Women of Web 2.0 Show 75

 Join the Women of Web 2.0 as we discuss what it means to be a Discovery Educator and then the discussion moves on to Second Life and the presence that DEN members have made on EduIsland. Look for upcoming events.


The Delicious Links!   http://del.icio.us/WOW2.0/wow2_20080513 

The Chat

 09:21:30  paulenekulet  hi

 19:30:00  izharkhan11  hello

 20:36:08  JenWagner  hello elaine

 20:43:17  Nancy (Laelia)  Hi Jen!  Am I too early?

 20:44:48  Nancy (Laelia)  Is that 'green haired' Valaina?

 20:44:56  Valaina  The one and only

 20:45:07  Nancy (Laelia)  Good to 'see' you gurl!

 20:45:19  Nancy (Laelia)  Wish we had video -- I would wear my purple wig! LOL

 20:45:33  Valaina  Same here.  Looking forward to the podcast tonight

 20:45:48  atruger  Hi all

 20:45:48  Valaina  still thinking about doing it for San Antonio

 20:45:49  Lor  Hi

 20:45:52  Valaina  hi

 20:45:52  Nancy (Laelia)  Hi JM, I Lor!

 20:46:00  atruger  Jen?

 20:46:04  Nancy (Laelia)  @Val - I'm DEFINITELY doing it for NECC

 20:46:12  cheryloakes show 75!!  Getting things ready.

 20:46:15  atruger  Should I log in with my full name or SL name?

 20:46:28  Nancy (Laelia)  Also thinking of doing it Friday/Saturday for the NY NYSCATE Metro conference where I'll be doing 2 SL sessions

 20:46:32  Lor  Lae - have you been back to see the editions to the HQ?

 20:46:38  cheryloakes show 75!!  atruger, do what is comfortable for you. I log in with this name everywhere.

 20:46:41  Valaina  You are doing NYSCATE????

 20:46:46  Nancy (Laelia)  NO....took a nap instead!

 20:46:53  Nancy (Laelia)  @Val - yup...you going?

 20:46:54  Lor  did you find your indicator?

 20:47:03  Valaina  When is it

 20:47:04  sendkathy  Hi Ladies!

 20:47:10  Nancy (Laelia)  @Lor nope....haven't been inworld 2night

 20:47:12  Valaina  Hi

 20:47:15  Nancy (Laelia)  @Val this Fri & Sat

 20:47:18  cheryloakes show 75!!  hi kathy, getting ready brb

 20:47:23  Valaina  bummer

 20:47:26  Valaina  where?

 20:47:35  Nancy (Laelia)  @Val Rye, NY

 20:47:37  Lor  Lae you can change the color you type

 20:47:51  Lor  I figured you would pick purple

 20:47:58  Nancy (Laelia)  @Lor

 20:48:01  Nancy (Laelia)  wOOt

 20:48:07  Nancy (Laelia)  i'M A HAPPY CAMPER! :)

 20:48:09  Lor  LOL

 20:48:10  Valaina  I picked green :D

 20:48:13  Lor  I knew you would be

 20:48:15  Lor  I"m teal

 20:48:26  Valaina  nice color Lor

 20:48:31  Nancy (Laelia)  @Lor shouldn' you be yellow?

 20:48:40  Nancy (Laelia)  weren't you that on Google Docs?

 20:48:40  Valaina  or cubs colors

 20:48:41  Lor  let's see if you can read yellow

 20:48:54  Lor  how does this look

 20:48:58  Nancy (Laelia)  NO...no good

 20:48:58  Lor  oh too light

 20:49:03  Lor  back to teal

 20:49:07  Nancy (Laelia)  Hi Cel

 20:49:10  Valaina  Hi Rip

 20:49:14  Nancy (Laelia)  Hi Rip

 20:49:17  Lor  Hi Rip

 20:49:19  eplybon  Hello everyone

 20:49:20  Lor  pick a color

 20:49:36  Nancy (Laelia)  @Lor -- bossy, bossy, bossy! LOL  But we love it

 20:49:36  eplybon  oops did I just pick Lae's color?

 20:49:41  JenWagner  okay DENNERS -- Cheryl needs to call you

 20:49:43  atruger  How is this

 20:49:44  JenWagner  are you on SKYPE

 20:49:48  Fred Delventhal  ahh I guess I shoulda done what Lae did

 20:49:49  Nancy (Laelia)  STAY AWAY FROM PURPLE!!!!

 20:49:50  eplybon  Here, I'll be red

 20:49:52  Fred Delventhal  Hi everyone

 20:49:53  Valaina  and green

 20:49:57  Nancy (Laelia)  Skype is up and waiting

 20:49:59  Lor  oh what does the little icon in front of our names mean

 20:50:00  eplybon  I'm logged in Skype yes

 20:50:23  Lor  I"m logged in skype

 20:50:24  Valaina  no sound yet right????

 20:50:41  Lor  says currently not streaming

 20:50:41  Nancy (Laelia)  I don't hear anything

 20:50:49  Valaina  good

 20:50:52  Lor  I haven't even clicked on the stream yet

 20:51:01  Valaina  I got my audio fixed just in time for tonight

 20:51:11  Nancy (Laelia)  are we supposed to?  You told me there was no video

 20:51:13  Lor  you need to click on the audio for itune or real player

 20:51:18  atruger  Where did Fred go?

 20:51:24  Nancy (Laelia)  BOOM

 20:51:29  Nancy (Laelia)  LOL

 20:51:47  eplybon  oh, I see when we're typing, we have a key in front of our name

 20:51:53  Lor  oops my wireless blipped

 20:52:12  Lor  are we suppose to do the audio stream or just wait for skype?

