Women of Web 2.0 Show 74

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Welcome and thanks for joining us. This is show 74 and on this show we interview Brent Coley, a podcasting 5th grade teacher turned Asst. Principal,Tovashal Elementary School - Murrieta, CA . During our wow's Sharon brings in Dennis Richards - he is a Superintendent in Massachusetts - http://innovation3.blogspot.com/,  to talk about the wave of technology sweeping the upcoming ASCD conference. Vicki is out for most of May attending to her familiy. You will enjoy all the great links from the chat as well.

Here are more links: http://del.icio.us/WOW2.0

The Chat:

20:55:30 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: getting things ready

20:57:49 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: We are streaming.

20:59:04 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: Hello Alice! welcome

20:59:44 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: Hello Dennis, welcome

20:59:55 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: welcome Lisa, how are you?

21:00:01 Lisa Parisi -> -EdTechTalk: HI Cheryl

21:00:04 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: welcome -- everyone!!!

21:00:07 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: Hi CMarston

21:00:21 alicebarr -> -EdTechTalk: Hi CHi Hi cheheryl

21:00:33 dennisar -> -EdTechTalk: just got home from a volunteer dinner

21:00:37 Lisa Parisi -> -EdTechTalk: Hey Alice

21:00:53 dennisar -> -EdTechTalk: Hello everyone

21:01:22 alicebarr -> -EdTechTalk: Hey Lisa... Having typring issues

21:01:23 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: You can listen to the audio by connecting to the listen and itunes or real player or windows media

21:01:38 alicebarr -> -EdTechTalk: Only hearing one side of audio

21:01:51 Lisa Parisi -> -EdTechTalk: Only hearing one side

21:01:56 cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: Hi everyone - can only hear Cheryl

21:01:58 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: thanks, for the heads up

21:02:03 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: just hijacked

21:02:06 dennisar -> -EdTechTalk: quiet right now

21:02:47 dennisar -> -EdTechTalk: i can hear typing and ah ha

21:02:58 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: Welcome to our Women of Web 2.0 Show !!!

21:03:05 cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Jen

21:03:07 Lisa Parisi -> -EdTechTalk: there we go

21:03:11 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: Guest Tonight -- Brent Coley -- 5th Grade Podcasting Teacher from Murrieta, CA

21:03:17 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: yep = just down the street from Jen

21:03:24 cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Sharon

21:03:24 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: Cheryl's WOW for today : http://www.moourl.com/

21:03:44 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: http://www.gliffy.com/

21:04:14 sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: Hi all

21:04:22 dennisar -> -EdTechTalk: hi sharon

21:04:32 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: OUR DELICIOUS LINKS FOR TONIGHT -- http://del.icio.us/WOW2.0/wow2_20080508

21:04:42 sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: Looking forward to finding out how Brent does it all!

21:05:12 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: and a big thank you to kschroed for all the DELICIOUS links to WOW2 this week

21:05:14 Lisa Parisi -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Cathy

21:05:39 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: Sharon's WOW -- https://learningbeyondboundaries.wikispaces.com/Proposal+to+ASCD+2009

21:05:57 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: Jen's WOW == you can check out our delicious links

21:06:01 Cathy Nelson -> -EdTechTalk: Why hello Lisa

21:06:08 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: We are bringing in a GUEST for Sharon's WOW

21:06:37 Cathy Nelson -> -EdTechTalk: small cozy group

21:06:54 Cathy Nelson -> -EdTechTalk: @dennisar!! hello

21:07:56 Diane H -> -EdTechTalk: Dennis - way to go!!! Applause!!!

21:08:03 Cathy Nelson -> -EdTechTalk: claping

21:08:04 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: Hello all, welcome and glad you are here.

21:08:19 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: Yep -- this is breaking news!!!

21:08:53 Cathy Nelson -> -EdTechTalk: @dennisar its true at most "other" education conferences

21:09:24 alicebarr -> -EdTechTalk: So awsome Dennis!!!!

21:09:44 alicebarr -> -EdTechTalk: My spelling is AWFUL tonite!

21:09:49 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: Isn't this incredible. The power of technology.

