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20:47:02 JenWagner Greetings and Happy Thanksgiving

20:47:35 sharonp Wondering wondering where Cheryl is ...???

20:49:16 sharonp okay

20:49:24 sharonp see Cheryl now, phew!

20:49:46 sharonp Jen, there are a lot of questions to be moved to the wiki - Derek put in a TON of links

20:49:51 sharonp Hi cheryl!

20:49:59 sharonp was starting to get worried

20:50:01 cheryloakes wow2 hello, getting ready behind the curtain

20:50:04 CathyN im a dark teal how d i look? asking myself

20:50:12 CathyN no

20:50:13 cheryloakes wow2 listening to Derek and reading blogs, sorry.

20:50:31 CathyN purple?

20:50:35 CathyN oh yes

20:50:38 sharonp yah, I watched his pres again for the thrid or fourth time

20:51:14 sharonp had SUCH a great conversatoin with him a couple of hours ago.... we had to stop ourselves and save it for the show - I love that

20:51:27 sharonp oh HI Derek - just chatting about you!

20:51:37 sharonp lol

20:52:48 dwenmoth Hi Sharon and others

20:52:53 dwenmoth glad I can be a part of this

20:53:10 paula Welcome

20:54:24 cheryloakes wow2 is there someone who would like to do a sound check

20:54:52 CathyN I work tomorrow

20:55:02 CathyN i saw the snow too

20:55:08 Lisa Parisi I'm listening...sound if good

20:55:11 Lisa Parisi is

20:55:11 CathyN its close to 80 here today

20:55:34 cheryloakes wow2 Hi Alice, paula, derek, ijohn

20:55:41 ijohnpederson evening!

20:55:50 cheryloakes wow2 jen, kristin, lisa and sharon

20:55:51 alicebarr Hi cheryl

20:55:55 cheryloakes wow2 hi simon

20:55:56 CathyN i did in Kindergarten

20:56:03 CathyN 0-6yrs

20:56:07 CathyN hicago

20:56:16 ijohnpederson hi paula!

20:56:17 Simon(says) Hi Cheryl

20:56:25 Lisa Parisi hi cheryl...sound is fine

20:56:27 paula Hey John

20:56:39 JohnS Hi paula

20:56:49 cheryloakes wow2 Hi John

20:56:59 paula Hi John

20:57:09 cheryloakes wow2 Thanks Lisa for the sound check!!!

20:57:15 cheryloakes wow2 Vince, welcome

20:57:30 cheryloakes wow2 I spelled that wrong, vince

20:57:34 vjansen hello cheryl

20:58:00 vjansen hi derek

20:58:33 JohnS sounds great, guys

20:58:46 sharonp Hi Vince.... safe drive home, I guess

20:58:57 Simon(says) Hi Sharon

20:59:01 JenWagner Hello ROOM!!!!

20:59:17 sharonp Hi Simon - welcome to Liz

20:59:28 Lisa Parisi Hi Jen

20:59:29 lizbdavis Hello all

20:59:30 Simon(says) Sharon, Flat Planet is stille getting between 150-300 hits a day!

20:59:41 JenWagner We are going to open the room up tonight to questions -- if you want to SKYPE in -- please let us know your SKYPE NAME

20:59:45 JenWagner and we will try to call you in!!

20:59:49 vjansen yes but slippery..someone left this white stuff on the road

20:59:59 vjansen thought it only fell in maine!

21:00:24 shoemap @LisaP Good job with the webcast setup

21:00:24 vjansen is derek in a bar?

21:00:36 cheryloakes wow2 I am back from getting water.

21:01:20 sharonp you are probably the only one in a bar, tonight, Vince!

21:01:31 jenverschoor Hello everybody!!

21:01:54 emapey Hi everyone !!

21:01:57 lizbdavis Should I be able to hear anything right now?

21:02:10 paula yes liz

21:02:11 Ann-NJTechTeacher Hi everyone

21:02:13 CathyN yes liz channel a

21:02:15 JohnS Yes. The stream is playing

21:02:23 CathyN ett a

21:02:27 sharonp Liz, you need to click on the stream below the Ustream window

21:02:36 cheryloakes wow2 Here is the shout out to Chris Harbeck, for using voice thread with his students and math, http://tinyrul.com/276ms4

21:02:48 Kristin Hokanson his voice threads are amazing...

21:02:49 sharonp yay Chris Harbeck!

21:02:56 cheryloakes wow2 Vicki's wow, is check out the upcoming Flat Classroom video contest.

21:03:00 CathyN sometims @liz onceiyunes launches I have to click play

21:03:03 JenWagner http://jlwagner.pbwiki.com/OnlineProject

21:03:17 Cathy E Hello all

21:03:22 lizbdavis The Ustream says curently off air

21:03:27 lizbdavis I just reloaded the page

21:03:30 sharonp yes, ignor that

21:03:47 paula look below that liz

21:03:50 CathyN welcome it was fun

21:03:58 cheryloakes wow2 Hello Lisa, Liz, Paula,

21:04:08 alicebarr Cheryl link doesn't work

21:04:10 paula Hello Cheryl

21:04:11 vjansen yes Sharon I was...

21:04:15 cheryloakes wow2 Hi Colettec, emapey, jenvershook

21:04:19 shoemap Very cool project, Jen

21:04:22 JenWagner http://www.ksu.edu/sasw/anthro/wesch.htm

21:04:27 cheryloakes wow2 oh, I'll try again,

21:04:28 JenWagner Thank you, Pam!!!

21:04:36 CathyN find it liz?

21:04:48 jenverschoor Hi Chery!!

21:04:54 lizbdavis I've got it on iTunes, not on Ustream

21:05:13 CathyN no ustream go lower on page and click speaker for ETTchannel a

21:05:26 CathyN yes thats it

21:05:34 CathyN just audio tonight

21:05:52 JenWagner Our guest tonight's first website to check out -- http://www.core-ed.net/

21:05:56 cheryloakes wow2 http://sargentparkmathzone.blogspot.com/2007/11/penn-turnpike-investigat...

21:06:05 cheryloakes wow2 just dropped Chris' link

21:06:19 JenWagner Derek's PERSONAL blog -- http://blog.core-ed.net/derek

21:06:24 Kristin Hokanson ha ha cheryl was just typing it out

21:06:30 SusanEttenheim I'm having trouble with the Harbeck url... anyone else?

21:06:32 cheryloakes wow2 Hi SusanR, any snow yet?

21:06:46 JohnS take heart, sharon, I think Jen had a similar experience with her conference this week

21:06:48 cheryloakes wow2 SusanE, try the newest link

21:06:55 lizbdavis I presented to a group of very cynical high school science teachers today, none had heard of web 2.0

21:06:56 JenWagner Derek's K12 Conference -- http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=181

21:07:03 shoemap @Sharon You'll knock their socks off!

21:07:13 cheryloakes wow2 Liz, why is that the case with science, here in maine too

21:07:14 JenWagner JohnS -- I don't think Sharon realizes what happened to me this week -- :) but she will soon!

21:07:29 vjansen do tell jen

21:07:39 sroseman We spent a few days in ChristChurch when we were in New Zealand

21:07:51 SusanEttenheim thanks cheryl

21:08:08 JohnS vince: http://technospud.com/blog/?p=127

21:08:16 JenWagner Vince -- 500 sessions, 9 were tech --- 3 were by me -- I was the only one with Internet availability- the only one who ASKED for internet connectivity

21:08:18 Ann-NJTechTeacher Early night. Good night all.

21:09:00 JenWagner Please remember to use the @ sign when you talk with people!!

21:09:04 JenWagner Thanks so much

21:09:21 JenWagner and CHOOSE a color -- first tool on the left of the toolbar

21:09:24 vjansen are we making a difference..i was in workshops today and teachers were asking for handouts...

21:09:34 vjansen i was watching ustream...

21:09:37 JenWagner @vince -- I provided handouts too

21:09:38 sroseman Is it more of a business model in terms of PD in New Zealand?

21:09:46 JenWagner but also pointed them to the website

21:09:50 cindy p Hi all

21:09:52 JenWagner but they are ALL soo new still

21:09:54 vjansen thats the gap Sharon and I are dealing with

21:09:58 cheryloakes wow2 same for me, @ vince, I put my handouts on line, not handing out

21:10:02 JenWagner I think handouts are NOT the worse thing yet

21:10:11 Lisa Parisi Hi Lori

21:10:18 JenWagner for those who are NEW and the thought of them getting to the internet might not be a GIVEN yet

21:10:24 CathyN handouts online here too

21:10:33 JenWagner I have handouts in both locations

21:10:39 vjansen true..but we need mixed media..for the topic we are dealing with more paper was not helpign

21:10:40 lori a hi

21:10:42 JenWagner but did not use POWERPOINT at all -- everything went to WIKI

21:10:47 cheryloakes wow2 I think you hand out items when everyone needs to walk away with something, but not directions for the how too.

21:10:50 JohnS when you go to a conference do you refer to the printed handouts more than the online ones?

21:10:54 sroseman Ihave heard great things about their Distance Learning programme in New Zealand.

21:11:08 CathyN my ppts have no bullets or text anymore

21:11:17 JenWagner @JohnS -- at the old Classroom Connect Conferences -- they made all handouts available and PEOPLE grabbed them!!

21:11:18 lizbdavis I asked the teachers today - do you feel you are preparing your students to succeed in the 21st century?

21:11:29 JenWagner Hey Ryan -- Mark, Derrallg

21:11:32 JenWagner welcome!!

21:11:33 Lisa Parisi Hi Ryan

21:11:34 JohnS right -- they grabbed them. But did they read/use them?

21:11:40 ryanbretag Hi Jen and Lisa

21:11:40 derrallg Hi JenWagner

21:11:48 JenWagner JohnS -- honestly -- I always threw mine away

21:11:51 JohnS I've had a lot of people stop in and pick up handouts and then just leave

21:11:53 cheryloakes wow2 @ Liz, my teachers said they didn't have time for 21st century.

21:11:54 JenWagner but shhhhh don't tell

21:11:57 vjansen i did mention a wiki and they thought i meant we wer going to Chinatown

21:12:05 SandyWagner If the powerpoint can stand alone a week later, you didnt need to see the presentation

21:12:07 JohnS @Jen -- right.

21:12:08 CathyN i got two speeding tickets in 3 weeks lastmonth : (

21:12:10 lizbdavis I told them I had the solution to not having enough time

21:12:15 Lisa Parisi @cheryl That's the blog thought I'm working on

21:12:16 lizbdavis Get less sleep ;)

21:12:19 CathyN worried at traf court they'd know about 2nd

21:12:23 JenWagner @Vince -- if I had a successful session yesterday -- it was WIKI -- they loved it

21:12:27 Lisa Parisi time to use 21st cent tools

21:12:28 JohnS But sometimes I like them because they remind me of the presentation, and things I may have forgotten

21:12:31 CathyN my son said Mom they are not in the 21st century yet

21:12:53 sroseman Computers were supposed to create the paperless society..that was the promise LOL

21:13:01 Lori Sheldon tough to model 21st century skills while handing out tons of papers or using binders

21:13:02 Lisa Parisi I think this has to be the focus of staff devel....not what but how

21:13:08 Kristin Hokanson @johns I don't do paper..if it is not online so I can bookmark it, I don't use it

21:13:14 cheryloakes wow2 @ liz I told them it is their job to prepare students for 21st century

21:13:21 sroustan @kristin AMEN GIRL

21:13:23 CathyN got a radar detectr this week

21:13:23 sharonp imagine a place without school boards!!

21:13:32 JenWagner Chris Harbeck - We were just talking about you!!! :)

21:13:32 cheryloakes wow2 Oh, Hi Chris, your ears must be burning.

21:13:39 JenWagner LOL

21:13:41 vjansen all the handouts were on CD and was handed out at the end..mind you it was after all a great session..learned lots

21:13:53 JenWagner Welcome Lisa!!

21:14:02 Durff hi jen!!

21:14:12 cheryloakes wow2 I had a shout out to you ChrisH at the beginning, for your voicethread and math projects, just love them!!! It was my wow of the week.Thanks!

21:14:14 JenWagner Welcome back Chris Harbeck -- hope you can stay a while :)

21:14:15 derrallg Hi durff you survived your conference

21:14:16 Lori Sheldon bookmarks travel with me, papers and binders do not

21:14:22 Durff emailing acsi now - proposals for next year

21:14:30 JohnS I may do my next handouts on business cards -- just a url

21:14:38 sroustan @durff is one of your proposals for them to get new wifi?

21:14:39 JenWagner @JohnS - that is a good idea

21:14:41 Lori Sheldon @johns cool idea

21:14:43 shoemap @JohnS great idea

21:14:43 cheryloakes wow2 Poor Durff, hope you pull through and realize it isn't you!

21:14:47 vjansen @johnS great idea...

21:14:51 charbeck thx Cheryl. My kids are amazing and voicethread is such fun to play with

21:14:55 Durff thanks derall - relief to be home

21:14:56 CathyN ive made a slip of paper with a catcy image and a URL bfore...and stickers too

21:15:03 lizbdavis My new motto is "Figure it out!"

21:15:06 Durff it is sroustan

21:15:07 derrallg I could tell

21:15:13 cheryloakes wow2 You go Liz!!!

21:15:13 sroustan :)

21:15:16 derrallg all caps

21:15:22 Kristin Hokanson I talke notes on word...important stuff goes on stickies....I NEVER lose my stuff..but I have gotten the "eye" for having my laptop open

21:15:42 Durff cheryl - part of it is the shock of art teacher going home before we all thought

21:15:44 sroustan I always get the "eye" for having my laptop at conferences

21:15:55 CathyN i ask participipants how many have cell phones...then say you are not tech illiterate or di imm.

21:16:03 sroustan I live-blogged the keynotes at our conference this week and people were glaring at me!

21:16:09 Lori Sheldon @kristin if i walked into a mtg in my district w/ a laptop they would think I was nuts

21:16:13 Lori Sheldon time for change

21:16:30 Durff i didn't get any stares for laptop

21:16:39 JohnS If I had a laptop at meetings, they'd think I'm not paying attention. And they would be right :-)

21:16:42 cheryloakes wow2 Oh, my, @ laptops, our whole district has laptops, all staff, yet not 25% bring them to meetings.

21:16:52 Kristin Hokanson @lori now that all our HS faculty has laptops and the MS and Elem are getting them in the fall it is going to be an expectation

21:16:57 Durff i used it to take notes

21:17:01 vjansen Sharon knows about twittering through meetings..we had our wrist slapped a tthe next meeting...:)

21:17:06 lizbdavis I was in a meeting today - with my laptop and just reading my tweets and not paying attention

21:17:11 shoemap I carry two laptops

21:17:13 Lori Sheldon @johns if you can multitsk, why not

21:17:24 shoemap Vista and XP

21:17:24 Durff i did carry two as well

21:17:28 paula I don't take linear notes - so I prefer to use WIndows journal on Tablet

21:17:31 Durff not allowed to ustream

21:17:31 sroustan @cheryl similar with us. we have laptops in our whole building (not district) and only a handful actually use the laptop like we were supposed to

21:17:32 Kristin Hokanson it is not within the ddistrict...I was at a conference and the guy siting next to me asked me if I was going to be typing the whole time..that it was distracting

21:17:33 CathyN well if the meeting is not engaging we make it that way with twitter and other prog

21:17:34 cheryloakes wow2 If we are twittering and emailing in the meeting IT IS NOT ENGAGING

21:17:40 sharonp shhhh Vince.....

21:17:48 cheryloakes wow2 Who is responsible for making it motivating?

21:17:49 Kristin Hokanson mind you at the end he asked me to email him my notes

21:17:56 sroustan lol

21:17:58 sroustan typical

21:18:01 sroseman twittering is akin to private messaging

21:18:07 Durff the speaker is cheryl

21:18:08 JenWagner Enjoy the blogs of New Zealand Educators -- http://nzedublogs.wikispaces.com/

21:18:09 CathyN who ever gives it should model best practice --inc engagement

21:18:10 lizbdavis How would we feel if our kids were doing it in our classes?

21:18:12 sroustan today, i was in a department meeting

21:18:14 Lori Sheldon @kristin LOL

21:18:20 Durff that's why i make the participants talk

21:18:23 sroustan at the same time, i was twittering someone else in another dept. meeting

21:18:26 vjansen @Cathy..exactly right..now they know waht it may be like in a laptop classroom

21:18:27 CathyN me too durff

21:18:34 sroustan and I was at NYSCATE listening to the closing keynote

21:18:44 Durff i made them use their cell phones too

21:18:44 CathyN i was virtaully there

21:18:53 CathyN cool durff

21:19:02 lizbdavis good for you durff

21:19:03 shoemap @Durff what did you have them do with cell phones?

21:19:07 vjansen yet i think the backchanneling is good too

21:19:08 JenWagner Welcome KimVance

21:19:09 CathyN i heard about a prog that will let cell phones become int for a pres

21:19:12 Lori Sheldon there needs to be some more brain research about multi-taskers, we must be making out brains healthier

21:19:18 KimVance Hi

21:19:20 Durff shoemap http://acsiseminar.wikispaces.com/

21:19:30 shoemap thx durff

21:19:31 sroustan @lori i hope so

21:19:33 JenWagner Welcome LindaN

21:19:37 JohnS @lori -- it's less productive, because you spend a lot of time on the task switching

21:19:37 sroustan else slowly going insane

21:19:38 vjansen I was in auniv visit recen tly and professors are not allowing computers in lectures..too distracting for students

21:19:41 lizbdavis @lori or just getting a headache ;)

21:19:44 JenWagner Hey Carolyn!!! Welcome!

21:20:01 cfoote hi all!

21:20:04 JenWagner I have to say though -- I had the opposite happen today

21:20:05 sroustan i actually cannot concentrate without the use of technology

21:20:17 sroustan if i had a prof tell me i couldn't use a laptop, i could never focus

21:20:17 JenWagner My teachers wanted WANTEd to talk to me -- and I was watching NYSCATE

21:20:24 JenWagner I needed to listen to my teachers

21:20:24 Lori Sheldon @srouran I hear ya!

21:20:30 CathyN wow has honed my multitasking skils LOL

21:20:31 JenWagner but I wanted to listen to NYSCATE

21:20:38 CathyN but ruined my spelling

21:20:42 JenWagner I cannot neglect my teachers like that

21:21:00 JohnS @Cathy, wb in general has done that. I still think it's amazing what the show hosts do.

21:21:04 JenWagner If I try to concentrate on TOO much -- I tend to not concentrate on anything

21:21:05 cfoote Jen, I know what you mean.

21:21:10 CathyN i only listend to the clos keynote for a while--until a class came in the lib

21:21:12 JenWagner WELCOME CHERI Toledo

21:21:15 Lori Sheldon @jenwagner but how often does that opportunity arrise???

21:21:15 cfoote I was helping someone virtually when a student came in for help.

21:21:20 cfoote can't do all of it some dyas!

21:21:23 CheriT Hi Jen

21:21:24 cfoote days

21:21:30 ryanbretag Hi Dr. Toledo!

21:21:43 lori a Hi Cheri and ryan

21:21:45 CheriT Hey Ryan - I read your LA

21:21:46 JenWagner Lori -- Lately -- and especially with Twitter -- it CAN happen more often than Naught

21:21:47 sroustan i feel that way too, but i also feel like most days i can do more than one thing at any given time - and do it well

21:21:51 CheriT Hey Lori

21:22:01 vjansen I agree Sharon..heirachical

21:22:04 cfoote sroustan, I agree, just sometimes doesn't work..have to balance

21:22:13 Durff student online - cuuzie

21:22:15 JenWagner I am being distracted as much as I am being helped by my network. It is a hard see-saw I find myself on

21:22:25 CheriT Ok, now I'm a happy orange person

21:22:31 ryanbretag Excellent -- I'm almost done with my Breadth -- love to hear what you think

21:22:33 cfoote Jen--but don't underestimate the enthusiasm the network brings

21:22:35 JohnS I can't really multitask well.I can task switch okay and move between them, but I can't *really* do two things at once.

21:22:38 sroustan but i have to say - without the network i feel so isolated

21:22:41 JenWagner Ahhh Carolyn -- I do not

21:22:42 cfoote because to me, that makes a difference.

21:22:50 CheriT @Ryan - i'll look more closely when we're official :-)

21:22:51 cfoote I'm much more jazzed about everything

21:22:52 JenWagner just find myself VERY distracted

21:22:58 cfoote lol.Jen, I understand.

21:22:59 ryanbretag :-) Gotcha

21:23:00 JenWagner yep

21:23:10 cheryloakes wow2 I am back,

21:23:19 cfoote I'm sorry I'm late and have to ask who the guest is?

21:23:20 cheryloakes wow2 Hi Cheri T

21:23:20 vjansen @ Jen it is quite a task to multitask all day... a global office

21:23:24 sroustan there are two of us in my building - HS and MS that are tech-proficient

21:23:28 JenWagner Derek Wenmoth

21:23:33 cfoote k, thanks :)

21:23:35 CheriT Hi Vince - long time no see

21:23:36 JenWagner from New Zealand -- he was a K12 presenter

21:23:41 vjansen Derek Wenmoth

21:23:42 Lori Sheldon network has definately been a positive impact on me, felt like no one around here thinks they way I do, I am not alone

21:23:47 CheriT Hi cheryl - we're coming to Maine for sure in July

21:23:52 sroustan there are a fair number that can use old tech, but very few that can use new tech

21:23:57 cheryloakes wow2 yeah, let's make plans

21:24:00 CheriT Alice - we want your input too

21:24:03 sroustan or feel that they can use new tech anyway

21:24:09 vjansen HI Cheryl..yes it has been awhile..good to be here

21:24:19 CathyN i dont think anyone except my network thiks like me either

21:24:23 Kristin Hokanson I have always had to manage my ADD...one of the strategies...is I only check in with my network if I have time to get involved with things that they may be involved in

21:24:25 ryanbretag Great question!!!

21:24:28 Kristin Hokanson GREAT QUESTION

21:24:34 vjansen good question

21:24:44 JenWagner Grins -- I think they liked the question, Sharon

21:24:46 cfoote but I think some conferences don't separate as much.

21:24:48 Kristin Hokanson I think Tech & Curriculum should be working together

21:24:48 CheriT Excellent question, Sharon - I am always wondering that too

21:24:55 cfoote I agree with the question though.

21:24:58 lizbdavis @lori and @carthy Yes - even my fellow ed tech peopl in the district don't really get it

21:25:00 JenWagner The conference I was at the last 48 hours was VERY separated

21:25:00 emapey @Lisa Lane Hi Lisa

21:25:03 CheriT Rogers et al

21:25:05 ryanbretag IMHO, we need to bring it to the "non-tech" conferences

21:25:07 CathyN ooo

21:25:12 cfoote Ryan--YES!

21:25:18 SusanEttenheim I notice more and more content pd will have technology - such as a History teachers pd that is all about using technology for History

21:25:19 CathyN that is how feel to Ryan

21:25:20 jenverschoor birds of one feather flock together when talking about technology

21:25:22 cfoote we should all be applying to present WITh content area teachers

21:25:22 JenWagner but LOL - I keep merging it all together

21:25:28 Lisa M Lane @emapey -- Hi Eduardo!

21:25:28 cfoote AT content area conf.

21:25:32 CathyN yes Carolyn

21:25:34 ColetteC too often we are preaching to the choir

21:25:40 Durff i invited student here

21:25:43 CathyN i went to arts cnf three years in arow and pres

21:25:46 Durff we'll see

21:25:50 cfoote or go to conferences like AASL where the teachers/librarians present together.

21:25:52 cfoote great, Cathy

21:25:59 CheriT I feel like i'm running with the same folks in different circles

21:26:00 cfoote I presented at principal's conference.

21:26:14 CathyN but aasl is NOT 2.0 friendly despite efforts

21:26:15 Kristin Hokanson yes yes it is not about the technology it is about the teaching and learning WHOO HOOO

21:26:19 SusanEttenheim @cfoote - what was your topic?

21:26:20 emapey @Lisa Lane we have selected colors for our text messages

21:26:24 CathyN i res at principal conf too

21:26:25 Durff Dr. T - you feel like running in circles?

21:26:30 JenWagner CheriT -- but if you look at conventions coming up -- there are TONS of people using technology that we don't even know about

21:26:34 CheriT many times

21:26:36 JenWagner so our RIPPLE will grow

21:26:38 JenWagner and grow

21:26:43 CheriT and grow

21:26:44 cfoote exactly

21:26:44 alicebarr CheriT Cool news! I 'd love to be part of the plans (sorry fell behind)

21:26:47 JenWagner http://www.ulearn.org.nz

21:26:49 Brian Crosby Hi all!

21:26:51 ryanbretag jenverschoor -- that is what scares me ;-)

21:26:53 JenWagner Hi Brian

21:26:57 Durff hi brian

21:27:02 vjansen hi Brian

21:27:02 JenWagner Welcome JL

21:27:04 Durff hi jeff

21:27:04 CheriT @Alice - thanks we'll be in touch

21:27:07 sroustan our districts' conference was on tools for differentiation

21:27:10 Lisa Parisi Hi Jeff

21:27:18 SusanEttenheim hi jl'

21:27:21 JL Hello Wowsers

21:27:21 jenverschoor but at least you know you can always count on somebody

21:27:25 sroustan it was a 2-day thing that ended today, and it ended up being a tech conference

21:27:25 lizbdavis "Ripple in still waters when ther is no pebble tossed ..."

21:27:28 Durff hi parisi

21:27:33 Lisa Parisi hey durff

21:27:34 sharonp Hi Jeff!

21:27:36 cfoote great question.

21:27:36 CathyN we had a district conf centered around studnt eng--great forum for auth use of tech

21:27:39 sroustan from first glance, i think it was really effective

21:27:46 CheriT changing beliefs seems easier than changing values

21:27:47 Lisa M Lane ok, I'll be..um...salmon color

21:27:50 cfoote how do you get people to reflect?

21:27:53 JenWagner We do need to continue to expand our network

21:27:58 JenWagner CONTINUALLY

21:28:00 CathyN blog

21:28:03 sroustan blogging

21:28:04 JenWagner or we DO preach to the CHOIR

21:28:15 CheriT research has shown that adults really only change their behavior, beliefs and values as a result of crisis

21:28:19 cfoote not everyone is a blogger, tho

21:28:20 Kristin Hokanson @colettec so true...I just presented at PA Business Educators conf...they LOVED the web2.0 tools and you could see teh wheels turnng

21:28:22 sroustan I wish there was a way that we could make teachers blog

21:28:25 Lisa M Lane Hi all -- thanks LisaP for twittering this or I woulda forgot

21:28:26 CathyN true cheri

21:28:26 sroustan it's changed my life

21:28:32 CheriT how can we help them see the crises?

21:28:33 CathyN cange is never comfy

21:28:34 Lisa Parisi welcome lisa

21:28:47 JenWagner Kristin -- for me too. Yesterday there were LIGHTBULB moments for the teachers

21:28:47 cfoote good question Cherl

21:28:49 lizbdavis @srounstan I think we can't make anyone do anything

21:28:51 JenWagner you could see it

21:28:54 CathyN we are changing email

21:29:05 cheryloakes wow2 CheriT, how is it that some people create a positive crisis, not the negative spiral

21:29:07 lizbdavis They have to come to it on their own - how annoying ;)

21:29:08 CathyN you'd of thought i was asking people to pack up there room and move

21:29:16 alicebarr Education Crisis?

21:29:22 Lori Sheldon but we can plant seeds

21:29:28 sroustan @liz I know, but wouldn't it be great?

21:29:29 JenWagner always plant the seeds

21:29:31 Lisa M Lane can they just respond to a challenge rather than a crisis?

21:29:33 Lori Sheldon and guide

21:29:35 sroustan like an assignment, you know?

21:29:37 JenWagner you have no idea who will water and fertilize

21:29:45 alicebarr It's OK to take a risk

21:29:46 jenverschoor teachers get scared to teach in a Global environment

21:29:46 CathyN some will sinck, some will swim

21:29:58 jenverschoor don´t feel prepared

21:29:59 cheryloakes wow2 I like that Lisa M. challenge,= crisis

21:30:00 KimVance Too many students unmotivated = crisis, I think

21:30:03 CathyN do not want to be open for any criticism

21:30:03 CheriT @cheryl - glass empty vs. glass full? Also, some people need to be in chaotic crisis to feel normal

21:30:05 cfoote interesting...because I find our school exploring things we were exploring in the 90's

21:30:11 cfoote but then forgot about

21:30:12 sroustan i know i don't feel prepared to teach in a global world

21:30:16 sroustan but it's super cool :)

21:30:27 lizbdavis Change requires living with incompetence that is very uncomfortable for teachers

21:30:30 Linda N Some people are just more naturally open to learning new things.

21:30:31 shoemap even teachers who want to do it have roadblocks to battle through

21:30:40 CathyN me as well routman but my network is global

21:30:44 Lisa Parisi I took an action research class

21:30:57 CheriT @Linda - that means that they have to become comfortable when they are not in control

21:31:02 CheriT internally or externally

21:31:05 alicebarr we all have to do action research at our school

21:31:07 jenverschoor you are already teaching in a global world if you are using blogs

21:31:13 Lisa M Lane the challenge is the same as it's always been, but we have additional options we can use to respond

21:31:15 Lisa Parisi really alice?

21:31:19 Linda N @CheriT You've got it for sure!

21:31:19 Lisa Parisi very cool

21:31:20 shoemap Yes action research

21:31:22 alicebarr yes

21:31:22 CathyN yes--and twitter makes u gloabla too

21:31:25 cheryloakes wow2 that is great Alice

21:31:37 alicebarr It's alot of work but usually worth it

21:31:39 Kristin Hokanson @jenwagner eyyes you need to keep planting seeds...but don't water the rocks :)

21:31:40 ryanbretag but is the global audience diverse?

21:31:40 sroustan we had to do action research for my Masters, too

21:31:43 Brian Crosby I "sort Of" do action research each year for my teacher evaluation

21:31:44 Lisa Parisi it is a lot of work

21:31:47 sroustan but i hated it

21:31:49 SusanEttenheim alice how is it organized and are students involved too?

21:31:51 Lisa Parisi can't imagine doing it often

21:31:57 ryanbretag diverse in thinking, beliefs, and focus

21:32:00 JenWagner Is the global audience diverse??

21:32:01 CathyN a GBE is actio research--goals based eval

21:32:02 alicebarr It's year long

21:32:03 shoemap do small action research

21:32:11 JenWagner ahhh -- thanks -- I wanted to know more of what you were asking

21:32:12 alicebarr And ou have to ska the right question

21:32:12 shoemap study a few kids in your class

21:32:13 sroustan i think i would like it better now than what i did then

21:32:23 SusanEttenheim alice when do the teachers work on it?

21:32:26 JenWagner I think the classroom NEXT door is DIVERSE, Ryan

21:32:28 JenWagner :)

21:32:29 alicebarr you have to ask the right question

21:32:34 jenverschoor It´s always diverse that´s the best part of it!!

21:32:36 SusanEttenheim alice what and who picks the topics?

21:32:39 cheryloakes wow2 Hi Janice, I have loved your kids podcasts

21:32:41 Linda N But I also have students who can hardly stdn to feel out of equilibrilium in their learning.

21:32:48 JenWagner Welcome JANICE

21:32:55 CathyN i still have to do my gbe for the year

21:33:01 Brian Crosby I think it works better when you do it with others that have a common idea

21:33:13 alicebarr WE get time once a month during Prof development time to meet in collegial groups

21:33:15 Janice S Hi All

21:33:16 JenWagner Welcome back, Carolyn

21:33:16 Lisa M Lane apologies for ignorance, but who is the guest tonight?

21:33:23 alicebarr The rest is on our own

21:33:23 JenWagner Derek Wenmoth

21:33:29 JenWagner K12 Online Conference Presenter

21:33:30 cheryloakes wow2 that is right brian, because the conversation is important

21:33:32 SusanEttenheim in groups by question? action?

21:33:33 JenWagner From New Zealand

21:33:38 Lisa M Lane thanks, JenW, osrry

21:33:44 sharonp Derek was a keynote for K12

21:33:45 Brian Crosby Derek di one of the keynotes for k12 online

21:33:47 JenWagner Welcome Dean

21:33:54 shareski greetings

21:33:54 sroustan (I'm going to go out on a limb here, but pretty sure that most can figure out he's from NZ)

21:33:55 shoemap Action research is what we do as part of the teacher eval process in my district

21:34:00 alicebarr @SusanE By question

21:34:06 sharonp Hi Dean!

21:34:15 alicebarr or by chose group

21:34:22 CathyN hey dean

21:34:39 SusanEttenheim alice and then how do they share? wiki?

21:34:43 CathyN i follow u in twttr--u make me global Dean

21:34:51 shareski I'm all dressed in Rider green:/

21:34:52 JenWagner Does anyone want to join us in SKYPE??

21:34:53 CheriT I also wonder how much gender has to do with the avoidance of change - if change might produce conflict (internal and/or external) I think women might avoid it more (Tannen's book You Just Don't Understand)

21:34:58 JenWagner please let me know your SKYPE NAME

21:35:02 alicebarr Well right now report out on paper but people are moving to wkis

21:35:07 Brian Crosby Hi Dean! - emailed the teachers you asked me about - haven't heard from them yet

21:35:09 cfoote of course, i missed the part I wanted to hear on action research..lol

21:35:10 sharonp okay folk, in a few minutes we would love to have someone join us for ur chat

21:35:12 lizbdavis @jen how do we do that?

21:35:15 cfoote ie crashed.

21:35:16 Lisa M Lane found his blog: http://blog.core-ed.net/derek/

21:35:20 JenWagner Lize -- we need your SKYPE name

21:35:22 lizbdavis all my names are lizbdavis

21:35:24 JenWagner then we will call you

21:35:25 ryanbretag @JenWagner I think it goes back to your question about preaching to the choir. We mention Twitter, blogs, etc. and a global group, but I wonder how diverse our networks are in terms of our belief system on education and education technology. Does that make sense? I'm a bit off tonight (well, more so than usual)

21:35:30 sroustan you need skype names?

21:35:39 JenWagner Ryan

21:35:41 lizbdavis I'm not sure I have anything to say...

21:35:49 JenWagner Ryan -- at the conference yesterday -- THERE WAS NO CHOIR

21:35:54 JenWagner they were all new to everything

21:35:55 SandyWagner Will Rich talked today about needing to braden his network more

21:35:58 sroustan @liz you took the words off my screen

21:35:58 JenWagner they were open

21:36:00 JenWagner questioning

21:36:00 CheriT @Ryan - you're right - we end up running with those who have similar beliefs

21:36:02 shareski @Brian....I'll check with them

21:36:04 cfoote @jenwagner what conference?

21:36:05 JenWagner but welcome to new ideas

21:36:10 JenWagner ACSI in Anaheim CA

21:36:21 CathyN i think aasl is like that too--no choir to preach too, but lots of wannabes

21:36:23 cfoote ah, ok..so many going on, i can't keep up ;)

21:36:24 JenWagner It was nice to share ideas with a willing and open office

21:36:27 cfoote I agree, Cathy

21:36:29 CheriT @Jen - it's a different type of choir ;-)

21:36:33 vjansen i assume we all have similar beliefs which is why we are all here

21:36:34 ryanbretag @JenWagner the big question weeks from now is how many of those people will make up your network

21:36:40 cfoote action research in high school..cool.

21:36:47 JenWagner Ryan 6 have joined TWITTER

21:36:49 vjansen the goal is to get more tenors...

21:36:51 JenWagner 3 have made WIKIS

21:36:51 CathyN Joyce was all alone almost at AASL

21:36:58 JenWagner kinda okay -- ???

21:36:59 jenverschoor social network that sounds interesting

21:37:00 sroustan lol tenors

21:37:07 cfoote that's too bad, Cathy

21:37:10 ryanbretag that is excellent

21:37:15 JenWagner baby steps

21:37:20 JenWagner always 100% baby steps

21:37:22 sroustan not really student based, no

21:37:22 Kristin Hokanson wish CHris Lehman was here

21:37:22 SusanEttenheim Quality of Life Project - I'll look for a URL

21:37:24 JenWagner for me at least

21:37:29 paula no action research that I know of

21:37:34 Simon(says) I have done Action Research for AQ courses, but have not seen students doing it

21:37:41 cfoote I have a book about action research for librarians

21:37:49 Brian Crosby Tried to ustream our class Thanksgiving feast today - failed - didn't try it out 1st - now I got it to work : )

21:37:51 sroustan i think i have handouts, but i lose paper

21:37:53 Lisa M Lane I've forgotten the baby steps myself, so it's hard to lead others

21:37:55 paula my grad students don't want to do it - too much work

21:38:02 shoemap No student AR that I know of, but i think it is a GREAT idea

21:38:04 CathyN SCASL sponsors an action research grant, open to librarians and students

21:38:18 sroustan i just don't know if i have anything that i can add

21:38:18 SusanEttenheim http://www.qlcompetition.org/ is this what you are looking for?

21:38:35 ryanbretag The PLC movement pushed Action Research and what my former school required on major decisions made within departments. It was really excellent.

21:38:37 ColetteC not for HS more for college - http://cadres.pepperdine.edu/ccar/

21:38:44 ehelfant @cfoote name of action research for librarians book?

21:38:49 sroustan hi @liz

21:38:50 ryanbretag pushed = pushes

21:39:01 cfoote one sec @ehlelfant

21:39:11 ryanbretag A great book on Action Research is the one tied to Wizard of Oz

21:39:17 SusanEttenheim Over 1400 New York City high school students recently created innovative proposals ranging from recommending health report cards to prevent obesity among students in New York City schools, to a policy solution to help solve the city's housing crisis, to creating a youth activism campaign to stop companies from sending jobs overseas. These research-based solutions were submitted to the Quality of Life Competition last April in response to the question: "What would you do to improve the quality of life?"

21:39:19 JohnS It's coaching, @Jen. Once you take off the uniform, you just tell others how to play the game.

21:39:24 ryanbretag Let me see if I can get the title unless someone has it off hand

21:39:26 jenverschoor no AR at school

21:39:31 Janice S One can never forget the experiences of the classroom.

21:39:37 vjansen push = pushback

21:39:52 cfoote can't find my book--I think it's called Action Research for Librarians

21:39:59 Linda N My fifth graders are asked to do an action research problem that seeks to propose a solution to a real problem they identify and then present their proposal to an audience that has the potential to implement their plan.

21:40:06 lizbdavis I took a class called collaborative inquiry - research based on looking at the positive what is working rather than what isn't

21:40:09 JenWagner Grins -- John, I have seen some very unfit coaches telling football players how to play :)

21:40:10 CathyN but classroms today r diffrnet cuz kids are wired diff--need cont stimulation

21:40:10 jenverschoor It´s so nice to learn how teachers teach in different parts of the world : )

21:40:22 JenWagner :)

21:40:23 SusanEttenheim @ linda - yes simmilar idea

21:40:23 cheryloakes wow2 Lizb, that is a good use of energy

21:40:30 cheryloakes wow2 hi dougs, welcome

21:40:31 sroustan @cathy that's not different - i need const. stimulation, too :)

21:40:42 JohnS http://www.whatkidscando.org/specialcollections/student_research_action/... -- AR in schools

21:40:47 emapey My wife hates unfit coaches

21:40:52 SusanEttenheim similar - sorry - sp

21:40:59 CathyN but they come in from playing vide games, texting, watching tv and listening to music

21:41:02 sharonp thanks for the resources folks!

21:41:03 ryanbretag http://www.amazon.com/Action-Research-Teachers-Traveling-Yellow/dp/01311...

21:41:04 DS Hi Cheryl, and all, thanks

21:41:09 ryanbretag Great AR read

21:41:11 sharonp I am impressed!

21:41:13 CathyN i never did all that--but do now

21:41:18 ColetteC Books: McNiff, J., Lomax, P., & Whitehead, J. ( 2006). All You Need to Know About Action Research. Thousand Oaks: Sage. McNiff, J., Lomax, P., & Whitehead, J. ( 2003). You and Your Action Research Project. (Second edition)

21:41:23 SusanEttenheim great link john

21:41:27 sroustan i think we are going to find that more and more younger teachers are going to ressemble their students

21:41:31 JenWagner Ryan -- do you read ALL THE TIME???

21:41:34 cheryloakes wow2 thanks colettec

21:41:36 ehelfant thanks for the titles

21:41:37 sharonp how cool!

21:41:38 JohnS @susan -- just a google search, really

21:41:41 cheryloakes wow2 Hi Anne V.

21:41:47 Lisa M Lane it's hard to get past the idea that they don't want to use tech to *work*, just play

21:41:54 ryanbretag @JenWagner ask Dr. Toledo ;-)

21:41:57 sroustan not in looks, but rather in how they use tech in their everyday lives

21:42:03 Brian Crosby I agree - talking and preaching about doing projects, tech, etc. is one thing ... doing it in the classroom with all the things that interupt and make things difficult is another.

21:42:08 JenWagner :) FOrgot that you are in a PhD program -- question removed :)

21:42:14 sroustan @lisa exactly! my colleagues can't understand that to me, this stuff is fun

21:42:19 vjansen @sroustan... I ofund that there is range..many do and yet many young teachers are far behind

21:42:20 sroustan they just think i like to work

21:42:20 ryanbretag @JenWagner honestly, yep! I'm a former high school English teacher

21:42:31 ColetteC action research is really just about improving your own practice in a systematic researched manner

21:42:43 cfoote book for librarians http://www.amazon.com/Action-Research-Guide-Library-Specialists/dp/15868...

21:42:44 JenWagner Ryan -- I am not surprised to hear that at ALL

21:42:52 CheriT @Ryan - missed you at IETC - I was impressed with that conference, very well run, lots of good speakers and workshops

21:42:59 CathyN it also enhances your reflection skills

21:42:59 Lisa M Lane @sroustan -- I find students get resentful when I ask them to use tech to work

21:43:07 ryanbretag @colettec often in a collaborative way

21:43:10 vjansen 1 more while we are in chat!

21:43:19 JenWagner Lis will be joining out chat soon -- ANYONE else wish to join up??

21:43:23 sroustan really?

21:43:25 CheriT @Lisa - what age and where are ou?

21:43:38 ryanbretag @CheriT Yea, I avoided it because of the person that made treats but I'm over it and kicking myself for backing down

21:43:41 sroustan @lisa my kids get stressed, but generally like the process/product better

21:43:41 Brian Crosby I get so into what we are doing when I do action research I forget to keep enough samples/examples for my report.

21:43:44 Lisa M Lane @CheriT -- jr college, southern Cal

21:44:04 CheriT @Lisa - are you in Oceanside?

21:44:05 sroustan @jenwagner i would, but i don't know that i have anything to add

21:44:07 Lisa M Lane they think their computers and cells are for socializing, not work

21:44:08 KimVance @JenWagner what is your chat about?

21:44:15 JenWagner SRouston -- perhaps next time

21:44:25 JenWagner Hi Kim -- we are asking questions to Derek Wenmoth

21:44:26 Brian Crosby Notes too forget to write down enough whats going well not well ... then you forget.

21:44:29 Lisa M Lane @CheriT -- yes, MiraCosta College is in Oceanside and Cardiff

21:44:34 JenWagner from New Zealand about Tech in Education

21:44:38 sroustan anytime

21:44:38 JenWagner helping Teachers

21:44:44 JenWagner Mirroring good practices

21:44:51 Lisa M Lane @sroustan -- good point; I should focus on product not just process

21:44:56 JenWagner Ohhh Liz is going to ask a ???? soon!!

21:45:03 JenWagner Be ready 30 second delay

21:45:15 DS have to run folks, take care and ttys

21:45:18 JenWagner WELCOME LIZ TO SKYPE

21:45:22 Kristin Hokanson @lisa lane that's cause it is forcing kids to actually analyze info

21:45:25 lizbdavis thanks

21:45:44 Lisa M Lane @Kristin -- they also feel it invades "their space"

21:45:48 sroustan @lisa i think of it this way. i have to write my masters' thesis this winter. i hate writing. LOATHE IT. but, it is going to be published through my university, so i am sure that i will spend a great deal of time on it so that the product is great

21:46:20 JenWagner YEAH LIZ!!!!

21:46:29 JenWagner anyone else want to join in??

21:46:35 JenWagner Ryan -- LOL Cheri -- LOL

21:46:43 JenWagner Kristin H

21:46:44 CheriT uhhhhh

21:46:44 Durff what did she say?

21:46:49 sroustan i resent my prof for making me do this, but at the same time, i know the product will be good - same with kids and tech

21:46:49 Kristin Hokanson very much so...and it bugs me when they claim they "can't" do things...wen if they are engaged, or invested ie mysppace thy figure it out

21:46:54 CheriT don't really have anything intelligent to ask :-)

21:46:57 CathyN time for life to nterrupt yall--i was fun.

21:46:58 JenWagner :)

21:47:01 sroustan wow....this chat is going a teensy bit above what i can talk about

21:47:04 Kristin Hokanson not tonight...feel TERRIBLE

21:47:05 CheriT bye CathyN

21:47:06 JenWagner Thanks Cathy for dorpping in

21:47:10 JenWagner dropping in

21:47:11 Durff dr. t. you ARE intelligent

21:47:14 cfoote bye Cathy!

21:47:15 alicebarr @Liz I just went to that conference

21:47:20 Durff bye cathy

21:47:20 sroustan @kristin still??

21:47:21 CheriT :-)

21:47:22 Kristin Hokanson hanging in cause I have missed you guys the past couple of weeks

21:47:45 Durff hi knowclue

21:47:47 Lisa M Lane @Kristin -- I so agree -- a student yesterday told me they lack motivation

21:47:57 JenWagner Welcome JenV from Argentina!!!

21:48:01 JenWagner she has a ???? for Derek

21:48:08 sujokat Hi this is my first time i am usually teaching at this time but we asr on strike today. what states in aust has he workes st?

21:48:11 cheryloakes wow2 Jen has her baby with her, get ready

21:48:13 knowclue Hello there... made it

21:48:25 Durff argentina!

21:48:32 cfoote Hello Argentina!

21:48:41 sroustan wow!

21:48:44 paula world wide WOW

21:48:46 lizbdavis Its a back back channel

21:48:46 derrallg WOW Int.

21:48:54 sroustan this is just too cool - i love when we connect globally

21:48:56 emapey @Liz Great to hear you

21:49:04 shareski I would add that part of the trick is to speak about personal learning instead of always professional learning

21:49:05 Lisa M Lane ooh @liz i was gonna say that!

21:49:18 Janice S I agree Dean

21:49:23 Durff too late - we heard

21:49:27 Kristin Hokanson and I have been checking out Derek's work since k12 online

21:49:28 sroustan no kidding

21:49:30 ryanbretag Boy, I'd like to hear what goes on in that other chat ;-)

21:49:35 JohnS Interesting point about personal vs professional learning

21:49:36 Lisa M Lane @shareski -- I actually got blank looks when I tried that in a workshop

21:49:42 Janice S It's what I'm trying to stress in my district

21:49:43 JenWagner Ryan -- we always are talking about you!! :)

21:49:44 sujokat how do i ask a question if i am not on skype at the moment?

21:49:55 JenWagner Sujokat -- you can type your question

21:49:57 lizbdavis I'm not in the other chat

21:49:59 cfoote sujokat You can ask it in the room.

21:50:01 Lisa M Lane tried to teach college instructors about RSS feeds for their own use, but I lost them

21:50:03 shareski @Lisa....teachers find it refreshing

21:50:21 JohnS RSS takes lots of times before people get it.

21:50:23 sujokat thanks jen this is the first time i have heard you guys!!!

21:50:28 sroustan you sound great

21:50:28 JohnS Try the common craft video

21:50:31 CheriT @Lisa - I've tried that too with the same group ... they get the deer in the headlights look

21:50:35 shareski it's about giving yourself permission to learn for yourself...that's what we want kids to do

21:50:38 Lisa M Lane @JohnS excellent idea!

21:50:50 Janice S You have to use baby steps for RSS I use personal interests to subscribe to first

21:50:51 ryanbretag @JenWagner I would expect nothing less :-)

21:50:56 Durff Really Serious Stressrelief

21:50:57 Lisa M Lane @CheriT -- exactly! not the eyes glazing over, but shock

21:51:01 JohnS You can also try using protopage to make it a bit more accessible

21:51:06 sujokat is the time you always broadcast?

21:51:07 JenWagner We always talk about those we LOVE :)

21:51:08 sroustan lol @durff

21:51:14 Durff :)

21:51:16 ryanbretag @Durff Right on!

21:51:25 Durff it is for me

21:51:30 CheriT @Lisa it's like they go to another world ... oh, yea, world 1.0

21:51:30 JohnS sujokat: they are on every week at this time.

21:51:35 Durff i grade that way

21:51:41 Lisa M Lane @JohnS I used Feedraider, and my partner used Pageflakes, but no

21:51:45 Linda N @ JaniceS Yes, personal interests work very well

21:52:00 CheriT darth vader is back

21:52:02 JohnS @lisa I've had some success with the "personal newspaper" metaphor

21:52:03 sroustan lol

21:52:06 Lisa M Lane @CheriT -- saw a t-shirt today that said "if it doesn't work, just call it version 1.0"

21:52:09 ryanbretag It isn't me this time!!

21:52:15 Durff bring out your laser

21:52:15 cfoote I can hear some faint talking

21:52:16 CheriT that's a good one Lisa

21:52:16 sujokat hi durff i have changed my blog since you told me off about transparency sorry sue

21:52:18 cheryloakes wow2 love it, Lisa M.

21:52:22 Janice S I like the personal newspaper metaphore

21:52:24 Lisa M Lane @JohnS -- I like that, personal newspaper

21:52:26 vjansen lol

21:52:28 Durff changed it?

21:52:40 alicebarr @LisaLane Great t-shirt!

21:52:50 alicebarr Should be worn for workshops

21:52:51 sujokat yep i putinfo about me on it

21:52:53 CheriT I don't say Really Simple Syndication - I use Subscription - and they seem to get that

21:52:59 CheriT well, some do

21:53:00 CheriT :_)

21:53:04 Durff oh, i see

21:53:08 cfoote I think we need to change the name of RSS altogether.

21:53:09 CheriT :-)

21:53:10 shareski we work with Galileo as well

21:53:14 Janice S @ Cherit T :)

21:53:16 sujokat thanks i am a newby

21:53:21 JohnS @cheri: right, but you have to explain that they don't have to pay for it. Some of them don't get that.

21:53:23 Durff yes i have them do a circle

21:53:23 Lisa M Lane @cfoote -- yes! let's change the name! now!

21:53:24 CheriT Hi Janice!

21:53:29 Durff five on outside

21:53:31 sroseman and in Ontario too ..most web 2.0 apps are blocked

21:53:34 Durff one on inside

21:53:34 CheriT @JohnS - good point

21:53:38 Janice S Hi Cherit

21:53:45 Durff like the videos - craft ones

21:53:45 lizbdavis @lisa love that shirt - did you see the twtiier shir that says "wearing this shirt"

21:53:50 paula Thanks Derek

21:53:52 cfoote night all! was good to see everyone!

21:54:01 CheriT I'm going to get a T-shirt that says "Web 2.0: It's all free!"

21:54:04 JohnS Thank you, Derek

21:54:07 JenWagner ANY LAST QUESIONS???

21:54:08 sujokat thanks derek what states in australia do you work in?

21:54:08 sroustan @cheriT I just call RSS the paperboy. they tend to get that analogy

21:54:11 Durff we don't hear an echo

21:54:16 sroustan the paperboy that you don't have to tip

21:54:18 Lisa M Lane @liz -- yes! that one is fun -- you guys gotta look at cafepress for t-shirts

21:54:18 alicebarr @CheriT Great Cheri!

21:54:21 CheriT sroustan - good one

21:55:09 lizbdavis @sroustan love that analogy thanks!

21:55:13 JenWagner Derek just got a HI from nieces!!!

21:55:15 CheriT I saw the best t-shirt in cafepress: Line 1 - We've been fighting terrorism ... Picture of 4 Native Americans ... Line 2 - Since 1492

21:55:16 paula Is there an archive of this chat ?

21:55:18 CheriT It was great

21:55:18 ryanbretag Good night all -- great show!

21:55:25 sroustan Thanks. I had to explain RSS today to people that didn't know how to work a laptop mouse

21:55:25 JenWagner thanks for being a part of this chat

21:55:32 Durff aww!

21:55:33 CheriT Bye Ryan - keep up the good work!!

21:55:42 derrallg Good night everyone great show

21:55:43 cheryloakes wow2 Paula, the podcast and chat will be available, hm, usually on Thur. not sure this week.

21:55:50 JohnS @paula: they usually post a chat transcript

21:55:51 cheryloakes wow2 good night all who are leaving.

21:55:58 paula thanks

21:56:01 lizbdavis This was a lot of fun - I'm still working on the multitasking

21:56:13 sroustan wow - the hour's up already?

21:56:18 sroustan time flies...

21:56:27 Durff i'm confident you are doing well liz

21:56:27 CheriT Lots of quiet tonight

21:56:27 sujokat we had a good conference here in oz it is on my blog

21:56:30 Janice S I'm always working on the multitasking. :)

21:56:31 cheryloakes wow2 the time has flown.

21:56:33 sroustan i have six minutes

21:56:40 CheriT i have 4 minutes

21:56:46 cheryloakes wow2 I have 3 min.

21:56:47 JenWagner yep -- sharon is on Montreal time :)

21:56:52 JenWagner I have 4 minutes

21:56:55 sharonp my laptop is not accurate...

21:57:02 JenWagner you know -- when you cross the border -- you lose minutes LOL

21:57:09 sroustan lol

21:57:16 CheriT yea!

21:57:17 Lisa M Lane another t-shirt: "I logged off for THIS?"

21:57:21 JohnS they're metric minutes

21:57:25 sroustan ...and add an accent

21:57:27 CheriT :-)

21:57:30 JenWagner That's it -- we are dealing with METRIC time

21:57:42 Durff or "I logged on for THIS?"

21:57:51 sujokat :)

21:57:57 sroustan nice

21:57:59 alicebarr Amazing! Critical Friends Groups!

21:58:02 JenWagner Who is going to EduCon2 -- in PA

21:58:07 Durff me

21:58:12 Durff you?

21:58:14 alicebarr YEa ME!

21:58:17 JenWagner YEP -- I was accepted

21:58:18 Durff yea

21:58:23 sroustan no...but i want to go

21:58:23 sujokat can we see it online from oz?

21:58:26 sroustan :(

21:58:29 Durff party

21:58:34 sroustan stupid money

21:58:40 Durff P-a-r-t-e-i!!

21:58:57 Durff blogging in tandem

21:59:03 Lisa M Lane I wanna go to Educon toooooooo

21:59:04 JenWagner It will be so USTREAMED!!!

21:59:07 Durff wiki ways

21:59:16 sroustan @lisa you and i can have a pity PA party

21:59:17 Durff do lisa

21:59:29 JohnS @Jen: my daughter's first grade class is just starting with blogging

21:59:32 Durff cool!

21:59:39 JenWagner Ohhh JohnS -- wanna join in the conversation!!!

21:59:40 cheryloakes wow2 that is great johns

21:59:42 sroustan you know, @teach42 has this lovely donation thing on his blog...

21:59:51 Durff we have to use alliteration in all titles

21:59:51 sroustan maybe i could do the same thing to get me to EduCon?

21:59:51 alicebarr Cool will you talk about back channeling Sharon?

21:59:58 JohnS uhh -- not really. thanks, though :-)

22:00:00 Anne V I so hope I can be there, I'm so close it would be terrible if I can't

22:00:03 JenWagner LOL -- :)

22:00:14 Lisa M Lane @sroustan -- you're on -- I'll bring drinks

22:00:19 sujokat will it be online?

22:00:21 Durff :)

22:00:21 sroustan awesome

22:00:38 Durff AND he's in Philly!!

22:00:40 Lisa M Lane @sroustan -- do u blog?