 20:52:21  Nancy (Laelia)  Not sure

 20:52:29  Nancy (Laelia)  I thought Skype

 20:52:37  Lor  I'm sure someone will tell us

 20:52:43  Lor  hope my wireless doesn't act up

 20:52:50  Lor  stormy here

 20:53:15  Nancy (Laelia)  @Lor ok...so now the song 'stormy weather'

 20:53:19  Nancy (Laelia)   is going thru my head

 20:53:26  Lor  LOL

 20:53:31  Lor  sorry it's soo windy here

 20:53:55  Nancy (Laelia)  I just noticed I had an 'X' on my sound icon on the tool bar above the chat line

 20:53:57  Lor  where's everyone else in the chat?

 20:54:11  Nancy (Laelia)  @Lor -- didn't you know?  It's just us?

 20:54:36  Valaina  who else is supposed to be here

 20:54:40  JenWagner  soooo -- you have chosen COLORS

 20:54:41  JenWagner  :)

 20:54:43  Nancy (Laelia)  HOLY MOSES....I took the 'X" off the sound icon and when PeggyG entered it YELLED welcome

 20:54:44  Lor  HI Jen

 20:54:46  JenWagner  smiles -- WITHOUT ME

 20:54:47  Lor  yep we have colors

 20:54:48  Nancy (Laelia)  how do I adjust sound?

 20:54:54  Valaina  Hi Jen

 20:54:57  JenWagner  Nancy -- we need your skype name

 20:55:00  atruger  Hi all

 20:55:01  Nancy (Laelia)  laelia.laval

 20:55:03  Lor  should we have sound here or just do the skype

 20:55:25  Nancy (Laelia)  probably just Skype otherwise echo effect

 20:55:33  Lor  yep

 20:55:33  atruger  I dropped out of skype until the SL discussion

 20:55:52  JenWagner  and we need LOR's

 20:55:53  Lor  how do I get in the skype?

 20:56:00  Lor  loriabr

 20:56:11  alicebarr  Hi all!

 20:56:16  Lor  Hi alice

 20:56:18  eplybon  Hello everyone

 20:56:31  PeggyG  Hi everyone

 20:57:01  Nancy (Laelia)  lost sound on Skype w/ Cheryl

 20:57:02  eplybon  oops

 20:57:08  PeggyG  I'm not hearing sound yet- may need to restart

 20:57:13  JenWagner  we lost Cheryl

 20:57:15  Fred Delventhal (Riptide)  skype call closed on me

 20:57:20  JenWagner  be right back

 20:57:31  JenWagner  we won't call LOR right away

 20:57:34  JenWagner  sorry we crashed

 20:57:44  JenWagner  we will start with Fred Elaine Nancy

 20:57:44  Lor  I clicked ok with skype

 20:57:47  Nancy (Laelia)  np...we're used to Tech

 20:57:50  Lor  but don't hear anyone?

 20:58:04  Nancy (Laelia)  @Lor click on the sound icon above the chat window

 20:58:08  Nancy (Laelia)  make sure no "X' on it

 20:58:20  atruger  I am hearing nothing but welcome is that right?

 20:58:26  Nancy (Laelia)  correct

 20:58:29  Nancy (Laelia)  at least for now

 20:58:33  atruger  whew

 20:58:34  atruger  ok

 20:58:51  Lor  I don't hear anything

 20:58:56  atruger  :p

 20:58:57  Lor  should I try itunes

 20:59:29  cheryloakes show #75  Just back and getting audio going

 20:59:55  Lor  Ok so its not me - I hear nothing

 21:00:14  Lor  says not streaming

 21:00:16  sharonp  hi folks

 21:00:18  cheryloakes show #75  Hi sharon

 21:00:43  cheryloakes show #75  jsut started the stream. YOU need to ignorer that it is not streaming. click on one of the audio.

 21:00:47  Lor  yeah

 21:00:47  Lor  I can hear now

 21:00:47  Lor  nope an old show

 21:01:04  cheryloakes show #75  in about 20 seconds.

 21:01:47  cheryloakes show #75  do you have audio yet?

 21:02:14  Lor  don't hear anyting

 21:02:43  alicebarr  Yes I hear audio CherylQ

 21:03:03  cheryloakes show #75  Thanks so much Alice!!!

 21:03:16  ColleenK  Hi everyone!

 21:03:17  alicebarr  Welcome!

 21:03:25  Fred Delventhal (Riptide)  Hi all

 21:03:34  Lor  I can hear you

 21:03:39  Nancy (Laelia)  Good Evening all!

 21:03:41  alicebarr  Yes you are streaming!

 21:03:44  PeggyG  Restarted and getting audio now :-) Yea!

 21:03:44  Lor  HI all

 21:03:45  brendab  hello, my first visit with you guys

 21:03:52  atruger  Welcome All!

 21:03:52  Nancy (Laelia)  Welcome Brendab

 21:03:59  cheryloakes show #75  Okay hello to all, getting really ready

 21:04:02  Lor  itunes worked, realone didn't

 21:04:11  JenWagner  welcome everyone in the room!!!

 21:04:25  cheryloakes show #75  I am on itunes working!!

 21:04:35  PeggyG  are you saying vodzone?

 21:04:46  sharonp  yes, we call it Vodzone here in Quebec

 21:04:53  PeggyG  Love the discovery streaming videos!

