Women of Web 2.0 Show # 62

Hello Friends! Welcome to our show with Carol Anne McGuire on from http://www.rockourworld.org, a fabulous teacher! She had so many great ideas I know I will need to listen to this show a few times. Kathy Shields is sitting in with us for the show. Sharon and Vicky were off presenting. As always the audience in the chat makes our shows as you can see from the following Chat:

 20:39:33  Matt Montagne -> -Webcast Academy: Hi MariaK!

 20:39:47  MariaK -> -Webcast Academy: Hello again Matt

 20:39:56  MariaK -> -Webcast Academy: and

 20:40:02  MariaK -> -Webcast Academy: Sheila and jeff

 20:41:16  smeech -> -Webcast Academy: You have several people who have not moved over from EdTechTalk I think... just an FYI

 20:41:38  smeech -> -Webcast Academy: Unless EdTechTalk is on tonight as well.

 20:41:49  MariaK -> -Webcast Academy: can i have the link for the page again

 20:42:00  MariaK -> -Webcast Academy: Parents as Partners

 20:42:02  coakes  uploading new nicecast, be right back

 20:42:37  sheila -> -Webcast Academy: maria - no page, I think

 20:43:11  MariaK -> -Webcast Academy: ok - I thought I was there with Lorna last week

 20:43:18  lorna -> -Webcast Academy: www.parents.ourschool.ca

 20:43:58  MariaK -> -Webcast Academy: thanks - i forgot to add it to my delicious the other day

 20:44:09  smeech -> -Webcast Academy: Talk about multi-tasking... Kids do that all the time while doing homework don't they

 20:44:20  Matt Montagne -> -Webcast Academy: he he he

 20:44:37  sheila -> -Webcast Academy: Oops!

 20:44:41  sheila -> -Webcast Academy: I'm back

 20:45:03  MariaK -> -Webcast Academy: sheila - this is the page  www.parents.ourschool.ca

 20:45:10  sheila -> -Webcast Academy: thanks!

 20:45:18  smeech -> -Webcast Academy: Can you do that with a DVD from Blockbuster for me Matt?

 20:45:27  smeech -> -Webcast Academy: sorry... couldn't resist

 20:45:29  Matt Montagne -> -Webcast Academy: http://mstechnology.wikispaces.com/Parent+Ed

 20:45:44  Matt Montagne -> -Webcast Academy: @smeech...you got me there!!!

 20:45:56  lorna -> -Webcast Academy: www.ourschool.ca/NiagaraCatholic

 20:45:56  Matt Montagne -> -Webcast Academy: @smeech don't tell my librarian!

 20:47:40  leebaber  hi lorna

 20:47:42  leebaber  matt

 20:48:45  Jennifer Wagner  hello ROOM

 20:48:56  sheila -> -Webcast Academy: Hi Star

 20:49:39  jepcke  Hi Susan

 20:49:46  jepcke  Hi Jen

 20:50:44  Jennifer Wagner  how is everyone tonight

 20:51:54  Jennifer Wagner  Carol Anne McGuire is our guest tonight

 20:52:18  smeech -> -Webcast Academy: Schools always face a Walled Garden choice...

 20:52:23  smeech -> -Webcast Academy: or approach

 20:52:29  Jennifer Wagner  her website is http://www.rockourworld.org/

 20:53:20  sendkathy  The music comes on right away, here's more http://homepage.mac.com/carolannemcguire/iMovieTheater1.html

 20:53:55  Matt Montagne -> -Webcast Academy: @smeech...that is why we're doing protecht!!

 20:55:26  smeech -> -Webcast Academy: Nice plub Matt...

 20:55:30  smeech -> -Webcast Academy: plug rather

 20:56:02  Jennifer Wagner  hmmmm no Cheryl yet

 20:56:11  Jennifer Wagner  singing jeopardy theme song

 20:57:56  Matt Montagne -> -Webcast Academy: PROTECHT, PROTECHT...digital citizenship project

 20:58:02  Matt Montagne -> -Webcast Academy: drop in that URL @smeech

 20:58:03  MariaK -> -Webcast Academy: My son couldn't understand why i would have a face book page

 20:58:16  alicebarr  Jen we are due for a mega storm

 20:58:23  alicebarr  Oh there she is!

 20:58:28  Jennifer Wagner  Yeah

 20:58:32  Jennifer Wagner  a mega storm

 20:58:32  cheryloakes wow2  just updated, going for skype

 20:58:38  Matt Montagne -> -Webcast Academy: group stupic

 20:58:43  Matt Montagne -> -Webcast Academy: group stupid

 20:58:47  alicebarr  Take a look at the radar!

 20:59:01  sendkathy  We are due for a thunder storm.

 20:59:03  PeggyG  Hi everyone. I was on for a minute then lost my connection. Not storming here.  :-)

 20:59:13  sendkathy  I'm in Atlanta

 20:59:16  alicebarr  Stretches from chicago to Boston

 20:59:18  Jennifer Wagner  and it is 80 degrees and beautiful in Southern California

 20:59:19  sendkathy  We need the rain

 20:59:20  leebaber  finally i have audio

 20:59:25  smeech -> -Webcast Academy: I would but its so locked down non-members can't see anything anyway

 20:59:33  smeech -> -Webcast Academy: http://www.protecht.wikispaces.com

 20:59:35  PeggyG  Same for Phoenix--78 degrees and sunny!

