Women of Web 2.0 Show 57

Hello, wow, show number 57, what a great milestone.We have a great show for you tonight in spite of all the skype glitches! Tom Turner is a great guest and we have a rocking chat room happening in the background. Good luck getting through the podcast and the chat!


20:48:26 sendkathy hello hello

20:48:37 sendkathy streaming yet?

20:48:46 sharonp HI folks.... might have connection problems tonight... am testing this

20:48:53 sharonp hi there

20:49:01 tom-turner evening sharon

20:49:03 sendkathy I know the status says no but sometimes it isn't acurate

20:49:05 sharonp okay seems better - my cable had become unplugged

20:49:13 sharonp (sheepish)

20:49:18 sharonp I am usually wireless

20:49:39 sendkathy sharon, do you have a good list of emoti-words to choose from?

20:50:16 Durff going for pizza and coffee in kitchen...

20:50:34 sendkathy pizza AND coffee??

20:50:42 sharonp emoti words?&

20:50:44 sendkathy better get the TUMS too

20:50:52 sendkathy sheepish

20:50:56 sharonp why would I need those - is Tom just that kind of guy?

20:51:13 tom-turner I heard he is quite the character

20:51:15 sendkathy I dunno

20:51:19 sendkathy ahhh

20:51:27 sendkathy egg-on-face

20:51:33 sendkathy LOL

20:51:39 tom-turner keeps me honest

20:51:58 sendkathy honesty is the best policy they say

20:52:03 sharonp Jen had an emerg dentist appt this aft so I could be moderating at the beginning

20:52:06 Vicki Davis Hi everyone!

20:52:11 sharonp Hi Vicki

20:52:14 sendkathy Hi

20:52:30 Vicki Davis Are you on skype, Sharon -- you're not showing on skype.

20:52:31 sendkathy Did Jen break a tooth or something, ouch

20:52:46 sharonp Was just going to ask you teh same question Vicki! :-)

20:52:53 sharonp half my skype contacts are missing

20:53:01 Vicki Davis No, I'm online -- we've been trying to get you for about 10 minutes.

20:53:06 Vicki Davis Can you chat us.

20:53:09 Vicki Davis OK, going into twitter.

20:53:39 sharonp I think my cable might be wonky - am going back to wireless which I had turned off

20:54:08 sharonp am rebooting skype

20:54:19 cheryloakes wow show 57 ok sharon

20:54:20 sendkathy Ok I hear the stream

20:54:43 sharonp ahhhh there you all are!

20:54:45 cheryloakes wow show 57 how does it sound/

20:54:58 cheryloakes wow show 57 hello to all

20:55:06 sharonp so weired only seeing half of my skype contacts - anyone after M had disappeared

20:55:14 paula Hello

20:55:17 sendkathy good and clear here

20:56:03 cindy p hi all

20:56:09 sendkathy hi

20:56:16 sharonp Hi folks!!

20:56:17 megormi hi all

20:56:23 reggie it helps a lot when folks tweet the beginning of the show. thanks forthe reminder!

20:56:28 sendkathy I hear a hmmm

20:56:33 sharonp Hey those listening to the stream - can you hear some white noise in the background??

20:56:38 sendkathy yes

20:56:44 paula yes a white noise sound

20:56:51 jepcke I hear it too

20:56:54 cindy p we hear white noise

20:57:09 sharonp okay - working on a solution - our wonderful webcaster Cheryl

20:57:19 cindy p Hi Cathy E

20:57:46 paula Love learning from the troubleshooting

20:58:06 sendkathy Yes, a help desk call is in progress

20:58:13 cheryloakes wow show 57 thanks

20:58:53 paula @ atruger hello

20:58:55 sendkathy That hum is kindof a feedback sound

20:59:03 cheryloakes wow show 57 i agree

20:59:07 Vicki Davis Hello everyone. We'll be talking in about 1 minute.

20:59:19 Vicki Davis You get to hear us "fixing" things.

20:59:20 sendkathy It's really not that bad

20:59:32 Durff where is sound located?

20:59:32 cheryloakes wow show 57 just trying

20:59:38 paula I agree it is not that bad at all

20:59:54 Durff ETTA?

20:59:55 sendkathy Durff, it's your coffee maker, I think

21:00:00 Durff ETTB?

21:00:20 Durff coffee maker? I thought i turned that off

21:00:20 jomcleay @durff A

21:00:22 cheryloakes wow show 57 ETTA

21:00:31 Durff thanks jo

21:00:32 sendkathy LOL

21:00:39 jepcke I love listening to the problem solving.

21:01:01 reggie 53 degrees in So Cal

21:01:02 paula I am watching it snow and he is hot

21:01:25 cheryloakes wow show 57 that is so funny

21:01:52 sendkathy Anyone here going to FECT next month?

21:01:58 atruger I am having trouble streaming the audio

21:02:18 mjmontagne greetings everyone

21:02:22 glovely I will be at FETC in a couple of weeks... is that what you meant?

21:02:28 sendkathy yes!

21:02:31 atruger I will be there too

21:02:39 paula @atruger it is on the right side of the page tonight

21:02:40 CathyN having a hard time here getting situated--life

21:02:43 Durff atruger ETTA

21:02:51 sendkathy Another teacher and I will be driving down from Atlanta

21:02:59 jepcke @mjmontagne Hi, just started following u on Twitter, today.

21:03:00 sendkathy any session suggestions?

21:03:03 Vicki Davis http://www.suptfelix.blogspot.com/

21:03:06 bdodge who's breathing into the mike? Sounds pervy.

21:03:19 cheryloakes wow show 57 http://www.suptfelix.blogspot.com/

21:03:27 atruger I click on the audio stream link and go to a not found page

21:03:46 cindy p does anyone else keep hearing "welcome"

21:03:47 jepcke @bdodge I agree creepy

21:03:57 sendkathy yes, heavy breathing

21:04:01 sendkathy ahhh

21:04:03 Durff atruger - it should open a player

21:04:05 shoemap @atruger are you clicking on button below the chat window?

21:04:07 jomcleay @atruger click on the icon under channel

21:04:09 cindy p someone keeps breathing...hold your breath :)

21:04:12 Durff like quicktime

21:04:18 sendkathy worse than background noise

21:04:21 shoemap Someone's microphone is too close to their mouth.

21:04:22 jomcleay Hi Sue Waters

21:04:25 Vicki Davis http://leadingfromtheheart.wordpress.com/

21:04:32 Art Gelwicks It's not me!

21:04:43 sendkathy a lurker?

21:04:43 Durff that's not background that's darth vader

21:04:43 Vicki Davis http://del.icio.us/Wow2.0

21:04:47 sroseman Is it Ustream

21:04:51 derrallg that's scary

21:04:53 Durff microphone placement

21:04:58 mjmontagne @jepcke- hmm... didn't see the notification...are you jepckke on twitter??

21:05:29 Art Gelwicks Breathing has gone away now.

21:05:33 Durff more pizza

21:05:41 sroseman Can anyone give me the audio link today?

21:05:41 sendkathy what toppings?

21:06:02 cindy p ...does anyone else keep hearing "welcome"

21:06:03 glovely there is a logo under "channel" on the right column

21:06:18 nzchrissy Hi everyone

21:06:21 glovely @cindy p - no

21:06:37 CathyN ooohl lots of aussies tonigt we ar so global

21:06:40 mjmontagne hi chrissy

21:06:41 cheryloakes wow show 57 http://ocw.mit.edu/OcwWeb/web/home/home/index.htm

21:06:41 jomcleay Vicki what is the delicious link again?

21:06:42 sendkathy Cell wave sounds wonderful

21:06:49 nzchrissy Hey Matt

21:06:50 Vicki Davis http://www.afi.edu/default.aspx - Ameriican Film Institute Screen Education Center

21:06:54 cheryloakes wow show 57 http://ocw.mit.edu/OcwWeb/hs/home/home/index.htm

21:06:56 shoemap @sroseman are you at edtechtalk.com/studio?

21:06:56 jepcke @mjmontagne Should just be one "k" jepcke. Maybe I just thought I did, twitter name the same?

21:07:09 sroseman no I am not

21:07:09 Sue Waters (Australia) Us Aussies are on holidays

21:07:21 cindy p it's wierd...I hear welcome everytime someone logs on to the chat

21:07:26 Vicki Davis http://del.icio.us/Wow2.0 has the links and we'll be adding tonights show there as well.

21:07:31 nzchrissy So are us Kiwis (on holidays)

21:07:35 CathyN someon needs to mute..breathing again

21:07:38 Vicki Davis Hmm I think you should look at the sound settings, nthe notes.

21:07:45 Sue Waters (Australia) Sorry forgot to mention that Chrissy

21:07:46 mjmontagne @jepcke-now following you:)

21:07:47 cheryloakes wow show 57 http://www.makebeliefscomix.com

21:07:52 jepcke @nzchrissy will be in NZ in March/April on holiday

21:07:58 mjmontagne heavy breating continues...

21:08:01 Art Gelwicks It's Darth Lady.

21:08:02 nzchrissy cindy p mute the speaker on the chatroom toolbar

21:08:03 sendkathy the breathing is a little distracting

21:08:10 shoemap @sroseman do you have audio yet?

21:08:14 CathyN well darth lady is making this difficult

21:08:16 nzchrissy jepcke r u coming to Napier?

21:08:39 Vicki Davis http://www.callwave.com/landing/mobileVisualVoicemail.aspx?r=NONE -- Call wave visual voicemail.

21:08:44 cindy p thanks nzchrissy...had just figured it out...that was a new one

21:08:46 jepcke @nzchrissy where is Napier? What part of the country?

21:08:58 Durff the darth vader does appear every now and them

21:09:04 nzchrissy North Island on the East coast about half way down

21:09:11 sendkathy better sound now

21:09:12 CathyN yeahhh hvy brthr must have figured it out

21:09:14 Art Gelwicks Hey! I've gotten much better about that.

21:09:14 amykenyon having trouble with audio

21:09:15 glovely Ding dong ....darth is gone!

21:09:16 Art Gelwicks :)

21:09:22 jomcleay thanks Vicki

21:09:23 cindy p ...Durff...I am your father

21:09:30 sroseman Still can't get sound

21:09:46 ryanbretag I know I've had one too many Red Bulls but is anyone else hearing Welcome every so often?

21:09:46 nzchrissy sroseman are you mac or pc?

21:09:50 glovely @sroseman - do you have your speakers muted? :)

21:09:52 CathyN risk taker!!!

21:09:55 jomcleay @sroseman are you at edtechtalk.com/live

21:09:55 Durff aah! cindy i am scared!

21:10:11 cindy p :)

21:10:20 Art Gelwicks One busy chat room.

21:10:27 CathyN our chat or ur sk chat?

21:10:29 jepcke @nzchrissy will look into visiting there. R u on Twitter?

21:10:35 glovely ain't technology grand?

21:10:38 sharonp oops I broke skype twice tonight!

21:10:44 nzchrissy yes I am nzchrissy on twitter

21:10:46 amykenyon I can't get sound either

21:10:50 Durff sharon be good

21:10:53 amykenyon speakers not muted

21:10:59 derrallg @nzchrissy Are you not at school so you can participate?

21:11:02 jepcke I'll follow you and we can "talk"

21:11:04 glovely Hey Welcome Tom!

21:11:17 nzchrissy @derrallg on long summer holiday

21:11:22 mkm420fritz hi kkozloski!

21:11:42 SSedro in Singapore Yay Tom!

21:11:48 kkozloski hi mkm!

21:11:52 mkm420fritz it's megan

21:11:55 jepcke @nzchrissy sent a 'follow' request, saw your updates are protected

21:11:57 glovely @sroseman, are you okay now?

21:11:58 jomcleay Hi derallg I listened to your stuff on Webcast academy

21:12:01 cheryloakes wow show 57 sharon are you here?

21:12:10 sroseman no no audio

21:12:11 jomcleay I have applied to join the next class

21:12:16 nzchrissy @jepcke yeah I had a few crazy followers

21:12:21 Durff roseman ETTA

21:12:26 derrallg @jomcleay hi i hope you enjoyed

21:12:29 cheryloakes wow show 57 sroseman, what browser?

21:12:29 glovely @sroseman are you at edtechtalk.com/chat?

21:12:33 kkozloski :)

21:12:34 Durff just click black icon

21:12:39 Vicki Davis Do you have audio?

21:12:42 shoemap @sroseman what URL are you at?

21:12:47 jomcleay Hi JenW

21:12:51 Sarah S @jomcleay - I'm in 2.4 webcastacademy class too! See you there!

21:12:57 Vicki Davis http://www.davidco.com/ -- the Getting things Done book that I love!!!!

21:13:00 jomcleay hi Sarah S

21:13:19 Lisa M Lane hi all -- I'll be purple -- big crowd!

21:13:26 Durff cool sarah!

21:13:29 jepcke @mjmontagne what's your twitter name?

21:13:36 JenniferW Going for Teal

21:13:39 cheryloakes wow show 57 hello to all, I am struggling with the audio/stream/skype tonight, I have my goggles on and seatbelt on

21:13:47 mjmontagne jepcke-mjmontagne on twitter

21:13:48 derrallg @vicki I love how you keep up the GTD talk, becoming essential

21:13:53 sendkathy sroseman try http://worldbridges.net:8000/ this it the address it shows when I listen in iTunes

21:13:56 Durff goggles too?

21:14:00 CathyN Me as well Tm-shorts/t-shirts...wore sandals at school today (here in SC)

21:14:02 jomcleay I am jomcleay on twitter

21:14:24 sendkathy OH Jen!

21:14:28 atruger welcome back jen

21:14:33 traceymcgrath Hello everyone!

21:14:34 Durff should have seen me earlier with ustream - that was very funny!

21:14:42 sendkathy The familiar giggle is back

21:14:46 glovely Skype has lots of weird things - some "extras" can cause a lot of "Vista" issues....

21:14:55 jomcleay It's going to be 37 degrees today

21:15:07 Durff brr

21:15:07 sroseman got it

21:15:11 jomcleay Hi Tracy

21:15:15 sendkathy great

21:15:21 jomcleay that C durff

21:15:27 Durff oh

21:15:30 jepcke @mjmontagne Yep, says I'm following u. I'm from Northern IL

21:15:31 CathyN it will be that way in Philly too for some of us

21:15:34 Durff pooh

21:15:37 jomcleay nearly 100 degrees F

21:16:03 Art Gelwicks Philly's gonna rock...no doubt 'bout it.

21:16:03 jomcleay we have to find ways to keep cool

21:16:13 nzchrissy It's 28 C here in Napier today

21:16:15 mjmontagne @jepcke-GO PACKERS!!! Always have to throw Packer jab out there to the Bears fans to the south!

21:16:17 lizbdavis Can't wait for Philly!

21:16:25 JenniferW 17 days to EduCon

21:16:33 Durff if there is snow in the forecast for Educon...

21:16:39 JenniferW There is!!!

21:16:42 jomcleay can't wait to hear all about it JenniferW

21:16:42 Durff i just don't know

21:16:44 JenniferW and there will be

21:16:50 CathyN of course im getting sick again--hope it clears b4 Philly

21:16:54 WOScholar @mjmontagne Go a little further south to Texas - Cowboys!

21:16:56 jomcleay twitter it so we can participate as well

21:17:01 derrallg I'm glad there will be Ustream for Educon

21:17:02 jepcke Yeah, I get it. We love to do when we're on top. I've got some cheesehead friends/relatives.

21:17:04 lizbdavis @CathyN Great blog post you captured the anticipation

21:17:05 Cathy E 45 in chat room

21:17:10 Durff well if there is i'm staying home

21:17:16 CathyN @liz thnx

21:17:25 jepcke Let me guess, ur going 4 a fish fry on Friday to a great supper club

21:17:27 Art Gelwicks Say it ain't so Durff, say it ain't so.

21:17:32 cheryloakes wow show 57 thanks for counting cathy3

21:17:37 CathyN @liz and Christian Long commented and emailed me--i nearly fainted

21:17:38 mjmontagne @WOScholar-could be a big showdown in a few weeks down there-the Pack VS Cowboys...

21:17:42 cheryloakes wow show 57 cathye

21:17:46 jepcke We have a place in St Germain near the UP, too

21:17:54 Durff are you picking me up and bringing me home?

21:17:59 traceymcgrath I can't wait to meet everyone f2f at Educon?

21:18:04 paula drinking a Miller Lite and eating brats

21:18:06 Art Gelwicks If it gets you there...

21:18:06 JenniferW @JoMcleay -- Grins -- what do you want to know??

21:18:13 Durff it would

21:18:15 atruger Hi Colleen!

21:18:19 ColleenK Hi Everyone!

21:18:20 JenniferW Hey Colleen!!!

21:18:24 ColleenK Hi Anne

21:18:27 Art Gelwicks Jeep's got 4x4...snow's no issue.

21:18:32 ColleenK Hey Jen

21:18:53 Durff but ffrom where do you drive?

21:18:58 SSedro in Singapore Oh Tom, all four tech coordinators in my district feel exactly the same way. We all want to be working with kids and teachers, not fixing things and pushing paper.

21:18:58 glovely What was the problem with the wireless at Tom's school?

21:19:06 Art Gelwicks Pottstown, PA.

21:19:06 WOScholar @mjmontagne - If Jessica Simpson stays home, I expect that as well. Prefer it to be my Bucaneers instead of Giants, but gotta go with the Boys now.

21:19:21 Durff see, i'm in Hagerstown

21:19:24 WOScholar We can talk Twitter trash when the weekend is over and the game is nigh.

21:19:27 mjmontagne WE hope to have a "publicly" available WiFi system campus wide next year...for students to brinig in their own laptops

21:19:50 glovely @mjmontagne - what grade levels?

21:19:55 CathyN @Tom I HAD a library that was a "smart" lib--but i moved

21:20:13 mjmontagne @WO-he he he!! I didn't want to mention that, but Romo is spending a little too much time on the beach!!

21:20:14 SSedro in Singapore @mjmontagne We are moving that same direction in HS then in middle school. Long time before we bring it to elementary though.

21:20:18 sendkathy @Art, ever met a Mark Pottinger from Pottstown, seriously?

21:20:18 Art Gelwicks No sweat...my real job's in Lancaster.

21:20:25 paula @atruger Hi Anne

21:20:40 atruger Hi Paula! Long time no talk

21:20:41 jomcleay @JenniferW just what it feels like to be there

21:20:44 seddonk Is the famous Tom Turner here?

21:20:44 WOScholar We went wifi campus wide for PK - 5. Expect to have 6-8 done within the next month. THen we will have a cloud over our district campuses.

21:20:55 SSedro in Singapore Bye all. Can keep listening but need to go wash dishes and work ou, so no more chat for me.

21:20:59 sroseman Ok I am finaly connected. Who is speaking?

21:21:01 JenniferW @jomcleay -- you mean in the dentist chair??

21:21:04 JenniferW Tom is talking

21:21:08 JenniferW Tom Turner of Florida

21:21:12 glovely @seddonk sounds great! I hate it when the little learners are last

21:21:13 paula @atruger too long getting ready for your big cong in IL?

21:21:16 mjmontagne @public WiFi Questions-it will be campus wide for K-12, with heavy use being anticipated with students in grades 6-12

21:21:22 sroseman Thank you

21:21:28 jomcleay @JenniferW no, must be talking at cross purposes :)

21:21:39 cindy p how many of you will be at Educon?

21:21:45 atruger @Paula yes and I need a new partner

21:21:48 JenniferW ahhh -- lets touch base later jomcleay

21:21:57 Durff if roads are ok, i will....

21:22:02 Durff i guess

21:22:03 jomcleay @JenniferW yep

21:22:05 mjmontagne glad we don't have to own/suply laptops...many of our students now own their own

21:22:07 lizbdavis @Cindy p I'll be there.

21:22:15 Durff would love to hook up for a ride

21:22:18 paula @atruger my white board show down got cancelled - snow

21:22:20 CathyN @Tom what a testament

21:22:34 atruger That's awesome Tom! Success!

21:22:36 CathyN @tom do the kids have email accts?

21:22:38 Vicki Davis Sorry, guys, I was out doctoring the delicious links.

21:22:49 WOScholar @mjmo He is acting like he never muffed the hike. What hike? Playoff last year what? Playing it cool.

21:22:49 Vicki Davis If you missed the early part of the show you can find the links at

21:22:51 Linda Nitsche I will be at EduCon:)

21:23:00 Vicki Davis http://del.icio.us/WOW2.0

21:23:07 cheryloakes wow show 57 welcome to all in chat room, the podcast and chat will be posted on Thurs. at edtechtalk.com/womenofweb2

21:23:08 Sarah S @CindyP - I hope to be at EduCon; plans are in the works for carpooling from Maine

21:23:10 atruger @Paula Oh no! Are you rescheduling?

21:23:24 mjmontagne @WOhe he he!! You know he is a Wisconsin boy??

21:23:31 traceymcgrath Hi Linda

21:23:39 sroseman http://jottit.com/ is quite nice for teachers who are not quite tech savvy

21:23:39 Cathy E @CindyP - are you going to educon?

21:23:50 ColleenK @Sarah S I'm in Boston Who are you driving with?

21:23:53 sroseman also jottit for baby steps

21:23:56 derrallg @cheryl you always post so fast I'm envious

21:24:03 lizbdavis I think we all need to start meditating - It is so hard to be patient.

21:24:03 Linda Nitsche @traceymcgrath hey there looking forward to seeing you

21:24:08 paula @atruger on my to do list

21:24:10 sendkathy I like Tom's approach, core people

21:24:23 jomcleay love Inspiration

21:24:26 Sarah S @ColleenK -aliceB and others, I think

21:24:27 atruger @Paula LOL I bet it's a long list

21:24:29 cindy p I want to try and go if i can...need to talk to nelle

21:24:45 CathyN tchr asked me today what was the fasted way to have a webpage besides blog--I said googlepages

21:24:48 jepcke Wow it's crazy to think there are still teachers like that

21:24:55 ColleenK @Sarah S I'm with AliceB so we must be carpooling together. :)

21:25:08 sendkathy @CathyN I like weebly even better

21:25:13 sharonp wikis are fast and easy too

21:25:17 Sarah S @ColleenK - great! Can't wait to meet you.

21:25:18 sendkathy I think its easier for teachers

21:25:22 cheryloakes wow show 57 i like weebly too!

21:25:23 CathyN weebly gets blocked in my district @sendkathy

21:25:29 paula wikis are easy to create

21:25:29 Vicki Davis @CathyN there are some people scared of blogs.

21:25:33 sharonp depends on the content

21:25:34 sendkathy ACathyN, why?

21:25:41 Vicki Davis The thing about blogs is the archivability and searchability.

21:25:50 CathyN @sendkathy good qstn

21:26:01 jepcke Wikis are my 'easy' website builder of choice

21:26:05 sendkathy OK I thought maybe I should know something!

21:26:09 sharonp but wikis and google docs are exportable

21:26:10 Vicki Davis I think it depends on what you want to do.

21:26:18 jomcleay Hi Fiona,

21:26:22 Vicki Davis It is important to start with "What is the curricular objective"

21:26:24 CathyN of course this tchr is so afraaid of everything

21:26:26 fiona_banjer Hi Jo, made it, virus check started as I logged in and crashed the lot!

21:26:31 sharonp HI David!

21:26:32 Vicki Davis Or what is the classroom objective.

21:26:43 JenniferW Hey Vinnie -- Welcome DJ

21:26:45 megormi david is in the room...

21:26:50 paula for now - I need to start with the easiest to get them caught

21:26:53 lizbdavis Wikispaces has a pretty short learning curve

21:26:59 Vicki Davis When I didn't know anything and walked up to David Warlick at a conference and asked what I should use he said, "Well, what is your curricular objective, that is where you should start."

21:27:08 djakes hello Sharon

21:27:11 jomcleay good comment Vicki

21:27:13 Vicki Davis And I think we need to encourage teachers to get to that point.

21:27:13 sharonp Depends on amount of control one wants on teh webpage - wikis don't allow a lot of layout or design changes

21:27:13 jepcke @lizbdavis I agree about wikispaces

21:27:25 djakes Hello @megormi

21:27:25 CathyN I did a parent workshop Jen

21:27:31 paula Wikispaces is my tool of choice with the reluctant educators but I am always open

21:27:37 CathyN went very well

21:27:38 WOScholar Hillary leads in New Hampshire by 2% over Obama if anyone is interested (2300 votes).

21:27:38 megormi hi dave!

21:27:42 jomcleay blogging can be incoroporated int lots of cuuricular ojectives

21:27:45 lizbdavis @sharon Yes - which is what makes it easier, but not as pretty.

21:27:50 ryanbretag @Vicki Davis advice that more people need to take

21:27:53 Sue Waters (Australia) the trouble is for new people it takes a long time to move from learning how to use the tools to using in educational context

21:27:55 sharonp so it depends on what the teacher really wants - but I am with Paula- wikispaces

21:28:09 jepcke @sharonp sometimes all that design gets in the way of the objectives

21:28:18 sharonp welcome to the all those visiting us from down under

21:28:24 Vicki Davis I think that wetpaint is great for the uber-beginner, however a lot of features are left out -- no table of contents and no adding pages on the fly.

21:28:31 CathyN i talked to her today abt blogging w/ her class too--she sad only w/ advanced class would she consider it

21:28:37 fiona_banjer Hello America! Loving summer holidays :O)

21:28:40 lizbdavis @Vicki you were so brave to walk right up to Dave Warlick. Cool

21:28:43 Cathy E Oh- that sounds like a common problem :(

21:28:44 Vicki Davis However, wetpaint has a great discussion feature and I love how they have the picture of contributors on the left that is bigger.

21:28:46 WOScholar What does Tom find the easiest thing to integrate with primary teachers?

21:28:54 Vicki Davis @lizbdavis -- I DIDN'T KNOW WHO HE WAS!

21:29:00 Sue Waters (Australia) @fiona are you Mrs_Banjer?

21:29:03 Vicki Davis I didn't know I should be scared.

21:29:06 fiona_banjer Yes, Hi Sue

21:29:06 CathyN @vickidavis LOL

21:29:07 lizbdavis @Vicki Of course now you are just as famous ;)

21:29:10 atruger LOL Vivki

21:29:13 jepcke @vickidavis LOL

21:29:15 sharonp @jepcke - I really want ot be able to focus on content when I work on a webpage - not so much on design - but some teachers want that control

21:29:21 Linda Nitsche @vickidavis:D

21:29:22 sroseman What apps do primary teachers like and use?

21:29:26 Sue Waters (Australia) Tried to add ou to my twiter stream won't let me can you add me?

21:29:26 Vicki Davis @lizdavis - I'm not famous -- I'm a mother of three, wife of 1, teacher of 100.

21:29:32 cheryloakes wow show 57 liz right about vicki!

21:29:34 derrallg Davic W is so approachable

21:29:36 kkozloski I am presenting on Why Wiki tomorrow and found some good stuff on wikispaces about it. I put some of the resources together here - it's a small start but might be something to get your teacher thinking http://web20fored.wikispaces.com/WhyWiki

21:29:37 CathyN @vicki we should all be so brave

21:29:39 atruger @Tom Not anymore

21:29:45 fiona_banjer Yes

21:29:46 JSigler @CathyN I think blogs make great web pages. I did mine on wordpress. http://siglersite.com

21:29:48 Vicki Davis @derrallg -- David has my loyalty b/c of how he treated me when I was "nothing"

21:29:49 Vicki Davis ;=-)

21:29:49 Linda Nitsche My emoticons aren't working!

21:29:58 lizbdavis @Vicki you are famous to me. (In a good way!)

21:30:12 cheryloakes wow show 57 I am sorry Linda, you will have to do old fashioned way :-0

21:30:17 Vicki Davis @lizbdavis -- Well, since we're distant cousins (probably -- ha ha)

21:30:19 derrallg @vicki I rmember your climb also

21:30:28 CathyN @jsigler :)

21:30:32 Vicki Davis Been having trouble blogging lately.

21:30:34 lizbdavis @Are you in Camilla GA?

21:30:42 Vicki Davis @lizbdavis -- Yes.

21:30:44 megormi Tom in a perfect world, what tech support do you feel every building should have?

21:30:57 Vicki Davis In the midle of nowhere. But I swear Johnny Depp was in my town the other day.

21:31:02 Sue Waters (Australia) good way to get it back Vicki is to tell your readers that Mojo is struggling

21:31:03 atruger @Meg great question

21:31:06 lizbdavis @Vicki many years ago I did a bunch of Tom Snyyder PD workshops there.

21:31:11 JenniferW Will ask it Meg -- thanks

21:31:12 djakes @megormi. Buildings should have desktop, network ,and instructional support

21:31:16 Vicki Davis @lizbdavis -- For who?

21:31:16 nzchrissy No he's in NZ at the moment surfing

21:31:26 CathyN @Tom I turned down 2 tech specialist jos this past summer felt the need to stay in lib

21:31:40 jepcke @djakes, but not in the same person!

21:31:40 WOScholar @Tom What does Tom find the easiest thing to integrate with primary teachers?

21:31:50 cheryloakes wow show 57 Cathyn I think lib/tech/media is a great spot,

21:31:50 mjmontagne that is how I try to operate...one teacher at a time...

21:31:51 djakes no, of course not

21:31:56 Art Gelwicks Good for you CathyN. Stay where you feel the need.

21:31:58 djakes 3 people at least

21:32:07 CathyN I thnk the LMS can help tchrs just as much--be their catalyst and support system

21:32:17 Linda Nitsche @CathyN Stay where your heart is!

21:32:19 jepcke Some administrators think it's ok to have 1 person

21:32:27 jomcleay that is so true tom. How does learning happen. Lots of research on that

21:32:34 paula I'm working with 18 lib/media/sp now - Web 2.o tools

21:32:40 djakes @cathyN...I disagree

21:32:48 jomcleay a la blooms revised taxonomy

21:32:48 cheryloakes wow show 57 I think the librarian is even more the catalyst since you are not seen at the techie

21:32:48 atruger @Tom YES!!!!

21:33:01 jomcleay Hi Jess from Warnambool

21:33:02 CathyN @djakes--that i shouldnt be a support ?

21:33:10 djakes thats a disadvantage to both technology areas and library areas

21:33:13 jess_technolote hi jo! fancy meeting you here... ;-)

21:33:19 CathyN how so

21:33:19 jomcleay lol

21:33:25 Sue Waters (Australia) Hi Jess

21:33:30 cindy p ....try being that for the district

21:33:40 Art Gelwicks @djakes If that's what you have resources for you have to find a way to make it work.

21:33:43 cheryloakes wow show 57 45 in chat room is really taxing the chat, keep up the good work!

21:33:48 WOScholar @Tom What does Tom find the easiest thing to integrate with primary teachers?

21:33:53 Durff how many in your chat room now?

21:33:56 djakes because you have to have people dedicated to all of those tasks

21:34:00 jess_technolote Hi Sue - I left a comment on your blog yesterday. great post on flickr and picasa

21:34:03 djakes not just librarians doing everything

21:34:05 Linda Nitsche Yes, we have 1, count that one, ed tech person for the district of over 4000

21:34:12 cheryloakes wow show 57 tech support people need to have ed background , here, here

21:34:27 CathyN @djakes ok--yes i could agree w/ that

21:34:32 JenniferW Our HS librarian does not want to DO anything -- which has become terribly frustrating

21:34:34 glovely @WOSCholar - I can answer that question for me - VISUALs

21:34:36 jepcke @tom I totally agree!

21:34:40 CathyN I dont want to replace a tech spec but be another support system

21:34:41 sendkathy that makes sense Cheryl

21:34:43 Art Gelwicks Admirable sentiment Cheryl, but difficult to obtain.

21:34:51 Sue Waters (Australia) Yes Jess I saw the comment and have respondend back thanks for reading my blog

21:34:56 CathyN frm the perspective of lib where i can show info literacy

21:35:07 WOScholar My COT has said all along that his job is more curriculum than technology because the equipment is driven by the curricular needs. Now he has me as an IT to give him more detailed direction.

21:35:12 CathyN talk about cc and copyright

21:35:33 CathyN but also generate excitement about using 21st century tools

21:35:42 djakes @CathyN. I think that is exactly right. That, in my opinion, is a mission of a library, along with perhaps network literacy. That should be the focus, not boxes and wires, etc.

21:35:42 WOScholar @glovely Care to elaborate via email [email protected]?

21:35:43 CathyN and ENGAGE students

21:35:45 Art Gelwicks OR...tech administration who will listen to the needs of the teaching staff and find ways to help rather than just fix the tech.

21:35:50 jepcke Teachers rspond well to people with ed background, they feel you 'have been there' and you have more credibility with them

21:36:03 megormi Thanks Tom, I wish this type of tech support was everywhere. We need to support teaching and learning! Thanks

21:36:05 JenniferW @WOScholar -- I will ask that -- thanks for posting the question

21:36:16 Linda Nitsche So I just keep suggesting projects that fit with curricular goals during team meetings- it's working slowly

21:36:17 ryanbretag @cathyn what is the role of instructional technology facilitators, coordinators, etc?

21:36:21 Durff can we exchange this guy for our IT person like yesterday?

21:36:23 fiona_banjer Yay for Jo!!

21:36:24 Vicki Davis I'm IT and Teacher. It is tough being either.

21:36:27 traceymcgrath I am the person that teaches 350 students, Manages the network, provides tech support, provides professional development and the biggest challenge is always time management.

21:36:30 Art Gelwicks @jepcke It's unfortunate that's the case though.

21:36:33 lizbdavis Has Tom been reading my blog - I've been thinking the same things about teaching teachers to fish. Finding constructivist ways to do PD.

21:36:35 CathyN @ryan we dont have them where I am

21:36:40 CathyN im it

21:36:41 Art Gelwicks You go Tracy!

21:36:46 jomcleay Vicki and Tom that's what blogs are good for

21:36:47 sharonp Reflection is one of the key features in our new education program in Quebec - which is wonderful because web 2 environments are perfect for that

21:36:48 ryanbretag but we are speaking in terms of "ideal" world

21:36:49 jeffmason @Tom one person for tech support, one person for educational support

21:36:52 WOScholar Thanks Jen

21:36:57 Linda Nitsche @traceymcgrath Never enough time!

21:37:04 CathyN but i have a handful being trailblazers for me

21:37:17 jepcke I've worked with some tech people with good intentions bt not clue about education

21:37:20 thekyleguy Hi Dean

21:37:28 JenniferW @jeffmason -- is that a possibility??? my school -- right now -- it would be no. Can -- would public schools pay for 2 people??

21:37:29 sharonp reflection is built into al of the subject areas - at elementary and secondary levels

21:37:34 cheryloakes wow show 57 liz, what is a good way to have constructivist PD? what are you doing?

21:37:38 JenniferW or more??

21:37:43 Art Gelwicks I've worked with some educators with good intentions but not a clue about technology. :)

21:37:49 atruger @liz Please share more

21:37:50 lizbdavis I am really fortunate to have 2 tech "assistants" who deal with the printer problems etc.

21:37:51 jomcleay that archiving ability of blogs make it possible to reflect on how far yu have come in the skill of reflecting as well

21:37:55 fiona_banjer I was librarian and IT/tech person last semester in primary school. IT issues took over library. Balance is not easy.

21:37:56 Art Gelwicks Seems the sword cuts both ways.

21:37:58 JenniferW and how do we convince them that we CAN NOT -- and should not be doing it all

21:38:03 jepcke @Art I still work with those people, but I'm trying :)

21:38:07 jeffmason @jenniferw probably not, but can we afford not to

21:38:13 sendkathy Sounds like techies are from Mars and Teachers are from Venus

21:38:17 WOScholar @Durff. I'll make it easier for you. Come to work for us in Texas.

21:38:20 JenniferW wearing 3 hats is NOT good for them -- and exhausting for me

21:38:23 atruger @liz blog addy?

21:38:29 CathyN i give a "hardware" issue no mre than five min thenits a workorder fro an itinerant person

21:38:40 sharonp blogs and wikis can easily become cheap and easy eportfolios to be used over time as an archive and as a repository of artifacts

21:38:43 lizbdavis @cheryl I"ve been thinking about ways to structure the learning so that we don't do so much hand holding - no directions sheets - more exploration. And an explicit discussion about the way we are learning (meta)

21:38:45 traceymcgrath But despite all that I try to do to bring our teachers into the 21st century. I still have classroom teachers asking me to type a web address and log into their web based applications ;-P

21:38:48 cheryloakes wow show 57 good way to do this cathyn

21:38:51 CathyN @sendkathy LOL

21:38:55 Art Gelwicks @jepcke Same here. That's all we can do. Everyone benefits if we stop telling each other HOW they should do something and ask WHAT they want to do.

21:39:01 lizbdavis www.edtechpower.blogspot.com (last week)

21:39:02 jepcke @sendkathy where are teacher techies from?

21:39:16 cheryloakes wow show 57 @liz, we provide a wiki for the participants to take the notes and make the directions.

21:39:18 sendkathy Good Question!

21:39:20 CathyN our district IT will not work on anything BUT laser printers

21:39:25 fiona_banjer @traceymcgrath I feel your pain ;)

21:39:29 atruger @liz THANKS

21:39:35 Art Gelwicks @tracy There's a point when you have to let them swim on their own...and if they sink, well...

21:39:36 CathyN networked laser ptinters

21:39:39 jepcke @art I agree but some don't know what they want, but I keep pushing things out to them, something's got to speak to them

21:39:43 lizbdavis @Cherly love that idea - have tham write up the directions. Brilliant

21:39:44 Durff what blogs do we all use?

21:39:53 Vicki Davis classblogmeister

21:39:54 Sue Waters (Australia) Edublogs

21:39:56 Durff I use blogmeister with kids

21:39:57 Vicki Davis blogger w/ my 9th graders

21:39:57 atruger @Cheryl What a great idea

21:39:59 sendkathy wordpress

21:40:01 fiona_banjer wetpaint, edublogs

21:40:02 dgoodman 21classes

21:40:03 CathyN edublogs for now

21:40:03 Vicki Davis ning blog

21:40:04 sendkathy and blogger

21:40:06 sendkathy and weebly

21:40:06 reggie edublogs

21:40:08 atruger blogger

21:40:11 Sarah S Edublogs for kids

21:40:12 cpbw edublogs and ning

21:40:13 sendkathy oh and ning

21:40:14 sharonp I think my only reservation about blogs are the lack of portability

21:40:17 glovely wetpaint

21:40:17 JenniferW I like wikis --- more than blogs

21:40:18 cpbw edublog and ning

21:40:24 derrallg blogmeister

21:40:24 lizbdavis The title of my blog was called "Diving in - Learning in the deep end"

21:40:28 shareski walled gardens stink

21:40:36 Linda Nitsche Ning Blog and Moodle blog

21:40:39 Art Gelwicks @jepcke Find the one painful thing that they haven't solved and find a creative tech solution. It's amazing how quick they respond when something's in it for them.

21:40:40 sharonp for example - elgg's eduspaces is dying

21:40:44 JenniferW you can have reflection on wikis

21:40:45 cheryloakes wow show 57 love the name Liz

21:40:47 Art Gelwicks Why shareski?

21:40:48 Sue Waters (Australia) Agreed blackboard is not bloging :)

21:40:49 Durff ning - are blogs moderated there?

21:40:49 djakes @shareski. Simplistic view, Dean

21:40:51 CathyN @tom why do u love edublogs--ive had beefs

21:40:51 jomcleay I have used both Tom very similar to edublogs

21:41:00 jepcke @art good point

21:41:01 dgoodman I also prefer wikis over blogs

21:41:05 Vicki Davis @Durff -- No not moderated but you can have a private ning and handle things there.

21:41:17 cpbw drupple would offer that

21:41:19 Vicki Davis I like blogs for personal opinion and reflection and wikis for fact and cooperative learning.

21:41:24 lizbdavis @durff in a private ning site you can determine who can see each blog post

21:41:29 cpbw to keep blogs in one spot

21:41:33 Sue Waters (Australia) people find it easier to identify initially with wikis but longer term gains are more with blogs

21:41:34 CathyN @vicki EXCELLENT separation!!

21:41:38 JSigler @shareski I like walled gardens to give my parents a sense of security.

21:41:42 sharonp It really depends on what the content will be when choosing what online learning space one uses

21:41:46 shareski @djakes....not really, if you want to write, you don't need a blog...if you want to blog, walled gardens are too fake

21:41:51 shareski there's nothing to be afraid of

21:41:59 derrallg @vicki I took that distinction you made to heart and I agree

21:42:02 WOScholar Blogmeister with students, but we are looking at going to locally hosted Wordpress MU so they can also create digital portfolios.

21:42:02 CathyN @shareski yes

21:42:03 jepcke @sharonp Good point

21:42:03 fiona_banjer Hi Alex, how were the online students?

21:42:10 sharonp @shareski - not all parents are convinced about that

21:42:14 Art Gelwicks Try convincing parents and administration of that fact shareski.

21:42:15 djakes @shareski. It all depends on your climate and culture of your school district, everyone is different, and permits different things

21:42:18 JenniferW PLEASE remember -- to view MORE of the CHAT -- expandyour window

21:42:22 shareski @sharonp....that's why we have to show them

21:42:23 JenniferW 3 icon from the bottom RIGHT

21:42:31 jomcleay Hi Alec\

21:42:33 shareski lots of parents do get it

21:42:35 CathyN but these same parents are oblivious to all the illegal downloading of music and a0-okay w it

21:42:41 sendkathy @Jen, really I just expanded because it's going so fast

21:42:44 courosa hey all

21:42:47 djakes so, if it is a walled garden, and thats it, better than nothing

21:42:56 jess_technolote maybe people like wikis better first as they eem to be less threatening because they rely on more than one person contributing, therefore someone new to it knows they aren't the only one?

21:42:56 Art Gelwicks Shareski, who's reading the student blogs?

21:42:57 shareski @djakes...why settle

21:43:02 lizbdavis I'm finding it easier to start with a walled garden. I'm hoping to oen them up later

21:43:03 cheryloakes wow show 57 chat and podcast will be available at www.edtechtalk.com/womenofweb2 by Thurs. with an announcement on Twitter.

