Chat Log - TTT#98 - 04.02.08

20:44:18 tkidd132: Tyrone has Arrived To the Chat....
20:44:56 paulallison: Hi Tyrone... just getting set up. Hi Bill.
20:45:05 paulallison:
20:45:06 Bill O'Neal: Hi Paul
20:45:11 paulallison:
20:45:18 paulallison:
20:45:28 tkidd132: thats good....
20:45:57 tkidd132: Student2.o i love there blog...
20:46:13 tkidd132: Is Arthus going to be on tonight Mr Allison
20:47:22 SusanEttenheim: hi everyone
20:47:40 Bill O'Neal: Hi Sue
20:47:55 SusanEttenheim: hi bill
20:47:58 SusanEttenheim: how's life?
20:49:21 tkidd132: Hello everyone
20:50:05 tkidd132: I have to log into skype...
20:50:38 tkidd132: Hello Mr.Lutz
20:52:12 tkidd132: Hey Mr.Mayo!!:)
20:52:18 blutz01: Hello Tyrone
20:52:24 tkidd132: Hey
20:52:33 mrmayo: Hi Tyrone.
20:53:03 mrmayo: How's the weather in Philly? birds chirping?
20:53:10 tkidd132: No....
20:53:47 mrmayo: flowers blooming? surely
20:54:28 blutz01: Cherry Blossoms Blooming! Beautiful!
20:54:37 tkidd132: Well they should be blooming by now., but all i know is that the flowers in my moms garden didn't bloom
20:54:55 JoseRodriguez -> -Webcast Academy: Hi folks
20:54:59 tkidd132: :(
20:55:14 Jack -> -Webcast Academy: can you here the stream?
20:55:51 hshawjr: hello from Maine
20:56:25 lorna -> -Webcast Academy: Hi Matt
20:56:33 Madeline Brownstone: Hello from NYC
20:56:57 tkidd132: Hello Everyone
20:57:05 DebbyK: Hello from the Mojave desert in Cali
20:57:14 JoseRodriguez -> -Webcast Academy: Ok I am back. Amazed I am allowed to go into chat behind school firewall.
20:57:23 Lorna -> -Webcast Academy: hello again
20:57:25 ct: Hello from New England
20:57:42 tkidd132: Hello From Philadelphia
20:57:54 mindelei: Hello from Michigan's Upper Peninsula
20:58:06 Cindy Phthisic: Greetings from northeastern NC
20:58:14 JoseRodriguez -> -Webcast Academy: oops the link for webcast is not working. :-(
20:58:19 tkidd132: Welcome
20:58:31 Lorna -> -Webcast Academy: toss up between edtechtalk and webcast academy
20:58:33 tkidd132: **Welcome Everyone**
20:58:33 branson: Thanks, this is my first visit
20:58:53 JoseRodriguez -> -Webcast Academy: ok got it now. Sorry newbie mistake
20:58:58 tkidd132: Glad to have you here with us..
20:58:59 mindelei: Myfirst visit too. :D
20:59:01 Jack -> -Webcast Academy: np
20:59:10 JoseRodriguez -> -Webcast Academy: I am fine now
20:59:17 Cindy Phthisic: are we streaming yet?
20:59:29 Lorna -> -Webcast Academy: now it is fine
20:59:40 Maureen/tech: Hi, no audio yet, is it just me?
20:59:41 SusanEttenheim: welcome everyone
20:59:43 tkidd132: We should be in on min
20:59:52 tkidd132: Hello Susan E
20:59:54 Madeline Brownstone: show has not begun yet -- soon
20:59:58 philmiller: i have no idea what we do here
21:00:01 mrmayo: good luck susan
21:00:02 Lorna -> -Webcast Academy: you rock Matt
21:00:04 JoseRodriguez -> -Webcast Academy: TTT is going on. Just use a different window and multitask.
21:00:10 tkidd132: Same....
21:00:13 philmiller: i just joined from web 2.0 classroom
21:00:13 mindelei: me either phil
21:00:13 branson: oops, are we set or do we need to have invite
21:00:17 Madeline Brownstone: Susan is skyping folks in
21:00:20 Alex B -> -Webcast Academy: i got bumped from the voice convo
21:00:23 JoseRodriguez -> -Webcast Academy: Just kiddding.
21:00:26 tkidd132: oh...ok
21:00:31 philmiller: oh good i'mnot the only noob :)
21:00:41 JoseRodriguez -> -Webcast Academy: OK.
21:00:42 SusanEttenheim: ok everyone you should be hearing us in a minute or so
21:00:53 SusanEttenheim: we have a very full house today - 10 on the call!
21:01:25 Jack -> -Webcast Academy: hey ko
21:02:00 KO -> -Webcast Academy: Hi-Jack
21:02:20 JoseRodriguez -> -Webcast Academy: sorry being kicked out of room. I'll look for podcast. Lot's a luck and break a leg :-)
21:02:43 Madeline Brownstone: sound checks in process
21:03:33 philmiller: do i need to do anything on my end?
21:03:35 Cindy Phthisic: @philmiller @Branson- do you hear the audio
21:03:47 philmiller: no
21:03:52 tkidd132: I am about to Start the live Blog on Cover it Live, Whats the topic tonight??
