Making Connections # 28

Maggie Tsai of explains how this “Social Annotation” tool is so very useful to the classroom teacher as well as students. Catch the podcast for our tour.
This video should be a requirement for every educator. Here is an example of how one high school history teacher is using Diigo in his classroom. It will really get you thinking about the possibilities.


18:54:34 Cathy E hey Lisa
18:54:43 Cathy E may I skype you
18:54:43 Lisa T Hey Cathy, can you skype me?
18:55:24 Cathy E
18:55:34 Cathy E Meeting ID: 800-805-958
19:00:19 Cathy E Maria may I skype you
19:00:44 MariaK in a minute
19:00:50 MariaK on the phone
19:01:25 dgoodman hi maria
19:01:51 Cathy E [email protected]
19:05:13 MariaK I'm available for a call
19:05:20 Cathy E
19:07:43 Cathy E cindy want to join skpe
19:08:34 Cathy E
19:09:04 dgoodman hi cindy
19:09:42 cindy p please
19:10:29 Cathy E
19:12:31 Saywire what is the name of this program?
19:12:44 dgoodman Diigo
19:12:55 Cathy E this is
19:13:01 Saywire thank you
19:17:18 Cathy E cindy I losstyou
19:17:26 Cathy E want me to callbck?
19:18:23 cindy p my connection is bad tonight, so I guess not
19:19:30 cindy p ok, try me one more time, the skype and live cast are way apart
19:21:03 Cathy E
19:21:31 Cathy E Shelia click the link so you can watch
19:23:23 sheila Thanks, I"m on
19:24:11 Cathy E Can you hear or do you want me to skype you?
19:24:50 sheila I'm actually sitting in a mac users meeting, so I'm multi tasking . . . Thanks anyways.
19:25:49 sheila I can hear cathy
19:26:50 Cathy E If you would like tojoin the diigo lesson
19:33:30 Cathy E
19:34:51 sheila no student emails would be good!
19:35:03 dgoodman I agree Sheila
19:35:21 Cathy E yes, that what keeps elementary from using so many of these 2.0 tools
19:35:52 dgoodman things have to be easy and quick for teachers to use
19:39:14 Lisa T I am in the same boat. I like Cathy's idea.
19:41:06 dgoodman hi kathy
19:41:15 Cathy E Hey Kathy
19:41:18 Cathy E
19:41:36 kblades hi y'all -thanks for reminding me Cathy
19:43:04 dgoodman Maggie is demonstrating Diigo
19:43:19 dgoodman Kathy did you see the gotomeeting link
19:45:05 kblades what is the gotomeeting link? sorry
19:45:15 Cathy E
19:45:49 dgoodman sure maggie
19:46:05 dgoodman this is very informative
19:46:32 MariaK I need some ideas of how to use this with kindergarten ...hmmm - think, think
19:47:01 MariaK how to ?
19:47:20 MariaK how to blog?
19:47:31 Cathy E oh blog
19:48:09 dgoodman Maria is bloging
19:48:14 MariaK we have blogs with K's
19:48:21 dgoodman yes maria
19:48:29 dgoodman Yea not yes
19:49:34 dgoodman oh I like that
19:49:52 MariaK so I'm thinking of setting something up for the Iditarod...
19:50:40 Lisa T Have you tried
19:50:43 MariaK If you tub was clipped into diigo - maybe it would show
19:52:36 dgoodman when did you say this new toolbar will be ready
19:53:23 MariaK
19:53:30 MariaK
19:53:31 Cathy E [email protected]
19:53:39 MariaK I will - thanks
19:53:42 dgoodman
19:53:57 Cathy E Send your blog sites to maggie
19:54:31 dgoodman that would be good
19:57:16 Cathy E
19:58:53 jepcke Thanks for the link Cathy
19:59:54 Cathy E [email protected]
:00:25 dgoodman i sent the three blog sites listed above to maggie via emai
:00:47 dgoodman hi cris
:01:06 Cathy E Criss have you arrived?
:01:15 dgoodman Maggie with Diigo has been demonstrating Diigo bookmarking site
:01:35 Cathy E
:01:45 Cris hey, hey, is there room for me Skype.
:03:28 dgoodman very good
:04:13 MariaK Things have come so far since the first time Maggie presented this
:04:14 dgoodman I will blog about Diigo tonight
:04:40 Lisa T What is your blog Deborah?
:04:53 dgoodman wordpress
:05:16 dgoodman do you want the link -not done a very good job of keeping up with it
:05:36 Lisa T yes
:05:37 dgoodman
:12:26 SusanEttenheim hi everyone
:13:37 Cathy E Hey gang- we are almost done
:14:12 Lee Baber Hi Cathy
:14:59 Cathy E [email protected]
:18:44 sheila Thanks!
:23:02 sheila hello back!
:23:47 sheila -> -Webcast Academy: hi there!
:24:22 Cris yikes. hit dead spot. can i come back in?
:24:45 Matt Montagne -> -Webcast Academy: Hi Sheil
:24:50 Matt Montagne -> -Webcast Academy: can you hear us?
:24:51 sheila -> -Webcast Academy: I can hear you!
:24:58 lonra -> -Webcast Academy: grt8
:25:00 sheila -> -Webcast Academy: Sound good!
:25:20 Matt Montagne -> -Webcast Academy: gr8
:25:45 sheila -> -Webcast Academy: I'm on sandbox a
:26:05 sheila -> -Webcast Academy: not the ustream though right?
:26:35 lorna -> -Webcast Academy: no ustream
:26:58 Matt Montagne -> -Webcast Academy: we will begin in in 5 minutes or so
:27:17 sheila -> -Webcast Academy: Just a reminder I'm on a 30 second delay.
:27:38 sheila -> -Webcast Academy: Someone is very low in sound
:28:16 Cris Hope we don't lose you, Cathy. Let's get a satellite.
:28:43 sheila -> -Webcast Academy: a little better
:29:01 dgoodman I havnt done my telphony recording yet
:29:04 dgoodman way behind
:29:06 lorna -> -Webcast Academy: better?
:29:29 sheila -> -Webcast Academy: @Lorna - still quieter and heard to hear
:29:37 Cris Good to hear you tonight, Deborah.
:29:55 sheila -> -Webcast Academy: Don't forget to hit record!
:29:59 sheila -> -Webcast Academy: yes
:30:08 Matt Montagne -> -Webcast Academy: thanx sheila!
:30:17 dgoodman you too cris
:30:38 Cris I'll have to check out your blog.
:30:53 sheila -> -Webcast Academy: That was a while ago
:31:02 dgoodman i haven't done as much with it as I should have
:31:16 sheila -> -Webcast Academy: Sounding good!
:31:17 Cris well, at least you have one.
:31:26 sheila -> -Webcast Academy: Breathe!
:31:32 Cris you have a Web presence
:32:18 sheila -> -Webcast Academy: Clap! clap!
:32:52 sendkathy hello!
:32:56 Matt Montagne -> -Webcast Academy: she is doing gr8!!
:32:57 Cris Catch you later. Wow! It's raining cats and dogs on W40
:33:00 Cathy E Criss
:33:05 dgoodman ok drive safe
:33:05 Cathy E Be safe
:33:07 Cris Hi Cathy
:33:12 Cris thanks, Cathy


Hi Cathy, your show was great with Maggie. Thanks for going the distance and providing this opportunity for us to learn about Diigo. You are doing great work. Cheryl