Wow2.0 Show 50!!!

Join the Women of Web 2.0 as we have a great conversation with Beth Kantor, and a wild conversation in the chat room. Thanks for making our year in webcasting a blast. Come back again, ya hear!

20:39:57 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: getting ready, be right back

20:40:04 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: me too

20:40:34 jenverschoor -> EdTechTalk: will be back in somes minutes

20:49:19 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: can you hear us???

20:50:54 paula -> EdTechTalk: I can

20:51:24 emapey -> EdTechTalk: I hear you

20:52:33 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: hello

20:52:58 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Hello everyone!

20:54:07 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: hi Alice

20:55:35 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: hi Cheryl

20:55:51 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: Rolling out laptops tomorrow

20:56:21 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: oh, have fun, you mean Teacher laptops?

20:56:33 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: Yep

20:56:52 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Beth's blog -

20:57:05 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Beth's Wiki portfolio -

20:57:17 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: Vicki, yo u are so good getting the guests in the chat ready for our guest!

20:57:19 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Blog post about the journey -

20:57:22 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: Hey WES!!!

20:57:30 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Thank you, Cheryl.

20:57:31 Wesley Fryer -> EdTechTalk: howdy!

20:57:36 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk:

20:57:41 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: Hi Wes, did you see Doug Taylor from podcast people responded to you at flat agents of change.

20:58:00 Wesley Fryer -> EdTechTalk: no cheryl, i will go look at that now... thanks!

20:58:12 Wesley Fryer -> EdTechTalk: hey cheryl, i was excited to hear you bought an XO laptop! :-)

20:58:13 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: I was so psyched to see him there.

20:58:20 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Cambodian Bloggers Summit Campaign -

20:58:23 Wesley Fryer -> EdTechTalk: absolutely

20:58:24 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: I am so excited about my new laptop! counting days

20:58:38 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: The instructional materials for the conference in cambodia -

20:58:52 Wesley Fryer -> EdTechTalk: my brother in law is selling us a mac g3 so i think we're going to give that to our son instead of an XO...

20:59:09 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: sweet

20:59:11 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Fundraising campaign to send a young Cambodian woman to college -

20:59:19 Wesley Fryer -> EdTechTalk: i'm really looking forward to the topic tonight, WOW2 moderators!

20:59:22 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: evening JL

20:59:29 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: HEY RYAN!!!

20:59:34 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: thanks Wes, we are pretty excited too.

20:59:42 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: Hi Donna

20:59:51 ryanbretag -> EdTechTalk: Hi Jen, All

20:59:54 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: Oh, I am behind with my welcomes to the chat room. Hello all, so good to see you here.

21:00:01 Pam -> EdTechTalk: I love Snagit, too.

21:00:02 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: Hello Brian

21:00:20 Brian Friedlander -> EdTechTalk: hello

21:00:53 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: We were having a little preshow there for a moment!

21:00:54 Brian Friedlander -> EdTechTalk: Have you tried Jing

21:01:01 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: Hello DGoodman

21:01:07 Brian Friedlander -> EdTechTalk: Jing is from TechSmith

21:01:10 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: hello

21:01:11 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: I have NOT tried Jing yet

21:01:19 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: Camtasia is TechSmith too...........

21:01:26 Brian Friedlander -> EdTechTalk: yes

21:01:29 Wesley Fryer -> EdTechTalk: woo hoo!

21:01:33 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: what does Jing do??

21:01:37 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: Hello Janice

21:01:45 Janice S -> EdTechTalk: Hi Jen and all

21:02:07 Brian Friedlander -> EdTechTalk: It takes screen shots and can create video tutorials

21:02:14 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: ahhhhh

21:02:19 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: does it capture video too??

21:02:23 jenverschoor -> EdTechTalk: Back again with you hello from Argentina

21:02:27 Brian Friedlander -> EdTechTalk: search for Jing Project

21:02:27 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: Hello Jen

21:02:35 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: My 2 wow's are thanks to Michael Circee, oops,, and http: // thanks Michael.

21:02:38 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: Hello Arthus

21:02:39 jenverschoor -> EdTechTalk: hi Jen

21:02:50 arthus -> EdTechTalk: Hi Jenn

21:02:52 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: Hello CheriT

21:02:57 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: I'm going to talk about wiffiti -

21:03:02 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: Hi Aruthus, Jen, CheriT, Brian

21:03:06 arthus -> EdTechTalk: cool

21:03:08 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: Welcome Joyce

21:03:14 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: and hello SUE

21:03:16 joycevalenza -> EdTechTalk: hi jen and all!

21:03:20 arthus -> EdTechTalk: hmm... I have an idea

21:03:23 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: Oh, Vicki, smart to put wow in before talking

21:03:30 arthus -> EdTechTalk: anyone going to talk aboiut Android?

21:03:32 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: Hi CathyN, Megan, dthaggard

21:03:42 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: Evening Sarah!

21:03:42 MeganGolding -> EdTechTalk: hi cheryl

21:03:51 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk:

21:03:58 Sarah S -> EdTechTalk: Hey Cheryl et al

21:04:35 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: Hi Joyce, Pam, Paula,dgoodman

21:04:46 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: Welcome to the ROOM!!!

