Teachers Teaching Teachers #94 - Music in the Classroom - 03.05.08

Recently, Lee Baber and Elderbob Brannan facilitated a 6-week session for the Electronic Village Online. I Got Rhythm: Music in the Classroom.

In today's multi-literate world, music plays an important role. It is one that is often over-looked or neglected in the classroom. With the advent of Web 2.0, Music has taken an even more significant position. Whereas it was once only the subject matter of those who were music majors, it now expands into many relavant areas of expertise. The ability to either select the proper music for a piece or to create music to stand alone, has become a common driver for most students. We beleive that the instructor, though not a music theorist, can offer a variety of resources and information to help students pursue this drive. It is our intent to explore ways that music can be made available in a classroom situation.

EVO 2008 Call for Participation wiki / Music

One of the prizes they found during their class was Joseph M. Pisano, a music professor whose enthusasiam and knowledge bubbles out in this podcast!

Listen to Dr. Pisano, then pass this one on to the music educator in your school. Also check out his blog: MusTech.net

That's not all! Hook your favorite music educator up with Dr. Pisano's campaign, Me Blogger. His goal is to inspire 100 Music Education Bloggers (ME Too!) before 2009. He would like to invite any music educator to become a ME Blogger today. "Join Our “Global Conversation” about music, education, and technology!"


Chat Log

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Lee Baber: I graduated from University of Maryland in Interdisciplinary Studies / Production Management. I worked for the University helping to manage the Recording Studio, as an audio engineer and editor for the Ethnomusicology Department, the University live events, and with National Geographic and General Electric producing audio for presentations and photographer feature tours. I am currently in the James Madison University Educational Technology Graduate Program working on a 21st Century aligned cognate. For the last 8 years, I have been working for Rockingham County Public Schools as a Computer Literacy teacher, playing professional banjo with Ben "Cooter" Jones and Cross Creek, and working with Worldbridges. I am co-manager for EdTechTalk's Teachers Teaching Teachers show and Youthvoices network. Skype: lbaber Twitter: leebaber SL: Laurie Carson YM: leebuddyleeb

Elderbob Brannan: My first college experiences were as a recipient of a music scholarship. I loved Jazz, Big Band and Rock and Roll. I was a product of the 60's. As the music began to shift, so did my personal and professional tastes. Unfortunately, those taste did not fit into the military routine that I was soon to be injected into. After the service, I continued my interest in music right up to today, but more as an enthusiastic supporter than a professional player. Lee and I have been discussing an effort to help instructors bring music into the classroom for about a year now. I think both of us see this project as just one step in the establishment of a community of practitioners. We certainly do not know it all, but we beleive we can offer an environment where a musical community can grow and thrive.