21:43:04 fiona_banjer Hi Chrissy

21:43:05 djakes you many not have any choice

21:43:10 sharonp @shareski - I agree - too much fear is out there, but if a teacher is willing to start behind a walled garden, eventuallly they may migrate out once they feel comfortable

21:43:13 JSigler @shareski My third graders cut their teeth well on Think.com could visit lots of other pages around the world.

21:43:16 JenniferW Start as a walled garden - and then take down the walls??? Option??

21:43:16 jepcke how do I expand the chat window?

21:43:17 CathyN I knw sme teachers who would prefer a walled garden but i feelits a little fake too

21:43:20 thekyleguy @Art - students read student blogs

21:43:21 Vicki Davis We blog publicly and have had NO problem I mean NONE -- they blog anonymously on blogger.

21:43:32 Durff jpecke third icon from right

21:43:32 nzchrissy Audio keeps dropping and I keep getting bounced out of the chat.

21:43:37 djakes We use Blackboard and its been huge for us

21:43:42 Art Gelwicks It's not settling...it's easing in. @kyle - Got that...but that works in a walled garden as well.

21:43:42 fiona_banjer OK in Brisbane

21:43:42 derrallg @lizbdavis but the students can get frustrated with lack of audience

21:43:45 sharonp I had everything behind a walled garden two years and went completely outside the walls last year

21:43:46 shareski .......agree but I fight tooth and nail to keep it open...haven't had many resisters believe it or not

21:43:47 djakes not just blogs, everything...

21:43:48 cheryloakes wow show 57 sorry nzchrissy, what browser?

21:43:48 CathyN @jepcke that icon will pop it out and you can drag the corners

21:43:57 jeffmason @Tom I'm from Pensacola FL. Look into the Florida Master Digital Educator program http://etc.usf.edu/mde/ I've applied.

21:43:59 Art Gelwicks Seems we're talking deep end of the pool versus the steps.

21:44:05 jepcke thanks Durff and CathyN

21:44:07 nzchrissy firefox @cheryloakes

21:44:12 sendkathy I think there's more than one way to write a blog

21:44:19 JSigler I had a couple parents object to having their 3rd grader use a social network.

21:44:26 Vicki Davis @sendkathy -- Yes, there is more than one way to rwrite a blog.

21:44:29 Durff Art that is how i explain deep web

21:44:30 cheryloakes wow show 57 hm, that is what I am using too. sorry again

21:44:30 JenniferW SendKathy -- talk some more

21:44:37 Vicki Davis Of course, everything starts off with what is our objective -- what is our purpose.

21:44:39 shareski why use the internet if it's closed? seems like a waste of time

21:44:44 sharonp @shareski - that is fantastic for you! We have one school board here where I live that is ridiculously closed .... beyond the pale! everything - wiks, blog, google docs, social networking sites, animot, you name it

21:44:49 cpbw not me 3rd grade parents are ok with social networking

21:44:53 Vicki Davis Digital citizenship and students knowing how to be professionals is so important.

21:44:57 thekyleguy lack of collaborating/conversation

21:44:59 Durff gotta start somewhere dean

21:45:07 CathyN its about educating the parents too

21:45:17 atruger Admin need to show support for tech for the changes to stick

21:45:19 jomcleay @shareski I do so agree with you

21:45:19 lizbdavis @derrallg compared to not doing it a walled garden is cool - once we get going , using ning I think it is pretty easy to open it up. And for each blog post they can set the privacy level

21:45:20 JenniferW my biggest obstacle is not parents --

21:45:23 Art Gelwicks You're comfusing the internet with the social networking space and learning good community skills. It's like learning to drive...you don't just drop them on the expressway do you?

21:45:26 JenniferW my biggest obstacle is admin

21:45:27 sharonp I talked to their IT consultants and they were soooo conservative .... not willing to explore or opoen up

21:45:30 sendkathy Well, I would not want to disourage a budding blogger by restricting them to certain special standards

21:45:34 cheryloakes wow show 57 evening stevesoko

21:45:41 Durff gotta start where parents are

21:45:41 vvrotny citizenship and students being professional, in all aspects including digital is essential

21:45:45 CathyN imnot sure i want to rant about admin

21:45:47 amykenyon yes-grumbly teachers can be a pain

21:45:47 Vicki Davis Or just Twitter him!!! ;-)

21:45:51 Vicki Davis Chris Lehman is great.

21:45:52 CathyN mine rt now is very supportive

21:45:53 shareski it's all about culture...I realize that and i feel for those with difficulties but I just can't let it go..I have to push people

21:45:58 jepcke Change! A great topic!

21:46:03 CathyN of course her kids are online networking gamers

21:46:04 stevesoko Hi cheryl, out at UCONN basketball just got in

21:46:06 jess_technolote One parent at my school actually asked if the kids still do any 'real' pen and paper work and wasn't all this technology just a distraction?

21:46:06 Vicki Davis If Red Bull were a human it would be Chris, I think.

21:46:09 JenniferW Shareski -- have we booked you on our show yet??? :)

21:46:11 Durff sounds like a commercial

21:46:18 nzchrissy I had a parent ask that too

21:46:21 djakes Chris Lehmann at Edubloggercon: "What is the worst consequence of your best idea?"

21:46:24 Vicki Davis @jess -- "Real.?"

21:46:26 cheryloakes wow show 57 @vicki, great, red bull

21:46:29 CathyN @jess that is a video begging to be made

21:46:35 JenniferW Djakes -- I lost a job-- and it was WORTH it :)

21:46:36 shareski @JenneferW what? to talk about SCrabulous

21:46:39 djakes @JLWagner. Book @shareski, he rocks

21:46:39 Vicki Davis I think that we still need essays, however, blogging is an entirely different form of writing.

21:46:46 Durff "You not going to be able to do your job if your

21:46:52 lizbdavis Act first ask permission later

21:46:52 shareski See you at FETC Tom

21:46:57 jess_technolote @vicki - yeah, that's what I thought.

21:46:59 Durff not ready to lose your job

21:46:59 sharonp Had a meeting with provincial board IT consultants and IT admin - wow, were they in a different position from me - when I mentioned how I had used blogs wikis and skype in the clssroom - the teachers wanted to know more, the admin guys were dead againist them

21:47:05 JenniferW @shareski -- sure - and so much more

21:47:05 CathyN @liz LOVE it

21:47:07 cheryloakes wow show 57 good motto liz, i agree

21:47:13 sendkathy @Vicki, I wasn't aware there was a national standard please share

21:47:14 JSigler There should be different levels of openness depending on the level: elementary, middle school, or high school

21:47:17 djakes @lizdavis. As an Admin, not the way to do it.

21:47:20 jess_technolote @CathyN what a great idea!

21:47:21 Linda Nitsche Come to EduCon2.0 at Chris Lehman's Science Leadership Academy- send your administrator

21:47:28 Cathy E I fight the fight every single day!

21:47:30 Art Gelwicks Pushing people is fine...get them out of their comfort zone. No question there. I'm suggesting have several approaches in your aresenal, jump in the deep end and ease in the shallows. Both ways you learn to swim.

21:47:31 CathyN sometime ignorance is bliss and easier t aask forgiveness afterwards

21:47:46 lizbdavis It is easier to apologize.

21:47:53 paula when we really need confiedentially we move to an online CMS

21:47:56 traceymcgrath I have been a teacher in Philly for 13 years and Chris is one of the few administrators that embraces technology the way he does!

21:47:58 jepcke @lizbdavis Great advice

21:47:59 thekyleguy thats right liz

21:48:06 Vicki Davis @sendkathy -- There isn't a national standard, however, I have objectives for my classroom.

21:48:08 djakes @liz. But to develop systemic change, it has to be a different approach.

21:48:10 thekyleguy start small

21:48:21 shareski 15 minutes a day..says @djakes and @carolyn foote

21:48:25 sharonp unfortunately closed administrators just create a culture where teacher go under the radar

21:48:29 CathyN @kyle and in someplaces that is the only way to start

21:48:32 cpbw it's a big river and you can only dip your cup in once in a while

21:48:33 vvrotny I have found that not getting caught up has been refreshing

21:48:39 Vicki Davis And after working with blogging and my students and also looking at the business world, blogging is a different animal.

21:48:48 djakes @liz. See you in Philly!

21:48:52 cpbw information overload is not the key to success

21:48:54 shareski same on you Tom :/ :D

21:48:56 lizbdavis @djakes I'm so focused on the small picture right now - new school, lots of resistance.

21:49:00 Durff wow, and i feel bad i didn't get to the reader today!

21:49:01 cheryloakes wow show 57 vvrotny, we can keep each other caught up, we don't need to do it all

21:49:02 Cathy E What is Chris Lehman's twitter name

21:49:05 djakes ahhh

21:49:09 jess_technolote also, at the end of last school year we were talking as staff about how to better market the school and one teacher was adamant that education never never changes. It just doesn't according to him. I didn't know what to say I was so flabbergasted.

21:49:10 sendkathy @Vicki, yes I agree one needs objectives

21:49:11 djakes @cathy

21:49:11 JenniferW Chrislehmann

21:49:19 Durff Cathy - you got it

21:49:19 CathyN my princi is very open to a class taking on a wiki or blog, but i cant get a tchr to cmmitt yet

21:49:20 Vicki Davis eg. Where do I hyperlink? What do I hyperlink to? What are valid sources to use in a blog? How do you properly quote someone? What do you do when someone comments unkindly? How do you disagree professionally? These are all things you cannot teach w/ an essay.

21:49:22 paula I never read a newspaper anymore, all of my admin read paper newspapers daily

21:49:43 traceymcgrath chrislehmann

21:49:45 Durff newspaper? what's that?

21:49:59 atruger @durff LOL

21:50:03 paula exactly - a different culture

21:50:11 Vicki Davis @cpbw - Living in the middle of nowhere -- sometimes the key to greatness is not information overload but rather, time in quiet to wiggle your toes in the dirt and play with the kids -- that is where inspiration comes.

21:50:11 djakes get teachers to change? Poor Tom...

21:50:12 jomcleay start from where the teachers are

21:50:13 vvrotny @cheryloakes I feel that I have been as productive and less aggitated

21:50:14 Durff i'm an illegal alien

21:50:17 shareski We have to show them why they should change...not just how

21:50:20 cpbw differnt tools for communication i would argue

21:50:21 CathyN in teaching textual info today and the various formats, kids ranked books as the LAST place they go for info

21:50:23 paula what are the implications for us geeks

21:50:25 WOScholar Teachers generally change ONLY when they see the need for change. Create the need, then make a move.