21:03:54 mindelei: me either
21:04:01 branson: no sound
21:04:06 DebbyK: no audio
21:04:14 tkidd132: are they on
21:04:16 Madeline Brownstone: susan's checking sound
21:04:28 James.Sigler: @Phil are you in Branson? I'm in Joplin
21:04:34 Madeline Brownstone: broadcasting
21:04:41 Bill O'Neal: yes you are
21:04:44 Cindy Phthisic: Open a new window or tab and put in the address - http;//
21:04:45 philmiller: lol no buffalo ny here
21:04:48 Wendy: Hearing you :-)
21:04:49 shaun fletcher: i'm connected
21:05:03 SusanEttenheim: ok everyone please go to edtechtalk A to hear us now live!
21:05:07 Cindy Phthisic: Click on the play button under channel A
21:05:13 mrmayo: pretty amazing how susan pulls this all together!
21:05:25 hshawjr: can someone twitter the link
21:05:42 Wendy: Susan is a great producer and good at multitasking.
21:05:45 tkidd132: I already did...twice
21:05:50 Maureen/bcdtech: hurray- audio!
21:05:50 Cindy Phthisic: Do you guys hear the audio now?
21:05:51 mindelei: I got nothing
21:05:53 tkidd132: are we live??
21:06:03 James.Sigler: I have sound
21:06:05 hshawjr: got it! had to hit channel button again
21:06:08 philmiller: all i hear is a welcome voice
21:06:10 branson: i have sd
21:06:11 Maureen/bcdtech: I had to refresh the page
21:06:28 Lorna -> -Webcast Academy: If you swtich pages - you get kicked out of the chat room
21:06:40 Lorna -> -Webcast Academy: good job everyone -
21:06:41 alan at bsge: is his he chatroom??
21:06:44 Madeline Brownstone: welcome Alan
21:06:46 alan at bsge: this*
21:06:50 alan at bsge: thank you
21:07:03 shaun fletcher: hi soojin
21:07:05 Cindy Phthisic: @mindelei do you have audio now
21:07:12 soojinlee: hello
21:07:14 philmiller: got it now throught the channel
21:07:16 alan at bsge: hello everyone
21:07:17 mindelei: yes...talking about twitter?
21:07:22 tkidd132: Hello....
21:07:43 Madeline Brownstone:
21:07:45 SusanEttenheim: yes and specifically
21:07:59 matt montagne -> -Webcast Academy: thanks lorna
21:08:01 Madeline Brownstone: :-)
21:08:01 Maureen/bcdtech: @Clay- funny post the other day re smoking
21:08:03 matt montagne -> -Webcast Academy: this is a fun group
21:08:16 James.Sigler: Schoolly?
21:08:20 James.Sigler: :)
21:08:26 mindelei: Yes, what's "schooly" exactly?
21:08:28 Madeline Brownstone: Hi Hannah
21:08:30 paulallison:
21:08:36 tkidd132: Hello is hannah here
21:08:37 Lorna -> -Webcast Academy: I really am listening to both shows
21:08:45 hannahfeldman: Hello!
21:08:50 hannahfeldman: hey tyrone
21:08:51 matt montagne -> -Webcast Academy: you are crazy lorna!!
21:08:53 Madeline Brownstone: what's schooly is the big question for the night
21:08:57 tkidd132: Hello Hey how are you
21:09:05 Durff: she has a bird too
21:09:05 tkidd132: Haven't talk in a while...
21:09:08 Lorna -> -Webcast Academy: like yours better
21:09:10 tkidd132: I am here
21:09:15 tkidd132: skype me in....
21:09:22 Durff: hey kidd!
21:09:29 tkidd132: Hey Durff...
21:09:29 Lorna -> -Webcast Academy: got go hubbie home for supper
21:09:42 Durff: hi clay
21:09:42 Lorna -> -Webcast Academy: keep up the good work
21:09:45 tkidd132: Hello Mr. Clay
21:09:51 matt montagne -> -Webcast Academy: hi rorowe...thanks for joining us
21:09:54 branson: is youth twitter being used in some schools
21:09:55 Madeline Brownstone: Yeah Chris!
21:09:58 rorowe -> -Webcast Academy: Hi. Thanks!
21:10:03 SusanEttenheim: yes branson
21:10:12 James.Sigler: What is bsge?
21:10:13 SusanEttenheim: welcome everyone - what a busy place tonight!
21:10:18 Durff: SLA!
21:10:22 cburell: Hi Durf, hey Tyrone :)
21:10:26 tkidd132: YES HANNNAH!!!
21:10:38 James.Sigler: Thanks
21:10:39 alan at bsge: bsge for short
21:10:46 matt montagne -> -Webcast Academy: a bunch of students and myself talking tech
21:10:48 Durff: hi Mari
21:10:55 MariS: Hi Durff
21:11:08 tkidd132: Hello mr. mayo
21:11:15 paulallison:
21:11:20 hannahfeldman: Hello everyone!
21:11:24 mrmayo: can't paste links into the char box??