 21:05:02  JenWagner  LINKS to our WOW's for tonight -- http://del.icio.us/WOW2.0/wow2_20080513

 21:05:03  sharonp  I just gave the preshow stuff ?† la Canadienne

 21:05:28  cheryloakes show #75  http://cheryloakes50.glogster.com/Women-of-Web-20/

 21:05:36  JenWagner  CHERYL'S WOW -- http://www.glogster.com/

 21:06:06  PeggyG  @sharonp-you should do a special show just on your plans for Africa!

 21:06:20  JenWagner  @peggyg -- SHE HAS IT PLANNED!!!   :)

 21:06:38  PeggyG  Hooray!!

 21:06:41  cheryloakes show #75  Hello all, great to have you here with us.

 21:06:47  cheryloakes show #75  trying to type quietly

 21:06:58  sharonp  http://youtube.com/watch?v=b4VhoWGZ2eA

 21:07:26  PeggyG  Is Glogster interactive--who can add to the page?

 21:07:57  cheryloakes show #75  Peggy, it is , hm, not sure only checked it thisAM , let usknow.

 21:08:09  JenWagner  http://www.smilebox.com/

 21:08:19  Nancy (Laelia)  LOVE smilebox!

 21:08:22  sharonp  Thanks to John Pederson for the video - he recommended it - it is GREAT

 21:08:26  eplybon  very easy to use

 21:08:37  cheryloakes show #75  great wows this week

 21:08:54  cheryloakes show #75  Get ready seatbelts on!

 21:08:57  MariaK  Looked at the video this morning. sharing at a class tomorrow afternoon

 21:09:08  cheryloakes show #75  Oh, cool, hi Maria

 21:09:10  Diane H  Quote from the video: If the death of education brings the dawn of learning that makes me very happy.

 21:09:11  PeggyG  Wow-smilebox started playing immediately :-) Looks great!

 21:09:38  sroseman  wow ..cool

 21:09:45  MariaK  Hello everyone

 21:09:54  atruger  Can't wait to play!

 21:09:59  JenWagner  <<-----I';m with DEN

 21:10:05  eplybon  <<< :D happy DENer

 21:10:11  Fred Delventhal (Riptide)  Valaina just logged out but she is a DEN member too

 21:10:28  PeggyG  @Jen how are the votes coming in for Doodle for Google?

 21:10:41  Lor  Hi all

 21:10:42  atruger  Hi all!

 21:10:50  lindanitsche  DEN member here!

 21:10:51  Lor  Yeah DEN

 21:10:56  PeggyG  What an incredible cast tonight!

 21:10:56  atruger  <<<<<DEN STAR

 21:10:57  sroseman  I presented your doodle for google at Tappedin this evening.

 21:11:04  sroseman  K to 3+ Great Resources

 21:11:09  brendab  DEN member

 21:11:13  PeggyG  Can you be a DEN wannabe?

 21:11:13  cheryloakes show #75  When  you click on the links it sometimes bumps you out of the chat, just come on back.

 21:11:16  Lor  DEN in SL LC

 21:11:25  eplybon  as long as you don't stay a wannabe Peggy :)

 21:11:27  JenWagner  Yes, Peggy -- I am a DEN LURKER myself

 21:11:39  eplybon  no reason not to join! come to teh bright side!

 21:11:44  JenWagner  @peggyg -- I have no idea -- just passed on the LINK

 21:12:03  eplybon  http://community.discoveryeducaton.com

 21:12:04  atruger  Woot Riptide!!!

 21:12:08  cheryloakes show #75  welcome Mrsdurff

 21:12:20  mrsdurff  Go Riptide Furse!

 21:12:26  mrsdurff  hi cheryl

 21:13:15  cheryloakes show #75  evening cathy e!!

 21:13:32  eplybon  oops, spelled it wrong

 21:13:40  Lor  http://community.discoveryeducation.com/

 21:13:42  PeggyG  We feel so lucky in AZ-Discovery streaming is provided "free" for all K-12 teachers. ADE pays for it.

 21:13:42  eplybon  http://community.discoveryeducation.com I are a teacher

 21:13:43  Lor  here it is

 21:14:04  cheryloakes show #75  elaine, it is late, we all understand!

 21:14:09  atruger  WOW AZ is lucky!

 21:14:36  Lor  Wow wish IL would do that

 21:14:40  atruger  Me too

 21:15:11  atruger  Hi Colleen!

 21:15:33  cheryloakes show #75  Peggy G , that is amazing, I like when school/state departments do that , it makes sense.

 21:15:34  MariaK  I lost my discovery streaming account - used it and loved it but now it is gone. Poof! Boo hoo!

 21:15:35  ColleenK  Hi Anne! Will you be on later?

 21:15:41  Lor  Yeah some movies can't be played in SL

 21:15:53  atruger  yes Colleen

 21:16:15  cheryloakes show #75  Hi Derrall, evening.

 21:16:16  mrsdurff  hey derrallg

 21:16:18  ColleenK  @atruger Ok, then I'll stay :)

 21:16:22  atruger  LOL

 21:16:29  derrallg  hi cheryl

 21:16:29  cheryloakes show #75  good move colleenk

 21:16:32  derrallg  hi durff

 21:16:33  atruger  rofl

 21:16:44  mrsdurff  i AM an issue!

 21:16:52  sroseman  Is there a fee?

 21:16:53  atruger  Hi Miche!

 21:16:55  Lor  We love all avatars

 21:17:01  atruger  from everywhere

 21:17:02  PeggyG  It would be really hard to lose discovery streaming once you have used it!