21:10:52 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: ASCD also needs to bring this to their local state conferences too. What a great start for this process.

21:11:31 sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: Isn't this exciting = 3 year plan!!

21:12:14 srenatee -> -EdTechTalk: yeah! when i mention web2.0 in workshops with admin, i get blank stares

21:12:26 sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: https://learningbeyondboundaries.wikispaces.com/page/diff/Proposal+to+AS...

21:12:38 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: http://learningbeyondboundaries.wikispaces.com

21:12:43 Diane H -> -EdTechTalk: Wow!

21:13:52 sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: Thank you Dennis!!

21:14:03 alicebarr -> -EdTechTalk: Congratulations!!!

21:14:06 srenatee -> -EdTechTalk: yes, thanx!

21:14:08 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: Hey Brad, good to see you!

21:14:12 Diane H -> -EdTechTalk: Every day we're seeing more and more examples of the power of Twitter!

21:14:28 sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: I agree Diane!

21:14:35 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Cheri, Diane, ,sbeck, srenatee welcome all

21:14:40 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: Oh, Peggy is here

21:14:51 sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: So great to see you folks tonight

21:14:57 sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: How many podcasters are in the chat?

21:15:01 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: Diane, Twitter is an amazing tool.

21:15:10 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Hi everyone! Computer problems tonight :-(

21:15:19 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: I podcast therefore I communicate!

21:15:25 sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: hahah

21:15:28 sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: so true

21:15:31 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: Peggy, sendkathy had problems too!

21:15:43 sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: i sure did

21:15:49 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: I had to try 3 different browsers!

21:15:49 sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: had to switch computers

21:15:50 alicebarr -> -EdTechTalk: @cheryloakes... So true!

21:15:51 sbeck -> -EdTechTalk: havent been here in a few months - hello

21:15:59 Diane H -> -EdTechTalk: Twitter is where i spend my first moments after boot-up each morning.

21:16:00 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: and 2 different computers

21:16:00 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: sendkathy, i love that saying, I podcast therefore I communicate!!

21:16:02 sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: welcome back

21:16:25 sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: wow peggyG you go to great lengths!

21:16:35 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: WOW2 is worth it!

21:16:44 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: Peggy, you are great and troubleshooting is the way to go.

21:16:44 sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: but of course!

21:18:35 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: LOL-great story!

21:18:52 sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: Go Tony, yes, a wonderful resource

21:18:56 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: OMG, I just found how to make the font bigger in the chat. Click on the 7th icon, with the plus sign and viola, big font for tired eyes.

21:19:00 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: http://www.learninginhand.com/

21:19:01 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Awesome to have your mom sub for you!

21:19:02 srenatee -> -EdTechTalk: better buy mega gift for mom's day

21:19:04 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: Mrs. Durff, welcome.

21:19:06 mrsdurff -> -EdTechTalk: Laughing at the sub!

21:19:12 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: TOny Vincent's Site http://www.learninginhand.com/

21:19:21 mrsdurff -> -EdTechTalk: hi cheryl

21:19:30 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: Willow Web's Website http://www.mpsomaha.org/willow/radio/index.html

21:19:47 JaniceStearns -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks @cheryloakes Great for tired eyes. Yeah!

21:20:00 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Janice, when did you get here?

21:20:11 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: I love Tony Vincent! Attended all of his sessions at MEC from AZK12 Center!

21:20:14 JaniceStearns -> -EdTechTalk: A few minutes ago.

21:20:19 sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: he has both student created podasts and study casts

21:20:23 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: http://www2.murrieta.k12.ca.us/tovashal/bcoley/studycast/

21:20:25 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: I missed you , probably chatting.

21:20:27 JaniceStearns -> -EdTechTalk: Love the Learning in Hand Podcast

21:20:32 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: These are the Podcasts he is making for STUDENTS

21:20:35 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: FOR STUDENTS

21:20:36 sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: he provides study guides online

21:20:52 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: Nice way to personalize for the students.

21:21:10 JaniceStearns -> -EdTechTalk: Great a study cast!