 20:59:47  alicebarr  -2 here this morning!

 20:59:50  jepcke  oops. Sorry scott

 20:59:51  Matt Montagne -> -Webcast Academy: there we go!

 21:00:08  PeggyG  Just started getting audio :-)

 21:00:14  MariaK -> -Webcast Academy: Great job to you all

 21:00:48  smeech -> -Webcast Academy: Great start

 21:01:00  rocker7  Hey Jennifer!

 21:01:13  smeech -> -Webcast Academy: Matt for President

 21:01:16  smeech -> -Webcast Academy: Night all

 21:01:19  Jennifer Wagner  Hey Rocker7

 21:01:30  cheryloakes wow2  how is the audio

 21:01:38  sroseman  perfect audio

 21:01:42  rocker7  I'm trying to get you on Sype, but it keeps giving me an error

 21:01:46  sendkathy  We have Carol Anne McGuire waiting in the wings.

 21:01:54  PeggyG  So sorry I missed last week's show--very warm spot in my heart for principals as a retired elementary principal myself.

 21:02:37  PeggyG  What's the del.icio.us link again?

 21:02:41  sendkathy  It's a tough job, takes a lot of dedication, hats off to you!

 21:02:42  cheryloakes wow2  is audio skipping?

 21:02:53  alicebarr  yes skipping

 21:03:09  sheila -> -Webcast Academy: Hear! Hear!

 21:03:18  sroseman  storm here

 21:03:25  jepcke  Hi Susan E

 21:03:35  sroseman  coming and I am going skiing tomorrow

 21:03:38  Cathyjo  feeling purple

 21:03:42  rocker7  Jannifer, did you get my email?

 21:03:49  Matt Montagne -> -Webcast Academy: thanx everyone!!!

 21:03:52  cheryloakes wow2  back on again

 21:03:52  PeggyG  Looks like the storm might be affecting the audio stream--hmmm

 21:04:14  sendkathy  I think I dropped out of the call hmm

 21:04:20  PeggyG  Full moon shows are great!

 21:04:24  sendkathy  I'm purplish too

 21:05:00  sheila -> -Webcast Academy: still going?

 21:05:12  sheila -> -Webcast Academy: my realplayer stopped

 21:05:23  cheryloakes wow2  Hello all, all is funky this evening.

 21:05:25  PeggyG  No-I missed the webcast academy :-(

 21:05:27  Cathyjo  i was in Alec Courosa's class with Sharon Pters

 21:05:27  sroseman  hello I am feeling red

 21:05:38  CheriT  Hello all

 21:05:43  judi epcke  I listened for about 10 mins. Important

 21:05:44  cheryloakes wow2  Hello to all, buckle the seatbelts for a ride tonight

 21:05:44  Cathyjo  She is repreenting u all WELL

 21:06:07  cheryloakes wow2  sorry I missed the webcast academy

 21:06:17  CheriT  I was with Sharon on Saturday and she was having all kinds of problems with Skype/Nicecast

 21:06:26  PeggyG  I can hear typing and only Cheryl

 21:06:33  CheriT  Hi Lee

 21:06:45  Cathy E  We only hear Cheryl

 21:06:46  Jennifer Wagner  Thank you!!!

 21:06:49  Jennifer Wagner  for letting us know

 21:06:50  sendkathy  How many words per minute?

 21:06:51  CheriT  I only hear Cheryl talking ... and laughing

 21:06:59  judi epcke  Was twitter acting up for people tonight?

 21:07:02  sendkathy  We're on our way back in

 21:07:13  mmiller  yes twitter acting  up

 21:07:14  sroseman  a one woman show

 21:07:16  sendkathy  Seems Cheryly had to take us down to call the outside number first

 21:07:17  CheriT  bye

 21:07:21  Jennifer Wagner  and third time IS the charm

 21:07:39  PeggyG  No problem--with you for as long as it takes!

 21:08:10  PeggyG  very very fast!

 21:08:20  sendkathy  LOL

 21:08:34  PeggyG  phone is ringing! :-)

 21:09:00  cheryloakes wow2  this is just little bit hectic

 21:09:07  jepcke  Hi Carol

 21:09:32  Jennifer Wagner  here we GO

 21:09:33  PeggyG  wahoo! hearing Jen, Carol, Cheryl, Kathy :-)

 21:09:38  Jennifer Wagner  can you hear everyone!!

 21:10:04  PeggyG  it comes and goes

 21:10:17  sendkathy  http://www.glubble.com/

 21:10:20  cheryloakes wow2  thanks Peggy for the shout out

 21:10:28  Jennifer Wagner  http://www.glubble.com/

 21:10:49  Jennifer Wagner  our WOW2 Delicious tonight is wow2_20080212

 21:11:45  Jennifer Wagner  http://plasma.nationalgeographic.com/mapmachine/index.html

 21:11:46  jepcke  Great link. Can't wait to try it

 21:11:53  sendkathy  Double WOW!