 21:17:09  michellerussell  hi all!

 21:17:28  mrsdurff  hi

 21:17:31  sendkathy  Our state provide United Streaming - GA

 21:17:40  mrsdurff  lucky

 21:17:45  sendkathy  yeah

 21:17:47  Lor  GA and AZ lucky

 21:17:50  MariaK  I miss it but my school is not able to afford the account.

 21:18:05  cheryloakes show #75  Wow, AZ, IL and GA all provide United streaming, any others?

 21:18:07  sharonp  We just started using "Vodzone" (Discovery United videos) in our province and although it is often quite American, it can be excellent stuff

 21:18:09  atruger  Very powerful!

 21:18:16  sendkathy  I agree these videos are a very valuable resource

 21:18:22  sendkathy  I use them all the time

 21:18:33  Lor  There are sooo many videos

 21:18:33  sendkathy  and it's not that we watch them constantly

 21:18:36  Lor  I do the same

 21:18:38  MariaK  I used them all the time too, kathy

 21:18:43  sendkathy  I show a minute or two here and there

 21:18:44  Lor  I look at the new ones each week

 21:18:51  PeggyG  Can he talk about the professional development videos on DS?

 21:18:57  sendkathy  It adds visual imagery and leads to better understanding

 21:18:58  Lor  I try to get them to show shorter clips not just full length movies

 21:19:09  brendab  we have DEN in SC -  our district has a dedicated server much faster

 21:19:21  Lor  there are great PD movies

 21:19:26  Lor  I had students finding clips to add to their ppt projects

 21:19:32  atruger  Absolutely Elaine....you hit the nail on the head

 21:19:36  michellerussell  il provides it?

 21:19:46  sendkathy  I have used a couple of the PD videos

 21:19:47  atruger  nope....

 21:19:50  JenWagner  If you have not chosen a color yet -- PLEASE DO SO

 21:19:57  michellerussell  i thought someone said..

 21:19:58  JenWagner  Far LEFT button

 21:20:06  MariaK  I like this color tonight

 21:20:09  Lor  we use the images too

 21:20:10  JenWagner  Going AUTUMN here

 21:20:13  shaun fletcher  just got a licen. from our district, i have dug very deep yet.  Need to do more exploring

 21:20:14  sendkathy  Nice MariaK

 21:20:25  sharonp  I think so much of their stuff - the videos - are great - haven't used the builders yet

 21:20:25  shaun fletcher  haven't dug

 21:20:30  michellerussell  Ok, I changed my color

 21:20:33  mrsdurff  they're not? send that over here - i'll use it

 21:20:35  sendkathy  @MariaK has fame gone to your head yet?!

 21:20:38  cheryloakes show #75  Hi Langlabcindy, welcome

 21:20:40  atruger  rofl

 21:20:48  sendkathy  How about fortune, waas that part of the deal?

 21:20:55  LangLabCindy  Hi!  Good to be here...

 21:21:03  sharonp  I think part of the problem for the Quebec scene is that the videos are only available in English

 21:21:16  mrsdurff  fame and fortune found by the cabgirl

 21:21:18  sharonp  so we had to negotiate a special contract with DEN -

 21:21:23  MariaK  @sendkathy - i hope fame has not gotten to me ...worried about the giant screens a NECC that will project my image

 21:21:34  sendkathy  LOL

 21:21:34  sharonp  that did not politically upset the Francophone system here in QC

 21:21:42  sendkathy  It will be exciting!

 21:21:44  PeggyG  Those are all such incredible tools-love the writing builder!

 21:21:46  shaun fletcher  Can the students view the videos out side of the classroom?

 21:21:54  sendkathy  I wish I could be there and hope it will be uStreamed

 21:22:00  sharonp  the English Language ARts stuff is excellent

 21:22:08  mrsdurff  giant screens projecting your image? can you duck?

 21:22:15  atruger  lol

 21:22:23  chrisssve  good evening chatroom group!

 21:22:25  Lor  assignment builder lets the kids log on from home and see the videos that teachers have selected

 21:22:29  carolynf  hello all

 21:22:31  sharonp  I have used their grammar stuff for my middle school students AS WELL AS the Shakespearean stuff for my upper year students - all excellent?ß

 21:22:33  cheryloakes show #75  durff, sunglasses may be needed not 3D glasses!

 21:22:44  sharonp  and do check out the teacher resources too - great stuff

 21:22:44  mrsdurff  :)

 21:22:50  shaun fletcher  @Lor thanks

 21:23:06  eplybon  assignment builder can be so much more than just the kids logging in at home and watching videos

 21:23:15  Lor  @shaun - you get a student code you give out

 21:23:20  eplybon  you can develop entire lesson units in assignment builder - kids can self-teach

 21:23:48  cheryloakes show #75  that sounds great elaine,  so the students  are creating! prosumers.

 21:23:49  shaun fletcher  @Loris a code generated from my account?

 21:23:55  Lor  OH yes but one way to let kids see the clips

 21:24:07  cheryloakes show #75  hello James.sigler

 21:24:08  Lor  yes you can give them the student code

 21:24:17  James.Sigler  Hi Cheryl

 21:24:18  eplybon  kids can use the clips to edit, as well - building their own videos

 21:24:32  atruger  you can embed them in presentations

 21:24:34  Lor  yes if there is a clapboard by the video they are editable

 21:24:38  sendkathy  @eplybon I know you can use it for lesson plans but we have other places that we are supposed to post lessons so it seems to make more work for me.

