Does anyone know of a GREAT short "story" of the impact and significance of web 2.0?

Does anyone know of a GREAT short "story" of the impact and significance of web 2.0 in the business workplace, specifically for the new generation of workers?
Why am I asking this? - I would like to quickly "sell" an executive on web 2.0.
The Director of HR for the company I work for is finally ready to seriously take web 2.0 seriously and start implementing new technologies for collaboration, communication and learning, specifically targeting the millennial generation. I am the lucky one to present it to him, and my supervisor suggested presenting a short, 2-3 minute story of why corporate executives need to care about web 2.0.
***Here is one source I found online, but I feel the focus of negatives outweights the positive:
Any help you have would be greatly appreciated.

Tiffany Dow has a free information e-book titled "The Multi-Layered Mindset of Web 2.0 Marketing" that might give you some ideas.

Check her site: