Women of Web 2.0, Show #60

Hello and welcome. This show is our 60th show.We invited Scott Rigsby to join us. He is a motivational speaker and you will enjoy and stay on the edge of your seat throughout. I've never seen the chat room so quiet and enthralled. Thanks Scott for a great show, thanks to the chat room too! Plus thanks for sticking with us with the interruptions on the stream. Not sure what was happening, but we kept plugging away and the whole hour is recorded for your listening enjoyment.

The Chat!

 20:00:02  dougsymington   just kidding :)

 20:00:08  sendkathy   HAHA

 20:00:23  cindy p   my boys do that

 20:00:29  Durff graduate of 2017   url for pictochat?

 20:00:41  cindy p   it's part of nintendo ds software

 20:01:20  dougsymington   Art, there you go again

 20:01:25  cindy p   try gogofrog.com

 20:01:26  dougsymington   font of knowledge over there

 20:01:56  Linda J   community unit

 20:02:22  Linda J   guess we are kin

 20:02:25  sendkathy   Elem educators would use the space on the whiteboard

 20:02:29  Durff graduate of 2017   read James Paul Gee

 20:02:32  sendkathy   to allow children to explore

 20:02:37  Durff graduate of 2017   then you will know Art

 20:02:37  sendkathy   engage

 20:02:43  sendkathy   and take things apart

 20:02:46  cindy p   museum style piece

 20:02:58  sendkathy   ecosystems

 20:03:00  dougsymington   mathematics principles too--being able to walk in and around shapes and such

 20:03:05  arthus   see Paris :)

 20:03:07  sendkathy   finding things like in I SPY but three D

 20:03:16  sendkathy   Yes

 20:03:55  Durff graduate of 2017   mmm-the virtual world as the textbook

 20:04:12  arthus   what if you have a computer in the virtual world?

 20:04:17  arthus   and then play SL in that..

 20:04:20  sendkathy   yeah what if?

 20:04:26  sendkathy   wow

 20:04:27  arthus   and then get on the computer in there

 20:04:27  Durff graduate of 2017   could you?

 20:04:29  arthus   etc.

 20:04:38  sendkathy   very deeeep

 20:04:51  mariak   @arthus - that sounds like an infinity concept

 20:04:57  arthus   it is

 20:05:09  Durff graduate of 2017   i'm calling a cab

 20:05:09  arthus   actually, not it's not

 20:05:14  dougsymington   one company, may be NetG is already doing computer labs in SL

 20:05:19  sendkathy   Ladies and gents, must go, see you all back here at 9!  Fun times, thx.  What learning isn't distracting?

 20:05:24  dgoodman_1958   yes cathy i agree

 20:05:25  cindy p   AMEN Cathy!

 20:05:26  sendkathy   bye, cya later

 20:05:27  arthus   because eventually your SL character would run out of lenonsa

 20:05:29  mariak   I used to love to set up mirrors so i could search for infinity

 20:05:36  dougsymington   bye Kathy

 20:05:37  Durff graduate of 2017   kathy! loved seeing you!!

 20:05:53  arthus   I saw infinity the other day

 20:05:58  Durff graduate of 2017   maria did you ever find it?

 20:06:01  arthus   then I looked further

 20:06:08  dgoodman_1958   and their audience would be the world

 20:06:11  Linda J   Thank you everyone!  Great Show!!!!

 20:06:14  Durff graduate of 2017   where arthus? at educon?

 20:06:16  mariak   I'm getting closer to infinity - way closer than when I was younger!

 20:06:39  Durff graduate of 2017   i'm 12

 20:06:41  arthus   nope, in binary

 20:06:50  arthus   I'm 3.14

 20:07:14  Durff graduate of 2017   ok that's too deep for me - taking a cab outta here

 20:07:17  mariak   here's a primary grade level wiki I started http://100thday.wetpaint.com/  maybe some classrooms would want to participate

 20:07:45  dougsymington   @Durff I'm guessing that cab budget is a big one!

 20:07:54  Durff graduate of 2017   our 100th day was Monday

 20:08:05  arthus   mine would be Spartan

 20:08:09  Durff graduate of 2017   @Doug maria is paying

 20:08:12  arthus   a single white desk

 20:08:16  arthus   a stool

 20:08:17  dougsymington   excellent

 20:08:20  arthus   and an iMac

 20:08:23  mariak   @durff - no problem - this is more about the concept of counting to 100

 20:08:40  mariak   @durff - I',m walking

 20:08:42  Durff graduate of 2017   i'll share it maria

 20:09:25  arthus   sneak peak: I might be starting my own regular show soon

 20:09:37  Durff graduate of 2017   good

 20:09:39  arthus   also, I'm going to be webcasting on Super Tuesday

 20:09:45  Durff graduate of 2017   'bout time

 20:09:54  dougsymington   indeed

 20:10:11  Durff graduate of 2017   auf Deutsch-doch

 20:10:21  dgoodman_1958   more formative assessments - project based learning - testing now is on fragmented learning

 20:10:44  arthus   define "actual experience"

 20:10:48  Diane Brown   recall learning...no application of critical thinking skills

 20:11:02  dgoodman_1958   too much time on this

 20:11:13  arthus   is an experience in SL "actual"

 20:11:15  Durff graduate of 2017   i don't think it passes the test arthus

 20:11:33  arthus   darn

 20:11:43  Durff graduate of 2017   actual experience is really contrived

 20:11:50  Durff graduate of 2017   it has to be

 20:11:58  Durff graduate of 2017   school is contrived

 20:12:26  Durff graduate of 2017   SL is not contrived enough

 20:12:52  Durff graduate of 2017   oh my! it is 8:12!! I gotta go

 20:13:07  mariak   bye lisa - call a cab!

 20:13:31  Durff graduate of 2017   i'll not log out - just go fill the coffee

 20:13:41  arthus   we lost him

 20:13:43  cindy p   losing sound...