21:04:46 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk:

21:04:52 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: Hey Lori!!

21:05:01 arthus -> EdTechTalk: Can I purloin some time at the end?

21:05:04 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: Hi Lori, Janice S. emapey

21:05:12 arthus -> EdTechTalk: I've gotta talk a bit about some stuff :)

21:05:25 lorisheldon -> EdTechTalk: Hi, all

21:05:31 emapey -> EdTechTalk: Hi cheryloakes

21:05:37 sroseman -> EdTechTalk: What was the first one from Sharon..sorry I missed it

21:05:37 Janice S -> EdTechTalk: Hi, all

21:05:42 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: Not sure Arthus -- we need to see how the show goes -- but we will keep your request in mind

21:05:52 jenverschoor -> EdTechTalk: Hello emapey

21:05:57 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: Beth has A LOT of information to share!!!

21:06:21 emapey -> EdTechTalk: Hola

21:06:23 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: welcome Cindy

21:06:30 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: and hey -- look -- it is Teacher!!!

21:06:30 sroseman -> EdTechTalk: oh poo

21:06:42 jenverschoor -> EdTechTalk: Buenas noches

21:06:45 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: susan it is coming from sharon

21:06:49 ryanbretag -> EdTechTalk: "If you have poo, now is the time to fling it"

21:06:49 arthus -> EdTechTalk: I lost stream :(

21:06:52 cindy p -> EdTechTalk: Hi Jennifer

21:06:52 Sandy Wagner -> EdTechTalk: Good evening all

21:07:08 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: I do love that from Madagascar!, Ryan

21:07:11 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: WB Arthus

21:07:13 sroseman -> EdTechTalk: I won't poo poo th site!!

21:07:16 sroseman -> EdTechTalk: the

21:07:18 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: I wondered why Ryan was talking about

21:07:29 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: Sharon's WOW

21:07:30 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: http:/

21:07:41 CathyN multitasking 2nite -> EdTechTalk: i am so jealus--i can really only isten

21:07:47 CathyN multitasking 2nite -> EdTechTalk: listen

21:07:54 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: Hello Cathy and CPeppler!

21:07:57 jenverschoor -> EdTechTalk: Hello Beth :)

21:08:03 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: Hi Cathy W., we loved our bugscope event with the scientists

21:08:12 cpeppler -> EdTechTalk: Hi, all! Good to finally get in here (just in time!)

21:08:16 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: Hi Cpeppler, and sharonp!:-)

21:08:18 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk:

21:08:21 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Oops

21:08:23 cathy.wolinsky -> EdTechTalk: Great Cheryl, we're loving voicethread.

21:08:25 sroseman -> EdTechTalk: Thanks Jen Wagner for popping in ..more of a crowd dropped in after you left

21:08:26 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk:

21:08:32 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Sharon's link.

21:08:37 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: oh, that is good, please share your voice thread site.

21:08:49 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: Beth Kanter --

21:08:55 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: Welcome Kathy!!!

21:08:56 arthus -> EdTechTalk: cool :P

21:08:58 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: sorry CathyE

21:09:04 jenverschoor -> EdTechTalk: Congratulations

21:09:07 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: Hi Cathy E

21:09:50 dthaggard -> EdTechTalk: hello jen It has been a long time.

21:10:00 Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: Hello All

21:10:00 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: if you have ???? for Beth -- please type them here!!!

21:10:02 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: Hi JenM

21:10:03 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: Welcome Jen

21:10:21 cathy.wolinsky -> EdTechTalk: Cheryl, my blog is the start screen on the home page video of blogs. Kind of fund...

21:10:23 jenm -> EdTechTalk: hi, jw

21:10:33 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: okya, will check

21:10:39 jenm -> EdTechTalk: ... and all

21:10:45 arthus -> EdTechTalk: she's ANCIENT... jk :P

21:10:52 CheriT -> EdTechTalk: Hi Jen - was doing something else and just saw

21:10:56 CheriT -> EdTechTalk: Hi Cheryl

21:10:58 arthus -> EdTechTalk: the web STARTED?

21:11:12 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: It really got going in the 90's, arthus -- when you were in diapers.

21:11:13 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: Hi Cheri T, you must have missed my hello a long way back

21:11:21 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: so this is all grassroots driven stuff?

21:11:23 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: or maybe before that. ;-)

21:11:24 sroseman -> EdTechTalk: I hope Beth talks about her involvement in Second Life

21:11:35 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: welcoe Derrallq

21:11:40 arthus -> EdTechTalk: @Vicki I don't think I was born when she really got going? :P

21:11:50 derrallg -> EdTechTalk: hi JenWagner thank you

21:11:51 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: OK, you baby u!

21:11:53 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: ;-)

21:11:53 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: susan who are you in SL?

21:12:05 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Sue we'll make sure we ask about that as well.

21:12:16 sroseman -> EdTechTalk: I am Sue Aferdita in SL.

21:12:21 Sandy Wagner -> EdTechTalk: the good old Sony Mavica!

21:12:22 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: arthus, you should know that my husband asked me out on our first date by email..... in 1987

21:12:22 emapey -> EdTechTalk: @Jennifer I am a Claudia Caruso's friend

21:12:31 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: I know Claudia!