21:11:28 rorowe -> -Webcast Academy: Great! This is my first time checking out one of your casts. I'm not missing anything, am I?
21:11:35 mrmayo: chat box I mean
21:11:43 branson: ok i'm a noob, can we skype in live with this if we have acct
21:12:32 philmiller: can we have links to some of these blogs that they are talking about
21:12:39 philmiller: to look at
21:12:45 cburell: I really like that NYC Students blog, by the way. Excellent.
21:12:56 tkidd132: Lots of people from Newyork
21:13:00 James.Sigler: @mrmayo ctrl+v to paste into chat
21:13:00 tkidd132: lol
21:13:18 kimtufts: hi from NH - ManchVegas!
21:13:27 alan at bsge: Woo NewYork
21:13:27 matt montagne -> -Webcast Academy: no, this is just an interncast that I'm doing...
21:13:30 Julia R -> -Webcast Academy: Nope, this is the first one we have done.
21:13:30 tkidd132: hahah
21:13:30 paulallison:
21:13:39 Durff: hi kim
21:13:48 SusanEttenheim: all the links will also be in our show notes!
21:13:54 James.Sigler: It's great to have students on! Welcome
21:14:00 SusanEttenheim: would everyone in the chat add links too please?
21:14:03 philmiller: thanks!
21:14:07 KO -> -Webcast Academy: Great convo - but have to go - will watch and participate in your future Great job!
21:14:17 tkidd132: I will add Chris Lehmans Blog
21:14:30 cburell:
21:14:38 SusanEttenheim: could all of our teachers please introduce yourself - what and where do you work/teach?
21:14:58 matt montagne -> -Webcast Academy: thanks KO
21:14:59 Julia R -> -Webcast Academy: Thanks!
21:14:59 cburell: Clay Burell: Korea International School, Seoul
21:15:26 Madeline Brownstone: Madeline Brownstone, teacher at Baccalaureate School for Global Education--BSGE
21:15:26 hshawjr: Harold Shaw - Good Will-Hinckley Averill Schools, Hinckley, Maine
21:15:34 shaun fletcher: Middle School math and science, Richibucto, NB, Canada
21:15:36 philmiller: not a teacher but a school counselor at williamsville north high school
21:15:38 mindelei: Mindelei Wuori - pre-service teacher @ Northern MI Univ
21:15:38 cburell: High School language arts and unofficial tech coordinator
21:15:42 Wendy: Wendy Drexler: Shorecrest Prep St. Pete, Florida, USA
21:15:54 hshawjr: Special Education Teacher - High School
21:15:57 Maureen/bcdtech: Gr 1-3 science, 6-9 computer- western mass
21:16:01 kimtufts: Kim Tufts - Computer Studies Teacher Middle School NH
21:16:10 mrmayo: George Mayo 8th Grade Language Arts Silver Spring Maryland
21:16:15 Madeline Brownstone: Middle School Design Tech and HS Information TEchnology in Global Society
21:16:37 DebbyK: Debby Kilburn- com sci/robotics @ a Cerro Coso Community College, CA
21:16:49 alan at bsge: i originally started using for my blogs.
21:16:56 James.Sigler: 3rd grade Carl Junction, MO
21:16:59 abbie: hey
21:17:00 Madeline Brownstone: Just lost Skype, yikes
21:17:13 paulallison:
21:17:32 Durff: hi abbie
21:17:50 mrmayo:
21:17:54 rorowe -> -Webcast Academy: YouTube's debate clips were really helpful in this election.
21:17:56 philmiller: that is awesome guys
21:18:01 cburell: so it's not an assignment
21:18:18 mrmayo: Hannah- are you thinking of adding a poem to space?
21:18:23 philmiller: it might not have the same passion either
21:18:29 hannahfeldman: perhaps a story
21:18:31 shaun fletcher: It's authentic
21:18:33 James.Sigler: What do you think is the ideal class size?
21:18:35 cburell: it's written out of need, self-selected.
21:18:59 cburell: thus not "schooly" - it's real, not "pretend" - writing
21:19:24 philmiller: i get it
21:20:25 alan at bsge: i'm not an adult...
21:20:29 James.Sigler: "Schooly" just relates to writing?
21:20:55 cburell: can students talk to adults on YouthTwitter?
21:21:05 Maureen/bcdtech: why are adults on twitter different from your adult teachers?
21:21:20 mrmayo: seems as though more middle schoolers are on YT- that may be an issue for high-schoolers
21:21:21 Nick I -> -Webcast Academy:
21:21:29 matt montagne -> -Webcast Academy: you the man nick
21:21:30 matt montagne -> -Webcast Academy: thanks
21:21:30 hannahfeldman: It is.
21:21:37 cburell: @james - not in my book :) anything pretend instead of real is schooly - a beginning definition
21:22:02 James.Sigler: What are HSers using instead of YT?
21:22:05 Madeline Brownstone: But, Soojin is a 10th grader and he seems to like the spirit of the middle schoolers
21:22:13 mrmayo: flat
21:22:13 Durff: Gee could it be that you are our peer Lindsea?
21:22:27 hannahfeldman: We aren't. In my school, a few people are on pownce.