 20:13:46  dgoodman_1958   we need to involve parents more in the classroom so they see how much learning goes on

 20:13:56  arthus   Durff, what's up for WOW tonight?

 20:14:41  lthompson   Test drives everything

 20:14:45  mariak   Parents think the scores are measuring what their children are learning and how well the school is doing!

 20:14:46  arthus   the scary thing: when it gets down to actual school work, I end up being like just every student

 20:15:02  arthus   (cramming for the test, non-understanding based testing)

 20:15:20  mariak   Teacher need to find their voice and stand up for what is right for children

 20:15:34  dgoodman_1958   yes we do maria

 20:15:45  mariak   a march on washington is what we need!

 20:15:48  cindy p   but we need to be singing the same song!

 20:15:54  lthompson   Thanks this was great

 20:15:57  Diane b   sounds great

 20:16:08  cindy p   great show tonight Cathy!

 20:16:10  dgoodman_1958   will see you on Thursday evening

 20:16:12  mariak   think of what that would do -if all the teachers across the country organized and marched

 20:16:20  mariak   to wahington

 20:16:23  sheila   I have a big list of things to check out! Thank you!

 20:16:24  dgoodman_1958   sorry I missed first half but will tune in Thursday evening

 20:16:26  cindy p   what an awesome thought

 20:17:49  Bill L   Thank you all

 20:17:50  mariak   Is there a web address for cris?

 20:18:30  dgoodman_1958   thanks cathy

 20:20:09  cindy p   I know you're doing great! 

 20:20:40  cindy p   NCWise isn't that bad

 20:20:49  Diane b   I love NCWise

 20:21:03  cindy p   It will actually move smoother than you might expect

 20:21:12  cindy p   Yes Cris should!

 20:26:13  Durff - a cabgirl   how's this maria?

 20:26:26  mariak   that is what i was thinkging

 20:26:40  Durff - a cabgirl   well beat ya

 20:26:41  mariak   I could be walking girl

 20:26:55  mariak   or walker

 20:26:56  Durff - a cabgirl   truw

 20:26:59  Durff - a cabgirl   true

 20:27:12  mariak   I have to be ready for the grand canyon by the end of april

 20:27:41  Durff - a cabgirl   what's in the grand canyon?

 20:28:12  Durff - a cabgirl   oh know her she comes

 20:28:42  Durff - a cabgirl   told ya all

 20:29:12  Durff - a cabgirl   so what is in the grand canyon?

 20:29:24  MariaK -walker   the bottom!

 20:29:38  Durff - a cabgirl   i knonw that silly

 20:29:48  Durff - a cabgirl   also a blizzard

 20:29:56  Durff - a cabgirl   our principal is there

 20:30:04  MariaK -walker   going on archeology trip with deb during vacation

 20:30:28  Durff - a cabgirl   digging for bones

 20:30:56  Durff - a cabgirl   i gotta check email - be back in a cab

 20:34:14  Art Gelwicks   Mmmmm...Doritos.

 20:38:27  tkidd132   Hola Amigo's

 20:42:16  tkidd132   Is there anyone here

 20:42:35  tkidd132   I can't see no one's chat

 20:43:46  Vicki Davis   Hi everyone!

 20:43:58  tkidd132   Hello Viki Davis

 20:44:13  Vicki Davis   Yo @tkidd132 -- I'm so excited about the show tonight.

 20:44:24  tkidd132   Yes I am too

 20:44:49  tkidd132   How come no one is talkin

 20:44:53  Vicki Davis   I talked to Scott a moment a go and he's in California filming an inspirational movie.

 20:44:59  Vicki Davis   We're not quite streaming yet.

 20:45:13  tkidd132   Oh ok

 20:45:17  tkidd132   Thats why....oh ok

 20:45:18  tkidd132    Thanks

 20:45:36  tkidd132   Did you see Educon?

 20:45:41  tkidd132   It was Awsome!!!

 20:46:40  Art Gelwicks   Evening Vicki.

 20:46:54  Vicki Davis   Hi Art!  How are you.

 20:47:00  Vicki Davis   We're coming, Cheryl is getting hooked up.

 20:47:07  Vicki Davis   Does everyone know who we have on tonight?

 20:47:20  Art Gelwicks   Just peachy.  I just saw your tweet...cool guest.

 20:47:52  PeggyG   @Vicki Davis-I knew but I forgot--tell me :-)

 20:47:52  Vicki Davis   He graduated the year ahead of me, we went to school together.

 20:48:02  JenWagner   Hello Room!!!

 20:48:27  Vicki Davis   Scott Rigsby -- first double amputee in the world to complete an iron man.

 20:49:22  Vicki Davis   He is actually a year older than me - 38.

 20:49:27  Vicki Davis   It should be inspirational.

 20:49:56  PeggyG   Thanks! Now I remember and am looking forward to hearing from Scott.

 20:50:10  PeggyG   Sound is coming through great for me on iTunes

 20:51:31  Vicki Davis   Check the stream everyone.

 20:52:44  cindy p   Hi everyone!

 20:52:47  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   thanks for joining us, getting things ready

 20:53:51  PeggyG   I can only hear typing and Cheryl's voice so far

 20:54:04  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   thanks PEggy

 20:54:07  dougsymington   @Durff too funny re name -- you slay me

 20:54:30  Vicki Davis   We'll be right back.

 20:54:38  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   thanks peggy, hidden windos

 20:54:41  Vicki Davis   Hi arthus -- what is the election news?

 20:54:56  Vicki Davis   Hi chrissy!

