Making Connections #21

We had a great show sharing ideas about recent conferences and we “made new connections” with Kim and Bradley. We welcome the two of you into the EdTechTalk network.

Maria Knee joined us after accepting her Technology Using Educator Award at the Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference. Check out Maria’s live interview from the conference with out very own Jeff Lebow.

Bit by Bit – Maria’s Award from NHSTE
Linda and Kim just returned from NCETC 2007. You can visit David Warlick’s Hitchhr site to read blog entries tagged for this conference.

Here is a list of links mentioned:

Debbie Silver

Interwrite’s clickers

SMART Semteo

Patrick Crispen

Tammy’s Technology Tips for Teachers

Emerging Tech – games

Jen Wagner- Holiday Card Exchange

Voice Thread

Maria Knee’s Kindergarten Page

New York State School Music Conference

Guitar Hero

Dance Dance Revolution


18:57:42 Linda J -> EdTechTalk: Hi everyone!
18:58:13 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: Hello
19:00:23 Linda J -> EdTechTalk: I looked for you at the conference but there were so many people!
19:00:56 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: Yes, I know people who attended but never saw them and I was there all da
19:01:53 Maria -> EdTechTalk: can you hear the stream
19:02:33 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: I've not tried the stream yet, waiting to see if I can connect with Cath through Skype-I keep getting knocked off
19:03:28 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: hello
19:03:34 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: Hello
19:04:10 Maria -> EdTechTalk: can you hear the stream?
19:04:20 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: I think so
19:04:25 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: I've never done this before...
19:04:42 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: I'm hearing Maria Knees Broadcast
19:04:44 Maria -> EdTechTalk: that's okay - do you need help
19:04:55 Maria -> EdTechTalk: you've got it
19:05:02 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: "that might help"
19:05:44 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: <-- name is Bradley
19:05:54 Maria -> EdTechTalk: Welcome bradley
19:05:57 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: thanks
19:06:05 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: Ok can hear stream
19:06:06 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: Im a music teacher from NY
19:07:14 Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: welcome
19:07:16 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: Congrat Maria!!!!
19:08:26 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: Skype doesn't like me tonight:(
19:08:42 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: is there a skype chat for this show?
19:08:46 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: can I listen to this through skype as well? how's that work?
19:09:12 Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: if you give me you skype id I will skype you
19:09:22 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: ooh cathy skype me
19:09:54 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: my skype name is euphoniac
19:10:41 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: (I've never actually skyped before, just installed it yesterday)
19:10:55 JoseR -> EdTechTalk: Hi All
19:11:01 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: hi jose
19:11:02 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: Hello Jose
19:11:03 Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: hello jose
19:11:08 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: hi jose
19:11:20 JoseR -> EdTechTalk: Great sound on the stream
19:11:45 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: I agree Jose
19:11:59 JoseR -> EdTechTalk: I saw maria in one of Jeff's Ustreams.
19:12:11 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: I enjoyed the keynote speakers as well
19:12:16 Maria -> EdTechTalk: hello jose
19:12:26 JoseR -> EdTechTalk: She was hiding behind a chair :-)
19:12:38 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: I'm on
19:12:49 Linda J -> EdTechTalk: hi Kim
19:12:49 Maria -> EdTechTalk: you bet I was hiding -so shy
19:12:50 JoseR -> EdTechTalk: What is today's topic?
19:12:53 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: hi kim
19:12:59 Kim -> EdTechTalk: I made it!!!!
19:13:10 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: They'er talking about some conferences they attended
19:13:20 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: We had Debbie Silver, ED.D from Melissa, Tx She also set the tone for the conference with her uplifting and humorous tone for congratulating ourselves
19:13:24 Maria -> EdTechTalk: we are discussing recent conferences we attending
19:13:43 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: i'm showing that i'm online cathy
19:13:50 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: we dont always give ourselves the credit I think we deserve
19:13:53 JoseR -> EdTechTalk: I see. Conferences out in CA will be in the spring
19:14:27 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: I logged off and then back onto skype... see me now?
19:15:05 JoseR -> EdTechTalk: Oh yeah. the plain English stuff is pretty cool
19:15:32 JoseR -> EdTechTalk: NECCing opportunity
19:15:35 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: I'm going to stick with the chat for now..thanks anyway cathy
19:15:47 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: NECCing.... eek
19:16:39 JoseR -> EdTechTalk: Unconference / informal talks are usually pretty productive
19:16:43 Kim -> EdTechTalk: You can go to and type "Plain English" in the search box and a plethora of videos are available for blogs, google docs, wikis, social networking, etc......THEY ARE AWESOME!!
19:17:01 Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: euphoniac- did you accept my request to add you to my list
19:17:45 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: i didn't see a request
19:18:06 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: i'm in the chat...hi maria
19:18:10 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: Kim... great link, Tons of cool vids there
19:18:21 Cathy E -> EdTechTalk:
19:18:23 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: Yes, Debbie was awesome!
19:18:34 Kim -> EdTechTalk: Debbie was a hoot!
19:18:39 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: Be An Educator, Be a Hero!
19:19:05 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: was the name of the presentation
19:20:00 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: was dragged into teching waas more like it
19:21:03 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: I beleive there were about the same amount of people there
19:22:10 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: lol... I was at a music ed conference over the weekend, and the drive home stunk
19:22:23 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: sounds very RC maria
19:23:13 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: Cathy, have you ever heard Jeanne Robertson from Graham, NC speak
19:23:36 Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: no I have not
19:24:04 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: we have them
19:24:08 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: I laughed so hard that I hurt
19:24:10 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: pta bought them for us
19:24:13 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: clickers?
19:24:25 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: like on jeopardy?
19:24:33 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: Senteo, a Smart unit is good