21:23:03 Durff: but intellectually we all conversationalists
21:23:11 Durff: we are ALL learners
21:23:22 Durff: and i have a lot to learn
21:23:25 soojinlee: i'm eating breakfast while conferencing=]
21:23:40 James.Sigler: Which do you like better, blogging or Youth Twitter
21:23:51 Durff: good qt
21:23:51 Maureen/bcdtech: @durff, so in school, the teachers aren't learners? Just online?
21:24:14 Durff: if the teachers are open to learning - many are not
21:24:15 James.Sigler: "Schooly" for the sake for school as opposed to real life?
21:24:25 Madeline Brownstone: I like the brevity of youth twitter
21:24:43 philmiller: bingo
21:24:55 Durff: but tech/online should be intgrated so seemlessly that we are all online
21:25:08 mrmayo: or use YT as mentors
21:25:37 SusanEttenheim: hi alice!
21:25:47 philmiller: and see adults model appropriate online behavior
21:25:52 alicebarr: Hi susan!
21:25:54 James.Sigler: Have HS students moved beyond YT?
21:26:12 Durff: that's an interesting pt james
21:26:18 rorowe -> -Webcast Academy: and iPhone/iPod Touch :)
21:26:31 James.Sigler: or are they using sms instead?
21:26:33 Nick I -> -Webcast Academy: ..Opera website, just this page is about opera on Wii
21:26:49 Maureen/bcdtech: Don't you think the peer pressure on regular twitter would help self-regulate?
21:27:06 matt montagne -> -Webcast Academy: good work once again, nick!!!
21:27:14 philmiller: and with the follow and block
21:28:21 cburell: @Lindsea created @Youthnet on Twitter as a similar idea, but teacherless
21:28:35 James.Sigler: What is the difference between guiding students on YT and being "schooly"
21:28:45 cburell: OUCH! :P Thanks Soojin (but he's right)
21:29:48 kimtufts: Are there ever any bad comments made on YT?
21:29:53 Maureen/bcdtech: yes
21:29:55 James.Sigler: Is YT a baby step toward blogging or is it better than blogging?
21:30:04 Madeline Brownstone: The difference between between guiding studetns on YT and beeing schooly lies in how the tool is introduced. I introduced it to a few students. One took the bait and word started to spread among the students.
21:30:33 Madeline Brownstone: I propose it as an option, not an assignment.
21:30:45 Julia R -> -Webcast Academy:
21:30:48 soojinlee: @cburell i didn't mean any offense; i just meant that teachers can't teach 'unschooliness' but we have to learn ourselves
21:30:52 kimtufts: Nice.. so they use it like AIM sort of but educationally??
21:30:55 soojinlee: :'(
21:31:03 Cindy Phthisic: but kids are already "acting" in those situations in different venues like myspace and facebook
21:31:06 Alex B -> -Webcast Academy:
21:31:12 Durff: the build it and they will come philosophy?
21:31:27 matt montagne -> -Webcast Academy: that veo looks cool julia
21:31:35 Madeline Brownstone: But, I have assinged blog posts on the Elgg. However, even with that, it caught on with some as a mode of communication that is personally meaninful.
21:31:36 cburell: @soojin - i know. i agree, too. keep talking truth, bud :)
21:32:14 rorowe -> -Webcast Academy: I was mistaken...iPhone's uses Safari. :(
21:32:15 soojinlee: i bet patrick nam would've loved to join
21:32:19 matt montagne -> -Webcast Academy:
21:32:29 Bill O'Neal: Good question
21:32:39 philmiller: excellent question
21:32:41 Maureen/bcdtech: isn't taking class time an assignment?
21:33:13 James.Sigler: @soojin Speak the truth :) how do Youth Twitterers learn how to twitter?
21:33:16 mindelei: I don't think you can truly count it as an assignment unless it is required as part of a grade
21:33:55 Cindy Phthisic: I think that question can carry over to the professional world as well. How do we teach people how to network.
21:33:58 cburell: lost me
21:34:05 Maureen/bcdtech: @mindlei- but what else are they doing...
21:34:06 cburell: pull me back in?
21:34:16 soojinlee: @james i think they have to get in contact with real twitter. or YouthTwitter might end up being isolated and end up developing its own culture (which is not necessarily a bad thing?)
21:34:18 soojinlee: iono
21:35:01 mindelei: @Maureen It would depend upon what the teacher is requiring...presumeably they are not actively involved in anything specific.
21:35:15 James.Sigler: Is there a danger to students on Twitter?
21:35:37 philmiller: tying that passion to twitter
21:35:38 mindelei: @Maureen But I don't think that just because class time is allowed that makes it part of an assignment - for ex: I don't see SSR as part of an assignment.
21:36:00 branson: the YT sites says it is a "safe school based"
21:36:09 alan at bsge: i beleive clay has a bad internet connection
21:36:26 branson: what does that mean - how is it safe cpd to twitter
21:36:28 matt montagne -> -Webcast Academy:
21:36:33 tkidd132: ok...I am back...intenet is crazy...
21:36:38 metaweb(Frank): Hi .. is there suppose to be audio right now?
