the stream
[email protected] 21:11:28  lizbdavis  Got it now. Thanks.
[email protected] 21:11:34  Vicki Davis  Do you hear the stream -- it says "its elementary" but it is us.
[email protected] 21:11:35  mrsdurff  oops gone
[email protected] 21:11:41  marsenault  @Bonnine click on the speaker icon to the right of the chat box.
[email protected] 21:11:45  Maureen/bcdtech/MA  Some technical problems, timing out
[email protected] 21:11:46  Vicki Davis  Can you hear us?
[email protected] 21:11:53  matt montagne (Packer-Land)  bonnie...click one of the audio icons in  the ed tech talk A channel box in the upper right hand corner of this page
[email protected] 21:11:54  marsenault  not now
[email protected] 21:11:55  Janice S (California)  Not right now.
[email protected] 21:11:58  matt montagne (Packer-Land)  just lost audio
[email protected] 21:12:03  alicebarr (Maine)  @Bonnine on the right side of he edtech talks page is a button that says
[email protected] 21:12:09  Jen Wagner (California)  Sooo -- WHO IS REALLY sitting in San Antonio listening to this LIVE???
[email protected] 21:12:13  Vicki Davis  We're working on it -- just a moment.
[email protected] 21:12:16  sroseman  no audio here
[email protected] 21:12:17  Vicki Davis  I'm in live --
[email protected] 21:12:18  Jen Wagner (California)  and who is NOT??
[email protected] 21:12:20  alicebarr (Maine)  audio stream, Click the iTunes on Stream A
[email protected] 21:12:25  LucyGray  I am in SA
[email protected] 21:12:28  kcaise  i am and i live in SA
[email protected] 21:12:30  Jen Wagner (California)  they are fixing the SOUND -- :)
[email protected] 21:12:46  Elaine (IL)  I'm here
[email protected] 21:12:48  sroseman  is this ustreamed
[email protected] 21:12:49  marsenault  back on
[email protected] 21:12:50  Jen Wagner (California)  Hey Elaine
[email protected] 21:12:54  Jen Wagner (California)  welcome
[email protected] 21:12:55  Elaine (IL)  Hey Jen!
[email protected] 21:12:56  Maureen/bcdtech/MA  I saw Alan November for the first time today- what a funny guy!
[email protected] 21:12:57  matt montagne (Packer-Land)  no on the ustream
[email protected] 21:13:01  lizbdavis  I'm in MA - wishing I was in SA
[email protected] 21:13:04  Bonnine (Louisiana)  Got it now! Cool. First timer.
[email protected] 21:13:08  Jen Wagner (California)  Did you see Alan Novmeber Live or was he VIDEO??
[email protected] 21:13:16  Jen Wagner (California)  Welcome Connine -- first time -- WOW
[email protected] 21:13:18  matt montagne (Packer-Land)  lots of echo
[email protected] 21:13:23  Jen Wagner (California)  thanks matt
[email protected] 21:13:31  Jen Wagner (California)  working out the kinks   :)
[email protected] 21:13:33  Elaine (IL)  I'm a first-timer too and so thrilled to be here
[email protected] 21:13:33  Maureen/bcdtech/MA  @lizbdavis now I want to come to BLC!!
[email protected] 21:13:36  alicebarr (Maine)  Bonnine did you get it?
[email protected] 21:13:38  Jen Wagner (California)  Welcome DebB!!!
[email protected] 21:13:49  Jen Wagner (California)  Elaine -- well welcome to you too!!!  First timer!! 
[email protected] 21:13:56  lizbdavis  Edubloggercon BLC! Come one come all.
[email protected] 21:13:59  marsenault  no audio here.
[email protected] 21:14:01  Vicki Davis  Everyone is sharing their vfavorite site of the week - http://www.polleverywhere.com
[email protected] 21:14:08  cheryloakes wowTx  how is sound now, in 10 seconds
[email protected] 21:14:18  loonyhiker  sorry guys. i'm back
[email protected] 21:14:18  Bonnine (Louisiana)  Yes, Alice. Thanks.
[email protected] 21:14:20  alicebarr (Maine)  @mike click iTunes again and it will start
[email protected] 21:14:24  lizbdavis  I can hear y'all
[email protected] 21:14:27  matt montagne (Packer-Land)  sound is OK...r u sharing a mic??
[email protected] 21:14:30  Maureen/bcdtech/MA  @LIz- is registration for BLC still open? I have to go beg $$
[email protected] 21:14:50  marsenault  @alicebarr... thanks.
[email protected] 21:14:51  loonyhiker  i was so afraid i had missed something cuz i was late
[email protected] 21:14:52  Virtual Teacher (Quebec)  Vicki is asking us to throw in our favourite link from NECC.  I knew about www.classroom20.com but have finally had a chance to explore it
[email protected] 21:14:54  lizbdavis  No - BLC is full - but lots of room at Edubloggercon BLC on July 14th.
[email protected] 21:14:54  derrallg  @matt snow ball
[email protected] 21:14:58  alicebarr (Maine)  @MAureen BLC full.. But EduBloggerCon is OPEN!
[email protected] 21:15:00  matt montagne (Packer-Land)  audio is decent...
[email protected] 21:15:16  alicebarr (Maine)  @MAurenn Please come!
[email protected] 21:15:32  Maureen/bcdtech/MA  @alice  Do I have to sign up somewhere for it?
[email protected] 21:15:36  mrsdurff  yeah!!!
[email protected] 21:15:51  alicebarr (Maine)  @maurenn Hang on will get link
[email protected] 21:16:00  Vicki Davis  Anyone having trouble w/ their chat here?
[email protected] 21:16:17  mrsdurff  people not at necc type your location
[email protected] 21:16:22  lizbdavis  Edubloggercon BLC http://www.edubloggercon.com/BLC2008
[email protected] 21:16:22  loonyhiker  i'm not having any trouble w/ chat here
[email protected] 21:16:26  marsenault  Maine
[email protected] 21:16:31  matt montagne (Packer-Land)  Milwaukee, WI
[email protected] 21:16:34  Maureen/bcdtech/MA  Thanks LIz!
[email protected] 21:16:36  alicebarr (Maine)  @maureen Thanks Liz
[email protected] 21:16:38  mrsdurff  Maryland
[email protected] 21:16:41  Janice  Not at NECC  in California
[email protected] 21:16:52  Jen Wagner (California)  Hey Janice!!   and Kristen!!
[email protected] 21:16:56  mrsdurff  hi kristin
[email protected] 21:17:06  matt montagne (Packer-Land)  audio is cutting up for me...could b me tho
[email protected] 21:17:08  Janice  Hi Jen and all
[email protected] 21:17:09  Jen Wagner (California)  All these links will be at http://del.icio.us/WOW2.0/wow2_20080701
[email protected] 21:17:11  khokanson  woot!!! Durff am listening LIVE....we miss you
[email protected] 21:17:16  derrallg  @durff I'm sitting next too Kristn Hokanson at a large table
[email protected] 21:17:16  Jen Wagner (California)  for you to check later!!!
[email protected] 21:17:20  mrsdurff  audio is gone
[email protected] 21:17:27  Jen Wagner (California)  Durff -- it will be back!!
[email protected] 21:17:42  matt montagne (Packer-Land)  me things it is wonkiness w/bandwidth...
[email protected] 21:17:43  mrsdurff  i believe you jen
[email protected] 21:17:44  Janice  Go back and click on it. It seems to be buffering.
[email protected] 21:17:54  mrsdurff  wifi courtesy of iste
[email protected] 21:18:01  sroseman  where are you in SL?
[email protected] 21:18:14  matt montagne (Packer-Land)  audio back, but it is skipping about
[email protected] 21:18:24  mrsdurff  audio back
[email protected] 21:18:33  Maureen/bcdtech/MA  Best part of NECC so far has been meeting some of the people I have been "talking" to for months.
[email protected] 21:19:00  cheryloakes wowTx  www.facts4me.com     50.00 per year
[email protected] 21:19:16  sroseman  Is this session being ustreamed by chance
[email protected] 21:19:18  cheryloakes wowTx  scratch.org and check out the pICO building kits
[email protected] 21:19:21  khokanson  @sroseman we are in the Second Life Lounge at NECC
[email protected] 21:19:32  cheryloakes wowTx  not yet, wait until Lisa Parisi gets here!!
[email protected] 21:19:41  Elaine (IL)  we got to interview one of the poll everywhere guys and hope to be able to send him that video clip to put on his web site
[email protected] 21:19:41  Jen Wagner (California)  great -- they are delicioused!
[email protected] 21:19:44  cheryloakes wowTx  Peggy is filming, so is Nancy Pratt
[email protected] 21:19:54  cheryloakes wowTx  thanks Jen,
[email protected] 21:20:01  Jen Wagner (California)  Peggy George is there???
[email protected] 21:20:06  Jen Wagner (California)  like REALLY THERE???
[email protected] 21:20:08  karenjan (Boston)  would love it if someone would ustream this!
[email protected] 21:20:10  khokanson  @maureen SO true...connect, convene transform....THAT is why we come to NECC
[email protected] 21:20:15  cheryloakes wowTx  Peggy George is here in Person!!!
[email protected] 21:20:21  Jen Wagner (California)  hugs to Peggy
[email protected] 21:20:40  khokanson  @jenwagner yep spent a ton of time with Peggy :) but we MISS YOU!!!!
[email protected] 21:20:48  Jen Wagner (California)  I miss you guys too
[email protected] 21:20:50  karenjan (Boston)  @jen - what sessions did you participate in today?
[email protected] 21:21:04  nancypratt-necc  bestbof necc site--http://web20guru.wikispaces.com/  Cheryl Capozzoli's site
[email protected] 21:21:12  Maureen/bcdtech/MA  Hi Kristin- I saw you at constructivist the other day, but haven't actually introduced myself- so hello!
[email protected] 21:21:15  mrsdurff  what is that clamshell named again?
[email protected] 21:21:15  Jen Wagner (California)  Today??  I sat in one with a lot of guys on a panel
[email protected] 21:21:24  Jen Wagner (California)  and then I enjoyed chatting with MsTina
[email protected] 21:21:28  Janice  Is the audio going in an out for everyone else?
[email protected] 21:21:35  Jen Wagner (California)  and I sat through another one -- but not sure who it was
[email protected] 21:21:41  lizbdavis  Yes - audio is very flakey
[email protected] 21:21:43  mrsdurff  Janice it's back
[email protected] 21:21:43  Jen Wagner (California)  new voice to me -- but I took notes
[email protected] 21:21:44  karenjan (Boston)  @janice, unfortunately, yes
[email protected] 21:21:47  alicebarr (Maine)  Yup lots of rebuffering
[email protected] 21:21:52  khokanson  @maureen are you here at 2nd life lounge...if not, letsmeet sometime before the conf ends...
[email protected] 21:22:06  sroseman  refresh my memory what are your SL names, Cheryl
[email protected] 21:22:08  mrsdurff  remember the wifi is courtesy of ISTE
[email protected] 21:22:17  cheryloakes wowTx  Blizzard Oates, hope to get in this summer
[email protected] 21:22:35  Janice  @mrsdurff :)
[email protected] 21:22:47  cheryloakes wowTx  we are experiencing wireless difficulty so people can not get in chat.
[email protected] 21:23:03  Janice  Who is talking?
[email protected] 21:23:12  khokanson  Lucy Gray
[email protected] 21:23:17  mrsdurff  no
[email protected] 21:23:18  cheryloakes wowTx  Lucy Gray is sitting in for Sharon, she is speaking.
[email protected] 21:23:24  Janice  Thanks!