21:21:29 sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: yes and if you go to his site you will find ipod flasah cards too

21:21:42 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: I was so impressed with his StudyCasts that I put the link on our AzTEA wikispace a couple of months ago. :-)

21:21:44 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: Brent works with 5th grade students

21:22:10 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: Peggy, that is great, what do your students thinK?

21:22:16 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: welcome Shaun

21:22:25 shaun fletcher -> -EdTechTalk: hi

21:23:32 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: No students for me--retired principal :-) AzTEA is the AZ Tech Association and I'm a Co-Chair for a Chapter--reach lots of tech educators around the Phoenix area. :-)

21:23:33 JaniceStearns -> -EdTechTalk: They are nice and short - most only 10 minutes long

21:23:52 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: Oh, I got it, I hope others are using it.

21:23:52 mrsdurff -> -EdTechTalk: Kathy Shields is famous btw

21:24:04 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: How is that Durff

21:24:23 mrsdurff -> -EdTechTalk: Teachers Podcast #15

21:24:33 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: Mr. Coley's Website; http://www2.murrieta.k12.ca.us/tovashal/bcoley/index.htm

21:24:35 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: Oh, sweet!

21:24:38 mrsdurff -> -EdTechTalk: or is it #16?

21:24:48 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: I passed his podcast info on to Shawn Wheeler who does Adventures in Podcasting every week and he announced it to all of his listeners who are always looking for ideas for classroom podcasting.

21:24:49 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: yes sweet #16

21:24:49 sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: LOL

21:24:58 mrsdurff -> -EdTechTalk: well they mention her anyway

21:25:06 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: Peggy, you are a great facilitator

21:25:31 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: We need to spread the word about all of these great web 2.0 practices. :-)

21:25:37 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: Hello james.s and cathynelson

21:25:46 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: Hi cheryl

21:26:02 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: Who is this that's on?

21:26:12 shaun fletcher -> -EdTechTalk: would someone mind putting up the speakers website.

21:26:32 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: Brent Coley, a former 5th grade teacher, asst. principal, and his passion is podcasting for his students.

21:26:43 mrsdurff -> -EdTechTalk: there we go - other people have a life

21:26:49 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: we have the month listing on our website

21:26:52 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: He is from http://www2.murrieta.k12.ca.us/tovashal/bcoley/studycast/

21:26:57 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: hmmmm -- let me grab the link

21:27:15 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: http://www.womenofweb2.com/weeklychats.htm

21:27:36 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: Yeah for First Life

21:27:39 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: :D

21:27:53 mrsdurff -> -EdTechTalk: as opposed to SL?

21:27:54 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: ahhh LOL

21:27:59 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: an dyou mean Brent's site

21:28:12 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: http://www2.murrieta.k12.ca.us/tovashal/bcoley/index.htm

21:28:16 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: LOL -- there you go

21:28:20 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: Brent Coley -- Murrieta, CA

21:28:22 mrsdurff -> -EdTechTalk: i'm sure he did

21:28:38 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: Brent has a life besides school

21:28:42 mrsdurff -> -EdTechTalk: i just had to walk thru that open door

21:29:15 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: If he is on Second Life, does that mean he has a Third life?

21:29:39 mrsdurff -> -EdTechTalk: or a 4th life?

21:29:40 srenatee -> -EdTechTalk: i have 9 lives...or did...down to about four

21:29:48 mrsdurff -> -EdTechTalk: :)

21:30:01 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: :D

21:30:06 CMarston -> -EdTechTalk: are there copyright considerations with reading the books on a podcast?

21:30:30 srenatee -> -EdTechTalk: yes, there are...technically

21:30:45 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: especially when published on the web, right?

21:30:47 mrsdurff -> -EdTechTalk: for educators?

21:30:49 srenatee -> -EdTechTalk: you are changing the format

21:30:52 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: I had thought about that, bummer

21:31:43 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: When it goes outside the classroom door, it gets harder to justify as fair use

21:31:51 srenatee -> -EdTechTalk: put a pdf on your website with those directions?

21:31:57 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: durff, the difference is educators can use and record for class, as I understand it, but when it gets published to the web, then that crosses the line of copyright protection. Help out any librarians.