 21:24:53  shaun fletcher  @eplybon can they then publish the mashed vids

 21:24:58  eplybon  I understand - I was the same way with a district that used blackboard

 21:25:06  Lor  you have to be careful of copyright

 21:25:15  sendkathy  yes, so you just don't want to be posting everywhere

 21:25:17  Lor  some of the movies can be mashed up

 21:25:23  cheryloakes show #75  It is great to teach about copyright early and often

 21:25:30  eplybon  as long as they go to a school that has Discovery streaming, they can use it

 21:25:35  atruger  only the ones with the clapboard are editable

 21:26:03  shaun fletcher  @eplybon, use it but not publish?

 21:26:19  PeggyG  It's fun to browse through the blogs of the DEN Stars :-) Lots of great info

 21:26:25  cheryloakes show #75  Hey, it looks like I have cloned myself in the chat! I wonder if one of us can leave to get another glass of water?

 21:26:26  eplybon  publishing can get a little bit hairier because once they leave the school, they would not have the rights to it

 21:26:36  James.Sigler  If your district subscribes to United streaming.  Does that make you a DEN member?

 21:26:41  sharonp  I wasn't aware of the editing potential... how would we know which ones could be edited?

 21:26:47  Lor  @shaun - you can use the ones with the clapboard

 21:26:48  sendkathy  @Cheryl, split personality!

 21:26:49  WickedDecent  Just became a DEN Star myslf

 21:26:56  eplybon  when you search, you can narrow it down by editable titles

 21:26:59  eplybon  in advanced search

 21:27:00  cheryloakes show #75  @ kathy, right

 21:27:03  sendkathy  or real multi-tasking

 21:27:05  atruger  WELCOME wickeddecent

 21:27:06  Fred (Riptide)  Congrats Wicked

 21:27:12  cheryloakes show #75  congrats WickedDecent

 21:27:12  WickedDecent  thanks

 21:27:28  cheryloakes show #75  hello marthamath

 21:27:50  Lor  I've heard of ELL students doing own voice overs in another language for students who are new to the US

 21:28:05  cheryloakes show #75  Lor, that is a good idea.

 21:28:31  Lor  helps them learn the content

 21:28:40  atruger  STAR Educator ROCK

 21:28:54  Lor  STARS shine Bright

 21:28:58  atruger  lots of perks

 21:29:04  Valaina  Stars shine WAY bright

 21:29:06  JenWagner  congrats WickedDecent ---- GOod For You!!

 21:29:20  PeggyG  http://community.discoveryeducation.com/

 21:29:48  PeggyG  Just re-entered the URL-the first one had an i missing in cation :-)

 21:29:58  cheryloakes show #75  hey chris harbeck, how about a sound check for old time

 21:30:08  Lor  http://community.discoveryeducation.com/star/index.html

 21:30:15  Lor  here's the link to the STAR app

 21:30:29  atruger  woot!

 21:30:32  charbeck  Ah Cheryl you sound great.  the sweet sound of keyboards clicking in the back ground.  Missed you all

 21:30:32  Lor  woot

 21:30:33  Valaina  or talking at a team meeting

 21:30:38  WickedDecent  Hey RIPTIDE

 21:30:40  Lor  I think I''m over 20 events now

 21:30:57  WickedDecent  oops didn't mean to yell

 21:31:00  Valaina  I haven't been adding my events since my 3

 21:31:01  Nancy (Laelia)  http://community.discoveryeducation.com/star/index.html

 21:31:11  WickedDecent  My event was a podcast about DEN

 21:31:12  PeggyG  Can retired principals be Stars? Do you have to be employed by a district?

 21:31:16  Lor  you need to fill out the app JEN

 21:31:30  cheryloakes show #75  podcasts are great since they live on and on

 21:31:33  Valaina  good event Wiked

 21:31:34  atruger  that's gone

 21:31:37  Lor  its soo much easier now

 21:31:39  atruger  hmmmm?

 21:31:41  Valaina  whoops, wicked

 21:31:51  Lor  its questions

 21:31:57  Fred (Riptide)      *  In-person Professional Development     * Exclusive Online Activities     * Promotions & Contests     * Exclusive Discovery Events     * Professional Development Support     * Regular Communications and Support

 21:32:20  Lor  and don't forget we have Spring training still

 21:32:30  Lor  each region is competing to win a Day of discovery

 21:32:30  atruger  the draft is on!

 21:32:35  atruger  rofl

 21:32:35  Nancy (Laelia)  So what page am I linking to? 

 21:32:41  cheryloakes show #75  sounds like a great supportive network!!

 21:32:42  sharonp  oooh, my kids love Myth Busters

 21:32:45  Nancy (Laelia)  It shows 3 questions, upload a tech plan

 21:32:48  Nancy (Laelia)  watch a webinar

 21:32:51  Nancy (Laelia)  and host an event

 21:32:58  Nancy (Laelia)  oooooh I know

 21:33:02  atruger  Academic Excursion!!!!

 21:33:02  sharonp  I just wish it were available to us here in Canada

 21:33:05  Nancy (Laelia)  it must be my Windows machine! LOL

 21:33:08  Lor  the actual application doesn't have it all

 21:33:20  Valaina  Virtual Conferences

 21:33:24  sendkathy  I wish there was a way to create a universal profile that one could just RSS to update things like presentations, or seminars instead of double entry accounting.

 21:33:27  atruger  Den Webinars

 21:33:52  atruger  awwww poor RIp

 21:33:52  James.Sigler  cool!

 21:33:59  PeggyG  are any of the mythbuster shows on DS?