[email protected] 21:23:33  Jen Wagner (California)  Sharon is in S. Africa -- sleeping right now
[email protected] 21:23:50  mrsdurff  I think this is it: http://etc.usf.edu/lit2go/
[email protected] 21:24:00  jeffmason  the technology integration matrix is great
[email protected] 21:24:01  Jen Wagner (California)  http://jenuinetech.com/blog/
[email protected] 21:24:12  sroseman  Is anyone in SL now
[email protected] 21:24:38  Jen Wagner (California)  http://jenuinetech.com/blog/
[email protected] 21:24:38  mrsdurff  sounds good
[email protected] 21:24:50  mrsdurff  you were not
[email protected] 21:24:55  mrsdurff  i know better
[email protected] 21:25:01  cheryloakes wowTx  durff do U mean the audio? is good
[email protected] 21:25:02  Jen Wagner (California)  http://say.expressivo.com/
[email protected] 21:25:09  jeffmason  lit2go has 2 levels K-4 and 5-8
[email protected] 21:25:12  mrsdurff  if you were there then i was there
[email protected] 21:25:38  Jen Wagner (California)  http://www.spinandspell.com/
[email protected] 21:25:47  Jen Wagner (California)  soooo -- who is standing around and NOT in the chat
[email protected] 21:25:53  Jen Wagner (California)  I need to picture everyone there
[email protected] 21:26:03  adinasullivan  Durff and Jen, you probably were in more than I was today
[email protected] 21:26:04  Jen Wagner (California)  and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take a picture after this session!!!!!
[email protected] 21:26:07  justinreeve  howdy everyone
[email protected] 21:26:07  Jen Wagner (California)  of all of you!!!!
[email protected] 21:26:35  mrsdurff  yes take a picture WOW2.0 ladies
[email protected] 21:27:07  mrsdurff  YEAH JO!!
[email protected] 21:27:08  adinasullivan  Sharon is to be given MANY thanks
[email protected] 21:27:18  cheryloakes wowTx  we have lots of cameras here I feel like it is TV!
[email protected] 21:27:23  Jen Wagner (California)  adina s -- only 2 classes for me today
[email protected] 21:27:34  jeffmason  is that a texas accent?
[email protected] 21:27:35  adinasullivan  I more than me :(
[email protected] 21:27:51  Jen Wagner (California)  but I also overlapped -- so 2 in a 1 hour period
[email protected] 21:27:55  Janice  loved the video Lisa Parisi posted of the Twitter dinner!
[email protected] 21:28:44  mrsdurff  hi claudia
[email protected] 21:28:53  Jen Wagner (California)  smiles -- and if you are REALLY AT NECC -- please remember to put the chairs back where they were before we INVADED  :)
[email protected] 21:29:00  fceblog  hi. Will there be ustream?
[email protected] 21:29:10  justinreeve  yeah, ustream would be cool
[email protected] 21:29:10  Jen Wagner (California)  Claudia -- I don't know
[email protected] 21:29:14  mrsdurff  on ETT A
[email protected] 21:29:17  Jen Wagner (California)  is anyone there to ustream??
[email protected] 21:29:23  justinreeve  if not, it's okay
[email protected] 21:29:32  justinreeve  what is the topic about here?
[email protected] 21:29:39  fceblog  Vicky's tweet made me think of ustream. That's why I am asking.
[email protected] 21:29:44  mrsdurff  shhh  justin
[email protected] 21:30:03  sroseman  So this is not ustreamed..am I correct
[email protected] 21:30:19  mrsdurff  sound on ETTA
[email protected] 21:30:34  Jen Wagner (California)  this really should be ustreamed
[email protected] 21:30:47  Jen Wagner (California)  I am really really Really trying to visualize this -- but not successfully
[email protected] 21:31:02  fceblog  HI Vicky.
[email protected] 21:31:02  mrsdurff  bandwidth courtesy of NECC Jen
[email protected] 21:31:06  Jen Wagner (California)  start sending me pictures   :)
[email protected] 21:31:07  Vicki Davis  Yeah -- I made it into the session!
[email protected] 21:31:10  sroseman  Hi Vicky
[email protected] 21:31:13  Jen Wagner (California)  Lisa -- actually -- I hear it is getting better
[email protected] 21:31:15  derrallg  hi
[email protected] 21:31:16  Vicki Davis  I was having trouble connecting to the chat.
[email protected] 21:31:18  sdaum  what is a twitter?
[email protected] 21:31:19  mrsdurff  yeah Vicki
[email protected] 21:31:31  sroseman  Vickki, is this being ustreamed
[email protected] 21:31:40  justinreeve  @sdaum  http://www.twitter.com  It's a microblogging service
[email protected] 21:31:42  Vicki Davis  @sroseman - No, we don't have the bandwidth
[email protected] 21:31:49  derrallg  Everyone looks very nice today.  Did you all do somethings different with your hair?  MB
[email protected] 21:31:51  LucyGray  Face to Face is not going away
[email protected] 21:32:04  Jen Wagner (California)  I was there too!!
[email protected] 21:32:05  mrsdurff  they combed it?
[email protected] 21:32:07  sroseman  aw shucks, Vicki..saw you yesterday..awesome session
[email protected] 21:32:08  justinreeve  I HOPE Face to Face doesn't go away
[email protected] 21:32:16  Vicki Davis  @sroseman - where are you sitting?
[email protected] 21:32:21  sdaum  thanks, but I'm not sure what a microblogging service is either
[email protected] 21:32:28  fceblog  Hi Silvia
[email protected] 21:32:36  Vicki Davis  @sroseman -- are you here in the lounge right now?
[email protected] 21:32:39  justinreeve  @sdaum Basically you post short messages to your network, and you receive them, too
[email protected] 21:32:44  Vicki Davis  @sdaum - microblogging is twitter.
[email protected] 21:32:49  langwitches  Hey Claudia
[email protected] 21:32:51  jeffmason  @khokanson thnx for the liveblogging
[email protected] 21:32:58  mrsdurff  audio?
[email protected] 21:32:59  justinreeve  heh, we're being confusing.  Sorry sdaum.
[email protected] 21:33:13  Vicki Davis  @mrsdurff - we have audio --
[email protected] 21:33:20  Vicki Davis  We're streaming now -- are you able to listen now.