21:12:41 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Ceraso or Caruso? I know Claudia Ceraso!

21:12:45 jenverschoor -> EdTechTalk: me too

21:12:51 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: Empaey -- wow -- then you are MY friend now too!!!

21:12:52 jenverschoor -> EdTechTalk: I know who you are

21:13:02 jenverschoor -> EdTechTalk: have been reading you for a while

21:13:03 sroseman -> EdTechTalk: I think Beth did a gender study of women in Second Life!!!

21:13:04 emapey -> EdTechTalk: sorry, Ceraso

21:13:06 Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: @sharonp- I'm impressed- husband still doen't use email

21:13:09 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Mmmm

21:13:13 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Interesting sue.

21:13:20 jenverschoor -> EdTechTalk: it´s Claudia Ceraso

21:13:28 arthus -> EdTechTalk: WE WANT MEEBO!

21:13:35 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: Hey ColleenK!!!

21:13:36 arthus -> EdTechTalk: the chat keeps breaking :(]

21:13:43 ColleenK -> EdTechTalk: Hi Jen!

21:13:47 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: I was instant messaging too in 1987-88 with peeps in other places in the world - this is before the internet or www

21:13:48 ColleenK -> EdTechTalk: Hi all!

21:13:51 emapey -> EdTechTalk: Thank you Jen

21:14:06 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: yvw

21:14:20 arthus -> EdTechTalk: I was born in '93 :P

21:14:39 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: okay -- everyone -- HOW OLD WERE YOU IN 93....I was 33

21:14:44 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: I graduated from Georgia Tech in 91.

21:14:45 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: LOL

21:14:50 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: Beth you are a visionary!

21:14:53 arthus -> EdTechTalk: LOL

21:15:04 cathy.wolinsky -> EdTechTalk: 40 in '93

21:15:05 paula -> EdTechTalk: 35

21:15:06 arthus -> EdTechTalk: darn... I'm going to have to leave

21:15:09 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: Beth must do some great networking to ge so many donations!

21:15:11 jenverschoor -> EdTechTalk: I graduated from High School in 91

21:15:13 arthus -> EdTechTalk: the stream keeps breaking

21:15:14 derrallg -> EdTechTalk: 32

21:15:15 Pam -> EdTechTalk: 31

21:15:16 arthus -> EdTechTalk: as does chat

21:15:17 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Oh Arthus, did we scare you off?

21:15:18 arthus -> EdTechTalk: adios

21:15:23 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Bye arthus. cya

21:15:23 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: night arthus

21:15:32 arthus -> EdTechTalk: I don't like being called a baby. :P jk

21:15:34 arthus -> EdTechTalk: bye

21:15:54 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: Welcome Steve

21:16:05 stevesoko -> EdTechTalk: Hello Jen

21:16:30 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: Everyone -- it is time to CHOOSE YOUR COLORS --

21:16:33 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Cool cloggers.

21:16:36 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: far left icon -- looks like a color wheel

21:16:40 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: choose a color

21:16:53 Sarah S -> EdTechTalk: I'm purple

21:16:54 Pam -> EdTechTalk: I feel pink tonight

21:16:55 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: green

21:16:57 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: ALSO -- if you have a comment to a CERTAIN or SPECIFIC person -- please use the @ sign

21:16:58 jenverschoor -> EdTechTalk: Green is great

21:17:01 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: like @jenwagner

21:17:02 sroseman -> EdTechTalk: Can you ask her about this

21:17:07 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: Hi aaron, welcome

21:17:14 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: Jen is purple too

21:17:28 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: susan, we have hte question in the skype chat for her

21:17:34 cpeppler -> EdTechTalk: Forest green (I'm feeling outdoorsy)

21:17:36 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: thanks Sue!!

21:17:46 jenverschoor -> EdTechTalk: True that blogs tell about your country

21:17:53 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: We'll ask her Sue.

21:18:01 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: Internet cafes?

21:18:21 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: welcome back Pam

21:18:39 Pam -> EdTechTalk: I clicked the wrong place...

21:18:53 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: Grins -- we have all done that -- :)

21:18:56 sroseman -> EdTechTalk: Do I have the right Beth, Vicki

21:19:08 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: No you're thinking of Beth Ritter Guth.

21:19:14 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: oh, do you mean beth ritter?

21:19:21 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: That blog is Beth RG a different one.

21:19:21 cpeppler -> EdTechTalk: new student excuse 2.0...sorry I couldn't finish my homework; it was raining

21:19:30 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: I love that.

21:19:36 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: WB Wes

21:19:56 sroseman -> EdTechTalk: wrong Beth..but would be a good guest in the near future

21:20:05 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: Yep Sue - you are right!!!

21:20:11 Wesley Fryer -> EdTechTalk: i've been listening, just browsing to all the sites you all shared at the start! :-)

21:20:54 jenverschoor -> EdTechTalk: global learning is changing the world

21:21:05 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: do you know the name Dale Balser, Wes??

21:21:38 Janice S -> EdTechTalk: I need to leave. It was fun while it lasted. Thanks. Bye

21:21:43 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: thanks Janice

21:21:44 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: bye janice

21:21:46 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Hey test, I don't like tests!

21:21:47 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: welcome test :)

21:22:08 cpeppler -> EdTechTalk: no one said there would be a TEST!