 21:34:02  atruger  movie premiers

 21:34:18  LangLabCindy  all the opportunities being talked about are available by being a STAR DEN member?

 21:34:26  atruger  yes

 21:34:40  atruger  that was amazing

 21:34:44  cheryloakes show #75  Thanks to all the Den's in the chat and helping out with the answers.

 21:34:51  atruger  It's about time!

 21:35:08  atruger  Demmian

 21:35:15  Valaina  Having one on Sunday at the beginning of NECC in San Antonio

 21:35:32  Lor  and there was the virtual conference too

 21:35:34  cheryloakes show #75  hello brenda b

 21:35:52  SusanEttenheim  hi all - been listening while working

 21:35:56  PeggyG  I participated in the virtual conference in AZ and it was fantastic!

 21:35:59  atruger  Discovery is very supportive

 21:36:08  Lor  often DEN has social events at the state conferences too

 21:36:12  Valaina  DE is FANTASTIC....

 21:36:27  Valaina  handouts to give our staff

 21:36:32  cheryloakes show #75  You can make the chat font bigger if you click on the 7th button on the right, the little plus sign

 21:36:33  Lor  and we get gifts too

 21:36:52  Lor  Dave and Busters was great

 21:36:59  Lor  OH MY JEN we didn't meet then????

 21:37:04  Lor  we were both there!!

 21:37:05  Valaina  At FETC we went to Rainforest Cafe at Disney World

 21:37:07  atruger  I missed that one....

 21:37:12  JenWagner  I was ther LOR

 21:37:17  atruger  FETC was great too

 21:37:18  Lor  me too

 21:37:24  JenWagner  I won the SINGING AWARD -- got a certificate

 21:37:41  cheryloakes show #75  Oh, Jen, this is good WOW trivia

 21:37:42  atruger  woo hoo

 21:37:56  JenWagner  yep

 21:38:06  JenWagner  and I was not even a member -- I was just a WELCOMED GUEST

 21:38:07  Valaina  retired folks???

 21:38:26  atruger  like me

 21:38:29  JenWagner  Lor -- Anne -- ready to join us!!!   :)

 21:38:35  atruger  yeppers

 21:38:45  JenWagner  we will segue as well call you in

 21:38:46  Lor  sure I need to turn off itunes

 21:38:49  cheryloakes show #75  I like how DEN recognizes that all things start small and grow, so to support 2-3 people in a room is great.

 21:39:14  cheryloakes show #75  yes, Lor, turn off itunes when I call, and get the heaadphones on.

 21:39:25  Lor  headphones are on

 21:39:30  Valaina  DEN educators are very supportive of eo

 21:39:36  PeggyG  Could they be virtual events and not f2f?

 21:39:46  Lor  yes we have had lots of virtual events

 21:39:50  Lor  in SL for  instance

 21:39:54  ColleenK  I want to be a STAR :)

 21:40:00  Lor  or skype or ustream

 21:40:02  atruger  virtual events work great

 21:40:06  WickedDecent  DEN in SL is cool

 21:40:07  atruger  or ustream

 21:40:22  Valaina  or a podcast

 21:40:26  Valaina  voicestream

 21:40:29  atruger  What are u waiting for Colleen?

 21:40:35  PeggyG  A couple of my principal friends have me on "hot dial" everytime they need technology support--would that count?

 21:40:38  ColleenK  LOL...tonight's show

 21:40:44  mrsdurff  LOL

 21:40:50  brendab  am a new DEN Star Educator - learning so much from the DEN

 21:41:09  atruger  Second Life Rocks!

 21:41:16  sroseman  ditto

 21:41:18  Fred (Riptide)  Great news Brendab

 21:41:20  ColleenK  DEN in SL members are the most dedicate, enthusiastic group of eductors I have ever met!

 21:41:22  Valaina  Fantastic New building

 21:41:30  JenWagner  @brendab -- DURING THIS SESSON???  You just joined??

 21:41:37  James.Sigler  Does DEN have any social networks groups?

 21:41:53  WickedDecent  Riptide is a great SL teacher (Humanitas Doproban)

 21:42:04  Fred (Riptide)  lol

 21:42:12  brendab  Second life - DEN connection??

 21:42:27  Nancy (Laelia)  HELP...lost sound

 21:42:37  JenWagner  Nancy -- you were on SKYPE - so you were live

 21:42:37  atruger  open itunes Lae

 21:42:45  Nancy (Laelia)  then I hung up :(

 21:42:46  JenWagner  you might need to restart the stream

 21:42:47  cheryloakes show #75  Nancy,go to itunes or real player

 21:42:52  Nancy (Laelia)  thx

 21:42:58  Valaina  itunes works better the rp

 21:43:02  PeggyG  I stood up for one entire DEN even with Steve Dembo--it was awesome! Just couldn't figure out how to sit down :-)

 21:43:15  Valaina  Hall Davidson on SL tomorrow night

 21:43:36  PeggyG  Is there a RSS feed for the DEN SL events?

 21:43:42  cheryloakes show #75  all transitioned in , great job moving in and out of SKYPE

 21:43:55  sroseman  Is there a calendar of events

 21:44:06  Nancy (Laelia)  You can always check the SL blog

 21:44:06  sroseman  and are they archived

 21:44:08  derrallg  How do I get the Star DEN label over my avatar in SL?