 20:55:10  nzchrissy   Hi everybody!, Hi Vicki

 20:55:11  arthus   hi Vicki

 20:55:18  PeggyG   OK :-)

 20:55:18  arthus   I'll be broadcasting Super Tuesday

 20:55:19  sendkathy   Hello to all of the usual suspects, long time no c

 20:55:35  dougsymington   not getting stream here

 20:55:40  dougsymington   will restart player

 20:55:56  PeggyG   Lots of new voices :-)

 20:56:06  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   great now all here

 20:56:28  jepcke   Happy Tuesday All!

 20:57:22  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   hello to all of you.

 20:57:23  PeggyG   Hi all! Great to hear you again. Been getting short clips from Jen and Sharon and Vicki at Edubloggercon :-)

 20:58:03  PeggyG   Welcome Scott! It's great to meet you!

 20:58:09  dougsymington   sounding good on stream

 20:58:19  Vicki Davis   We're about set to go.

 20:58:23  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   good evening susan e

 20:58:37  jepcke   Hi Matt, How's thee weather in Packerland?

 20:58:45  dougsymington   whoa 60 shows--well done

 20:58:47  SusanEttenheim   hi! getting ready for about 100 new students tomorrow but just wanted to stop by!

 20:58:49  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   evening Alice,

 20:58:58  Cathyjo   Hi folks!

 20:58:58  SusanEttenheim   I miss not being able to come lately

 20:59:01  alicebarr   evening

 20:59:03  SusanEttenheim   congrats on 60!!

 20:59:07  nzchrissy   Congratulations Team!! 60 shows wow!!

 20:59:08  SusanEttenheim   you sound great

 20:59:14  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   we miss you too Susan, but we understand

 20:59:16  sendkathy   The big 6-0

 20:59:23  dougsymington   don't sound a day over 29

 20:59:40  Cathyjo   we have an internal clock that says WOW WOW WOW

 20:59:46  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   any one using IE to be in the chat?

 20:59:55  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   That is great cathyjo

 20:59:56  SusanEttenheim   thats really really funny doug!

 20:59:57  ColleenK   I am.

 21:00:06  dougsymington   nope Flock here

 21:00:07  SusanEttenheim   firefox here

 21:00:09  Cathyjo   Hi @Colleeen!!

 21:00:18  Vicki Davis   @Cathyjo

 21:00:19  ColleenK   Hi Cathyjo!!!

 21:00:28  Cathyjo   FF here

 21:00:35  sheila   FF here

 21:00:38  PeggyG   Is everyone on jetlag from the conference? It sounded incredible and I sure wish I could have been there. Loved Cathy N's blog about it.

 21:00:45  schulzt   new to this- hanging out and watching- hoping to catch on

 21:00:46  JenWagner   Hello Room!!!

 21:00:49  dougsymington   sometimes Vista users have had to follow links on live page

 21:00:50  Cathyjo   9:00 and I still need to eat supper

 21:00:52  dougsymington   for java

 21:00:52  Cathyjo   growl

 21:00:58  dougsymington   for chat

 21:01:00  MariaK -walker   hello jen

 21:01:05  JenWagner   Hey Colleen -- I think I found your birthday!!!  :)

 21:01:08  matt montagne   hi all...from windy and cold Milwaukee, WI USA!

 21:01:10  SusanEttenheim   wow great audience here - even when fla returns are starting to come in... impressive!

 21:01:15  ColleenK   Hey Kagu-Maria!!!

 21:01:15  JenWagner   Hey MariaK --

 21:01:42  JenWagner   Maria -- did you read what Colleen said about you at my blog??  It was hysterical -- but very fun too

 21:01:46  SusanEttenheim   damp here in NYC but it was light at 5pm yeah!!!

 21:01:54  SusanEttenheim   goooo WOW!

 21:01:56  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   http://www.4teachers.org/

 21:02:00  JenWagner   Here is our TAG for tonight  -- wow2_20080129

 21:02:19  JenWagner   here is our del.icio.us link http://del.icio.us/WOW2.0

 21:02:24  tkidd132   Ok I am back ..

 21:02:32  JenWagner   TYRONE!!!  :)

 21:02:35  nzchrissy   My last show in the chat, back at work next week to start school year.  Will miss the chat dreadfully but will be able to hear the show

 21:02:39  JenWagner   I ate lunch with you!!!!

 21:02:41  Cathyjo   Thankyou @PeggyG

 21:02:48  tkidd132   Hello Jen

 21:02:50  JenWagner   Lets choose our COLORS -- first button on the LEFT

 21:02:59  tkidd132   Yes  you did

 21:03:00  JenWagner   I feel BLUE

 21:03:03  SusanEttenheim   fun

 21:03:05  Cathyjo   weird red

 21:03:06  jepcke   I've got dark green

 21:03:08  nzchrissy   Can I have this colour?

 21:03:12  matt montagne   green

 21:03:12  JenWagner   this blue

 21:03:16  SusanEttenheim   humm

 21:03:19  emapey   Hi all

 21:03:23  cindy p   hot pink

 21:03:24  Cathyjo   its cool @nzchrissy

 21:03:27  jepcke   Hi Ryan

 21:03:28  Art Gelwicks   I'm secure enough to have this color.

 21:03:30  SusanEttenheim   mellow color for me tonight

 21:03:35  ryanbretag   'ello :-)

 21:03:35  JenWagner   Hello RYAN and ARt and Susan

 21:03:40  CheriT   Hi everyone, from central Illinois

 21:03:41  nzchrissy   Way to go ArT!!

 21:03:41  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   http://maespinternetcafe.wikispaces.com/Classroom+Blogs

 21:03:42  jepcke   @Art LOL

 21:03:42  JenWagner   and cathyjo and cindy p and jepcke

 21:03:43  JenWagner   LOL

 21:03:44  SusanEttenheim   ohhh art

 21:03:46  JenWagner   and Cheri T

 21:03:47  Cathyjo   @ryanbretag did u have a red bull today?

 21:03:49  JenWagner   and susan e

 21:03:53  JenWagner   and and and

 21:03:54  schulzt   aqua- from Nashville

 21:03:55  JenWagner   EVERYONE!!!

 21:04:03  jepcke   WOOT WOOT Je

 21:04:04  tkidd132   Who is talking

 21:04:04  ryanbretag   @cathyjo two doubles ;-)

 21:04:08  cindy p   lots of ands tonight!

 21:04:11  ryanbretag   budget time hahahaha

 21:04:14  CheriT   Hi Jen

 21:04:15  SusanEttenheim   everyone tkidd

 21:04:16  Cathyjo   @ryan LOL

 21:04:21  Art Gelwicks   Conjunction junction, what's your function...

 21:04:23  SusanEttenheim   chery

 21:04:24  tkidd132   oh..

 21:04:27  SusanEttenheim   cheryl

 21:04:27  tkidd132   Hey sue

 21:04:32  matt montagne   ustream working??

 21:04:33  tkidd132   oh ok

 21:04:37  cindy p   can you drop the link in the chat

 21:04:39  Durff - a cabgirl   quiz time kidd

 21:04:39  SusanEttenheim   susan ;)\

 21:04:40  JenWagner   LOL -- nope Matt

 21:04:45  tkidd132   Hello Cheryl.....

 21:04:46  cindy p   duh...sorry

 21:04:47  Durff - a cabgirl   who do you think it is?

 21:04:48  matt montagne   ahh

 21:04:58  tkidd132   Cheryl

 21:04:59  SusanEttenheim   hi durff

 21:05:04  Durff - a cabgirl   right

 21:05:05  Vicki Davis   Oh I heard you had a great time!  Can everyone hear the stream?

 21:05:07  Durff - a cabgirl   hi susan

 21:05:08  CheriT   @Ryan B - our temp dropped 50 degrees today - it's on its way to you ... stay inside!!

 21:05:09  tkidd132   I thought it was kristin

 21:05:10  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   hi Hello tkidd132

 21:05:15  nzchrissy   Stream is lovely

 21:05:16  Durff - a cabgirl   Sharon was great!

 21:05:18  Art Gelwicks   Hey!  She's talking about us!

 21:05:19  tkidd132   Hello Sharron

 21:05:23  nzchrissy   and clear

 21:05:33  CheriT   Sharon, I watched and listened ... great preso

 21:05:35  Cathyjo   OFFTOPIC @Jen I have a new kitten named Willow grey tabby w/ remarkable black strips

 21:05:38  tkidd132   Hello Sharron

 21:05:39  JenWagner   http://www.kevin-jarrett.net/blog/

 21:05:43  ryanbretag   @CheriT it just hit! Yikes!

 21:05:43  jepcke   Ryan, did u make it to Educon?

 21:05:45  JenWagner   OHHH CathyJo

 21:05:48  JenWagner   excellent

 21:05:56  PeggyG   @Cathyjo--your blog post was so inspirational that I immediately sent it to my tech colleagues because we are beginning to plan our tech conference and I wanted them to see what we should aspire too--participants with your enthusiasm!

 21:05:56  ryanbretag   @jepcke yep

 21:05:58  CheriT   @Ryan - take cover :-)

 21:05:58  JenWagner   Welcome KHokanson and Schulzt

 21:06:04  tkidd132   Hey Ryan

 21:06:14  Art Gelwicks   I iz in u EduCon, redin yur tweets

 21:06:15  tkidd132   Hows it in Chicago

 21:06:17  ryanbretag   Hey @tkidd!

 21:06:18  Cathyjo   @peggy blushing thanks

 21:06:28  Cathyjo   hope it was typo free

 21:06:31  cathywo   @cathyjo, link to your blog post?

 21:06:31  tkidd132   My Twitter name is Tkidd132

 21:06:32  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   All of you educons thanks for posting and sharing.

 21:06:35  tkidd132   if you don't know

 21:06:37  jepcke   Chicago is cold, windy and getting worse

 21:06:45  Art Gelwicks   That's it folks!  Show us your twitters!

 21:06:45  Cathyjo   will try @cathywo

 21:06:46  cindy p   twitter- misstizzy

 21:06:46  ryanbretag   @tkidd It just dropped nearly 30 degree and snow is coming down!

 21:06:48  Art Gelwicks   :O

 21:06:55  tkidd132   Wow.....

 21:06:57  shoemap   My blog is called Yes Tech!  shoemap.edublogs.org; twitter shoemap

 21:06:58  khokanson   Hi guys

 21:06:59  tkidd132   Yes

 21:07:03  tkidd132   Meg is Awsome

 21:07:05  ryanbretag   @sharon Your daughter rocks!

 21:07:11  jepcke   twitter: jepcke

 21:07:14  Durff - a cabgirl   Meg is really well-spoken

 21:07:17  Art Gelwicks   Twitter >> ArtGelwicks  (Captain Creative, I know.)

 21:07:18  sharonp   thanks Ryan!

 21:07:24  Vicki Davis   @ryanbretag - Your blog is looking really amazing!!!

 21:07:39  sharonp   and Lisa! You folks were so kind to her

 21:07:40  dougsymington   @Art thought it was "rock star"

 21:07:44  ryanbretag   @Vicki Davis thank you!

 21:07:53  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   Hey cabgirl! glad you made it

 21:07:55  Cathyjo   http://technotuesday.edublogs.org/2008/01/28/are-they-real-or-virtual/

 21:07:56  tkidd132   like me

 21:07:57  Durff - a cabgirl   here we are Jen

 21:08:06  Art Gelwicks   HAH!  Keep saying it Doug...maybe it will stick.

 21:08:06  tkidd132   Hello

 21:08:13  Cathyjo   and CATHYJO

 21:08:15  JenWagner   http://teachweb2.wikispaces.com/

 21:08:23  cathywo   @cathyjo, thanks!