 21:12:11  mmiller  testing my color

 21:12:19  Jennifer Wagner  http://www.earthkam.ucsd.edu/

 21:12:19  sendkathy  nice

 21:12:23  jepcke  Nice color mmileer

 21:12:26  cheryloakes wow2  melinda, my favorite color!

 21:12:28  jepcke  mmiller

 21:13:05  mmiller  i usually can't see the color change so not trying to draw attention:):):)

 21:13:14  cheryloakes wow2  https://extras.skype.com/categories/all/good?search=yugma

 21:13:17  Jennifer Wagner  Choose your COLOR

 21:13:22  Jennifer Wagner  far left icon

 21:13:31  Jennifer Wagner  feeling PURPLE tonight

 21:13:58  Cathyjo  no im purple

 21:13:59  dgoodman  feeling teal???

 21:14:06  PeggyG  got a forbidden message for the earthkam site

 21:14:14  Jennifer Wagner  www.rockourworld.org

 21:14:36  Cathyjo  ill go green

 21:14:45  Cathyjo  hows green

 21:14:47  jepcke  I'm green too

 21:14:53  Cathyjo  uhoh

 21:15:13  jepcke  @cathyjo, I'll pick another color

 21:15:17  sroseman  what is the ustream

 21:15:18  Cathyjo  a diff green

 21:15:19  jepcke  You can be greeen

 21:15:23  cheryloakes wow2  very colorful tonight

 21:15:25  sendkathy  Duel uStream and Double WOW

 21:15:35  jepcke  Now I'm teal

 21:15:47  Cathyjo  i was in Alec class tonight w/ Sharon as an audience member

 21:15:54  sendkathy  How was it?

 21:16:02  sendkathy  How did it go?

 21:16:03  cheryloakes wow2  how was it cathyjo?

 21:16:11  Cathyjo  trying pink

 21:16:12  PeggyG  http://ustream.tv/channel/open-thinking

 21:16:25  Cathyjo  She rep women in edtech and the blogosphere superbly

 21:16:36  cheryloakes wow2  welcome to CarolAnne

 21:16:50  Cathyjo  darker pink?

 21:16:55  Cathyjo  check

 21:17:39  CheriT  Peggy - is that the URL where Sharon is?

 21:17:48  mmiller  Alyson fake laughs when you guys laugh pretty funny she is watching Hannah Montana sort of

 21:17:58  cheryloakes wow2  just saw I was skipping in the stream, sorry folks.

 21:18:10  PeggyG  Yes-Sharon's ustream

 21:18:10  cheryloakes wow2  Alyson, you are too cute!!

 21:18:19  CheriT  thanks Peggy

 21:18:25  sendkathy  Hannah Montana, my kindergarten class (girls) talk of nothing else

 21:18:40  PeggyG  I see some multi-taskers there :-)

 21:19:01  sendkathy  Yes, I have Sharon open but can't listen at the same time!

 21:19:41  PeggyG  Melinda-so sorry I missed you last week--found your wikispaces and requested to join tonight

 21:19:46  Jennifer Wagner  www.rockourworld.org

 21:20:21  mmiller  you don't  have to join just add whatever, that  would be GREAT

 21:21:04  sendkathy  Carol is soooo creative!

 21:21:17  sendkathy  I love this idea

 21:21:23  PeggyG  Thanks! I already started adding to it.

 21:22:01  PeggyG  stream keeps rebuffering on iTunes-is it better somewhere else?

 21:22:15  cheryloakes wow2  no peggy, it is skipping here too.

 21:22:26  cheryloakes wow2  not sure what i can do, it didn't skip last week

 21:22:35  cheryloakes wow2   but it is tonight

 21:22:38  PeggyG  I don't want to miss anything!

 21:22:38  mmiller  the more the merrier please add to my wiki for my conference next month http://maespinternetcafe.wikispaces.com/

 21:23:13  PeggyG  interesting thing is once it rebuffers it picks right up where it left off

 21:23:26  cheryloakes wow2  that is interesting,

 21:23:35  cheryloakes wow2  the podcast will be uninterrupted

 21:23:51  cheryloakes wow2  I wonder if it is the delay that I am seeing on the web today.

 21:24:01  PeggyG  I am so grateful that you podcast all of your shows!! They're worth hearing more than once!

 21:24:11  Cathyjo  its the priaries fault : 0

 21:24:17  Cathyjo  primaries

 21:24:28  cheryloakes wow2  thanks Peggy, glad you like the podcast

 21:25:46  Jennifer Wagner  so -- she brings a LION CUB into class -- you won't believe this!!!!

 21:26:10  sendkathy  I love it!

 21:26:52  PeggyG  I think it's the multitaskers... :-) They're talking about wow in the chatroom on ustream--they're having some streaming problems too

 21:27:21  cheryloakes wow2  oh, interesting maybe it is the internet tonight.