 21:44:13  Fred (Riptide)  http://blog.discoveryeducation.com/secondlife/

 21:44:14  Nancy (Laelia)  http://blog.discoveryeducation.com/secondlife/

 21:44:34  eplybon  <<< Celestia Cazalet

 21:44:34  cheryloakes show #75  hi kdtech

 21:44:37  Fred (Riptide)  derrallg IM me in world with your real life name and state

 21:45:02  derrallg  @Riptide ok thanks

 21:45:50  cheryloakes show #75  http://del.icio.us/WOW2.0/wow2_20080513

 21:46:02  cheryloakes show #75  here are the delicious links for our show

 21:48:06  JenWagner  Elaine -- really??  I did not know that

 21:48:08  PeggyG  @Cheryl-can you add that DEN SL link to your WOW bookmarks?

 21:48:20  cheryloakes show #75  we sure will

 21:48:27  Fred (Riptide)  http://www.flickr.com/photos/discoveryeducation/

 21:48:53  alicebarr  I was there, blinked and missed it!

 21:49:05  Nancy (Laelia)  I was ready!

 21:49:44  Nancy (Laelia)  ME ME ME :)

 21:50:12  brendab  what connection is SL to DEN

 21:50:14  PeggyG  I'm so glad you mentioned that-we need to remember people are just learning about SL

 21:50:29  JenWagner  Just Delicioused the Discovery Information ---   :)

 21:50:31  Nancy (Laelia)  OMG Jen OH NO

 21:50:52  Lor  Here's Hall's title for tomorrow Tool Using Kids are Smarter (real data).  So Why Don't We Think So?

 21:50:57  PeggyG  Thank you!

 21:51:04  LangLabCindy  I know, but SL feels so big and daunting.

 21:51:07  ColleenK  @brendab DEN has a presence in Second Life. They hold events (social and educational).

 21:51:29  Nancy (Laelia)  @LangLab - get in and contact one of us....we'll be your personal guide

 21:51:30  sroseman  I am just discovering DEN again!!

 21:51:35  cheryloakes show #75  you can subscribe to email notices.

 21:51:47  JenWagner  anytime Peggy!!

 21:51:52  James.Sigler  SL runs a slowly on my computer

 21:52:00  JenWagner  @LangLab -- yes, it can ---- but I will give you a tour if you wish

 21:52:09  JenWagner  <-----if you are in Second Life --

 21:52:11  JenWagner  and you want to

 21:52:15  JenWagner  share you Second Life name

 21:52:20  JenWagner  <-------MacsMom Alcott

 21:52:21  mrsdurff  MacsMom loves those fireworks

 21:52:39  ColleenK  @EdithHalderman Yes, she does!

 21:52:41  PeggyG  Greatnews Anatine-very original, just like my ISTE black tshirt :-)

 21:52:47  alicebarr  <------LillyofheSea Starr

 21:52:49  Fred (Riptide)  <----- Riptide Furse

 21:52:57  James.Sigler  <--------Dewey Charon

 21:53:04  ColleenK  <--------- Kristy Flanagan

 21:53:10  Valaina  <---- Valaina Shepherd

 21:53:12  sroseman  Sue Aferdita

 21:53:15  atruger  <-----JessieMarie Flanagan

 21:53:22  PeggyG  I need some newbie events! Are they still available?

 21:53:23  Lor  <--------- Lor Fredriksson

 21:53:35  Lor  we will plan some newbie events again

 21:53:37  derrallg  <---------Derrall Ling

 21:53:37  Valaina  Lae helps with problems with hair

 21:53:46  Nancy (Laelia)  <----- Laelia Laval

 21:53:50  PeggyG  Fantastic! I'll join you.

 21:54:03  Sue Waters  Ruby Imako

 21:54:15  cheryloakes show #75  good, do some newbie things in summer

 21:54:30  cheryloakes show #75  hi elaine

 21:54:37  James.Sigler  <----------Dewey Charron

 21:54:38  eplybon  hello

 21:54:45  Nancy (Laelia)  wb Cel

 21:54:49  eplybon  thanks Lae

 21:55:17  Nancy (Laelia)  doesn't the DEN in SL LC get a break?????

 21:55:23  eplybon  LOLOLOLOL

 21:55:28  eplybon  break? what's that

 21:55:33  Valaina  never

 21:55:48  eplybon  woot! come see us present 8:30 Monday morning at NECC

 21:55:50  marthamath  Looking forward to the newbie events after NECC, I'll be there too.

 21:55:55  cheryloakes show #75  It is fun to finally meet people f2f, after working virtually!

 21:55:56  PeggyG  Do you have a meet-up event scheduled for NECC?

 21:55:58  Valaina  me

 21:56:01  eplybon  nope

 21:56:02  Valaina  I've met Rip

 21:56:07  Nancy (Laelia)  I think I saw him walking on my road this a.m.

 21:56:10  MariaK  <-------Kaguyahime Watanabe

 21:56:12  Lor  Yeah for ryan

 21:56:14  cheryloakes show #75  congrats to the Bretag family

 21:56:27  Fred (Riptide)  Valaina has met me that's right

 21:56:28  Nancy (Laelia)  Baby girl or boy?

 21:56:34  Lor  boy

 21:56:38  ColleenK  @MariaK Are you the one with the "interesting" hairstyle?

 21:56:40  Valaina  Congrats

 21:56:44  LangLabCindy  @JenWagner When could we do a tour?  How long would it take?

 21:56:48  James.Sigler  (((clap clap clap)))

 21:56:50  JenWagner  Baby BOY

 21:56:57  derrallg  yeah clpa clap

 21:57:02  eplybon  cool!

 21:57:06  PeggyG  How exciting! Welcome to baby Bretag! So glad he's finally here!