[email protected] 21:33:20  mrsdurff  got it
[email protected] 21:33:23  justinreeve  @sdaum Twitter is just a way to keep in touch with people you want to keep in touch with.  You follow their Twitter messages (i.e. tweets) and they can follow yours.
[email protected] 21:33:26  mrsdurff  it burped
[email protected] 21:33:54  mrsdurff  kevin and they keys!
[email protected] 21:33:54  justinreeve  example, here's my Twitter page where I ramble about whatever: http://www.twitter.com/justinreeve
[email protected] 21:34:00  LucyGray  One of my favorite ideas was the keys!
[email protected] 21:34:03  sdaum  @justinreeve- thanks for explaining!
[email protected] 21:34:05  LucyGray  I was just going to say that
[email protected] 21:34:09  LucyGray  He needs to explain this
[email protected] 21:34:10  mrsdurff  pictures!
[email protected] 21:34:14  Vicki Davis  @LucyGray -- I LOVED THE KEYS! -- Is there a picture of that we can drop in here?
[email protected] 21:34:16  loonyhiker  twitter is wonderful! i have learned so much thru my twitter connections
[email protected] 21:34:17  mrsdurff  we wnat pictures
[email protected] 21:34:17  Jen Wagner (California)  started making the KEYCHAIN today
[email protected] 21:34:21  justinreeve  @sdaum you can also see people I'm following.  Think of it like a chat room that you can take anywhere with you.
[email protected] 21:34:25  sroseman  Vicki ..I am in SL ..what is your SL name
[email protected] 21:34:28  Jen Wagner (California)  pictures are on the NECC NING
[email protected] 21:34:38  LucyGray  Kevin was HILARIOUS at Edubloggercon
[email protected] 21:34:43  Vicki Davis  @sroseman - I'm cool Cat Whitman -- were you at necc in person yesterday?
[email protected] 21:34:53  adinasullivan  Mtg people familiar and not has been the BEST
[email protected] 21:35:02  sroseman  Sue Aferdita..please tp me
[email protected] 21:35:23  mrsdurff  oh she was not
[email protected] 21:35:31  mrsdurff  don't believe her
[email protected] 21:35:32  justinreeve  @sdaum I'm not at NECC, but through Twitter I've been able to be informed about all the live streams going on at NECC, liveblogs, backchannel sessions, and so on.  It's been fantastic.
[email protected] 21:35:35  Vicki Davis  We're going to snap pictures.
[email protected] 21:35:44  mrsdurff  pictures
[email protected] 21:35:52  mrsdurff  it is on flickr
[email protected] 21:36:20  loonyhiker  @justinreeve i'm following u now on twitter
[email protected] 21:36:20  Virtual Teacher (Quebec)  What a fantastic idea!!!  Thanks for sharing
[email protected] 21:36:32  justinreeve  @loonyhiker Thanks for stalking ;)
[email protected] 21:36:39  mrsdurff  him and that car metaphor
[email protected] 21:36:39  loonyhiker  lol
[email protected] 21:36:57  mrsdurff  who is stalking whom?
[email protected] 21:37:05  langwitches  One disadvantage of not being at NECC is that one does not have all the dedicated hours in the day to be able to listen, watch and read everything. "Real" life goes on at the same time. :)
[email protected] 21:37:11  mrsdurff  i think justin is stalking me
[email protected] 21:37:27  loonyhiker  hubby needed an eraser and he knew in one of my boxes i would have it
[email protected] 21:37:32  LucyGray  We should start a list of analog ideas to support PD
[email protected] 21:37:34  adinasullivan  No Durff thats me
[email protected] 21:37:35  loonyhiker  he said tchrs don't throw anything away
[email protected] 21:37:39  LucyGray  maybe in Google docs?
[email protected] 21:37:42  mrsdurff  oh right
[email protected] 21:37:48  mrsdurff  adina is stalking me
[email protected] 21:37:55  adinasullivan  :)
[email protected] 21:38:00  LucyGray  I've actually SEEN Derrall twice this year
[email protected] 21:38:05  justinreeve  @mrsdurff Just pretend I'm an annoying fly that's been buzzing around your head all day
[email protected] 21:38:09  LucyGray  NECC and at Macworld
[email protected] 21:38:11  mrsdurff  loony - anything laminated
[email protected] 21:38:15  mrsdurff  matt
[email protected] 21:38:28  Vicki Davis  @langwitches - it has been tough to take everything in and I'm here!
[email protected] 21:38:33  justinreeve  does the audio stream keep cutting out for anyone else?
[email protected] 21:38:38  cheryloakes wowTx  the sound just skipped sorry, but hang in
[email protected] 21:38:39  adinasullivan  yes
[email protected] 21:38:44  mrsdurff  yes
[email protected] 21:38:45  Jen Wagner (California)  I still can't find it
[email protected] 21:38:50  justinreeve  oh okay.  Thought I was just a noob or something.
[email protected] 21:38:55  sdaum  @justinreeve can you explain what NECC is? I am very unfamiliar with all of this lingo- I am a grad student who is listening for the first time
[email protected] 21:39:03  mrsdurff  derrall!
[email protected] 21:39:09  justinreeve  @sdaum oh, NECC = National Educational Computing Conference, going on right now.
[email protected] 21:39:09  cheryloakes wowTx  we are recording it and it will be a podcast, sorry,
[email protected] 21:39:19  loonyhiker  didn't derrall help someone get their luggage from the airport?
[email protected] 21:39:28  justinreeve  @sdaum Sorry, I just assumed you were there.  How did you find this place?  Do you just regularly check edtechtalk.com?
[email protected] 21:39:31  cheryloakes wowTx  we are on air again
[email protected] 21:39:40  Jen Wagner (California)  HERE YOU GO
[email protected] 21:39:42  Jen Wagner (California)  http://www.necc2008.org/photo/photo/show?id=1997968%3APhoto%3A24203
[email protected] 21:39:52  mrsdurff  yes loony
[email protected] 21:39:53  LucyGray  Welcome, sdaum
[email protected] 21:40:01  mrsdurff  he helped parisi
[email protected] 21:40:04  loonyhiker  that is so wonderful! he is a hero
[email protected] 21:40:07  Jen Wagner (California)  who is this???