 21:27:34  cheryloakes wow2  I am going to stop the stream in a bit and restart, hang tight.

 21:28:00  shoemap  All is fine using realplayer

 21:28:06  cheryloakes wow2  after this story

 21:28:24  cheryloakes wow2  really Pam, I show that I am skipping in the stream

 21:28:51  shoemap  after I said that, it started skipping!

 21:28:52  PeggyG  Changed to RealPlayer--so far so good :-)

 21:28:55  shoemap  Not bad, though

 21:29:16  jepcke  @shoemap My realplayer keeps rebuffering

 21:29:48  rhoewing  realplayer is working fine for me

 21:30:02  Jennifer Wagner  we should have SUPERBOWL COMMERCIALS

 21:30:07  PeggyG  I'll bet Carole's kids love her class!

 21:30:09  sendkathy  Can you imagine bringing a lion cub into the classroom?  It makes me think anything is possible

 21:30:12  Jennifer Wagner  while we wait for Cheryl

 21:30:27  sendkathy  I need to think bigger, and WILDER!

 21:30:30  shoemap  Cheryl is so cool when there are issues...  awesome!

 21:30:30  rocker7  Anything IS possible!

 21:30:39  mmiller  real player is working better

 21:30:43  PeggyG  Absolutely!!

 21:30:56  jepcke  Cheryl you are coming in loud and clear

 21:31:00  rocker7  teachers just need to never give up!... and remember what brought them into teaching in the first place

 21:31:14  shoemap  @rocer7 -Agreed!

 21:31:27  rocker7  there's enough bad stuff out there--our classrooms should be our refuge

 21:31:47  Jennifer Wagner  and we are back

 21:31:50  PeggyG  Now that is dedication! What inspiring teaching!

 21:32:00  cheryloakes wow2  Hello, we are back, looks like I am not rebuffering.

 21:32:03  jepcke  Yeah Cheryl. Sounds great

 21:32:16  cheryloakes wow2  For any webcasters I needed to up my CPU usage to most!

 21:32:23  cheryloakes wow2  thanks jepcke

 21:32:23  PeggyG  Sound is coming in great on RealPlayer for me

 21:32:37  cheryloakes wow2  okay, it was worth the little break.

 21:33:32  cheryloakes wow2  isn't Carol Anne amazing???

 21:33:37  PeggyG  What fantastic learning experiences for her visually impaired students!

 21:33:59  cheryloakes wow2  hi durff

 21:34:07  cheryloakes wow2   his lisa, linda, welcome

 21:34:10  lparisi  Hi ladies

 21:34:11  PeggyG  OMG! I can't imagine having all those animals in a classroom!

 21:34:13  jepcke  It's great she ahs such a supportive school. I have worked places that would say "nope, too many allergies"

 21:34:16  sendkathy  Hi Durff

 21:34:17  Durff  beat ya nitsche

 21:34:23  Durff  hi cheryl

 21:34:25  sendkathy  You are in tow places at one time

 21:34:33  Durff  hi kathy

 21:34:38  sendkathy  Hi!

 21:34:45  tkidd132  Hello Every one

 21:34:53  Durff  hi kidd - hows the computer lab

 21:35:02  LindaNitsche  @duff Too quick for me!

 21:35:02  Durff  hi kristin

 21:35:04  PeggyG  Sounds like the "Secret" principles--ask, believe, receive!!

 21:35:06  Jennifer Wagner  Hello everyone who just entered into the ROOM

 21:35:11  lparisi  Hi Jen

 21:35:12  Durff  i told you to run

 21:35:14  sendkathy  Carol is amazing because she thinks anything is possible

 21:35:17  lparisi  I ran

 21:35:18  Jennifer Wagner  just kinda stunned that she asks for stuff and she gets it  :)

 21:35:18  khokanson  durff you getting wirelss now in Hershey?

 21:35:18  tkidd132  @Durff Its actually going good...but had some Wireless problems today...

 21:35:25  Durff  hi parisi

 21:35:30  PeggyG  She's proving that it is!

 21:35:32  Jennifer Wagner  teaching us that we just have to ASK

 21:35:33  tkidd132  @Durff Crazy day today

 21:35:37  sendkathy  I know it!

 21:35:37  cheryloakes wow2  Hi to all, glad you are here. The podcast will be great

 21:35:39  Jennifer Wagner  the worst they can say is NO

 21:35:45  Durff  kidd did you meet the challenge?

 21:35:46  Jennifer Wagner  which is where you are already  :)

 21:35:47  tkidd132  Hello Jen

 21:35:49  LindaNitsche  @Durff everyone left - good bandwidth?

 21:35:56  Jennifer Wagner  Hello Tyrone!!  :)  good to see you

 21:36:06  tkidd132  Durff...Srry..But...what Challenge?

 21:36:13  Durff  much better nitsche

 21:36:16  tkidd132  Yes Good to see you too Jen

 21:36:24  Durff  gates and i agreed

 21:36:29  Jennifer Wagner  do you have SNOW in Philadelphia??

