Teachers Teaching Teachers #96 - Has digital storytelling changed writing? - 03.19.08

This spring Susan Ettenheim and Paul Allison are experimenting again. This time with Hypertextopia. We have just begun to explore with our students how writing changes in this online environment. The image “http://www.fiercefrontiers.com/images/hypertextopia.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. To learn more, we invited Mark Bernstein and Jeremy Ashkenas to have a conversation with us.

  • Mark Bernstein has been Eastgate's chief scientist since 1987. He has developed Storyspace and other hypertext software, and he is the publisher of wonderful hypertexts.
  • Jeremy Ashkenas is working on Hypertextopia as a part of his final project for his undergraduate degree at Brown University.

We were inspired to invite the spunky programmer/publisher to talk with the upstart literature/computer undergrad after reading through this recent thread on if:Book. Listen to learn more about hypertext writing online, and join us at Hypertextopia!


Chat Log




I felt like I was listening to an NPR broadcast the whole show. Thoughtful, insightful questions answered by intelligent, compelling guests. Not to mention the subject of hypertext and its complete neglect by the academic community. Fascinating. Keep up the great work! Joel Zehring