[email protected] 21:40:16  mrsdurff  derrall the super hero
[email protected] 21:40:21  sdaum  @justinreeve I had to listen in to one live webcast program and this is the one I chose- I did not know what I would be listening to
[email protected] 21:40:23  justinreeve  @sdaum There are links to online content from NECC here: http://necclive.wikispaces.com  presentation archives and backchannel logs.  A wealth of info.
[email protected] 21:40:35  mrsdurff  testosterone impaired
[email protected] 21:40:43  justinreeve  @sdaum Work requirement?  Where are you at, sdaum?
[email protected] 21:41:18  derrallg  chris champion is so dreamy
[email protected] 21:41:20  mrsdurff  @sdaum is this a class requirement?
[email protected] 21:41:31  Jen Wagner (California)  http://del.icio.us/WOW2.0/wow2_20080701
[email protected] 21:41:39  justinreeve  Time to evangelize sdaum on all the cool stuff we've learned
[email protected] 21:41:41  sdaum  @justinreeve Cal U of PA- I thought this was going to be a show concerning teaching
[email protected] 21:41:49  loonyhiker  its great to read different blog posts about the same sessions and get diff. perspectives
[email protected] 21:41:53  mrsdurff  ussuallyy
[email protected] 21:41:54  justinreeve  @sdaum well it technically is.  NECC is a teacher's conference.
[email protected] 21:42:04  mrsdurff  @sdaum it is special today
[email protected] 21:42:32  cheryloakes wowTx  Hi Jim,
[email protected] 21:42:33  mrsdurff  remember wifi courtesy of iste
[email protected] 21:42:42  cheryloakes wowTx  Sorry I can't chat too much, just busy
[email protected] 21:42:51  justinreeve  we'll forgive you this time, cheryloakes
[email protected] 21:42:54  Janice  Wish I could stay. Will have to catch the recording if it's available. Enjoy the rest of NECC, all!
[email protected] 21:42:58  LucyGray  It's refreshing to let go at NECC and not try to control everything
[email protected] 21:42:58  Elaine (IL)  It is about teaching.  All of these folks are engaged in helping teachers become more comfortable with making technology transparent and routine in their teaching
[email protected] 21:43:01  loonyhiker  thats okay cheryl
[email protected] 21:43:02  Jen Wagner (California)  Thanks JANICE
[email protected] 21:43:03  cheryloakes wowTx  Hi Adina are you here? Hi Alice, Amy, Anne wow lots of new names!
[email protected] 21:43:07  sdaum  @mrsdurff I am having a difficult time understanding what everyone is talking about
[email protected] 21:43:08  Jim Burke  Yikes, Cheryl, is it legal for me to be here?    :)
[email protected] 21:43:15  Jen Wagner (California)  Sheila willb e on our show in a few weeks
[email protected] 21:43:17  Jen Wagner (California)  July 15th
[email protected] 21:43:22  LucyGray  It's  ironic that I say that after my ITM post about scheduling stuff
[email protected] 21:43:27  cheryloakes wowTx  thanks Jen,
[email protected] 21:43:35  adinasullivan  Cheryl - logged in from hotel room, sorry not there :(
[email protected] 21:43:50  mrsdurff  @sdaum the internet is very challenging where they are
[email protected] 21:44:21  mrsdurff  @sdaaum i encourage you to return next week
[email protected] 21:44:28  justinreeve  I've been dealing with welfare Internet all day too at home.  My modem keeps cutting out.
[email protected] 21:44:55  loonyhiker  i think my modem is going bad. called cable company and they say the prob isn't from their end.
[email protected] 21:45:03  mrsdurff  welffare internet - good one
[email protected] 21:45:13  justinreeve  yeah, I had to ask Qwest for a new modem.  They just barely sent it, but I haven't installed it yet.
[email protected] 21:45:21  justinreeve  er, I mean I just barely received it
[email protected] 21:45:24  mrsdurff  @loony they always say that
[email protected] 21:45:25  kathycassidy  trying to do dishes while I listen, so haven't been watching the chat, but are others having connecion difficulties?
[email protected] 21:45:30  khokanson  NECC unplugged was a great opportunity.  I loved the opportunity
[email protected] 21:45:39  mrsdurff  @kathy yes
[email protected] 21:45:39  justinreeve  I just barely started my blog but here it is: http://blog.weber.k12.ut.us/jreeve
[email protected] 21:45:43  Jen Wagner (California)  http://www.jenuinetech.com/blog     ---  Please list your blog if you blogged about NECC
[email protected] 21:45:50  Jen Wagner (California)  we will delicious it
[email protected] 21:46:08  justinreeve  I will be blogging about my experience as a virtual attendee of NECC, and I invite other non-NECCers to do the same.
[email protected] 21:46:14  khokanson  I have been blogging at http://khokanson.blogspot.com chrischampion logged out, but his blog is http://sparksofhope.org
[email protected] 21:46:16  cheryloakes wowTx  this is so much fun to have people being interviewed who are normally in the chat room!!!
[email protected] 21:46:17  Elaine (IL)  great stories, great experiences at NECC
[email protected] 21:46:19  mrsdurff  here:http://durffsblog.blogspot.com/
[email protected] 21:46:23  mrsdurff  Linda!
[email protected] 21:46:51  justinreeve  I would love to get some of our teachers to be a part of the Flat Classroom Project
[email protected] 21:47:07  Virtual Teacher (Quebec)  I have not blogged yet, but will be blogging about NECC over the next couple of days. learningconversations.blogspot.com
[email protected] 21:47:10  mrsdurff  I look forward to Educon2.1
[email protected] 21:47:23  LucyGray  I love this idea of jump starting projects at NECC
[email protected] 21:47:31  justinreeve  I agree, LucyGray
[email protected] 21:47:34  annecollier  This is a brilliant concept - thanks for letting me be a lurker as I learn about it all at my first NECC, where I presented on cybersafety. My blog is NetFamilyNews.org and another project under my nonprofit, which I co-direct, is ConnectSafely.org. Thanks!