21:50:27 cpbw not everybody is going to use all the same tools

21:50:33 shareski 80% Why 20% How

21:50:33 jepcke Change: have you read "Our Iceberg is Melting?" It is like 'Who Moved my Cheese' great book or organizations

21:50:36 lizbdavis Be patient - Read "The Human Side of School Change"

21:50:43 Durff teach learners how to learn

21:50:47 Cathy E What do you do with the teachers that have been fishing but quit

21:50:48 CathyN confession=is January and i have not purchased the first library book this year--oh the shame

21:50:48 Vicki Davis @lizbdavis - It is important to take it one step at a time -- "technology creep" will happen, you just have to give it time.

21:50:50 vvrotny @djakes we will need to touch base sometime in the next few weeks to chat about NICE/EduCon linkup

21:50:54 glovely quote: "Some people change because they see the light, others because they feel the heat"

21:50:57 jess_technolote ah, I love hearing that people don't read the newspaper anymore. now i don't feel so guilty!

21:51:00 Durff is he describing my IT guy?

21:51:05 fiona_banjer Still continues to be a link between technology and ICT.

21:51:10 WOScholar @jepcke Miguel Guhlin blogged about that book this week. Seems interesting.

21:51:11 djakes @vvrotny. Absolutely

21:51:13 Durff sounds like it

21:51:18 Art Gelwicks Tech support should always be treated as a service department and reviewed and handled as such.

21:51:23 Vicki Davis @vvrotny -- I'm coming!!!!

21:51:23 jomcleay Yay Tom great point

21:51:50 jepcke @WoScholar Yep, read his blog. The book is worth reading

21:51:58 paula bypass the teachers I love it

21:51:59 CathyN me too JEN

21:52:00 djakes where is the administration in that discussion?

21:52:07 JSigler Our district focused our PD on technology for a year. It really brought everyone's technology level up a notch.

21:52:08 paula we will always have 24 hours each day

21:52:12 djakes bypass the teachers? how will the teachers feel about that?

21:52:13 traceymcgrath I did a poll with some of my middle school students 70% do some sort of personally blogging... I would say maybe 10% of our teachersblog!

21:52:13 courosa We need to give teachers real reasons to change their beliefs ... right now in schools they dont' feel there are any reasons ... the reaons have to be in their face ... from students ... from colleagues ... from parents.

21:52:15 jomcleay love collaboration like this JenniferW

21:52:17 djakes just build more resistance

21:52:21 Vicki Davis I don't think you have to bypass the teachers.

21:52:22 lizbdavis Arggh. I 'm so sick of the "No time" argument.

21:52:24 Art Gelwicks Ooh...I blogged on that yesterday!

21:52:25 dgrice Let teachers know that their previous knowledge and experience still has value.

21:52:27 vvrotny @vickidavis I will be virtual, jakes will be there. I am conducting a session at both our local Mini-Conference and hooking up with teachers at EduCon

21:52:29 Durff i wish i could that jen

21:52:32 CathyN i have a 50 50 staff half are old school, half really want to engage their kids in new ways

21:52:33 glovely hmmmm I don't think it is about time

21:52:35 djakes @lizdavis. Absolutely

21:52:36 shareski @courosa...amen

21:52:38 Art Gelwicks "It's my classroom and I'll cry if I want to..."

21:52:44 Vicki Davis I think that you can, however, do cooperative projects w/ the other teachers -- the more exposure they get the more it creeps in there.

21:52:44 amykenyon you're not weird

21:52:46 glovely I think it is about seeing the tools available

21:52:48 Durff i teach fulltime

21:52:53 jomcleay And take the teacher with you Jen

21:52:55 Durff so only planning periods

21:52:57 JenniferW LOL -- Not totally BYPASS

21:52:58 glovely and using what makes sense

21:53:00 Vicki Davis But you can't push someone up a ladder, they have to want to climb. If someone is opposed to change, I leave them alone!

21:53:06 traceymcgrath So glad I'm not alone in trying to inspire teachers to do more technically

21:53:09 sendkathy @Vicki, can you show us any of the work your teachers are doing on the web?

21:53:10 CathyN some tell me i speak too geeky--I DO NOT

21:53:11 shareski most teachers want to do the best...they'll change if they see value

21:53:12 Vicki Davis I believe in empowering the superusers .

21:53:13 JenniferW If you know me -- you know I will be KIND

21:53:18 djakes Change is about relationships

21:53:18 Vicki Davis And the jealous factor works well.

21:53:25 mjmontagne I've been going direct to students as well

21:53:27 sharonp barriers that need to be addressed - ease of use, belief that new innovative way is better, the need to be accepted if there is failure

21:53:28 shareski @djakes....amen

21:53:31 djakes to get people to change, you have to build relationships first

21:53:32 fiona_banjer Relationships = communication

21:53:37 cheryloakes wow show 57 cathyn, you speak just enough geek not too geeky!

21:53:40 jomcleay @cathyN I have decided to be more careful about geek speak this year

21:53:41 Vicki Davis @sendkathy -- Right now most of them aren't on the web except that we created a private schoolwide ning and they are blogging. That is where they are.

21:53:43 JSigler Teachers are already putting all their time and energy into teaching what they already have

21:53:46 djakes trust eminates from that, and now you have something

21:53:48 JenniferW @djakes -- I totally agree --

21:53:50 mjmontagne Wes Fryer wrote post about doing more with students directly

21:53:51 Durff the kids have nice technology!

21:53:51 glovely remember LOC (levels of concern)? that model is STILL valid

21:53:51 Vicki Davis We're just now getting them interested in smartboards.

21:53:54 Vicki Davis They are all using skype.

21:53:54 JenniferW and I want to work with them

21:53:58 cindy p teachers are competitive creatures

21:53:59 CathyN i keep tellin them to plan w/ me and Ill be the istructor w/ their help until the feel comfy enuf to be the instr w/ my help--baby steps

21:54:04 Sue Waters (Australia) I agree Vicik start with the early adopters and they will help move along the others

21:54:08 Art Gelwicks (Desire + interest) - FUD = change

21:54:12 jepcke Was t Art who said find a problem they have been unable to solve and them solve it

21:54:13 stevesoko I refuse to play the jealousy game - unfair to all th ekids

21:54:24 Vicki Davis It takes time and progress - -they all had e-mail - -but 5 years a go none of them had computers -- we have a school wide SIS -- did that last year -- it is important to understand that change is a process.

21:54:25 shareski trust in relationships and technology means you or it can screw up and it's no big deal

21:54:26 sendkathy Private ning sounds like a good idea

21:54:34 djakes All teachers have some kind of need, find that and help them address that need

21:54:36 Art Gelwicks Every person responds to the basic - WHat's in it for me?

21:54:37 sharonp in my experience - technology is off-putting and scary to many - if they don't feel somewhat confident using it or have freedom to fail, they won't try something new

21:54:40 jess_technolote teachers need to see that all this new Web 2.0 technology etc is going to enhance their teaching, not just that it is a bunch of cool tools. But how to show them that without overwhelming them too much?

21:54:42 lizbdavis It is about competence - helping teachers to feel cofortable enough to be incomptetent at something - hard for the veteren.

21:54:43 Durff for 8th grade kathy

21:54:44 JSigler How to you replace instead of adding to the curriculum

21:54:50 megormi I have found great success with starting with those that are ready, giving them great tech and PD.

21:54:52 fiona_banjer Why aren't the high tech users being identified and being put into teaching environments which will display what is achievable?

21:54:53 courosa need a larger chat screen

21:54:59 Art Gelwicks Talk teacher talk...not tech talk.

21:55:01 Vicki Davis Change is like aging -- gradual and eventual -- we just have to move it in the right direction.

21:55:02 atruger @jsigler Great question

21:55:03 CathyN i got a few to experiment w/ video by putting the camerq in their room and then capturing their footage and giving it back to them to play at editing

21:55:05 Durff courosa - detach

21:55:05 jeffmason I have the same frustrations as a classroom teacher toward my tech people. I am trying everything I can to work around them because of the closed door policy toward everything.

21:55:07 jomcleay @Jess and that it can help their teacheing be better in LESS time

21:55:08 sharonp @courosa I agree!

21:55:08 djakes @jsigler. Teachers need to give up pet content

21:55:14 Durff third icon from right

21:55:15 CathyN got some novice but cute stuff back

21:55:17 WOScholar @courosa How did the class go?

21:55:18 Vicki Davis I have an incredible curriculum director and principal and so it helps me. We're moving one step at a time.

21:55:18 Sue Waters (Australia) Change takes time and we have to be realistic - small change in anorganisation takes 3-5 years large takes 5-10years we have to be realistic

21:55:20 jess_technolote teachers are often impressed by what goes on, but then say 'ah but I can't do it' and don't even make the time to listen to easy it can be.

21:55:24 megormi We need to differentiate PD for our teachers also, if they are not ready, start with those that are

21:55:26 stevesoko You needto take each teacher where they are. Just like kids, what is tehnext step, where does each teacher need to go.

21:55:28 shareski @durff...thanks for the tip

21:55:29 jepcke @ art that's why it helps to be an educator in a tech role

21:55:31 djakes and school districts need to develop, implement and measure a guaranteed and viable curriculum

21:55:31 Vicki Davis @SueWaters -- you ar so right. It takes time.

21:55:36 djakes Marzano stuff

21:55:37 Art Gelwicks Also, not everyone will reach the same level. Assume that from the beginning and set a reasonable bar for each individual.

21:55:42 shareski [b]stop laughing

21:55:43 courosa @woscholar: not without challenges, but not bad

21:55:49 glovely it is ALL about permission to fail

21:55:49 Durff how can anyone read this - it goes too fast

21:55:50 cheryloakes wow show 57 This chat is going to be great when I can really go back and read it, thanks.

21:55:54 jess_technolote @jomcleay yes, but the ones I am trying to work with are reluctant to even put in that initial time

21:55:56 Vicki Davis But what bothers me is that most schools teaching pre-service teachers are indoctrinating teachers AGAINST new tools.

21:55:57 CathyN i told one tchr we just need to jmp in and fix it as we go the kids will be happy b/c it is their language even if its not ours

21:55:59 Vicki Davis Now that is a shame.

21:56:12 Sue Waters (Australia) @vicki I am only seeing now people that I worked with last year now starting to actually get it we need long term plans for uptake

21:56:13 jomcleay @jess sounds like we're in the same boat

21:56:14 glovely and also about meeting needs

21:56:15 Durff yes vicki

21:56:17 djakes @megormi. Why wouldnt they be ready?

21:56:20 Durff i agree

21:56:22 courosa @durff: ow?