21:22:16 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: It's over.

21:22:19 Wesley Fryer -> EdTechTalk: typing contests in Cambodia.. that is such a GREAT idea!!!!

21:22:22 cpeppler -> EdTechTalk: Whew, that was close...

21:22:22 derrallg -> EdTechTalk: good job Vicki

21:22:24 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: Will they be the recepient of the !00 Laptop?

21:22:37 Wesley Fryer -> EdTechTalk: i would love to see typing tests instead of spelling bees in our schools in the US!

21:22:46 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: oh, good idea wes,

21:22:52 Pam -> EdTechTalk: I like it

21:23:01 Wesley Fryer -> EdTechTalk: Dale Balser doesn't ring a bell Jen, should it?

21:23:13 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: I know -- typing is so so important!

21:23:14 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: No -- I had never heard anyone mention him.

21:23:19 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: He does sessions/conferences though

21:23:19 Wesley Fryer -> EdTechTalk: i think it is FINE to talk about the flat world

21:23:28 Wesley Fryer -> EdTechTalk: but say "for those who have access, the world is flat"

21:23:32 Pam -> EdTechTalk: Quick, google it quick Wes

21:23:48 sroseman -> EdTechTalk: use cell phone technology, Vicki to bring in those classrooms

21:23:54 Wesley Fryer -> EdTechTalk: ok, i'm off to google.... ;-)

21:24:13 jenverschoor -> EdTechTalk: better than my reality

21:24:26 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Hmmm low bandwidth shooting. Wow.

21:24:32 jenverschoor -> EdTechTalk: cell phones are still too expensive

21:24:42 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: And SMS isn't available everywhere.

21:24:44 Wesley Fryer -> EdTechTalk: this sensitivity to file sizes and downloading times is REALLY important, i've been thinking about this for my own blog lately....

21:24:49 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: They also cannot send pictures in many places.

21:24:58 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Right, and we just aren't thinking that way right now. I'm not.

21:25:02 Wesley Fryer -> EdTechTalk: i saw this in china... but of course you just need to go to a dialup account to see this

21:25:08 cpeppler -> EdTechTalk: Wow, we take so much for granted, don't we (in US, for ex.)

21:25:10 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: We have to think about it.

21:25:22 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: HOwever, I think we need to be sensitive to the digital divide that still exists in the world - very much so

21:25:31 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: On weekends I have dialup, very humbling.

21:25:37 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk:

21:25:38 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: But to be inclusive we have to have a bandwidth ability but a dial up knowledgeability.

21:25:38 Pam -> EdTechTalk: ick

21:25:55 jenverschoor -> EdTechTalk: not only digital divide but resistance to fear to change

21:26:02 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: I agree, vicki, we need to be inclusive,

21:26:15 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: yes, it is a difficult issue - designing for bandwidth and hardware capabilities

21:26:26 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: absolutely,

21:26:43 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: we are going through that now as we are designing an online tool to teach info lit

21:26:44 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: that is what I liked about k12online, there were choices, audio, video, ipod

21:26:52 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: Isn't this wha the $100 laptop is supposed to do with mesh networking?

21:26:55 Wesley Fryer -> EdTechTalk: when you design for cell phone screens, you are sensitive to bandwidth issues

21:27:04 Wesley Fryer -> EdTechTalk: Liz Kolb's k12online07 preso addressed this well

21:27:07 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: absolutely Wes,

21:27:15 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: I like the thought... not the vacuum cleaner approach. Hmmm Internet cafes pay for the time on the computer.

21:27:18 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: I am saying absolutely a lot tonight

21:27:31 Wesley Fryer -> EdTechTalk: we won't hold it against you cheryl

21:27:50 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: thanks Wes for your support:-)

21:27:56 Wesley Fryer -> EdTechTalk: "thinking before you capture" - sounds like a great idea!

21:28:09 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: The whole thought of preprocessing is an important one.

21:28:14 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: it would be a good thing to teach immediately to our students

21:28:19 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: It is one that my students have a problem with.

21:28:25 Wesley Fryer -> EdTechTalk: beth is talking about looking at web journalism / citizen journalism through a new set of lenses

21:28:31 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: I think many take the vacuum cleaner approach and edit down edit down.

21:28:42 jenverschoor -> EdTechTalk: same happens here in Argentina

21:28:49 jenverschoor -> EdTechTalk: terrible problems with connections

21:28:52 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: I wonder if blogger could make a low bandwidth version automatically -- we need to advocate for that.

21:28:56 Wesley Fryer -> EdTechTalk: most people WILL be getting online via a cell phone in the not too distant future i think

21:29:00 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: So, Jen, is it really slow loading things?

21:29:03 Wesley Fryer -> EdTechTalk: good idea vicki

21:29:18 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: JEn, what about ads?

21:29:22 Wesley Fryer -> EdTechTalk: kind of link with wordpress you can have multiple template versions available

21:29:24 jenverschoor -> EdTechTalk: I can´t use videos or podcasts at school

21:29:25 derrallg -> EdTechTalk: Japan is going that way, pc sales are down

21:29:41 MeganGolding -> EdTechTalk: Don'tcha think that RSS reading is a good low-bandwidth solution?