 21:08:35  jepcke   Hi Liz

 21:08:42  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   Lizbdavis, you made it off the stage!

 21:08:43  Art Gelwicks   Liz B's in da house!

 21:08:55  lizbdavis   Hi everyone got out of rehearsal early and ran home

 21:09:00  CheriT   @Jen - looks like a great wiki

 21:09:09  Vicki Davis   http://magazine.edublogs.org/

 21:09:09  JenWagner   thanks Cheri -- they are working hard on it

 21:09:29  tkidd132   yes i was Tired

 21:09:36  Cathyjo   So is Meg Peters joining us tonight @Sharon

 21:09:36  Durff - a cabgirl   we're waving back

 21:09:45  Art Gelwicks   Thank the Lord for Red Bull!

 21:09:52  Vicki Davis   http://coolcatteacher.blogspot.com/2008/01/how-would-you-use-cell-phones...

 21:09:53  Cathyjo   and IM IN IT!!

 21:09:53  Durff - a cabgirl   yuck

 21:10:02  PeggyG   Yes just today from your twitter :-) Fantastic!

 21:10:05  jepcke   Sugar Free Red Bull for me!

 21:10:08  sharonp   Meg is catching up on all her schoolwork she missed over the last few days - preso on Edgar Allen Poe tomorrow

 21:10:14  Durff - a cabgirl   Thank God for coffee

 21:10:22  Cathyjo   oh yes @sharon I saw that twitter

 21:10:29  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   Durff, pass a cup to me please:-)

 21:10:40  nzchrissy   Me too please Durff

 21:10:51  Cathyjo   @durff moi ausi

 21:10:54  Durff - a cabgirl   i better go make a big pot

 21:10:57  tkidd132   Sounds interesting

 21:11:02  tkidd132   Link...

 21:11:06  tkidd132   just joking

 21:11:06  Art Gelwicks   Cellphone enabled internet requires a redesign of most sites for a different UI interface.

 21:11:19  tkidd132   haha

 21:11:21  khokanson   @nzchrissy it is your morning...coffee would keep me up all night

 21:11:23  khokanson   :)

 21:11:32  sharonp   all you lucky ducks who use the Internet on your cell

 21:11:38  tkidd132   I would love some Coffee right now Kristin

 21:11:49  nzchrissy   It is wed afternoon for us Kristin.  Lovely sunshine and very hot

 21:12:01  Art Gelwicks   @sharon I would so go into withdrawl without it.

 21:12:03  sharonp   Kristin - were you pretty tired after the weekend?? YOu and Chris deserved a "snow day" on Monday!

 21:12:16  ryanbretag   @sharonp you need to see if Beth Ritter Guth still has her Poe stuff up on SL -- great simulation she may be able to capture

 21:12:58  JenWagner   @ryan -- I had forgotten about that location -- it was a great area

 21:12:59  Cathyjo   Ahh @megpeters will get a true benfit form this network after all

 21:13:03  sharonp   @ryan - really?? where would I find that in SL??

 21:13:16  tkidd132   is This Ryan

 21:13:22  tkidd132   talking

 21:13:26  Vicki Davis   this is Scott Rigsby on the show.

 21:13:38  tkidd132   oh ok....it sounds Like Ryan

 21:13:39  JenWagner   Hey Vinnie!!!!

 21:13:51  PeggyG   Funny!

 21:13:52  matt montagne   paid by the hour, not the mile Scott!

 21:13:53  nzchrissy   Hi Vinnie

 21:13:57  CheriT   Hi Alice!!!

 21:14:04  ryanbretag   hahaha... it does @tkidd

 21:14:38  VinnieVrotny   Hey there all. Multi-tasking, so I will not be focused in chat room.

 21:14:46  khokanson   @sharonp did take monday off from the gym ;-)

 21:14:51  VinnieVrotny   Our guest is a triathlete, yes?

 21:16:33  Vicki Davis   Camilla is like in the middle of NOWHERE!!!

 21:16:39  khokanson   @vinnie yes! amazing story

 21:16:41  Vicki Davis   And in 1986 we're talking super rural.

 21:16:52  JenWagner   Wekcine TMCGrath

 21:16:54  VinnieVrotny   his name is?

 21:17:04  JenWagner   Scott Rigsby

 21:17:07  sharonp   Scott Rigby

 21:17:50  JenWagner   welcome therose!!!

 21:17:51  CheriT   @sharonp - the wind chill here right now is -26 - what's it like up there?

 21:17:54  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   ironman race

 21:18:10  nzchrissy   Wow, what a story!

 21:18:25  JenWagner   Hello Carolyn

 21:18:25  emapey   WOW!!!

 21:18:32  VinnieVrotny   I am aware of this story. in a recent life, i was a triathlete.

 21:18:34  Vicki Davis   And he has run an iron man y'all -- that is a full marathon 2.4 mile swim and like an 18 mile bike race.

 21:18:36  JenWagner   Remember please that there is a 30 second DELAY

 21:18:39  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   i've never seen the chat room so quiet.

 21:18:45  sharonp   Hi Cheri!!

 21:18:53  sharonp   Let me check the Mtl weather....

 21:18:57  alicebarr   @@CheriT Hi there!

 21:19:00  JenWagner   Welcome PGOERNER

 21:19:03  CheriT   Hi Sharon!!

 21:19:03  Cathyjo   we r still trying to process educon rl and virtually

 21:19:08  JenWagner   Hi Alice -- glad you got home safely!!!

 21:19:25  VinnieVrotny   Last completed an olympic distance (1K swim, 40 K ride, 10 K run) in under 3:00 hours in 2005!

 21:19:26  Durff - a cabgirl   ouch

 21:19:26  pgoerner   Thanks. hello all

 21:19:34  CheriT   Alice, we're sending you terrible weather ... :(

 21:19:40  Vicki Davis   Wow Vinnie -- you did that!! Amazing!