21:36:47 Madeline Brownstone: YT is actually open to anyone to join, the safety is that many teachers are reading it and keeping an eye on it
21:37:08 mindelei: @metaweb - yes, click the sound button on Channel A
21:37:08 James.Sigler: Kind of like recess?
21:37:13 paulallison:
21:37:15 branson: are profiles required to sign up
21:37:16 Maureen/bcdtech: @mindelei but with any open "assignment" ie ssr- the expectation is that they are doing it, not just sitting there dreaming. Aside from a graidng piece, I don't understand what the difference is.
21:37:20 tkidd132: yes there is click on the black link...on the sideof the screen the one that says...Teachers Teaching Teachers
21:37:25 Alex B -> -Webcast Academy: crud
21:37:34 Alex B -> -Webcast Academy: got booted again
21:37:36 Alex B -> -Webcast Academy: sry
21:37:45 Nick I -> -Webcast Academy: It appears that Mr. M has DC'd from the Skype call..or else i just did..
21:37:48 SusanEttenheim: just go to edtechtalk and click on A to hear
21:37:58 Alex B -> -Webcast Academy: i lost it too
21:38:19 Alex B -> -Webcast Academy: hes offline
21:38:20 Nick I -> -Webcast Academy: he's offline on Skype now
21:38:35 Alex B -> -Webcast Academy: wonder if his internet stopped
21:38:42 Alex B -> -Webcast Academy: or battery died or something
21:38:56 James.Sigler: Schooly question - how do we assess success in SSR? in Twitter?
21:38:56 Julia R -> -Webcast Academy: Lets just wait a min. or two
21:38:58 Nick I -> -Webcast Academy: he's not out of the webcast chat, so who knows
21:38:59 Jack -> -Webcast Academy: dunno
21:39:03 philmiller: i wish more students [i]felt[/i] like they had a voice
21:39:11 mindelei: @Maureen - I think that relates in part to what the expectation is. I think students see things that are not required as something beyond the assignment. I think they wonder why the teacher is putting emphasis on YT (or anything else), but realize that it is not directly linked to regular school assignments.
21:39:33 tkidd132: That was a great blog
21:39:34 Jack -> -Webcast Academy: here is the ghost in the shell link
21:39:51 Alex B -> -Webcast Academy: so anyways...
21:39:54 Alex B -> -Webcast Academy: whats new?
21:40:08 philmiller: that is why twitter and web 2.0 is awesome
21:40:09 tkidd132: I agree with that
21:40:20 Alex B -> -Webcast Academy: ok
21:40:23 Julia R -> -Webcast Academy: I should go write my eng. thing
21:40:30 Jack -> -Webcast Academy: k
21:40:38 Alex B -> -Webcast Academy: cya tmr
21:40:47 Nick I -> -Webcast Academy: y'all stay on skype incase he gets back
21:41:00 Jack -> -Webcast Academy: y'all?
21:41:39 mindelei: what is that blogsite again?
21:41:41 Cindy Phthisic: kids (and anyone really) have to see the value of any of these tools and how they can make connections with others around the world.
21:41:42 Alex B -> -Webcast Academy: indeed... y'all?
21:41:50 kimtufts: Is it appropriate for middle school students at student 2.0?
21:41:52 paulallison:
21:41:53 Julia R -> -Webcast Academy: ??
21:41:56 Alex B -> -Webcast Academy: nvm
21:41:56 James.Sigler: Are students who learn because they enjoy it being "unschooly"?
21:42:01 Julia R -> -Webcast Academy: Log in to skype!
21:42:03 mindelei: @paulallison thanks
21:42:14 rorowe -> -Webcast Academy: There he is.
21:42:21 matt montagne -> -Webcast Academy: back
21:42:22 Cindy Phthisic: I think the key is to introduce the tool and focus on the building of a network of peers
21:42:28 Julia R -> -Webcast Academy: yay!
21:42:29 Alex B -> -Webcast Academy: what happened?
21:43:06 alan at bsge: i think that when a student is introduced to this idea of blogging, they think they are being forced to do it
21:43:08 Julia R -> -Webcast Academy: conection was lost
21:43:19 matt montagne -> -Webcast Academy: my internet connection blew up
21:43:27 Alex B -> -Webcast Academy: thought so
21:43:34 James.Sigler: Empowered, self-guided students are "unschooly"?
21:43:34 Julia R -> -Webcast Academy: Alex- log in to skype
21:43:38 matt montagne -> -Webcast Academy: alex
21:43:42 matt montagne -> -Webcast Academy: I don't see you in skype
21:43:47 Alex B -> -Webcast Academy: im logged in
21:44:34 tkidd132: Is Linsey In the chat??
21:44:43 metaweb(Frank): Have to trick them .. like faking out the stomach with a grape instead of a cookie, so that they are learning without realizing it ... needs to be fun and peresonalized
21:44:43 Cindy Phthisic: Teachers I work with didn't "get it" until they saw someone post on Twitter about an event in Ustream or Skype call and that post pulled a group from all over into a Ustream Session or Skype call
21:44:47 James.Sigler: @alan How do you think students should be introduced to blogging?