21:29:53 Wesley Fryer -> EdTechTalk: yep, cell phones are quickly becoming 1:1

21:29:57 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: Wes, until the cell phone providers start lowreing the cost of cell phone use in Canada, it won't be happening here very soon!

21:30:02 Wesley Fryer -> EdTechTalk: @megan yes, RSS is nice since it strips out media

21:30:14 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: Evening Lisa P!

21:30:16 sroseman -> EdTechTalk: I think we will be going the way of cell phones ie iphone

21:30:16 cpeppler -> EdTechTalk: Hi, Lisa!

21:30:17 derrallg -> EdTechTalk: US cell phone system will hold us back

21:30:23 Lisa Parisi -> EdTechTalk: Hello

21:30:39 Wesley Fryer -> EdTechTalk: @sharonp are cell phone rates higher in canada than the US? competition may be needed to drive prices down and innovation up...

21:30:44 MeganGolding -> EdTechTalk: As I work with more older computers, the bandwidth issue changes a little -- all this rich media (read: Flash stuff) simply won't play well.

21:30:53 paula -> EdTechTalk: also not very accessible for motor impaired

21:31:08 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: hypothetically if the iPhone picks up wireless, we coudl be using skype on the iPhone instead of cell phone time, right?

21:31:10 Wesley Fryer -> EdTechTalk: good point vicki: being able to synthesize and "chunk" info is key

21:31:18 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: MeganG, it is frustrating when flash interferes with the use of the content on websites.

21:31:21 Wesley Fryer -> EdTechTalk: "overchoice" by Toffler, i'd forgotten that term

21:31:24 sroseman -> EdTechTalk: Sharon, someone showed me their iphone which they had hacked to use with their service provider in Ottawa

21:31:43 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: oh I know the hacked versions exist in Canada - I know peeps too....

21:31:44 MeganGolding -> EdTechTalk: @cheryl: My biggest issues are things like VoiceThread on low RAM computers.

21:31:44 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: We are dealing with overchoice now -- and our friends have become our filter.

21:31:45 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: Hi Cindy

21:31:55 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: wb cory

21:32:00 sroseman -> EdTechTalk: I was sooo impressed with the iphone

21:32:08 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: Oh, Megan, that is too bad voice thread is so engaging.

21:32:16 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: many of us have to face the reality of old hardware in our classes and labs

21:32:26 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: students and even adults have a hard time paraphrasing things-an early skill to learn

21:32:36 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: I have seen a couple of iPhones now... they are mega-cool

21:32:37 MeganGolding -> EdTechTalk: @sharon: yeah, and my point is that the web 2.0 doesn't have to mean rich's a shame.

21:32:45 derrallg -> EdTechTalk: thats why I liked Vicki's pushing wikis it was easy to implement with old hardware

21:32:49 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: Hi merich!

21:33:03 jenverschoor -> EdTechTalk: I teach the tool in the classroom and they have to do the activities at home

21:33:05 MeganGolding -> EdTechTalk: @derrallg: I agree with that -- wikis will work on even the lowest ram computer

21:33:18 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: @megang - agree - some of the web 2.0 tools and environments are quite lightweight

21:33:24 derrallg -> EdTechTalk: I keep thinking I need to go to Linux/Ubuntu

21:33:39 derrallg -> EdTechTalk: to maximize even more that problem

21:33:39 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: me too derrallg, thinking of how to do this.

21:33:52 Cory Peppler -> EdTechTalk: storyboarding and prewriting, paraphrasing and conciseness....basic writing skills, too.

21:33:57 MeganGolding -> EdTechTalk: @derrallg: I recently put ubuntu on an old pIII laptop, 128M ram. This is an 8+ year old computer! it works great but my daughter can't play club penguin ;)

21:33:59 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Yes wikis are great with old hardware (until you put high bandwidth videos on there) ;-)

21:34:08 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: My daughter loves webkins.

21:34:10 stevesoko -> EdTechTalk: I had difficulty making Ubuntu work on my old hardware

21:34:20 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: exactly, but at least you can choose which media you embed on teh wiki

21:34:28 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: Steve, did you install or just run from the CD? ubuntu?

21:34:29 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: i had a student share her webkins with me-so cool

21:34:49 stevesoko -> EdTechTalk: Thought it would repurpose old machines

21:34:59 stevesoko -> EdTechTalk: @cheryl - both

21:35:02 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk:

21:35:05 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Alice, who did we talk to that is teaching Internet safety w/ a class webkins up at your conference?

21:35:13 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: okay, just starting out with this journey ubuntu

21:35:15 stevesoko -> EdTechTalk: Lots of video driver issues

21:35:19 derrallg -> EdTechTalk: I was going to talk to Steve H

21:35:22 MeganGolding -> EdTechTalk: @steve: that's a shame. ubuntu went onto my machine nicely and it's a laptop (historically bad news for linux)

21:35:24 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: This Kindergarten teacher has aa class webkin and is using it to teach internet safety and privacy. Wow!

21:35:25 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: and providing multimodes of the info is a great idea - for example, K12 had us provide an mp3 as well as video - if we could include text, audio files AND video on a wiki, we are being inclusive - sort of a universal design principle

21:35:29 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: Hey Michael!!