[email protected] 21:47:49  justinreeve  it's a good place to do it.  All the ideas are flowing and people are having conversations with each other.  It's a perfect atmosphere.
[email protected] 21:47:54  Jen Wagner (California)  Say again please
[email protected] 21:48:09  mrsdurff  oh my
[email protected] 21:48:14  jillm  Just being around al f these inspiring women is making me want to start to blog, when I have been hesitant to before
[email protected] 21:48:18  mrsdurff  yeah maria
[email protected] 21:48:20  nancypratt-necc  This s so wonderful
[email protected] 21:48:25  mrsdurff  the original cabgirl
[email protected] 21:48:29  nancypratt-necc  yes
[email protected] 21:48:32  Jen Wagner (California)  http://del.icio.us/WOW2.0/wow2_20080701
[email protected] 21:48:36  justinreeve  I think I'm still trying to find my writer's groove, but it's slowly coming.
[email protected] 21:48:38  Jen Wagner (California)  What did he announce???
[email protected] 21:48:49  justinreeve  I don't know, something that warranted applause
[email protected] 21:48:51  Elaine (IL)  linda is pennsylvania teacher of the year
[email protected] 21:48:53  loonyhiker  @jillm they tend to inspire everyone this way.
[email protected] 21:48:55  justinreeve  oh sweet
[email protected] 21:48:57  annecollier  I am Jo McLeay borrowing Ann's computer. My blog is http://theopenclassroom.blogspot.com
[email protected] 21:48:58  mrsdurff  awards they won jen
[email protected] 21:48:58  Jen Wagner (California)  ahhhhh Thankyou Elaine
[email protected] 21:48:58  justinreeve  congrats Linda!
[email protected] 21:49:02  derrallg  Maria has the most energy of anyone
[email protected] 21:49:04  LucyGray  Talking about little kids doing global projedts
[email protected] 21:49:06  jillm  that she was the ISTE Teacher of the year in PA
[email protected] 21:49:45  mrsdurff  calm down jen
[email protected] 21:49:55  Jen Wagner (California)  sorry durff -- NOPE
[email protected] 21:50:03  mrsdurff  :)
[email protected] 21:50:12  khokanson  How do we reach the others AMEN vinnie...
[email protected] 21:50:14  Jen Wagner (California)  if I was there -- he would have gotten a hug  :)
[email protected] 21:50:23  Jen Wagner (California)  well everyone would have
[email protected] 21:50:25  nancypratt-necc  you know it!!
[email protected] 21:50:27  Jen Wagner (California)  HUGE HUGFEST
[email protected] 21:50:45  Jen Wagner (California)  I doublt that there was the amount of hugging there should have been
[email protected] 21:50:46  nancypratt-necc  :D
[email protected] 21:50:50  mrsdurff  have ro be virtual hugs
[email protected] 21:50:59  khokanson  wherwheredo we go from here...PERSONALLY we benfit,....how do we bring this to others?
[email protected] 21:51:03  Jen Wagner (California)  consider yourself all hugged  :)
[email protected] 21:51:12  mrsdurff  ty
[email protected] 21:51:14  Jen Wagner (California)  Kristin -- we have to stay in CONTACT
[email protected] 21:51:18  derrallg  Was that a bear hug
[email protected] 21:51:25  Jen Wagner (California)  in COMMUNICATION and in ACCOUNTABILITY
[email protected] 21:51:39  Jen Wagner (California)  and then we MUST be ripples
[email protected] 21:51:50  mrsdurff  ducky?
[email protected] 21:52:13  adinasullivan  Love that there are so many people speaking tonight - what a great opportunity
[email protected] 21:52:24  Elaine (IL)  "what do you do that's cool?"  that's a great question
[email protected] 21:52:40  Jen Wagner (California)  and he sits with people HE DOES NOT KNOW -- which is very great
[email protected] 21:52:48  nancypratt-necc  Wow!  Every group is cool, and we all can work together
[email protected] 21:52:49  Elaine (IL)  yep, even better
[email protected] 21:52:50  Jen Wagner (California)  instead of staying comfortable with those he does
[email protected] 21:52:51  nancypratt-necc  I love that!
[email protected] 21:52:51  jillm  it's so cool to hear what [i]each[/i]person has taken away from this experience
[email protected] 21:53:01  Virtual Teacher (Quebec)  I love that question, so much more informative than "What do you do?"
[email protected] 21:53:09  Bonnine (Louisiana)  wasn't the power  of groups the theme of the keynote?
[email protected] 21:53:22  Bonnine (Louisiana)  was not there but listened over ustream.
[email protected] 21:53:38  Jen Wagner (California)  Peggy George???
[email protected] 21:53:39  Elaine (IL)  yes, based on his book [u]wisdom of crowds[/u]
[email protected] 21:53:45  cheryloakes wowTx  what great guests!! Peggy George!
[email protected] 21:53:50  Jen Wagner (California)  CLAPPING
[email protected] 21:54:03  alicebarr (Maine)  Maybe Twitter instead of What are you doing? should say What have you done that's cool????
[email protected] 21:54:04  Jen Wagner (California)  she is like our #1 fan -- sorry to everyone -- but she kinda is   :)
[email protected] 21:54:05  justinreeve  who has encouraged their own kids, to use Web 2.0 tools before? e.g., blogs, voicethreads, voice chat, etc.?
[email protected] 21:54:16  Jen Wagner (California)  Alice e-- I think that is a GREAT IDEA
[email protected] 21:54:20  Jen Wagner (California)  can you do it???
[email protected] 21:54:24  Elaine (IL)  i'm still working on encouraging my faculty to use those tools!