21:56:28 jomcleay Yes Sharon True

21:56:29 jess_technolote @jomcleay - we need to come up with an attack plan!!! :)

21:56:37 Durff 3rd icon from right

21:56:39 Vicki Davis What do engineers do -- they indoctrinate pre-professional engineers with the latest, most cutting edge technology b/c they know that will infuse the best practices in the work place as the engineers graduate -- teachers don't.

21:56:42 JenniferW Welcome ChrisLehmann

21:56:43 Art Gelwicks @jepcke It does but it's not required. If a tech group is run as a service organization with teachers as the customers all they truly need to be able to do is listen well.

21:56:45 djakes uh oh, @chrislehmann is here

21:56:47 ChrisLehmann Heya...

21:56:48 jomcleay @Jess yes definitely talk on skype chat soon

21:56:50 Durff looks like boxes

21:56:52 shareski Ladies and Gentlemen...Mr. Chris Lehmann

21:56:52 jomcleay ?

21:56:54 cheryloakes wow show 57 Chris Lehmann, your ears must have been burning, we have been talking about you, all good.

21:56:56 djakes Shouldn't you be planning?

21:56:58 tom-turner he must have heard i mentioned his name

21:57:00 megormi @djakes If there are limited funds, start with teh pioneers and build out, that model works

21:57:04 CathyN my princi wanted to nim me for med spec of year--i said noway that would not wi me over with tchrs being new at my sch

21:57:06 JenniferW 16 Days -- CHRIS

21:57:09 WOScholar @courosa Thanks for inviting me earlier. I enjoyed the session while sitting in the tire store. Had a college kid come sit next to me and ask about my Mac and the cool stuff it would do. He loved the A/V capabilities. Typical kid these days.

21:57:18 Durff blue boxes

21:57:19 Vicki Davis @Sue -- 3-5 year plans that roll ar eso important and that is why, we must start REFLECTING as a process. It should be part of what we do as professionals. A process of continual improvement.

21:57:20 JSigler @djakes The curriculum is already a mile wide and an inch deep. It's not the pet projects that take the time. Its the curriculum.

21:57:31 Art Gelwicks When I speak to a teacher I ask, "What can I do to help you teach your material?" Not "What tech do you need help with?"

21:57:38 djakes in our case it is, but I agree with you.

21:57:39 ChrisLehmann @djakes had to take a break to watch NH coverage. :)

21:57:44 Sue Waters (Australia) the trouble is here we tend to have ad hoc plans which just don;t work

21:57:51 CathyN and is our job t demo that we are addrssing content and curriculum not tools and tech

21:57:54 Linda Nitsche @Art Gelwicks- That's my approach

21:57:56 WOScholar @djakes I thought you were the one planning, NECC coming in about 6 months you know.

21:57:57 Vicki Davis @Chris -- we were talking about you --- ;-)

21:57:58 JenniferW @ChrisLehmann -- they have already announced results in CA

21:58:03 courosa it was chris craft

21:58:08 djakes @chrislehman. C.H.E.E.S.E.S.T.E.A.K.S

21:58:12 courosa that's me

21:58:13 ChrisLehmann Vicki -- so I hear... What were you saying? :)

21:58:15 Durff get it courosa?

21:58:17 Vicki Davis @ChrisLehman - I said if Red Bull were a person that would be you!

21:58:21 Sue Waters (Australia) Opps sorry that was my response back @Vicki the ad hoc strategy does not work needs to be several year plans

21:58:22 JenniferW Yes, it was Chris Craft

21:58:25 ChrisLehmann @djakes -- we're on it. Don't worry. :)

21:58:29 djakes lol

21:58:31 courosa no, haven't detached

21:58:38 Durff pooh

21:58:46 CathyN and let me reind everyone that Chris Craft is from SOUTH CAROLINA

21:58:47 JenniferW Hello Kristen

21:58:47 Durff hi kristin

21:58:49 shareski @djakes...you're all about the food

21:58:51 CathyN :)

21:58:55 khokanson hey guys

21:58:56 Art Gelwicks @Linda - Great to hear that. Too many IT people isolate themselves in their digital towers.

21:58:57 jomcleay Hi Kristin

21:58:58 Vicki Davis @Sue -- yes, the curriculum director and I sit down and talk at least every 2-3 months and really we talk every week. She is close to retiring and could have retired a while a go but she says it is what we need to do.

21:59:00 courosa that was so much fun

21:59:03 cheryloakes wow show 57 hi kristinH

21:59:04 khokanson planned on catching the podcast

21:59:05 djakes @shareski. sweet

21:59:06 ChrisLehmann @vicki oy. One of my teachers referred to me as "The Bionic Man" yesterday. He was amazed that I admitted I was tired.

21:59:07 khokanson but arthus

21:59:10 CathyN I heard that Lehmann was working on PRN

21:59:14 courosa it's not ... but it's retro

21:59:16 ChrisLehmann PRN?

21:59:16 khokanson is doing a political show on ustream

21:59:21 Vicki Davis @ChrisLehman -- Just enjoy the family.

21:59:21 Linda Nitsche Hey Kristin

21:59:23 djakes Pot Roast Nachos

21:59:26 JenniferW Sent in my Reg today Chris -- :)

21:59:26 JSigler @Art Gelwicks That is a great approach to help with the time factor.

21:59:28 khokanson he isdoing a great job

21:59:31 Durff ew jakes

21:59:33 GMc Chat is so fast - almost as bad as TalkShoe.

21:59:34 ChrisLehmann eeeeeeew. :)

21:59:35 khokanson but could use some folks

21:59:39 ChrisLehmann Jen -- I saw!

21:59:41 Durff need to go vegan

21:59:43 djakes @durff. I crave PRN

21:59:44 paula but the chat get easier everytime one participates and listens

21:59:45 khokanson I figured this was where everyone is tonight :)

21:59:46 megormi YUM, PRN, licking my lips!

21:59:48 Vicki Davis @ChrisLehman -- Mine just think there is somethign wrong with me -- why would I want to work so hard when I don't HAVE to.

21:59:51 shareski it happens everytime @djakes is in the house

21:59:52 djakes not that vegan stuff, yuck

21:59:54 thekyleguy I want to try PRN

21:59:55 courosa this is just as bad

22:00:01 jomcleay @vicki yes I get that too

22:00:06 JenniferW no matter where we go -- it all comes back to PRN

22:00:08 sendkathy Where have I been? What's more realtime than twitter?

22:00:09 CathyN what about PRphchst

22:00:11 djakes @shareski is a cyberbully

22:00:14 Durff you don't know vat good is!

22:00:17 Sue Waters (Australia) Unfortunately here @Vicki we don't have the long term set up for this to happen

22:00:19 Art Gelwicks @JSigler Many times they're happiest when they just know you are honestly interested in their needs and problems.

22:00:19 fiona_banjer I'd hold up my PC if it wasn't back at warehouse being repaired LOL

22:00:22 JenniferW SendKathy --- the IRC chat

22:00:23 Vicki Davis @Jomcleay -- I think it is a matter of being the best, no matter where we're located.

22:00:27 sendkathy Oh

22:00:32 ChrisLehmann I'm fortunately... I have an amaing faculty who all work their tails off.

22:00:41 traceymcgrath @Art in trying to set up a wiki with one of our reading coaches, my attitude was you give me the content and I'll handle the tech side. Otherwise the project will flop.

22:00:47 shareski @djakes...just a li' bit. (Robert Deniro impression)

22:00:50 sharonp did someone drop the link in here about what we are talking about?

22:00:57 CathyN did anyone see where a yugma person via chris crafts blog thanked the edubloggers?

22:00:59 Vicki Davis @SueWaters -- I have been advocating things forever and now they are getting it. Actually, they take the magazines that have mentioned me and the school and are reading the other articles and going - Oh.

22:01:20 courosa i have a feeling it is just cool because it is different and new to some ... and of course, it is retro ... retro is cool.

22:01:22 fiona_banjer Yes Vicki, but it gets VERY frustrating continually being ridiculed for being a geek when you are really trying to show how something could be done so much better/easier/entertainingly etc.

22:01:24 Sue Waters (Australia) well unfortunately in my organisation I am limited in my powers

22:01:25 courosa mIRC is great!

22:01:26 CathyN James Farmer is emailing me about considering ditching edublogs too

22:01:26 lizbdavis I just discovered www.chatzy.com

22:01:29 Vicki Davis Delicious links for tonighta re here - http://del.icio.us/Wow2.0

22:01:30 Art Gelwicks @tracey - Yes and no. Help them, guide them, but give them the parts that cater to their strength. You plug in the copy but show them how to review and edit the text.

22:01:35 CathyN so the developers are paying attn folks

22:01:38 paula I advocaate for more bandwidth and less $ on software for local machines

22:01:39 WOScholar @VickiDavis My curriculum director began to feel left out after seeing all the cool stuff going on, so now we meet at least once a week.

22:01:42 jess_technolote @vicki it just takes ages for come teacher to come around to the idea

22:01:48 courosa we are talking hardly any bandwith really, relatively.

22:01:49 khokanson so when y'all are done drooling over Pot Roast Nachos and the show is done...come support arthus in his coverage of the primary http://ustream.tv/channel/newly-ancient-politics

22:01:56 jess_technolote @CathyN why would he ditch edublogs?

22:01:57 Vicki Davis @fiona_banjer -- That is when I retreat. I'm not going to push anyone, however, I'm going to make my students so in love with what we're doing that they will talk talk talk and the other teachers will want to change.

22:02:02 Sue Waters (Australia) @jess read my post on Challenges 2008

22:02:06 cheryloakes wow show 57 good idea go watch arthus yea

22:02:09 CathyN me im considering moving on

22:02:15 khokanson truly change in action

22:02:17 khokanson :)

22:02:19 nzchrissy2 I hpe James doesn't ditch edublogs!

22:02:20 Durff after wow kristin

22:02:23 Vicki Davis @WoScholar it is important -- when people feel "left out" they become ready to change.

22:02:25 khokanson yep

22:02:26 sroseman You can use private chat rooms at www.tappedin.org

22:02:29 khokanson after wow

22:02:35 fiona_banjer I think that teachers should have free access to broadband access so they can practice at home. Not rely on school. Put some time in to learn what is there.

22:02:36 Vicki Davis Folks we're getting ready to have critical mass. I'm just warning you.

22:02:49 Durff what is that?

22:02:51 ChrisLehmann yeah... I'm lagging like crazy, Vicki.

22:02:56 Sue Waters (Australia) James is not going to ditch Edublogs :)

22:02:59 Durff sounds scary

22:02:59 djakes Pot Roast Nachos http://tinyurl.com/2qkt9r

22:03:01 Vicki Davis I really believe it and see it. Anyone remember 1991-1993 -- well it is going to happen with blogging/ wikis 2008-2010.