21:35:36 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: Vicki, I think it is Maria Knee

21:35:40 MeganGolding -> EdTechTalk: @vicki: that's so cool

21:35:47 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: ummm...internet safety and webkins Im interested in knowing more about this

21:35:49 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Yes! It was Maria Knee -- we need to have her on to talk about what she did.

21:36:09 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: sure thing, she has a show on Mon. nights, It's elementary on

21:36:12 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Maria adopted a webkins and is using it in Kindergarten it is soo soo amazing -- Cheryl -- will you see her this week?

21:36:22 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: She is so so so amazing!

21:36:23 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: I will see her next week and aksi.

21:36:28 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Oh yes!

21:36:31 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: I mean ask

21:36:50 jenverschoor -> EdTechTalk: have you got a link of her work?

21:37:17 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: Hang on Jen, be right back, she is at classblogmeister, New Hampshire, Maria Knee

21:38:59 jenverschoor -> EdTechTalk: I´ll look for info about her on google

21:39:13 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk:

21:39:21 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: Maria Knee's site

21:39:34 jenverschoor -> EdTechTalk: Thanks : )

21:39:53 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: Jen, tell her you heard about her at WOW2. She will be thrilled.

21:40:21 jenverschoor -> EdTechTalk: I will !!

21:40:33 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: I wonder how schools could set up fundraising widgets. Or like fundraising for almost anything.

21:40:37 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: Jen, what grade do you teach ?

21:40:52 jenverschoor -> EdTechTalk: k 12

21:41:00 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: Vicki, the candidates figured it out.

21:41:14 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: Jen, as in K, 1, 2 or K- 12?

21:41:40 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: @cheryl -- the Candidates?

21:41:40 jenverschoor -> EdTechTalk: k-12

21:41:49 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: presidential candidates!

21:41:54 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Oh, i get it.

21:41:56 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: ;-)

21:42:21 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: I taught K-2 multi age for three years--just loved it

21:42:32 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: I may jinx myself, but no echo tonight.

21:42:50 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: dgoodman, my boys all went through multiage k-4

21:43:16 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: Multi age is a wonderful environment for lower grades especially

21:43:36 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: what's the website for the RICE -- it was a game -- it was shared on TWITTER yesterday??

21:43:37 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk:

21:43:55 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: where every question you answered got you more bowls of rice

21:43:55 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk:

21:44:10 jenverschoor -> EdTechTalk: I play this game with my students it´s great!!

21:44:33 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: do you know the website??

21:44:49 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk:

21:44:52 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: Hi Cindy

21:44:55 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: Hi Linda

21:45:03 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: Hi Linda, thanks alice for the link

21:45:12 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: hi cindy p

21:45:13 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: thats it Alice

21:45:44 Lisa Parisi -> EdTechTalk: my kids love freerice

21:45:51 Linda N -> EdTechTalk: Hi Just home from parent math night

21:45:59 cindy p -> EdTechTalk: Hi all! Sorry I keep popping in and bandwidth is horrible these days

21:45:59 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk:

21:46:09 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: hope that that site is right

21:46:09 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: hi cindy p

21:46:14 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Another great wiki -- widget -

21:46:25 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: I love the bird in the background. Kind? From Cambodia?

21:46:39 ColleenK -> EdTechTalk: I want to make a math version of FreeRice.

21:46:45 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Great information -

21:47:02 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Its like this -- why not use our blogs to help the causes we believe in?

21:47:05 Linda N -> EdTechTalk: What's freerice?

21:47:25 jenverschoor -> EdTechTalk: That would be great Vicki!!

21:47:34 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: I think we need to consider this!

21:47:40 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: I like the give one get one laptop

21:47:57 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: Cheryl -- did you get one??

21:48:00 Wesley Fryer -> EdTechTalk: great discussion all-- thanks! gotta go.

21:48:05 MeganGolding -> EdTechTalk: @linda: freerice is a word game that as you win, the site owners donate rice to hungry people. I've checked it out on snopes and it seems legit

21:48:06 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: night Wes!!!

21:48:10 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: I did order my one laptop yesterday

21:48:17 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: bye wes, thanks

21:48:45 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: I think Freerice is a great and easy way to help -- plus it helps your vocabulary!!

21:48:50 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: I mean, why don't we use a widget to raise money to send laptops to africa with one laptop per child or the teachers without borders.

21:48:53 Linda N -> EdTechTalk: @MeganGolding Thanks! just catching up to the conversation

21:48:57 stevesoko -> EdTechTalk: I will most likely purchase the OLPC - lobbying the minister of finance (my wife)

21:48:57 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: Cheryl did you get and give or just give?

21:49:10 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: I hear you Steve!

21:49:15 cindy p -> EdTechTalk: totally off subject, but thanks to last week's webcast I know have a principal using gcast to set up podcasts for her school and is in the process of setting up a blog. Thanks for such a great show and oh so timely topic!

21:49:17 jenverschoor -> EdTechTalk: and students also love to help using Freerice

21:49:19 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: I want to give and get

21:49:27 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Oh last week was such a great show!

21:49:32 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: I did get and give Alice, I wanted to be able to share with students here in Maine.

21:49:41 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: I listened to it on Saturday.