[email protected] 21:54:36  Jen Wagner (California)  and also do a WHAT IS YOUR NECC TAKEAWAY TO SHARE
[email protected] 21:54:44  justinreeve  my 5 year-old daughter uses ooVoo (www.oovoo.com) quite well.  She just talks to me and watches me on the webcam while I'm at work.  It's awesome.
[email protected] 21:54:48  alicebarr (Maine)  Yea Jen!
[email protected] 21:54:55  justinreeve  They're never too young to start teaching.
[email protected] 21:55:14  Jen Wagner (California)  smiles -- can you do that ALICE -- or ask VICKI - she has TONS of followers
[email protected] 21:55:22  justinreeve  I'd like to get her to start podcasting, though
[email protected] 21:55:24  jillm  my sons use ichat to talk to their grandma from IL to NY!
[email protected] 21:55:26  Jen Wagner (California)  @justin -- YEP
[email protected] 21:55:30  justinreeve  that's wonderful, jillm!
[email protected] 21:55:33  jillm  She reads them bedtime stories
[email protected] 21:55:37  justinreeve  awwwww
[email protected] 21:55:46  jillm  they are 7, 4 and 4
[email protected] 21:55:49  justinreeve  I need to get my parents to do that, too.  They'd love it.
[email protected] 21:55:54  jillm  NEVER too young to start!
[email protected] 21:56:05  justinreeve  Nope. Even if it's just sitting them on your lap while you're using the tools.
[email protected] 21:56:28  jillm  and now the 7 year old wants to take over, it's so natural to him
[email protected] 21:56:46  mrsdurff  someone is practicing with fireworks outside
[email protected] 21:56:47  cheryloakes wowTx  sorry about the time out. again
[email protected] 21:57:11  alicebarr (Maine)  @Jen there is a necc group on Diigo
[email protected] 21:57:12  sdaum  this seems like it would be a good tool to use with penpals in the classroom
[email protected] 21:57:24  Jen Wagner (California)  Yesp -- I want to try ustream too -- AFTER the session with WILL -- made it seem not so scarey
[email protected] 21:57:37  mrsdurff  @cheryl you are doing a phenomenal job! BRAVO!!
[email protected] 21:57:52  cheryloakes wowTx  netfamilynews.org
[email protected] 21:57:54  justinreeve  oh Ustream is amazing.  And STABLE.  I've left it running for a week without it crashing or anything.
[email protected] 21:58:05  cheryloakes wowTx  thanks Durff, I am barely keeping pace.
[email protected] 21:58:15  Jen Wagner (California)  what is her other link Cheryl -- did you get it??
[email protected] 21:58:17  cheryloakes wowTx  sorry for the time out.
[email protected] 21:58:18  derrallg  everyones sitting in a circle it seems like a family gathering
[email protected] 21:58:20  justinreeve  I'd like to make a huge push for the teachers in our district to start using it.
[email protected] 21:58:30  Jen Wagner (California)  Someone take PICTURES!!!!
[email protected] 21:58:33  cheryloakes wowTx  no I missed it, will ask for folks to add them
[email protected] 21:58:38  Jen Wagner (California)  thanks Cheryl
[email protected] 21:58:48  sroseman  are you guys in SL at the same time as this session
[email protected] 21:58:52  Jen Wagner (California)  ask her to say it again??
[email protected] 21:58:58  justinreeve  audio completely gone for me
[email protected] 21:59:07  cheryloakes wowTx  soiund coming back
[email protected] 21:59:11  loonyhiker  hi @ffoxworth!
[email protected] 21:59:25  Jen Wagner (California)  what did she do for 10 months??
[email protected] 21:59:29  Jen Wagner (California)  or was it 10 weeks??
[email protected] 21:59:38  khokanson  @jenwagner we are taking pix...EVERYONE TAG PIX NECC2008 and WOW20 if you are postin THX
[email protected] 21:59:39  Elaine (IL)  10 months
[email protected] 21:59:46  SusanEttenheim  hi everyone!
[email protected] 21:59:46  Elaine (IL)  she traveled around the world!
[email protected] 21:59:50  Jen Wagner (California)  Kristin -- I cannot have too many pictures ---
[email protected] 21:59:53  Elaine (IL)  how's that for a wow!
[email protected] 21:59:54  Jen Wagner (California)  it is making it so nice!!!!
[email protected] 22:00:01  ffoxworth  [email protected]! Is there audio with this?
[email protected] 22:00:09  mrsdurff  yes
[email protected] 22:00:11  justinreeve  click one of the links to the right
[email protected] 22:00:12  Jen Wagner (California)  is this just not SOOOO FUN
[email protected] 22:00:14  mrsdurff  ETT A
[email protected] 22:00:18  loonyhiker  @ffoxworth yes, it comes in and out tho
[email protected] 22:00:20  justinreeve  right over there --------------------------------------------------^
[email protected] 22:00:26  Jen Wagner (California)  next best thing to being there!!!!
[email protected] 22:00:29  mrsdurff  yes Jen
[email protected] 22:00:35  mrsdurff  this is great
[email protected] 22:00:49  mrsdurff  i thought you were ther
[email protected] 22:00:52  loonyhiker  wow 12 years
[email protected] 22:00:52  mrsdurff  :)
[email protected] 22:01:02  Elaine (IL)  need to do more twittering
[email protected] 22:01:04  Jen Wagner (California)  can you imagine 12 NECC's
[email protected] 22:01:10  loonyhiker  who is speakin now?
[email protected] 22:01:12  justinreeve  plurk seems to be the next big thing now
[email protected] 22:01:15  Jen Wagner (California)  someone from CTAP
[email protected] 22:01:24  Jen Wagner (California)  Alice -- I think she said
[email protected] 22:01:29  mrsdurff  bingo
[email protected] 22:01:30  Elaine (IL)  and the kinds of changes she's seen in educational technology
[email protected] 22:01:30  cheryloakes wowTx  KIva.com  social network site, make loans to 3rd world companies
[email protected] 22:01:32  justinreeve  I was convinced to import all my Twitter contacts to Plurk earlier today
[email protected] 22:01:34  Maureen/bcdtech/MA  kiva.org
[email protected] 22:01:38  loonyhiker  okay, probably alicebarr. i follow her on twitter
[email protected] 22:01:43  Elaine (IL)  i'm on plurk now
[email protected] 22:01:47  mrsdurff  synth
[email protected] 22:01:52  Elaine (IL)  saw someone else using it and wanted to play
[email protected] 22:01:58  SusanEttenheim  can you just import from twitter to plurk?