21:45:28 Maureen/bcdtech: Good question
21:45:44 philmiller: lke a faculty advisor
21:45:59 Madeline Brownstone: Is there a weblinke for Project Global Cooling?
21:46:16 kimtufts:
21:46:18 Julia R -> -Webcast Academy: You there Jack
21:46:21 Madeline Brownstone: ghad! I can't type tonigh. So many typos
21:46:22 Maureen/bcdtech: Should teachers "teach" web 2.0 or model it?
21:46:51 James.Sigler: @Cindy you mean using Twitter like call for a virtual "flash mob" in a certain place?
21:46:58 mindelei: Shouldn't good teaching always be about modeling?
21:47:08 Maureen/bcdtech: Should be
21:47:14 cburell: the pgc blog is ugly right now b/c it uses a "magazine" style WordPress theme. takes some different tagging and categorizing.
21:47:22 rorowe -> -Webcast Academy: When you were talking about Linux...I have an old Pentium 2 running Ubuntu.
21:47:41 paulallison:
21:47:44 Cindy Phthisic: @James - To a degree, yes. Just like the edtech broadcasts. Many folks join in because they see a post from a friend on Twitter
21:47:51 metaweb(Frank): @maureen like baking a cake, show how to use the tools to get the job done .. don't teach them about knives and spoons and bowls, no.
21:48:26 Cindy Phthisic: @James - hadn't really thought about it that way though - :)
21:48:29 Maureen/bcdtech: A lot of what I do online- twitter, etc.. is invisible to students. DO you let them into "your world"? Or what?
21:48:37 James.Sigler: Thanks. I'll still figuring out twitter, but I'm getting it slowly
21:48:38 cburell: projectglobalcooling is basically a student version of Al Gore's Live Earth: concerts for sustainability at schools and communities around the world, filmed and uploaded to YouTube and then the PGC blog.
21:48:38 SusanEttenheim: hi kathy welcome jump in and introduce yourself please
21:48:41 Alex B -> -Webcast Academy: how old is the computer?
21:48:41 Julia R -> -Webcast Academy: How old is your computer?
21:48:47 Julia R -> -Webcast Academy: jinks
21:49:10 rorowe -> -Webcast Academy: The Pentium 2? Over 10 years. :)
21:49:16 Cindy Phthisic: @James- It's a big part of my prof dev and the core of my prof learning network
21:49:18 matt montagne -> -Webcast Academy: wow!!!
21:49:20 hannahfeldman: tyrone, do you know anything about the student 2.0 conference?
21:49:25 metaweb(Frank): @maureen ... if it serves a pedagogical purpose, yes .. if no, then ...
21:49:31 mindelei: @Maureen I think we have to decide what parts of our world we want to share...
21:49:42 Madeline Brownstone: @Maureen how is your online world "invisible" to students?
21:49:43 Maureen/bcdtech: For example, I show the kids my Diigo, etc... but I don't show them my twitter- at least not on purpose :)
21:50:07 Cindy Phthisic: @James- I've made connections with folks that I would have never
21:50:08 Durff: from the mouth of babes?
21:50:14 Cindy Phthisic: ...
21:50:20 SusanEttenheim: where is Ben a student?
21:50:25 mindelei: @Maureen I think all teachers still want private lives, but there are still certain areas that can be mutual ground
21:50:41 SusanEttenheim: hi kgreen welcome
21:50:44 Cindy Phthisic: "known otherwise" I learn about online events that I would have missed out on
21:50:47 metaweb(Frank): could they not use twitter and tweetscan for research? why not?
21:50:48 Durff: ok susan everyone is younger than i am
21:50:52 Durff: everyone
21:51:09 cburell: we want to make PGC a non-profit next year too. talk about learning! anybody know how to do it?
21:51:09 tkidd132: wow Durff....
21:51:11 Durff: therefore you are all qualifying for my statement
21:51:26 Maureen/bcdtech: @mindelei- I agree, but am still working it out. Learning as I go in front of the kids is tough at times.
21:51:38 James.Sigler: @Maureen 1 reason I started blogging was because I think to model writing we need to be writers...role models
21:51:42 Durff: well kidd, you might be older
21:52:06 gail desler: @James.Sigler - nodding in agreement about being writers ourselves
21:52:19 James.Sigler: @Maureen I have not shown them my blog
21:52:34 metaweb(Frank): @james I tell the same things to my teachers about reading, if they are going ti teach it, they need to do it too
21:52:39 Durff: my kids found mine
21:52:40 rorowe -> -Webcast Academy:
21:52:42 mindelei: @Maureen I think it's important for students to see that teachers are in a learning process too and that teachers can make mistakes and its alright. I think this is an important part of allowing them to discover that they can learn from their own mistakes. This makes them more willing to take risks
21:53:05 alan at bsge: what was the question??
21:53:29 alan at bsge: :?
21:53:44 SusanEttenheim: what about the students who don't want to participate and blog ffreely but want to know how to get the A
21:53:59 alan at bsge: thank you
21:54:08 alan at bsge: i was sort of lost :D
21:54:08 Maureen/bcdtech: @mindelei I'm certainly an example how to make mistakes for them. But they take it in stride and are realizing that I make them, and it's OK. It's just a paradigm shift for them and for me
21:54:09 tkidd132: Thats a great Question Susan...