19:24:43 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: thats what we have..senteo
19:25:02 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: I have Quizdom and they are good also
19:26:00 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: The units are a recommendatio for 21st century classrooms
19:26:11 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: looking at senteo website right now... looks interesting
19:26:31 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: for the senteos...all mult choice
19:26:36 Kim -> EdTechTalk: Linda...where is our Quizdom
19:26:36 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: or good for math
19:26:36 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: are the quizes easy to create?
19:26:43 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: senteo is for smartboards
19:26:51 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: but only good for mult choice
19:26:54 Linda J -> EdTechTalk: Brian's office
19:26:55 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: kids love them
19:27:11 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: Some units have predesigned quizzes built in the software
19:27:13 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: embed questions in lesson
19:27:27 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: call me back in and i'll talk about it if you want
19:27:35 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: With Senteo, you insert a question directly n your ppt lesson if you're using that
19:28:43 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: do they sell the units individually?
19:29:06 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: The clickers are great for immediate feedback-many students will not ask questions in class
19:29:25 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: Bradley, I bought a 6 unit set
19:30:02 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: so, do you use them in teams with the kids, or do give them to certain kids? how do you work only 6?
19:30:05 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: Hi Cindy
19:30:07 cindy p -> EdTechTalk: hi all, sorry I'm late
19:30:28 Maria -> EdTechTalk:
19:30:31 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: I use them in trainings with teahers to show how they can be used-not in a classroom right now
19:32:56 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: Linda J found the revolving door
19:33:23 Linda J -> EdTechTalk: ha, yes I did:D
19:33:30 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: Cathy, did you send me an add request in Skype?
19:33:51 Cathy E -> EdTechTalk:
19:34:51 Linda J -> EdTechTalk:
19:35:18 Kim -> EdTechTalk: She was an amazing and talented many ideas that you can do tomorrow!
19:35:25 JoseR -> EdTechTalk: Night all, enjoyed listening to your talk. Gotta run. bye.
19:35:33 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: Bye Jose
19:35:39 Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: bye jose
19:35:48 Maria -> EdTechTalk: bye jose
19:36:03 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: I went to her presentation last year and saw some great things for ppt that you wouldn't even think of
19:36:54 Cathy E -> EdTechTalk:
19:37:14 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: wow... this interactive format is a bit overwhelming
19:38:00 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk:
19:38:17 Maria -> EdTechTalk: that it is - it gets better with experience - don't give up!
19:38:35 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: Jeff Ertzberger did a session on creating your own digital games - they re on his site lsited above
19:38:47 Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: euphoniac - I still can't see you in my list
19:40:20 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: We need to clone her and share her with other districts in NC
19:40:35 cindy p -> EdTechTalk: ncwise...
19:40:54 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: hmm... what's your skype name?
19:41:04 Maria -> EdTechTalk:
19:41:40 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: lol... following links is great... On tammy's site you can follow links to find the proper way to eat pixi stix...
19:43:30 cindy p -> EdTechTalk: NCAECT - March 12-14th in Concord, NC
19:44:01 cindy p -> EdTechTalk: They have scholarships, awards and grants
19:44:15 cindy p -> EdTechTalk: Cathy won Tech Ed. of the year last year
19:44:52 Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: Cindy- I'm looking at grnts
19:45:32 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: did you search for "euphoniac" ?
19:45:37 cindy p -> EdTechTalk: there are 3- $3,000 grants check
19:45:39 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: when I did the seach my name came up
19:45:48 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: Another session I attended was Geocaching and using Google Earth
19:46:00 Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: euphonic Bradley=same??
19:46:34 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: euphoniac
19:47:42 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: same person, yes
19:48:30 Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: it says you have not granted me access to be your friend
19:48:41 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: how do I do that?
19:49:53 JL -> EdTechTalk: Maria video here:
19:50:49 JL -> EdTechTalk: need a devil emoticon for this chat room
19:51:36 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: hi jeff
19:51:59 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: welcome to skype bradley
19:52:02 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: Yea to Bradley
19:52:07 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: Thanks
19:52:18 Maria -> EdTechTalk: and bradley we could also tell you about the skype chat too
19:52:18 JL -> EdTechTalk: Lisa (and others) will you be around for Edublog ceremony (Sat. 4:30pm)
19:52:28 JL -> EdTechTalk: very much looking for SL Ustreamers
19:52:33 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: i could be jeff...
19:52:38 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: in sl?
19:52:52 JL -> EdTechTalk: yes
19:52:59 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: i'm not good with sl
19:53:08 JL -> EdTechTalk: using webcammax or the recently discovered (and free) VHS Capture Driver
19:53:20 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: haven't checked that one out
19:53:38 JL -> EdTechTalk:
19:53:54 JL -> EdTechTalk: We'll be practicing Thursday, starting at 8pm
19:54:20 Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: Jeff- I'l come Thurs- cause I'm still confused
19:54:36 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: not sure i can commit to 4:30 but if I'm around I can give it a shot..
19:55:18 JL -> EdTechTalk: great - I'm hoping to have as many streamers as possible around on Saturday because hosting a Ustreamed Second Life event is ripe with disaster possibilities
19:56:37 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: My daughter wants that
19:56:52 Maria -> EdTechTalk: I think you should get it for her!
19:57:12 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: maybe christmas
19:58:08 Kim -> EdTechTalk: Thanks for everything!
19:58:10 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: Great listening to you all
19:58:13 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: Thanks for the show
19:58:17 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: thanks everyone
19:58:23 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: Very cool
19:58:38 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: Bye all...thanks Maria for twitting
19:58:52 Linda J -> EdTechTalk: See ya next week!
19:59:03 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: Goodnight all