 21:19:52  alicebarr   @JenW Glad you did too! Great to see you!

 21:19:54  CheriT   Go Vinnie!!!

 21:19:57  Cathyjo   how old is Rigby?

 21:20:02  sharonp   only -10C in Montreal - you folks are probably sending that super cold weather our way

 21:20:07  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   thanks vinnie. group effort

 21:20:10  alicebarr   @CheriT REally? Snow day coming?

 21:20:25  CheriT   @Alice - probably, or ice day

 21:20:44  Cathyjo   must. eat. food. listening from across the room

 21:21:10  Vicki Davis   He's around 38

 21:21:12  sendkathy   http://www.delta-sky.com/2007_10/training/

 21:21:15  Vicki Davis   38-39

 21:21:16  dougsymington   inspirational story--amazing

 21:21:29  cfoote   sorry to keep bouncing in and out..Hi Jen!

 21:21:36  cfoote   can't get sound working properly

 21:22:12  JenWagner   Hmmmm

 21:22:17  JenWagner   is it working now Carolyn

 21:22:19  VinnieVrotny   @Vicki, yes, I have done that. I mostly do sprint level tri's now. Training for a 8 km with my eldest this spring. Wish I could have more time to train, but this darn Web 2.0 keeps getting in my way!

 21:22:30  Vicki Davis   ;-) Vinnie

 21:22:32  Durff - a cabgirl   @cfoote try the blue icon

 21:22:54  cfoote   I got it, sorry

 21:23:02  cfoote   firefox kept crashing.

 21:23:06  cfoote   switched to explorer.

 21:23:27  PeggyG   switched to Flock-lost chat on Firefox

 21:23:35  khokanson   @vinnie cold winter weather inteferes with training here :)

 21:23:36  tmcgrath   I had to switch from firefox to Safari to get in

 21:24:07  JenWagner   Hello Karen Jan!!!!

 21:24:31  PeggyG   strange happenings--have dropped the audio on itunes 3 times but was able to get it back

 21:24:32  tmcgrath   Hi Jen

 21:24:33  KarenJan   Hey, Jen! how was your return home? great meeting you this weekend!

 21:24:41  JenWagner   Hey TCMGrath

 21:24:53  JenWagner   KarenJan -- yes, It was great to see you too!!  Sorry we didn't chat more!!

 21:25:21  KarenJan   Hi, @cathyjo, @cfoote, @cfoote, @durff, etc etc.!

 21:25:27  cfoote   Hi Karen :)

 21:25:31  LindaNitsche   Did we lose sound?

 21:25:33  Durff - a cabgirl   audio dxropped

 21:25:34  Art Gelwicks   Anyone else lose the stream?

 21:25:37  Durff - a cabgirl   yes

 21:25:37  Cathyjo   Hi KarenJan what happended to sound?

 21:25:39  dougsymington   gone here too

 21:25:39  cfoote   I think we just did lose the sound

 21:25:42  emapey   YES

 21:25:44  JenWagner   It should be back

 21:25:45  khokanson   yep

 21:25:46  VinnieVrotny   sound just dropped

 21:25:46  Art Gelwicks   Ok...I'll sing!

 21:25:49  matt montagne   it is back

 21:25:52  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   dropping for me

 21:25:53  PeggyG   me tool

 21:25:55  JenWagner   Welcome Sheila

 21:26:03  KarenJan   works again

 21:26:06  KarenJan   oops

 21:26:10  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   hm, wht should i do? doug

 21:26:13  Durff - a cabgirl   try blue icon

 21:26:18  Durff - a cabgirl   going there

 21:26:19  LindaNitsche   Yes, we're back!

 21:26:25  sheila   Real player stopped and had to hop out and back.

 21:26:29  Durff - a cabgirl   oops

 21:26:35  matt montagne   in and out

 21:26:53  KarenJan   Hi, LInda, ryan, sharonp, mariak, tmcgrath

 21:27:02  dougsymington   back here now--may have to stop and restart player those listening

 21:27:06  Durff - a cabgirl   i think it is back

 21:27:09  tmcgrath   Hi Karen

 21:27:10  PeggyG   I stayed logged in and just reclicked on audio to restore to itunes

 21:27:15  ryanbretag   @ Hi Karen

 21:27:20  KarenJan   who is speaking just joined?

 21:27:25  LindaNitsche   Hi Karen. it is so great to "see' everyone.

 21:27:35  KarenJan   @linda - it's the truth!

 21:27:43  KarenJan   this doesn't sound like the usual topic

 21:27:43  Vicki Davis   Scott Rigsby - first double amputee to complete an iron man in the world.

 21:27:45  VinnieVrotny   @khokanson the reason that they have indoor trainers and treadmills is to allow one to train. Tonight/Tomorrow will be brutal.

 21:27:58  Vicki Davis   He is an inspirational story.

 21:27:58  KarenJan   thanks@vicki

 21:28:36  LindaNitsche   I'm getting goosebumps from his story.

 21:28:44  PeggyG   What great insight and what tough decisions!

 21:28:50  KarenJan   presenting an all day pre-conference tomorrow at the ATIA conference

 21:28:51  sheila   What is the tipping point that turns you away (or towards) depression after an experience like this?

 21:28:55  cfoote   great that you are trying to inspire others

 21:29:03  ryanbretag   I second that @Linda

 21:29:04  cfoote   sheila, maybe finding a purpose for what you do?

 21:29:09  cfoote   lost sound again

 21:29:09  jepcke   @sheila great question

 21:29:14  cfoote   back

 21:29:21  Vicki Davis   He also speaks to schools and people are just now really finding out his story -- he ran the iron man last year. 

 21:29:25  cindy p   I've got to run ya'll, but hate to leave.  I'll catch the podcast. Night all!

 21:29:30  Vicki Davis   @cindyp - Bye.