22:03:02 glovely @vicki davis - as measured by?

22:03:02 CathyN clarification--CFarmer is trying to get me to STAY at edublogs cuz I hinted about leaving

22:03:02 lizbdavis @sroseman do the kids have to sighn in or sign up at tappedin?

22:03:20 fiona_banjer @Vicki Davis I agree and I am waiting for the holidays to finish so I can start again!! :D

22:03:20 WOScholar Sup told me to do my job and work with those that come to me. She came. Now she is on board, wants a MacBook, podcast blog. Already got her an iPod, digital camera, Google Docs account, etc.

22:03:25 Art Gelwicks Where did the time go?

22:03:28 Sue Waters (Australia) Understandably @Cthy he would want you to stay

22:03:30 sroseman There are two campuses at tappedin The educators and the K to 12 campus

22:03:39 Vicki Davis @glovely -- I believe that content creation by adults above aged 24 is going to skyrocket and when it skyrockets with their personal use, it will spillover into the classroom.

22:03:44 ChrisLehmann hey folks... feeling just under the weather enough to not stay in a chat room with anything to say... night everyone! :)

22:03:47 atruger DEN Rocks!!!!

22:03:51 JenniferW Thanks CHRIS

22:03:56 nzchrissy2 I can't believe how fast the hour went

22:04:00 Vicki Davis @glovely -- If you look at the Pew studies, you'll see that is starting to happen.

22:04:03 glovely ahhh the tipping point in content creation

22:04:18 djakes Thanks everyone

22:04:21 glovely just wasn't tracking on which part of the chat you were referring to

22:04:26 JenniferW Thanks everyone for coming

22:04:27 jomcleay This has been great

22:04:28 Durff do i see 50 in the chat room?

22:04:32 JenniferW good conversation

22:04:36 JenniferW will need to read the chat again

22:04:40 Vicki Davis @glovely and that is what we're talking, methods of content creation. I can't tell you how many people come in and say " Hey, I saw a blog on LA law or CSI last night."

22:04:40 cheryloakes wow show 57 Thanks to all in the chat room, look for it Thurs. Thanks to Tom for his great conversation!

22:04:45 jomcleay can't wait to see the chatlog later

22:04:49 cheryloakes wow show 57 Durff I counted 45 at one time.

22:04:55 Vicki Davis @glovely and then they say it must be legit.

22:04:55 megormi Thanks all, great conversation!

22:04:58 Linda Nitsche @ vickidavis Do you have a link for the Pew studies

22:04:59 paula DEN?

22:05:01 Vicki Davis @cheryl -- I saw 49 the one time I counted.

22:05:04 Durff ok, then i can't count

22:05:07 khokanson @jo can't gowait to hear this whole show

22:05:08 JenniferW Discovery Educator's Network

22:05:11 cheryloakes wow show 57 Thanks to new folks for stoppiong by, come back

22:05:14 paula Ohhh

22:05:14 atruger Discovery Educator NEtwork

22:05:16 Durff and i taught math

22:05:17 Vicki Davis Just a second Linda -- there is a recent one about the students that I put in delicious.

22:05:19 jomcleay @Kristin totally

22:05:20 Sue Waters (Australia) Shame it doesn't show the count like Elluminate or Ustream

22:05:22 Durff oh dear me

22:05:23 jepcke I love how Tom is an 'everyman' Great job by all

22:05:32 sharonp W00T!!!! Just got confirmation about our guest next week - am soooooo excited!!

22:05:33 khokanson was sorry to miss tom, but needed to be inspired by an actual student this evening

22:05:34 JenniferW Thanks Jepcke

22:05:48 cheryloakes wow show 57 you can listen to the podcast kristin

22:05:54 Vicki Davis I'm looking, just a second.

22:05:57 jomcleay @Kristin how was arthus

22:06:01 khokanson I know that is why I picked arthus

22:06:03 khokanson he is still on

22:06:17 jomcleay what's arthus doing?

22:06:18 khokanson going to keep working til final results

22:06:25 khokanson he is covering the election

22:06:25 atruger Woot for Tom!

22:06:28 JenniferW http://chronicle.uchicago.edu/061207/urbanschool.shtml

22:06:30 Linda Nitsche DEN buddy here!

22:06:32 khokanson on his ustream channel

22:06:34 atruger Here too

22:06:34 fiona_banjer Raining in Brisbane!

22:06:43 megormi DEN buddy here!

22:06:45 dgrice Go DEN! Go Tom!

22:06:50 tom-turner Holy Hot in this office batman!

22:06:51 atruger HEy Dennis

22:06:52 shoemap DEN here - finally getting going in Michigan!

22:06:52 khokanson he had about 25 min of tech trouble to start but persevered

22:06:59 cheryloakes wow show 57 tom turn on the FAN

22:07:08 jomcleay that's great Kristin

22:07:11 glovely Tom has many fans

22:07:12 WOScholar Enjoyed it all. Glad I can connect to this form home now. Be a regular from now on.

22:07:17 jepcke Lucy Gray is awesome Try and get her again

22:07:18 tom-turner it is on

22:07:20 Vicki Davis http://www.pewinternet.org/press_release.asp?r=150 -- the study about teens -- if you look at some of the other studies, adults are beginning to move towards it.

22:07:23 khokanson and has had students giving their opinions, etc...thoughts posting results

22:07:24 fiona_banjer Does she need teaching staff?? LOL

22:07:25 atruger We love Tom!

22:07:28 megormi Can't wait for next week, great topic!

22:07:35 cindy p @ Vicki - thanks!

22:07:40 glovely thanks everyone!

22:07:42 CathyN w00t

22:07:47 jepcke Kim rocks!

22:07:47 atruger Great Chat!!!!

22:07:48 sendkathy Thanks all, I have eye strain!

22:07:53 khokanson I had a lousy sday today...so it was fun to see a student directed self directed project in action

22:07:55 nzchrissy2 Kim is awesome!!

22:07:58 atruger Woot Lucy!

22:08:10 stevesoko Thanks all.......

22:08:10 khokanson Kim & Tom sorry I missed you live...will catch the podcast

22:08:16 JSigler My fingers hurt

22:08:17 lizbdavis Great discussion - I will have to go back and read this. Too fast to follow

22:08:19 Linda Nitsche @vickidavis- Thanks bunches!

22:08:19 Art Gelwicks Amazing chat people. Simply amazing.

22:08:22 atruger rofl

22:08:28 CathyN shld have an educon follow up wow

22:08:31 Durff hey great jobs

22:08:33 stevesoko @chrislehman - your gal is doing very well in NH!

22:08:34 nzchrissy2 Well done WOW Ladies another great show

22:08:34 atruger Night all!

22:08:35 paula Thanks for the discussion

22:08:36 cindy p great show tonight!

22:08:41 atruger ANother great show

22:08:43 derrallg thank you WOW2.0

22:08:44 jepcke See ya'll in Twitter and around the web

22:08:45 lizbdavis Thank you!

22:08:52 sharonp @cathyn - AGREED!

22:08:57 JSigler Great show! :)

22:08:57 fiona_banjer Two more weeks of holidays in Australia, see you next time!

22:09:12 Sue Waters (Australia) no longer than 2 weeks

22:09:13 paula I wanna move to aUSTRALIA

22:09:13 jepcke Well done Tom!

22:09:13 Art Gelwicks Woohoo! I'm so pumped right now. No sleeping soon I assure you all!

22:09:14 nzchrissy2 Three more weeks of Hols to go in NZ

22:09:17 Linda Nitsche Thank you WOW2.0

22:09:21 dgoodman Thanks Tom and WOS

22:09:22 sendkathy good night ladies

22:09:23 nzchrissy2 move in NZ instead

22:09:23 Sue Waters (Australia) thanks

22:09:27 dgoodman WOW

22:09:27 cheryloakes wow show 57 oh, nzchrissy, rub it in

22:09:28 fiona_banjer Night - I'm back on 24th

22:09:29 paula Good Night

22:09:31 jomcleay ggood night

22:09:32 Durff see you all

22:09:32 shoemap Thanks, good night

22:09:34 dgoodman gn

22:09:34 sroseman Super show

22:09:35 courosa Thank Tom!

22:09:36 jomcleay bye

22:09:36 atruger See you at FETC

22:09:42 dgrice @atruger & @tom See you on the scrabulous board later.

22:09:42 nzchrissy2 sorry Cheryl

22:09:48 Durff come to arthus' ustream

22:09:48 traceymcgrath good night all

22:09:52 atruger @dgrice LOL

22:09:54 derrallg thank you Tom

22:09:58 atruger MEg

22:10:00 mjmontagne good night

22:10:02 jomcleay @durff what is the url

22:10:02 cheryloakes wow show 57 okay, heading to arthus stream, is there an address?

22:10:03 atruger rofl

22:10:06 vvrotny thanks tom

22:10:18 cheryloakes wow show 57 goodnight all, thanks for coming

22:10:28 WOScholar Look on Arthus Twitter account for link

22:10:29 atruger LOL my hubby either

22:10:38 atruger just rolls his eyes

22:10:39 Durff jo it won't paste

22:10:42 khokanson http://ustream.tv/channel/newlyy-ancient-politics

22:10:52 Durff thanks kristin

22:10:55 fiona_banjer My husband is coming over to the wired side - he has a Mac now

22:10:56 atruger LOL

22:10:57 khokanson grr I hate that I can't cut & paste

22:10:59 khokanson only one y

22:11:03 Art Gelwicks My wife thinks the name "twit" is very ironic. :)

22:11:07 khokanson http://ustream.tv/channel/newly-ancient-politics

22:11:39 atruger @Tom ADD kicks in

22:12:12 derrallg good night have both ustream and wow simulaneously

22:12:28 dgrice McCain

22:12:31 JSigler This was my first time to join the chat, I had just listened to podcasts before.

22:12:35 WOScholar Media overload @derrallg

22:12:49 JSigler The podcast is only half the conversation.

22:12:57 JSigler The chat doubles the fun.

22:13:05 cheryloakes wow show 57 thanks, to all

22:13:09 WOScholar Clinton still up by 2% over Obama and McCain up by 6% over Romney

22:13:10 JSigler Great show, g'night

22:13:11 Art Gelwicks The chat's where the cool kids hang out.

22:13:18 JSigler lol

22:13:32 paula ;)

22:13:34 Vicki Davis Goodnight!

22:13:40 JenniferW Good night

22:13:44 cheryloakes wow show 57 bye all

22:13:57 WOScholar I agree. I hate when they do the posting before the results.

22:14:21 dgrice Goodnight

22:14:25 Art Gelwicks I'm off folks. Sweet show...great chat!

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