21:49:44 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: Cindy -- THANK YOU SO MUCH

21:49:48 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: That's what i"m thinking too, Cheryl

21:49:52 sroseman -> EdTechTalk: you give free rice to the hungry by playing a word game

21:49:52 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: Oh, Cindy, I can't wait to tell Melinda

21:50:00 sroseman -> EdTechTalk:

21:50:52 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: @ cindy p, thanks for the feedback! always good to hear this.

21:50:58 jenverschoor -> EdTechTalk: The vocabulary is quite advanced for ESL learners

21:51:02 cindy p -> EdTechTalk: @Jen and Cheryl, it was just the info I needed to give them that extra push. They loved Melinda's blog

21:51:23 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: That is great CindyP.

21:51:34 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: Cindy -- that is SOOO great to hear

21:52:33 jenverschoor -> EdTechTalk: I listen to you and just find it amazing what you are doing

21:53:29 jenverschoor -> EdTechTalk: how about professional development for teachers?

21:53:50 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: Jen, check out

21:54:01 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: I just love that site for my PD

21:54:19 jenverschoor -> EdTechTalk: Thanks for sharing

21:54:53 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: anyone want to JOIN our chat

21:54:58 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: give us your skype name??

21:55:06 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: your feedback -- your thoughts

21:55:10 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: your questions

21:55:18 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: dont' all volunteer at once!!!

21:55:20 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: :)

21:55:42 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: I want to know what kind of bird is singing in the background. Is it from Cambodia?

21:55:49 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: is there a bird??

21:55:51 Cory Peppler -> EdTechTalk: @beth: Where in Cambodia are the schools you've worked with?

21:55:55 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: or do you hear my R2D2 sound

21:55:57 ColleenK -> EdTechTalk: R2D2

21:56:02 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: I hear something alice, I thought it was a chat signal

21:56:02 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: when skype ?? are given

21:56:04 MeganGolding -> EdTechTalk: @alice: lol

21:56:09 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: Oh it's R2D2

21:56:09 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: its my R2D2

21:56:15 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: sorry

21:56:19 jenverschoor -> EdTechTalk: nice bird !!!

21:56:22 MeganGolding -> EdTechTalk: why is r2d2 hanging with you tonight?

21:56:22 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: I will turn it off next week

21:56:27 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: lol

21:56:31 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: Grins -- it is my skype chat sound

21:56:32 derrallg -> EdTechTalk: @Jen I like the sound

21:56:35 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: Jen, is that you? silence the beast!

21:56:37 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: It's R2D2 from Cambodia!

21:56:49 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: :p

21:56:55 MeganGolding -> EdTechTalk: @jen: I keep going over to my IM client, my email...looking for what has something new for me.

21:56:55 Linda N -> EdTechTalk: :D

21:56:57 Cory Peppler -> EdTechTalk: What is R2D2 in Khmer?

21:57:01 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: when someone calls me -- I hear the Hershey Chritmas Bells

21:57:06 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: and all my sounds are SILENT now

21:57:12 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: Jen that noise has been driving me crazy!!

21:57:16 JL -> EdTechTalk: Just want to invite everyone to participate in NEIT Unconferencecast beginning at 12:30pmEST/ 17:30GMT We'll be Ustreaming and aiming for new heights in live, interactive webcasting from conferences - At around 1:15pm EST, we'll be hoping to say hello to members of the virtual audience who can Ustream a live video hello

21:57:50 JL -> EdTechTalk:

21:57:53 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk:

21:58:03 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: Jeff, what date?

21:58:08 JL -> EdTechTalk: tomorrow

21:58:12 JL -> EdTechTalk: Nov. 14

21:58:17 JL -> EdTechTalk: will also be streaming Nov. 15

21:58:22 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: Okay, thanks.

21:58:23 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Yes, it is the one JL dropped in.

21:58:24 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: we are calling you Jeff

21:59:22 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: I'm going to ustream w/ my students tomorrow -- they will be working on flat classroom live at the gaetc conference.

21:59:33 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: vicki that looks so cool

21:59:38 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk:

21:59:55 paula -> EdTechTalk: Thanks Always interesting

22:00:00 stevesoko -> EdTechTalk: PEI is one of my favorite places in teh world

22:00:20 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: thanks, the show will be podcast Thurs. and the chat will be available.

22:00:28 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: I agree steve.

22:00:39 Cory Peppler -> EdTechTalk: Selfish question: I teach First They Killed My Father about Khmer Rouge killing fields.

22:00:54 Cory Peppler -> EdTechTalk: Would love to connect my kids to some in Cambodia...

22:01:04 stevesoko -> EdTechTalk: Thank you folks, always a whack upside the head!

22:01:12 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: great!

22:01:17 sharonp -> EdTechTalk:

22:01:29 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: THE Beth Kanter -- she is so amazing!!!!

22:01:34 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: Colleen -- please check your private message

22:01:39 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: I'm just so much more enthralled bywhat Beth is doing.

22:01:41 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: Thanks to Beth Kanter for being our guest.

22:01:46 sharonp -> EdTechTalk: that is the link to the forum for educators interested in connecting students using virtual worlds

22:02:51 derrallg -> EdTechTalk: Congratulations on the 50th what a great show and chat

22:03:02 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: thanks, it is a milestone!