22:00:48 sroustan I'm creating a new charity - you all can donate - It's called send me to EduCon and then to NECC

22:00:50 sroseman what is the url for educon

22:00:59 Durff cute sue

22:01:03 sroustan @Lisa yes I do - at beyondpodcasting.blogspot.com

22:01:06 Janice S I like that - Sue

22:01:12 Durff twitter power

22:01:31 Lisa M Lane @sroustan thanks!

22:01:32 Durff ubiquitous ustream

22:01:32 Cathy E I will be home cheering you on :)

22:01:43 sroustan you all think i'm kidding...

22:01:44 Durff aw cathy

22:01:46 cheryloakes wow2 I will be skiing during the educon

22:01:48 sroustan seriously - taking donations...

22:02:00 sroustan ew really? you all want to see snow?

22:02:00 JenWagner http://www.educon20.org

22:02:01 Durff you are kidding

22:02:05 JenWagner link for EduCon2

22:02:07 cheryloakes wow2 Big Thanks to Derek

22:02:08 sroustan oh that's just sick you guys

22:02:10 Durff philly in snow is ugly

22:02:11 JenWagner OHHH I love SNOW

22:02:13 CheriT @Jen - you poor Californian ... gotta go to the mountains more

22:02:25 sroustan omg - you all must not have snow, else you'd hate it

22:02:27 Durff but in philly snow gets ugly

22:02:29 JenWagner Lisa -- I will ignore your comment. I LOVE snow!!!

22:02:30 Janice S Thanks you Derek and all.

22:02:31 sroseman I will be on a ski trip at that time

22:02:34 sroustan ew

22:02:36 heyjude Fabulous talk. Thanks everyone!

22:02:39 sroustan LOATHE snow

22:02:39 cheryloakes wow2 me too Susan

22:02:42 JohnS You can't hate snow in November

22:02:43 Durff i'm warning you

22:02:46 sroseman where Cheryl

22:02:48 sroustan pretty to look at

22:02:48 cheryloakes wow2 This was a great show, good conversation

22:02:49 JenWagner HEYJUDE -- I didn't see you come in -- WELCOME!!

22:02:49 JohnS You can hate it in April.

22:02:49 heyjude really looking forward to educon

22:02:52 sroustan icky to live in

22:02:57 Durff it's pretty outside the city

22:02:58 JenWagner Can't ruin my happiness LISA!!

22:02:58 sroseman I am going to Mont Sutton and Owl's Head

22:03:00 Lisa M Lane I'm in California so I never have to see snow

22:03:00 Anne V <- waves I'm here! but there's no snow here right now, 50¬? and damp

22:03:02 Durff but not in

22:03:03 paula Like snow for Christmas but after no way

22:03:04 lizbdavis Thanks so much this was really fun

22:03:05 heyjude been listening, but just logged in!

22:03:06 sroustan umm...i kinda always hate it, minus Christmas

22:03:10 Janice S I love snow - but only to visit

22:03:10 sujokat hi jude

22:03:13 Durff hey jude

22:03:13 SusanEttenheim thanks everyone!


22:03:19 sharonp how many were in our chat tonight??

22:03:25 heyjude Hey everyone! and goodnight!

22:03:26 JenWagner Didn't have time to count -- sorry!!

22:03:27 JohnS 41 in chat tonight

22:03:30 CheriT Great night!

22:03:30 sroseman and I will be skiing in Montana

22:03:31 sroustan Thanks everybody

22:03:34 Durff i feel like i'm home

22:03:36 JenWagner thanks JohnS!!!

22:03:36 Cathy E You gals need to get Leslie Fisher back to give us Christmas gadgets

22:03:40 Durff oh yea, i am

22:03:42 CheriT Cheryl - you're awesome

22:03:44 JenWagner Cathy -- she will be here in DECEMBER

22:03:49 Durff happy turkey day

22:03:53 Cathy E YEA

22:03:53 sroustan Fun chat - can't believe it's over already

22:04:00 Durff true

22:04:01 JohnS I'm thankful for the ETT community.

22:04:01 CheriT do we have a URL for educon2?

22:04:03 JenWagner WOWOW

22:04:07 JenWagner what fun was that

22:04:08 JenWagner http://www.educon20.org

22:04:08 sujokat is it always at this time?

22:04:10 Janice S Thanks!

22:04:10 Durff cheri there is

22:04:11 paula Cheers

22:04:13 JenWagner EduCon link -- http://www.educon20.org

22:04:14 Durff there it is

22:04:17 sroseman http://educon20.wikispaces.com/

22:04:17 sroustan yay

22:04:18 sroustan turkey

22:04:25 CheriT gobble gobble

22:04:27 cheryloakes wow2 have a good thanksgiving, all

22:04:28 dwenmoth Bye everyone

22:04:31 emapey really fun

22:04:32 JenWagner Happy T-Day -- to everyone!

22:04:32 KimVance Thanks

22:04:34 Durff nite all - gotta pack for trip to PA

22:04:34 dwenmoth I really enjoyed that!

22:04:37 cheryloakes wow2 will work on the show tonight.

22:04:41 Durff for turkey day

22:04:44 sroseman thanks all

22:04:44 JenWagner Thanks Cheryl!!!

22:04:45 JohnS nice job. Thanks everyone

22:04:45 Durff seeya

22:04:50 sroustan thanks - night

22:04:51 Cathy E nite

22:04:54 CheriT Bye durff

22:04:56 shoemap bye

22:04:58 JenWagner be sure to join us next week

22:05:00 jenverschoor Thanks bye,bye

22:05:02 emapey nite all

22:05:03 JenWagner be ready to skype in :)

22:05:07 sujokat at this time?

22:05:23 lizbdavis Good night all. See you on twitter

22:05:30 JohnS @jen: I usually can't do this time. It's too late :-)

22:05:37 JohnS but no school tomorrow

22:05:37 JenWagner John -- ahhhh sadness

22:05:42 JenWagner ahhh -- happiness

22:05:47 sujokat yep I'm usually at work

22:05:48 CheriT John - where are you?

22:05:59 JohnS Some of us do sleep, jdub

22:06:06 JenWagner LOL -- yes, I heard that

22:06:08 sharonp thanks for aall the action research stuff

22:06:11 JohnS CT: I'm in Ohio

22:06:18 CheriT ok - i'm in Illinois

22:06:19 sujokat i'm in aaaustralia and its daytime

22:06:21 JohnS byut I get up at 4:15

22:06:30 sharonp all you Americans can stay up late tonight

22:06:32 CheriT wow

22:06:33 sharonp lucky!

22:06:38 JenWagner Yes, I can say that is true -- JohnS and I have skyped EARLY in the AM

22:06:39 CheriT you're right , sharon

22:06:46 JenWagner I can't sleep -- and he is an EARLY BIRD

22:06:49 CheriT I have this whole week off :-)

22:06:52 sharonp great to have you along sujokat

22:06:53 shareski happy to be in Florida at FETC but wished I was at Educonn

22:07:05 JenWagner Dean -- you can be there -- virtually ---

22:07:09 sujokat thanks we are striking today

22:07:10 CheriT ok all - have a great thanksgiving

22:07:11 JenWagner but it would be nice to have you there REALLY

22:07:19 CheriT Sharon - did you get my tag?

22:07:20 sharonp yikes, striking!

22:07:29 sujokat yep radical heh

22:07:38 sharonp yes, Cheri, working on teh thankful thing - we had Thanksgiving last month

22:07:46 JohnS All right. G'night (or G'Day) all.

22:07:53 sharonp we have to catch up Cheri

22:07:57 CheriT oh, I forgot ... just wanted to include you ;-)

22:07:58 sharonp will look for you on skype

22:08:00 CheriT yes we do

22:08:04 shareski unfortuantely I'll be presenting so I'll only be able to pop in Steve Dembo and I will be there together so we'll have our only little educonn

22:08:14 CheriT do you have a minute?

22:08:27 sharonp we shall try not to talk about you while you are in Florida

22:08:36 sharonp sure, Cheri

22:08:50 CheriT @sharon - ok, i'll skype you - text

22:08:57 sujokat bye this was fun

22:08:59 JenWagner Grins -- skype me too!! :)

22:09:31 JenWagner Good night all

22:09:42 sharonp 'night everyone

22:09:48 CheriT bye all