 21:29:54  Vicki Davis   I think all of us have a purpose.

 21:30:16  jepcke   Some of us don't find that purpose until later in life

 21:30:18  Vicki Davis   @sheila - We'll get that question for you.

 21:30:22  Durff - a cabgirl   my

 21:30:29  Vicki Davis   @jepcke it takes time to find the purpose.

 21:30:40  Durff - a cabgirl   my purpose is to drink coffee and take cabs

 21:31:02  jepcke   @vicki and being open/ready to seeing one's purpose

 21:31:03  LindaNitsche   @Vicki It is discovering what it is - is the challenge in life.

 21:31:05  tmcgrath   Not the typical topic but his experience of overcoming challenges toachieve success within his life, is something that we can all learn from when we feel that we are beaten down by our own personal challenges

 21:31:06  sheila   And some people don't recognize their purpose, but others can see it.

 21:31:12  dougsymington   have to run--wonderful show, look forward to archive--take care all

 21:31:19  Vicki Davis   Right now we all need inspiration -- this is a tough time of year.

 21:31:20  JenWagner   Thanks DOUG

 21:31:25  JenWagner   Welcome PaulPam2

 21:32:01  emapey   Hi PaulPam2

 21:32:01  khokanson   what a great quote...if you open doors I will run through them

 21:32:10  jepcke   Without trials, we don't know what we are TRULY capable of

 21:32:12  khokanson   kind of applies to everyone..

 21:32:13  cfoote   I recall that magazine cover

 21:32:19  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   that is a great quote

 21:32:42  PaulPam2   hello everyone

 21:32:46  cfoote   wow. 

 21:32:50  Vicki Davis   @PaulPam2 - Hello!

 21:33:03  cfoote   Have to go for a bit folks.  Inspiring story.

 21:33:10  Vicki Davis   @cfoote - Bye.

 21:33:12  JenWagner   Night Carolyn

 21:33:20  cfoote   bye all, bye jen :) and vicki!

 21:33:30  Vicki Davis   We are recording but they said the stream is skipping a little.  Just stick with it.

 21:33:33  JenWagner   Thanks everyone for dealing with the streaming issues!!!

 21:33:34  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   sorry it looks like our stream is skipping, but this is recorded folks.

 21:34:00  Vicki Davis   He has a great story about how the teachers and leaders in his high school life helped him through these times.

 21:34:26  jepcke   No worries Jen/Cheryl/Vicki that's the way it goes --- ergg! Technology (shaking fist)

 21:34:33  PeggyG   keep losing the stream-rebuffering--hate to miss anything!

 21:34:45  Vicki Davis   Oh but the thought we can all be communicating like this for free is amazing!

 21:35:20  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   hang in , it keeps coming back, but very odd

 21:35:52  lizbdavis   He sounds much younger.

 21:36:14  KarenJan   hi, liz!

 21:36:53  PeggyG   Is there a URL for the Runner's World article? Archived???

 21:36:54  JenWagner   gonna go try to find the magazine article

 21:37:05  Vicki Davis   www.scottrigsby.com

 21:37:06  CheriT   My sound keeps rebuffering too - is that happening with all the feeds? or just iTunes?

 21:37:16  arthus   it is happening to me

 21:37:20  arthus   (itunes)\

 21:37:24  JenWagner   http://www.scottrigsby.com/

 21:37:26  sheila   realplayer too

 21:37:27  nzchrissy   it's happening in NZ too

 21:37:31  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   it is our stream to the server, sorry

 21:37:39  emapey   winampa also

 21:37:46  CheriT   @cheryloakes - thanks

 21:37:46  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   i am able to record this

 21:38:02  JenWagner   http://www.runnersworld.com/article/0,7120,s6-243-297--12344-0,00.html

 21:38:16  Vicki Davis   Thanks Jen.

 21:38:16  ryanbretag   This gentleman is quite powerful. He is grounded in a way that is shocking for someone that has gone through this. I really, really appreciate the show going this direction tonight. Thanks Ladies!!

 21:38:44  KarenJan   hi @lloydcrew!

 21:38:46  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   you bet, Scott is great

 21:39:04  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   don't let anyone squish your dream, like this one too.

 21:39:11  PeggyG   @Jen--Thanks!

 21:39:35  JenWagner   @PeggyG -- most welcome!!!

 21:40:10  lizbdavis   Is he married? Does he have a family? Iron man training takes a lot of time. How does he balance that?

 21:40:21  Vicki Davis   No, Scott isn't married.

 21:40:28  Vicki Davis   He has a very large family here in Camilla.

 21:40:33  Vicki Davis   I'll ask.  ;-)

 21:41:45  nzchrissy   I love that, climb your mountain and cross your finish line - wow so powerful

 21:41:50  jepcke   So much wisdom in a man so young

 21:42:02  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   he needs to write a book

 21:42:44  jepcke   @cheryl great idea

 21:42:45  emapey   lost stream

 21:42:52  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   oh, stream gone

 21:43:03  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   re connecting

 21:43:15  CheriT   He said he was writing a book

 21:43:24  Durff - a cabgirl   audio gone

 21:43:33  VinnieVrotny   Going to leave, since sound is so flaky. Maybe I'll go for a run. Feeling insprired.

 21:43:37  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   reconnectiong

 21:43:40  VinnieVrotny   Good night all

 21:43:48  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   the podcast will be fine

 21:43:52  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   nite vinnie

 21:43:55  jepcke   Vinnie DON'T go outside!

 21:43:56  CheriT   @Vinnie - run inside :-)

 21:44:46  ryanbretag   My stream went down -- DANG!

 21:44:51  CheriT   me too

 21:44:58  nzchrissy   me too

 21:45:02  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   trying again

 21:45:07  emapey   me too

 21:45:19  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   we are back

 21:45:48  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   but skipping

 21:46:08  ryanbretag   Good night all! Thank you Mr. Rigby for perspective.