 21:36:44  tkidd132  YES!....And its Icy...

 21:36:47  Durff  we should have had you all leave earlier

 21:36:53  Durff  sound left

 21:36:54  tkidd132  I hope there is no school tomorrow

 21:36:55  Jennifer Wagner  which means  ????

 21:36:57  cheryloakes wow2  be careful out there with the driving

 21:36:57  khokanson  beTERRIBLE weather Jenn

 21:37:00  Jennifer Wagner  icy??

 21:37:04  khokanson  tons of schools let out early

 21:37:09  lparisi  icy here jen

 21:37:09  tkidd132  Hey kristin

 21:37:20  khokanson  took me 3 1/2 hours to go 70 miles

 21:37:27  tkidd132  Not mine Kristin

 21:37:30  Durff  i'll refesh - ,may kick me out of chat

 21:37:33  lparisi  i saw kristin

 21:37:33  shoemap  Michigan is also icy & snowy

 21:37:34  cheryloakes wow2  kristin we are getting the storm tonight and tomorrow

 21:37:37  mmiller  you must be getting the ice from Missouri from Monday

 21:37:41  khokanson  anyonelse having choppy audio tonight?

 21:37:44  lparisi  skiing cheryl?

 21:37:47  lparisi  yes

 21:37:48  tkidd132  Me!

 21:37:53  PeggyG  yes, pretty choppy audio!

 21:37:55  khokanson  sigh

 21:37:56  mmiller  yes choppy audio

 21:37:57  tkidd132  I never get audio here....

 21:38:00  cheryloakes wow2  yes, the skiing will be great, we have vacation next week, Lisa

 21:38:00  lparisi  no sound right now

 21:38:00  tkidd132  pretty odd

 21:38:04  LindaNitsche  @JEN yes, snow, sleet, freezing rain

 21:38:08  Durff  i'm still here

 21:38:12  lparisi  we do too cheryl

 21:38:13  Durff  hi pam

 21:38:15  lparisi  hi susan

 21:38:17  khokanson  how come all of a sudden choppy...last couble of weeks

 21:38:19  tkidd132  Hi pam

 21:38:21  cheryloakes wow2  I thought I made a good change and the audio would stream, now I really think it is the internet

 21:38:21  susanvg  Hi Lisa

 21:38:23  lparisi  hi pam

 21:38:25  shoemap  Hi everyone

 21:38:28  tkidd132  Idk

 21:38:30  mmiller  been out of school 3 days tomorrow for ice

 21:38:31  sendkathy  Skiing! poor Cheryl keeping the stream even is like trying to ride a mechanical bull tonight

 21:38:35  tkidd132  HEllo Shoemap

 21:38:37  susanvg  I've been listening but the sound is very bad

 21:38:39  cheryloakes wow2  Not sure Kristin why choppy.

 21:38:40  lparisi  haven't had a snow day yet

 21:38:41  JamesS  I had ice in MO and choppy audio, too

 21:38:42  shoemap  @Cheryl - I agree think it is the internet\

 21:38:45  lparisi  don't want one

 21:38:50  tkidd132  Hey Susan

 21:38:53  PeggyG  I missed what she started this story with--an avid Mac user--was the laptop she received a PC?

 21:38:54  cheryloakes wow2  Right Kathy, my seatbelt is on.

 21:38:57  mmiller  has to be internet tried itunes and real player

 21:39:00  sendkathy  LOL

 21:39:07  cheryloakes wow2  peggy, she uses pc's

 21:39:12  Jennifer Wagner  no Peggy -- she is a PC user and she was given a MAC

 21:39:13  jeffmason  I thought it was just my connection lagging

 21:39:16  PeggyG  OK thanks

 21:39:17  tkidd132  My sound....my sound

 21:39:23  cheryloakes wow2  glad you stick around through the buffering

 21:39:23  Jennifer Wagner  but her Husband is a MAC user

 21:39:25  Durff  miller quicktime?

 21:39:43  PeggyG  That's the part I heard :-)  Is that hearing what you want to hear??? :-)

 21:39:44  cheryloakes wow2  The podcast will be without the chopping sounds

 21:40:13  tkidd132  Hello JamesS

 21:40:18  PeggyG  Her teaching philosophy is fantastic!

 21:40:19  Jennifer Wagner  Welcome James

 21:40:27  jeffmason  I've got a Mac What's a PC?:)

 21:40:33  lparisi  ha ha

 21:40:37  Jennifer Wagner  Welcome Carolyn

 21:40:38  jepcke  Carol is very inspiring to her students and to adults. No fear!

 21:40:40  lparisi  hi carolyn

 21:40:46  Durff  learn together

 21:40:48  LindaNitsche  Hi Carolyn

 21:40:50  tkidd132  http://msresourcenetwork.edublogs.org/

 21:41:11  mmiller  @durff okay I'll try realitime:):):) now

 21:41:14  Durff  blind students edit audio

 21:41:19  tkidd132  hahaha

 21:41:31  Durff  quicktime miller

 21:41:38  cheryloakes wow2  isn't that amazing Durff, Carol Anne is an amazing teacher

 21:41:47  PeggyG  It would be awesome to see a video of Carol Anne working with her students!