[email protected] 22:02:03  Jen Wagner (California)  are we ending???
[email protected] 22:02:15  mrsdurff  kiva http://www.kiva.org/
[email protected] 22:02:16  justinreeve  wow
[email protected] 22:02:20  justinreeve  yeah you can, Susan
[email protected] 22:02:23  justinreeve  Plurk has a feature to do that
[email protected] 22:02:26  cheryloakes wowTx  we need to clear out of the convention center, sorry
[email protected] 22:02:27  jillm  www.rockourworld.org  was another site mentioned today for global networking of classrooms during one of this afternoon's sessions
[email protected] 22:02:30  Jen Wagner (California)  we each need to have final comments -- PLEASE
[email protected] 22:02:31  Virtual Teacher (Quebec)  Yes!  Main subject areas, not teaching tech
[email protected] 22:02:32  SusanEttenheim  humm tried will have to try again
[email protected] 22:02:34  justinreeve  is this chat room being logged?
[email protected] 22:02:42  justinreeve  ther's some good links being posted here
[email protected] 22:02:53  mrsdurff  AMEN VICKI!!
[email protected] 22:03:05  cheryloakes wowTx  this whole chat will be posted on edtechtalk, women of web with the podcast
[email protected] 22:03:06  mrsdurff  yes justin
[email protected] 22:03:10  justinreeve  nice!
[email protected] 22:03:17  SusanEttenheim  congrats cheryl!
[email protected] 22:03:19  mrsdurff  there will be a chat and audio archive
[email protected] 22:03:21  cheryloakes wowTx  I won't get the podcast up until I get home July 7th. Hold tight
[email protected] 22:03:26  cheryloakes wowTx  thanks susan
[email protected] 22:03:29  Maureen/bcdtech/MA  was it iearn.org that was mentioned this morning?
[email protected] 22:03:35  mrsdurff  and justin links too
[email protected] 22:03:36  justinreeve  yes
[email protected] 22:04:04  mrsdurff  they have a WOW2.0 page
[email protected] 22:04:19  LucyGray  Yes, iearn was mentioned
[email protected] 22:04:26  mrsdurff  bingo
[email protected] 22:04:54  adinasullivan  People at home Durff, COBannon et. al really helped those of us were here also. Thanks!
[email protected] 22:05:11  mrsdurff  @justin http://www.womenofweb2.com/
[email protected] 22:05:12  Jen Wagner (California)  July 7th???  :)   wow -- a first!!  :)
[email protected] 22:05:25  mrsdurff  oh its a holiday
[email protected] 22:05:26  Jen Wagner (California)  Thanks LUCY for sitting in for SHARON
[email protected] 22:05:35  Jen Wagner (California)  Thanks to MARIA for SHARING YOUR COMPUTER
[email protected] 22:05:42  mrsdurff  we do miss sharon
[email protected] 22:05:43  justinreeve  I agree that NECC will continue even after the conference.
[email protected] 22:05:48  LucyGray  Thank you Jen and all
[email protected] 22:05:52  Jen Wagner (California)  THANKS TO ED TECH TALK AND WORLD BRIDGES!!
[email protected] 22:05:53  justinreeve  My Twitter network exploded during this event
[email protected] 22:06:00  Bonnine (Louisiana)  Where will the chat log and pod cast be archiived?
[email protected] 22:06:09  derrallg  night
[email protected] 22:06:11  justinreeve  and I have lots of online material to go through from NECC
[email protected] 22:06:16  justinreeve  bye!
[email protected] 22:06:20  Jen Wagner (California)  NEXT WEEK WE RECAP NECC
[email protected] 22:06:23  mrsdurff  bye!
[email protected] 22:06:25  Jen Wagner (California)  join us then!!!!
[email protected] 22:06:26  MaryKK  First WOW - will be back - thanks!
[email protected] 22:06:29  justinreeve  *clap* *clap*
[email protected] 22:06:29  loonyhiker  thanks for this great session!
[email protected] 22:06:33  mrsdurff  PICS!!
[email protected] 22:06:35  adinasullivan  Bye all!
[email protected] 22:06:37  justinreeve  PICS OR BAN
[email protected] 22:06:40  mrsdurff  take pics!
[email protected] 22:06:46  justinreeve  :)
[email protected] 22:06:50  Bonnine (Louisiana)  this was great. will be back to catch it again.
[email protected] 22:06:56  Jen Wagner (California)  Please send links to PICTURES!~!!!
[email protected] 22:07:02  sdaum  goodbye everyone, thanks for your help explaining
[email protected] 22:07:12  justinreeve  I hope we were at least some help, sdaum
[email protected] 22:07:14  mrsdurff  bye @sdaum
[email protected] 22:07:22  Jen Wagner (California)  GOOD NIGHT EVERYONE!!!
[email protected] 22:07:22  justinreeve  At least you got to experience our awesomeness.  That's something.
[email protected] 22:07:27  mrsdurff  hope yyou get an 'A'
[email protected] 22:07:35  sdaum  thanks to all!
[email protected] 22:07:40  khokanson  tag photos necc2008 and wow2
[email protected] 22:07:44  mrsdurff  nite all
[email protected] 22:07:48  justinreeve  g'nite
[email protected] 22:12:58  sdaum  can anyone tell me the names of the hosts?
The hostesses for this show Lucy Gray, sitting in for Sharon Peters-in Africa, Jen Wagner, Vicki Davis, Cheryl Oakes
Thanks for being part of the show!

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