 21:57:08  lindanitsche  Yea Baby boy! Poor Mom!

 21:57:11 [Action] Fred (Riptide)  applauds

 21:57:33  Nancy (Laelia)  now what other kid gets announced this way????

 21:57:55  eplybon  and we have the Guides there all the time

 21:58:14  eplybon  presenting in second life is a great experience

 21:58:25  PeggyG  Just avoid Tuesday nights for SL newbie events-can't miss WOW2 :-)

 21:58:28  Nancy (Laelia)  and we can help you set things up

 21:58:30  eplybon  watch for a grand re-opening soon

 21:58:39  atruger  [email protected] if you want someone to meet u

 21:58:43  Valaina  Twitter just announced the new little boy

 21:58:50  MariaK  @colleenK you are just too funny!

 21:58:57  eplybon  and just sitting around and talking

 21:59:01  Nancy (Laelia)  all work and no play make for unhappy DENers....so we do play!

 21:59:13  Fred (Riptide)  twitter name riptide_furse

 21:59:15  eplybon  come be a DENizen, join the DEN in SL

 21:59:21  Lor  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Eduisland%20II/75/100/22

 21:59:21  JenWagner  YOu heard the BABY NEWS FIRST

 21:59:24  eplybon  <<< glad2be twitter

 21:59:28  Valaina  Tuesday night Den events are usually the hour before web 2.0

 21:59:34  atruger  atruger....twitter

 21:59:45  Lor  <--------- fsinfo for twitter

 21:59:46  JenWagner  Nancy -- if you skype me during the SHOW -- I will announce it

 21:59:50  Valaina  butrflygirl for twitter

 21:59:50  PeggyG  Is that the URL for DEN in SL?

 21:59:53  cheryloakes show #75  This podcast will be available by Thursday. The chat and all links will be at www.edtechtalk.com/womenofweb20.com

 21:59:57  Lor  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Eduisland%20II/75/100/22

 22:00:02  eplybon  EduIsland II

 22:00:04  alicebarr  EduIsland II!

 22:00:28  atruger  [email protected]

 22:00:30  ColleenK  Just click it!

 22:00:32  Valaina  second life URL

 22:00:57  Nancy (Laelia)  you have to have a web browser open to get the slurl and have SL open and then it sends you there

 22:00:59  cheryloakes show #75  Summer vacation=Second Life!

 22:01:01  Valaina  gets you right where you need to go

 22:01:03  Nancy (Laelia)  I find it easier to just go to the map

 22:01:13  eplybon  http://blog.discoveryeducation.com/secondlife

 22:01:23  PeggyG  That makes it really easy to find the location :-) Thanks.

 22:01:24  Fred (Riptide)  Mathplayground is awesome in Second LIfe

 22:01:30  Valaina  you have to have downloaded secondlife first

 22:01:32  atruger  ISTE is there too

 22:01:44  PeggyG  What's the URL (slurl) for mathplayground. I want to go there!

 22:01:57  eplybon  it's next to the DEN

 22:02:11  ColleenK  @Riptide Thanks...wish my bee would work again, though.

 22:02:11  brendab  this sounds scary - how to contact you for this

 22:02:18  alicebarr  My house and Colleen are there

 22:02:45  PeggyG  Therapy? Interesting.

 22:02:47  cheryloakes show #75   http://www.makeuseof.com/tech-fun/passwords-are-like-underware-pic/

 22:02:54  atruger  >>>>>atruger on Twitter

 22:02:55  Lor  http://groups.google.com/group/den-in-sl

 22:03:06  James.Sigler  SL keeps crashing on my laptop

 22:03:19  Nancy (Laelia)  thanks for having us on

 22:03:19  eplybon  Thank you so much for having us

 22:03:28  Nancy (Laelia)  hope to see you all in SL soon

 22:03:30  atruger  Thanks for everything!!!

 22:03:39  atruger  Woot! Cherl

 22:03:43  Lor  Come see fireworks

 22:03:48  Lor  and come tomorrow to see Hall

 22:03:53  atruger  See you at DEN SL

 22:03:59  eplybon  and if you are from Texas and want more info, join our webinar next Tues at 7:00

 22:03:59  Lor  thanks for having us

 22:04:03  eplybon  [email protected]

 22:04:03  Nancy (Laelia)  Jen is the QUEEN of tech-multi-tasking

 22:04:09  Lor  and IL has a DEN Region too

 22:04:13  Nancy (Laelia)  [email protected]

 22:04:37  atruger  [email protected]

 22:04:38  PeggyG  What an awesome group tonight! Now I'm really charged up to figure out SL and join the DEN group. Thank you all!

 22:04:45  cheryloakes show #75  good night to all!!!

 22:04:48  ColleenK  Great show! Thanks!

 22:04:54  sharonp  Night all!

 22:04:55  sroseman  Thanks all

 22:04:56  Nancy (Laelia)  Good night all

 22:05:00  alicebarr  Looking forward to SL summer. Thanks all!

 22:05:07  atruger  Good night all

 22:05:07  derrallg  thanks WOW and DEN great show

 22:05:15  eplybon  Thank you

 22:05:17  atruger  See you in World!

 22:05:18  LangLabCindy  Thanks all!

 22:05:32  brendab  good nite - can't wait to check out SL more

 22:05:41  PeggyG  Loved the show.

 22:06:02  James.Sigler  Exciting show!

 22:06:21  atruger  James---check the system reqs if u are still having trouble

 22:07:06  James.Sigler  @atruger thanks, I think I barely meet the min requirements.  That's probably the problem