 21:41:57  Durff  it would

 21:42:13  sendkathy  It would wouldnt it

 21:42:18  PeggyG  clap clap!!!!!

 21:42:24  Jennifer Wagner  I believe that there is one

 21:42:33  Jennifer Wagner  she showed it at the Google Academy -- so there has to be

 21:42:34  cheryloakes wow2  yahoo, go CarolAnne

 21:42:38  sendkathy  Yes, how does she operate in the classroom, must be so in tune with every little thing

 21:42:44  tkidd132  Hey Everyone someone posted a blog post on me on Feb 5 about me and Arthus.....

 21:42:46  LindaNitsche  My head is shaking in disbelief

 21:42:48  Jennifer Wagner  any questions form the toom??

 21:42:54  sendkathy  There is a youtube on Carol

 21:42:55  jeffmason  kudos CarolAnne

 21:42:57  Durff  i think we all share the same opinion of her admins

 21:43:01  tkidd132  It was a very interesting post

 21:43:13  mmiller  @durff that didn't work :):):)

 21:43:15  PeggyG  link please :-)

 21:43:18  LindaNitsche  Amazing- keep up what you know is right!

 21:43:31  jepcke  Pathetic her principal won't acknowledge her reward.

 21:43:35  LindaNitsche  Passion, commitment- your mission

 21:43:37  alicebarr  It's all about finding your passion!

 21:43:40  cheryloakes wow2  absolutely, keep going and sharing

 21:43:42  Durff  mmiller then try realplayer

 21:43:57  Durff  and kick it

 21:44:02  Durff  might help

 21:44:04  PeggyG  Yes, very sad to hear!! It doesn't seem to get her down though!

 21:44:08  Jennifer Wagner  Asking KATHY to drop the YOUTUBE link again

 21:44:08  jepcke  realplayer not great for me...choppy

 21:44:13  jeffmason  coolcattteacher blogpost today about your acceptance in you r own backyard

 21:44:20  cheryloakes wow2  sorry for the audio skipping tonight, can't find out why it is happening

 21:44:21  tkidd132  G'night everyone....Srry g2g...Need to finish a project..

 21:44:27  mmiller  @durff LOL I am to the kicking point now

 21:44:29  Jennifer Wagner  Night Tyrone

 21:44:32  Jennifer Wagner  good to see you!!

 21:44:34  jepcke  Vicki si always so timey with her blogposts

 21:44:35  Durff  bye kidd

 21:44:35  sendkathy  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUv4UiYJsng

 21:44:44  tkidd132  Night Jen

 21:44:46  tkidd132  Durff

 21:44:57  PeggyG  It's always hard to be considered an "expert" by the people you work with every day! Wish it weren't that way!

 21:45:00  cheryloakes wow2  Melinda, hang on, just have this inspire you to keep pushing on.

 21:45:29  Durff  media player miller?

 21:46:05  PeggyG  It's a lot like teachers who don't want to give awards to kids because they don't want anyone to feel inferior. Ugh! :-(

 21:46:08  mmiller  @durff I am about to drive to their house to hear them because I am missing all the good stuff

 21:46:21  Durff  my admins mistakenly think i am an expert

 21:46:25  jeffmason  experts have to come from at least 50 miles outside your district;)

 21:46:45  cheryloakes wow2  Jeff isn't that the truth, why does that continue?

 21:46:51  Durff  mmiller it will be on the podcast

 21:46:57  PeggyG  She is definitely someone I want to keep track of!!

 21:47:02  jepcke  That's what's cool about twitter. You have access to all those experts from around he globe.

 21:47:16  Durff  my audio keeps stopping

 21:47:19  mmiller  I know  I am just getting a kick out of this

 21:47:19  alicebarr  Carol Anne are you on twitter?

 21:47:29  Durff  so i turn it off and on

 21:47:31  susanvg  audio is very choppy

 21:47:37  Cathy E  I want to email your principal and tell her how wonderful you are

 21:47:39  PeggyG  Yes, Twitter is such a wonderful gift and such incredible professional growth

 21:47:48  LindaNitsche  @cheryl Perhaps because they don't value learning over their own sense of success

 21:48:03  cheryloakes wow2  good point

 21:48:13  mmiller  mine says rebuffering in itunes all the time

 21:48:25  cheryloakes wow2  mine is rebuffering here too

 21:48:34  jeffmason  @cheryloakes I guess you have to admit certain things when you aknowledge experts around you

 21:48:39  PeggyG  it keeps reloading on RealPlayer too--just internet issues tonight

 21:48:41  LindaNitsche  Learning is what comes packaged and ready to present for other to view and admire

 21:49:01  Jennifer Wagner  wowow -- is anyone else stunned about her journey??

 21:49:02  Durff  learning packaged?

 21:49:13  Jennifer Wagner  just clapping and so pleased!!