21:31:58 JaniceStearns -> -EdTechTalk: Some publishers will work with you however. Teacher Created Materials let us podcast their Readers Theater books.

21:32:04 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: http://www2.murrieta.k12.ca.us/tovashal/bcoley/coleycast/index.htm

21:32:12 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: this is Brent's Students podcasts

21:32:32 mrsdurff -> -EdTechTalk: if site is open to the public you are correct

21:32:37 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: Janice, that is great, did you get written permission? Kids write to them?

21:32:38 CMarston -> -EdTechTalk: good to hear about Teacher Created Materials - i assume they have a website?

21:32:42 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: I will be asking about copyright in just a moment

21:32:45 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: @Janice cool, I have really been wanting to podcast some reader's theater plays

21:32:50 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: any other questions -- please post them here

21:33:30 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: Do the students do interviews outside the classroom? How?

21:33:50 mrsdurff -> -EdTechTalk: phone?

21:33:56 srenatee -> -EdTechTalk: yeah, must scaffold!

21:33:59 mrsdurff -> -EdTechTalk: ,p3 player?

21:34:03 mrsdurff -> -EdTechTalk: mp3

21:34:11 JaniceStearns -> -EdTechTalk: We have a local rep that we work with. Contact them. They are very open to work with. Yes, I have written permission - but for an intervention program.

21:34:18 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: http://www2.murrieta.k12.ca.us/tovashal/bcoley/flashcards.htm

21:34:22 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: Flash Card Link

21:34:23 mrsdurff -> -EdTechTalk: laptop + mic?

21:34:24 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: there you go

21:35:07 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: This is the Westside AzTEA website where I share web 2.0 tools and resources-you'll find Brent's studycasts on this page. :-) Brent, you're my hero! http://tinyurl.com/37qccf

21:35:27 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks Peggy, have you tried www.moourl.com? yet

21:35:31 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: How long did his post-producation take?

21:35:33 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: Peggy -- you are just SOOO nice

21:35:42 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: James -- per show???

21:35:44 JaniceStearns -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks for the link @Peggy

21:35:58 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: no haven't used moourl.com-have tinyurl in my tool bar :-)

21:36:14 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Chrisssve! welcome

21:36:23 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: On average - how much time does it take?

21:36:27 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: I shall ask

21:36:29 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: I didn't know tinyurl was a toolbar widget, thanks

21:36:35 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: and asking the copy right question too

21:36:54 JaniceStearns -> -EdTechTalk: Tinyurl has a firefox plugin

21:36:55 chrisssve -> -EdTechTalk: hi, thanks

21:37:12 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: @cheryl-do you prefer moourl.com? Interested :-)

21:37:17 mrsdurff -> -EdTechTalk: yup those kids surprise you!

21:37:29 mrsdurff -> -EdTechTalk: i see it all the time

21:37:41 mrsdurff -> -EdTechTalk: surprises me everytime too

21:37:48 JaniceStearns -> -EdTechTalk: That's the best way to learn - let them be the teachers.

21:38:03 CMarston -> -EdTechTalk: what's moourl - like tiny?

21:38:06 mrsdurff -> -EdTechTalk: i agree - we are all learners here

21:39:02 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: I like moourl because you can personalize it, like this http://moourl.com/cherylsblog

21:39:32 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: instead of the huge link to techlearning.com/blog....

21:39:48 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: http://www.techlearning.com/blog/2008/05/signs_of_spring_in_education.php

21:39:49 JaniceStearns -> -EdTechTalk: heard about moourl on cheryl's seedlings and Tech Chicks podcasts

21:40:11 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: yes it was a geek of the week at SEEDLings and a WOW here.

21:40:52 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: PROCESS for a COLEY CAST: http://www2.murrieta.k12.ca.us/tovashal/bcoley/coleycast/podcastinfo.htm

21:41:39 sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: http://incompetech.com/

21:41:41 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: HOW TO MAKE YOUR BROADCAST INTO A PODCAST: http://www2.murrieta.k12.ca.us/tovashal/bcoley/coleycast/podcastinfo2.htm

21:41:49 sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: free music if you credit the artist

21:42:21 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: I've been adding supplemental resources to the SIGTE-ISTE workshop space on podcasting/vodcasting--they are presenting at NECC- here's the URL if you'd like to check out the resources. Posted Brent's podcast there too. :-) http://tinyurl.com/3zeo4h

21:42:38 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: Brent needs to go to NECC

21:42:44 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: his kids need to go to NECC

21:42:49 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks Peggy. This chat is so valuable with all these great links.

21:42:55 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Yes, Brent would be a fantastic presenter at NECC. :-)

21:43:20 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: Remember this webcast is a podcast by Thurs. and the chat is available with all the great l inks.

21:43:29 CMarston -> -EdTechTalk: glad to hear he's tuned in and aware! and hope he's making the point to his students, too!

21:43:39 CMarston -> -EdTechTalk: about copyrfight, that is...

21:43:40 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Does Brent use Garageband for enhanced podcasts?

21:43:48 mrsdurff -> -EdTechTalk: because cheryl is a workaholic!

21:44:00 JaniceStearns -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks Cheryl. You are the fastest podcast producer I know.

21:44:02 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: http://principalmiller.podomatic.com/ Brent, here is the podcasting principal Melinda Miller.

21:44:22 mrsdurff -> -EdTechTalk: here?

21:44:25 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: I feel like Brent, this show was live so I do not do much editing!

21:44:40 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Yes! I need to add Melinda's podcasting site to the SIGTE workshop resources!

21:44:47 mrsdurff -> -EdTechTalk: when is she on your show?

21:44:52 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks Cheryl -- just dropped that link to Brent

21:44:54 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: Durff, I turn this around at 5:30 AM, since I go to bed after the show.

21:44:58 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: we had Melinda on -- hmmmmm

21:45:03 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: it is in our archive

21:45:07 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: let me check

21:45:09 mrsdurff -> -EdTechTalk: really?

21:45:15 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: Yes, Melinda was on Nov.?

21:45:22 sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: Peggy, would you add mine? http://kinderteacher.podomatic.com

21:45:23 mrsdurff -> -EdTechTalk: need to have her back

21:45:24 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: Really Durff!:-)

21:45:38 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: She and Brent would be a good combo.

21:45:43 mrsdurff -> -EdTechTalk: really need to have her back

21:45:43 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: November 6, 2007 --- http://www.womenofweb2.com/weeklychats.htm

21:45:51 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: there you go

21:45:56 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: We just had the privilege of having Tim Tyson as the keynote at our AzTEA conference this year and he did some incredible things with podcasts with his students at Mabry Middle School when he was a principal!

21:45:59 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: Yes, Lisa -- that would be a great show

21:46:00 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: good idea. She is about to have a baby, so maybe after that

21:46:27 mrsdurff -> -EdTechTalk: Tyson is wonderful

21:47:10 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: You can see his archived podcasts from "Podcast Central" here: http://mabryonline.org

21:47:26 mrsdurff -> -EdTechTalk: thanks!

21:47:26 CMarston -> -EdTechTalk: Do podcasting admins do both - write it out AND podcast it?

21:48:41 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: Do you just read the newletter as a podcast?

21:48:45 mrsdurff -> -EdTechTalk: i see cheryl, i see jenw, i heard kathy, where are the other two?

21:48:53 JaniceStearns -> -EdTechTalk: @CMarston I think it depends on the person.

21:48:55 sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: I think teachers like the incentive of earning PLUs for any extra time, perhaps if they could earn PLUs by incorporating podasting more might do it

21:49:02 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: I've just discovered VisualCue 2 for Macs recently and that is designed for podcasting. It provides you with a rolling teleprompter for your script so you can keep the flow going with your podcast or vodcast. :-) Love it!

21:49:07 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: Vicki is at the sports spring banquet,

21:49:11 mrsdurff -> -EdTechTalk: ah! i hear sharon now

21:49:22 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: Sharon just talked

21:49:24 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: Peggy thanks for that .

21:49:39 sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: @mrsdurff, when does your school year end?

21:49:45 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: @Peggy cool :)

21:49:49 mrsdurff -> -EdTechTalk: i try to skip all those sports banquets

21:49:59 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: can't when you are the MOM.

21:50:12 mrsdurff -> -EdTechTalk: kathy we finish 5/23

21:50:13 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: My friend Shawn Wheeler has started posting podcasts instead of sending emails to his district staff. They love listening to the "news" rather than reading it in their email. :-)

21:50:17 JaniceStearns -> -EdTechTalk: I use VideoCue pro also. IT really helps to be able to read the rolling prompts.

21:50:30 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: Hello Susan, welcome

21:50:33 mrsdurff -> -EdTechTalk: hi susan

21:50:43 SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: hi everyone

21:50:44 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks everyone for being here tonight

21:50:45 shaun fletcher -> -EdTechTalk: I really like this idea of review for science, wanted to do it with VT but a podcast would be good to throw into the mix

21:50:45 CMarston -> -EdTechTalk: Anyone use GCast to do simple podcasts?

21:50:51 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: any questions for BRENT???

21:51:00 srenatee -> -EdTechTalk: i am just getting into gcast

21:51:00 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: Is there anythin like VideoCue for PC?

21:51:08 SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: I tried some gcast - worked great

21:51:22 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: I listen to Vicki's podcasts to her students regularly which she does primarily with Gcast via phone. :-) Fantastic!

21:51:26 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: OHHHH we forgot to change COLORS tonight

21:51:32 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: I have thought about using gCast

21:51:33 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: still time

21:51:35 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: I was just going to say that Peggy,

21:51:45 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: Going BLUE

21:51:47 mrsdurff -> -EdTechTalk: we use Gabcast for phone podcasts

21:51:58 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: No color change-don't want to push my luck with my computer issues. :-)

21:52:06 CMarston -> -EdTechTalk: glad to hear of others' success - have 1 teacher using, want to encourage others - especially with these new ideas!

21:52:28 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: Cmarston, let them listen to this podcast!

21:52:33 SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: we used gcast last year to go out and look at the neighborhood and for the seniors to talk about what they have enjoyed in the years of high school

21:52:44 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: It's so amazing that with Gcast you can call in your podcasts from anywhere--watching a baseball game, driving in your car... :-)

21:52:47 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: hello Kimmy, welcome

21:52:51 CMarston -> -EdTechTalk: listening to this is inspiring!

21:52:54 JaniceStearns -> -EdTechTalk: Great idea, Susan

21:52:57 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: Great idea!

21:53:10 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: susan, do you have the url for that?

21:53:16 mrsdurff -> -EdTechTalk: @Peggy and yet they still don't all do their homework

21:53:25 SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: yes we did it as a group of seniors taking a walk around the block - it wasvery nice

21:53:36 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: LOL-we have to pull out all the stops and try everything. :-)

21:53:48 mrsdurff -> -EdTechTalk: i do!

21:53:49 SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: not really up anymore... right now

21:54:01 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: okay, susan, thanks

21:54:06 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: @SusanEttenheim-that is such a great idea-capturing the field trip right on the spot!

21:54:29 SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: it was really nice especially with seniors who were above everything - they got into it

21:54:48 SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: bit by bit!

21:54:53 SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: and seedlings

21:55:09 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: I listen to so many podcasts I had to move from a 30gb iPod to an 80gb iPod. :-)

21:55:12 sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Susan! It's Kathy from podcampnyc

21:55:14 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: Susan, did I give you a shoutout this past one?

21:55:41 JaniceStearns -> -EdTechTalk: Women of Web podcast :)

21:55:47 SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: cute - http://www.mpsomaha.org/willow/Radio/

21:55:52 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: I got hooked on classroom podcasts with Room 208-Bob Sprankle & Cheryl. :-)

21:55:54 mrsdurff -> -EdTechTalk: of course

21:55:54 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: OH, yeah Janice especially!

21:56:26 SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: yeah bob and cheryl!

21:56:41 JaniceStearns -> -EdTechTalk: and Alice!

21:56:42 SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: hi kathy from podcamp!

21:56:43 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: Bob, Cheryl and Alice Barr from Kennebunkport

21:56:51 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: right janice

21:56:51 SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: yes of course!