 21:46:09  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   going to stop the stream, and finish the recording. sorry folks

 21:46:12  PeggyG   @Jen-can you post that article link on del.icio.us? It's not working for me right now.

 21:46:17  ryanbretag   Rigsby

 21:46:37  Vicki Davis   If you have a question -- we'll ask him -- we'll have to finish as a podcast.

 21:46:42  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   sorry gang, going to continue with Scott, and post later.

 21:46:44  JenWagner   I will Peggy

 21:46:45  Vicki Davis   Please give us your questions.

 21:46:46  PeggyG   So sorry to see it end--powerful message!!

 21:46:50  JenWagner   thanks for reminding me

 21:46:55  Vicki Davis   And we'll ask him -- we'll keep recording for another 14 minutes.

 21:47:05  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   sure thing

 21:47:22  emapey   bye all

 21:47:37  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   bye thanks for coming

 21:47:43  lizbdavis   By everyone. Miss you all.

 21:47:58  PeggyG   Great! I'm so glad Scott came to share his story and message with us!

 21:48:11  JenWagner   Peggy -  I delicioused it

 21:48:15  JenWagner   thanks for reminding me

 21:48:18  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   oh, back for a bit

 21:48:31  Vicki Davis   Ok, we're back.

 21:48:36  khokanson   :( audio so choppy this eve

 21:48:43  sheila   Was Scott this driven as a child?

 21:48:49  PeggyG   Awesome! Does Scott keep a blog anywhere?

 21:48:54  lloydcrew   Hi Karen

 21:48:57  khokanson   too bad because he is SO INSPIRATIONAL

 21:49:14  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   we are still recording and keeping this going.

 21:49:14  tmcgrath   Thanks for sharing your story Scott...It's very inspirational! I look forward to readiing your book!

 21:49:24  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   he doesn't have a blog, likes to talk not write

 21:49:30  khokanson   Vicki can you ask him if he was always this driven 

 21:49:36  PeggyG   Then podcasts are perfect for him :-)

 21:49:56  Vicki Davis   I know the answer to that Kristin - I knew him in high school -- he was about football.

 21:50:01  Vicki Davis   ;-)

 21:50:08  nzchrissy   Thanks for sharing your story with us Scott.  Very inspiring. 

 21:50:23  CheriT   bye everyone - have a safe evening

 21:50:34  Vicki Davis   Anything he sets his mind to, he has always done well.  But as for being "mr. perfect" neither he (nor I) were in high school.

 21:50:40  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   sorry about the stream

 21:50:59  tmcgrath   So he was competitive ...

 21:51:04  Vicki Davis   I wish I could get him to gcast.

 21:51:10  Vicki Davis   Yes, he lifted weights like a fiend.

 21:51:20  Vicki Davis   to be 135 lbs when he started and not super tall.

 21:52:26  PeggyG   Maybe someone will video one of his talks with students--that would be fantastic to watch!

 21:52:54  Vicki Davis   He is making an inspirational video now.

 21:53:12  PeggyG   Yeah!

 21:53:39  PeggyG   You never know the incredible influence you may have as a teacher on a student--his coach was amazing!

 21:53:58  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   that is why he is here, to remind us of that

 21:54:43  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   shelia, our stream is skipping sorry

 21:55:12  sheila   How would he describe himself when he was in grade school?

 21:56:38  PeggyG   This conversation reminds me a lot of the story about the Animal School!

 21:56:49  sheila   How can we successfully instill self-esteem in younger children to help them carry through the middle and high school years?

 21:57:29  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   right peggy,

 21:57:30  sheila   Do you need a low point to stop and reflect and react?

 21:57:38  JenWagner   thank you EVERYONE for being a part tonight!!!

 21:58:00  Vicki Davis   School turnarounts are the topic next week.

 21:58:06  JenWagner   Hey Alice

 21:58:08  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   hm, low point, we have no where to go but up

 21:58:17  alicebarr   Hi Jen

 21:58:21  PeggyG   Animal School video is really worth watching--

 21:58:44  PeggyG   http://www.raisingsmallsouls.com

 21:58:57  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   skipping again, on the stream,

 21:59:56  PeggyG   I think we often protect kids from real life consequences so they don't learn how to overcome challenges.

 22:00:23  Vicki Davis   This has been a great session, thank you so much!!!!

 22:00:34  Vicki Davis   thank you for sticking around!!! We appreciate it!

 22:01:01  PeggyG   Scott's message emphasizes how important it is to face these challenges and work to overcome them and "cross their finish line" :-)

 22:01:06  JenWagner   Good night all

 22:01:09  JenWagner   I will be gone for Feb

 22:01:12  JenWagner   see you in MARCH

 22:01:14  sheila   I really enjoyed it! Thanks WOW2 and Scott! :)

 22:01:24  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   Jen, talk to you online and in twitter

 22:01:35  JenWagner   Yep -- I will be around just not on WOW2!!!

 22:01:41  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   Have a great month, Jen.

 22:01:50  PeggyG   Thanks everyone! See you next week.

 22:02:08  PeggyG   Keep us posted on the video and book

 22:02:12  tkidd132   Good Night everyone

 22:02:27  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   good night and great chat room as always.

 22:02:35  cheryloakes wow2.0 #60   the show will be up on Thurs. with the great chat

 22:02:36  tkidd132   YEs....Cheryl

 22:02:42  tkidd132   ok great

 22:02:46  tmcgrath   Thanks everyone... Good Night!

 22:02:50  tkidd132   Im outta Here!!! :)

 22:03:26  PeggyG   He REALLY is impacting kids!

 22:03:35  Vicki Davis   Thank you everyone!

 22:03:54  Cathyjo   NITE ALL

 22:04:00  alicebarr   NIght all thanks