21:54:11 SusanEttenheim: :)
21:54:17 Madeline Brownstone: :D :D
21:54:29 cburell: a model of what sorts of projects students can do via Youthtwitter or Youthnet: the Students 2.0 launch video: 8 students from 8 cities sent 10-second video clips to Sean in Scotland. He edited it into a film: Google "YouTube Students 2.0"
21:55:03 tkidd132: Yes Chase, The Best
21:55:09 gail desler: @cburell - great example of making student collaboration visible
21:55:10 mindelei: @Maureen I think its hard for us because we grew up thinking teachers were experts and perfect. I want my students to see me more as the guide along their educational journey.
21:55:15 tkidd132: oops Mr.Chase
21:56:02 gail desler: "normal Virginia" I like that:p
21:56:03 James.Sigler: It's hard to give up the control to my students
21:56:11 cburell: @hannah - you're right on.
21:56:14 kimtufts: @Durff what is your blog called??
21:56:21 metaweb(Frank): I'ts harder to control them
21:56:32 Alex B -> -Webcast Academy: cya all
21:56:33 Madeline Brownstone: @james what makes it hard to give up the control to your students?
21:56:42 mrmayo: please do hannah- and on YT
21:56:49 Maureen/bcdtech: It's harder to assess them
21:56:56 mrmayo: Dehiniitely!
21:56:56 mindelei: Do we really need to control them?
21:56:56 tkidd132: Whats the topic she is talking about??
21:57:02 hannahfeldman:
21:57:03 tkidd132: Whats the link to the blog
21:57:16 tkidd132: YES...I will Comment
21:57:16 mindelei: @Maureen What's harder to assess? (clarification)
21:57:21 kimtufts: Reflective posts are great! :) excellent learning skills!!
21:57:22 hannahfeldman: thank you!
21:57:27 tkidd132: no problem
21:57:28 gail desler: @hannah - your blog URL?
21:57:30 hannahfeldman: visit others' blogs as well!
21:57:35 hannahfeldman: look up
21:57:39 Cindy Phthisic: most definitely
21:57:42 rorowe -> -Webcast Academy: Thanks Matt & all!
21:57:49 metaweb(Frank): Controling is hard because it requires lots of classroom mgmt, faciliting is easier in my experience
21:57:50 tkidd132: Hannah whats your link?
21:57:53 Maureen/bcdtech: I find it harder to assess their work on wikis and blogs than a more typical assignment
21:57:54 James.Sigler: I requires a different pedagogy and philosophy to move from the front of the room to the side
21:58:06 gail desler: @hannah - I see it. Thanks
21:58:28 mindelei: @James So true!
21:59:27 mindelei: @ Maureen It's always harder to assess more creatively involved works....but if you have in mind what you are looking for (an even create a rubric of expectations), you should be able to look for certain aspects to grade.
21:59:31 James.Sigler: @Frank You're right, it is so much easier to manage the classroom when students are in the front of the room instead of me
21:59:41 kimtufts: How do you get through your school Internet Authorization Policy? To add student blogs to the "outside world"??
22:00:06 hannahfeldman: @kimtufts my school uses drupal
22:00:39 kimtufts: @hannahfeldman thanks! :)
22:00:41 mindelei: It's been great chatting...if you want to continue later, check me out on twitter: mindelei
22:00:48 gail desler: @hannah - I'm on your blog right now. Great photos. I'll read your posts later tonight.
22:00:56 hannahfeldman: :) thank you
22:01:07 Maureen/bcdtech: @mindelei I agree, it's just a whole new world for me. Rubrics for online work are different than the rubric for a poster or a ppt. More thought on my part, different way to look at what and how the kids learn and make their contribution, especially with collaborative pieces
22:01:17 James.Sigler: @mindelei when you are assessing content in creativity you start dealing more with correcting misconception instead of bestowing content
22:01:25 tkidd132: Here is the Vid to the Student 2.0 clay is talking about
22:01:26 tkidd132:
22:01:47 mindelei: @ Maureen: it is more difficult - but I think more worthwhile too
22:02:13 Durff: who is talking?
22:02:14 SusanEttenheim: hi kathy welcome
22:02:19 SusanEttenheim: mr mayo
22:02:26 SusanEttenheim: and madeline
22:02:27 Maureen/bcdtech: @mindelei- getting there. It's a process for me
22:02:40 Durff: ah madeline
22:02:42 mindelei: @James again...I'd love to continue...but I do have to go. Would love to continue on twitter later: mindleei
22:02:49 mindelei: oops...mindelei on twitter
22:03:09 alan at bsge: clearing up here: so we're talking about how blogs relate to schools/curriculums?
22:03:13 mindelei: @Maureen - very much so...particularly w/ all the new technology
22:03:20 tkidd132: Whats the Question Clay
22:03:24 Kathy Lawrence: I am new to this venue. Thanks for the welcom. I will lurk for a while
22:03:34 mindelei: bye
22:03:38 tkidd132: bye
22:03:56 mrmayo: great idea! like that
22:03:57 cburell: how to address standards when allowing free blogging
22:04:02 kimtufts: are you saying that the blogging is not working with the tech standards? I am confused?