21:57:31 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Yes, I forgot to include Alice!! Awesome podcasts!

21:57:50 JaniceStearns -> -EdTechTalk: I love Wes Fryer too

21:57:54 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: No Problem Peggy, it is nice to be recognizzed.

21:58:26 CMarston -> -EdTechTalk: thanks, all! my first time and very enjoyable!

21:58:30 JaniceStearns -> -EdTechTalk: Now I need tolisten to the Coley cast

21:58:39 kimmy -> -EdTechTalk: sorry can ypu pos the web site again

21:58:42 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: Cmarston, nice your were here, come back again.

21:58:43 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: I always download all of the ETT podcasts, love Wes Fryer and also enjoy Terry Freedman's podcasts.

21:58:45 kimmy -> -EdTechTalk: you

21:58:59 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: You can hear the podcast at edtechtalk.com/womenofweb2.0

21:59:15 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Fantastic sharing, Brent! You are an inspiration! Thanks for all you do for your kids!

21:59:17 JaniceStearns -> -EdTechTalk: :)

21:59:31 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: Wes' podcasts are the ones that got me hooked on podcasts

21:59:39 kimmy -> -EdTechTalk: sorry post it again..the web site that is

21:59:52 JaniceStearns -> -EdTechTalk: I agree @ James. I've learned so much from him.

21:59:58 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: kimmy, the links will all be on the chat page. http://del.icio.us/WOW2.0

22:00:26 kimmy -> -EdTechTalk: thanks

22:00:30 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: The k12online podcasts every year are also incredible professional development!

22:00:46 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: oh, yes, k12online podcasts are great

22:00:50 shaun fletcher -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks Brent. Website looks great. Excellent that you and you students are sharing your work.

22:00:58 JaniceStearns -> -EdTechTalk: Jeff Utecht's On Deck is very cool

22:01:02 SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: that's exactly why I took the seniors out of the building for a trip and recording - we weren't in the building with eletronics on!

22:01:14 kimmy -> -EdTechTalk: gotcha

22:01:15 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: yes susan want to come on at the end of May

22:01:26 mrsdurff -> -EdTechTalk: i like warlick connected one

22:01:35 JaniceStearns -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks Brent and WOW2s

22:01:41 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: @Cheryl-do they podcast the TechLearning blog posts? I always read them but would love to listen to them. :-)

22:01:47 SusanEttenheim -> -EdTechTalk: brent's url again please?

22:01:54 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: @Janice do you have the url to Jeff's podcast?

22:02:11 mrsdurff -> -EdTechTalk: the DDEN? cool!

22:02:13 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: http://del.icio.us/WOW2.0 here are all the links

22:02:20 kimmy -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks

22:02:33 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Another fantastic show with a fantastic guest! Thanks everyone!

22:02:45 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: Wes and David's podcasts are the ones that convinced me that I needed to start my professional blog and podcasting with my students

22:02:54 JaniceStearns -> -EdTechTalk: http://www.thethinkingstick.com/ondeck/

22:03:04 JaniceStearns -> -EdTechTalk: Bye all.

22:03:18 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: Super show!

22:03:22 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: bye thanks all, this has been great

22:03:43 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: Loved listening to Brent talk about podcasting

22:03:49 mrsdurff -> -EdTechTalk: @James i teach kids to podcast but i prefer live webcasts myself

22:04:37 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: @Mrsdurff I have wondered about webcasting with my students as opposed to podcasting

22:04:37 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: bye all, good night

22:04:54 mrsdurff -> -EdTechTalk: i read recently that comprehension centers in the brain for listening and for reading are in different places

22:05:03 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Agree with Brent! Would love to see more principals/administrators podcasting!

22:05:04 mrsdurff -> -EdTechTalk: interesting isn't it?

22:05:14 cheryloakes wow2.0 -> -EdTechTalk: that is interesting durff

22:05:15 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Night all!

22:05:17 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: That would make a great topic for an ETT show

22:05:50 mrsdurff -> -EdTechTalk: i just filled the coffe too - pooh

22:06:26 mrsdurff -> -EdTechTalk: welll - there is work to do - nite everyone

22:06:33 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: good night all


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