22:03:24 derrallg -> EdTechTalk: @cheryloakes I've felt so welcome I had to come back

22:03:27 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: Thanks to all in the chat room, for making this a great show!

22:03:28 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: Welcome Johnny

22:03:31 johnny -> EdTechTalk: hey guys let's talk

22:03:34 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: well folks -- any last qustions

22:03:54 MeganGolding -> EdTechTalk: None here. Another great show. Thank you again.

22:03:59 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Jeff is great -- we appreciate it!!

22:03:59 johnny -> EdTechTalk: anybody?

22:04:12 jenverschoor -> EdTechTalk: Great to have been able to join you all!!

22:04:25 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: @stevesoko -- Hope it was a good whack?!

22:04:25 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: we so appreciate the opportunity to stream our content.

22:04:45 stevesoko -> EdTechTalk: Always Vicki, always!

22:04:45 emapey -> EdTechTalk: congratulations!!

22:04:48 sroseman -> EdTechTalk: great show as usual

22:04:49 Cory Peppler -> EdTechTalk: Great show, all! Thanks again.

22:04:55 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: The show is usually posted around Thursday by our amazing podmaster, Cheryl Oakes.

22:04:56 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: Thanks Cory

22:04:57 johnny -> EdTechTalk: rock and roll man

22:04:58 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: Thanks to all.

22:05:00 jenverschoor -> EdTechTalk: Amazing show

22:05:01 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: So glad you were here tonight!!

22:05:08 derrallg -> EdTechTalk: clap clap

22:05:12 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: I'll do that -- I'll have my students do flat classroom presos tomorrow.

22:05:15 emapey -> EdTechTalk: great show

22:05:45 MeganGolding -> EdTechTalk: @vicki: good luck tomorrow! I can't be at GaETC this year,so I'll miss y'all.

22:06:01 ColleenK -> EdTechTalk: Great show. Great guest. Thank you!

22:06:12 Cory Peppler -> EdTechTalk: UstreamySkype'o'Twittersphere?

22:06:18 JL -> EdTechTalk:

22:06:24 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: cory, what a good name

22:06:28 johnny -> EdTechTalk: what r u talking abour?

22:06:28 derrallg -> EdTechTalk: It was amazing what Jeff did

22:06:43 emapey -> EdTechTalk: @kanter Great job

22:06:47 kanter -> EdTechTalk: thanks

22:06:53 kanter -> EdTechTalk: just discovered the chat room

22:06:58 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: Thanks BETH

22:06:59 Sarah S -> EdTechTalk: The ustream trials were amazing to watch.

22:07:11 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: Yes, thanks to all.

22:07:23 emapey -> EdTechTalk: @kanter we are contacts in LinkedIn

22:07:29 kanter -> EdTechTalk: not sure

22:07:46 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Ok, we're getting ready to close down. This is great.

22:07:56 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Oh Megan -- I wish you could come!

22:08:02 emapey -> EdTechTalk: @kanter we are I am sure

22:08:02 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: Derek next week, elearning guru, from NZ

22:08:07 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: You could come help me on my wiki presentation on Thursday.

22:08:11 MeganGolding -> EdTechTalk: I know, me too. My school is crazy right now.

22:08:14 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: great evenign

22:08:15 Linda N -> EdTechTalk: Oh i want a green screen

22:08:18 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: ;-)

22:08:19 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: great evening.

22:08:24 MeganGolding -> EdTechTalk: Heh, Vicki. Good luck with it, too!

22:08:26 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Hey I bought green plastic for $25 on ebay.

22:08:29 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: Linda -- it is called GREEN FLANNEL :)

22:08:36 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: It is green tablecloth plastic.

22:08:36 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: do you have a Walmart near you??

22:08:46 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: sometimes it is on sale for 99 cents a yard

22:08:51 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Chromakey is what you look for to get.,

22:08:56 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: As long as it is a consistent color.

22:09:16 Linda N -> EdTechTalk: Sounds like a plan for weekend shopping:D

22:09:25 cindy p -> EdTechTalk: do you have the session recorded on Ustream?

22:09:57 derrallg -> EdTechTalk: bye everyone

22:10:01 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: okay, going bye bye

22:10:04 cindy p -> EdTechTalk: what's the link?

22:10:07 Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Ustream records automatically. lol

22:10:19 Sarah S -> EdTechTalk: g'night - great show.

22:10:29 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: good night all

22:10:56 emapey -> EdTechTalk: nite all

22:11:05 Linda N -> EdTechTalk: Good night All!

22:11:28 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: Oh, Circe, I gave you a shout out at the beginning of the show

22:11:41 Circe -> EdTechTalk: Thank you!

22:11:42 sroseman -> EdTechTalk: thanks all ..this is great PD for me!! I keep on learning from the wow2 group

22:11:45 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: This is Michael, right?

22:11:52 Circe -> EdTechTalk: Indeed it is

22:12:16 Circe -> EdTechTalk: just got online, was having some connection issues before

22:12:28 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: oh, you will have the podcast on thurs.

22:12:53 Circe -> EdTechTalk: excellent!

22:13:13 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: nite.

22:13:21 Circe -> EdTechTalk: goodnight
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