22:04:22 alan at bsge: clearing up here: so we're talking about how blogs relate to schools/curriculums? right?!
22:04:45 SusanEttenheim: Kim I think the question is merging these techniques and the content requirements
22:05:05 kimtufts: @SusanEttenheim OK! Thanks!
22:05:05 SusanEttenheim: merging blogging with the actual curriculum content standards
22:05:09 Maureen/bcdtech: Most standards don't address how you learn narrative or poetry.. just hat you learn it
22:05:17 alan at bsge: ooooo okok
22:05:18 mrmayo: rewriting post never do that- anoother great idea
22:05:41 SusanEttenheim: what do you all think is there a conflict or not?
22:05:42 Wendy: I use 6 traits as tools to help students improve their blogging skills.
22:05:47 Madeline Brownstone: @Alan seems some teachers feel conflicted between meeting all the content standards of the curriculum and introducing Web 2.0 tools such as blogging.
22:06:06 tkidd132: SURE
22:06:24 Maureen/bcdtech: Thank you students!
22:06:32 cburell: you can see some examples of 6 traits for blog writing at
22:06:42 Durff: i think we all know what metacognition is
22:06:52 cburell: click on the "assignments" category in the sidebar
22:07:21 kimtufts: thank you ! Excellent talk tonight! :)
22:07:23 mrmayo: Ben- are you on YT
22:07:29 James.Sigler: Wow, a student talking about metacognition!
22:07:37 Durff: that ascerbic wit again susan
22:07:44 tkidd132: Here is the Vid that Clay was talking about thats Sean mad for Student 2.0:
22:07:46 tkidd132:
22:07:57 James.Sigler: Great vid
22:07:59 tkidd132: **made
22:08:25 James.Sigler: Preach it Hannah!
22:08:33 tkidd132: YES HANNAH!!
22:09:44 soojinlee: good comment hannah
22:10:05 Durff: poor paul is still trying to wrap it up
22:10:12 James.Sigler: Way to bring it all back home, alan. Good job!
22:10:23 James.Sigler: D
22:10:25 tkidd132: Can i get the link Please!! I would love too
22:10:25 James.Sigler: :D
22:10:27 Durff: too bad enthusiasm in learning cannot be wrapped up
22:10:45 Durff: its viral - contagios
22:10:49 SusanEttenheim: just go to youthtwitter and you will see the link
22:11:01 Durff: and spelled better too
22:11:09 James.Sigler: lol
22:11:51 tkidd132: Thats actually Great Clay
22:12:02 tkidd132: Its amazing
22:13:09 Durff: it is all about the relationships
22:13:10 tkidd132: Soojen Whats his Skype, I would love to speak with him...Because i think its inportant that students share thoughs...
22:13:15 James.Sigler: Need for a feed...reader
22:13:40 James.Sigler: :D
22:13:47 tkidd132: Students who are on here right Please add me on Skype :tkidd132, I would love to talk to you about ur thoughs about ur own education etc
22:13:54 alicebarr: Thank you all! GREAT! Nothing like students to teach us!
22:13:57 Durff: the communication, the connections, the collaborations - they all go bback to relationships
22:14:42 Durff: i learn from k12 learners everyday
22:14:46 Wendy: Thank you everyone, especially the students. What a refreshing perspective!
22:14:58 tkidd132: Thats actually very interesting, Durff
22:15:09 Durff: you think?
22:15:10 James.Sigler: follow 500? holy moley
22:15:13 James.Sigler: :)
22:15:15 Durff: i don't
22:16:07 soojinlee: @Tkidd132 my skype is: soojinandrewlee
22:16:08 James.Sigler: Thank you so much for contributing to the show.
22:16:17 James.Sigler: You really made the show
22:16:26 Madeline Brownstone: Good night EST folks
22:16:42 kimtufts: nite
22:16:44 tkidd132: YES!!!
22:16:45 James.Sigler: It really was wonderful
22:16:49 tkidd132: THANKS YOU ALL!!
22:16:50 James.Sigler: Great show!
22:17:09 mrmayo: right on!
22:17:17 Durff: see kidd - a true born teacher you are
22:17:20 kimtufts: Heather .. you are so wonderful! Keep it up!
22:17:22 Madeline Brownstone: Without students, there's no reason to go to school in the morning. And what a wonderful buncy of students we have!
22:17:56 Durff: crazy? nah
22:18:03 tkidd132: G'night all
22:18:05 James.Sigler: You are why we do this
22:18:06 Durff: now I am the crazy one
22:18:06 Madeline Brownstone: buncy? what's a buncy of students? :-)
22:18:13 James.Sigler: g-night all
22:18:14 Durff: nite kidd
22:18:14 tkidd132: Good Night
22:18:19 tkidd132: no
22:18:20 tkidd132: hahaha
22:18:21 tkidd132: lol
22:18:25 hannahfeldman: goodnight!
22:18:36 tkidd132: Whats ur skype hannah
22:18:40 Durff: gotta finish the classblogs = nite