 21:49:18  Durff  learning is messy

 21:49:24  Durff  not that neat

 21:49:29  Jennifer Wagner  learning is magnificient

 21:49:33  cheryloakes wow2  good point about experts in your midst

 21:49:43  Durff  nor packaged

 21:49:52  LindaNitsche  @Durff referring to how some teachers view their own sense of what learning is- the end goal so to speak

 21:50:01  PeggyG  Absolutely stunned! I just keep smiling as I listen to her and want to clap and cheer. What a fantastic role model.

 21:50:32  PeggyG  She not only has great, inspired ideas but she IMPLEMENTS them!

 21:50:33  Durff  ah - so we expect too much of ourselves

 21:50:38  jeffmason  she is a perpetual motion machine

 21:50:40  Durff  with that i agree

 21:50:44  sendkathy  Moodle link from Rock our wORLD

 21:50:46  rocker7  www.discoveryeducatorabroad.com/rockourworld

 21:51:00  Durff  we do value products over process

 21:51:10  Durff  sad and too true

 21:51:18  cfoote  sorry all, i'll have to catch up on the podcast!  Distracted by obama!

 21:51:18  toni  has the stream finished or can I just not see it

 21:51:25  Jennifer Wagner  http://discoveryeducatorabroad.com/rockourworld/

 21:51:42  toni  has the stream finished or can i just not see it

 21:51:53  cheryloakes wow2  steam is still here

 21:52:06  Durff  toni - not in ustream

 21:52:12  cheryloakes wow2  stream is here but skipping.

 21:52:21  Durff  click on black icon next to ETT A

 21:52:33  PeggyG  Obama will be there after we are done :-)

 21:52:57  Durff  priorities

 21:53:14  PeggyG  tee hee :-)

 21:53:49  PeggyG  Do other teachers in her school work with her students and accept them as their own?

 21:54:18  PeggyG  Is her program self-contained or resource?

 21:54:30  Jennifer Wagner  Rocker 7 -- do you see Peggy's question??

 21:54:41  PeggyG  She's answering my question now! Awesome!

 21:54:48  Jennifer Wagner  thank you Peggy

 21:54:51  cheryloakes wow2  she is great

 21:55:51  Durff  chocolate and coffee!

 21:55:59  Durff  yes indeed

 21:56:09  PeggyG  I'm thrilled to hear about her resource model! It is great for everyone!

 21:56:34  sendkathy   She has so much to say, she needs to write a book

 21:57:32  PeggyG  Yes a book would be awesome. I'm sure her creativeness and passion and enthusiasm would come through!

 21:57:53  Durff  web 2.0 tools open up a whole new world for the labelled & ostracized learner

 21:58:04  cheryloakes wow2  yeah, carol will be at necc and cue!

 21:59:00  Durff  anyone paying for me to go?

 21:59:02  PeggyG  I used to be a principal in a school for hearing impaired students and had a similar model and it was so important to the students who participated in many mainstream classes in a public school.

 21:59:09  Jennifer Wagner  If you are at CUE or NECC -- you MUST go up and tell Carol Anne -- HELLO, I heard you on CUE

 21:59:12  Jennifer Wagner  on WOW2

 21:59:13  Jennifer Wagner  :)

 21:59:16  Jennifer Wagner  or CUE  LOL

 21:59:29  Jennifer Wagner  she wants to start a digital school

 21:59:34  Durff  or both

 21:59:36  Jennifer Wagner  you can send you applications to Carol Anne  :)

 21:59:53  Jennifer Wagner  I am sending mine in now  :)

 21:59:58  Durff  i want to go to her school when i grow up

 22:00:01  PeggyG  Will the digital school be for visually impaired students or all?

 22:00:09  cheryloakes wow2  durff, me too!

 22:00:11  LindaNitsche  :D

 22:00:18  Durff  i am plain impaired

 22:00:38  sendkathy  What a vision

 22:00:52  PeggyG  Boo!!! I can't hear what she's saying :-(

 22:01:00  Durff  someone kick that audio

 22:01:20  cheryloakes wow2  here ,here , the podcast will be up tomorrow.

 22:01:27  Durff  stream is gone

 22:01:39  cheryloakes wow2  thanks durk

 22:01:42  PeggyG  oh thank you! I really want to hear everything!

 22:01:42  cheryloakes wow2  durff

 22:01:44  sendkathy  ahhh she is still talking about her vision for digital school

 22:01:47  Jennifer Wagner  we lost sound??

 22:01:51  Jennifer Wagner  really??

 22:01:56  Jennifer Wagner  well join us next week

 22:01:58  cheryloakes wow2  okay, ready to wind down

 22:02:07  Durff  we did so we have to improvise

 22:02:07  sendkathy  she wants teachers from all around the world to teache kids everywhere

 22:02:10  sendkathy  virtually

 22:02:12  PeggyG  Will her digital school be a place where teachers can come and learn?

 22:02:14  Durff  jen you sing

 22:02:18  sendkathy  the best of the best best accessible to all

 22:02:35  Jennifer Wagner  SING??

 22:02:36  sendkathy  I imagine so,

 22:02:39  Durff  i want to attend her school

 22:02:41  sendkathy  she is signing off

 22:02:49  PeggyG  sounds back

 22:02:58  Jennifer Wagner  Peggy -- did you hear her school will be for ALL??

 22:03:02  Durff  is there a section for brain impairments?

 22:03:04  jeffmason  g2g thanks to all g'night

 22:03:06  sendkathy  yes

 22:03:07  PeggyG  no I didn't

 22:03:13  LindaNitsche  @PeggyG The teachers who come will be the ones who want to learn

 22:03:14  Jennifer Wagner  yes, I thought you might have missed that

 22:03:16  Jennifer Wagner  :)

 22:04:06  PeggyG  Isn't technology grand?? Even though the stream was poor we'll get to hear it all tomorrow! Love it!

 22:04:08  Durff  i give up on live soundm- will wait for the podcast

 22:04:15  sendkathy  she meansso true

 22:04:48  cheryloakes wow2  if you are here in the chat, CathyE and I are going to stick around and trouble shoot,

 22:04:53  Durff  what a way to spend an evening stuck in hershey

 22:04:57  PeggyG  Best of luck to you Carol Anne!! I'm very interested in your vision!!!! Start that school!

 22:05:04  cheryloakes wow2  do you have chocolate?

 22:05:09  Durff  coffee, choc cake, and a WOW2.o

 22:05:10  PeggyG  Thank you!!!

 22:05:17  LindaNitsche  @Durff Enjoy the chocolate and coffee!

 22:05:17  cheryloakes wow2  what an evening

 22:05:17  Durff  i do cheryl

 22:05:19  Jennifer Wagner  any cabs???

 22:05:27  Durff  i did nitsche

 22:05:39  Durff  now time for the hot cocoa

 22:05:53  cheryloakes wow2  yummy hot chocolate

 22:05:58  Durff  longing for home though

 22:06:28  Durff  principal says it was icing there so i'll wait until tomorrow

 22:07:00  LindaNitsche  @Durff Sit by that amazing fireplace

 22:07:18  cheryloakes wow2  going into trouble shoot mode.

 22:07:23  Durff  i did earlier to check rss

 22:07:29  PeggyG  happy to stick around

 22:07:29  alicebarr  Need help?

 22:07:38  Durff  it was grand

 22:07:52  Durff  ttyl folks!

 22:08:04  PeggyG  tell us how you're trouble shooting--very interested

 22:08:14  LindaNitsche  sound it good!

 22:08:16  alicebarr  Now you are fine

 22:08:24  LindaNitsche  sounds great now

 22:08:44  PeggyG  getting sound now on RealPlayer

 22:08:56  alicebarr  It must have been the call

 22:09:18  PeggyG  This is the best sound of the evening

 22:09:30  cheryloakes wow2  thanks for the help

 22:09:34  alicebarr  Try calling Jen again?

 22:09:37  PeggyG  @alicebarr--I'll bet you're right about the call

 22:09:58  alicebarr  @PeggyG It is perfect right now!

 22:10:13  PeggyG  It sure is perfect

 22:10:17  cheryloakes wow2  both sides going

 22:10:27  PeggyG  so far no dropping and even louder audio

 22:10:54  LindaNitsche  Nothing here

 22:11:07  PeggyG  nothing here

 22:11:24  cheryloakes wow2  no sound?

 22:11:26  LindaNitsche  background sounds

 22:11:38  cheryloakes wow2  no voice?

 22:11:43  LindaNitsche  no voice

 22:11:53  PeggyG  nothing--no audio at all

 22:12:27  alicebarr  I hear you

 22:12:35  alicebarr  They need to reload the stream

 22:12:36  cheryloakes wow2  can you hear cathy

 22:12:50  leebaber  cheryloakes

 22:12:54  leebaber  alcie barr

 22:12:55  leebaber  hi

 22:12:57  cheryloakes wow2  hello

 22:12:58  alicebarr  I hear both of you. The itunes version had a silly stream take over

 22:13:04  cheryloakes wow2  lee we are troubleshooting

 22:13:13  leebaber  what are you troubleshooting

 22:13:15  PeggyG  realplayer is reloading but very slowly--still no audio for me

 22:13:16  alicebarr  If stream reloaded ten it works?

 22:13:18  alicebarr  Hi lee

 22:13:28  cheryloakes wow2  my stream kept skipping tonight

 22:13:44  alicebarr  I ear both of you just fine

 22:13:51  cheryloakes wow2  i've lowered  my bitrate, my sample rate and seem to not be skipping now.

 22:13:57  cheryloakes wow2  thanks alice and lee

 22:14:10  PeggyG  now I have audio on iTunes but realplayer is still loading

 22:15:09  PeggyG  this sound is good now on iTunes

 22:15:25  cheryloakes wow2  thanks for helping and sticking around.

 22:15:51  cheryloakes wow2  calling it a night

 22:16:02  LindaNitsche  Night all!

 22:16:08  PeggyG  Good night! Fantastic guest!!!

 22:16:11  alicebarr  Night Linda!


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